WOW! New Airline Emerges That Does NOT Require Tests, Masks, Vaccines or Quarantines


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Irish Woman Travels Internationally WITHOUT Getting Tested, Masked, Vaccinated Or Quarantined & Starts New Freedom Friendly Airline!

Did you ever think you’d see the day when it would be ‘radical’ to NOT wear a mask, be tested, vaccinated or quarantined?!

Well welcome to 2021!

These videos below before feature a very unique and special woman named Dolores Cahill.

Dolores has not only been traveling around the world WITHOUT submitting to these covid ‘policies’…

But she has now also helped launch an airline company that actually SUPPORTS people’s natural rights!

First, have a listen to how she travels this way…

Dolores Cahill is one of a kind, as you will see in the above video.

She is committed to upholding Human Rights for ALL OF US.

She has also co-founded a brand new airline that will help people like you and I get around the world without complying with corrupt government ‘policies’.

Take a look…

We The People can get involved!

You can learn more about Dolores at her site here:

Here is the website for the new airline! ​

2021 is the year of opportunities! 

Dolores decided to start her own airline.

What else is possible?! 

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