Wisconsin Supreme Court Outlaws Outside Use of Ballot Drop Boxes

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Outlaws Outdoor Use of Ballot Drop Boxes

It was announced today that Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes may only be placed in election offices and that nobody other than the voter themselves can return a ballot in person. 

APNews.com goes on to say, “However, the court didn’t address whether anyone other than the voter can return his or her own ballot by mail. That means that anyone could still collect multiple ballots for voters and, instead of using a drop box, put them in the mail.”

You can read more about the story here

And yes, this could just be another gimmick to pretend real election issues are being fixed. 

If even the Associated Press is pointing out ways criminals can still rig an election with the ballots, that should tell you something lol. 

Also, there has been no mention of removing the voting machines, so the major source of the problem is still there. 

Will this be one step closer to real election integrity? 

Or is this another hopium filled action to make people think real change is happening?

Time will tell! 

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