Vaccine Creator Exposes Facts & Shares Why These Vaccines Must Be Stopped!


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Doctor & Vaccine Creator Says We Must Stop These Covid Vaccines Immediately!

Here’s a pic of the credentials of the doctor that made these statements…

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    1. This is so troubling that so many people are not listening to the reports about this deadly vax. I haven’t been able to convince several friends and family and they have gone ahead and gotten the vax. I am beside myself with worry and fear for my friends and family, for America, and for the world! They are not reporting all of the adverse reactions to the vax, let alone all of the deaths following the vax. At some point, it will be obvious that this has been the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.

    1. I would avoid anything further. The less poison the better. It does not meet any of the criteria for an actual vaccine. This mnra injection is experimental. Check out Dr Tenpenny website. She offers some of the best knowledge!

    2. I believe so. Less harm is better than more harm. it seems like the second jab is the most harmful considering the amount of people I personally know who had extreme adverse reactions while they were completely fine after getting the first jab. Must protect your loved ones at all cost! WWG1WGA! God bless

      1. Linda I have been getting so much crap from family and friends about this too. It is not a vaccine it is a gene therapy. Those who get it are lab rats in a phase 4 trial. I pleaded with my brother not to get it but he laughed at me and got it anyway. He was terrified to get the virus and now I’m terrified for him.

        1. Thanks for sharing that, I too just found out my “supposedly” smart brother (not the liberal brother) I have 2 older brothers & I forwarded him a very crystal clear video regarding the jab & he responded “very compelling”. I’m thinking, great, at least that’s 1 I got to. I asked him to forward it to other brother because I’m the youngest and I don’t know anything according to him. I don’t want either of them to rush into anything without researching 1st at least. Now I care for our elderly mom who unfortunately has dementia and it’s getting hard on me, so I talk to my siblings when I’m stressed out. The one I’m closest to is the 1 I just found out he got jabbed & waiting for 2nd round.WTF?? He now asked my mom if she got it yet & thinks she should, im about ready to just SCREAM. I WOKE my mom up, even w dementia she Gets it. Now he’s confusing her & I’m so angry. I’m angry at all the people in my life are sooo dam brainwashed & I am just making a suggestion to them & telling them my feelings about it, im not arguing or yelling, just calm talk. WHY? I started thinking about it & even though all my siblings are probably smarter than I am, I’m the only one with common sense. I guess we can at least say we won’t have regrets about trying.

      1. I know, I REALLY thought my family at least had common sense. I downloaded a letter of questions to take to the Dr. If someone is forced to get it for their job. And I bet not ONE SINGLE dr. Can answer the questions with total certainty. I think its a good tool for people if their jobs r on the line. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard of in my life with this man-made cold. I’m glad to see others are seeing the light. 👍

      My God it’s Been patented, ITS A MANMADE COLD. DUMB ASS PEOPLE.
      Tired of them telling me IM CRAZY, so whatever I guess. 🙄

    1. According to my research, he’s trying to state that vaccine =arrests. He’s been dropping these hints to wake people up, I personally don’t understand why that is what he’s trying to get across since to people that really makes no sense, he should just come out and say it since the media wont.

  1. Thank you for this video. Trying to convince my dear Dad to not take the vaccine this Sunday and if there’s something he deffinatly understands its football!! 🙌🙏 Thank you so much a serious answer to my prayers. God bless

  2. Video will not start at all tried it on various devices and all it shows is a black screen. Very annoying as I live in UK and wanted to share it with my UK community and friends.
    Wonder why it’s not working ?

  3. My goodness! people I know are proud to get in line to destroy themselves! God save us from the self serving few who push this death factory. I commit myself to spread this information to everyone I know willing to listen.

    1. Me too Bruce. Most laugh at me. It’s not a vaccine at all but a gene therapy. My daughter is considering the J & J traditional vax but I’m not confident with that either. A friend of hers who is a nurse convinced all of their friends to get the Moderna except for her, thank God she listens to me.

  4. Can we address why he is a veterinarian doctor, but working on human vaccines? Much of MSM is attacking to ‘debunk’ due to his ‘letters after his name’ … I will NOT get any vaccines – have been anti-vaccines for a long time – but trying to reach family members who see the MSM attacks to ‘quiet’ the alarm.

  5. I am heartbroken for the reclus people who went out and got the vaccines for trivial reasons like traveling, jobs, etc. and did not look at inserts and how these vaccines would effect them for the rest of their lives. There are somethings you cannot take back. There are some things you cannot undo. Allowing genetic material into our bodies that is from evil sources is one of them.

  6. This was very informative and easy to understand and show to others so they can also understand. I am an anti Vax person so I already knew but needed to convince for my mother’s sake that I DON’T want her to have it. Thank you all

  7. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Most people are brainwashed sheep. They certainly are in my country – I see them every day in public spaces. All you need to do is consider how many people you have seen driving ALONE in their CAR the past couple of years with the windows closed with a FACE MASK on. It speaks for itself.

    People have been brainwashed for centuries and the people (and unseen entities) who run the world have designed and produced a realm of systems to maintain control over people. The LORD said that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” – Hosea 4:6. “Fools die because of lack of judgment” – Proverbs 10:21.

    Those of us who are awake know that [they] have planned for a very long time to reduce the global population and to bring in a complete system of tyranny never before seen in history. They have been working on for centuries and already. Things are now just getting ramped up because with the increase in technological advances in recent decades [they] can finally get their NWO system to be brought into existence. The Nazism and Fascism that existed during WWII will be child’s-play when compared to what they have planned for humanity in the not too distant future.

    Jesus said that when we get closer to the last days and his second coming in Luke 21:11 “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.”

    What do you think is happening worldwide now? How do you think the above statement sums up the current climate worldwide? This is only the beginning! it’s going to get MUCH MUCH worse. GOD make grant delays and pauses to give the world extra time for more people to receive redemption but it will not stop what is inevitably coming.

    Those of us who are awake can see the signs all around us. It’s all over the world. If people choose to ignore the signs it’s their choice. If people choose to partake in evil (such as we’ve seen the past couple of years with the evil, corrupt c.v.1.9. scam) and allow it to progress, it’s their choice. But there will be consequences.

  8. this german vax specialist is telling us the truth now ,but trust me he is part ov the cabal,big pharma and bill gates financed this man to make the draconian triple shot mmr vaccine in 2013 wot completly fukt up my daughters life wot has caused mental illness within the imidiate house hold family,this vax fella is not good,he might be the top dog ov vaccines,but that says it all,,,,did you all notice who he has made vaccines for,,i lost everything i ever worked for,26yrs i broke my back ,for these monsters to snatch my daughters future in a blink ov an eye[coz they could] and completly dismantled the family dream i promised my partner and kids ,[coz they could] you hav to understand they been controling you with vaccines for 50yrs plus,,,DRACONIAN TECHNOLOGYS,,,,15 toxic poisons webt into my daughter 3 being mercury barium aluminum liquid metal,wot sits on the brain cells and causes most ov the damage,,,,i know more about vaccines than bill gates,,,,bill gates is a jack ov all trades but a master ov none,he just finances the mass genocides ,and the dismantling ov childrens brains,,,,,millions of pounds will not fix my daughter ,millions ov pounds will not bring that natural family happiness back,,,,but the millions wots owed to us we take the sting out ov the [HELL] we been through the last 6yrs,,,,,its the same sort ov pain wot millions ov you who just had vaccines will soon 100% no doubt about it be suffering and feeling with,,,,ive known about these monsters and ther agenda for 27yrs,,every crime they ever caused on us,if you got a few yrs ,that would just fit in a little run down,,,,,the only reason why my kids had vaccines coz my partner and mother in law took my kids whilst i was at work everytime,,,,the last thing i said to her wen the 4th one came along was ,,!!! not this time babe,we wont get away with it this time trust me!!! she thought coz the other 3 passed ,,,,the fourth would….no no no no,,,,,,,,7 times out of 10 if you hav 4 children 100% 1 ov them will suffer,,,that was worked out 9yrs ago,wen they upt it like never before ,,again they waited for me to go to work,,,now thers not one day goes by my partner dont break her heart ,everyday for 6 yrs,,sounds far fetched,,wot ime trying to say is ,dont take risks,dont listen to strangers on tv,dont listen to celebs and politicians,,,,,,cant none of you see ther desperation to vax as many as they can,,,vax people are now the super spreaders,,,,the real pandemic is coming!!!!!!!
    you see my daughter if that dont put you of a vaccine ,,well !!! wot chance you got ,,,,,your fukt as this man just showed you,,,,sorry all for rabbiting on ,,vaccines make me go right on one,,,,sorry swabs are spiked ,your child will end up with cancer before pre school,,dont say you wasnt warned,,,,,,,,ww3 started 2 yrs ago ,underground,cyber/vaccine/draconian killing technologys,,,,all the ones selling us out got blackmail on them like on another level,,,familys all threatened the lot,,,,,,,,take care people!!!

  9. I read all these comments down to Christian S, March 27th, 2021. I agree with all of you. It is true what Christian said” the vaccinated will be the super spreaders” only the new higher super strains will be their downfall, THE SHOT..promoted as ” vaccine” is ONLY designed to attack the original Covid 19 virus, does not kill or eradicate the Covid 19 virus. Super strains are already out there. Just need to look. And NO future vaccine the Deep State promotes will be efficient or fast enough to keep up with the EVER mutation strains of this virus… The VAX peeps will be taking out their OWN vital immune support system. I have been and will continue to help my immune system be strong. I had read from many reputable global Dr.’s that after you are vaccinated – totally- both shots or now J & J has a 1 SHOT.. your own immune system cannot defend Viruses and possibly turn on -destroy itself and continue to attack your own organs. About Trump, I have my theory. Timing is a coincidence that he had to succumb and turn in his taxes, no matter where he has BILLIONS here or off shore, as the CABAL has intelligence/ global networks. His Funds are traceable, can be frozen. With NO funds, he has NO power. Money is Power, sad to say. So SAD to say, he is cooperating in promoting vaccinations. Again this is my theory, just if Trump would of promoted vaccinations last year that would be a different story. Stupid is as Stupid Does. Everyone, we have NO control over those we love or care about, their minds are set.. programmable. Do not frustrate or stress yourselves , we have NO control. You then will become a victim. statistic of this DEEP STATE, Virus, Plandemic. Good Luck to All.

  10. They don’t mention it here but need to make sure you don’t get any blood transfusions either. Our blood supply will now be contaminated and it would be like getting a vaccine. I heard this in another video the other day and it hit me like a 2×4..

  11. What a very few people realize, and that the not vaccine is an experimental drug, is if they die from it or complication, their life insurance is
    Null and void. Don’t believe me just read the fine print. It will not pay. Give your insurance company a call.

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