Ukraine House of Cards Crumbling? Multiple High Level Resignations Happening

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Looks like several important figures in Ukraine have resigned in the past few days! 


The defence ministry announced the resignation of a deputy minister, Vyacheslav Shapovalov, who was in charge of the army's logistical support. 


The resignation comes after the ministry was accused of signing food contracts at inflated prices. 


Also, Deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office Tymoshenko tenders his resignation.


He even posted a picture of his resignation letter on Telegram…



Also today, Ukraine's Office of the Prosecutor General announced that deputy prosecutor general Oleksiy Symonenko was stepping down, without providing further details. 


These announcements come after a Ukrainian deputy minister of development of communities, territories and infrastructure was sacked over the weekend following his arrest on suspicion of embezzlement.


You can read more about that on here.


Now, the Zelensky security council bans state officials from leaving Ukraine, except for business trips. 


“Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council has banned state officials from leaving the country during martial law, except for official business trips, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his evening address on Jan. 23.Under martial law, Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 are banned from leaving the country during the war, except for cases when they obtain special permits from the government.”


You can read more about that story on Yahoo here.


Sounds like the house of cards is crumbling in Ukraine! 


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  • That is n has been happening behind the scenes it unfortunately is taking time as to be done correctly. I’ve heard that many traitors have been “processed”.

  • Another thing happened recently, an aircraft with some officials reputedly crashed causing loss of life. The cause was unknown, but the way things are playing out at the present time, all bets must be off. Interesting times, but I can’t foresee the present military action continuing for much longer because of the high casualty rate that the Ukraine forces are suffering compared to the Russian ones. All this analysis is my own opinion gathered from non mainstream sources.

  • Zelensky is finished. He fell out of favor.
    Poland is getting ready to invade North-West Ukraine and annex territory the Poles lost after WWII. Russia will likely not stop this from happening as Putin has no desire to be responsible for the anti-Russian territory that used to belong to Poland. Russia will finish the SMO soon (probably by March/April 2023). The Russians may move on to Odessa and perhaps also Transnistria – who knows? The Russians will likely occupy Kiev and surrounding areas.
    Therefore, there will be no country left that one can call “Ukraine”.

  • This money laundering scheme that POS puppet Zelenski is pushing countries to give him money so these politicians including Zelenski, can launder the money and stick it right back into their dirty little pockets is so transparent that only the blind stupid leftist can’t see or is part of the problem! The world needs to rid countries of these criminal politicians bring them to Justice and…..weren’t traitors hung back in the good old days! If capital punishment for being a traitor and breaking the law was a choice for politicians our countries would be run for the people by the people which it is suppose to be!

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