Simple Way To Reduce The Negative Effects of Cell Phone Towers, HAARP & Other Harmful Frequencies

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How Can We Reduce The Harmful Effects Of 5G, HAARP & Other Harmful Frequencies?

This video and post relates to something I shared on my Instagram story earlier today.

So, one simple way to eliminate or reduce the negative effects of HAARP, cell phone towers or other sources of harmful frequencies is to replace those frequencies! 

We can listen to music with high frequency instruments, such as the harp. Also, nature sounds can be good.

Below are a couple examples…

You can also listen to music that is tuned to 432 Hz.

And this is just one solution. This isn’t some “cure all” for anything.

However, you may find it helps improve your mood and increases your level of focus, allowing you to take action on the things you want to.

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