Shocking Info Comes Out On The Effects The Vaccines Are Having On Others! (Including Dead Pets)


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Nurse Warns – Stay Away From Vaxxed People!

You’ll know why within the first couple minutes…

Some Shocking, Unexpected Effects Happening With The Vaccine! 

Can Being Around Vaccinated People Affect Women’s Fertility?

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In addition to that, I did a couple polls on my Instagram story yesterday and found some pretty revealing information. 

15 people have said they know someone that has pets that have died after their owner received the vaccine (some right after the second dose)

Also, 76 people said they have been sick after being around someone that recently had the vaccine.

And yes, I realize correlation doesn’t equal causation. 

My purpose in asking my IG fam was to see if ANYONE had noticed these things. 

I’m not claiming the vaccine causes these things. I’m just saying it doesn’t seem like an isolated incident. 

Please share this post to help get the word out to others! 

Thank you!

P.S. I just found this video of Dr. Judy Mikovitz talking about an antidote for the vaccine. I have not researched this, but wanted to share the video with you, in case you’d like to look more into it.

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  1. The greatest tragedy here is that all of this could have been avoided. By allowing the vaccine companies to produce these deadly toxic vaccines, Trump, the white hats and the alliance have basically condemned vast swaths of the global population to die! The simple question I ask is, why could they have stopped the vaccines from being manufactured, distributed and administered in the first place? Why couldn’t the good guys just “lean” into or otherwise coerce (strongarm) the pharma companies to produce something harmless – like say a saline solution? Or the so called “Regeneron”? Or something similar? A deal could have been cut! The truth is, is that it didn’t have to happen this way and countless innocents will die through no fault of their own – including infants and children as well as those of us who are awake to what really going on! In the aftermath of this tragedy, many will come to the same conclusion as I have. It will be at best a pyrrhic victory! A huge backlash of rage and anger will ensue against Trump, and the white hats, and in truth, i would blame the survivors for feeling this at all. This has gone to far! Act now, or don’t! We do not have time anymore!

    1. Trump had the military get the vaccine out fast but it was switched, I just heard it was a glorified flu shot. The black hats are putting out black market vax that is hurting people. People dont know which one they are gettting. If they were smart they wouldnt get any.

    2. Lindsay, I understand your concern but you have not dug deep enough into what is actually taking place in not only the US, but the world. President Trump was on Hannity Monday and he actually used the word “Cabal” – I was shocked! Everything that is happening currently has been in the planning for 20 to 30 years. The Rothchilds and Rockerfellers are behind it. You should know that there are many people under their control such as the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, Tom Hanks (Michael Rothchild)…I could fill a book! But there are a lot of good people (white hats) that are fighting for our lives. I have not given up hope. My brother-in-law and his wife had the vaccine…I pleaded with my husband to avoid contact with at this time, perhaps forever. Someday we will look back at this scandemic and thank God for our lives. Peace to you and the world.

    3. Hi. I totally agree with you. I know people have to wake up to the now deep state agenda. White hats as you say could of stopped this. Millions worldwide are now casualties of this war. I already grieve for my family and friends who out of fear have taken the vaccine. I tried to put accross to them all the truth of what is going on in the world, but the governments and media have done a good job of instilling fear. So yes why wasnt all this stopped, there are other ways of waking people up, namely printing out truth and evidence to back it up.

    4. Anger against Trump!!! Haven’t you heard they had this vaccine before the Pandemic began? How about the fact FAUCI , being the head of the CDC was orchestrating how this played out and is still holding everyone hostage. FAUCI is up to his eyebrows with Gates and Soros. Do you diligence and research before you start pointing fingers. If you also notice, this all started playing out as a diversion whey Trump said he was running again…the stollen election etc. look further than the end of your nose.

  2. Somebody stated Why did Trump and the White hats allow this vaccine to be made, that is harming so many people. People do not know what is going on. Trump had the ,ilitary get the vaccine out fast but it was switched, I just heard it was a glorified flu shot. The black hats are putting out black market vax that is hurting people. People dont know which one they are gettting. If they were smart they wouldnt get any.

  3. I’m sorry Lindsay, but Americans were pressuring the CDC, the WHO and Trump to get a vaccine as soon as possible. People thought once we had a vaccination for this virus that things would go back to normal, yet it hasn’t gone back to normal. They have no confidence that this vaccine will protect them, hence they are still wearing masks and social distancing. I, for one, am leery of taking the vaccine because it wasn’t tested long enough to know what the long term effects will be. I haven’t been sick and I do not want to risk putting something in my body that might make me sick when you have a better than 90+% chance of surviving the virus if you catch it.

  4. Never doubted this shit is poison. Hey those of you sheep who were quick to take the jab…. stay home! Isolate yourself. These poor vulnerable children are basically fucked.What an irony, all the judgment my daughter and I have dealt with, we do not mask, we know the jabs are deadly,my granddaughter just started back to her chicago public school monday,majority of students did not return living in fear. Now we have to fear the teacher who is actually pushing the jab on 10 year old children everyday.We need to hold the psychopaths accountable.


  6. A nurse calling people retards? Really?
    This is never okay and turned me right off. If you have something to say, say it without dragging people with disabilities through the mud.
    If the person making this video had some basic human decency I would have shared this far and wide. But all her credibility goes out the window when she talks this way.

  7. Laura Lynn, thank you for your most important message, my granddaughter is pregnant, I will let her know the latest finding.
    Thank you also for your blessing, God bless you.

  8. Unless and until one becomes familiar with the Georgia Guidestones, “America’s Stonehenge,” erected in 1980 in the beautiful Stone Mountains of Elbertson County, Georgia, one cannot possibly comprehend the agenda behind the plagues and “vaccines” the world has been exposed to over, at least, the last 60 years, up to and including the Wuhan/CCP virus, and all the “vaccines” developed subsequent to that attack on the world’s population. Guide #1 of the Ten Guides for Humanity chiseled into the starkly beautiful granite slabs of the Guidestones reads as follows: “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERMANENT HARMONY WITH NATURE!” The present population of Earth exceeds eight billion souls. The “target date” to achieve the population goal is the year 2030, nine years from this moment. Don’t waste your time looking for thar 2030 file: It was scrubbed from the Internet many years ago. The actual population goal is 200,000,000, for the entire planet! The agenda is, nearly eight billion souls MUST BE ELIMINATED in the next nine years!
    Bill Gates is quoted as having made this infamous declaration some ten years ago: “MY preferred mechanism for population reduction (REDUCTION, NOT POPULATION CONTROL) is “vaccination!”
    One MUST realize the covid pandemic IS NOT an accident. It is an agenda, to reduce the world population to 200,000,000 people, as chiseled into the granite walls of the Guidestones. This agenda CANNOT be reasoned with, it CANNOT be shamed, logic WILL NOT dissuade it, it has no morality, sympathy or human empathy, all it knows is THE AGENDA: Destroy more than seven billion innocent human souls, as quickly as possible!

  9. What are we (unvaxxd) supposed to do to protect ourselves!? Is the “shedding” visible to the human eye? What do we do after we encounter a known jabbed person? Shower?! Lol HELP

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