Lewis Arthur & Veterans On Patrol Share Firsthand Details of Child Trafficking At The Southern Border

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You can listen to the call on their Telegram page here.

On this call, Butterfly and Lewis Arthur of Veterans On Patriot (VOP) talk about what’s been happening in Arizona at the southern border and some of the groups that have wanted to work with them.

Here is a post from VOP on Telegram talking more about the child trafficking corridors that Lewis referred to in the call…

“Did you know the AZGOP and AZDNC operate Sanctuary Corridors for Child Trafficking?

It's not just Child Trafficking that Governor Ducey and Wendy Rogers secretly agree to keep from you…”

You can see the full post here.

It has also been over 4 years now since Lewis Arthur discovered the child sex trafficking camp on CEMEX property that was then covered up by Craig Sawyer, the media and other people. 

Here’s a video of the news report on it…

Here’s a video of Lewis Arthur responding to Craig Sawyer attempting to discredit Lewis and what he found… 

YouTube player

Now here’s a message from someone claiming to be there. I haven’t verified it’s true, but you can dig into some of what she says and come to your own conclusions…

We definitely don’t live in the world we think we do! 

If you feel inspired to support VOP, you can contact them at the info below. 

BorderWarsAZ on Telegram
520-500-4506 to Volunteer
Email invo.vop@protonmail.com for mailing address to contribute needed supplies 

And Thank You For Doing Something & Sharing This Post To Help Share The TRUTH of What’s Happening In This Country!

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