Has Revelations Started? Watch As The Patriot & Lama Go Into Detail!

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Has Revelations Started?


In Episode 79 Of the Patriot & Lama Show, We Will Talk About the Book of Revelations and How It Is Related to the 11-11-22 Portal.


So, Make Sure to Share This Episode with Family & Friends as This Could Help Wake Them Up and Prepare Them Appropriately.


You Never Know Who You Can Help Change Their Life for the Better by Sharing This Teaching; So, Go Ahead, Sow Good Seed, And Share It Now.


At The End of This Episode, We Will Answer Questions from The Live Audience.


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  • As a 78 year old Grandma who was the dau. of a Baptist Minister, I have lately come to the conclusion that The Bible has been one of the best “Tools” in the Toolbox of The Controllers! How better to get such a controlled & submissive Public than those who have been brainwashed to OBEY all Authorities??? Why should we put more confidence in The Bible than we do other Ancient Texts?! We are seeing the results of that worldwide as everyone “masked up” as they were told to do!!

    I also came across the work of Anglican Priest, Paul A. Wallis & Vat. Translator, Mauro Biglino & it was very refreshing to hear these two explain how key words were mistranslated in our Bible, which, when translated correctly, give us a more realistic story of our Beginning. The word we see as “God”(singular) is actually “elohim”(plural—gods”) We are not alone in the Universe & there are Higher Races of Beings than us.

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