Great Barrier Reef Thriving, Even Amidst Decades of Climate Change Propaganda

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The Great Barrier Reef has set a new record for coral recovery, according to the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Research conducted by AIMS highlighted the reef's resilience and ability to recover amidst the constant threat of bleaching.

Marine Physicist Dr. Peter Ridd says “we should be celebrating” after finding out two-thirds of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef showed the largest amount of coral cover in 36 years.


The news anchor actually asks about what this means for the climate change/global warming debate. Have a look…

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And here is a documentary about the Great Barrier Reef if you want to learn more and see more of it! What an incredible planet we live on!

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Keep hope alive. Look on the bright side. Look for the gold. Look for the “silver lining”. There are many AMAZING things happening on this planet, and in your life, right now! 

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