Government Whistleblower Exposes Underground Tunnels, Adrenochrome & Much More!

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Phil Schneider's government whistleblower, who died in 1996, was a geologist. He was working with the government and their “black budget” to build and expand their network of underground tunnels and bases. 

Phil became a whistleblower because he saw what was happening. This testimony is mind-blowing.

Phil Schneider's government whistleblower talks about the black budget, underground tunnels and bases, aliens, adrenochrome harvesting, and more! 

Grab some popcorn for this one. It’s quite a ride!

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  • The Phil Schneider video was enlightening. The first portion of the talk was devoted to the DUMBS, but quickly moved to and stayed on the subject of alien occupation and our government’s compliance. Throughout the lecture Mr. Schneider warned with his expert and first hand experience of how a lack of patriotic oversight and vigilance will lead to the overthrow of our country and world. The New World Order was well on it’s way, with malevolent help from outside of out solar system. Note at the end of the Q and A, an inquisitive and awakened young man asks about he Accession Movement. (This was in 1995). A worthy watch. God bless Phil Schneider. (P.S. I did have trouble with the first link but none with the second).

  • The first page says where to “click here” to open the video.
    Video is 1 minute and some change of Schneider answering a couple of questions. I would try to locate other videos on other platforms if not already removed as they wanted him silenced!

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