Government Whistleblower Exposes Underground Tunnels, Adrenochrome & Much More!

Phil Schneider government whistleblower

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Phi Schneider, who died in 1996, was a geologist. He was working with the government and their “black budget” to build and expand their network of underground tunnels and bases. 

Phil became a whistleblower because he saw what was happening. This testimony is mind blowing. 

He talks about the black budget, underground tunnels and bases, aliens, adrenochrome harvesting, and more! 

Grab some popcorn for this one. It’s quite a ride! 

What are your thoughts after watching this video?

Let us know in a comment below. 

And please share this page to help get this info out to more people!

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  1. Unable to access this, here. March 13, 2021. I am brand new, my friend sends this to me . Today I signed on. This Government Whistleblower Video doesn’t open, no matter what I try. There are 0 (zero) comments so must assume that I am not the only one locked out.

  2. This article really caught my attention. I do not see the link for the video as indicated in the body of the text. Did I miss the video link perhaps?

    1. I can’t see any video from chrome either!! I don’t understand. I’ve tried from my phone and laptop. There’s no link on pictures or text to the video. I just keep going round and round back to the post. I really want to see this one! I see comments that other people are seeing it, but why can’t I?

  3. Thanks Jared for all those great links, I joined up……but none of these videos will play for me, even from the Dr Charlie Ward site link……….suggestions? Thanks Leo

  4. Regarding the video on “Whistleblower Exposes Underground Tunnels, Adrenochrome & Much More!”
    No video – on this site nor on another site I subscribe to that has (had!) this same video!
    (Looks like someone’s successfully blocked this on the internet?!).

  5. On YOUR: “What are your thoughts after watching this video?”
    What Video? Ihere are no videos here!!!!

  6. This is very old information ..this man was very brave to come out with what he saw and experienced . He knew at the time “they” wouldn’t like it and he suffered the consequence. The beings involved we hope are now off plant which is what has been told …Lets hope so ! He also inherited the situation from his father or was eligible because his father was of German extraction and a scientist from that country during WW2 and they were in cohorts with the negative ET race

  7. I can’t access the video. I’m using Chrome. My screen only shows the Pinterest link. My previous login indicated someone had commented on this post. This login I don’t see that in the recent comments. I will attempt to view the post later.

  8. It is interesting to see Phil Schneider’s name surfacing. Phil went down a deep elevator into the earth where he encountered at 7 foot tall alien with two hearts. The alien made a circular motion with his hand across his chest which caused a “beam” of some sort that hit Phil and as best I can recall, it caused Phil to lose some fingers. A Black Beret soldier who with Phil saved his life when the soldier pushed him into the elevator which took him back up to safety. Phil died under questionable circumstances.

  9. How does one see the videos?

    Yes, I am signed in. But while I see references to such and questions about “after you see” I can never actually find the video itself or a link to it.

  10. where is the link to the video??????: Government Whistleblower Exposes Underground Tunnels, Adrenochrome & Much More!
    Phi Schneider, who died in 1996, was a geologist. He was working with the government and their “black budget” to build and expand their network of underground tunnels and bases.
    Phil became a whistleblower because he saw what was happening. This testimony is mind blowing.
    He talks about the black budget, underground tunnels and bases, aliens, adrenochrome harvesting, and more!
    Grab some popcorn for this one. It’s quite a ride!
    What are your thoughts after watching this video?
    Let us know in a comment below.
    And please share this page to help get this info out to more people!

  11. Do they procreate. That would be my thought but if they’re a dying breed and they got 6 fingers and 6 toes that’s biblical no wonder they say keep saying it’s going to be biblical hello here’s your sign

  12. Yes, I joined ($ 90 dollars)-in your fantastic web site and I sow that hi is in the correct path ” The Constitution”and educate our locals sheriffs. I wish to know more about community organizer like Obama use to be . That was the one thing positive about Him that I remember. I’ll be getting books soon Sheriff Mack . What a nice man!

    Congratulations to Mr. Jimmie and you for put together your skills, time and money in this project. WE are making history.

  13. Hi, I watched the Phil Schneider video. Intriguing. I was glad to see and share until I saw 3 anomalies making it not believable. At 43:40 timeframe, the video pans away, he mentions World Trade Center, only thing strong enough to melt is nuclear weapon. Then shows Preparedness Expo ’95. And at 46:33 pans away and talks of those that murder children, abuse… should not suffer to live. HUH? Then good question at end, why haven’t aliens already taken over if their IQ 1200? He responds, they have.
    So… which is it. Did someone modify the video? How can he talk of 2001 in 1995 and he died in1996? What good is this talk if aliens have already taken over? Doesn’t make sense. He sounded like he’s seen a grey, shot one, killed it, had his fingers burned off, yet says his only proof are the artifacts and 1 photo. Sorry, but I’m disappointed.

  14. I’m not really sure what my thoughts are after watching that. I guess more than anything I’m thankful that we are still here, surprised that these aliens haven’t already destroyed us. I’m angry that our government has lied to us for so long and been actively working against us. I’m saddened for all the millions of people that have been victims to this war that we haven’t even realized we were engaged in. At this point I just want to do whatever I can as an individual along with others collectively to fight against them, it’s just overwhelming to even know how we can help.

  15. Thank you for posting this presentation Jared. Let’s just say, that it left me speechless! We’ve lost all that time since this presentation, and now – God only knows what the teams are up against!! I hate that i am from such a blue state, and that I’m retired. i feel so vulnerable without having a weapon at least. My wife is unaware of a lot of what’s going on. i don’t think she can deal with it. This all makes me angry, but we must pray for the front line !

  16. I feel like a North Korean. Lied to about the reality of probably just about everything. I’ve known for a long time that things are not as they seem. I believe that this man is a true hero but also that what he shared is just the tip of the iceberg. The treasonous traitors that sold out the human race need to be exposed for what they are and brought to justice. The military need to step up and start dealing in truth, starting with the last “election”.
    If you dont want a population of children, then stop treating them like it.

  17. Saw the Phil Schneider video years ago. Any idea what the date of the video is? (Noted you said he died in 1996). We all should be grateful to this man for his work on exposing a topic that few people took seriously back then. Thank you.

  18. Thank you for finally making this video available to see. It actually gave light to some deep problems I had as a child. My dad was supposedly in the army (enlisted before the draft), but was revealed later that he was in the N.S A . Basically a spy. This actually tells me why he wouldn’t & couldn’t talk to me my whole life. He actually told me at a very young age that he couldn’t talk about things because the government would imprison or just kill him if he did! That made NO sense to me through my childhood & we have never had any kind of relationship whatsoever. I think that this has revealed some new perspective to me as why he was so distressed & dismissive of me, being the ALWAYS inquisitive person.

  19. Thank you and very informative. I feel verified really. I enjoyed it and I am saddened about his passing. Thank you so much for sharing and clearing up and connecting the dots…

  20. WOW,I knew there had been an arrangement made about a new world order ( although at that time I didn’t know the name). At first I thought it was just the European continent.
    What a true HERO and PATRIOT, found myself crying for this wonderful man GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.

  21. Glad there was a man who bravely brought to light the hidden truth for a long time. It is appalling that this truth has been hidden by governments for so long. It is shocking to know that darknessIt beings have controlled and enslaved us for centuries. We will win back to the light our blue planet with the help of higher forces, be they praised and thanked! I pray and meditate for our high vibration and freedom! ❤❤❤😇🙏🙏🙏

  22. This was eye opening – Why does the government feel like they can hide this from us??
    WE THE PEOPLE want to know if you are hiding this – if so you are treason to us. Time to reveal the truth so we can protect ourselves and our children.

  23. This is fantastic! Does anyone know if the book was saved? The only thing discouraging is the idea that most of the alien races are not friendly, and are in fact at the helm of the ship? In that case, what can we do about it and how does God and “good wins over evil” fit into the narrative?

  24. Sadly, none of this comes as a surprise. I’m a US citizen. I know our government has been lying to us for a very long time. We get to know what they think we should. I have felt powerless about this for many many years. But watching Phil, and noting his incredible valor, and knowing that there are many others out there doing the same, I have hope again. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you, Phil. God Bless MPN.

  25. Wow, very interesting is an understatement! – verifies some of the things David Icke has been telling us for years. Also hearing him mention getting back to Common Law all those years ago makes me wonder why we haven’t heard more about this truth sooner. I had looked up the fact that USA was actually a corporate entity long ago, but never followed up on what that actually meant, since no one that I asked seemed to know about . it , so just forgot it. The third thing is the underground tunnels and “cities” that exist – are the Marines and others also attacking the aliens that are using us as a food source, and rescuing the children from them? Lots of things to ponder.

  26. Government Whistleblower Exposes Underground Tunnels, Adrenochrome & Much More! comment. In my life’s journey I have and had already learned of Tesla’s participation in “The Philadelphia Experiment” I had listened to years back about 2002 Al Bielek’s documentary. I have read everything on the Montauk Projects. There were two other ships before the USS Elderidge’s final use. There is much to research and read if any of it is really still available today that has not been doctored or eliminated. So what stood out for me and a friend of mine with whom we shared the journey of this video? Phil did his lectures in 1995 that he mentions the bombing of the World Trade Center, which did not occur until 2001. We know it was a professional demolition but what did he see and know in advance of that timeline? He did not hiccup nor take back his words on that statement as he tied it in to the bombings of the Fed Building in Oklahoma, “Mather Air force Base? is in Sacramento Ca..he did not say “Tinker Ai rForce base which is in Oklahoma”?, Timothy McVeigh and Waco Texas and Janet Reno…this is what stands out for me with very huge question marks.

    1. There is always more… WE know that, though debunked, the USS Elderidge became a time machine which enabled the dark state ( whatever ) to know that they will not succeed to advance the One World Order…and that this is what the current war…spiritual and otherwise is about. Why so much mis-information, censorship and mis-direction of everyone’s focused Energy… The Deep State is still scambling for their agenda…and they can not win. Because the future told them there is more on the horizon. But in the mean time.. they have messed with real history. But as long as the many seek resolve and TRUTH…THEY CAN NOT STEAL THAT DESIRE FROM THE SINCERE.

  27. Watched the Video, I feel so many emotions it’s hard to gather them at the moment. I always knew from years ago, with all the sightings people claimed to have seen and the abductions, they could not all be lying about it. I have even had dreams about it, so basically the mission is to take over our World by 2051 and they are feeding on us among other things. The whole thing sounds crazy even feels crazy yet my spirit tells me it, is truth. Who do you trust except the Lord Jesus Christ! We must do whatever we can to stop them, I think starvation is a good start which all ties into the Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, Satanism, Banking System, Nazis, Slavery, etc. etc. I will pray and stand on Gods’ Word, and wherever I am led to go I will go to help our World!

  28. I’ve always believed we had UFO’s crash here and still felt they were among us. All the technology of the pyramids & Stone hedge and others had to come from far greater intelligence than what we had at the time. on a trip from AZ to S Utah we had a black ship of some type silently shoot past us to the right of us on the mountain side & immediately disappeared. My husband & I both saw it. What he speaks of is where we’re at now with all the adrenochrome, tortured children, tunnels and more. Thank you for sharing and God Bless you and Phil… one of our best Patriots ever

  29. I’ve already watched this & it blew my mind. No one believes me. It’s too far fetched for most people.
    We need the videos of what they are doing with thtunnels now as well as the Luciferians disgusting Adrenachrome practices.
    I just keep repeating, “It will happen when all hope is lost.”.

  30. Phil Schneider…I thought he was ‘out there in loo-loo land’ back in the day; even though I had a big interest in UFOs. This video is VERY telling; There is NO reason to dis-believe anything he has claimed; considering what is happening today, twenty six years later!
    He was given the same fate as Bill Cooper, unfortunately.

  31. Thank you for sharing the presentation and information on Government Whistleblower Exposes Underground Tunnels, Adrenochrome etc. by former US Government Geologist and Enginner, Philip Schneider.

    This was mind-blowing information for me, very detailed and informative. It helped me to cross reference and connect to a lot of the intel and information now more widely accessible. It confirms the pervasive and deep deception so entrenched in society’s psyche. This and many posts, messages, videos, writings, films on your site and on other apps and sites are assisting to continue to awaken humanity.

    With love and appreciation

  32. Yes I heard Phil talking about this year’s ago. He is absolutely a brave man, everything he is saying is true and correct. I have been aware and awake to all of this for at least 20 plus something year’s. My Auntie told me some of this when I was 10 years old, I am now 64, I am so glad it is coming out into the open, you can’t protect or fight against something you don’t realise exists. It is very important to understand who and what we really are to be able to put this all together we are more than human. A lot of this truth has been hidden from us intentionally.
    There is a video interview by Kerry cassidy talking to William Tompkins he was quite elderly when ha came out and said everything we have ever been taught in the universities, schools, religions everything is all miss information even history. All the books we read as children are all miss information he was another brave man. You only need to open your mind and take a look at this world to see there is something terribly wrong here. If people knew what was really going on they would start to realize how pathetic we all are, time to finally grow up. God bless people like Phil.

  33. Deadly viruses, pandemics and killer vaccines have been used a few times now over the past few decades. The outcome of the vaccines will be interesting…kinda too late to stop the process at this point except I won’t willingly be getting one. 5G is another weapon that can be turned against us and it will be I have no doubts. Going to your Mayor or Federal representative doesn’t seem to stop the roll outs. It’s becoming quite clear that most governments are the elite’s bitches so I believe a take over by the people, a revolution is probably required to stop the slaughter or at least give us a fighting chance to survive.

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