General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

Interview with General Flynn & McInerney

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General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About The Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

That interview was from the His Glory channel on YouTube here. 

I have a feeling it might not be on YouTube for much longer! (You’ll know why after you watch the interview)

In this amazing interview, General Flynn shares current updates on the Arizona election audit taking place.

He says some very professional companies are doing a 2.1M ballot audit over the next 30-60 days from Maricopa County, AZ that will lead to a lot of discoveries.

Flynn also mentions that already, there are 108 bills or legislations at the States level to strengthen election integrity.

Also, General McInerney warns about the next round of biological attacks, COVID-X.

He makes it very clear that we have enemies both foreign and domestic.

This interview is something every person on the planet needs to see! 

It’s a very clear warning from two very respected US military generals, who are sharing incredibly important information with the people. 

This information is also being censored by both mainstream media and mainstream social media outlets. 

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  1. God and America Loves You! May you and your families be shielded from all Evil. Lord please protect and give peace to all Whitehats which ever role they have. Protect the Alliance and the U S A.

  2. Unfixing the election process is huge without a doubt. What was not mentioned is the means for President Trump to return to Office and end the sham presidency that’s going on. In my opinion that must happen soon. We are already more than 1 year into the Great Reset. Most of The US Supreme Court is not working for the American Republic. The election fraud is well documented. They won’t hear the cases. The damage being done by the Vaccines (even Gen’l McInerney took the first shot.) is not getting out to the Gen’l public like it should. The Mainstream Media and the Political class is behind the Globalist takeover, which means not only the end of our Republic but the deaths of most of our population. I have not heard of any antidote to the gene altering inoculation being advanced as the “vaccine”. Those that take it are going to be vulnerable to next wave of virus infection. We are in worst position possible. Our enemies are in control of the medical establishment. And most of our politicians don’t seem to recognize the threat or are acting to overthrow our Gov’t and our way of life. I hope that Donald Trump and the Military will soon take back control of our Country. There is not time to wait until a dubious 2022 election.

  3. Can anyone help me find the Alex Jones broadcast that the Generals are talking about? I’ve exhausted the search criteria I can think of! Thanks!

  4. I cannot say how disappointed I have been after being assured by many well known patriots that American military men such as General Flynn would be “rescuing” this country from the communist coup that has been ongoing since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015! People like myself were assured that these patriotic soldiers had approached Trump to run in 2016 in order to overthrow the Deep State and that everything was prepared to accomplish that end. I and others like me waited patiently after the election for every “date” we were assured would produce our salvation but now the good General is speaking about “candidates” for 2024! Obviously, we were fed a line of propaganda and many, MANY good Americans believed it.

    All I know is if the 2020 “election” (laugh, laugh!) is permitted to stand, there will BE NO MORE ELECTIONS! Nobody can pretend that what’s going on today in Washington and around the world is “business as usual.” Obviously things are only getting worse with no hope that they will improve at least as far as decent people are concerned.

    I even went to Jerome Corsi’s website. He was one of those trustworthy people who assured myself and others like me that we would be delivered from enslavement and the New World Order. When nothing CONTINUED to happen, I asked if what he had promised would come to pass at some time in the future; I only needed a yes or no. I never received an answer and the fourth or fifth time I tried to post I could not. Apparently, I was considered a pest. So I provided a different name and e-mail address and said I would not post again because obviously I had been lied to.

    I cannot tell these people whom I believed how disappointed I am in THEM, not in Biden or Harris and the rest because I KNOW what they are! But when those who we were promised would supposedly ride in and save the day have nothing more to say or do but “warn” us that our nation is dead ~ as if we NEEDED to be warned! ~ then it is pointless to continue to hope. How very, very sad. Apparently there are no “white hats” in this game of cowboys and traitors.

    1. Talk about being a day late and a dollar short I predicted all this a decade ago, I warned EVERYONE LONG AGO DONT TAKE ANY OF THESE VACCINES now these 2 generals who really DID not and HAVE not done anything really to stop all this covert war except TALK about what we already know or can clearly see happening , they and others who were supposedly BEHIND TRUMP did nothing except vacc their own people [to be forced in July ] this will effectively destroy the American military one third of American population already vacced and doomed , who is left to fight CCP walks right in without a shot . The plan to do his was known way ahead of time. DJT did nothing that he COULD HAVE TO STOP IT , I have heard all the excuses yeah yeah, now look at the reality its left to the great mass of American to rise up now and deal with this while they still kind of have a 2nd amendment NOTHING COULD STOP EVEN 50 MILLION ARMED AMERICANS WILLING TO FIGHT dont take the vacc and dont let anyone you care about do it either , and yes obviously

    2. Maybe you should put your faith in the only ONE that can and WILL bring our world back to calm…. GOD! He has already started his return… PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD NOT MAN!

    1. Umm, hello McFly! Jones was absolutely CORRECT about Q-anonsense. It was total poppycock. “TRUST THE PLAN”. What a frikkin joke. You do need help if you think Q is real.

  5. thats so infuriating !! China should not be allowed to OWN any thing!!! this is the problem ,total greed on the part of people in the US,its all about Money,and they dont care who WE get sold out to!!! enough is enough

  6. Generals I thank you both for your dedication to our great country. What you’re talking about I’ve seen coming for at least 30 years. My father used to say I was a conspiracy theorist. He died of Covid at the end of 2020. God called and it was his time. I still blame gates, dr F, and the CCP. I stand with you in support of our constitution. I know a lot is happening behind the scenes. I wait and watch and pray that people more informed than me can make a change but I also know that if this isn’t corrected before the end of this year that there will never be an honest election in this country again. When I leave this earth my goal is to leave it better than when I started especially for my children and all other people of faith. I do know that if there is no successful disclosure of truth by the end of the year, it might be 2nd amendment time. God bless and keep up the good fight.

  7. New laws are worthless if not followed. According to the United States Constitution it is the state legislatures only design the way elections. Changes must go through those Not the governors. Not the federal congress. Not other elected officials. Not anyone other than the legislatures That means it is against the law for anybody other than them change them any rule. Any discrepancies it the the state legislatures to rectify the problems. Really sounds pretty simple to me. Again I ask, what good will new laws do if they won’t follow the ones in place already?

  8. want to laugh…”The FDA issued a warning in April 2020 that ivermectin intended for use in animals should not be used to treat COVID-19 in humans.” anything that works outside their own drug ward

  9. Hi from the UK, I do so admire the fact that you have people such as your Generals here that will tell it like it is. This side of the pond we have, to be kind, the same sort of sell out politicians you have. We can only hope and pray that Our Saviour can and will take action with our help.
    We all know over here that what happens to you guys will follow as night follows day over here.

    1. God has already told us how this all turns out in the written Word. The world is full of unimaginable evil, as well as apostate “Christians”, just as in the days of Noe (Noah). God, in His loving mercy and patience, is making it very clear that the fullness of the Gentiles is fast approaching through His many signs and wonders around the Earth. We must be diligent in spreading the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 at every opportunity. The time is very short.

  10. Was pretty shocked and disappointed with the content in this interview. There wasn’t anything said that most awake people with proper research wouldn’t have known about last spring – shocked that Gen Mac actually had the gene altering injection, you would have thought he would have had access to better intel. To be pointing at ‘commies’ and the fraud election still, leaves me wondering just how clever the whole ‘plan’ is – I pray I am wrong – but they didn’t give one piece of intel that added anything remotely new to the narrative. To say Alex Jones was the one with the knowledge was further concerning. I have been completely positive up to this point, but feel shell shocked today. Can anyone throw a lifeline!?

  11. Toute ma vie j’ai cru a la bonté! Soi bon, partage, aide le plus faible, montre l’exemple, soi polie, soi honnête, gagne ton paix, gogogo les gars, on vibre sur de belle fréquences patriotes du Québec Canada 🥳🤩😘🥰😍

  12. Was pretty shocked and disappointed with the content in this interview. There wasn’t anything said that most awake people with proper research wouldn’t have known about last spring – shocked that Gen Mac actually had the gene altering injection, you would have thought he would have had access to better intel. To be pointing at ‘commies’ and the fraud election still, leaves me wondering just how clever the whole ‘plan’ is – I pray I am wrong – but they didn’t give one piece of intel that added anything remotely new to the narrative. To say Alex Jones was the one with the knowledge was further concerning. I have been completely positive up to this point, but feel shell shocked today. Can anyone throw a lifeline!?

    1. Yes your correct yes Q was a psyop I said it from day one and yes these 2 did not add anything new just trying to look good after A jones released the info on SPARAS 25 -28 SHOW US SOME ACTION OR SHUT UP START SOMETHING OR STOP PRETENDING TO BE LEADERS this idiot general says he took the first dose shot hes gone as well not worth listening yo anyone who would do that to themselves , why because the doctors at Walter Reed told him to as if they should be trusted . The CDC was original bio weapons lab for the Army, after ww11 they have always lead the research and development for bio weapons along with Ft DETRICK for America

    1. Okay, I’m not sure about Alex and to be honest any opinion on him doesn’t really matter, because what I thought upon listening to this was it was a message to incite fear. The first few minutes with the two other contributors rang odd to me – and just felt the whole ‘performance’ was too slick. It did not resonate with me in a good way. But to cap it off his suggestion to his audience to ‘mark off on their calendars the dire events to come to see if they did occur’ screamed LOUD. A dark exercise in getting his millions of ‘fans’ to MANIFEST what was contained within that Spars document. Be interested in others opinions.

  13. Great Interview…!!! If you don’t pay attention to these two great American Generals, then you are either going to be not in the know, but an enemy of the USA. Hats of for Gen. Flynn giving credibility to Alex Jones.

    1. Yes I agree the situation is like that , but these 2 are not and have not done anything to stop it , and Im not and enemy Im a citizen who knew all this long ago and tried to educate people and no one listened Im sure if I had tried to tell these 2 years ago they would not have listened or cared to do anything real and these 2 did nothing when they could have your last name is the same as my middle name we may be related Ott was my grandmothers maiden name , its up to the people now or never the military is highly compromised just like political government we are already an occupied nation and totalitarian regimes do not allow democratic mechanisms to challenge their hold on power , thats why the founders gave us the 2nd amend and yet no one using it its nearly gone now and nothing to stop them from complete removal , by ex order, then UN troops for confiscation HARRIS WILL WILLINGLY DO IT ITS NOW OR NEVER

  14. Has this ever been about the election, I was of the belief the priority is the destruction of the deep State, with out which, democracy cannot be returned to the country. We can’t have a civil war situation, as, the DS have already planned to counter this by requesting UN assistance to put down any people who fight against the “illegitimate” regime. As China own the UN, and have more troops under UN Mandate than any other country, this would mean the occupation of the country by the Chinese Military, remembering that there are reportedly 70,000+ Chinese troops in Canada 120,000+ in Mexico. Their entry into the USA, at the invitation of traitors would be followed by the eradication of any opposition to the Marxist Socialist NWO/Great Reset! The Democrats purchased 300 Chinese Guillotines placed at FEMA camps around the Country for them to purge opposition. So at this point The DS must be Destroyed in order that there can be regime change without this threat being enacted.

    1. WE HAVE NO OTHER OPTION but true civil insurrection against entire deep state foreign troops be dammed what other option is there Im all ears , the vacc is not the total kill shot 5g is and its designed to work with the nano metals in the vacc , how could these generals NOT have known about the war games about spars 25 .28 that Alex Jones released yesterday , they also should have known the Chinese plans long ago they were released in speeches by major Chinese leaders long ago, I sent them out on the web 2 weeks ago to remind everyone

  15. I cannot find the interview from the General’s anywhere! Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? It talks about the interview but that’s the only thing that comes up.

  16. The problem is the STATES , MOST OF THEM ARE JUST AS COMPROPMISED BY TOTALITARIAN CONTROL look here in Wash there majority of counties are completely red and voted Rep only nine counties with rigged elections voted completely Demonrat AND GAVE A COMPLETELY CORRUPTED DEM GOVENOR A THIRD TERM he did not even campaign he is Gates right hand henchman we found 300,000 fraud votes in those nine counties cant do anything about it same admin has destroyed Seattle and pretends it did not even happen

  17. I did a web search on a drug called Ivermectin that according to a medical immunologist Dr Ryan Cole says works & this is what I got. The drug manufacturer of it in the Philippines says it doesn’t work, however drugs. com says it reduces viral DNA by 99.8% in 24 hours. Drug companies are giving misinformation and misleading us

  18. I’m highly disappointed in General McInerney for taking the vaccine!!! He should have never taken it. He should know better. From this interview I can see that it is the American Patriots that will have to take down the traitors in our country. What a disappointment.. We will also deal with the foreign enemies appropriately!!!

  19. I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to put our personal faith in God alone. Maybe that is what He is trying to get across to us through all of this. We cannot put our faith and trust in man no matter who it is. One thing that I cannot reconcile is that Trump has talked about the “Great Awakening” all this time and now even in a video he has on a Patriot’s website has referred to as the “Great Reset”. This is the one with the cabal and to bring in the New World Order. Also, I cannot find two digital currency resets just the one Quantum Financial Systems. I saw this mentioned in an article a few years ago where they had met on the Great Reset and Trump was included and so was the Quantum system for digital currency. Trump also got caught on his secret meeting in Davos, Switzerland one night about a month or more ago. The speaker tried to say it was a year ago but the date was the same as we were watching it and later it has been mentioned that he was there. I try to believe in what he is doing but I still have such a strong feeling that something is not right and that he is involved in it. I hope for everyone and our country that God will see us through to a better place here and it will all end up good. I pray that the Lord will watch over all the good Patriots and their families.

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