General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

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Interview with General's Flynn & McInerney Warn The American People About The Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

This interview was from the His Glory channel on YouTube here. 

I have a feeling it might not be on YouTube for much longer! (You’ll know why after you watch the interview)

In this amazing interview, General Flynn shares current updates on the Arizona election audit taking place.

He says some very professional companies are doing a 2.1M ballot audit over the next 30-60 days from Maricopa County, AZ that will lead to a lot of discoveries.

Flynn also mentions that already, there are 108 bills or legislations at the States level to strengthen election integrity.

Also, General McInerney warns about the next round of biological attacks, COVID-X.

He makes it very clear that we have enemies both foreign and domestic.

This interview with General's Flynn & McInerney is something every person on the planet needs to see! 

It’s a very clear warning from two very respected US military generals, who are sharing incredibly important information with the people.

This information is also being censored by both mainstream media and mainstream social media outlets. 

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