Banks Crash! – March 13, 2023

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You may have been hearing about the bank stocks that are crashing and that 30 banks halted trading this morning.


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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”







Largest Bank Collapse Since 2008. What Will Happen Next?







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Tip Of The Day


Tip of the day: See things from a different perspective. If you’re feeling upset about what people call a “first world problem”, consider your life compared to people in third world countries who may not have food or water right now because of the choked food supply chain they are facing.


Think about the blessings you have. You have the internet and technology to read these words. You likely have a roof over your head. Maybe you even have a pair of shoes to wear when you go outside! When you count your blessings, more good things happen in your life and you just feel better no matter what!






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