5G Tower Melts Done In Seconds! Plus Whistleblower Confirms Foul Play With Tech Company

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Watch This 5G Cell Phone Tower Melt A Drone In Seconds! 




Also, in the video below, you will hear from Dr. Jerry Phillips, a biochemist who shares how he was hired by Motorola to study the health effects of the RF Radiation emitted by cell phones. 


The relationship they had was great in the initial stages, but it went downhill as he started submitting the research data to Motorola. 



The damaging effects his study found were not what Motorola wanted to hear. 



Because of that, they started to discuss what spin they could put on it, before progressing to tactics such as telling him what to do, how to write, what to say, and finally how to do the work.


Have a look at this short video to hear from Dr. Phillips himself…



Whistleblower Dr. Jerry Phillips On Motorola Cell Phone Radiation Research




And here is the full documentary talk that goes into much more depth.



PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution' 



YouTube player


And that was made back in the 1990s! 


Imagine how much stronger cell phones, towers and other “smart” devices have become in the last 20-30 years…



So what can you do to prevent EMF damage? 



Here are 20 tips that can help reduce your EMF exposure.


Also, you can use something like these EMF discs to help neutralize EMF radiation.



It’s like armor in this frequency war we are living in. And every little bit helps!




Thank You For Educating Yourself, Sharing This With Others & Putting On Your Armor Against EMF Damage! 







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  • Well I guess we need not worry about drone attacks with all the 5 G towers taking them to meltdown scenario.

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