MPN Announces The Kick Off Of “Patriots: On The Street” Our NEW Channel with Our First Live Stream Saturday

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It is now high time for the people of this country to explicitly declare whether they will be free men or slaves. ― Samuel Adams

MPN is excited to announce the kick off of our brand new Live Streaming and activist educational channel called  “Patriots: On The Street”.

Join us Saturday starting shortly after Noon Eastern with preliminary programming before the first official live event coverage begins at 1pm Eastern.

“Patriots: On The Street” will feature live events of interest to MPN members and also instructional/educational videos showing MPN members how to “hit the street” and participate as activists themselves. Activism is a powerful tool in service of social and societal change; don’t just watch history in the making – be part of history!

Check our new channel (still under construction) and participate with us in the greatest struggle for liberty and Constitution government in American history.

[ Our Press Release below]

MPN Announces the Kick Off our Brand New Channel “Patriots: ON The Street” Saturday with a Live Stream from Columbia, South Carolina.

Join Doug White and the MPN Street Team this Saturday beginning at 1 pm Eastern when we broadcast the South Carolina Safe Election Group’s open presentation of the results from the South Carolina Citizen-Led Canvass of 2020 November General Election.

Election Integrity is a critical and mandatory requirement of free and open society. This Saturday, the South Carolina Safe Elections Group (SCSEG), a non-partisan volunteer group of approximately 75 citizens across eight South Carolina counties, will present findings of its canvas of South Carolina voter rolls and the 2020 general election.

Join MPN and listen to the presenters share results which reveal widespread inaccuracies with voter rolls and potentially ineligible votes.

According to SCSEG:  Even though South Carolina is a red state and went for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, our canvassing efforts found bombshell evidence of phantom voters, deceased voters, ineligible voters, lost votes, cross state votes and many other anomalies with the 2020 election, said Laura Scharr, leader of the South Carolina voter integrity effort. Our goal with this event is to inform the public and our lawmakers of the issues we uncovered and to request specific steps that will improve the accuracy of our elections.

MPN is excited to launch our NEW Patriots: ON The Street channel which promises to present content to inform and educate people about how to take to the street and become activists in service of reclaiming our American heritage through Constitutional government and how to work more efficiently toward the removal of those engaging in political crimes that are now affecting all of our Liberties and way of life.

Please join us Saturday beginning at 1 pm Eastern time and continuing with 4 hours of  live streaming from the Capital of South Carolina and the Safe Elections Group’s presentation of their findings regarding election integrity during the 2020 General Election.

A republic [madame] if you can keep itBenjamin Franklin

If this nation of Liberty and Constitutional Law are expected to survive  – we must take to the street and reclaim our historical legacy.

We have the moral high ground and the legal right within the Law of the land: The Constitution.

Patriots: On the Street!


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