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➡ Ray Kurzweil, a transhumanist, believes that nano robots could greatly enhance human bodies and potentially cure aging with Greg Reese. He predicts that most of our intelligence will be non-biological by 2045. However, concerns arise about the misuse of this technology, especially self-replicating nanorobots, which could cause diseases stronger than biological ones. Despite these concerns, the technology was reportedly used in COVID vaccines without public knowledge, leading to calls for regulations and safety measures.


For decades, Ray Kurzweil has been an unofficial spokesman for the transhumanist movement. And in 2008, he said that humans would become infused with nano robots, which would vastly improve the human body. If you go out even to 2045, that’s only four decades from now, most of our intelligence of our human civilization will be non-biological. We’re going to put this inside our bodies and brains. So we’re going to become machines. But not, and if you say that, then people go, well, I want to become a machine. Because they’re thinking of machines as we knew them from the 19th century, which were much lesser than humans.

And machines today are still lesser than humans. I’m talking about a new type of machine that’s actually greater, more subtle, more supple, more intelligent, more creative, more beautiful than humans. In 2010, he interviewed Robert Freitas on the future of nanotechnology, who said that nano robots could cure aging and death. Medical nano robots really have the potential to extend human life, more or less indefinitely. So what’s your view about the role of death, and do we need death? Death is something that is an end. It’s an end to life. It’s an end to progress. It’s an end to thoughts.

It’s something to be cured. Aging is a disease. It’s a curable disease. Nanomedicine is the cure for that disease. He said that this technology is expected to be deployed by 2020, and that laws will be in place to protect the public from its misuse. I expect that by the time nanobots are deployed, which will be sometime perhaps in the 2020s or the 2030s, we will have a whole set of laws in place, regulations, there will be things you can and cannot do. The laws were never put in place, but the technology was patented and deployed to billions of people without their knowledge in 2020.

We know this because several independent labs have confirmed the presence of this nanotechnology in the COVID vaccines. And Bill Gates recently admitted to this as well. Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap. And that’s the magic of this thing. But there’s no doubt in the next five years, we can, you know, we just need to mess around. There’s a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembling. Self-assembly and self-replication seem to be the same technology when it comes to nanorobots. And this was considered to be the greatest danger involved with the use of this technology.

Self-replication causes disease. Nanorobots are inherently much stronger than biological systems being built of diamondoid. So if they self-replicate, that disease, quote unquote, could be even a tougher problem than biological disease. So first of all, what’s the feasibility of self-replication in the nanotechnology world? As a general principle, you do not want to put self-replicating nanorobots inside the human body. I suppose not everybody agrees with me on that, but that is the way I think that we can best guarantee safety. If the robots, nanorobots, are able to replicate inside the human body, that means they are using some component of the human body as food.

And we don’t want them to be doing that. In his 1986 book, Engines of Creation, Kim Eric Drexler wrote about what he termed the gray goo scenario, a hypothetical catastrophic event caused by out of control self-replicating nanotechnology, which consumes the biomass of the host. And this is exactly what independent researchers are finding. It explains the large so-called blood clots being found in the dead. And it’s spreading. Evidence shows that the vaxxed are shedding this to the unvaxxed. How do we prevent a terrorist or someone who’s bent on destruction from creating such a self-replicating system? There will be some terrorist acts because that’s what humans do, unfortunately.

So what we’re going to be needing in this era of nanofactories is something equivalent to the fire department. Hopefully the incidents will be very few, but we will have an emergency regime which is set up to deal with that type of event. But the event is worldwide and there is no agency set up to put out this fire. Our governments are not even discussing the problem and the perpetrators are planning a second round of nanobot deployment with another fake pandemic. If we the people cannot unite and stand together now, then what exactly are we? Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reiss.

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  • quote from above: …that means the bots are using some component of the human body as food. (because the bots are self replicating.) this is the definition of a parasite, and that is why taking Ivermectin and other parasite products, is having success with the vaccinated and shedded on people. before this article I just had the theory, and now I have confirmation that I was correct in my assumption. also a cancer cell is a self replicating thing, so I can see the connection between the dangerous shot and all the folks with turbo cancer.

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