Enthusiastic California Patriot Shares Inspired Ideas & Simple Solutions For The Future of Humanity

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WOW! Peggy Hall Dropping The Solution Bombs!

You can focus on the problems or you can focus on the solutions! 

As you probably know by now Peggy Hall has been a freedom fighter and absolute Patriot speaking the truth since the covid plandemic went global last year. 

Well today, Peggy gives an incredible wealth of information in this recent video she posted on one of her Youtube channels here

She Shares Some Incredible Solutions For Humanity!

If you want to create a thriving life in this chaotic time and potentially make more money and or just have a better quality of life while living life on your terms, then watch the video below from Peggy Hall. 

She is sharing so many great ideas and solutions with you. 

Have a look…


This video is also on her Bitchute channel here, in case it gets removed from YouTube.

Please make sure you go to http://TheHealthyAmerican.org and at least get on Peggy’s newsletter email list to get her newsletter updates directly. 

She shares such an abundance of helpful information, almost all of it for free. 

The time is NOW to start the new economy! 

Imagine you had a Private Membership Association (you will hear that in Peggy’s video above) at a house or warehouse or on a piece of land and you hosted your own farmer’s market or business co-op…

Imagine people in your area could join at an affordable monthly price to be part of this Private Membership Association (PMA) and that is how it becomes sustainable. 

What if that were possible for you to do now?

Well here is a secret…

It IS Available To You Now! 

And Patriots with initiative are doing things like this all around the country right now. 

Remember the phrase, “If it is to be, it is up to me!” 

You can take action to begin this process in your area right now. 

You can start a conversation about it with a friend or someone in your area. 

You could join your local group inside My Patriots Network to connect with other Patriots in your area that might want to be part of this. 

Perhaps that can start your own co-op or collaboration or mastermind or business venture or PMA. 

Or maybe you know people who might want to start their own thing and you could share this information or idea with them! 

All things are possible with this! 

It all begins with an idea and the desire to do it. 

Then take action, do the right things long enough consistently and…

You can do it!  

So, which of Peggy’s ideas do you like the best?

Let us know in a comment below! 

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