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➡ The speaker is theorizing about the possibility of a celebrity being used to boost a political campaign due to the current political party’s lack of popularity. They believe that star power would be a desperate, yet effective, move to gain attention and support. The speaker also encourages viewers to protect their digital identities with Virtual Shield One and gives updates about their current and upcoming interviews. Lastly, the speaker reiterates their belief in the dwindling popularity of the Biden administration and theorizes that a change in its approach might be imminent.
➡ The speaker speculates on potential political alliances and reflects on celebrity documentaries, commenting on the popularity of Trump over DeSantis in the GOP, public sentiment towards Biden’s presidency, and shares personal insights about life expectancy and daily routines.
➡ Democrat Pollister Jeff Howett and Republican pollster Bill Monturf suggest that President Joe Biden’s foreign policy actions have led to a low point in his presidency. Furthermore, David Axelrod believes Biden is in big trouble ahead of the 2024 election based upon various national surveys which show Donald Trump having an advantage. Meanwhile, Biden is struggling to connect with younger voters, leading to speculation that a more popular figure may need to be promoted for the next presidential race. Lastly, Libertarian outsider Javier Milei pulls off an upset in Argentina’s presidential election.
➡ The text discusses a wide range of topics, from the six-week abortion ban signed by Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis and its political implications, to the US Capitol police’s actions, concerns about military tests, and skepticism towards the government’s transparency in sharing the January 6th Capitol videos. The writer also touches on Biden’s move to boost electric heat pumps via emergency wartime powers, criticism towards IDF by Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and ends with personal reflections on predictions and gambling.
➡ The speaker discusses a variety of topics including questioning the official narrative of certain historical events like 9/11 and the moon landing, skepticism about the SpaceX starship rocket failure, and warns about online sextortion scams on Snapchat, where teenage boys are manipulated into sharing explicit photos and then blackmailed for money. He also advocates for controlling cell phone usage among teenagers as a preventive measure against such scams.
➡ The speaker advocates for children using basic flip or burner phones, without cameras or internet, to avoid distractions. An anecdote about his elderly father preferring the simplicity of a flip phone over a smartphone is shared. The speaker concludes by promoting upcoming interviews for his podcast, Ninoscorner TV, before signing off.


Hello. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. This show that I’m doing, I’m going to tell you right now, it’s a bet, okay? It’s a bet. It’s everything I’m looking at with all the interviews I’ve done, all the articles I’m reading, everything I’m seeing in my little crystal ball, I’m going to tell you right now, folks, I think they’re going to use some kind of star power, some kind of celebrity, any presents, to try to steal the show.

They got nothing left. They got to pull something out of their ass. Out of their ass. And I think they’re going to get desperate and grab some kind of celebrity. Some kind of celebrity. That’s what I really see. Now, this is a bet. It’s a bet. It’s a bet. I don’t have any intel on this. It’s just kind of the way I see it playing out. I see it playing out like this.

And I don’t know if they’re going to put this celebrity with, I don’t know, newsom or maybe RFK. I don’t listen. RFK to already. I’m not with it anymore. It was cool. It was fun for a little bit. But he’s opposing Trump. Unless Trump absorbs him, brings him on the ticket, then I’ll be all right. I like RV, but otherwise, nah, it’s Trump and done, baby. That’s it.

That’s what I’ve been trump and done, folks. Who give them me. D hyphen rod 1977. D hyphen. Rod, 1977. Yeah, Big Mike, I don’t think she has enough star power. But you don’t know. They’re at the drawing board right now trying to figure this out. They’re trying to figure all of this out. I promise you. When the lights go out on Amazon, when the lights go out and then they came back on on YouTube, what the fuck is going on with my life? Oh, man.

The Mexican mix. I always got to do this kind of voice because I feel like people talk like that saying I feel like they talk like this in the Mexican mix. Also on Amazon, Virtual Shield One. Folks, I got to go through my spill. You know, why do I always look, like, super high in the morning? My eyes take a while to wake up. My eyes take a while to wake up.

So they’re heavy. So that’s why I look like kind of asleep. Sometimes when I’m doing interviews, I do feel like I want to fall asleep, actually. It’s just the way it is. A popular DNA ancestry site is under fire for allegedly not notifying their users in a timely manner of a data breach that stole millions of pieces of personal data. In fact, it wasn’t until the hackers advertised this stolen data on forums that the public became aware of this breach.

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Now by going to the site down below, folks, go to the site below. Get started. I got to tell you, I feel like there’s going to be some kind of celebrity, and they’re gonna use someone like and I’m not gonna say it’s gonna be them, but I’m saying that they’re gonna use, like, Taylor swift, Travis Kelsey. She’s already absorbing voters. Something’s gonna happen where they’re gonna use taylor swift or something like that to come out and be like, oh, I totally back this person.

Oh, this is the guy. Or this is the girl. This is the woman. This is the man. This is who I want for president. This is about to get so desperate and so pathetically funny. They can’t win. It’s going to go to an event. That’s what I’m trying to say here. That’s what I’m stressing here. It’s going to go to an event, a series of events or an event that sets this over the jujitsu move, if you know what I’m talking about.

And folks spotify Nino’s Corner. Telegram nino’s corner. Getter Nino’s corner. Thanks, big chap rumble. Nino’s corner. True social. David Rodriguez boxer. Instagram. David Nino Rodriguez Boxer. Twitter nino boxer, baby. Not baby. Just Nino boxer. Patreonware right there. Patriot. com. I’m having some new logos put up there. I might have a contest for whoever who’s the best artist who can maybe design a logo. I’m thinking about it. I’m really thinking about I got to do something for Christmas.

I know you guys like the sancho grass. I might do the sancho grass again. Okay, so the sancho grass is coming down your chimney. Sancho grass is coming down your wife’s chimney. Say hello to your wife and my kids. This coffee is good. This is good. So, ninoscorner TV fire. Fire. I just got done interviewing dr. Dmiti rabashovsky. I think that’s how you say his last name, rabashowski.

You might be proud of me right now. I think I almost said it right. I almost said it know. So he’s an Israeli. Dr. Rabba ZAZ. He’s a theologian. I’ve had him on my show before. Anyway, pro Israel all the way. And I interviewed him, and I asked him some tough questions. So I disagree with him a lot. But I’m not going to debate him on my shows because I have respect for the man.

He’s a very intelligent, highly intelligent man. Worth listening to. Okay. Worth listening to. I’m going to put that up tonight. Tonight on nino’s corner TV dr. Dimiti ravashowski. He’s going up tonight. And it’s very good. At the very least, I poke holes. I poke holes being in their defense, being in their defense, to allow you all to make up your own mind. I give them the rope. But listen, he makes some valid point.

I like him a lot. I consider him a friend. SGN on is up there right now infiltration to invasion events to come. We war game together. We volley a little bit off each other. He’s a great guest. SGN on is up right now on Nino’s Corner TV 107. How Trump returns. That’s doing well. That’s doing amazing. That’s probably the best video he’s ever done. Give me a thumbs up if you guys watched it and you think it’s the best video he’s ever done.

Because to me, I was like, wow, he’s answering questions. We’re not going down a million different avenues here. Fucking what? So when you guys see me turn off the picture on my video, when I’m interviewing Juan, it’s because I move away from my desk and I lay down on the floor because my back starts to hurt. So I found a new method to get through these interviews, these long ones.

So I lay down on my stomach, and that’s the way I have to do it. That’s the only way I have to do it because my back starts cramping up and I’m like, shit. And I don’t want to cut it short for you guys. So I know you guys want to see me finish the interview so I don’t cut it early, but I have to lay down on my stomach.

That’s what it’s come down to. Jan Halper is coming on Jason. Sherka is coming on. Melissa with freedom force. Daniel Brickley is up there right now. Folks, if you’re not at Nino’s Corner TV, where are? Huh? What are you doing with your life? All right, folks. Oh, benjamin Fulford is the general. Is the general in the general’s tent? Benjamin fulford the general’s tent. November 25, coming up in just a few days, 06:00 November, Mountain Standard Time.

He’s all the way, I think, in the UK or something like that. So he’s waking up very early to do this. Thank you, Adela. So he’s waking up very early to do this. So this is going to be a good one. Ask your questions. Fire away. I think it’s going to be a fun general’s tent. All right, folks, you might want to turn it down or turn it up, baby.

Whatever your little heart desires. Coming at you for the apocalypse. BoJo. Yeah, they’re going down. They’re going down. And they know they’re going down. They know they’re going down. And I’m making and this is a fun and I’m going to say this, fun, fun prediction. I’m a gambling man. I feel like they have no choice. Biden’s tanking. He has nowhere to go. What are they going to do? They got to make this realistic.

So we are now in the phase of the game where now even the MSM is reporting on lame duck Biden. Okay? They’re now even reporting like, oh, gosh, he’s just really bad for the Democratic party. They know, they know he’s done. They’re actually admitting Trump and Haley as Biden drops like a lead balloon. So here is what I predict. And folks, if you want to bet with me, that’s fun.

This is a fun. I’m not, I don’t have any validation on just it’s just me looking at my crystal ball saying, you know what, this is kind of what I see coming, what I think is a good guess, a good bet. And if I’m playing roulette right now, I’m putting a majority of my money on this number. So here’s what’s coming to a theater near you, okay? A theater near you.

They’re going to probably bring in some kind of star power, some kind of star power to either team up with RFK or Newsom. That’s what I see coming. They’re going to use some kind of big celebrity, I don’t know who. I’m guessing it’s going to be a celebrity. It’s going to be somebody. Could it be Big Mike? I don’t think so. I think the Tucker Carlson thing was ah, that came out.

So it’s like don’t even think about it. Don’t even think about it. We got more coming if you even decide to do this. That’s what that was about. The only reason Tucker Carlson covered that was to put a stop on them from making any moves. And you know what I’m talking on. Look at this. The Rock said that Dwayne hey, he’s a possibility. He’s a possibility. So I don’t know, I’m just guessing here.

But hey, I didn’t even know about the rock. Could it be Vivek Ramashwami? Vivek Ramashwami? He’s going to have to team up with somebody. Could he team up with RK? Go independent? I don’t know. He’s not going to go away. He’s the cheerleader. He’s an agree on things with Trump. Look, folks, they control both sides of the fence. Both sides of the fence. They’re desperate. They’re desperate. They can’t shut Trump up.

They can’t make him go away. Unless is which Iran has already threatened Trump. I like to slurp my coffee sometimes. It wakes me up a little more. Do you guys ever just breathe into the coffee? Like the steam interface? I really enjoy my mornings. I like my mornings and I like my evenings. I don’t really like the day. I feel like I’m a vampire sometimes. I don’t really like the day.

I go work out, I do my shows. But really, when I’m waking up in the morning having my coffee, that’s what I love. And then when in the evening time, when I’m winding down, I’m like I really love the evening more than anything. I like the evening. I like to sit in bed and watch Trail Cams. I watch Trail Cams most of the night. Those are fabulous, by the way, if you’re not watching my show, you should be watching Trail Cams because ain’t nothing on Netflix, I’m going to tell you that.

Right now unless you watch the Sly documentary. The Delahoya documentary was good. It shows what a degenerative was all his life, but still a superstar, world champion. I was too. Listen, I’m not making fun of the guy. I was worse, I think. I was much worse, I think. But honestly, the Sly Netflix, and I don’t want to promote Netflix, but I’m going to have to promote and I also watched the Arnold one, too, the Arnold documentary.

It was so narcissistic. I had to turn that one off. I was like, dude, okay, you’re a bodybuilder, okay? We all get it. Okay? Go lift some weights now and shut up. But Sylvester Shalom’s. Excellent. Excellent. Tastefully done. Short and to the point. Amazing documentary. All right, folks. So they’re going to do anything to make whatever they’re planning to do very believable coming up. Okay? So they got to make it believable, okay? They need someone along the lines where Taylor Swift and Kelsey Travis kelsey sell out.

Kelsey can get really behind, so it’s going to be someone that they can praise and be like, oh, this is the one. This is the guy. Or woman. So these two are bought and sold, and they will get behind whatever selection is approved. Okay? And I’m guessing they got to do this quite fast. And I don’t know if it’s going to be newsom and somebody or RFK and somebody.

I don’t trust RFK anymore. Like I said, I never did. But unless he gets with Trump, then I’ll be like, all right, I can deal with this like Godzilla, King Kong. But going opposing Trump during this very sensitive climate in our country, you’re a dirtbag, okay? I just don’t even look at you like, all right. So not many options are left leading to what? If you all watched the wano saving interview on Ninoscorner TV, the event, there’s going to be some kind of event, hopefully.

Okay, I can only go on what my guests are putting out there. I know a lot of you give me shit for this. Why do you give me shit? I just interview the people. Okay? First off, I would like to give my respect to the Carter family. Rosalind I hope I said her name right. Rosaline Carter, former first lady and mental health advocate, dies at 96 years old.

Some people are shocked, like, oh, did you hear? I’m like, she’s 96. She’s 96. She’s way past the expiration date, okay? My dad is going to be 89. My mom’s 85. Every day I have with them, I’m like, oh, thank you, Lord. One more day. Thank you. It’s scary. I think anything over the age of 65 70 is like, bonus time. I don’t know. Do you know that there’s a statistic that you have a 50 50, so life expectancy is into the 80s, but you have a 50 50 chance to even make it to 65 due to accidents, diseases, things like that.

You may not even make it to 60. It’s all a gamble. It’s a roll of the dice, folks. A roll of the dice. So enjoy every day you’re here. Donald Trump opens up stunning 39 point lead over Ron DeSantis in GOP rivals home state of Florida. Trump wins 60% of Republican support in Florida and DeSantis 21%. Let me say that again, 60% favor Trump in DeSantis’s home state of Florida.

31% or 20 oh, sorry, much lower than that. 21% according to a new back DeSantis, according to a new study or a new poll in North Florida. Nikki Haley came in third. What do you expect? And Chris Christie fourth. Why is he even there? Why is Chris Christie even there? Krispy Kreme. Christy. Christy Creams. I don’t even know. Krispy Kremes. Christy. Christy. Krispy Kreme. Vivek ramaswami babas Rameshwami.

A distant fifth. Wow. I thought he would do better than that. I don’t know what you guys thought. I thought Vic Ramaswami would do better, but I guess people aren’t really feeling what he’s putting down. The Florida respondents were also asked about their feelings reporting Trump’s actions following the 2022 election. 71% said he was right to challenge what? Wow. People are waking up. People are waking up. But let me guess, they’re going to come back with DeSantis and Haley even though they’re far behind Trump.

They’re the only ones that can beat Biden, not Trump. Although Trump is beating them by double digits. They’re the only ones that can beat yeah, right. Thank you, client H. I appreciate all of you. Biden drops like a lead balloon. Biden in a new poll. Biden Standing hits New lows amid Israel Hamas war. So President Joe Biden approval rating has declined to the lowest level of his presidency.

40% as strong majorities of all voters disapprove of his handling of foreign policy and the Israel Hamas war, according to the latest national NBC News poll. And I’m sure they gave him some points on that. What’s more, the poll from Biden behind former President Donald Trump for the first time in a hypothetical general election matchup. Although the so he trails Donald Trump although the deficit is well within the poll’s margin of well within the poll’s margin.

See, they don’t want to admit it yet. It’s well within the poll’s margin of error for a contest that’s still more months away. A lot of you say the Rock, that if he wants to destroy his career, do it. Do it. Go against Trump and have the whole country hate you. That’s what will happen to you. You’ll be one and done. You’ll be one and done, buddy. One and done.

And Nino will call you out every day. Every day. And what are you going to do about it? Nothing. Because I’m a real fighter. You’re not. Okay. I’m a real fighter. You’re an actor and you do fake wrestling. Come at me. Okay. Come at me. Try it. I won’t go. So well for you because I’m a fucking crazy, right? All right. So the erosion of Biden is most pronounced among Democrats, a majority whom believe Israel has gone too far in its military action against Gaza, and among voters ages 18 to 34, with a whopping 70% of them disapproving of Biden’s handling of the war.

I did not support his I did not support his support of Israel, said Meg Furry, 40, a Democrat from Austin, Texas. She just doesn’t support it. Failed promises, student loans, foreign policy in general, said Democrat. All these people want is like gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme gimme. I don’t ever want to work. I don’t want to do anything. Give me gimme gimme.

23, of San Diego, when asked why he disapproves of Biden’s job performance. Joe Biden is at a uniquely low point in his presidency, and a significant part of this, especially within the Biden coalition, is due to how Americans are viewing his foreign policy actions, said Democrat Pollister Jeff Howett of Harvard of Heart Research Associates, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill Monturf of Public Opinion Strategies. They’re going to bring in some star power.

They’re going to play Democrat musical chairs, as Juanito has always said has always said this, folks, you got to admit it. Give me a thumbs up. I’ve done a good job with Nino’s Corner TV. I feel we’ve been right in the sphere, maybe over the target in a lot of times, but we’re hitting bing, bing, bing, like we’re taking out. We’re taking them out, baby. Yeah. I’m telling you, I’m very proud of what I’ve created here.

I like to do the david Axelrod warns Joe Biden is in big trouble ahead of 2024 election. He’s in big trouble. Better start playing those Democrat musical chairs pretty soon. So David Axelrod shared his analysis on the poll published on November 5, which showed the president they always have to put his name 80 years old is he 81 now? Did he have his birthday today? Behind Trump in a five six key battleground states.

Behind in five. Look, first of all, do you all really believe this? Do you believe any of these polls? He’s just barely edging them out. He’s just wow. Trump is beating everybody else by double digits. Yeah, right. Wake up. It’s all a lie. It’s all a lie. I get emails sometimes you scream too much. Hey, I’m passionate. I’m pretty passionate. I’m passionate about what I do. He claimed the data will send tremors of doubt through the Democratic Party, and Adam Biden needs to decide whether running is in the country’s best interest.

Let me repeat that. This is from 2008. Guru David Oxrod warns, Joe Biden is in big trouble ahead of the 2024 election. He claimed the data will send tremors of doubt through the Democratic Party and added, Biden needs to decide whether running is in the country’s best interest. Really? Do I see the Democratic Party disagreeing and coming apart. I do. It’s having a hard time having a real time as he rots, as he decomposes the Democratic Party.

Yet and yet MSM will have you believe the mainstream media will have you believe joe Biden is facing a near historic deficit for an incumbent. So electoral analysis, myself included, like, to cover our behinds, we use words like may or could to make sure we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves, especially when examining polls of a potential 2024 general election matchup between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

But the truth is that Trump has a small has a small thank you, Kathy. Has a small but clear advantage over Biden right now. Oh, my gosh. Does he clear a small, little advantage over Biden? Really? Trump just a small who is that actor that’s always bashing Trump? Matt? Or is it Michael something? Guys, put his name in here. I know you guys have seen it. His video is going viral where he’s like he’s pig dick.

Donald Trump pig. Donald Trump. Making fun of Donald Trump. He’s like, I don’t know what to do, but we got to fix this shit. Who is that rapaport? There you go. Rapid dork. I would like to have you on my show, too. Okay? Actually, no, I’ll be nice. I’ll be nice. I take that back. I can’t get ahead of myself. I can’t insult people. Look, pigs do fly.

I guess pigs do fly. And he’s turned a new leaf. And you know what? I got to pull myself back. I apologize. I would like to have him on my show. I would. And let’s talk about this, and you can insult me back if you want. I’ll take it. I’ll take the kick in the nuts. And I’d like to have him on my show. I’d like to have him on my show, because what the hell is happening? We got to be fair.

I got to be fair to these people. I can’t be an asshole, and I was an asshole right now, so I apologize. Take a look at a recent national survey from CBS, Fox News, Marquee University Law School and Quinnipe University. All five are high quality polls that meet CNN that meet the CNN standards. They meet the CNN standards. Ain’t that trump. All give Trump an advantage of two to four points.

Two to four points. Oh, wow. And what’s the margin of error? About two to four. Really? Okay, we see what’s going on here. So the margin of error is around that, and that’s what they give them. So they’re giving Trump two to four points, but that’s also the margin of error. See what they’re doing here? Do you all see this? None of these data points mean too much.

Trust me, folks, as this keeps going, as we keep closing the buy scripts on them, it’s going to mean a lot. And I’m telling you, they’re going to have to use some kind of star power. Somebody they’re going to grab some kind of celebrity. They’re going to have to folks, and they’re going to use Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey to promote to promote the next candidate. I’m betting you anything.

Do you guys give me a thumbs up now? This is a bet. This is a bet. This is what I see in the crystal ball of things. This is not gospel, okay? I’m not saying this is I got validation. This is who I don’t just I’m seeing the battlefront and it’s a guess. Yeah, I know. Travis Kelsey. Geez Biden keeps talking about the old days. Young voters don’t like it.

So President Biden is struggling to connect with younger voters. The sepia tone stories he peppers in his speeches may not be helping. When Biden traveled to Israel last month, he spoke about his 1973 meeting with then Prime Minister Golamir. Following the Supreme Court ruling overturning of Roe versus Wade last year, he stressed his work in 1987 to keep conservative judge Robert Bork off the nation’s high court pressing about I don’t want to say this word that’s really hot outside.

You know when I say that word, what it means when it’s really hot outside. During a news conference in Vietnam, he pointed to his long standing commitment to the issue, including his work on it with Senator Dick Luger. I think it’s time. They’re going to bring someone sensational out of the cage, out of the batting cage, up to bat. Could it be? Dwayne the Rock Johnson? I don’t know.

It’s going to be somebody it’s going to be somebody. Outsider Javier Miele triumphs in Argentina presidential election. Libertarian outsider Javier I think I’m saying his last name right. I’m not sure. I butcher everyone’s last names. Melier. Melier pulled off a massive upset Sunday with a resounding win in Argentina’s presidential election, plunging the country into uncertainty. In the midst of a crippling economic crisis, the self described anarcho capitalists fired up.

Argentina is fed up with decades of economic stagnation under the long dominant populist Peronis coalition. While polls had predicted a tight race, provisional results showed melee had won with 55. 7% of the vote to 44% scored by his rival, the economy minister, Sergio Maessa Massa, who rapidly conceded defeat. So I don’t buy it. Now here’s why. Now you may disagree with me on this and that’s fine, and I don’t know enough about this guy, so I don’t know.

So I’m stating I don’t know. I’m just going to go off instincts here. I think they’re testing other smaller countries. Is this a beta test? Now you’ll ask why? That’s just ridiculous. He upset them. I don’t know about that. I think they’re seeing how a country deals with an. This to me, these are small beta tests. Now look into it all. You want something fishy here. Things don’t happen unless they want them to happen.

And I don’t know what kind of movement was behind Javier? I’m not sure, but maybe they’re testing out to see how someone comes up like a celebrity and makes a big splash and takes the election by surprise. I don’t know. Do I make sense? Do you guys see where I’m going with this? I think it’s all a test. You guys get it? No. Arnold Schwarzenegger? Nah, I don’t see him doing it.

Rock is already in trouble because of Oprah and these look, I don’t know. They’re going to have to grab somebody. They’re going to grab somebody. And like I’m saying, if the Rock goes for Be, his career will be ended right there. The minute he says, I’m running for president, it’s over. It’s over. Country will turn on him. Newsom TV Ad Hits DeSantis Debate Loom San Francisco california Governor Gavin Newsom is sending a warning shot at Florida’s Ron DeSantis over abortion ahead of their anticipated class on Fox on Sunday, Newsom is debuting a new TV ad that accuses the Republican governor and presidential candidate of pushing policies that criminalize women and doctors.

After six weeks. The ad, narrated by Newsom, shows pictures of a woman and a doctor under a wanted sign and states that their possible arrest is by order of Ron DeSantis. DeSantis signed Florida’s six week abortion ban into law this year in the south as he sought to boost the conservative bona fides in the presidential primary. Democrats, meanwhile, have capitalized politically since the Supreme Court. You have to give us our rights.

It’s my body. There’s not a soul in there. There’s not a soul. That’s not God’s soul. That’s for me to decide. Oh, boy. US. Capitol Police. Tweet. Have you seen this? The Capitol Police exercise sunday, November 19 Starting at 04:00 A. m. , we will be conducting a training exercise with our military partners on Capitol grounds. Please do not be alarmed if you see emergency vehicles. They’re running tests.

What are they getting ready for? Folks, there’s no reason to be doing this. Congress gets satellite phones. Capitol Police are running military tests. What’s going on? What is going on? I’ll tell you what’s going on. There’s an event. I can’t listen, for me personally, can we just rip the band Aid off? I’m sure many of you that are in here, you’re all sick of this shit like I am.

We’re all fed up, and we’re done with the fuckery. Okay? We’re done with it. We just want to get on with our lives. We want to enjoy our families, live our lives, have a good time. But no, it’s the apocalypse. And it’s not allowed during the apocalypse unless you listen to Nino House committee to make 40,000 hours of January 6 video public now. Goodwin, Daniel Goodwin. I just interviewed Daniel Goodwin.

That’s going to be going up on Nino’s Corner TV. Great interview. He’s saying, look, man, they’re only letting out very slow drip of these hours of January 6 video. So I don’t. Know, I’ve seen some video on there. I don’t know what you guys have seen, but I’ve seen some video on there that’s pretty compelling and incriminating. I don’t know what you have you guys seen some of the shit that’s out right now? It’s bad.

Did you see the guy wearing a trumpet with a badge at the window? I put that up on Telegram. Nino’s Corner on Telegram. There’s some really bad shit, like very compelling, incriminating shit coming out, and I’ve seen some of it. So Daniel Goodwin has no faith in that, though. But Daniel Goodwin was on my show. I’ll be putting that up at Nino’s Corner. House Committee to make 40,000 hours of January 6 video public.

More than 40,000 hours of January 6 capitol Police security video. Capitol Police security video will be made public on a dedicated website starting immediately and ramping up in the coming months, a senior congressional aide told the syndicate. However, individual video clips released immediate or other requests will have the faces of identifiable individuals blurred, the senior aide said. I also heard there’s no audio. So while we are significantly expanding the amount of clips that will be available and who can request them, we will be blurring the faces with respect to individuals who are identifiable.

Why? You didn’t do that for the Trump supporters. You didn’t blur their faces. Why are you protecting these ass? Why? I have questions. I have questions. This guy, the House speaker. You can’t serve two masters. You know why I’m saying that? You can’t put your full trust in Christ, and the Masons can’t do both. You’re either one or the other in my book. Either. Walk like a duck.

If you walk like a duck and quack like a duck, you’re a duck. To restore America’s trust and faith in their government, we must have transparency, house Speaker Mike Johnson wrote on X. This is another step towards keeping the promises I made when I was elected to be your speaker. The Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, chaired by Rep. Barry Louder Milk. Louder? Louder Milk. Is that really what it says here? Louder Milk.

Yes, that’s his last name. Louder Milk will immediately make 90 hours of capital security video available to the public. The initial release will include footage previously provided to various media outlets. The goal of our investigation has been to provide the American people with transparency on what happened at the Capitol. Why don’t you just let it all out? Just dump it all. Why does it need to be a slow drip? Are you controlling what’s coming out? Are you? More videos will be added to the public site on a rolling basis, the source said.

Sure, let’s see. Let’s see what Mike Johnson’s made out of. God, he looks just like Stephen Colbert, doesn’t he? That’s what I see when I look at him. I’m like ugh. God, he looks like Stephen Colbert. Biden uses emergency wartime powers to boost electric heat pumps amid push to replace gas appliances. Say goodbye to your gas appliances. President Joe Biden will use emergency wartime powers use emergency wartime powers involved in the name of it’s just too hot outside to boost US.

Production. Your gas stove your gas ovens have to go. But nuclear war is totally acceptable. We could do that. Even though it’s really hot outside. We could do that. But your gas stove, that’s unacceptable because we got to tax you on that now. We got to take more money from you. So I’m going to use my wartime powers to make sure you don’t turn on your gas. And then we’ll figure out what to do with the cows because they’re just farting too much.

And we need to stop that because it stinks so bad. Have you ever driven by a cow farm? It just stinks. Our dairy farm, it stinks so bad. And that’s just bad for the environment because we don’t want you to eat meat anymore because there’s a lot of nutrients in that that you’re getting that we just don’t want you to have. We rather grow it in a petri dish and give it to you with a lot of estrogen.

President Biden will use cold war era defense production act DPA to boost spending on five alternative energy technologies, with electric heat pumps being the first to be awarded money under the emergency authority that is being invoked on the basis of it’s too hot outside. Yeah. Oh, boy. Wartime powers. Wartime powers. But liberals love him. He’s only beating Trump by two points. Yair Netanyahu bibi sparks outrage by criticizing IDF in high court.

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister okay, this is his son. This is Prime Minister Benjamin Nahu’s son sparked backlash Saturday night when he posted content on his telegram channel criticizing the IDF, the courts, and the media, coinciding with his father’s press conference. In one post, he claimed that the decisions made by the High Court of justice led to changes in the IDs rules of engagement at the Gaza border, enabling Hamas terrorists to approach the border fence.

Yeah, right. You think we’re dumb covering your ass? Is that what’s happening right now? I don’t know. And I hope even Dr. Dimitri what the hell is his name? Raveskis V. Even him, he’s like, yeah, I don’t, uh it’s not computing yet. I think he’s starting to get it. But I was like, you don’t think Netanyahu maybe I don’t. No, definitely not. He’s like, our Trump. I’m like, yeah, but you don’t think that maybe I don’t know, this and no, not possible, but maybe do you think maybe this and that and a little bit of this and a little bit of that possible? I lay it out for you all to play it out.

I’m going to put that video up tonight on Nino’s Corner TV. Tell me if you think I did well with it. I don’t debate my guest. Like I said, I have respect for this man. He’s very intelligent, very intelligent guy, but I’m just trying to open minds. He then shared photos blaming the IDF for the failure on October 7. Do you guys still find it pretty compelling that Bo Pony called it on the day? Look, bony.

Look. Whatever. You guys can say whatever you want about him. I like Bo Pony a lot. He’s a good guy. His heart’s in the right place. I still look at predictions like a crapshoot or like roulette. I don’t like to make predictions. That’s why I say, hey, I’m a gambling man. If you guys want to gamble with me, come on. Sit shotgun, bitch, and let’s do some gambling together.

But I don’t know. But he was right about October 7. You got to give him that. Got to give him that. So he’s in the sphere of knowing, and I think he’s doing a very good job of it to the point that I have to give him credit. So one of the posts alleged that female lookouts at the Gaza border had warned about Hamas provokes, but a senior commander threatened to put them on trial if they continued to harass.

In a subsequent post, Yair Netanyahu emphasizes that he has the security sector that pushed to send diesel fuel to the you know what? Look, I’m making another prediction here. Here’s another gamble. You guys can gamble with me if you like or not. I think I want to go hit the roulette tables today, actually. I don’t drink anymore. I’m feeling kind of lucky. I’m feeling kind of lucky. But I think very soon people are going to be like, you know, because things are coming out instantly now, folks.

Things are coming out instantly. Remember 911? It took ten years for people to be like, hey, wait a minute. That didn’t look right. Those buildings came down too fast. I don’t know if Muslims hiding in a cave did anything. That’s why the podcasters that are out right now, like Tommy Loren and all them that are like, oh, this and that and blah, blah, blah, the Muslims run, hey, just my opinion.

Come on, let’s get with the program here. You’re a little slow. You’re a little slow here. Come on. You need a pat on the ass. You need a kick in the ass. You got to get with a program. People aren’t there anymore that’s old. People are awake. People are awake. We know nobody in the cave did shit. Okay? SpaceX starship rocket, lost in seconds. Test flight. Didn’t I say it was going to fail, guys, give me a thumbs up.

Did I say it was going to fail? I said it on one of my shows. I said, I don’t think it’s going to blast off. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Something’s going to happen. What did I say? Go back and look. I don’t know even know which fucking video. It was, but it was like one of the videos where I said, it’s going to fail, it’s going to fail, and it fucking failed.

Why did it fail? They have the capabilities. But we went to the moon. We went to the moon in the 1960s with that technology, and we broadcasted it on your three channels on television. Remember you said to use a fucking hanger for an antenna back then and stick it in the television to get reception? Yeah. They went to the moon back then and broadcasted it on your television, on your three little sure, yeah.

You want me to believe that? But with today’s technology in 2023, we can’t even get out of orbit. But we chose to blow it up. It’s because we chose to blow it up, David. Don’t you know that? We spent millions, probably almost a fucking billion dollars on this rocket, and we chose to blow it up. You want me to believe this shit? Who believes this? People believe this? No? Okay, no.

Let me think about this for a second. Not buying it. Not buying it. You’re easy. You’re too easy. I said it was going to fail. I said it was going to fail. Let me repeat that. I said it was going to fail and it failed. Now, I’m not jumping in bed with the fucking flat earthers. Not yet. Not yet. But you’re giving them a lot of ammunition, man.

A lot. And guess what? It piques my interest. I’m listening to him. I’m not saying we’re on a piece of paper, a flat, whatever. Maybe we’re like at a fishbowl. I don’t know. I don’t know what space is. I’ve never been there, and neither have you. And the only way you could debate me is if you tell me what school taught you, and that eliminates you out of the conversation with me.

I don’t buy it. I don’t know what’s out there. I’m not claiming to know. I’m saying I don’t know. I don’t know. But it’s not what they’re telling us. That’s what I know. I know that it’s not what they’re telling us. So what is it? I don’t know. And do I care? Not really. Because I believe in God, and he’s got it all under control. And at some point, I’ll know, I’ll know when I’m done with my journey here on this planet, I’m sure that I’ll find out.

So it’s not important. Let’s get to what the fuck news now. This one is important for all the parents out there, because I almost fell victim to something like this about ten years ago with this hot chick. And it’s real. This stuff is real. So teen boys are falling for a snapshot nude photo scam. Here’s how to avoid it. So, an online nude photo scam is ensnaring thousands of teenage boys and causing emotional trauma.

Scammers posing as teen girls befriend boys online share nude pics of a girl and then ask for a nude photo in return. And obviously these guys get horny and they think, yeah, let’s go time. Let’s do this. Once the boy reciprocates, the scammer demands money be sent by a peer to peer payment app and threatens to share the boy’s photos with his social media followers if he doesn’t pay.

Wow. This is happening. So this is how law enforcement officials and child protection experts describe a growing wave of online predators targeting teens. Previously online sextortion it’s called sextortion, as they call it, largely involved pederasses blackmailing kids into sending photos or videos. These new scammers focus on money, law enforcement officials say. Three years ago, a national center of missing and exploited children received fewer than ten reports of this sort of financial extortion.

Last year, the congressionally mandated nonprofit received more than 10,000 reports and has already received 12,500 this year in a survey of more than 6000 teens and young adults in the US. And five of the countries conducted by Snapchat. Snap. Wow. So this is happening on Snapchat. Man, don’t fall for it. I almost fell for something like this a while back, and I had to use other methods. Luckily, I’m on the border.

I know some people in Mexico I turned into Sancho. You do not fuck with Sancho. He’s my alter ego. Let me tell you this right now. You fuck with Sancho, you’re fucked. I recently spoke to a mom in Hatfield. Is Ma s. S, Massachusetts, right? That’s what it is. Massachusetts, who told her 15 year old son was targeted in a extortion scheme. In July, someone claiming to be a teenage girl followed him on Instagram and then chatted via direct message.

The two then added each other as friends on Snapchat, where they exchanged nude photos. As soon as the boy shared a picture of himself, the perpetrator told him to send $200 or the photo $200. That’s it. $200 or the photo would be shared with our Instagram followers. She said, I don’t know. Me, I’m kind of proud. I’m kind of proud, if you know what I mean. Go ahead and share it.

Make me famous. I’m not hiding anything. Shit. But if you’re one of these guys, bing ding ding ding ding, weenus weenus weenus. You don’t want people to see it. Boy. The boy sent $30 via Apple cash and another 40, then another 25 on a gift card. The person shared his photo with at least one of his friends. Oh, that’s terrible. His mom received notifications from Apple about the money transfers and asked him about it.

She said he started crying and confessed to her all that happened. This is terrible. She called local police and had her son provide statements. She also reported the scam to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which notified NCMEC. According to the documents I reviewed, scammers such as these are often based in West Africa, outside the US. Legal jurisdiction. According to statements from the out of most of them are based out of West Africa.

That’s why they’re doing this. However, there have been some arrests made. In August, 2 Nigerian men were extradited to the US in an extortion case that involved wow. Poor. My God. Man, this is bad. The Massachusetts teen’s mom had him block the offender, which ended the threats. But she says she’s horrified to think a blunder could have on his future. Scammers typically try to get photos via Snapchat since its disappearing messages leave less of a trail.

Law enforcement officials say there are some bad actors that seek to exploit some of the Snapchat’s hallmark features, but are determined to make sure that Snapchat is a hostile environment for this kind of activity. I’m totally against kids having a cell phone. Seriously, I’m against it. Get them a flip phone. What’s wrong with the flip phone? They don’t need this shit. Especially in their teenage years. They don’t need this shit.

I say get them a flip phone. Get them a flip phone. If their friends need to call them, or a simple text. That’s it. I don’t even know. Do they sell flip phones anymore? That technology needs to come back. We got to get rid of these 21 and up, is what I say. To even have a smartphone. That’s what I say. Nobody needs it. You don’t need it.

I did just fine in the 90s without a phone, okay? We just called each other from a landline, or we went to someone’s house, which kind of sucked because I hated people just dropping by. But honestly, you don’t need it. They still sell flip phones. Then that’s all your kid needs. Seriously. Think about all the troubles you’re eliminating by getting rid of a smartphone. Your kid turns first of all, I don’t think they need a phone.

This is just me speaking hypothetically. I’m not giving any parental advice, but think about this. No phone until they’re about till they start going out with friends. Like, what are they, 1415? I don’t know. Get them a flip phone. They keep the flip phone until they’re an adult, until they’re 18. Then they go buy whatever phone they want. Split phones still have cameras. Fuck. Isn’t there a flip phone out there that doesn’t get them? What are those phones? Those phones you buy at, like, the convenience store.

I don’t know. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? The phones? A breaker phone or what’s it called? I use a little $30 a month. And no one needs 24/7. Nobody needs it. No. I think it’s a big distraction. You should only be watching Nino’s Corner. That’s it. Do I keep a lot of you company during the day? Burner phones. That’s right. Yeah. So burner. Get your kid a burner.

They don’t have fucking cameras, right? Burner phones? I don’t think they do, do they? I don’t know. Prepaid phones? Yeah, that’s it. That’s all you get. It. That’s trap phones. Just came out with camera phones specifically for kids. No internet or social media. They actually just came out with cell phones specifically for kids. Interesting. Thanks, Sully. See, we all help each other here. That’s what I like about my audience is we all help each other.

Dumb phones. My dad true story. My dad’s like, I need to son, can you take me Verizon? I need to go get a new phone. And my dad has a flip phone. And I’m like, yeah, dad. And at this time, I was kind of excited. I was like, oh, we’re going to get him a smartphone. We’re going to take him to the store. The minute we walk to the store, we go in and my dad walks around, and he’s like, looking at all the phones.

And you could just tell he’s completely, thoroughly perplexed and confused. And I’m like, dad, what kind of phone here do you want? He goes, I just want my flip phone. My dad’s in his 80s. He doesn’t need anything like a smartphone. So the helper comes up and he goes, hey, how can I help you guys? What are you guys looking for here? And he’s showing my dad this and that.

My dad’s just sitting there, kind of like, frustrated, a little bewildered. My dad’s going like, I don’t really want this. I can see it in my dad’s face. He didn’t want all this technology. He just wanted a flip phone. That’s it. He just wanted his fucking flip phone. And the guy goes, I have this phone. I have that phone. I have this smartphone. I have that smartphone. Here’s the smartphone you need.

My dad goes, that I don’t need a smartphone. I need my dumb phone. And the whole place started laughing. We all started laughing. And I looked at the guy and I go, it’s my old man. He just wants the dumb phone. You got to give him the dumb phone. Where’s your flip phones? He was all like, oh, he’s really trying to upsell my dad. And then he’s like, the old man wants a dump phone, and so he’s going to get a dump phone.

That really happened. Ah. So I don’t know what else to talk about, but I’m done. I’ll see you guys at Ninoscorner TV. I got some good interviews coming up today. I got Jan Halper today. Juan Saving is up right now. You don’t want to miss that. How Trump returns. How Trump returns. I got him to answer some questions. It was good. I got SGN on up. Daniel Brinkley’s up.

And remember, Benjamin Fulford is the general in the general’s tank. We’re going to have fun with that. That’s going to be awesome. Remember, he interviewed David Rockefeller, so ask him whatever questions you want to ask him. Until then, folks, I’m out of here. I’ll see you Wednesday. And the new heavyweight champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcast, cassie, Baby. I’m out of here later. .


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