Cutting Edge Researchers Expose AI Nanobot Takeover, How We Can Protect Ourselves & Help Others!

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Watch What May Spark The Zombie Apocalypse & What We Can Do To Protect Ourselves & Others!

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As both Tony and Karen mention, it’s like a possession that has happened with people that have had the injections and also with the PCR test. 

And Tony mentions teslaphoresis.

In case you have not seen what that is before, take a look at this quick video to illustrate.

Teslaphoresis: Nanotube wires self-assemble under the influence of Tesla Coil

Yes, this shows that a frequency can cause Nanotubes to self assemble and activate.

So, now it doesn’t seem so crazy when someone says a 5G or 6G frequency is causing people to have health issues and even death.

It can be triggered inside them because of the frequency being blasted at them.

Like Tony says, we aren’t dealing with simple pathologies anymore.

This isn’t just a biological issue anymore.

His steps include:

  1. Disengage the program (scramble the nanobot programs)

  2. Flush it out (get it out of your body)

  3. Rebuild (help your body rebuild back)

To me, this makes a lot of sense! 

Perhaps drinking tea or having some miracle oil or spray might not fix the AI nanobot situation.

Perhaps it will take some EMP technology that Tony shows you how you can make at home to scramble the frequencies of the nanobot program, which disengages their programs.

From there, you can do things to pull it out of the body.

Then you rebuild.

I only recently became aware of Tony’s work, but come to find out…

Tony has been making videos for YEARS now about how to make homemade devices to disengage and pull out nanobots.

Here is one of his youtube channels…

Here is his bitchute channel…

You can listen to his podcasts here…

I highly encourage you to watch some of his other videos on Bitchute! 

Have you noticed any unusual situations from people out in the world lately?

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