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➡ The hosts of Nino’s Corner TV discuss their belief that current global events align with prophecies from the Bible’s Book of Revelation, suggesting we are living in the ‘end of days’. They highlight signs such as the rebirth of Israel, the invention of nuclear weapons, and the potential for a digital economy as evidence. They also discuss the concept of the ‘rapture’, a time when they believe God’s followers will be taken from Earth before it becomes unlivable. They encourage people to be ready for this event, though they admit they cannot predict when it will happen.
➡ The article discusses a comparison between current events in America and the biblical story of Nineveh, where God sent a prophet to warn the city of impending judgment. The author suggests that America might be in a similar situation, facing various threats and challenges, and needs to turn back to God. The article also speculates about the identity of the Antichrist, suggesting various possibilities including influential figures and artificial intelligence. The author emphasizes the importance of being aware and prepared for these potential scenarios.
➡ The text discusses various theories about aliens, evolution, and biblical views. It suggests that more people believe in aliens than in the biblical worldview. The text also mentions a CIA project called Project Blue Beam, which proposed an alien invasion as a deception. It discusses the possibility of giants existing on Earth, and how their existence could disrupt evolutionary theory. The text also mentions CERN, a research organization, and speculates that it might be opening dimensional portals. Lastly, it criticizes churches for not standing strong on moral issues.
➡ The speaker discusses his fascination with trail cameras and the strange, possibly supernatural beings they capture, often referred to as skinwalkers. He questions if these beings could be linked to CERN, a European research organization. The speaker also shares a story about soldiers encountering a large, agile creature in Afghanistan. The discussion ends with plans for a follow-up segment and information on where to find the speakers online.


All right, folks, welcome to Nino’s Corner tv YouTube edition, Flufftube Edition. I am with Troy Anderson and Paul Begley. Are you of. You might know him from that. That’s how I saw you. And I was like, wait a minute here. I recognize you. I recognize you. And yep, you’re the. Are you serious? Guys? So, man, I love having you guys both on. Thank you so much. Revelation 911.

So, you know, before we started this podcast, I was like, man, it sure does feel like we are in revelation. We are in the apocalypse. I have a tagline on my show where I say, you know, coming at you live from the apocalypse. You know, I do that for my morning shows and it’s just kind of, you know, I just feel like this has to be the time that we have to be in revelations.

And I don’t know who wants to pick it up from here, but. Paul. Thank you, Troy. Thank you so much. So first question, you believe firmly that we are here. We are in revelation. Yes, no doubt about it. What we do in the book here is that we just take all the current events going on right now around the globe and compare it to the prophecies that the Bible said would be happening in the book of revelation or in what we call the end of days.

And a lot of times people hear the word end of days, they think it’s like a week or something. No, I mean, that’s a process that really has started probably at least 100 years ago, okay? Starting with the birth of Israel as a nation, for sure, 1948. But when we look at things happening now, some of the old Bible prophecy teachers that we used to like Doctor Jack Van Impe and some of these guys, they would, they would get on television, they would show you what’s going on and they would say, but guys, one day down the road, this is what’s going to happen.

One day, this will happen. Well, that one day has come. The things that was discussed earlier, 35 years ago are happening now. Things that were called conspiracy theories ten years ago. We all know it’s true now. And it’s the same with the prophecies of the Bible. So, yeah, without question, in our opinion, we’re living in the days of revelation. You know, I had a friend, a late friend of mine that passed away.

Actually, he passed away about beast. It’s been dang, it’s been like ten years now. But ten years ago, before he passed, he used to take me to church all the time. He was a big, he was a big fan of mine in boxing. And he’d always come pick me up in my house, take me to church. I never really wanted to go, but I was like, all right, Freddie, I’ll go with you.

And I’d go to church and big, huge heart of gold. He’s like, man, we’re in revelations. Big dog. He used to tell me, we’re there, man. We are here now. And I’m like, ah, maybe in about a hundred years. This is what I was saying. I don’t know, Freddie. Maybe in about 100 years from now, we’ll be there 50 years, maybe. No, from what I’m seeing right now, we’re in it.

Like, I am a believer now. Like, we are smack dab in the middle of it. Everything’s escalating. Everything. There’s a quickening happening. I mean, we’re. We’re basically in World War three. We’re in World War three. It’s happening. Yeah. David? Yeah. We list, you know, 50 signs that Jesus and the prophets, you know, said would indicate we’re in the end times in revelation, 911, you know, things like, you know, I mean, the big one, of course, is the rebirth of Israel in 1948 after, you know, 2000 years.

They were scattered throughout the world. And then since that time, you’ve had the invention of nuclear weapons. For the first time in history, we can destroy ourselves. And now we’ve got these EMP weapons that could take out the power grid. You know, there’s. There’s a verse in revelation 13 talks about the image of the beast. Could that be like some kind of, you know, apostle John trying to describe an artificial intelligence, you know, trans human antichrist, something like that.

And for the first time in history, you could actually have this mark of the beast system where you can’t buy or sell with all the new technologies we have. So, yeah, you just compare these 50 signs to what’s going on, today’s headlines, and it looks like, you know, we very well are at this time. Now it is, you know, we’re in the, like, probably early stages of World War three.

Yeah. I mean, with all this happening, with all this escalating, you can see that they’re getting ready to pull the plug in the economy. It’s just. It’s just breaking down. It’s falling apart. And I believe they’re going to do that sooner rather than later to where they bring in a digital system. And I don’t know what that’s going to look like, but I’m imagining that goes along with the great reset.

It’s going to be some kind of system the b system. Do you. So let me ask you this. We’re in revelation and I have no doubt about that. I think we all agree with that. Do us christians that, you know, that are not lukewarm? I’m, you know, I don’t. The rap, let’s talk about the rapture. Is that what’s going to be coming next? Is the rapture what happens next to take, take God’s followers, Jesus’s followers away from this because it’s just going to be hell on earth.

I mean, is it going to get so bad that it’s just going to be unlivable? Yeah, I mean, the rapture is certainly coming. And the question is, you know, which is first, the chicken or the egg? There’s certain events that the Bible says are in process that basically lead you to believe these things should happen first and then the rapture. But there’s no guarantee because Jesus even said it, you know, nobody knows the day nor the hour, not even the son of God, but the father only.

So, you know, the rapture is coming before the, all hell breaks loose on earth, which is called the wrath of God. You know, the rapture is ahead of that. How far, though, into maybe the tribulation or how far into some of the confusion and the wars? We’re not sure. We tell people to be ready right now, you know, right now, because certainly he could come. And so we want to prepare it now.

That’s what we do in the book. We literally say, here’s what’s going on. Here’s what’s coming. At some. We believe in the pre tribal rapture. We believe it’s coming, but we can’t pinpoint it because we can’t, we don’t have a timeline. God told me one time, Paul, don’t try to figure out the timeline. Figure out the sign line. Watch the signs. And that’ll show you where we’re at.

And so certainly, David, there’s things happening right now. Some people have even said to me, I get emails, are you serious, Pastor Begley, shouldn’t we been gone by now? I thought, I thought we’d be gone before this. And my answer is, well, I was hoping so, but I’m not in charge of that, okay? I’m on my job. My job is to help get people ready for the coming of the Lord.

And so, you know, this book will help do that. So there’s, there’s markers right like that I’m looking at. Like, I think they fall. I think signs in the heavens, like these eclipses, these blood moons, all these things that have been taking place. I’ve been paying attention to that. I’m like, oh, man, I don’t remember them happening this frequently. You know what I mean? I’m like, I don’t know.

And then you look at NATO is now pulling nukes to Poland. Russia is saying they’re going to strike Poland. It’s heating up. And then we just passed this package, this bill with funding for Israel. I mean, we’re funding all these wars, and there’s no stopping this. It’s going to a collision, is going to a point that it’s just going to be like a pimple that pops. And I’m hoping, yeah, I’m hoping the rapture comes way before then, because once it’s already going, once it gets to a point of no return.

I mean, what nuclear war, chaos in America? You know, we have millions upon millions of immigrants here now that are unvetted that are probably going to cause all kinds of chaos. Yeah. David. Yeah. This recent eclipse we have was very interesting. You know, of course, we had all these blood moons the last, you know, ten years or so, and then we had this. This, you know, the 2017 eclipse went through all these towns called Salem, and then we just had this one on April 8, went to all these towns called Nineveh.

Formed as Gigantic X in the middle of America in Little Egypt or Carbondale, Illinois. And then if you overlaid it with the eclipse last year, it formed the letters Aleph and Tav, or Alpha and Omega, the beginning, the end, the name of Jesus in the last chapter of revelation. And I did this interview with evangelist Billy Graham back in 2013, and he said, when God sent the prophet Jonah to Nineveh to warn them of judgment, the king and the people repented.

And so he said, I believe the same thing could happen again, this time in America. So we actually just wrote a story for Charisma magazine. Headline was, the great north american eclipse. Is this America’s Nineveh moment? Remember, the prophet Jonah went to Nineveh and told him, 40 days in Nineveh will be overthrown. So we’re actually in this, like, potentially in this 40 day period right now. I think it would end on May 18.

And so we have all these world events happening. There’s the threat of nuclear war from Russia, you know, China, you know, the situation you just mentioned with the nuclear bombs being moved into different countries, America just paraded a bunch of its nuclear bombers. You know, so we’re in a very volatile situation. So, you know, I think it’s you know, it’s like, God send us a big wake up call, turn back to me, repent.

You know, perhaps, you know, things could be turned around. It seems like it’s inevitable. But, you know, I always believe there’s hope, too, you know? So this, this last eclipse, that’s the one. The path of totality went through all the nineveh? Correct. And the one before that went through all of Salem. That to me is. I can’t think of a bigger coincidence or what you. Mathematically impossible. Unless they built those towns knowing that the solar eclipse would go through there is the only thing I can think of.

But both paths of totality were Salem and Nineveh. That’s insane. I mean, can you guys explain that a little bit further? Because I’m trying to understand this. I mean, is there other cities in America named Nineveh that just didn’t hit, or were they all Nineveh on this path of totality? You guys get what I’m saying? Like, are there other cities that maybe they didn’t hit called Nineveh in America? No, there’s only eight.

Okay, come on. And, well, actually it’s seven. Nine. Jonah. Okay. Jonah, Texas. And they all were in the path. No, there’s no other nine of us in America. You know, maybe the fact were they built knowing this? I don’t think so. I mean, you were talking 200 years. I mean, you know, I don’t see these guys 200 years ago. Say, make sure you put a nineveh over there in Missouri.

I don’t think that happened, okay? I really don’t. But God knew. And God could have spoke to their minds when they were trying to decide what to call their town. Who knows? You know, God loves to show his power and his incredible prophetic ability to convince us that he is God. Because there’s a. You don’t, you. You have no problem. You believe in God. You know, you’re Christian.

I’m a Christian. We believe in God. But there’s many people who don’t know if there really is a God or not. And they’re looking for proof, evidence, signs, things that would make them say, you know what, there has to be. There’s no way that could have happened. And this is just one of them, in my opinion. Plus, God, when that first one went through Salem means Jerusalem, okay? And it was.

It was a sign that there was things going to happen in Jerusalem, in Israel. But this next one was Nineveh. That’s America’s Nineveh moment. A time to repent a time to turn back to God. I think this is where we’re at. Look at this year of 2024. I mean, this is crazy. Uh, where we’re still in the very first quarter of it. I mean, this is not. I mean, think about where we’re going to be in fall.

I don’t. Yeah, I mean, you know, I’m saying. I mean, it’s. It’s lights out. Because November, when it comes around October, who knows? Supreme Court rulings will trump be handcuffed, walk down the steps. Does he come breaking out? Do you know, is there a hurricane named, you know, Joe? Who knows what’s going to happen? Okay. Yeah. I mean, I’m. To be quite honest with you, I’m expecting some kind of natural disaster to happen before November to halt everything.

But, you know, I have my theories on this, but let’s talk a little bit about the Antichrist, because I know that what. Who or what is the Antichrist? I’m very confused on this. I’m kind of. Is it a man? Is it a system? Is it AI. I mean, what. What is the Antichrist? What do you all believe it is? Do you think it’s gonna be a man? Do you think it’s gonna be an alien? I mean, they’re already getting.

You know, they’re getting ready to play the alien card. You see it? I mean. I mean, that’s what I believe this whole ancient aliens on history channel was all about, was conditioning the public to accept this when it comes. So. And I see the predictive programming. So what’s your thoughts on this? Where do you guys see that? Where do you guys see the anti cars coming from? Who is he? Do you think he’s here? Is it just a matter of.

Could it be someone like Prince William Charles? I mean, what. What’s your thoughts on this? I don’t know. Who wants to take this from here? Pastor? You want. You want to start out? I’ll start out and hand it back to Troy. Maybe from this one. There’s no doubt. In our opinion, we believe the Antichrist is probably alive right now and probably being groomed. Maybe the World Economic Forum has them in classes, you know, because, you know, Gavin.

Gavin Newsom graduated along with Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada. Both are graduates of the World Economic Forum School of leadership. So you got secret societies that have been grooming guys, whether it’s the skull and bones or the bohemian grove or the Bilderberg group. So I believe that he’s alive because of the rest of the convergence of signs. Now, the question is, does AI play a part? Absolutely.

The AI is the. Because the Bible says in revelation that they make an image to this beast so the Bible in that image can speak and make decisions. That sounds like an AI image of some sort being used, maybe holographic type of technology, absolute, matter of fact, holographic. And every person has to have a phone all over the world. This thing will come. It’ll go live and speak to everyone at the same time.

Say, fall on your knees or you haven’t done this, or, why haven’t. I haven’t got a text from you saying you love me, that you worship me. Jeez. People will be put under the pressure, which includes the mark of the beast system. So the Antichrist. And could it be part of a royal bloodline? Could it be part of. You know, you got. You got the. You know, I’ve got.

I got a top ten candidacy. Okay? I got ten. Guys. Let’s hear Emmanuel. Emmanuel McCrone’s one. Because he’s the head of the EU, he is constantly wants to be involved in peace agreements. He has several different tendencies that are not natural, and so he kind of falls in line. Prince William, you mentioned him. He’s in a bloodline. That’s it. Charles and William, that. Absolutely. When you run that thing back, it’ll shock you.

The king of Jordan, he is a direct descendant of Muhammad and the direct descendant of the hashmonite kingdom. The guys got both, okay? And he sits there waiting to help make peace in the Middle east. Could be the final signature. We could go on there. Seven, hit the one you got. Some would say someone said, be careful about Elon Musk because he has the. He’s in control of the sky.

He had a baphomet costume on. What the hell is that? I mean, to me, that’s like telling me. He’s telling me. I’m saying it all right here. I mean. Oh, whatever. It’s just a costume. I don’t look at it like that. Not at that level, not that level. And remember, with his Starlink constellation, he can link the whole world. He’s. He’s also has the. Wants to take, like Twitter or sometime to help make it not just a social network, but every one stop shop for everything.

Banking, mortgages, purchasing of everything, deliveries of everything. Imagine just, you know, I’m saying, it’s. It’s. It’s like a superpower. He made the decision whether Russia could use his satellites for their weaponry. I mean, this is a powerful seat to be sitting in. Definitely. Intellectually is superior to most people on the planet. But then there’s other candidates. There’s other guys too. There’s some that are in the darkness that operate in the.

In the dark. So we keep our eye on them as well. So we’re not expecting, you know, could it be like a Trump or something? I mean, which I. Of course, yeah, of course. It. What about Jared Kushner? Does that make the list? He’s on the list, yeah. You’re. You’re knocking him down. I gotta stop before we go too far. Come on, come on. We’re working on our next book already.

Troy. I handed to Troy. Yeah, I mean, the other interesting thing you brought up is that this whole alien thing, so think about for decades now, ever since, you know, close encounters, the first kind, Star Wars. I mean, movie after movie. Now, of course, you know, the ancient aliens, they’re just like ready in the world for some kind of, you know, you know, the apostle Paul talked about a powerful deception that, you know, could, could deceive either the very elect.

So there’s these polls that now say three to four times as many as Americans, I think as Europeans, too, believe in ET, that aliens are visiting us and all this kind of stuff, then believe in as God is revealed actually in the Bible, actually have a biblical worldview. The people, people have an actual biblical worldview, believe the whole Bible is down to like four to 6% or something like that now, whereas people believe in aliens and that kind of thing is like 60, 70%.

And so there was a CIA project called Project Blue Beam, and there was, the idea was to have some kind of alien invasion could be like a great deception to fool the world with all these new technologies. I interviewed Hugh Ross. He’s an astrophysicist, and he’s reasons to believe. And he knows all these other astrophysicists, you know, JPL and NASA. And they say it’s pretty much impossible if there was extraterrestrial races that they could even get here, that the nearest habitable planet is, you know, if it was habitable, is so far away, so many light years away, it’s pretty much impossible for a spaceship to get here, you know, unless they can physical bodies in a proposal system.

But obviously they’re bending space and time in order to do this. I think they’re trans dimensional. Plus plus, David one. Another part of that concept, creationism, is what we believe because of the Bible and God and the creator. First, the concept was darwinism, okay? To take you away to believe that you weren’t created by God, but that we evolved, you know, but they couldn’t find a missing link.

And now the DNA is proving that that theory is wrong. So you had to come, okay, that we go to, we’re seated now we go to the ancient aliens theory of you, as you said, that the aliens seated us, that we are, that we weren’t created by God, we’re created by aliens and they’re coming back to fix us because we don’t have our act together. Right. So they’re switching gears.

They’re taking away from, they’re taking us away from this evolution or evolutionary theory. Masons, by the way, thank you. And pushing us into this seated theory from manipulated, genetically modified. But what they’re leading out of this equation, what I find fascinating is giants. The giants that were on this planet, they unearthed these giants. It’s been all over the, if you go back and look, although in the early 19 hundreds, late 18 hundreds, maybe even mid 18 hundreds, it was in the newspapers that they were unearthing these giants.

Nevada mountains, there’s caves up there where the indian tribes talk about redheaded giants. The giant of Kandahar, the red headed giant of Kanar. Military troops say they fought with this thing. This, you can’t just, you know, just conveniently dismiss this, the giants throw a monkey wrench into the whole evolution equation because how the hell are there people here that are 15ft, 20ft tall that eat people? I mean, no, really.

And it goes, it actually goes with the Bible. So in my awakening process, I left the Bible and I went into the alien stuff and evolution and all this stuff and I’m right back at the Bible. I’m back and I the nephilim is in Genesis, chapter six. It says they were giants before and after the flood. We know there were giants before Noah’s day. And then we know David had to kill Goliath, Joshua had to knock out all these giant tribes to get the holy land.

So why can’t giants come back? Why are they gone? Maybe they’re underground and they’re slowly emerging. There’s a, there’s no question. But you’re right. Then the, where did all the giant bones go? The Smithsonian Institute come and bought them up, gobbled them up for the last hundred years and hid them away. And we never get to see them. Okay. They don’t want to show it because they do.

That’s the end of darwinism and that’s the end of ancient alienism. Okay. It’s back to creationism, right? 100%. So that’s why they’re hiding us. They’re trying to hide it so well, and they’re going to use this, what I think this alien card coming with AI, and I think it’s going to be. And I want to jump just, I want to pivot just for a second with all of this happening.

What’s your all’s thoughts on CERN? I mean, you know, they seem to be building these, these temples of ball, and I think CERN is just part of this process. What’s your all thoughts on CERN located in. I think it’s in Switzerland, correct? Is CERN. I mean, is it. Are you guys open to the idea that it’s opening dimensional portals and maybe letting these demons into our. Into our existence? And maybe that was the whole thing that happened with Miami mall incident with the aliens that showed up at the mall.

I mean, what’s your thoughts on this? What’s your thoughts on CERN, Troy? You want it? Well, I mean, you know, we explore this in revelation 911. You know, CERN is, of course, built atop the ancient temple of Apollo. You know, ironically, in revelation 911, that verse is the verse that talks about the release of abandoned or Apollyon from the bottomless pit, the abyss, and so is CERN, you know, conducting experiments to release these, you know, extraterrestrial, you know, entities, interdimensional entities.

Is there some kind of connection between these giant bones they found all over America and throughout the world? In fact, we, we quote a book in Revelation 911. This. This journalist, he actually tracked down a lot of those newspaper stories for the last 200 years, compiled it all in a book of all these giant bones found all over the country. So what’s the connection between these giants, the extraterrestrials, and what is CERN exactly doing? Because they talked about.

Who is it? The sergio, one of the officials there talked about contacting other dimensions and releasing something from it. So it’s very interesting, the experiments they’re doing there. Oh, I agree. I think that, you know, to me, I have no doubt that what time we’re in, and I think I see the deception all around me, and I’m like this. It’s like we’re living in the twilight zone. Nothing makes sense.

What’s. What’s up is down. What’s down is up. What’s left is right. What’s right is the left. What’s wrong is right. What’s right is wrong. I mean, they’ve corrupted our schools, which I call, I call indoctrination camps. Now it’s in the churches I mean, I can’t believe what I’m seeing in the churches. And they try to pass it off as good. Oh, you’re just not open minded. God loves everybody.

And I don’t want to say to you and fluff to, but I think you guys know where I’m going with this. But I went. I passed by a church the other day. Well, about. That was about a year ago. Oh, it was right around 2021. And it said a big sign, come and get your free. This, you know, and we’re celebrating the rainbow. You know, it said it on the.

On the, you know, that group of people. And I was like, wow, man, I cannot believe the times we’re living in. And then you’re looked at as the bigot, as the sinner if you don’t welcome this movement. And I mean, oh, Jesus would have got the. They say this. Do you see where they’re going with it? And confusing people deliberately. Correct. This is part of your. Exactly. I mean, you’re dead on.

This is part of the strong delusion in the last days as the Antichrist rises as the beast. And it is a beast kingdom with a beast. No, I got you guys. I’m showing your book. Okay. Oh, thanks. So, as this. As this beast rises and this kingdom is established, Apollyon does come out of the bottomless pit. And to your point, maybe CERN is how the bottomless pit door gets opened.

That is the actual verse. Revelation 911 is the releasing of Apollyon and all these demons to corrupt the minds of humans. So, you know, and then the churches. I always blame the pastors. I mean, being a pastor myself, 40 years, it’s our fault. We got to quit blaming the Democrats and the Republicans or whoever. It’s our fault. We didn’t stand in the pulpit strong. We didn’t demand that our communities remain on a moral path.

We weakened down and allowed them to run us over. And now we’re playing catch up in these last days. And so, yeah, we cover these things. I mean, every one of these things you’ve brought up so far is in our book. And because it’s all part of this revelation. Spoiler. Sorry. You’re like, oh, no, go ahead. No, it’s just incredible. We go into detail. You guys are probably wondering why the hell I brought this up here, but I watch a lot of trail cams on.

That’s my hobby. I watch trail cams on the Internet, and I’m just fascinated by what these trail cams are actually picking up on sensories and taking photographs of. And video and actually recording. And there’s these entities or these demonic looking beings out there that are being spotted everywhere. And it’s been proven that they cannot be photoshopped in. They’re legitimate and they look something like this. So they call them skinwalkers that, you know, Navajo tribes or Apaches call them skinwalkers that are able to take shape.

They’re able to shape shift into animals or to people, but they look somewhat like this. And they’ve been, they’ve been, they’ve been photographed on national forests and things like that. So I begged to ask the question, could these be coming from CERN? These things seem to be legitimate and they’re, they’re out there. And just, just like, you know, I follow all the cryptids, like the Bigfoot or whatever these are.

They look supernatural. They look almost translucent, transparent, demonic. And my, and this also throws a huge monkey wrench into evolution for me because these things cannot exist if evolution is real. You know, these look like spiritual type beings. They look very evil. And they’re, if they’re in the national forest, I’m begging the question. They’re obviously in our cities. Are they in our government? Are they in our politicians? I mean, I’m being serious here.

I mean, this is, this is something to me that holds a lot of credibility. What’s your thoughts on this? You want Devon Troy? Oh, go ahead. Okay. Yeah. The answer is yes. Demons are certainly, they never went away. Jesus had to cast thousands of them out of one guy when he did that, went into 2000 hogs, and they ran and jumped in the sea of Galilee and drowned.

People are seeing, and there’s no doubt about this, people are having encounters. They think it’s aliens. They’ve been told it’s from, you know, extraterrestrials or ets that. But the truth is they are having encounters. It’s demonic encounters. They are, they are in being, literally being tormented by entities that are demonic. Then you have the nephilim. Okay, my son, I’ll give you an example. My son fought in Afghanistan.

He was there for a year. In Kandahar, providence. He was there for a whole year. And, and during that year, there was a whole platoon of canadian soldiers who had been out fighting. And they was a us outpost. And the canadian guys came in one night to get some refreshments and kind of take a break. And when they came in, they were all scared death. They were like, just like their body, the blood left their body.

And so the american guys that were there said, hey, what’s up, guys, what’s going on? You guys all look frightened or. What’s wrong with you guys? And they said, we don’t. You don’t want to know. And, well, what said? There was this. There was this huge. We don’t know what it was. It was a creature. It was. They said redheaded. It was a monster. They said it had to be twelve foot tall, yet it was bouncing off the rocks like a cat.

And they shot it. They knew they hit it and they didn’t kill it. So these guys come back, eyewitnesses freaking out over this entity, much like what you’re showing on the screen right there. They said this. My son was right there. And these guys couldn’t sleep. They couldn’t sleep all night. They couldn’t sleep. The next day, paranoid they were going to be sent back out there, took into the providence there, where that thing was.

This. This happened, I think, what, like in 2003, 2005, somewhere around there, there was probably the one you’re talking about, which, uh, if I don’t. Have you ever heard of a guy named Ellie Marzulli? Yes. I love that. Okay. He’s a good friend of ours. And also. All right, that’s what he’s talking about, that one. He even interviewed people’s there. The one that my son and his group saw.

This would have been the, uh. The year of two. Yes. 2011. He was in Kandahar for a whole year. Yes, yes. Same creature. I don’t know. But they didn’t kill this one. They shot it. The canadian guy said, we shot it. We know we hit it multiple times. Thing didn’t die. So this was 2011. Wow. Okay, so, yeah, this one went through a whole regiment of soldiers. And then I guess they called in a second battalion or a second 2nd troops in, another group of troops in, and they almost decimated all them as well.

They finally shot and killed this giant. And they said it moved like a panther. Like the thing was just agile, elusive. So if these things. The reason I’m bringing this up and showing all this is that if these beings and these entities exist on this planet, this goes to the Bible. This goes right to the Bible, and they’ve tried to deceive us. Okay, let’s see. Well, all right.

I don’t know what just happened here. The recording just cut out, but I thought I made space on my computer. That’s really strange. Well, I was thinking, David, I mean, you’re the ex boxer man. I mean, maybe you could have took this guy down. Okay. I mean. But no, listen, I just before I lose any more space, I want to thank you guys for coming on. I really want this to get on fluff tube, revelation 911, Amazon, Paul Begley, Troy Anderson.

Thank you. I want to just close this out because I’m nervous now that I’m not going to get any more space on my computer and it’s going to stop again. So let’s stop it here. Can we do a part two? Can we do a segment, a second segment on this? I’m fine, Troy. It’s up to you. Oh, yeah. Sounds great. Sure. And where can they find you guys? Well, you find me on YouTube.

Okay, Paul Bagley, you’ll find me. And of course, Troy, tell them, Troy, how they can find you and you and I together with our web, our newsletter. Oh, yeah, we have a free newsletter. It’s called Revelation watchers. Revelation watchers. com. And then our websites are Paul baileyprophecy. com and troyanderson us. Perfect. All right, guys, I’m gonna cut it here so I can push this together, edit it and get this out there because I don’t want to lose.

I don’t want to lose you guys again. I don’t want to lose it again. So I appreciate you guys coming on. And I’ll have Stacy reach out to you guys again to bring you on once more. All right. Appreciate. And I may want to have bring you on, too, David. I mean, you have a great story. Okay, let’s do it. All right. We’ll get a hold of you, then we’ll do it.

All right. All right, guys. All right. Thanks a lot. .

See more of David Nino Rodriguez on their Public Channel and the MPN David Nino Rodriguez channel.



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