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➡ Global Freedom TV discusses various global conflicts, including the escalating tensions between countries like Syria, the United States, Israel, Iran, and Russia. It highlights the U.S.’s alleged involvement in these conflicts and the potential consequences, such as the possibility of World War III. The article also mentions concerns about the U.S. government’s control and the current state of the country. Lastly, it talks about a terrorist attack near Moscow, suggesting that the U.S. and Ukraine may have been involved.
➡ The article discusses various theories about who is responsible for a recent tragedy in Moscow, with some suggesting that ISIS, the US, or Ukraine could be involved. It highlights the complexity of international politics and the role of misinformation in shaping public opinion. The author suggests that the truth may be obscured by various parties for their own benefit, leading to confusion and mistrust. The article ends by emphasizing the importance of thorough investigation and transparency in such situations.
➡ The head of FSD, a close associate of Putin, has accused the U.S. of planning a terrorist attack in Russia, which was meant to disrupt the presidential elections. This accusation is based on preliminary findings, and more evidence is expected to be presented. The U.S. is also accused of supporting other acts of violence globally, leading to strained international relations. This could potentially lead to an economic boycott of the U.S., unless there is a significant change in the country’s actions.
➡ The text discusses two main topics: a controversial plan to counteract globalists’ efforts to create a homogeneous population, and an investigation into a ship accident. The first part suggests placing Ukrainians along the southern border to maintain diversity and resist globalists’ plans. The second part delves into a ship accident, questioning why the Biden administration offered to pay for the disaster before determining who was responsible. It suggests that the ship’s steering commands should be the focus of the investigation. The text also mentions a “black swan event,” an unexpected and impactful incident, in relation to the ship accident.
➡ A ship unexpectedly changed its course and crashed into a bridge, causing it to collapse. Luckily, a mayday call was made just before the crash, which allowed traffic to be diverted and prevented more people from being trapped on the bridge. There are questions about why the ship changed its course and whether the bridge’s design should have been able to withstand such an impact. The incident is being investigated, with some suggesting it could have been a deliberate act of sabotage.
➡ The speaker believes that the government isn’t being truthful and that their unique experience allows them to provide a special analysis. They suggest bringing Ukrainians to the U.S. to serve as border guards, as they feel the current American military and border patrol aren’t capable. They worry that their advice might lead to a global conflict, but they think it’s necessary because they believe we’re in a precarious situation.


Blessed be the Lord, my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight. This is great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. And we’re joined again by the great doctor James Fetzer to explore what is happening in the international arena, what it means, as the war seem to be escalating on so many different platforms, from Syria to the United States aiding and abetting and backing Israel’s terrorist strike upon the iranian consulate, what that means, the US aiding and abetting Ukraine’s attack upon the russian theater.

What that means and what all of this is going to do. Jim, it’s good to have you with us and help us explain all of this before we jump in. I might add, as I was just sharing with you, there’s some alarming things that I’m noticing under the wire, and I discovered today when I tried to mail a birthday card to a friend of mine who lives in Russia.

No one in the United States, not ups, not the postal service, US postal Service, not DHL, not FedEx, no one is mailing anything to Russia. And that’s very alarming to me because it’s a violation of my constitutional rights. We’re not at war. The Congress isn’t declared war. But yet you have stopped all mail of any kind to Russia. You know, and what happens if you have a mother or father or children or family in Russia? You’re now no longer permitted to have any kind of mail exchange.

I mean, it’s terrible, but I’ll hand it to you to open us up. And I know we have a lot to go through. Go ahead, Jim. Well, Scott, brutality in Israel is only growing. We’ve had post the United Nations Security Council demand for a ceasefire, which the US has sought to portray as merely a call for, which is absolutely false, a demand, has a status of international law.

Israel is not only ignoring, going ahead and attacking UN aid workers, they’re taking out large numbers of them in deliberate attacks. We have this other international group that had just lost seven aid workers who are providing food and support for the Palestinians. This has become totally savage and inhumane. Meanwhile, we have the event in Syria of the Israelis hitting this consular building adjacent to the iranian embassy in Damascus.

And what’s interesting about that from a military point of view, is they use a smart missile in order to make an exact attack on what has to be the military brains of the iranian operation in Syria. They killed two iranian generals and who knows how many other of their staff. And frankly, I am distressed that Russia, which has these very sophisticated s 400 and so forth. Anti missile systems has not provided more support to Syria and Iran.

Scott, I’m becoming a bit distressed. Putin has the ability to do it, and he’s been lackluster and negligent, in my opinion, and failing to do so. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve said the same thing. He should have provided the s 400 system to Syria. He should have provided it to Iran to protect their interests. And because they haven’t, in fact, Russians have been killed in Syria because of israeli strikes.

Now we see Israel killing a canadian, Australian, an american aid worker that worked for Jose, whatever the guy’s name is. He’s a cook, and he runs a multimillion dollar like nonprofit that sends food to people in distress. And these aid workers were killed by an israeli strike. So now we see the Israelis not only killing Iranians, declaring war, mind you, let’s remember, when you attack a consulate, you’re attacking the soil of the country that owns that consulate, that embassy.

So Israel has declared war, essentially bombing Iran and killing these iranian officials, and it’s now going to the United nations and elsewhere. I mean, it’s an alarming elevation. And I’ll close it this way to say, I think they are setting up the United States to claim that Iran is going to be setting off attacks and getting revenge against the United States by sending suicide bombers or other belligerents in to exact revenge against America.

Now, I don’t believe that at all, because it’s not Iran’s style, it’s not their strategy. They don’t, despite the zionist media saying otherwise, they do not engage in terrorist strikes against civilian targets, nor does Russia. So they will not be bombing baseball stadiums or hospitals or children’s schools, despite the israeli Zionists doing that. But I do believe they, meaning the CIA, FBI, Mossad, British, they, the deep state, they’re going to engage in domestic attacks against America and blame it on Iran and use this as the convenient ignition spark.

Jim, I’ll hand it to you. Oh, Scott. And I’m terribly concerned because, look, right now, Israel, Netanyahu is running our government. So if they create a phony pretext for Iran allegedly striking the United States, that, yeah, it’s going to be willing to have America strike Iran. In fact, I’m sure he desires that. So I believe we put our finger on what’s about to happen right here in the USA.

A phony attack blamed on Iran that’s going to lead to an american assault on Iran. This is going to be a tragedy because once we assault Iran, world war three is on yes, yes. China will step in. Russia will step in. Iran will. And you could see all the muslim nations having an entire reorientation, very much similar to what we saw in the crusades and what George Bush started.

We could be in the last phase of, and they, meaning the Middle east, muslim world, global South BrICS, multipolar world, they could be rising up to end it. And the United States will have basically nothing because our armaments have been wasted in Ukraine. We have no military left. We have no national identity because of the things like the transgender declarations on Easter, which Biden did. This country is run aground and is beginning to sink.

You want to hear something incredible? Biden claims he didn’t do it. Scott, did I tell you literally he didn’t do it. I’m sure it was his staff just sent it out, but he was so unaware and they’ve got such a puppet there that he’s not in control of anything, anything at all, and most certainly is not in control of our nuclear strike capability. Well, we’ll see what happens.

I know we’re going to be jumping in and looking at all of the slides that you prepared so we can go right into that and see what’s going to be happening probably in the near future. Well, Scott, that we talked about, an update on the Moscow theater tragedy where Joaquin Ngobian, who’s among the best in the business. Evidence mounts of Ukraine, US terrorist attack, the terrorist attack near Moscow.

A lot of new information supports Russia’s allegation that with direct links to Ukraine, we had the body count of 695 casualties, including 15 children, of whom 144, including five kids have been killed. The russian investigative committee chairman reported. In addition to the eleven suspects originally arrested, an additional seven were arrested for participating in organizing the event. It appears to have been Washington’s own pathological paranoia preventing it from complying with standard international security protocol to alert other nations of imminent terrorism.

Remember, they claimed they had warned Russia, but it appears they had far more information. And I believe they were only doing so to make it appear as though the United States were not complicit when facts contradict. The very day that the US advisory went out to the UK and US embassies in Moscow March 7, warning of an impending terrorist plot. The coming weekend at a large gathering such as concerts, we have revelation at one of the terrorists casing the Crocus concert hall on the same day.

Photos captured of the tedric terrorists, not just on the 7th, but on the 10th and on the 14th. They appear to have been paid mercenaries that they had psychotropic drugs in their system. A super soldier drug commonly used to program state sponsored terrorists. All four in their twenties and thirties, turned out for a court appearance telegram. One of them claims he had been unemployed, was contacted through telegram social media by an Abdullah who offered 500,000 rubles, 5400, half of which we paid before committing the assigned hit on the concert hall.

They were given automatic weapons, ammo and a getaway car, but were apprehended attempting to cross the ukrainian border. They do not fit the matter. Devices. Kzihadas, as we know, do give themselves up in martyrdom. They fight to the death. Meanwhile, the russian MSB spy chief literally observed the other side. In Ukraine, they were to be welcomed as hero, speaking volumes that they would drive hundreds of miles from Moscow to almost reach Ukraine border.

Real Islamic Sikh terrorists, or fanatics who shoot it out until they become martyrs. Aside from fleeing the crime scene rather than seeking martyrdom, a subsequent re isiscape photo of the alleged terrorists, with their faces obscured, showed their index fingers pointed up in a customary Islamic State jihadist right hand raised gesture. However, these supposed ISIS wannabes are shown with their left hand in index finger raised, violating strict custom.

As yet another anomaly, these people weren’t ISIS at all. Another anomaly in the Middle east and beyond. Why ISIS jihadists have never attacked Israel, or for that matter, the US. And that’s of course, because they were made in the USA. Some believe this is supposed to be the intelligence service of Israel. That ISIS actually stands for secret intelligence service. They serve as proxies in the war on terror, as allies for the unholy UK US zionist empire during the Moscow tragedy’s aftermath.

Within minutes, US Security Council puppet John Kirby emphatically stated there was absolutely no connection to Ukraine. But how could he know when the investigation had yet to begin? That, of course, is extremely telling, as Dmitry best of observing it. Strange to say the Americans have dared to announce a single narrative. Suggests to me they’re trying to shift attention away from something. Marisa Robba, very savvy. Based on what debt and what information, only one thing is clear.

They began excusing the Kiev regime in order to excuse themselves. Everyone understand perfectly well there’s no independent Ukraine without western financial and military assistance. And added they Washington have exposed themselves. They start crying, not going for an investigation, but covering up for Ukraine. Their bias in involvement is evidence. The west is trying to convince everyone this is a work of ISIS, and there is no longer any need to suspect anyone, especially Ukraine, thinking existing Kiev is not to blame.

To the point where, in my opinion, it’s obvious Ukraine is to blame. With every event unfolding in today’s troubled world, the question must be asked, who benefits? Obviously, this catastrophe will not benefit Russia, the russian people, or Vladimir Putin. The only obvious answer is Russia’s enemies, thinking they may gain from this mass carnage, the governments of Ukraine, the US, and the collective west. Although, as the ugly truth comes out, facing long term consequences of such evil, mass murder will obviously not benefit the perpetrators either.

But they are acting as though they were disciples of luzhar. Ukraine and United States are becoming the biggest losers. No other nation on earth will trust America or see it any other way than is the enemy of peace in this world. The terrorism reflects remote control destruction, and the control destruction of the Baltimore bridge little more than three days later. And I do believe Ukraine was responsible. So the same guilty perpetrators in common, elite, deep state controllers, and on creating conflict and havoc while committing human genocide against a human race.

We’re in a world war now, an information war, an asymmetrical war, a war between good and evil, mostly a war between satanic elites and the human species. The dark side endgame is converting Earth from a carbon based to a silicon based planet. Scott, that all sounds extraordinary, but I think he’s got it right. Well, he said something very profound. I’ve said this, too, on my interviews. Quote, he said, no one else can look at the United States other than as the enemy of the world and the propagator of this terrorist strike.

This is killing women and children, going to theater, shooting it up, killing people for a last ditch effort to try and inflict harm. There’s nothing but hysteria and irrationality behind this, which, of course, we see Victoria Nuland behind this and her desperate attempts to inflict war and injury against Russia, which she was fired for. I think that ultimately is going to be where the blood leads to, is Victoria Nuland.

And of course, I’m disgusted and ashamed by all of the Republicans that are falling all over themselves with spitting hate towards Russia and deceiving the american public. I mean, I don’t care if they dislike countries and stuff, but I do care and find great offense when these politicians are lying and deceiving the american public, telling them all sorts of propaganda regarding Russia, Ukraine, this conflict, everything that’s about it.

So I think this is your. That it’s a well written article that lays out very effectively the West’s clumsy attempt to backtrack out of this tar pit that they’ve got themselves into. And I’ll tell you this, Jim, this this is still brand new. This just happened. This isn’t going away. Russia’s not going to let this go away. They’re not going to forget and they’re not going to forgive America and the american politics and media.

They’re used to a weekend story and then moving on. This isn’t going to move on. This is going to tear out the guts of the United States in the world community as well as all of this evidence starts to pile upon us. And the other thing is the Democrats are only going to react with more false flags, more attacks, trying to blame it on Iran, trying to blame it on Russia, trying to blame it on China, trying to blame something on someone else when they themselves are doing the terrorist attacks.

God, I think that’s exactly right. And mentioning, of course, a Baltimore bridge. Well before we get there, strategic also pointed out that the attempt by NATO in the US to create a false narrative about the Moscow terror attack only underlines their comparability to the death of their depravity that the war against Russia was always terrorism. The terror attack was indisputably organized and enabled by western powers. It should be no surprise because the NATO proxy war against Russia was always essentially unconventional or more plainly terroristic.

The timing of the move to deploy outright acts reflects the fact that US NATO proxy war is facing an historic defeat. Thus, Russia’s enemies are by necessity switching to unconventional terror tactics. Only a week after the atrocity in which more than 140 were shot dead, it’s been fairly well assessed to organize the mass murder of russian citizens. The triggermen may have been four individuals from Tziakistan, but all four certainly who mastermind were the CIA and western intel in collusion with the Kiev neo Nazi regime.

Russia has established a money trail from Kiev to the killers already known at an early stage, they were trying to escape to Ukraine. We have lots of evidence now where Washington and London. Strange insisted that he had nothing to do with it and that was done solely by islamic terrorists is laughable, but also incriminating. The western propaganda media instantly took their cue to pedal Washington narrative that was carried out by Islamicists allegedly affiliated with an obscure group, Isis Khorasan, based in Afghanistan.

By concocting the COVID story, the west naively assumed that would let the Kiev regime and its NATO sponsors off the hook. Unfortunately, it’s not working. Only a week after, meanwhile, Washington has crossed a red line. As Paul Craig Roberts observes, Gilbert Doctor Rowe now confirms with his analysis, my prediction of Putin’s tolerance of provocations is spinning the Ukraine conflict out of control. Doctor Rous, a careful analyst, never overstating a situation here.

He says FSB implicating US and UK had to have been approved by Putin and that implicating the US and UK in that Croker’s attack has brought us to the level of danger of the cuban missile crisis. He reports russian television has undergone a massive change following the Krokas attack. Commentators are unwilling to accept any longer Putin’s non response to attacks on Russians. Television talk is subtly very violent.

Talk of flattening Kharkov and Kiev and bringing a quick end to the conflict permit it to endure for far too long. It seems a fatal red line has been crossed here. We have the report. The director of Russia’s federal security service, the FSB, Alexander Botnikov, said on Tuesday that the US, UK and Ukraine were behind the Moscow concert hall attack that killed at least 139 people on Friday, despite repeated claims of responsibility by Islamic State and repeated claims by the west that Islamic State was behind this.

This is the claim which comes from the russian FSB. Now, russian president has also insisted on an alleged ukrainian involvement here. No proof has been provided for these claims. Then why is Russia insisting that there was a western hand behind those attacks? What is the FSB basing its remarks on? To discuss matters further, we have been joined by Doctor Gilbert. Doctor, always a pleasure speaking with you, sir.

He is a political analyst, professional Russia watcher, author and historian, joining us from Brussels. So I want to get to it immediately. An IS affiliate claimed it carried out the attack on Moscow. A us intelligence report said that it had information confirming the group was responsible. French President Emmanuel Macron said France also has intelligence pointing to an IS entity as responsible for the attack. And Ukraine obviously has claimed that it has no involvement in this.

Why is Mister Putin insisting on an alleged ukrainian involvement? Why is the FSB saying that us, UK and Ukraine were involved here as well? First, I’d like to explain that Mister Botnikov is not a public figure on russian television. He sits behind his desk at the FSB, unlike his counterpart in the international intelligence agency, Service of Russia. That is Mister Narishkin, who we see on television quite often.

Mister Botnikov sits in his office and for him to have come and taking an interview with a state television journalist, Pavel Zarubin, was extraordinary. What he said was still more extraordinary. And it’s amazing that major international media have not picked up on this. I’m very pleased that you have. The fact is that Mister Botnikov is a close associate of Mister Putin. He has been in that position as head of FSD for 15 years.

And it is unthinkable that he would say what he said yesterday without the approval of his boss. Now, what does this mean? And why is this remarkable? Because going back two years to the bombing of the Nord stream pipelines, which was the most spectacular act of terrorism against civilian global infrastructure in 50 years, the Russians said nothing about. They didn’t point a finger at anyone. There was innuendo.

The United States was involved, Britain was involved, other countries, but never a direct accusation. What we had yesterday was a direct accusation. At the same time, Mister Bortnikov explained he was very, very calm. He had great poise and he chose his words carefully. He said that he is not speaking out of emotion. He’s speaking on the basis of preliminary findings and that when the all the findings are ready, when he has solid facts, he will present them.

But he expects to find those. And this is in connection with something else which has been very little reported in western media. That is to say, the discovery that two of the assailants went to Istanbul in the last days of February, and they were there until the 2 March. It has also been been revealed on russian television that the objective of this terrorist attack had been for a strike against a major venue.

Probably the same crocus, but it’s not relevant. A major venue for 8 March, International Women’s Day, a day that is sacred in russian calendar, and a day that is one week before the presidential elections. The whole logic of this operation would have been to devastate the preceding russian elections on the 15th to 17 March. However, the United States intelligence in this, according to the Russians, discovered that this was not feasible, that russian security was very tight for the 8 March and the mission would fail.

We note that several related facts. Madam Nuland. Victoria Nuland was fired on the 5 March. It’s highly interesting that this coincidence. I and others have spoken of her connection with the german generals plotting a strike on the Kerch bridge using their cruise missiles. However, it is more likely that she was fired because the mission that she had supervised to attack Russia, a terrorist attack using islamic extremists on the 8 March, was no longer operable.

Scott, I think that’s fascinating stuff drawing in. Victoria Nuland is like the wicked witch of the West. I mean, she was a horrible person behind so many atrocities that have made United States relations with other nations virtually impossible. Good riddance to her. But look at what they had set up for the day of women and event when the security was so tight they knew it would not succeed.

Well, Victoria Nuland is responsible for the destruction of all of our international relations. For the most part. Obama, Biden, Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, their arrogance that animated their globalist agenda, their Rothschild bank agenda, destroyed Libya, attempted to destroy Syria. Of course, we see Iraq, Afghanistan, elsewhere. This is all accruing, and payback is going to be quite expensive. The United States. We’ve seen this for a couple of years, Jim, but I think even the most dullard, simpleton, out of touch retard when it comes to global politics can see the handwriting on the wall that the United States is positioning itself to be hated by all other nations because you are engaging in terrorist strikes against women and children in Russia.

You have engaged in the same terrorist strikes using Ukraine, bombing and genociding the people of Donbass. Now you’re aiding and abetting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians by sending them the very bombs that they use to drop on embassies and consulates belonging to Iran and killing women and young men that walk along the beach with drone strikes and shooting them. I can’t see America surviving this unless we have a massive national reformation, a national call to immediately turn 180 degrees apart in the opposite direction.

Absent that, I think it’s only going to result in an economic boycott of the United States, which maybe that’s exactly part of their plan to destroy the dollar and set off all sorts of mini terrorist strikes and things along the southern border. But I think it spells a very dark future for the United States, given all of this instability that we’re sowing. I do agree, Scott, and when we look at what happened with the ukrainian bridge strike, well, here’s.

Putin signed a decree on conscription, bringing in more troops, 150,000. All men in Russia required to do year long military service equivalent training during higher education from the age of 18. We ought to have that here in the United States. They raised the Max age for conscription to 30 from 27. Conscripts cannot be deployed to fight outside Russia, but were exempted from a limited mobilization in 2022 that gathered at least 300,000 with previous train to fight in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy warns Ukraine will have to retreat as russian forces have gone from six one. The Kiev soldiers are running low on ammunition that they fear the worst. Unless more weapons arrive, the Washington Post reports. It means we’ll go back, retreat step by step and small steps. We’re trying to find a way not to retreat. Ukraine’s recently appointed commander in chief, Alexander Sirsky, added, it should be taken into account that people are not robots.

They are exhausted physically and psychologically, especially in the conditions of hostility, as Putin looks to capitalize on Ukraine’s vulnerability. While military aid is held up in Washington, the president passed the Conscription Act. Sivsky also warned russian artillery and mortars are outgunning Ukraine at a rate of six to one. Until a few days ago, the enemy’s advantage was about six to one. We learned to fight not by the amount of ammo, but by the skill of using weapons that are available.

Scott, just to contradict, Ukraine was using a staggering amount of munitions in the beginning. I mean, it was unbelievably vast and consumed their munition resources quite rapidly. Recently, the number of positions we regain exceed the number of laws. I doubt that the enemy did not manage to advance significantly his territorial gains, if any, were of tactical advantage. Meanwhile, the russian air force is launching strikes on Ukraine’s energy and gas facilities using high precision long range air base web hunts.

Scott, your thoughts? I mean, Ukraine is nowhere to go. It seems to me it’s depleted. The war is over. It’s lost. Yeah, and see, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. What they meant for evil, God means for good. So there is a way out of this. What they have intended to do, I think, was to drive the Ukrainians into a point of madness and spare, where they would then begin exercising revenge attacks against the European Union, NATO, America.

And that would be the convenient boogeyman for the Democrats and the rhinos to declare 1984 martial law, shutdown of America, shut down the next election, and exercising increasing authoritarianism. The days of a free republic are behind us. Unless a revolution and a national uprising is before us, because the democratic fascists are not going to allow a free and fair election. But here’s what could happen, Jim. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Putin agreed with the remaining people in Ukraine? If you want to live in Ukraine and you’re about peace and stability, you can live there.

If you want to return to Ukraine from Europe and you’re not a Nazi looking to blow up Russians, you can come back. But if you’re not, or you just want to change, why not send these ukrainian battle hardened soldiers to man the southern border against the invasion, the invasion of the Central Americans, banana republics? All of these hordes that are coming up from South America, there is a plan that could be done where they are transported like the people in Vietnam, and this isn’t that different.

So you had people in Vietnam that were fighting the North Vietnamese. This is back in your era. And the Americans allowed them to come to America, the boat people. You essentially could make the same argument for the Ukrainians. We’ve aided and abetted their war against Russia. It’s failed. Russia has won that, and it’s going to continue to win that. So are you going to just leave them to be annihilated, or you lead them to work it out on their own, or are you capable of bringing them over to man the southern border? I would be in favor of that, because I think that would bring in an army of very hardened white, Anglo.

Even though the Ukrainians are a little bit hard headed in some ways, they could still be trained, and they would be coming over to a country, and it could be very effective at repelling the globalist banana republic third world that they’re trying to bring in the southern border. So if I was in charge, that’s what I would do. I’d use the refugee resettlement program, just like the resettle south african farmers.

When the blacks were killing them, they sent them up to Russia. You could do the same thing with Ukraine and position them all along the southern border in a sort of a contract for a year and then allow them to percolate. I don’t think there would be much of a downside, and it would thwart the plans of the globalists, which is the clergy plan. The clergy plan wants to make white people bred out.

They want everyone to be a brown mixture. So this is one of the ways you could counteract that, Jim, I’ll put it to you. Oh, I think that’s a fascinating idea, Scott. Yes, yes, yes. The globalists want to destroy national boundaries. They’re declaring the idea of sovereign states was a mistake, which is idiotic. Obviously, it was right and proper not to continue into the future. And they want all the population to be homogeneous, a mix.

One critic has suggested it’ll fail because of language that’s going to be too difficult to absorb. The same language. But I’ll tell you, it won’t. If it fails, it won’t be for lack of trying. And what do we have here, then, with regard to the bridge? Here we have John leagues doing a very thoughtful job, still lacking a plausible explanation of why the Dali cargo ship didn’t simply hold course in the channel and glide under the bridge after losing power.

In other words, that’s what ought to have happened absent some form of intervention. This being the case, I wonder why the Biden admin immediately offered to foot the bill for the entire disaster without first determining if the Maerskline, the ship’s ombre, the local pilot or other actors bear responsibility. And I believe the answer is Scott. If the Biden admin is picking up the dam, then the insurance company won’t have to undertake an investigation and allocate proportional responsibility, which would expose what really happened.

Meanwhile, media report the voyage data recorder shed zero light. Independent news say that fragmentary information raised more questions than the answer. Here we have a rough timeline. 107. The vessel enters the channel. 124. Numerous alarms with a power down. But they went to an alternative power source. At 126, the VDR resumed recording and captured steering commands. They were steering commands, however, he asked to the rudder. This is the essential question that needs to be answered.

Ascertain these captured steering commands should be the key focus of the investigation. At the same time, the pilot issued a very high frequency radio call to nearby tugboats requesting assistance. Order the daly to drop the port anchor along with other steering commands. And of course, the port is the left, starboard is the right. If the port anchor, the left side anchor, had been dropped, it ought to have pulled the vessel to the left instead, as we will see it turn deliberately to the right, virtually a u turn, in order to collapse with a pylon.

Meanwhile, the daly was moving at just under 8 miles an hour. Claims of a breeze making a difference were false. Other commands. That vast of prop walk is known to affect a single prop vessel at slow speed, especially in reverse. But it would not be significant on a 95,000 ton vessel traveling at 8. 7 knots. At time, it lost propulsion. Meanwhile, note that the Dali is a neo panaman container ship constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea in 2015, probably worth around 150 million.

Where Hyundai vessels have a long history of top safety and performance. One would expect, as one would expect is equipped with multiple layers of security. They are mandated by the US Code of Federal Regulation. Curious may notice this section of code, why the loss of primary power should not impede the pilot from maintaining his code. It’s because he had auxiliary steering gear and auxiliary power. Moreover, many modern cargo ships are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies that are better equipped.

Though he’d be not able to ascertain as yet whether the Dali had this. If Mister Sly failed to maintain the system to provide proper training, raises the question of why the Biden admin would immediately declare the government would fit a bill. Now, here’s an early report that is still General Mike Flynn says the bridge collapse in Baltimore is a black swan event. Now, it’s much bigger than we know, so let’s unpack this.

And I have to say, I’ve done everything over the past 24 hours since this collapse happened in the early morning hours to say, nothing to see here. Total accident, mechanical problem. Of course. It looks like a mechanical failure, a power outage. Nothing to see here. Don’t worry about it. Then General Mike Flynn has to go and call this a black swan event and says, look more deeply into this.

So we have. And there’s more than meets the eye. So what is a black swan event? Well, black swan event is, you know, you’re just chugging along, looking at normal, you know, white swans that you normally see. Then suddenly everything seems predictable and normal, and then, bam. Giant black swan comes out of nowhere. Something totally unexpected blindsides you. Usually happens economically. Right. We see that. Obviously, with what happened in the 2008 collapse, that’s exactly what a black swan event looks like.

That’s the essence of a swan event. Unexpected, impactful, often leaving us scrambling to make sense of what in the world just happened. So here’s Mike Flynn’s post on x this afternoon. This is a black swan event. He says black swans normally come out of the world of finance, not military. The standard operating procedures for all us ports, harbors, and bays that transit, commerce and military activities are supposed to maintain an incredible level of discipline, rigor, and awareness for these very type of events not to occur ever.

Yet here we are. There are harbor masters for every single one of these transit points in America that are in charge of assuring the safety of navigation. Start there, he says, so start there. Talk to the harbor masters. Don’t necessarily look at the boat itself. That’s maybe a red herring. Look at the harbor masters. Look at the infrastructure. Look at the electrical infrastructure. Look at the computers. Was it hacked? So look at that information, not just the boat itself, perhaps.

So what do we know? Well, for one thing, we know the captain of the ship, or the ship’s master is ukrainian. That’s interesting. So here, you can find that out easily by going to balticshipping. com dot. You can punch in the information as we did here at redacted. Go to the dolly. The name of the ship is the dolly. There you can see where it’s currently sitting. It’s now sitting there covered by a bridge, right? In Baltimore, in the Chesapeake harbor in Baltimore.

And there is the ship’s master. He is ukrainian. Interesting. And UK telegram channels today posting congratulations to great work and to expect more surprises in Europe, too, unless we approve more aid to Ukraine. Maybe it’s a total coincidence here, these ukrainian telegram posts. This is a beautiful work, though. All over the world without hesitation. If you don’t accept the aid package, then get it. Look forward to our surprises throughout Europe, we will teach you to defend democracy and help those who need it.

Huh? So maybe. Yeah, maybe. I mean, you know, maybe this is just some, like, telegram opportunists, you know, on, on different telegram channels just trying to play into this, right? Try to scare us. Or maybe there’s something more to it. Who knows? But those posts exist on ukrainian telegram channels. It’s like the goodfellas. You got this, f you pay me. You do this, f you pay me. Like.

Yeah, you know, we’re that kind of attitude. Yeah, it’s exactly right. And there never there, there would have been a Chesapeake bay pilot on board also. So anytime you’re going in and out of one of these harbors, even if you’re going into Norway and you’re going into Stavanger, like the port of Stavanger in Norway, you have to wait outside of the channel. You have to wait until the Stavanger pilot comes on board.

Just the same you have to do here in the Chesapeake Bay. A Chesapeake Bay pilot needs to assist the master and is on board. They know everything about this harbor. They know every detail of it, and they are going to guide you out. You’re from Singapore. A Chesapeake Bay pilot will be on board and guiding this ship out. And that’s what was happening. This ship was being guided out of port on its way out to sea and transporting large amounts of cargo.

So it was leaving. It was almost about to leave. And here’s the video of the incident. So here’s what, watch this incident kind of in real time with some highlights on how this all breaks down here. So the first real, we sped it up a little bit here, it sped up a little bit here. You can see at about the twelve second mark. So this is going to go on for about 30 seconds.

Okay. There’s power, power loss number one at about 12 seconds. Okay. Then at about 22 seconds, it recovers power. So it comes back on here. And then you see black smoke coming out of the engine, out of the, out of the Whatchamacallit, the funnel, and then immediate evasive maneuver. The stack. Yeah. Then immediate evasive maneuvers take place. Helicopter. You know, images show that, in fact, one of the anchors was dropped on the port side, and there you have the smash and collapse of the bridge.

Now, we also know, according to the mayor, that as a result of that, when they called in a mayday call a few seconds before impact, they were able to divert traffic on the bridge, thankfully. And workers were able to stop and halt traffic coming across the bridge, which is why more people were not trapped on the bridge. There weren’t more cars on the bridge at that time, so at least they had enough to say, mayday, mayday, where we’ve lost control.

We don’t have control of the ship. Get people off the bridge. And they were able to prevent at least a lot more people from being killed or missing as a result of this. But this is interesting. Journalist Michael Yan tweeted this afternoon, and this is a more detailed analysis of the ship leaving. So it’s coming off the dock there and heading out into the open ocean. And you can see here, though, how it changes course right before it loses power, which is interesting.

So now this is where things, to me get really interesting. Why two minutes before. Keep playing, if you would. Or did it stop? Yeah. So, all right, now, right here, you’re going to see it change course before losing power, colliding. So why did it change course, aiming directly into the pylon? It’s a curious question, right? So why did it change course at that point? We don’t know. Why did it change course? Now, if you lose power and you have to use some sort of a backup steering system, in some cases, you might be steering in the opposite direction of what you’re used to.

It’s a reverse steering system. Now, I don’t know if this ship was set up that way or not. We’ll have. This will be part of the investigation, I’m sure. So. And sometimes with backup power, that is the case with a steering column. And also, isn’t it kind of curious, like, those pylons have to be, like, they had to think about a boat running into those when they built that bridge.

Right? So one pylon going out collapses that much of the bridge seems like. That doesn’t seem right. You know what I mean? Like, a boat could take out a pylon, like a whole bottom of the bridge. That doesn’t make sense. Well, you know, you know, us bridge infrastructure is built, like, 200 years ago. I don’t know when the Francis Scott key bridge was. Yeah, I don’t know when this bridge was built, actually, to be honest with you.

I mean, I’ve driven over it since, I think, childhood. Like, I grew up. My father’s from Baltimore. I used to go down to the Chesapeake Bay and go crabbing, you know, so me going down to, like, St. Michael’s, going down to Chesapeake harbor, one of my favorite foods in the world is Maryland. Blue steamed crabs. It is my favorite, actually. I will say it’s my favorite food in the world.

And so, special times with my father going down there, and he used to go crabbing as a child. I don’t know when this bridge was built, but I can tell you, I remember driving over it for many, many years of my life. And also it’s a sink. I was gonna say, I doubt when it was built, though, there were. There. It was built for, like, what? Wasn’t that, like 120,000 tons of ship that hit it? Right.

Yeah. So maybe can someone can let us in? No. 1977. Okay, so I was born 1976. Yeah. So it’s been as. It’s been around as long as I’ve been alive. So interesting. Yeah. I don’t know exactly what. What impact it’s meant to adhere, you know, absorb one of these massive ships. Doubtful. I don’t know that anything could stop that. You know? Can you build something that would prevent this? I don’t know.

I mean, think about this ship. Hitting any bridge in America would wipe it out. If this thing hits the Golden Gate bridge, it would probably collapse. The Golden Gate bridge, right. You would think the massive size of this thing, disrupting one pylon and all of it comes down like a house of cards. I don’t know. Anyway, so now I want to play this for you. So that was, you saw the track coming out, and you saw it changing, changing its direction at about two minutes left before impact.

But now I want to show you this eight times speed video that’s been making the rounds this afternoon as well, which I found interesting. And we’ll share it here, which shows how much it had to divert itself. Look at how it moved position. Watch this. Let’s keep playing here. Look how much it had to swerve in order to hit this pylon. Total missed change of direction. When you see it in that kind of speed, with that kind of movement, really crazy to look at.

As Laura Logan tweeted this afternoon, the GPS systems that drive these boats are not encrypted. Journalist Laura Logan, one of the best journalists in the world. The GPS systems that drive these boats are not encrypted. When a navy ship crashed into a large cargo ship not that long ago, it was a cyber attack that made that happen. I know they’re saying that this was not nefarious, but how do they know so quickly? Right? That’s a great question.

How do they know so quickly? We keep coming. We keep. Over the past week, we sort of been joking about the Biden administration. Like, really? They were so quick to tell us that ISIS was responsible for the russian theater attack. Right. They told us within, like, minutes that that was the case. Yet they still can’t tell us who killed John F. Kennedy. We still don’t, can’t provide details about the 911 attacks.

They can’t tell us who blew up the Nord stream pipeline. But they were that fast to tell us that it was ISIS. They were lying to us, of course. So the third way, they immediately found the passports on 911. Yeah, they’re laying in dust, all the rubble. It’s right there. Passports of this guy. Look at this. It’s not even charred or anything. But let’s take a closer look at one last thing here.

Why would explosions go off at these locations? So I’ve highlighted here in white where you’re noticing the bridge. Now, I’ve slowed it down a little bit here. Here’s the first collision. And you’ll notice an explosion. Then here you notice another one. And here, another one. Watch this again. So here we go. Scott, we actually know that those weren’t explosions. There were electrical cables running the bridge. And when they pulled apart, they, you know, shut off sparks.

But look at how severely that ship had to turn in order to hit the pylon. How could anyone have any doubt that this was not accidental, that this had to be deliberate? And I loved his point about, we immediately know Ukraine wasn’t involved in the. We immediately know it was a single alone gunman. We immediately know it was 19 islamic terrorists. Scott, this is a pattern. You know, the fact that the pilot, the master, was ukrainian, instantly should throw up red flags to say, wait a minute, let’s look at this.

Let’s look at this guy. Let’s look at what this is about, because there’s something that’s fishy about this whole thing. They haven’t raised that at all. This is obviously an act of sabotage, a false flag event, a distraction operation. I’m disappointed in Flynn’s commentary, because just to throw that dead fish on the table and say this is a black swan event, well, people expect a little bit more from him.

They expect someone who’s worked in the Defense intelligence Agency, worked in the Centell circles, has worked in operations similar to these, to provide some explanation about what the potential involvement of the US and its intelligence agency and its other actors in the Biden administration may be, to simply say, this is a black swan. That’s obvious. But who, what would have been done? And how is this need to be investigated and they’re saying exactly what I predicted years ago, which was they are trying to prop up the Ukrainians as a future terrorist menace.

That’s their agenda. The Ukrainians are going to be so upset that they lost so full of vengeance that they’re going to come against all of the NATO countries and the British and the French and the Germans and the Americans and the Canadians. So we have to shut down because we’re going to be experiencing disgruntled Ukrainians. They’re pulling out every trick in the book they can to control the american population with fear.

And this is just the beginning. On the other hand, I mean, it is a black swan event. And Ukraine, that telegram, they said what it is is a distortion. If we don’t send more money to Ukraine, there are going to be more of these events in the US but also in Europe, Scott, also in Europe. And there’s no question about what is this deliberate? And for the government to suggest there’s nothing to see or just move along is rubbish.

Just as in the past, Scott, just as in the past, we will see how it falls together and continue providing the analysis that nobody else can. Not redacted, not Tucker. No one can provide the analysis that that we do because we’ve been there. They haven’t. They’re paper boys. But we’ve actually been service of our country and worked in these agencies and we know what goes on, how it goes on, when it goes on, who’s responsible and how to counteract it.

That’s why I do think the plan to counteract it is by checkmating them, by bringing the Ukrainians over to the United States and positioning them as a border guard regiment to use their their fighting capabilities and do what obviously the transgender, soft, fat, medicated american military and border patrol are now seemingly incapable of doing. But we’ll see if they take the intelligent advice and we’ll see if we trigger another attack that leads to world War three.

Because I do think we’re on thin ice. Jim, always good to have you. God bless you. Thank you for joining us in global great awakenings. We will see you next time. Good night. .

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