Texas Sheriff Urges Pursuit of Criminal Charges in DeSantis’ Migrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard

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Sheriff Javier Salazar and the Bexar County Sheriff’s department in Texas have recommended criminal charges to be brought by the district attorney against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis‘ illegal immigrant relocation program. 




The first round of flights, which occurred in September, transported 49 illegal immigrants from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. 


The operation allegedly deceived migrants with fake job and opportunity promises. 


The Bexar County Sheriff’s criminal investigation discovered both felony and misdemeanor charges of Unlawful Restraint, according to a statement given to the Miami Herald.


Unlawful restraint is a misdemeanor unless the victim is younger than 17 — as was the case for five of the migrants.


You can read more about that story here.



Did You Know DeSantis Signed A Bill Into Law That Allows Florida To Relocate Illegal Immigrants That Are In Other States?



It comes from the bill SB 1718 that DeSantis signed into law earlier this year.


Among other things, the new law gives Florida the power to transport migrants—even those located outside the state—anywhere in the U.S.  


DeSantis claims he was responding to the federal government’s ineffective immigration policies in his decision to relocate the migrants.


You can read more about this law on here on FindLaw.com


How about using taxpayer money to fly them OUT of the country?? 


And use taxpayer dollars to secure the border?! (like government is supposed to do)


Instead, it appears Ron Ron is all about the theatrics. How very Disney. 


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  • Hmm so I take it the sheriff is aginst America and it’s safety , my opinion is instead of worrying about Desantis worry about Texas and your area I’m sure there’s crime there constantly unless your Luke warm

  • Biden and the lunatic democrats have left the southern border wide open because they are letting in their Brand New Voter base.

  • I would love to see all the illegals put on busses and brought back to where they came from. Our border should be closed period only people who have come here legally are allowed to stay period. Our governors are responsible to be sure our borders are secure.
    It makes me sick seeing all these people coming over here it must stop.

  • Salazar, an “officer of the law” who turns a blind eye to the illegal hordes swarming all over TX, but wants to go after someone who is trying to spotlight the problem by taking it to doorsteps of the do nothing elites. Keep shipping!

  • I agree! Go after the original crime. Which is encouraging illegals to come into the US.
    Also ask WHY did Trump have such success on keeping the boarders sealed? What is wrong with the people running the security? I am sure President Trump could tell us all the details and “how the money flows”.
    Always watch how the money flows!

  • The problem isn’t the illegals coming across the border, but the politicians who are letting them across. It is these politicians who should be put in jail or fema camps. Stop the these politicians and you stop the illegals.

    You are either for America or your not…

  • I think that Texas should drop off a load to every sitting Democrats personal town and personal home.Whatever money it takes bombard them with illegal immigrants in front of their houses,town halls, food banks,welfare offices,TV stations.Whatever it takes to make a point.

  • The US Government draws the illegals a cross the border with promise of all sorts of things. Go after them too.If the Sheriff and his associates were upholding the U S Constitution as their oath claims, then why aren’t they busing the illegals back across the border. The broke our Constitutional laws. Time to hold our services accountable to their positions and oaths. If they can’t do the job they swore to do then fire them and elect someone who can!

  • I would prefer they not be spread all over the US and get “lost”, but be detained in FEMA camps in the border states with minimal humanitarian services – food, water, sanitation, health care etc. No cell towers, no access to electricity, no education. They can have books to teach themselves English and home school their children if they choose to. No jobs nor source of income. It would be like a prison camp under heavy guard to keep the peace. Various quarantine areas for diseases and jail areas for criminals. If they came here because they feared death in their country, then they will be relatively safe here BUT THAT’S IT!

  • I believe governor Abbott started it last year w/transporting illegals to DC etc, everyone applauded!! A couple of other governors followed suit, transporting to Chicago, New York etc!! The sheriff should be upholding the United States Constitution and go after Biden, Kamala, the whole lot who have been blatantly letting millions of illegals across our border w/NO VETTING!!!!

  • wow a nobody zero he is a lefty loser looking for that golden ring to get him to washington relax Texans only Houston Dallas Austin and san an think like this

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