Simple Actions You Can Take TODAY To Help Save America & Hold Criminals Of The 2020 Election Accountable!

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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Shows Us How To Read Between The Lines With This Arizona Audit Report!

Plus he reveals information & action steps YOU NEED TO KNOW! Have a listen…

Listen to “LIVE NOW! Learn To Read Between The Lines In Arizona! Audit Information YOU NEED TO KNOW w/ #JovanHuttonPulitzer #KinematicArtifacts #Scan” on Spreaker.

Jovan confirms for us that NOW is more important than ever to contact these Arizona “elected” officials and tell them to hold the criminals accountable!

(And no, you don’t have to be living in Arizona to contact them.)

He mentions you can create an email draft in whichever email service provider you use and add all the lists of the AZ Senate members in there for easy reference to…

Contact Them Everyday!

Here is the link to the Arizona Senators contact information.

Below is their email address and phone number for you convenience.

List of Arizona Senators Email Addresses & Phone Numbers

Senator Lela Alston

(602) 926-5829

Senator Nancy Barto

(602) 926-5766

Senator Sonny Borrelli

(602) 926-5051

Senator Sean Bowie

(602) 926-3004

Senator Paul Boyer

(602) 926-4173

Senator Lupe Contreras

(602) 926-5284

Senator Karen Fann

(602) 926-5874

Senator Rosanna Gabaldon

(602) 926-3424

Senator Sally Ann Gonzales

(602) 926-3278

Senator David Gowan

(602) 926-5154

Senator Rick Gray

(602) 926-5413

Senator Sine Kerr

(602) 926-5955

Senator Vince Leach

(602) 926-3106

Senator David Livingston

(602) 926-4178

Senator Christine Marsh

(602) 926-3184

Senator Juan Mendez

(602) 926-4124

Senator J.D. Mesnard

(602) 926-4481

Senator Lisa Otondo

(602) 926-3002

Senator Tyler Pace

(602) 926-5760

Senator Jamescita Peshlakai

(602) 926-5160

Senator Warren Petersen

(602) 926-4136

Senator Martin Quezada

(602) 926-5911

Senator Rebecca Rios

(602) 926-3073

Senator Wendy Rogers

(602) 926-3042

Senator Thomas Shope

(602) 926-3012

Senator Victoria Steele

(602) 926-5683

Senator Kelly Townsend

(602) 926-4467

Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita

(602) 926-4480

Remember, the AG of Arizona (Mark Brnovich) has more than enough evidence to proceed with investigations and/or arrests. 

You can contact AG Brnovich and help remind him of that fact. Also, word on the street is AG Brnovich wants to become a Senator someday.

Well, if he doesn’t prosecute the criminals, there’s no way the people of Arizona will support him for a Senate run.

However, if he does prosecute all the criminals involved in this, he will be an American hero and that will almost guarantee he wins his Senate seat if he decides to run in the future.

You can remind him of that also.

Here is where you can contact the Arizona AG office.

Attorney General Information
(602) 542-5025

Also, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has the power to decertify the election.

It’s time to put pressure on Ducey in light of the new information that has been presented about the 2020 election.

Here is where you can find Governor Ducey’s information to encourage him to decertify the election.

Doug Ducey is on Twitter too here:

And you might be thinking…

“Jared, is this really going to do anything?”

I know, I’ve been there too.

What’s one email or phone call going to do?

Well, what else are you doing to actually help??

(And don’t say sharing memes or articles on social media because that might educate the public, but if nobody is contacting the decision makers, nothing is really changing.)

And if they don’t get a phone call and/or an email from you today, then they have one more reason to think what they are doing is okay.

So invest a few minutes each day this week and email the elected officials in Arizona to help ensure they hold the criminals accountable! 

It’s the least you can do as a digital soldier in this information war.



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