General Michael Flynn Reveals The Plan For We The People

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General Flynn Reveals The Plan For We The People In 2021!

In this most recent interview from General Michael Flynn from February 23, 2021, you will hear…

  • General Flynn’s mindset during his trial.

  • What 3 things kept him alive these last few years.

  • General Flynn reveal the plan for We The People

  • The solution for election integrity!

  • Much more!

Will the military step in and host tribunals for election integrity?
General Flynn says no. Now, if there WAS going to be those things, he wouldn’t be telling the world and all our enemies that there would be anyway.

Refer to the video below of General Flynn taking the oath with his friends and family.

But We The People DO have a role in The Plan!

The People’s General shares elements of our mission below.

How can you get involved & be part of the solution?
Here’s a few things General Flynn recommends:

  • Get your voice out there, peacefully and patriotically.

  • Organize & get involved in your city/town and in our states.

  • Run for a local position in your city.

  • Demand local and state officials take measures for election integrity.

  • Seek out Patriots and America First people. Encourage them to run for public office.

  • Be not afraid. Get involved.

No matter what is going on “at the top”, We The People have our mission and our role in this operation.

It is time for us Patriots to unite and work together in our local areas to create change.

We are connecting some dots behind the scenes here and we will be updating you more soon.

We will show you some of the good things that are happening and coming soon!

Always remember We The People have the power! 

Below is the transcript from the full interview.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to another show of truth dunville annville. We have an exciting guest today I’m very honored to have this guest. Let me tell you a little bit about him and then we will bring him on camera. If he is a gentleman, that is a rare find, because he is a man of his word. And I know that by experience and I appreciate him being that way. Lieutenant General US Army retired. Michael Flynn is with us today. He served as the national security adviser to the 45th President of the United States. And over 33 years in the United States Army, raising to the highest military intelligence position and Department of Defense. Mike holds three master’s degrees and two honorary doctorates. I got to catch up, I only have one. And he is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on national security, foreign policy, intelligence and security issues. He has spoken on a variety of topics to both the United States and international audiences, and has lectured at numerous universities and colleges. Mike’s passion is to help fellow veterans and the challenges they face, ranging from integration into civil society to the effects of wartime injuries, and how they impact their overall health care challenges. What a call in life, ladies and gentlemen, don’t go away. I’ll be right back with America’s general

Unknown Speaker 1:55
General Flynn. Mike, it’s great to have you on the show. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come address our audience. I’m honored to have you sir. Welcome. We got no sound

Unknown Speaker 2:11
about now. There we go. We go.

Unknown Speaker 2:13
Now we got it. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
I was muted. Well,

Unknown Speaker 2:15
the video is on Yeah. So listen, Paul, I really, really am honored to be part of this show and part of your audience as well. To to have a just a, I’m really looking forward to as a great conversation with you, your your viewers, your listeners, not only in the United States of America, but around the world. And I think that all of us should realize that through our own faith and our belief in each other is and frankly how we connect to each other are part of the messages that I want to convey tonight. As well as part of the the effort that I plan on taking forward as our country and the world, frankly, is going through a really interesting, challenging period of our of our US history, as well as our as well as World History. We’re all living in it. And maybe we’ll get to some of that here tonight in our conversation together.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
Absolutely. I would like that America is definitely shifting. And I think shifting to the wrong side of life, and we need to bring it back. Let me ask let me start with this question here. Now America knows that you went through some horrible four years of life the last four years. Is your family recovering? How are they today?

Unknown Speaker 3:40
Yeah, my family’s doing great. And I what I would say is, I always tell this story, because I’m not telling the I read I read the Bible, and I my wife and I spent a lot of time with scripts like that. But I always tell the story about the apostles creed, you know, When, when, because the apostles creed has great meaning in my life. And I didn’t realize that as many times have said prayer in my life from the time I was a kid going through a you know, early days of going to church with my parents of whatever.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
And I didn’t realize it until these last couple years when I read that prayer in more detail. And I guess was more insight into what I was facing because what I was faced and I think, I think the the prayer itself is a reminder from, you know, from Jesus Christ, what it is that we’re all facing, and when he was when he was crucified under cross, you know, he was buried, right. And then he descended. And then three days later, he rose right. Well, when he descended, He descended into hell, right. According to the to the prayer. So it struck me that why and where did he go? I mean, yeah, okay. He went into hell, but so For three days, he was there. And I went and met with this, this priest that I know is a theologian, and he’s a history buff. And he, he, he schooled me a little bit on, on where he went. And he went into something called the abyss, according to certain, some some theological history. So he goes into the abyss for three days, and, and he has different experiences down there. Well, for the last four years, I was in the abyss. And, and it really felt like that it felt like that, because through three things, and I’ll talk about each one of them, because I think it’s super important for the people that are listening, because all of us are going through this, all of us are going through this now. Many of us have gone through these kinds of experiences in our lives, whether it’s family issues, drug abuse, you know, bad marriages, whatever it is, everybody, there is no perfect human. And all of us go through this, but the three things that, that strengthen me and strengthen my family, and I’ll, if you don’t mind, I’ll walk through them. Because I think it’s super important that people understand that number one thing is, as I was just highlighting, is, is our faith, my faith, particularly, and but when I say our faith, it’s really the faith that I have between what I and, and our faith, in, in, in, you know, in Jesus Christ in God and how we believe what we believe in. But that faith is something first and foremost, above all, above anything else, we fell back on that faith, we found ourselves going back into sort of why me right? Why was this happening to us, because we were we were doing everything we thought we should be doing as as, as good people right? Now serving this country, I always like to say that if you How would you like to be defined, I’d like to be defined as a person who served, who served others who served certainly our country and continued to serve our country. And then obviously, what we found out from the last four years of my trial and tribulations that the world discovered was was how evil exists in the in the systems that we have. So a thing God is by far the most important aspect, when you are going through that abyss when you’re going out of business. And I always, I always, you know, would pop people that may be listening to the show or watching this, this show that it followed in any kind of social media, I was used to pin Psalm 23, right? To my, to my, whatever my social media endeavor was whatever I was doing, because, you know, we all walk through that valley, right? And you’re you face it, but if you can face it, knowing that somebody is there walking with you, you can you can come out eventually. That’s number one is faith. The second, the second key thing was my family, particularly my immediate family, my wife and her and I’ve been together since we were 13 years old, we have a very, very strong relationship. No, I tell people that are that come and say, I got a bunch of nieces and nephews, and, and they, you know, they they are as they get older, they’re, you know, they’re going to get married or other people that I know have come to us and they’ve said, Hey, you know, we’re about to get married, you know, what advice do you have? And I say, it’s a lot of work. It’s hard work. And it’s, you know, yeah, there’s love and there’s, there’s passion, and there’s all the things all the aspects of, of, of being been together in a really strong bond relationship. But it’s, it’s work and that work. Actually, when you when you come to the point in life, where my wife and I are at, it’s, it’s really about true in as we talked about off camera before, you know what, what God is all about is love, not just about life, it’s about love. And so this in love is can be defined by, you know, in different ways, but for, for my family, and I, it is about love, and particularly my wife and I, and it’s an it is a struggle, and we do it together. And you know, do we argue sure we do all the things that are that our relationship does.

Unknown Speaker 9:21

Unknown Speaker 9:23
you know, we’re best friends at the end of the day, but we certainly family is huge. The other aspect of that and some some of your viewers may know, some may not you may know or not. I’m one of nine children. My wife is one to seven, she’s she’s Portuguese, I’m Irish, we’ve we’re from different, you know, parts of our community here in a small in a small community that we’re from, where we primarily grew up in the state of Rhode Island. And so those those communities we actually came together through church through our churches and through Which was kind of neat. And so those families, those two families, hers and mine, are close families really well, we live three miles apart. We all know each other, we know each other intimately. And particularly my family, my brothers and sisters, who know me intimately the people that are the closest to me, right other than my own personal family, and wife, my sons, but my brothers and sisters, in me personally, they’ve known me since I was a little kid, right? I’m right in the middle of those nine. So, you know, they knew exactly what was going on, they’re all switched on, they pay attention to what’s happening in the world. And so, we went through this together, my family stood by me, and we went through this together, and they, they took on cheap swords and voltages, for me when I could not. And they, they surrounded me with, you know, their own faith, their own family’s own love for not just me, as their brother, but me as who they knew, was really a guy who wanted to do nothing more than serve this country. And, you know, I’m very patriotic guy, you know, I love love. You know, I mean, you’re willing to give everything you’re willing to sacrifice everything, for the love of your, you know, of your country and your family. Right. So family, that’s the second major thing, so faith and family. And then another thing that we talked about it, my wife sent me a thing, you know, in Scripture the other day that we read periodically and had to do with job, and it talks about friendship, true friendship. And you really, I mean, everybody knows that I’m about to say that. No, but you, but you may, or may not have lived it in a time of crisis in the time where you are in most need. That’s when you discover true friendship. Yes. And, you know, I don’t know the exact scripture, you probably do. But it was, it was a scripture by job, you know, that I’ve always, you know, always understood the patience of Job. And I like to think that I have great patience, because of what I’ve learned and live with, in my entire life. And what I’ve seen, from the time I was a child, through my, my vast experiences in the United States military, you know, five of those years were in direct combat in different places around the world, you know, Iraq and Afghanistan, but other places that I served the country in, to, you know, to do the things that we were asked to do as, as military, but my family stood by my faith was surrounding me. And then true friends came to me. And I will tell you, there were people who, you know, sort of put quotes around it for those that aren’t able to view. But friends, you find out who they are in a time of need in a time of crisis. And there were people that we thought, you know, that they were friends, and all of a sudden, something. And I always go back to, you know, and I’m smile, because I, you know, you go to the story of where, you know, Peter had to say, right, Peter, who became the first pope, on the on the Catholic Church, Peter had to say, you know, do you recognize this man, right, talking about Jesus Christ? And, you know, in the whatever the, you know, the the cockroach, you know, at the end, nobody said, No, I don’t recognize I don’t know this guy. Right? Well, I felt that. I felt that. I mean, I felt that I felt that from people. But what happened? What happened and I told the story for another friend yesterday, a true friend who stuck with me that, in particular, the American the American people, they did not run from Mike Flynn, they ran ran away from me, they ran to war. So millions and millions of people during this journey through, you know, that shadow right, or that valley with the shadow of death, or that abyss that I tried to describe earlier, during this journey, millions of people from the United States of America and frankly, from around the world, a large contingent from Australia, people from New Zealand, people from Europe, Japanese, you know, people from Japan, people from Korea, you know, because in my life and my military life, I you know, I spent time on six continents. I in an organization that was in 142 countries, I tried to get around and do as much as I could and I served not just as a military in that states government, but you know, you serve people all over the world and you’re serving for the United States military, right. And when you step up to continue to serve, people really do see that they see through the Bs, right they see through the night. Something I really do. I mean, you can’t fake it, you can’t fake it. So the American people and I say this with a lot of humility, the American people ran toward me. And they, like I said, about my family putting up shields and swords, you know, my, the American people and those that came toward me and, and they, they gave us support. And the most powerful thing that they gave us was their prayers, the greatest, you know, people would send gifts they would send money to help out with legal defense stuff, we had a great my sister Barbara, legal defense, and that was terrific. And it and it helped people were giving a lot of things, but what kept coming in cards and letters and notes and, and messages, emails and text was we are praying for you. And what I would tell people is prayer is the most powerful weapon. Because what prayer does prayer, we can do it as individuals, because it’s sort of the the freedom that we all cherish. Right? Nobody can tell us what, what should be on our mind.

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So so you can always pray if you’re in a tough spot. Yeah, but the one thing that we can do together, and this is where I think your your I think it’s faith unveiled, right, your faith unveiled ministries, right? Where the one thing that we can do together, and you can do it on shows like this, or you can do it in other groups, is to pray together. Because that that network of prayer, and I’m telling I, I some of these network, networks of prayer, and those networks have responded back to me, and they have renewed my faith, they’ve renewed who I am in as a person, they have strengthened, they have strengthened who I am, they have given me greater conviction in what it is that I believe in and what I plan on taking on going forward. Because I, you know, I feel now through my faith, through my family, through the true friendship that I have received, in the in this in this, like, I call it this journey, you know, I’m not a person with hate in my heart, I’m not a person who is who is going to be vindictive or mean spirited. No, you don’t, you know, you take away the good, you leave the bad, right? When you’re going forward in life. Because if you take, if you take away the bad, it’s like, it just eats you up, it’ll, it’ll tear you up, you know, you don’t forget you, you take those memories, those experiences, and you learn from them. And as I go forward, as I go forward in life, because, again, my life, I don’t I don’t think that I could do it any differently than to continue to serve. And as you said, about veterans, that’s a passion that I have for especially veterans that are transitioning back into civil society. But we we all have to figure out I know, I know, as we go on here tonight, I do want to talk about how do people get involved, and we’ll talk about that maybe, toward the end a little bit. But that’s what I want people to understand. Don’t give up, never quit. Because there’s always somebody there. That’s, that’s ready to step in and help you Yes, right. I mean, that’s just the way it is. And what you have to do, is in many ways, you have to throw yourself out there. And you and you can’t be you know, I know, people get embarrassed and, you know, we have our dignity. I you know, and really through the great wife that I have, we worked hard at it, you know, we’re gonna maintain our dignity, we’re gonna maintain who we are, because we know who we are. We know what we are experiencing. Frankly, we know the truth. And, and you are you are going through this, this is very finely honed, you know, I have a needle, and you’re making a decision to get through it. Because on the other end, on the other side, I can see the light, right, we can see the light, where others just see the darkness. And they see, you know, they see nothing but but the negative is not me, not been to many things in my life. And in my military career, that were that were pure evil. I mean, just pure evil. And so I know that evil exists. And I know that, that when we would go around the world in different places around the world,

Unknown Speaker 19:39
that there’s things that are that are on this planet that that most most Americans just can’t fathom. And there’s not very many people that actually the military, you know, there’s people that serve and other walks of life to get out on ministries and such around the world and they see the depravity and the evil that does exist. on this planet, particularly evil against children, right? And that’s another, that’s another, maybe another discussion for another time with you to talk about how can we help children on the planet because children need our help. I think you guys are. You and your spouse are terrific about that. But and so when you see these things, and you see how people treat each other, how a human being can treat another human being. And you just say to yourself, I can’t stand for this. So the way the way, my own government, right way our government treated me, and certain elements within our government treated me, I can’t, I can’t stand for that. I didn’t serve I didn’t grow up, and and learn and continue to serve and to do the things that I was asked to do. Nor did I witness the sacrifices of many men and women who I knew who will never see the light of day. Right, right. I just I just I, you know, I’m having a tough time even talking about it. Because to me, there is a sacrifice, that that, you know, Abraham Lincoln, is the one that use the phrase, I believe the last true measure of devotion. And that last true measure of devotion is to something greater than any human being can imagine. Except for that being that is that is sacrificing that last measure of devotion. And it’s their, it’s their very lives for, you know, particularly in the military, for people who that really don’t care that they’re there for reasons that they don’t totally understand. And in places that they would never otherwise go right when we talk about the deployment of some of our military around the world, over our history. Nevermind during the period of the US Civil War, when we’re trying to save, you know, you had Abraham Lincoln really trying to save the union, I mean, incredible, incredible. And Incredibles base, but that raise the last true measure of devotion is something that we all ought to consider all the time. Because what is it that you’re willing to sacrifice everything for?

Unknown Speaker 22:22
Come on,

Unknown Speaker 22:22
and then that’s it, you know, and so, to me, it’s my faith. It’s my family. It’s described as true friends, and it’s my country. And I would say that I’d be you know, I’d be willing to do it again, I, I hope and pray that I’m not put through that situation. Again, I don’t know what the outcome of everything’s, it’s going to be here in this, in this new order new reality that we’re facing. Again, we’ll talk a little about that. But, but and how people can get involved. But I will tell you, there are a lot of patriots in this country. And I and I imagine there’s a lot of patriots that listen to you around the world, in their own way than in through their own walks of life, that are also willing to step up. And they sometimes just don’t know how to do that. They just, they’re, they’re unconscious to their own potential sometimes. And, you know, that’s why the the most you know, the sometimes the quietest guy and then this, and I’m sort of making an analogy back to my time in the military, because I witnessed this, the person who is the least suspecting hero, you know, in a peacetime and training and all that and how they operate in the, in the time of greatest need. They, they, they are the ones that step up, step up. And now all of a sudden, it’s like, wow, where did this come from? And thank God, that that person stepped up and did what they did, because they may have just saved a bunch of lives or they did something, because something inside of them drove them to that. And that that internal switch is a is an internal switch that every single one of us has. Right, what you have to find in you is you have to find, how does that internal switch get get? It turned? Is it is it through your faith? Is it through some relationship? Is it through friendship? Is it through an experience? Is it through a really difficult time? I mean, a crisis a true crisis, I experienced a true crisis. My family experienced a true crisis. Our nation experienced a true crisis. Right. The last thing and I’ll stop briefly is that people come up to me all the time and they go, I am so sorry for what happened to you. I’m sorry that you know that you had to go through this. And I tell them, I take Thank you. But I also say, don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t feel sorry for myself. What I feel sorry for is what the nation was put through. Because I actually felt pretty confident. And I’ll speak a little bit, I’ll

Unknown Speaker 25:20
be speaking a little bit about myself, as I felt very confident in my ability to perform the duties that the President of the United States had asked me to do. And, and the the deception and the deceit that occurred at that time, and in those moments, was so extraordinary. And that’s, we’re still sort of facing that. So. So what I would tell people is that figure out what turn that switch on, because we don’t need as, as a, as we discussed, we don’t need you know, this, this, this phrase, 2% of the passionate will control 98% indifferent 100 100% of the time, well, to me, 98% of the indifferent, that means that you are you’re indifferent events, to the things that are happening around you. And that’s not a good way to be, I’m not going to be 98% of the indifferent, I’m going to be 2% of the passionate fighting to wake up 98% of the indifferent to teach them and train them and work with them and say, turn that switch on, find it in yourself to turn that switch on because 2% of the passionate right now that are controlling, you know, controlling us 100% of the time, it is a small small group of people at the at the end of the day, you know, this this elite cabal, right, whatever you say, but isn’t in the world, and it’s through various segments of our society, internationally and nationally. And they do feel like they should tell us what to do. They do believe that, right? And I’m a free thinker. I’m a free a free operator, I’m a product of our Constitution. I’m a product of, of going to kindergarten and elementary school where where we were told and up, put your hand over your heart. Yes. Pledge of Allegiance. Before we started class, right before we started in no snacks for you until you can say the Pledge of Allegiance. Right? I mean, no. And I and I’m serious about that. I mean, I don’t I don’t believe we even do that anymore. And the thing about the pledge of allegiance, I think about the pledge of allegiance is a pledge of allegiance to our nation, right to our country, it is a is a way to culturally cause our our society, the American fabric to thicken and strengthen. When you say that’s why we say it, right? We say it. And, and it’s one nation under God. So I mean, and then the removal, the removal of God, by sort of the other side or this 2%. Because if if, you know God help them if the if the 98% of the indifferent figure out how to turn that switch on inside. And usually that switch comes from some deep faith in something. Yes, yeah. Father was a retired Master Sergeant from the army. Then he was a world war two in a Korean War veteran. He’s a tough old Irishman. And I talked about him in, in a book that I wrote a while back, but he’s a tough guy, he was very tough. He always taught to always taught us to the golden rule. He said, in fact, if there’s one thing that that I learned from, from my father, was the golden rule treat others like you’d like to be treated. Right. And, and, and to be, but to get involved and to do the things that you need to do, and to not be don’t allow yourself to be pushed aside, right? Step up, get involved, but when you are dealing with with people, treat them like you’d like to be treated until, until, you know, otherwise they treat you differently, right. I mean, you know, there’s, you know, God teaches us the love, but he also created warriors. Yes, he also created warriors and, and we need warriors, you know, and, you know, maybe and I say my mother used to tell me that she named me Michael because I would be a fighter. You know, and, and I was, I never thought about it. But she also my middle name is Thomas. She said I also named you Thomas because I knew you were going to doubt things at times. And she’s right. She’s right. Because when I when I look at things and in my way of operating and maybe there’s somebody on this, on this broadcast somewhere that worked in the military And then especially in work with me closely, I look at things and I go, if, because the bureaucracy of what we deal with on a daily basis is broken, it doesn’t work.

Unknown Speaker 30:10
And our government’s got way too big and, and when you’re in the military when you’re in combat, one thing that I studied, and I learned is you never want to fight the last war. So, so you never want to fight the last war. What you want to do is you want to identify clearly the war that you’re involved in. And I think, that metaphor, if that’s the right word to use, for what it is that we’re involved in right now. That’s, that’s a true statement. So we’re not we can’t look back and fight something that that was in our past. We can learn from it, and we can take experiences from it. But we have to fight the war that we’re in now. And how do we do that? Right? How do we do that? in a way that’s, that’s patriotic, that is peaceful, that is lawful. But how do we do that? Again, and it’s all about I keep kind of going back to that, that switch inside of our of our of ourselves, what causes that switch to change? So anyway, I may just stop and see if you have questions.

Unknown Speaker 31:19
No, I appreciate you continuing. There was one thing where you mentioned about that switch inside and Christ in Christ going into the abyss. During his death, those three days, when he came out of that, what had happened was he had conquered death, hell, and the grave. So when you come out of hell, knowing that you’re standing, that gives your that gives you total and complete strength to turn that switch on.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
Right? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:49
yeah, we don’t. You know, it’s I don’t think it’s our job to wake up sleeping sheep. I think it’s our job to wake up sleeping lions. And I think that’s what we need to do is when we turn that switch on, it gives us the power and the ability to turn to start waking up some lions that need to roar a little louder than what they’re rolling.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
Well, I tell you, I agree. I agree completely 100%, one of the, you know, I wrote a book a few years back, and it’s called the field of fight, and it’s how we can win the global war against radical Islam. And, and so on page 111. And I use this because if you know somebody, somebody that has it, or somebody that doesn’t go to a bookstore, just go to page 111 and read this, but I in it, I say, in a different way, something that you just said, and the way what I say is that we are founded, our nation was founded on Judeo Christian principles and values, right? And that we should be fearless about those principles and values. Yes, we should not cower. We should be fearless, we should not fear what our nation was founded upon. You know, for all the Americans and all the citizens of any free country, do not care why you are free. In fact, bring let that bring strength to you. Let that bring the heart of a lion to you. Because when you are fearless, believe me, that that that that other side, that the the the sort of the the evil and the death that does basis on a daily basis sometimes and certainly in other aspects of our life. They will cower to the Christians fearless. And when we look at our, our, again, the foundation of our country is really the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and our constitution and our founding fathers. If you read the history, if you read their words, so you take their words, in their own, all the head diaries, all of them took meticulous notes of great great people at the time. Thank God we, that we they all came together when they did a miracle. And you read about it. I mean, it’s and there’s one, there’s one really good story that’s told that I mean 75 to 80%, all of the the adjudication or all the arguments, all the debates, all around words that were taken from the Bible, to create our Constitution. So you know, you can go back into the different documents written before the US Constitution, Magna Carta and such as an example. But when you when you look at the 10 commandments, for the Bill of Rights, there’s a lot of similarities in there. Right. So they created that thing. They did not say this is perfect. You know, Benjamin Franklin, when asked coming out of a out of the one of their last final debates, he says, you know, it’s a win here. And when asked what do we have, you know, do we have a monarch or do we have a republic goes, we have a report if you can keep it, right. So this is that, in fact, they knew and many of them said this over their, their lives as they went forward, that this is an experiment in democracy. And our foundation or our constitution was built on individual liberties, individual freedoms. It’s not built on this idea of socialism and collectivism. Where what’s best for the group? No, it’s what’s best for the individual. Because we wanted free thinking we wanted the ability for me, you, all your listeners, certainly all your all your American, all the American citizens listening, to be free thinking to be able to do and to say the kinds of things that you that you believe in, right? And to say it passionately if you want. I mean, there’s obviously bounds or boundaries that you cannot cross I mean, the screaming fire intentionally in the theater, it is wrong, right. Just as a as a as an example. There’s, there’s things that there’s lines that you cannot cross, but for the most part, as long as your intentions are pure, know, your your ideas for what you believe in, and they’re good. And you don’t harm. You know, other people, you may harm somebody ideas, you know, but that’s, that’s why we debate and that’s why we bring these things out. But right now, we’re being censored. These ideas are being censored. We have a collective group. We have a small collective group of these tech Titans that are censoring us. Yeah. I mean, they are they’re censoring us. I mean, I you know, everybody knows, everybody knows that, you know, Twitter and YouTube and all this kind of stuff. I mean, if you if I say the last election was filled with massive fraud, there’s November 3 election, which I believe was, and now I just said that on your

Unknown Speaker 36:56
YouTube, YouTube will go.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
And they’ll say, you know, pull it offline. Yeah, I believe it, I witnessed it. I spoke to many people that witnessed it. So whatever, we have got to have this debate, because we cannot fear who we are in this country. In fact, we should be fearless. And especially, especially if you’re a Christian, because we’re we are we are powerful together when we pray as individuals. Yes. And as and as groups as we do come together as groups. Yeah. And it’s not that we have to think the same. It’s not that and there’s many secrets, right, that people keep and that’s, that’s fine. That’s, that’s, you know, you have that you maintain who you are. And again, the golden rule, treat others like you want to be treated. Right. I like to be treated with, you know, respect shoulders, dignity and respect. Okay, so a fearless. And that’s your point about, you know, not being the sheep, being the lion, Lion. And feel that way. Because when you stand there, and you and you’re thinking about, Oh, my God, what, you know, what was me? Stop, stop saying what was me getting involved in something that’s good and strong. And you will find that strength in the numbers. And, and you’ll begin to realize that this 98% of the indifferent talk about is actually not that it’s not as it’s not that you know, that bad, right? Actually, we’re 98% of the passionate, we just got to wake up here. And we got to show some of that passion in in smart ways. So that was a good comment by lions sheep’s because people feel that way.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
Yeah. Let me ask you. You had mentioned the Fr. A UD. We could call it. I call it voter misrepresentation? Yeah, I definitely. You know, Supreme Court made a decision today and I’m very saddened that the decision they made yesterday, I believe. So can we assume since there was voter misrepresentation going on, can we assume that the former president is still the legal president?

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Well, here’s here’s what I would tell people about this. And I of course, I’m following this you know, and part of it part of the whole thing we’re still we’re gonna continue to absolutely yeah, yeah, she did. And we’re gonna continue to fight this thing. Yeah, I think if I think if you can on whatever on your website, maybe put Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissenting opinion. Yeah. It’s really, really powerful because he he’s clearly paying attention to the fabric of the Constitution. Yes and Alito was was good too. But But Thomas’s did use the word and I’ll, I’ll say it here in a second. That I just what I believe and this is so I’m gonna I’m gonna get into a diatribe, you’re in two seconds. But justice Thomas’s dissent was really a sentiment of how America feels. Yeah, how that how that 98% feel, and I’m talking about all walks of life, I don’t care whether you’re, you know, what, what political ideology you have. The word was confidence, or the or the loss of confidence in our election system. Right. Right. there’s a there’s a Justice Brandeis, right, Brandeis University, but Justice Brandeis, and I think that this came from him, I believe it came from him. I won’t quote him exact because I don’t I don’t have the quote right in front of him. But he basically said, as a Justice of the Supreme Court, you know, when he was a justice years and years ago, decades ago, he said, all the law, I just follow common sense, right. And so if you look at common sense, and you say, Well, look at all the stuff that we have, because because evidence has still not been reviewed, right? evidence has still not been heard, it has still not been presented, even the highest court in the land, based on the majority, they don’t want to hear the evidence. So confidence, confidence, or the lack thereof, in our election system, we cannot have so what do we do about that? Well, my thing, and I’ve been talking about this recently, and I mentioned it today on to another group of people earlier today, that, you know, that the government, the Congress, and the politicians in Congress, you know, led by, by, you know, who in the House of Representatives, now they’re going to form some type of investigation and some type of commission. And, you know, and, and I think I saw a statement from Rubio, Senator Rubio out of Florida, I’m not a fan of So, you know, I mean, hey, whatever. So he says, Well, we got to make sure that we have both sides on the Commission on this investigation. You know, what, I don’t want anything, I don’t want those people to waste a dime of any more my taxpayer money on any more of these investigations or commissions, because they lead to nothing, they spend more money than they should. And they nobody’s held accountable. Right. My My idea is we should have a citizens commission. election on election integrity, election confidence, yes. And we should form it. Now. How do you do it? Well, maybe maybe there are some well to do people out there that say, Look, I’ll invest in it out, you know, so my switch, my switch, right is my ability to, to support something like that maybe the American people would come forward, maybe others would come forward, say, well, we would fund something like that. And then what we do is we organize citizens, and we just like, just like our founders organize themselves. I mean, these weren’t, you know, like, men at that time, all men at that time, the way things were. But these weren’t men that liked each other. I mean, they, they had massive arguments, fist fights, in many cases, and a couple ended up, you know, taking shots at each other. So, I mean, so what we have to do is we have to find a citizens commission, right? for our citizens commission. And then from that citizens commission, you know, have hearings, bring people in, and have it all video taped, while we’re doing it, have it Yeah, lives. live streamed around the world. If you like, our live stream Derby community, I don’t care, totally transparent.

Unknown Speaker 44:03
Um, there we

Unknown Speaker 44:05
have it, right. And, and, and give and give ourselves so form it. And that’s it, you know, you go through is forming and forming period. But once you’re formed, and you have the right people, and this is not some bias group of people that are going to go, we got this problem, but people who care people who are passionate, right, and they say, Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do, here’s almost put them out to the American public, the American public see everything, because I’m going to tell you, if it goes, if it goes to the back rooms of Washington, DC, nothing will be solved. I’m sorry, nothing will be solved. So let’s say so this country do it and and come up with some ideas. Now you do what you did. You don’t go back and present it to Washington DC. What you do is you present it to the American public through shows like yours and through other ways you do a road show, and you go you go to states that want to listen. Yeah. Because what you’re going to come up with is you’re going to come up with a much better system that that elects our duly elected leaders. That’s free, fair, transparent, and not this way. But 30 people in this country didn’t know that all these machines that that we’re putting our pieces of paper into, you know, you take your piece of paper, you slide it into a machine, nobody knows that those things are connected to the internet, or not supposed to the brain didn’t know that they’re sending data back overseas to China, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Spain. I mean, it’s not nice. So, anyway,

Unknown Speaker 45:40
I so do you think? Let me see, that’s what I think we should do. I’m sorry. I’m 100%. there for you. I mean, I’m 100%.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
So, so we’re talking about that. And I don’t know if that’s gonna go anywhere. But I, I feel like that conversation has to be had a citizens commission for, you know, for confidence in our elections, or whatever you title it, but because when I read the dissent, which was, which was really powerful, but it was also right. Instead of, you know, instead of the those that voted to not look at anything, they said, you know, they kind of they kind of gave the impression, well, we don’t really want to get involved. Right, right. We don’t think it’s our duty, what they allowed. What Thomas was trying to do is take the fabric of the Constitution, which is being ripped apart, and through through some very smartly stated words. He’s trying to bring a little bit of that fabric back together, the others, except the others that opposed listening to the evidence there. They’re just ripping the the constitution to shreds. I mean, if there’s one thing I learned about fighting enemies on the battlefield, when an enemy tells you, they’re going to do something, you better listen to him, because they’re probably going to do it. So. So when, when the, you know, the I have a hard time saying this word that when the democrats say that they’re going to act, the courts? I do, because I’m not sure that if they’re socialists, this is a socialist element that’s now starting to take over this left wing. Right. Right, socialism. So when they say they’re going to pack the courts, well, they’re probably going to pack the courts. Yeah, you’re probably going to pack the court. So what does that mean? That means that those justices who think that they’re being slick and and not getting involved in the, in the in the election of a president, which they, they have a duty to not necessarily direct, who’s going to be the president, but they have a duty to protect the Constitution. And I think that they usurped that duty. I personally feel that as a citizen, they usurp that duty, if allowed the constitution to be torn further into shreds. I believe that that’s my that’s my belief. And I actually think what they should have done was said constantly, they should have made decisions based on common sense, and the Constitution and said, Okay, here’s the things that we know that we see, here’s or here’s the evidence, and throw it back to the States. And they should have done that, you know, a month and a half ago, but they did. They pushed everything, they pushed everything out and had these, you know, a date in February and another date, I guess, coming up, but I mean, they usurp their duty, and it’s because I believe I believe it because they are human. They’re human beings. And, and human beings. All of us have weaknesses. And there’s pressures, right that that or whatever reason, so I think that they felt a little bit of pressure. I think that they felt internal pressure, I think that they felt the external pressure. And they, they they went with their brains instead of what their hearts Yes, yeah. Because Because it your heart. It’s like your instincts, when the hair on the back of your neck goes up. That’s your instincts that your gut that your heart telling you that this is right or this is wrong. Yeah. They let their brains step in. And that’s that felt that that’s where fear comes to comes into your system. Because you start to think and you start to go, Oh, no, I can’t do this. I can’t do that. Or what are they going to think of me or what’s going to happen? Fear is right here. Strength is right here. And I don’t know if you see me pointing my heart but that’s, that’s, that’s where I think. I think we sit we witness failure. Failure. Is it can it be overcome? That’s a bigger question.

Unknown Speaker 49:47
That’s the big question.

Unknown Speaker 49:49
What to do about it. So. So maybe, maybe because I know, I’m sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 49:54
No, I was just gonna say I want you to finish your comment. But the question at this point is, do you think The military will ever step in because of the Supreme Court’s decision. Do you think the military will ever step in and create tribunals? For for what’s happening?

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Yeah, I don’t I don’t, I don’t believe that. I think that our military is a extremely professional, loyal organization, loyal men and women who serve, you know, all ranks. All types, our, you know, Army, Navy, Air Force Marine, our National Guard or Reserve the whole the whole gamut, right. Everything about them is a very professional, respected, capable force and, and lethal, and they’re all equal. So to tell any of those enemies that like to follow me around and listen to what I have to say, I always remind them that we have the most lethal military on the planet. So, you know, don’t get us on. But all that said, The, the military will always follow legal moral and ethical orders. And until they get something that is outside of that, then they will follow the lead of, of who they say is the commander in chief. So what what has what we where we are is where we are. We have a commander in chief do i do i feel like the last election was filled with fraud? Yeah, I absolutely. I saw some of it. I talked to many, many people that that witnessed grave instances of fraud at different levels. And there’s been a whole bunch of stuff written that further we get from the election, the more evidence keeps coming out, because people are starting to really get into the nuts and bolts in the weeds of what happened. And it’s ugly. It’s really ugly. So we’re, we’re lifting up that that rug, and we’re going, man, they swept a lot of stuff underneath the rug there. Now we got to pull it out, because we cannot have another election like we just had so at all, at all. So I know, I know. We’re going to try to wrap up at the top of the hour, Ron at least.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
So what I want to do is I want to I wrote some things down, because I want to just so what to do, how do I get involved? And I think that this is important, because I get this question a lot, what should I do and so I, you know, 75 million people stood in line to vote for Donald Trump. And that’s a good thing. Most ever, in the history of any any sitting president ever got, right. And so those 75 million people now need to do to do more, you can’t just go and then in line anymore, that’s what we learned, you’re going to have to now get involved. So I say, number one, we have to continue like you and I are doing right now. We have to continue to get our voices out there. They have to be they have to we have to get our voices out there peacefully and patriotically. We are voices out there, we have to make our voices heard. The second thing, I think this is super important that we have to organize in the sort of in the city town, you know, in our churches, in our ministries, in our parishes, our Ward or our states. And and at the federal level. So people have to organize that local state and the federal level, that means get involved in whatever, whatever walk of life you’re in, oh, volunteer, do something, or better yet, like I like to tell veterans, I love veterans who say I’m going to go run for office, I’m going to go run for mayor, I’m going to go run for town council, I’m going to run for, you know, the parish Council, the ward Council, or I’m going to I’m going to step up and maybe run for Congress. Those are the type of people that I want to get behind. I want to get behind people that want to serve, and that don’t see it as a as a wave as a as a lifestyle. They see it as a service right to the country. So that’s the second thing. I think we need to identify key local ones. So people have to pay attention in their communities. Don’t throw away the free newspapers that you get when you walk into some, you know, coffee shop, right? Look at and go what what elections are coming up and get involved. Maybe go volunteer, maybe go watch, right? Maybe go witness that what’s going on? See how the process goes. Don’t just be somebody who goes by I did this I stuck my paper in the machine and I thought it counted. Well, it probably didn’t mean the number of that type of adjudication that percentages were outrageous. What was happening in some of these counties, so identify key local elections, that the fourth thing is demand local and state officials that they take measures to prevent election fraud. Okay, if we don’t form this, this commission is the citizens commission which which we could do parallel but you we have to place demands on our on our elect of the people that we are electing. They have to put pressure to make sure that there’s no election fraud, we have to put demands on them. We’re voting for him. When people go to me, well, we got these people in Washington DC, I say, hey, that we voted for him. Get him out. somebody sitting there for 40 years, how does that happen? How does somebody stay in 40 years, term limits, baloney with term limits, get them out, vote them out, get involved, you know, that the fifth thing so fourth was demand local state officials take measures to prevent election for the fifth thing is seek out what I call patriots, right patriotic citizens, sort of America First, I’m a big believer in American exceptionalism. But seek out these America First, patriots right? Seek out these citizens and encourage them to run for public office. But but like I just sort of implied, let’s be careful that we don’t vote for somebody who stays in office for 40 years, right? Find somebody who’s one who wants to go in there, be a fighter, get in there, and hook and gab the way that they can politically, and you know, and then and then do what you can learn from and then come back and continue to serve your community. But we have to, we have to encourage people in our communities to get involved. And then the last thing, and this is really, you know, this is sort of the passion part. We have one United States of America. And I wrote an article A while back, and other articles I made about the passion, pillar article, and I believe that title is six months, probably probably nine months ago. Now. The title was if America falls, where will that was the title of the article. Wow. So we only have one America. That’s it. So all your listeners overseas, only one America. And

Unknown Speaker 56:55
in order for us to maintain that to be the beacon of hope, as john f kennedy talks about, or the shining city on the on the hill is Ronald Reagan would talk about it in George Washington actually use that phrase. And we have to so believe in our country, and so believe in what we’re about, because we only have one. And while I’m on this planet, given the gifts that I’ve been given, and they and the, and the life that I’ve been given, and frankly, the prayers that have been said for me to get me to this stage, with my family, and with true friends, and with our faith in God. That’s how that’s how we can keep this country that we have. Right, we need to, and we end like the phrase in the Bible says Be not afraid. I’m not afraid. So what I’m telling you and your listeners and your viewers, Be not afraid, but get involved.

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Yeah, that’s great. Have a one last question that we can walk this answer off the show, cuz we got a couple of minutes left. And thank you so much for taking the time. Now, the last question, is it with a couple of minutes? Will you ever be able to break your silence? Regarding the four years that you went through?

Unknown Speaker 58:21
Yes, I will. Yes, I will. And I will, and I will, I have to resolve in my head, frankly, how to tell that story. So it is a story of a journey. As I said earlier on in the in our discussion like Psalm 23 it has to be a journey that says if you can stay strong in those things that I talked about faith family, and you have those true friends that come to you, you can overcome damn near anything. And, and and that’s the that’s the story that I want to tell

Unknown Speaker 59:06

Unknown Speaker 59:07
with you know, some some color. You know, about the you know, the various, you know, because I went through many abysus right, the various businesses that I traveled through and in and then and the hell holes that I was that I witnessed. I’m going to story. I will tell that story. And I will come back when we tell that story at that time because I’ll come back and other times with you to tell that story. Now I would appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 59:43
Absolutely. You are more than welcome to this show anytime you want. All you got to do I’m a phone call away. And a schedule away and we are so honored that you took time to be here with us to speak to the viewers. We are happy I’m very happy that you that you and your family felt the support Have the American people. That’s very encouraging to all of us that you felt that, you know, a lot of us never knew how to get hold of you in contact, but the prayers went to you, personally, the support went to you. So we’re glad that you and your family felt our support.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
They did. And I, like I said, the greatest weapon that exists. Yeah. Mankind is is is a prayer for somebody. And, and you can feel it. We felt

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
absolutely Good, good. General. Mike, I appreciate your time. Again, thank you so much. And we definitely will have you back. We talked about that pre show, and that we will bring you back and we definitely need to do to do a show about saving the children that is the most important thing in life is saving the children. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. And from the viewers, we love you and we support you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
God bless. Thanks

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
very much. It’s great and God bless America.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
All right, I’ll be right back. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for watching another show of truth unveiled and we will see you on the next show.


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