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➡ Join the X22 Report as Bob Kula, the owner of Trade Genius Academy, talked about farmers in many countries protesting against their governments. He thinks people are tired of not being listened to by their leaders. He also discussed how electric cars are not as good as they seem, especially in cold weather. Lastly, he mentioned that China’s economy might be in trouble because their stock market is dropping.
➡ China and other countries that focus on exports are facing tough times, which could lead to a worldwide recession. The U.S. might also face a recession, but it won’t be as bad because more business will happen within the country, making our dollar stronger. The article also talks about how Bitcoin’s value might go up and down, but it could eventually increase a lot if more money is put into the system. Lastly, the article mentions that there are ways to learn about trading and investing, which could help people make money during these tough times.
➡ This text is about a person who helps others make money by teaching them how to trade. They have a website where they show all their trades, good and bad, but overall, they make more money than they lose. They also talk about how politicians and big banks don’t always tell the truth about the economy, and how this can make things hard for regular people. They also discuss how the government might try to control our money more in the future, and how some people are starting to see the government as an enemy, not a friend.
➡ This text talks about how young people are finding it hard to earn money and live comfortably because of problems like inflation. They’re starting to see that what they were told about the government isn’t always true. The text also mentions a website where people can learn about trading to hopefully make more money. The person speaking thanks someone named Bob for sharing this information.


22 report, Spotlight. Today we have a returning guest, Bob Kula. Bob is the creator and owner of Trade Geniusacademy. That is tradegeniusacademy. com. And I am very happy and honored to have Bob back on the x 22 report spotlight. Bob, welcome back to the spotlight. Hey, Dave, thanks for having me. Happy new year. Hey, happy new year to you, too. And thanks for coming back on. And I just wanted to start out with what was going on out in Germany, Poland, Scotland, actually can add the Netherlands to that.

In many other countries. It seems that the farmers, they’re all banding together, they’re bringing their tractors out. They’re protesting against their governments. You think that people are reaching a point where they had enough right now and do you think this is going to, you know, this reminded me of, I don’t know if you remember Argentina about two years ago when that socialist government wanted the farmers to basically provide grain at almost a loss for them so that they could then distribute it into the cities or export it at a profit.

And the farmers said, no moss, and they blocked the roads and the government had to relent. And then what? Two years later, we have a big change in party affiliation there. They went conservative. I think the same thing is going to happen. People are done, and this is existential threat to these farmers, and they know it. They know this is their backs against the wall, and they have the most leverage of everybody because if they don’t farm, you don’t eat.

Yeah. And so I think they’re really pushing it. I have a friend that was in Italy said Whitley hasn’t joined yet, but I think the italian government already went to the conservative side. So I think they’re just fighting the socialists. I’m told all of eastern Europe, not even just the states that you mentioned, are protesting now. And this is good. I think they need to do it. I think they need to make the grocery stores bare and to get everybody’s attention.

When you don’t listen to the people and you do the opposite of what the people want, I mean, it’s kind of obvious, especially in Germany, when you had so many people out with their tractors and with thousands of people, when you’re not listening to the people anymore, I think people could see it very clearly that you’re not for the people. You never were. Because if you were actually elected by the people, you would be assisting the people.

But it seems like even here in this country, it feels like they’re not assisting. They’re working against the mean. It’s total know it’s interesting because in Germany and Austria, they tried to ban the, you know, conservative parties, just like they’re trying to do to Trump. And that’s failing over there. And if you notice now, the Netherlands went hard, right? Just like Netherlands, I mean, like Argentina, and you got Hungary that’s always been a bastion of free markets and freedom for people.

And then Sweden, they’re just going to kick people. They said, look, we’re just going to get people out of the country. We’re done. We don’t want these people. We didn’t invite these people. They’re going home. And Trump’s saying the same thing, too. So there must be polling data that suggests that you can support this move because people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I think people are also getting sick and tired of this whole green know, scam push here.

And I think since we had this cold snap, even though they’ve been telling us that the earth is warming up, since we had this really bad cold snap, it looks like people are starting to learn their lesson when it comes to electric vehicles. Because as we all know, if you have a gas powered car, you know, if your car is in the cold, it drains the battery and it makes it very difficult to start and you have to jump it.

But at least you can jump the car and have it start with an electric car. It’s a little different. You just can’t jump it and say, hey, look, I got it going. So I think people are starting to understand that the EV market is not what it’s made to be. And do you think this is going to work in the reverse way now since they’ve been pushing it so hard? Yeah, absolutely.

We’ve been saying in our trading for the longest time, EV is a niche. The company that you want to follow is the strategic plan that Toyota has done. They didn’t embrace Ev like the big three here in the United States did. And you notice they’re all pulling back now. Ford is laying off their f 150 assembly plants. They’re laying people off. GM is pulling back. The technology does not work for mass adoption.

It’s always been a niche. And we’ve always said, if you live in an apartment, how the heck are you going to charge your car? They’re not going to put, those apartment complex, aren’t going to put charging stations at every parking space. Right? So it’s absolutely inconvenient for people. But watch Toyota, their hybrid technology is good. And they said they’ll only embrace EV if they get 1000 miles range in a 15 minutes charge.

And they’re working on battery technology. But, yeah, this thing’s pushed out a decade at least. But I agree with you, there’s some places and there’s some people that can never have an electric car, and what are they going to do? They’re going to force people into walking and taking buses. It’s just going to be another one of those moments where people are like, no, I’m not going to do it.

Just like they tried to force integration, they tried to force the climate scam on people. After a while, people say these things are tolerable if it doesn’t affect me, but once it affects me, no, I’m done. And I think what they’ve done here, they pushed everybody to a point now where it matters to people and people are now reacting to it, especially now with the economy not doing as great, people losing their jobs, inflation is high, they’re not going to tolerate the nonsense from the politicians anymore.

Yeah, I think when the economy breaks down, it really wakes people up, especially when, you know, people that get laid off or you hear rumblings in your company that, holy crap, they’re going to start laying off. I mean, we saw from the holiday season they pushed that buy now, pay later. I call it a scam because it just puts you more into debt later on. You might feel know, in the beginning during the holiday, look, I got all this stuff, but eventually the bill comes due and you’re going to have to pay it.

And I think people are starting to wake up to this. And since you mentioned the economy, China, their stock market all of a sudden is dropping. And then we’re hearing rumors that they’re trying to stop people from short selling. Actually, it looks like they’re trying to ban it. Do you think China’s economy is starting to fall apart? Yeah, they’re the first one that went over what we call the event horizon.

And the event horizon is when you’re lowering interest rates and your stock market’s falling at the same time. It’s basically the old adage pushing on a string. I think you’ve heard that in the past where no matter what policymakers do, you just can’t induce people to consume because they literally have reached their limit. China’s there. Unless they totally restructured our economy to a free market economy, which they will not do because nobody gives up power that easily, is that they’re in a world of hurt.

Now, what happened, though, when they announced more liquidity and they announced the short selling ban, the chinese stock market had a big pop, but I don’t know if you remember in 2008 we did that too. Remember we said you can’t short. It has to be an uptick rule. The market skyrocketed for two days and then it fell 47%. I think the same thing that’s going to happen here is that short selling is a necessary evil in the market because it provides liquidity.

Basically, liquidity provides buyers at lower prices because people then want to take profit, which then lifts the price. When you get rid of short selling, you get a short term lift in the prices because anybody who’s short now has to buy and they have to buy higher, and so they panic buy to get out of their position. But then when the market falls, there’s not a buyer there.

And if you remember 2011 with the flash crash, is that basically the market makers just step back to find a price and you can really then start getting these, what they call these vacuum drops where you can lose five, six, 7% in a day. China is going to be in that situation. There’s no relief valve anymore for China. If they keep putting money into the system to keep the stock market from collapsing, then all their commodity prices, import prices, rise too much, and then their businesses become unprofitable, and they’re already at 20% youth unemployment.

So that thing’s a cauldron over there in China. So how do you think this is going to affect the rest of the world? I mean, is this going to bring the rest of the world down with them? Well, it’s interesting. 2008, China saved the world economy because they went ahead and just went full retard, right? And was able to provide money and goods and services, and it basically kept, and they never really went into recession in 2008, nor did Australia.

Well, this time. Now, both those aren’t in a position to support the markets. And so it’s really ironic. The rest of the world is going to suffer immensely in this recession. United States, we’re going to get a recession, too, but we’re going to be better than the rest of the world. And the reason being is that as trade collapses, more economic activity will be within the United States and our dollar will get stronger.

So it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to go in and suffer some economic distress. We will. But these other countries, like Germany and China and Japan and Korea, all the countries that have been mercuritalistic, meaning that they support their export markets over everything else, they’re going to be in a world of hurt, and it’s not going to be short term, it’s going to be a multi year event and it’s not going to be pleasant.

Yeah, they’re already reporting that Germany is probably in a recession, even though know redoing their numbers and stuffing this one, going back in time, revising it. But it seems that they’re already in a recession. I guess that net zero thing is not working for them. I don’t understand the Germans. I’m almost ashamed to say I’m half german. They’re normally pretty rational and logical, but they’ve really went off the deep end.

This whole Green new deal thing, unlimited immigration in the hollowing out of their heavy industries because they didn’t have a backup plan for natural mean. The things these guys are supposed to be, the big planners, right? The smart people, the grown ups in the room and they totally went off the rails. And look, I don’t believe anybody’s saying they’re not in a recession. United States, we’re in a recession too.

Our growth is lower than the inflation rate. So that’s by definition a recession. And here’s the thing too, I should have sent it to you, is that we have negative 5. 7% tax receipts negative. And this month, this last month we missed by, I think, over a billion dollars again, of what the estimate was. And so you can’t have a robust economy if your tax receipts are falling.

That means people aren’t working. And the people that are working aren’t making enough money to generate enough federal tax income. And this is with the stock market at all time highs, you think you’d be getting capped gains. It’s not happening. And so I think we’re already in a recession and I think it’s going to get worse as companies now, look, they’re desperate. You and I are private enterprise people.

We don’t have to report anything that we do to outside world, right, other than the government entities. But these public companies now, to keep their stock prices elevated, they have to keep trying to create cash flow growth in their businesses. And the only way you do that once the revenue starts to falter is you have to cut underneath and you cut to a point where you start cutting into your ability to grow.

And we’re there now. And so with record price to earnings ratios and tepit revenue growth, it’s just a recipe for long term disaster. And we’re going to start seeing stocks blow up here and there, over course, all of 2024. And it’s just going to put pressure on the markets. Mag seven all time highs. The Russell 2000 is down 10%. Makes no sense. They’re lying to us, Dave. That’s surprising.

With everything that we’re seeing, are you surprised that gold is still above $2,000? I’m not. Same with bitcoin, same with silver. They’re going to go down in this environment, and I’ll talk bitcoin in a second with you. I know you have some questions on that, is that they’re going to go down, but they’re not going to go down as much because people have recognized that we’re going to need a backup plan to the fiat system.

And so you’re seeing people actually moving into those assets as more of a longer term play. And then once the Federal Reserve has to start buying the bonds, which they’ve been not doing, then you’re going to see all three of those things skyrocket. So you mentioned bitcoin. I mean, it looks like they got approved for etfs. And everyone, I guess everyone thought since that happened, you would see bitcoin skyrocket, but the opposite has been happening.

What do you make of this? Yeah, so there’s an old adage in stock market and trading is you buy the rumor, sell the fact. Right. So the two months prior to the ETF getting approved, bitcoin went on a tear. Right. And so now that it got approved, people are taking profit. So all this is really profit taking at this point. In fact, today I went back in and bought biti.

I trade biti. I mean, bito. I trade biti, which is the short. I shorted bitcoin on the announcement, down 20%. So we had three nice trades for our subscribers there. And this morning, actually, before I came on with you, I bought Bito, which is the ETF of bitcoin. So we do that because not everybody wants to have a Coinbase account. Not everybody wants to manage wallets. There’s etfs now, even before the announced etfs, that you could trade bitcoin long and short, and we’ve been doing that.

So I think there’s going to be a little bit of an upcycle here, but I think we’re going to make a lower low, and then we’re going to have to wait through the having and we’re going to have to wait for the Federal Reserve to add liquidity to the system. And I think that it’ll then start propelling bitcoin up over the highs. It got to, what, nearly 50,000.

Yeah. I hear some people projecting, oh, it’s going to go to 100,000, 400,000 500,000. What do you think about that? Yeah, if you think about it in this terms now, I mean, that sounds like a big number, but you’re sitting at 40,000 right now. So let’s say it goes to 100,000. That’s only 1. 25, right? 125% growth. You see what I’m saying? Yeah. It’s not like out of the realm of imagination.

Yeah, I see. Look, if they start pumping dollars into the system and yen into the system and euros into the system, people are going to hedge that inflationary impulse and, yeah, I could easily see bitcoin doubling and tripling. Not even a blink. The even better news is that if you’re holding Mar or riot Wolf, whatever, those things are going to go three, 4500%. Wow. And so that’s really where you’re going to.

You may have your bitcoin stash, but you want to keep that in the garage and you want to take the Ferrari out for a spin for a trade. So those bitcoin miners will go absolutely crazy, but they got to get through the having first because we have to see which ones are going to be able to survive the rewards being cut in half. I think their days are going to come in the summer.

We’ve had really big moves in those already. They pull back, I think they’re going to pull back some more and we get on the other side of the habit. We’re going to see who the halves and haves knots are and then be able to take off. I think clean spark looks pretty good. There’s a top five. If you’re a subscriber, we’ll give you the top five who we think we’re going to survive.

So if people wanted to get into trading and they know nothing about it, do you have any specials this month for them? Yeah, we always do, Dave, for your listeners. So if you go to trade like a genius. com, we have seven bundles put together. Depending on how you like to trade stocks, crypto, both options, futures, you just want training. We have all those already pre bundled, 65% off.

And the price we charge for the service is nothing compared to what you get out of it. If you don’t like any of the bundles, you just go in the store, kick the tires and you get use the promo code winter and I think it’s either 40 or 45% off. You could just check it when you go to the site and you’ll be able to just take that right off the top.

The bundles are already pre discounted, so what you see, is what you pay, and those are good until Saturday. So Saturday, midnight, take advantage of it. And what we do, Dave, I think it’s important for me to share. Not only do we give you access to our algorithm, which are very effective, we give you access to a chat room where you can communicate with myself and other traders.

And also we put trades out every day. So we teach you how to fish. We give you fish. We make sure you’re in the right ocean. We give you good fishing equipment. So it’s a complete package. We’ve been doing this a long time. We’re doing well. All the trades that we put out is on our web page. So you can see the good, the bad and the ugly.

But overall, we have a high win rate, and we have what’s called a positive profit factor, which means that overall, if you took every trade with us on an equal weight over time, you’re going to make money, and you’re going to make money in excess of the s and P returns. So that’s been our experience. Obviously, how you trade, how you set your stops, how you weight, how much cash you hold, your performance will be different.

But we mark every trade and we show how much they make. Great. I’ll put all the links at the bottom of the video to make it easier for people to go over. You mentioned in the beginning of this interview that we’re in a recession. But Yellen says we’re coming in for a soft landing and everything looks good. I think the Fed is also saying everything looks great. They got inflation under control.

What are your thoughts on this? Yeah, I’m sorry, Dave. I was wrong. Politicians never lie. Right. Look, she has to say those things. You remember when she used to know. And those guys said, we can’t tell you the truth because you may react negatively. Right. So they’ll never tell you the truth, and they’re always surprised. Right? So you have Jerome Powell saying, tighten, tighten, tighten, tighten. He goes to the December meeting, says, we may have to reduce rates.

Well, what the heck did he see? You know what? So. So these guys are always late. And they’re late on purpose. And it’s just narrative building, because remember, they don’t care if you lose money. They have to make sure that the people they work for always make money. And that’s not you. It’s the bankers, it’s the elites, the politicians. You’re low in the totem pole. You don’t matter.

You’re what’s called the liquidity provider to the wealthy. And that’s why we have this income inequality that just getting worse and worse and worse. The system is designed to grind you into nonexistence. I feel like it’s almost like 2008 when Bernacki was out there saying, hey, we’re not predicting any type of recession anytime soon. I think they just changed the words around and said, oh, look, a soft landing is coming.

I guess they couldn’t use the same exact phrase because that would be ridiculous. But it seems like we’re heading in the same direction and they’re doing the same thing. Absolutely. I’m sorry I cut you off. Yeah, no, I totally agree with you. And they do this all the time. We call it the word salad. It’s just what vegetables are they putting in the salad every day? They slowly change the words around and omit words over time.

They go for we’re in a bull market to, we’re looking for this, we’re looking for that. Oh, we’re surprised about this. Wow, we didn’t see that coming. Oh, we’re in a recession. We got to cut. You know what? Never, like, they’re never in front of the problem because there’s so much leverage in the system, Dave, that they can’t afford a panic move. So they’re always going to be a little bit late in a move like Jerome Powell.

The best way to know if Jerome Powell is doing a good job or not is that the Fed funds rate and the two year yield should be the same. Okay? And they’re not. So he’s over tightening in the market and it’s going to cause dislocations in the economy in the market. So you don’t even need a Federal reserve. That’s the ironic thing about it. The two year yield is an effective.

So they’re late already. They basically under tightened during the COVID thing and they overtightened during the response like they always do. And it would be okay, except that everybody that’s in the inner circle already knows this and they position along ahead of time. And I think that’s what’s going to happen this time. And they’re going to start cutting, but they’re going to cut too late. And when they cut in the stock market, 100% of the time, over the history of the Federal Reserve and the stock market, the markets fall and we go into recession because they’re always late, Dave.

So when you hear this thing about reason why the stock market is going up, because they’re expecting rate cuts, same with the bitcoin ETF. People are front running it. And when that cut gets announced that following week for the next six to 18 months. During that down cycle, the market is going to fall. And it happens every single time, no matter what they tell you, this one is at 100% record.

Wow, that’s crazy. You got to follow it. You got to be ahead of it, actually. You can’t start trimming now. Now, Trump, he made a very interesting announcement where he said, we’re not going to allow the central bank digital currency. Now, I’m sure the central bank and the World Economic Forum and all the other people that know all for the central bank digital currency, I guess they’re a little pissed off right now.

What do you think the central bank is going to do? Because right now I’m going to say when he gets elected, he’s not going to allow the central bank digital currency. So do you think they’re going to make a move to make sure that we get it? No shot across the bow. They can’t do it without legislation. So they need legislation to be able to do that, because really, a central bank digital currency in and of itself is really neither here nor there.

Everybody else knows what the next step is, is directed spending. Right. And being able to control basically going into your account, just like the IRS can go in there now, if you owe them money and you have money in your account and you’re not making your payments. Right. They can just go in there and drain your bank account. Right. That’s what these guys could do, too. They could just do industrial planning, saying, you know what we need to do? Spending here to support Medicare, that’s the follow on that people are worried about.

And then basically the political piece of it, you impoverish all your political enemies. I mean, it’s just a recipe for disaster. And so he just did a shot across the bow. Plus, Trump’s a smart politician. He knows people are worried about that. Right? Right. And so just listen to what he says now over the next couple of months. He knows the touchstones that people are worried about. Does mass immigration, inflation, wars, CDBC.

I think that’s where he’s focusing on. And now the deck’s clear. He’s not worried about, you know, he’s going to start going after Biden. Right. So now it’s know Nikki Haley’s in there to see if she gets picked as a vp. But I don’t know if Trump needs Nikki Haley to cover South Carolina. I think he’d rather have Mark Robinson and cover North Carolina and maybe dilute the black vote for the Democrats.

That would be my pick. If he called me up and asked me, I would say, go for Mark Robinson. He’s beautiful. Christian has that pastor sing song. He can relate to people. And he’s very popular. Senate governor of North Carolina. Yeah, he seems like a good guy. I know who that is. You always see him. He’s not afraid. No, he’s like Trump. He’s not afraid to speak truth.

Like, you know, he always reminds me of Jason Whitlock. So I think we need more truth tellers out there. Yeah. And I think they’re coming. I think we’re starting to see a huge change right now, and I feel it. Yeah. I had dinner with my daughter yesterday, and I forget what we’re talking about because taxes. She asked me to get her CPA because now she has her own business and now it’s getting too complicated for her to do it.

And we were talking about this, that, and the other thing, and she was just like, so negative on the government. Wasn’t even funny. But she’s not a Republican. Okay. So if you have somebody who’s kind of neutral, I would say she’s more leave me alone kind of person with a social conscience. But she doesn’t think the government’s her friend at all. And that’s not where the government wants you to be.

The government wants you to be in there say, support me. Support me, because we have your back. She’s like, I see you as the enemy. I don’t see you as a friend, which I thought was pretty interesting. She was pretty hard, poor about it, and she never really has spoken so stridently. Now I think she feels it now because she has to live it, and it’s complicated and it’s taken away from her life that she has to deal with this stuff.

And she’s in an environment where she has to get licenses and has to follow protocols, and it’s just, you want to pull your hair out, which I love. This is what the kids need to see. The government is not your friend. Yeah, it’s very interesting. When the kids go out into the real world and they’re making a living, they’re earning money, and they start to realize, holy crap, we were fed a lot of crap before, and now here’s reality, and it’s completely different.

And especially for the younger generation, with inflation and everything, it’s difficult for them to really make ends meet. And I think they’re really starting to notice this, and they’re starting to realize Biden’s been lying. They say one thing, but in reality, you’re feeling something completely. Yeah. Yeah. So I think everybody’s feeling it now. So hopefully, translating the polls, they got to keep an eye on these states. And then I think Trump will sweep.

I do, too. Hey, Bob, thank you very much for being on the exponential report spotlight, once again, how can people join up to your trading system? Yeah, trade like a genius. com. Tradegeniusacademy. com. Take advantage of our specials. I think you like what we do and what we charge for the service is nothing compared to what you can get out of it. So give us a look. Thanks for letting me pitch.

Hey, no problem. Thanks for coming on, and I’ll put all the links at the bottom of the video. And thank you for being on the spotlight. I really appreciate it. No problem, Dev. Have a good one. You too. .

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