Biden Economic Plan Will Be Replaced With Trumps Economic Boom Plan

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➡ The text discusses the current economic situation in the United States under the Biden administration, highlighting issues such as inflation, unemployment, and lack of energy independence, with accusations that these problems are being worsened by the current political and financial systems. It further suggests that President Trump has plans for an economic boom that could counteract these issues, however, the challenges need to worsen for individuals to realize the value of his approach, potentially leading to his victory in the 2024 elections.

➡ The speaker discusses skepticism over the reported economic good health as the job market struggles, with concerns about potential manipulation of gold and silver markets. Furthermore, there is mention on the likely shutdown of Bitcoin exchanges by central banks to push for central bank digital currency. The speaker criticizes the Inflation Reduction Act and suggests Trump’s economic boom plan as an alternative to “Bidenomics.

➡ The author presents a sharp criticism of the Biden administration’s economic policies, arguing they have led to a decline in income, job creation, and increased regulatory costs and inflation. The author then contrasts this with the perceived successes of the Trump administration, suggesting that a return to those policies would lead to a significant economic boost, energy independence, and potentially address issues related to the central bank.


Now, the deep state, the corrupt politicians, the private west of Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, they have gone down the path the Patriots want them to go down. And now Trump is unleashing his economic boom plan. Because what are people seeing? The people are seeing Biden’s plan, which is the Central Bank’s plan, which is the World Economic Forum’s plan, and that plan is destroying the entire country. We are no longer energy independent. We’re seeing inflation like we’ve never seen before. We’re seeing fuel prices start to move up because we’re not energy independent. We’re starting to see people lose their jobs. Industry is not coming back to the United States. And we can see the car manufacturers, well, they’re losing money hand over fist. And now the people are seeing all of this at the same time. And they’re realizing that the Federal Reserve, the Biden administration, they’re not helping the situation. They’re causing the situation.

And as the economic system completely deteriorates, as the system rips itself apart, trump is letting everyone know, you know something, we can replace everything that they’re doing and we can take the economy and make it absolutely fantastic. We don’t need to see this inflation. We can be energy independent again. We can have low unemployment. All we need to do is switch gears. And what do you think people are going to do as the economy gets worse and worse? Well, when people start to lose their job, when the market comes down, when people start to realize that their currency really doesn’t go that far, the people are going to go, hey, you know something? That guy over there, the bad orange man, he has a really good idea. Let’s make the economy great because these people are making the economy absolutely terrible.

And I do believe as we approach the 2024 election, what do you think is going to happen? You think the economy is just going to automatically get better? Or as we approach the elections, you think the economy is going to get worse and worse and worse as we reach that point in time when we have the elections? Well, I do believe it’s going to get worse and worse. And we might even see some type of stock market crash or the stock market dip that will scare a lot of people. And who’s to blame for all this? Well, think about the liars. The liars have been telling us this entire time that the economy is doing great. Bidenomics is working. It’s fantastic. Don’t you love the inflation? Don’t you love the high fuel costs? Don’t you love the electric vehicles that cost over $100,000? This economy is incredible. No, the people are going to look at this, all right, you lied the entire time. And here we are, the market’s coming down. It took a major dip or maybe it crashed. And now the economy is a complete and utter mess. Who do you think is going to win in this situation, it’s going to be Trump. But you could see we need to get there first. And people need to see all of this. They need to see it play out. Sometimes you need to walk through it to really understand what they’re doing. Because remember, going back to the very, very beginning, when you hear the World Economic Forum, when you hear the Biden administration, when you hear the Central Bank talk about the Green New Deal and the great reset, it sounds incredible. It sounds fantastic. Let’s clean up the earth. Let’s use clean energy. Let’s go to the Central Bank, digital currency. It’ll be a lot easier to use. Let’s do all of these things. But when it comes down to reality, you start to realize that this entire narrative, it doesn’t really work. And that’s why you need to walk through it. That’s why you need to see it. And we’ll be talking a little bit more about this a little bit later. And what Trump said, we’ll play that video now.

What’s very interesting is we can see that Switzerland right now, they have unveiled a money laundering clampdown. And now Switzerland has proposed sweeping measures to clamp down on money laundering. In an effort to shed the country’s reputation as a haven for ill gotten gains, finance Minister Karen Keller sutter unveiled reforms to increase transparency and close legal loopholes by requiring the ultimate beneficial owners of trusts and companies to be declared. So everything is changing. And remember the deep state players, what did they use Switzerland for? They used it for money laundering. They would be able to hide all their accounts. No one would know what was going on. And this is really what they used it for. And now everything is about to change and let’s see what happens as we move forward.

But here in the United States, what are we seeing? Well, the people, they’re seeing that, hey look, the economy’s falling apart. I wanted to purchase a house, but my money doesn’t go that far. Now interest rates are rising and it’s even worse. The purchasing power of homebuyers has taken a huge hit. A homebuyer on a 3000 monthly budget can now only afford a 429,000 home with a 30 year fixed mortgage rate around 7.3%. The buyer lost 71,000 in purchasing power since August of 2022, when they could have afforded a 500,000 home with an average rate of 5.5%. In December 2020, the same buyer could have afforded a $629,000 home. So look what’s happening here already. The people, they can’t afford the houses that they wanted. And it’s just going to get worse because if the Fed is going to raise rates, what do you think is going to happen? It’s going to kick more people out of the real estate market. And if it kicks more people out of the real estate market, well, those people that are trying to sell, they’re not going to sell because the rates are too high because why would they trade in their home at a rate of 4% or 3% or 5% and purchase a new home at seven, eight, 9%? It makes no sense. So the real estate market is completely and utterly falling apart on itself.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we could see that FedEx, Ups and other cargo distribution systems, they’re all reporting that there’s been a pullback in July and they’re saying their volumes are declining right now. So the number of package flights operated by FedEx Express and Ups, they have significantly declined month over month in July. And they’re starting to realize that things aren’t going too well in FedEx. They flew 9% fewer domestic flights last month than in June, following small sequential gains the prior two months with year over year flight activity down 14%. So right now they’re starting to realize that people aren’t shipping or people aren’t buying and there’s no need to ship and they’re starting to see the decline ups right now they have reported a second quarter domestic. Next day air revenue fell by 9.4% on a 12% drop in volume. And now they’re getting rid of some of their planes because they don’t need them. And we’re starting to see the economic system completely and utterly fall apart.

Now, what’s very interesting, the government said that the gross domestic product grew at 2.1%. They are actually expecting 2.4%, but they’re saying, don’t worry, the economy is growing. But really, is it growing or do they put out manipulated numbers and then later on they revise them? Well, that’s exactly what they do. Richard Barris on Axe put this out and said private sector employment and GDP both miss expectations this morning. Corporate profits, and remember, we were told to watch corporate profits were far worse than expected at 9.4%, which is negative 9.4%, which follows a negative 5.1%. Advanced trade deficit was wider than expected at negative 91.2 billion. Retail weaker than expected at 0.3%. And it’s just getting worse and worse as time goes on. And like we said, what the Biden administration does and the Central Bank does, which they’ve been doing for a very long time, they throw out these numbers that look incredible and then one month, two months later, what do they do? They revise it. And their drop very, very low. It’s the game they play and this is what they’re doing. They try to convince you right off the bat, look, the economy is doing very, very well and then later on they correct it, but no one’s paying attention. Zero Hedge put this out on X and said in the past month, the Biden department of goal seeking stuff higher before revising it lower, has revised the following data sharply lower jobs, jolts new homes, housing starts and permits, industrial production, PCE and core PCE. And they’ve been doing this for quite a while and they’re going to continue to do this because this is the game they play. It’s almost like during COVID or anything else with gun control, they push these Draconian laws, which are completely unconstitutional, but they know it’s going to take time to get through the court system, so they try to push it as far as they can get it. It’s a game they play and they know eventually what’s going to happen. It’s going to be deemed unconstitutional. ButThose people that said, oh my God, I must turn on my gun. Oh my God, I must do this, well, they were trapped in that narrative. The same thing is happening right now. They’re using these statistics telling everyone the economy is good, and the people are saying, oh look, the economy is not as bad as everyone thought. It’s actually pretty darn good. And then two, three months later, what do they do? They revise the numbers down and nobody realizes what’s going on. And all they hear is the economy is doing pretty darn good.

But the problem with the economy is that even though they’re throwing out these numbers, when you go to the fuel pump, when you go shopping, you see it. You experience it every single day, especially if you get laid off. So if they’re telling you the job market is absolutely incredible and you get laid off and you go find another or try to find another job and you can’t, well, you know there’s a problem. And then you start to talk to other people saying, hey, can you find a job? Is it easy to find a job? Oh no, it isn’t. Yeah, they’re telling us the market’s incredible, but everyone that I speak to, they can’t find work. See, you can’t hide this with the people. The people can see this very, very clearly. So every move they make, every push they make, it’s not going to work in regards to the economy. They’re going to fail in this respect.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we’re starting to see the deep state players, the Central Bank, they’re making moves on Bitcoin and especially the exchanges. And remember, most of the people around the country and around the world, they use the exchanges because it was easy to use and it brought two worlds together. It brought the Central Bank world connected to the cryptocurrency world, where you can actually move currency back and forth. But it looks like they’re going after Binance right now. And John Reed Stark put this out and he said, what’s up with the secret US SEC motion relating to Binance in the US SEC Binance litigation? The US SEC has filed a sealed motion for leave to file documents under seal, according to an SEC court filing late yesterday. Filing a court document under seal allows sensitive or confidential information to be filed with a corporate kept off of any public record. Along with the SEC motion, the SEC also filed 37 supportive submissions, including multiple exhibits, a proposed order, and a declaration of the SEC trial attorney Jennifer Ferreir. A rare SEC tactic filing any court document under seal is a rare move by the SEC. The SEC is a civil, not criminal enforcement agency. Thus, in stark contracts to criminal prosecutorial filings, SEC motions and enforcement actions are typically filed openly and free for everyone to read. After all, it’s in the public interest to know and understand the SEC’s use of U. S. Tax dollars. And US SEC wants its message heard loud and clear to deter future securities violations.

So the question is, why are they doing this? Well, he says, My take is the secret US SEC filing likely relates to an existing US DOJ investigation of Binance, and could directly or indirectly describe the heretofore unknown contents of an impending US DOJ Binance related indictment or indictment already filed under seal, which the US DOJ would prefer to keep secret. And my guess is that Binance will likely not oppose the US SEC sealing motion for fear of making public potentially inculpatory evidence or potentially scathing criminal allegations relating to Binance’s activity. But then again, bear in mind that this is a rare SEC action.

Now, what’s very interesting is that Parrot Capital responded to this and they said, excellent thread. It is without any doubt that Binance and Chengpeng Zhao have sealed criminal indictments against them. One read of the CFTC lawsuit and you can see where this is headed. Get out of Binance as soon as possible. Now, once again, I do believe the deep state, the central banks, what they’re going to do is they’re going to be going after the exchanges because for a lot of people, they don’t know how to operate without the exchanges. And I think what they’re trying to do is shut down Bitcoin any way they possibly can. And they’re trying to make it very, very difficult for the people because remember, their entire plan is to do what? To bring US into the central bank digital currency. So once again, they will push this agenda to the very, very end. Just like they took control of the gold market, they created the paper market, and they’re able to use paper to control the price of gold. Because right now, since the fiat currency has lost 98% of its value, what do you think gold should be? Right now, gold should be a lot higher because the value of the fiat currency is declining very, very rapidly. But they don’t want people to see that because if people saw that, people would say, hey, we have a problem right now. Why is gold at 9000? Why is gold at 10,000? This makes no sense whatsoever. Same thing with silver. And this is why they have to create the illusion that gold hasn’t moved anywhere. Yes, it moves up, but not the way it’s supposed to. Because if the fiat currency has lost 98% of its value, well, gold is no way going to be $2,000 an ounce, if you really think about it. Same thing with silver. Silver is not going to be in the makes no sense whatsoever, just like Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act makes no sense. And what’s very interesting, he actually admitted that this bill is misnamed because it has nothing to do with inflation. Actually, it’s making inflation worse. Just take a listen to what he said and how he admits it.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, which in a sense is misnamed. We did lower inflation, but there are many other things in that list.

So once again, the deep state, the central bankers, they’re doing exactly what they always do. They create a bill. They call it one thing and it actually means the opposite. Just look at all the other bills that they create. The Affordable Care Act, the Patriot Act. It’s always the opposite of what they call it. So the title is absolutely meaningless. And you can see right here, we all knew from the very, very beginning that the Inflation Reduction Act had nothing to do with reducing inflation. Because how would you reduce inflation if you’re continually spending currency, if you’re continually pushing stimulus? It doesn’t work. Inflation is caused by the central bank continually printing and printing and printing, and the US government continually borrowing that printed money. And then what happens if you’re distributing it among the people? Well, there’s more currency in circulation. More currency in circulation means the value of the currency declines over time. And this is what we’ve been seeing since 1971 when we came off the gold standard. Inflation just continually got worse. Remember, it’s cumulative. It just doesn’t reset every single year. And we go back to zero and we say, hey, look, now it’s only 1%. Now it’s only 2%. So when you look over time from the 1970s, that’s how you really can tell.

Just look at food, for example, bread. You look at eggs, you look at milk. Remember production, manufacturing and everything today is much more advanced. Actually, it’s cheaper to produce and ship all of these items. So what has happened? Well, the items didn’t change. Actually, the ability to produce them has declined. And what do you see? You see the price of these items continually moving up. And that means the dollar is continually losing value over time. And this is how you can see it very, very clearly. You can also see it with gold. All you need to do is take a look at gold. Go all the way back to the 30s when gold was like $35 an ounce. Put $35 of paper money in the ground, dig it up in 2023. Is the gold still $35 an ounce? No, it’s not. The gold didn’t change. It’s still an ounce. What’s changed? The value of the paper currency. Because now you need a lot more of those pieces of paper to buy that same ounce. So it’s very, very easy to see in Trump. He’s prepared and ready to change everything. We’re going to take the Biden economic bus plan and we’re going to replace that plan with Trump’s economic boom plan. And we’re going to see a huge difference in the economy. And Trump lays it out, lets everyone know that the country is going to look very, very different, and we can do this very, very easily. Take a listen to what he said.

Most important issues in this campaign will be who can rescue our country from the burning records of Bidenomics, which shall henceforth be defined as inflation, taxation, submission, and failure. Under my leadership, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world. In fact, we did it twice. And when I get back in the Oval Office, we will do it.

Again, and it’ll be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. On day one, the Biden economic bust will be replaced with the historic Trump economic boom. Any numbers you see that are economically positive in the Biden administration are because they’re running on the fumes of what we created years prior to their taking office.

Let’s look at the facts comparing Crooked Joe Biden’s economic catastrophe with the incredible success of a certain President named Donald J. Trump. Under Biden, real incomes have gone down by $7,400 per family. Under President Trump, yearly income went up by more than $6,000 after revising Biden’s fake job numbers by accounting for returning Trump workers who were already employed before the pandemic.

Just 2.1 million new jobs have been created during Biden’s 1st 30 months in office, which is a disgrace. By contrast, during my 1st 30 months in office, we created 4.9 million new jobs, millions more than the experts predicted.

Under Biden, gas prices are up four, five, six, and even to $7 a gallon. Inflation has reached the highest level in half a century, and mortgage rates are pushing a brutal 7% and going higher. Americans now have to pay $366,000 more in interest payments just to purchase a house. When I was your President, the 30 year mortgage rate reached a record low of 2.65%. Wouldn’t you like to have that back again? Inflation was less than 1.9%, and we had gasoline down to $1.87 a gallon, and in some cases, even lower than that.

Under Biden, the radical Democrat Communists have piled over $10,000 of job killing regulatory costs onto the backs of every single American household in less than three years. By contrast, under the Trump administration, we cut the cost of job killing regulations by an amazing $11,000 per household. So look how that works when you compare them both.

Under our leadership, 401K, savings and retirement accounts were soaring. Under Biden, people had been set back for years to come. Biden even forced us into a recession. And then the media tried to change the definition of recession to protect him. They’re always trying to protect him, but the people are getting wise to it.

Now, it’s no surprise that under our leadership, approval of the economy was three times higher than it is under Biden. When I was president, 63% of Americans rated the economy as excellent or good. Today, that number is just 19%.

But America’s economic resurgence is coming soon. With tax cuts, regulatory cuts, tariffs, energy independence and even energy dominance, which we will have. We will end Bidenomics and the disastrous Biden era. The most incompetent president we’ve ever had will soon be over. We will do it quickly, we will do it effectively and we will make America great again. Thank you very much.

So it looks like the plan is coming together. Trump, he’s showing everyone. Look at their agenda, look at their policy, look what they’re trying to do. Is this something that you like? Do you like the economy being destroyed? Do you like your lives being destroyed? Well, if you don’t like it, we can fix it.

So if you really think about what he’s doing, he’s showing people when he was in the White House for four years, look, I can take this economy even though I’m playing in a central bank illusionary economy, I can make it fantastic. I can bring industry back. I can play tariffs on China and Europe. We can bring the tax rate very, very low. We can have unemployment very, very low. We can be energy independent and we can renegotiate trade deals. We can do all these things while I’m playing in the central bank illusionary economy, and the economy is going to roar.

But what happens when someone else comes in and decides to reverse it? Well, the Biden administration, they were put into place and they reversed everything that Trump did and what happened to the economy, it completely and utterly fell apart. Now he’s saying, listen, whatever they did, I can reverse it and make it absolutely incredible. And this is exactly what he’s going to do. And we’re going to see an economy like we’ve never seen before. Why? Because I do believe he’ll be going after the central bank, because that’s the cause of all of this. And once we get rid of the private west central bank and the world starts to remove the private west central bank, the world is going to be is going to look very.



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