Biblical Roots Black Seed CBD

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Biblical Roots Black Seed CBD


➡ The Sons of Liberty is a non-aligned organization that believes in the Judeo-Christian principles that the United States was founded on, utilizing these beliefs as a basis for its educational content. The organization runs a radio show hosted by Tim Brown, focusing on various topics within religious and societal frameworks, providing verticals such as news, online platforms, email newsletters, merchandise, expert interviews, and interactive sessions.
➡ The discussion emphasizes on the beneficial effects of black seed oil and CBD oil, both known to contain potent anti-inflammatory properties. Coupled together, these oils can potentially improve overall body health, particularly cardiovascular health. The text also mentions the importance of studying natural plant medicine against conventional medication. Lastly, it includes insights about nutrient absorption in the human body, how certain nutrients can boost the absorption of others, and the possible interference of caffeine.
➡ Stomach upsets from black seed oil or CBD usually indicate an overdose. The remedy is to reduce the dosage and gradually increase until a comfortable level is achieved. Timing does not play a significant role and consumption can happen at any time of the day. It also doesn’t matter whether it’s taken with food or not, especially for the oil-based products. CBD does not cure cancer but can prevent its occurrence especially in individuals who have never experienced the disease before. This prevention extends to other ailments as well. However, for those who had cancers and recovered, CBD alone cannot prevent a recurrence – cannabis oil is recommended.
➡ The speaker discusses the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, the manipulation strategies of fear and distraction, and the importance of natural remedies and dietary changes. They also emphasize the harm caused by toxins, both environmental and those present in foods and medicines, with significant detrimental effects on our central nervous system and overall health. The speaker also mentions the therapeutic effectiveness of CBD and natural supplements on conditions ranging from autism to cancer, asserting that prescription drugs and processed foods worsen individuals’ health conditions.
➡ The caller shared her experience of recurring skin cancer and was advised to use cannabis oil instead of cutting the cancer out as it’s just a symptom. Cutting doesn’t address the cancer cells in the blood. The stress of losing a loved one can trigger the cancer. CBD, while beneficial, doesn’t cure cancer but can stop its spread. The speaker mentioned a university program teaching about cannabis and its benefits, which has substantial job opportunities in the industry.
➡ The discussion covers the benefits of cannabis and the importance of diet in maintaining health and managing conditions such as arthritis. It also emphasizes on using natural remedies for ailments instead of resorting to pharmaceutical aids highlighting the negative long-term impacts, even as it recognizes cannabis as a pathway to improved health.


The Sons of Liberty is a politically neutral organization. We believe that the Judeo Christian ethic has provided the principles upon which this nation was founded. It is our belief that these principles provide not only the foundation and framework for American government and society, but are also essential to the maintenance of a fair and just society. All program content is based on a Christian biblical worldview. One of you said to me recently that we shouldn’t rock the boat.

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So you guys have fun with that. Okay? Get those books out of there and the rest of the stuff. So anyway, a couple of weeks ago on the Saturday show we had with Kate, we brought Dean Manning back on, and we were talking about a variety of things in the mix of that. And usually when you have two guests, it’s kind of hard to get to pull from the one.

Either they’re equal or one dominates, something like that. So I said, d, let’s bring you back on and let’s talk about something else that’s tied to her expertise. And so we talked about it and said I had ordered some black seed oil from her@themywaycbd. com to use. And she said, why don’t we talk about the black seed? And I said, that sounds great. And I know the scripture references, Black seed, some of you will be surprised to hear about that, but it’s my privilege to welcome back to the Sons of Liberty.

D Manny, good to see. Oh, I think you’re muted. I think you’ve got yourself muted there. Good morning. I am, hi, Tim. It’s great to see you. And one of the interesting things is that they will tell you that I guess I’m sort of comic relief off air, too. As I was typing her name in, we were talking. I put what? I put Danny, Manny, I don’t know where any of.

Yeah, I felt like I was half asleep trying to get everything going. And then the music did what it did as well. Do you know those, Tim? I must say, the amount of people that when they message me, because I get messaged daily and the amount of people that do just call me Danny for some reason, I think they must be the D and the Manny and they automatically think I’m Danny.

So I often know. I think that probably was my issue, too. I was doing that. We were talking and I am a one track guy. You got to put me on one thing. I got to do one thing at a time. But, yeah, we wanted to talk about Black Sea. Now, for people who may be new to the show, never heard you come on the show or never heard you speak anywhere else or read your books or any of that, can you give them just a little background of who you are and then we’ll get into some of this.

So now I’m six years cancer free. I should have died five years ago because I refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I healed completely naturally. I did have a lumpectomy and then I basically healed myself with diet supplements and cannabis oil. I then wrote a book which became an Amazon bestseller, pretty much just detailing my journey to help inspire other cancer patients. And then I was kind of just thrown into the cannabis industry just purely because my book got a lot of media attention because it was an Amazon bestseller.

And I was interviewed with you as well in the early days, wasn’t I, Tim? And since the cannabis kind of took over, I then set off my own CBD brand. And I’m kind of known now as a cannabisologist because I live and breathe studying the ground. I’ll bet there’s a lot of people who didn’t know there were cannabis. How did you say that? That was a big word.

Cannabinoids in our body. Yes, because we all have an endocannabinoid system. Yeah, but you said they called you and one of those cannabisologist. There you go, cannabisology. I was going to get all a tongue tied on that one. I’m going to drop the link to her book in the chat if you guys want to get that. Okay, so you obviously know what you’re talking about with CBD and cannabis and hemp and things of that nature.

And by the way, for people who don’t know, there are differences between what you think of as what is marijuana and what is hemp and how they’re used and things of that nature. So if you want to elaborate on that, you can Dee, but how did you get into this issue of black seed and how did that impact what you were doing with the CBD oil? So my CBD range is quite.

I wanted it to be quite unique from what else is on the marketplace. So we have the regular CBD, such as broad spec and full spec. But because the majority of the people that I help deal on their health issues or what have you, they’re always majorly sick. And not many people come to me just as they want preventative measures. They usually either got cancer or some other life threatening illness.

So with my CBD, I wanted to make more than just CBD. So we have essential oil, CBD. So it’s kind of like, basically you’re getting two powerful oils in one. For instance, I’ve got frankincense, Ashwagandha, oregano, Pine needle, Mer, Ginger, and we also have one of the latest ones we produce is a black seed CBD. Now, black seed is absolutely amazing. It’s pretty much like hemp in the fact that it’s nutritious seeds.

They’re very powerful. They’re pretty much grown everywhere as well. People think it’s just in Asia, but it doesn’t need a great climate and it does grow quite widely in Europe alone. So with the black seed CBD, we’ve just literally combined black seed, organic oil and the broad spectrum CBD oil that we produce. Anyway, there is zero THD in these oils, by the way. So it’s just a lovely blend of broad spectrum CBD.

And because those oils separately are quite powerful when they’re added together synergistically, they’re just so amazing on the body. And the reason why I wanted to speak about this as well, Tim, the black seed, is because I did send you some studies. Now, in the natural health business, it’s really hard for people to kind of get their head around why people should be using nature and plants as opposed to big pharma drugs.

And that’s purely because there’s not been enough studies on natural health and not enough studies on plant medicine alone. But lately there is quite an abundance of studies that have actually been proven that black seed oil alone is hugely beneficial to the body and especially on the heart, which, as you know, now quite a lot of people are suffering from heart. You know, we had two guys on the show.

I think both of them were brought, Kate brought them on the show, but one of them was like an attorney. Another one was, I want to say he was a psychologist, and they had both referenced that they put black seed in their treatment of their own cancers, and they had found out the same thing that you had found out, the healing power that that works as well. Now, again, I want to clarify for our audience, and you guys should know, when I say the healing effects there, I’m talking about what God has put into the creation that he uses to heal us in many cases.

And we can see several things in the scripture where he used parts of the creation to bring healing as well. So I want people to understand what I mean by that when I talk about healing. But we had those two guys on, they both specifically mentioned black seed being put in. And so there really is something to that. It is absolutely such a powerful plant. And when you combine the black seed with the hemp, which is what we use hemp oil in the CBD oil, it’s super, super potent.

And so far, everybody that has used the black seed has literally just said that it’s life changing for them, not only on the mental health state of the health, but also the physical state of the health as well. Yeah, that’s good. All right, so let’s talk about. I’ve pulled up a couple of passages here, and we’ll just kind of start here. In the beginning, this was one that you and I, we had referenced the first time we did the interview, and that was right out of Genesis, chapter one.

I mean, this is what God said that he did for man. He created man in his own image. Verse 27 of Genesis, chapter one, in the image of God created he, him, male and female created he them, and God blessed them. And God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply. Replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

So they’ve got a job to do, right? He gives them the job now. He gives them the means by which they can do that job. And God said, behold, I’ve given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed to you, it shall be for meat. And then he goes on and he says he’ll do that also for the animals.

So he gives them those things. So that’s how things started out. It’s hard for us, I think, today to conceive of the fact that we would not have trash because we would not be buying a lot products, no matter what they are, even quote unquote food. It’s hard for us to imagine a world in which this is all that’s available to eat is whatever God’s provided. But that’s exactly what we need to be putting in our bodies.

Right? 100%. And just as you mentioned that Scripture there, now you’ve referenced twice, cannabis is actuaLly, I believe, in the Bible that you’ve mentioned. It is also Nigelus fever, which is black seed. That’s also been mentioned in the Bible as well, hasn’t it, that you, I think did I sent you on one of those studies I sent, it did actually reference. Yes, there is. There’s actually the first one I think that you sent, which is this one.

This one’s on the National Library of Medicine. This one’s been put in here too, and it references both the Bible and the Quran in it, specifically there for the black cumin seeds. Pretty interesting. Pretty interesting. All right, so you got these done and they’re ready to go. Now let’s get into how does it work? What does it do in the body? You’re saying it’s good for the body.

What does it do? Because I know you know cannabis inside and out. You can tell me everything it does in the body. But what about the black seeds? What are they doing? Black seeds pretty much is exactly the same as the CBD. It’s an anti inflammatory. See, when we are sick, I think practically every single sickness and illness is from inflammation. Cancer is inflammation. Heart conditions are inflammation.

Fibromyalgia is inflammation. Even mental health issues can be a form of inflammation in the mind, in the brain, et cetera. So the way that black seed and cannabis work on the body is by being an anti inflammatory. And what we have in the body is in the endocannabinoid system, which I’ve mentioned to you many times before on your show. And the endocannabis noid system controls every other system in your body.

So that’s the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the central nervous system, the endocrine system. So every single illness is fueled by the endocannabinoid system. So cannabinoids, as in CBD, fuels the body, as in it kind of switches on the cannabinoid receptors, so everything’s homeostapic and balanced. And black seed works exactly the same as well. The anti inflammatory, obviously it doesn’t connect to the endocannabinoids, but it’s an anti inflammatory, it’s an antioxidant, it’s great for heart health, it’s great for the digestion, it’s great for pain, anxiety, stress.

Pretty much everything that controls every single system and organ in your body is fueled by one of these two seeds, because that’s what they’re both are. They both are seeds, aren’t they? Really? Yeah. Now we’ve got somebody in the chat who has said they believe that it contains carbon 60, which they say is a powerful antioxidant. Have you looked at any of that? I haven’t looked at the carbon 60, but I do know that it is a powerful antioxidant and a powerful anti inflammatory as well.

And also the way that they both work together, CBD and black seed, is because they both contain terpenes. The terpenes are obviously found in your plants and the phytocannabinoids, and they work together. When you get two terpenes, they work very powerful. This is the same reason why I don’t know if you know that if you take turmeric, which is curcumin, if you take every day for your body to absorb it better, you should be taking it with bioperin, which is black pepper, because there’s terpenes in black pepper and there’s terpenes in the turmeric as well, the turmeric.

So they work together. It’s exactly the same as terpenes in the cannabinoids and the terpenes in the Nigelic fever plants. They both work synergistically together. Interesting. So you’re telling me that I’m going to have to start dumping some pepper in my carrot juice, is that what you’re telling me? Because that’s where I take the turmeric. Yes, always. That’s going to add a new flavor in there. Well, you don’t need that much, but black pepper, it has to be black pepper.

And it’s kind of like, see, nature helps your body absorb a lot of nutrients. It’s like for iron, for instance, if you was to take an iron supplement, or you can take iron with other natural remedies as well. But for your body to absorb the iron, your body needs vitamin C to bring the iron to where it needs to go. So if you’re taking iron without vitamin C, it is pretty useless, basically, especially if it’s an iron substance from your doctor, which is like from Big pharma.

Right? Okay. I don’t know why I’m going off on iron, just using it as an example. Also with iron, if you take iron before or after caffeine, the caffeine dissolves the iron, which not a lot of people know. And when the doctor prescribes you with iron fabric, they will probably not tell you. Make sure you don’t have tea or coffee before you take your iron. And make sure you take your iron with a glass of orange juice, for instance.

Wow. Nature works with nature, and our body is nature. It all works together. Yeah, I mean, I can see that you learn something new every day here. Okay, so our friend Sherry has a question. When is the best time to take the black seed oil with food or just water? Morning or night? Her stomach used to get upset if she’s taking black seed oil or if she’s taking a go ahead.

Okay, so usually when we get a stomach upset, and that can be with CBD as well, it could be that she’s taking too much of it. So I would just lower the dose and then try to see if that helps. Because usually when, I’m not quite sure I know the black seed brands, but if they will give a dosing when you dose natural remedies, it’s not a one size love fits all like it is with the pharma.

And you have to adjust that natural plan to suit you. So usually when we get an upset stomach from natural remedies, it’s usually because you’re taking too much for your body to absorb. So then I would have a lower dose and just increase until you find it comfortable. But in terms of the time, I would say anytime, morning, noon, or night with the black seed, CBD, I usually recommend it two or three times a day anyway, morning, noon.

And I don’t particularly think it matters if you have it with food because if you take it in your mouth, sublingually under the tongue, it goes straight into your bloodstream anyway. It doesn’t filter through your intestines, capsules will. So if you take a capsule, then that will filter through. But if you’re taking oil, it makes no difference if you eat or you don’t eat. Okay. All right, that makes sense.

And yeah, anytime that something makes me feel like that’s a natural product, I’m going to back off of it just a little bit instead of putting so much in there. It’s just that you’re taking too much. And also, sometimes if you have extreme, for instance, if you have extreme infections in your body, say, if you have a water infection or a kidney infection, it’s always best take high doses of vitamin C.

So you would literally take vitamin C every hour until you kind of get a bit of a dolgy belly, because then it’s flushing you out. And the reason why that works is because you’re taking too much. But too much vitamin C when you have an infection is kind of a good thing. So it works in the same way. Okay. All right. Yeah. And just so everybody understands, the show is for information and educational and entertainment purposes only.

There’s my entertainment. This is your education. That’s what you’re hearing. And anything that you choose to do with any of this stuff is completely at your discretion to do. One of the things. I wanted to go back again to Scripture. It’s interesting how some of these things get brought up, and the cumin comes up, and it’s clearly the black cumin that was abundantly available there. And what’s interesting is it shows up in Isaiah, and he starts talking about, Doth the ploughman plow all day to sow? Doth he open and break the clods of his ground when he hath made plain the face thereof? Doth he not cast abroad the fitches and scatter the cumin and cast in the principal wheat and the appointed barley and the Rye in their place? For his God doth instruct him to discretion and doth teach him.

For the fitches are not threshed with a threshing instrument. Neither is a cartwheel turned about upon the cumin. But the fitches are beaten out with a staff and the cumin with a rod. And so these references are there. And what was interesting was Jesus would later go on, and he would deal with the Pharisees over the matter. And the reason I’m Bringing this up is it seems like they held quite a bit of value to them in the culture that they’re in.

This is how Jesus referenced the Pharisees in Matthew 23. Remember? When he’s bringing judgment upon them, he says, woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you pay tithe of mint and Anis and cumin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith. These ought ye to have done and not leave the other undone. And so he told them, you’re just all about the world and yourself and self aggrandizement, but you left off the weightier things of the law, which is mercy and justice.

And so, anyway, I just wanted to make that point, that this is found in the Scriptures. And I know there’s other ancient books as well. Again, our Muslim friends have talked about using the black seed, that they read it out of the Quran. I think the one guy. No, he wasn’t. I was going to say he had come out of Islam, but he hadn’t. But any case, they had used it, too.

So it’s been in a lot of different ancient cultures, not just even there, but in ancient cultures. They’ve used this stuff, too. And a lot of the Asians use the black seeds in the cooking as well, because it’s a potent spice. It’s very pungent. So it’s funny that you just mentioned Cumin there as well, because I recently just discovered that it’s nothing to do. Black seed is nothing to do with the actual spice cumin.

It’s just referenced as cumin because of the potent or pungent smell and taste. Okay. Oh, you’re telling me here? Yeah, it’s referenced as cumin, black cumin. Okay. And there’s also a spice called cumin. The black seed and the spice cumin are not connected. They’re not the same thing. Yeah, right. But my understanding of what was being said here in the passages that was referenced was they were referred to as black cumin seeds.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, I know that. But a lot of people think that the black seed is the same as the spiced cumin. It’s definitely not that. So they’re adding Cumin to everything and thinking, I’m sure he’S helping something, but it’s not going to give you the benefit. Black seed. Right. Okay. All right. So, look, we got quite a bit of time to be with you today. And with this black seed, is that the most powerful one that you’ve got so far, or does it depend on the person? It depends what you mean.

In pens of potent, because it’s one of the most potent. Broad spectrums we have. Broad spectrum. We have full spectrum. Full spectrum obviously has a little bit of THC in it. The broad spectrum has completely been removed. So in terms of the broad spectrum, without the THC, then, yes, I would definitely say it’s the most powerful oil that we’ve got. I used to think it was frankincense, because frankincense is super powerful, especially as a cancer healer.

But now I actually do think the black seed. So much stronger. Would you say that? Let me ask you about that on the frankincense end, because, again, we’ve talked about even the gifts that the wise man brought to Jesus. Frankincense was among that Myrrh. And I’ve been told they’re anti parasitics. So was that one of the things that you were looking at and combining that with CBD as well.

With the frankincense, you mean? Yes, exactly. So the Frankincense and myrrh. And so the frankincense, myrrh and gold. And I was told. Now, I wasn’t sure, because some places it says the gold actually would either refer to turmeric or in other places I’ve said that it referred to ginger. Interesting. I’m not quite sure what the gold actually is. We did try to make a term with CBD which tasted vile.

It tasted absolutely disgusting. So we need to do a bit more tweaks on that. But we do have the ginger. So we do actually have the frankincense CBD, the Merz CBD and the ginger. CBD. That’s interesting. I’m going to go take a look at that a little further. Be interesting to find out if the gold was actually turmeric or ginger. Interesting. Real interesting. All right, so there’s your frankincense for the day, too.

All right. What else do you develop? Because again, some people may be listening, they go, okay, this is all fine, willing and good and stuff. What if I’m not fighting cancer? Should I be using something like this, sort of as a supplement to whatever I’m eating? The thing is that if you have cancer already, CBD will not heal you. This is a misconception that people think that and that they come to me all the time and they want to order the strongest CBD possible because they want it to heal the cancer.

CBD doesn’t have the capability to heal cancer. What it can do is it can stop the spread somewhat. To actually heal the cancer, we need cannabis oil, which is completely different. CBD. If a patient, or if a person has never, ever had cancer, then CBD alone is a great preventative. But then once you have had cancer, if you develop cancer and you’ve healed even then, CBD will not prevent you from recurring.

That I would suggest as well cannabis oil, but as a great preventor not only of cancer, of all illnesses. I think that a CBD supplemented every single day will prevent a lot of ailments. Okay. All right. Yeah. And I was going to pull this out of here. I’m using some of these stuff too here, the CBG and CBD oral drops, and going to be getting some of the black seed as well.

And you guys, like I say several of these things I tell you about that I’m using, and I see it as a benefit. I was thinking this morning, Dee, the things that we see that they’re doing to us, here, especially in the West, I don’t see it so much in other parts of the world, but at least here in the know, they’re poisoning us at every chance they can get.

They’re attacking our health. And as they attack our health, as they attack our minds, as they attack our bodies and these kinds of things, those toxins are everywhere. And they’re affecting our ability to even think clearly, much less react and do something that we should be doing in righteousness and responding to their threats of tyranny. So I know they do that. That’s why if people say, well, Tim, why do you keep talking about some of these health topics? Well, I see the interconnection of them now.

I mean, I see it probably like I’ve never seen it before. And I know there are people, excuse me, who are in our chat who’ve seen it too. And I don’t know if you see that big picture, but I’m assuming you do see it because you’re helping people all over the world as a result of what happened to you. Yeah. More so now than the last few years has been.

People are just generally sick. And it’s not only physically sick as well, it’s mentally sick. People are suffering purely because of what is going on. And we know everything that’s going on in the world right now is a distraction. They are trying to distract us, and they want us living in fear. And when we live in fear, we get know. Also, incidentally, Tim, I was speaking to a.

Was he practiced in Canada, but now he’s in Africa. He’s left the conventional side of medicine and he now treats everything naturally. This is why we connected and we got on and we had a conversation last week, and he agreed with me, especially with cancer. I know that cancer is developed from trauma. So there’s not any single patient that has cancer that doesn’t have any unresolved trauma within them.

Even if it’s trauma from childhood and they just haven’t yet addressed, they will have some trauma. But anyway, this doctor was telling me that in his studies, and he’s been studying German medicine, that he studies that every single illness and disease and ailment within the body is built from trauma. And it can even be trauma when you’re a fetus in your mother’s womb. That’s how deep and how bad the trauma can go.

So with what’s happening now, with all of this going on, it’s to make people scared. It’s to make people fear. It’s to make people constantly stressed and when that happens, then our central nervous system is wrecked. And when your central nervous system is wrecked, then your whole body, you’re constantly in fight and flight mode because you don’t know what’s happening. And that’s when we start to get sick.

So, of course, all the toxins and the environmental toxins, and now they’re putting graphene in the chemtrails, I believe, and in the water and even in baby food. Graphene has been found in mostly branded baby food. So they are trying to poison us physically, and they’re poisoning us mentally as well. So this is why at the moment, we have such a stick nation. And it’s so sad. Yeah, I’m seeing all of that.

And when we were talking with Kathy O’Brien, don’t know if you know who she is, but Kathy was a victim of mind control. She was in the Mkultra, and I think the monarch program, and her father had sold her into that system. She was traded around by the likes of Gerald Ford and Mitt Romney’s father and all this other kind of stuff. So all that was going on, and one of the things she said that they banned in their testing of Mkultra and the mind control there was cannabis, because they saw that it wasn’t having the effect on the people who were using it.

And it makes you wonder why in the 30s they banned cannabis here in the States. And then I think it was, I forget where it was. The Supreme Court came back and said it was unconstitutional to do it. So they stuffed it up under all the pharmaceuticals and everything else when they had their protections on that. And I think that was around the 60s or so, something somewhere in there.

In any case, people should keep that in mind. And that’s why we’re talking about things that we’re talking about here, is the importance of taking care of the temples that God has given us, of which he says the Holy Spirit resides in those who believe. I have actually heard that before as well, that you can’t be mind controlled when you’re on cannabis. I know it’s because when we do take, and this is cannabis, by the way, not CBD, when we do take cannabis, we do go to our consciousness raises and we go to higher dimensions.

This is why some people feel like they have a trip. It’s exactly the same with all psychedelics, with mushrooms, with ayahuasca, with DMC, et cetera. Now, this is also the same because I inquired about hypnotherapy before, and I had a form and on the form. It did say, do you regularly take cannabis? And I think hypnotherapists would struggle to hypnotize you if you have cannabis in your system for that same reason, purely because your mind state is altered and you’re not so easy to manipulate.

Well, your mind is not so easy to manipulate. Okay. All right, we’ve got a comment in the chat, an ingredient called bioprene. Bioperine. That’s the black pepper in the turmeric. Exactly. And so the guy was saying it helps with absorption. He said if not, then it’s just fine. But if somebody sees that, that’s nothing to be concerned about. No, it’s a good thing. So when you are having most supplements, always with your supplements as well, just check the ingredients because I think it was something like 95% of supplements produced contain toxicity, contain toxins.

The worst one to look out for is magnesium stereate. Just because it says magnesium doesn’t mean it’s good for the body. Magnesium stereate is a carcinogen. It’s toxic to the body and it’s in pretty much most supplements, especially Holland of marriage supplements. So take a look at that. But yes, any supplementation that contains bioperin is good because it means that it’s going to absorb, your body is going to absorb the nutrients a lot more effectively.

Okay. All right. Just letting our radio audience know if you got a question about this, you want to ask D she’s here for another 19 minutes or so, so you can ask her a question, and I’m sure she would welcome that. 8036-1998-5580-9985-5 can you give us some examples of some of the people that you’ve helped? I mean, tell us some of the stories about using this, because I’m really on this trip now that I see we can use different things, we put different things into the body and that’s the key what we’re putting into the body, because if people don’t change their diet, they’re only going to get very minimal results from CBD or if somebody uses a lifeweight patch or whatever, you’re going to get very minimal results because of what you’re putting into the pie hole.

Right. So that’s at the center. I mean, you didn’t just go and start using cannabis oil, you changed your diet, right? I mean, that’s got to be at the center of anybody’s healing. Of course it is. Diet is hugely, hugely important for the body. And it’s sugar, salt, refined sugar, refined salt. People have a misconception that sugar is completely bad, but it’s only the toxic refined sugar that’s literally in anything, everything produced, even things like ketchup and these jars of processed tomatoes, piscesauce or whatever, they contain huge amounts of refined sugar, which is making people sick.

And the amount of people that date me when they’ve got cancer, that they don’t think that they can do the diet because they don’t think that they can do, give up sugar. To me when I was healing, the diet was the easiest thing. If people say they don’t think they can do the diet and then the alternative to natural is the chemotherapy route, but they’re quite happy to go down.

They can’t do the diet, but they can do chemo. It’s just nonsensical. I just don’t know how people are thinking really. But in terms of helping, the most interesting, I think, issue for me that I’ve helped with the CBD, cannabis is completely different. Cannabis is the healing of the cancer, et cetera, with CBD alone is that I’m helping heal quite a lot of autistic children because as we know, autism is from childhood vaccines and I won’t have anybody tell me any different.

So when I have children and they literally clean up the diet or the parents clean up the diet and they do a heavy metal detox with them, with a zeolite detox and they use CBD, it completely heals autistic children. That for me is amazing. That’s pretty incredible. That’s pretty incredible. Okay. All right, we got a caller online. I don’t know who it is, so we’re going to just see what’s going on.

Caller, are you there? Yes, I’m here. My name is Carol and I live in Kissimmee, Florida. And I just happened to turn on your show. I had, about a year or so ago, I had melanoma on my cheek and they had to go in three times to what they said. They got it all. Now I have it on my nose. Well, the doctor is going to call me today and tell me what, I guess what they’re going to do is try and cut it out.

But listening to your show, I’d like to go this route, the more natural route. I understand what you said about the CBD can’t cure it, but can possibly stop the spread of it. Yeah. Dee, you want to address that? Yeah. So skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to heal. So whereas CBD can’t heal the melanoma, cannabis oil can, and it’s exactly the same with all types of cancer.

People believe that once they remove the tumor or once they remove the skin cancer, et cetera, the cancer is gone. But it’s not because the tumor or the skin cancer, that is literally just a symptom. That’s your body warning you that there’s something wrong. It’s to alert your body. That’s how amazing our body is. So this is why I would never, ever suggest that a woman gets a mastectomy or a double mastectomy, because removing your breast does not heal the cancer.

The cancer is blood. And furthermore, if removing body parts, and if removing skin cancers that just alone heals it, then they wouldn’t be promoting chemotherapy and radiotherapy after. Really. So in terms of skin cancer, cutting it out and deforming your face and what have you, I had one guy that came to me, and he practically had no nose left because he had skin cancer on his nose so many times that they kept taking it out.

He literally had no nose because they practically removed it all, and he still kept getting the cancer because all they were doing was cutting the symptom out. They weren’t addressing the cancer in the blood. So the cancer cells in the blood still need mopping up your corner for this lady. I would suggest not to have it cut out, not to have any. Sometimes as well, with skin cancer day, they want to use radiation.

I wouldn’t suggest that either. All she needs to do is clean up the diet, remove any toxicity, apply cannabis oil directly onto the cancer, and it will dissolve. There’s so many skin cancer patients I have that it dissolves rapidly as well. And when I’m talking rapidly, within a month, I’ve had quite a large skin cancer on the face. Removed. Well, not even removed, just shrunk and disappeared with the oil.

And also to take the oil, ingest the oil as well. So it’s addressing internally. Yeah. Carol, does that answer your question? Yes. And the trauma was, my husband died suddenly two months ago. Sorry to hear that. So this is why it’s come back. And when the natural doctor mentioned earlier, what he was saying is that when we do get cancer and when we do get sick, it’s basically our body’s way of releasing a cris situation.

So if you do have cancer, because your body, the trauma inside your body needs to come out, and the way that our body naturally releases it is by sickness. So we need to kind of work with the sickness rather than just ignoring it and deleting it and cutting it out, et cetera, because that’s not addressing the issue. So the stress involved of losing a husband would have started this cancer up again.

Okay. Thanks, Dee. You’re welcome. Thank you, Carol. We appreciate you. Bye bye. Bye bye. All right, there goes Carol. We get allowed that little ding there. Thank you for the call, Carol. If you want to call in, you can still call in. The number is 803-619-9855 and I’ll try to bring you up here as we go through that. Carol. Listen, Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that you will heal, Carol, that you’ll just do it.

And, you know, even from cancer is predominantly a mind psyche. Thing is that if we believe we have cancer and if we believe it’s going to kill us, and if we believe we’re going to die, this is why the doctors like to give timelines. This is why they say you’ve only got two years left to live or you got five years. That’s all absolute rubbish because they don’t know what’s going on inside your body.

And what the patient does is the patient holds on to that timeline in their head, and they feel like after two years now, I don’t know what to do. I just give up. And their mind controls their body. So if you’ve got a positive attitude, you can heal without any conventional treatment at know, it’s. You’re. You’re telling us these stories of things that have gone on, things that you’ve seen people recover from, especially the autism thing.

That’s always an amazing thing to me. We had Carrie Rivera on, and she’s done some great work with kids and chlorine dioxide and things of that nature. But both of those solutions are all natural. Guys, this is the part where it’s so different from the way the world that we’re presented with. Everything is synthetic. It’s manufactured. It’s all this other stuff. Even the natural things go through some kind of process there.

And it’s interesting to me to just kind of pull back the curtain and see how we should be living, what we should be consuming, how we should be caring for one another. It’s completely different than what we’re seeing. As the society is growing, it’s completely different than that. And even the healing aspect is different. Carol’s looking for these kinds of things. I meant to bring on or to ask you because you also do some consultation, like Kate does, you guys work together.

If people need that kind of consultation from you, is there a place they can contact you for? They can get me on telegram. They can get you on telegram. They can find me anywhere just by searching Zmanny official. But usually I do my consultations on telegram. Okay, all right, that’s simple enough. And I will get you guys a link there so you can catch her on Telegram. Now, that’s all.

Like what? I don’t know what they’re calling this stuff now, but you’ll do it by that way, and it’s not where you come into the office. What are they calling that stuff? I’m forgetting it. But you also educate people. You don’t just give them a consultation here, you educate people. And you educate people on how they can from the things that you’ve learned. What’s this university that you’ve got going on? So my way university is basically teaching everybody, whoever wants to learn about everything to do with cannabis.

Because over the years, so many people keep saying to, oh, where did you do this course? Or do you have a course for this? Or do you have studies for this? Or do you have studies for that? So I kind of hooked up with a pharmacology university based in Columbia, and who have some of the top cannabis experts and doctors and nurses there. And we put together this educational package which basically will teach everybody everything there is to know.

We kind of put together during lockdowns in COVID because cannabis is undoubtedly the fastest growing industry in the world. And a lot of people want to get into the industry, but don’t know how to start. And the last time I looked, there was something like 3000 jobs available in the cannabis industry, and most of them were working remotely, and that was 3000 per month that had just been uploaded.

So cannabis is a huge industry. If people want to learn just how to heal themselves and how the body works with cannabis and cannabinoids, et cetera, they can use it just for themselves and to heal their loved ones, or they can use it to actually get into business. In the industry, it’s in five different languages. There’s 32 courses, and once you enroll, you have a year to complete the courses and you can do it online anywhere in the world.

Wow. And you get a real education too, right? Not one of those ones where they. And they’re all certified as well. So the 32 courses, there’s more in Spanish, I think there’s 32 now in Spanish, and they’re all certified. So when it’s a video tutorial and the literature, and then you study yourself in your own time and then you take the exam. Well, it’s a test kind of thing after each course, and then if you pass you get your certificate straight away.

And so if, for instance, if you’re going for a job in the cannabis industry and you’ve never ever done anything experience wise, you’re going to have a better chance if you’ve got a certified knowledge than if you just have read few studies, for instance. So people in the cannabis industry, when they’re employing, they want to see people that have educated themselves, because we all have. The cannabis whole industry is something that people that are in it, we’ve all got there and found our way there ourselves.

It wasn’t taught it. Yeah, we got a question. They’re asking a question. I’m wondering what can help with arthritis. I’m pretty sure I read CBDs, but the black seed CBD would be great for arthritis because arthritis is basically inflammation in the joint. So the black seed CBD, arthritis as well, is diet. A lot of the time, that’s sugar and salt, which cause the inflammation in the first place.

So a clean diet and the black seed CBD would work great because black seed alone is great for joint, joint pain and turmeric. Like what we said. Don’t forget to add that black pepper. I think everybody should be taking. Yeah, I do. It’s so, you know, I put that as part of my juice. I took Kate’s little short recipe, and I get the half a lemon and the apple and the ginger and the turmeric and the carrots.

I think that’s what I have. You had the one with the garlic. No. Powerful. So if you juice actually in a juice and not a blender, that would be vile. So if you juice a whole garlic and a chunk of ginger and a chunk of turmeric root and ginger root and a lemon, it’s so powerful. Yeah. And keeping that inflammation down is one of the big parts of good health.

And so I picked that up from her, but she had another thing. Were you talking about the thing? It’s like the little shot that she talks about that you need to be hungover like a. Yeah, you couldn’t have a glass. You couldn’t have a large glass of it. But, yeah, you knock it back and your whole body feels warm for about 15 minutes after. Well, she said you got to be a recyc because your mouth just got to salivate it so strong.

It is great. It’s super powerful, especially on the first signs of a cold or a flu. If you do that probably three or four times a day, you just stop the cold. Wow. Well, you know what I’m looking forward to. Lord Willing, Bradley and I are going to come over there sometime next year, I think in June or something. I don’t know. And I told Kate, I said, I’m going to get you to make me the juice and all this stuff that you talk to.

We’re going to, I guess, feast there at her house or something like that. We’re going to enjoy that. She would absolutely love that. When we went to Spain just a few weeks back, she was like mother, waking up and making her juices and salads and, yeah, it was amazing. So she would love that. Yeah, she walks the walk, folks. There’s no question about that. She really does. All right, we got about three minutes here.

Three and a half minutes. And what I want to do is I want to give you the final word on that at the close of all of what’s going on. And guys, thank you for the kind comments in the chat about the show. That’s been informative. And I know these are helpful to people. I know it gets off the main things of what we do here at Sons of Liberty, but I still believe it’s rooted in the scriptures.

If we go back to the old paths, the things that used to be done, then we might actually learn something from that. And so that’s why I’m glad know people like Kate and you, Dee, to come on and share your knowledge about these things. And we drive men back to our creator to say, here’s what he’s given us in order that we know maintain our health while he gives us time here on the earth.

So I’m going to give you these final. I don’t even talk for a minute, two and a half minutes to exhort the crowd, the audience here with a final word. Adam’s actually quite ironic because I had a call from a lady I’m helping with. I think she had cancer about eight years ago. She went down the chemotherapy route and she called me. She wants to know how to prevent because she’s neurotic now, because she thinks every single day that she wakes up, she thinks it’s going to become back the amount of health issues she has now.

She had chemotherapy for two years. Eight years ago, she’s been healed, but now her body is completely destroyed. She’s on so many different medications and have this still from the effects of the chemotherapy. And she asked me how my health has been since I had cancer. And for me, cancer probably was the best thing that ever happened to me because it put me on the path of where I am now.

And it introduced me to cannabis. Now before I only started taking cannabis, obviously, when I was sick, which was in 2017, before I had cancer and before I had cannabis, I was constantly getting allergies. I had three slip discs, which caused me pain every single day. Even though I was on strong opioids, I had heart conditions. I had a constant chest infection because my tonsils were removed many years ago, which prevented the tonsils.

Tonsils are there basically to protect your chest. So before I started on cannabis, when I was, and before I even got sick, I thought I was relatively healthy, but I wasn’t because I had all these issues as soon as I started taking cannabis. Six years ago. Well, now seven years ago, I’ve not had any of those issues that I’ve just mentioned ever again. Not even one of them.

I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been. I don’t even so much get as. Don’t even get a headache. I get nothing. I’ve never been sick. So to this lady that I was speaking know, I did Facebook. What did they do? Hundreds of years ago, we didn’t have chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and everybody was healed naturally, and everybody went on to live a lot longer than what they’re living now.

So, unfortunately for this woman, she’s now stuck in the cycle of Big pharma have been complete. She’s neurotic and she’s sick, and she is just not happy. And the opposite of me has been completely turnaround. So if you have any health issues, don’t run off to your doctor naturally. And you don’t even need to listen to me or Kate or whoever. You can just go online and do our own research.

And I think that’s what we all need to be doing now, is our own research, is to get them better. Yeah. MywaycbD. com mywaycbd. com. Use promo code brown and you can save some money on that. Bradley, be with you at 03:00 p. m. Eastern. 02:00 p. m. Central sonsolibitymedia. com. And we’ll see you in the morning, Lord willing. 06:00 a. m. . Adios. Bye. .


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