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– Donald Grinder: There’s a Ron DeSantis who is one of the best conservative Republican governors any of us have seen in our lifetime. Then there’s the Ron Desant presidential campaign version, which is cringe inducing and embarrassing. Trump is calling on Desantis to drop out right now to help unify the party.
– The Australian Senate’s Education and Employment Legislation Committee held a hearing Wednesday regarding the Sasa COVID-19 vax. Pfizer reps gave unsatisfactory answers to multiple lawmakers questions. A Pfizer Rep insisted no one was forced to get the risky COVID jabs in Australia despite the country’s strict mandates.
– CDC recommends one of the first ever monoclonal antibody marketed as a defense for all newborns against respiratory sensitivus. Despite twelve deaths during clinical trials, CDC signs off on RSV shots for newborns.
– Joker actor Mark Marin calls right wing men criticizing the Greta Gerwig Barbie film Mincriticizing a bunch of effing, insecure babies. Numerous right wing critics have described the film as woke. Those who are attacking the film either haven’t seen it or are profoundly misunderstood.
– Jim saw the film as pro woman, pro girl, but he didn’t see it as anti man or anti boy. It really was about being comfortable with your own gender, your own sexuality. I recommend everyone should watch it, the valuable experience and even informative.
– And anyway, you want to share this show, especially that first shower, and I think it’s well worth everybody’s viewing. See you next week, we hope.


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“Welcome back, folks. This is truth versus news. And I’m Donald Grinder. Producer JD Consultants@protonmail.com. On August 6, 2023, we are right in the middle of a hot discussion. Putin and kinds of things are happening in the world in America, and it looks like we’ve got answers that nobody else has. So let’s share some more.

Jim God, you’re going to have a special today to the yeah, we just did a press TV debate on Ukraine, the Ukraine war, the situation that’s unfolding. So I had to put on my jacket for the TV debate, so I thought I’d just keep it on for today and we’ll send the debate to Don so he can play it in the bonus round for people to watch. It all describes the Ukrainian war unfolding and what the ultimate resolution? May excellent. Excellent. Scott, terrific addition.

Meanwhile, the Santa’s Pac lights strippers butt cheeks on fire as a metaphor for how they’re doing. The people managing this Santa’s campaign want you to know he’s like Trump policy wise, but completely scandal free as a person. The chaos, childish antics, and hedonism of Trump simply aren’t a factor when it comes to the real mega conservative Ron DeSantis. Their goal is to put the real conservative and adults back in charge. The DeSantis campaign and affiliated Pac Never Back Down will like you to vote in 2020 form. By golly, they’re willing to light strippers Butt cheeks on fire to prove it.

It’s almost getting painful to talk about the DeSantis campaign. As Trump said in an interview, DeSantis could have waited, and he would have been ODS on favorite in 28. But he didn’t do that. I got him elected. If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t be governor. He’d be working in a law office right now or doing whatever he was going to do. Trump is calling on DeSantis to drop out right now to help unify the party. That’s probably the best advice anyone’s willing to give the Florida governor. It might help him save face and restore some of his dignity before it’s too late. He might be able even to rebrand himself before 2028. He’d be jettisoned to the pack of freaks, weirdos, and neocons who are running his campaign.

Looks like we’re looking at two different people right now. There’s a Ron DeSantis who is, and we say this without reservation or hesitation, one of the best, if not the best, conservative Republican governors any of us have seen in our lifetime. Governor DeSantis have been nothing but amazing for the state of Florida until now. Then there’s the Ron Desant presidential campaign version, which is just cringe inducing and embarrassing. There’s a reason for this.

The Desant’s campaign and the never back down crowd are the same bunch of losers who brought a past Republican presidential campaign such as Jeb Mitt Pierre, Delecto Romney, and Hanoi John McCain. They have the same neocon policy objectives, the same out of touch campaign instincts as they’ve had in their previous disasters. They’ve learned nothing from their defeats. They blow through casts like drunken sailors. They’ve never known anyone personally who owned a Chevy pickup truck, the most popular vehicle in America. They are republicans and name only elites who look down their noses at working class Americans. They’re no different than Hillary and Chelsea Clinton or Nancy Pelosi in this respect. They take selfies of their lunches to boast on the internet. They’re nothing like the mega army.

Look no further than the DeSantis campaign biggest bundler, power comple rich and Brooke Walter. If you doubt it. They’re bundling cash from their wealthy friends on behalf of the DeSantis campaign, and they hosted parties for the DeSantis affiliated never back down pack. Rich walter seemed to fancy himself as a modern day hugh Hefner. He’s got the hefner style bathrobe. He wears the orgies in case anyone misses a comparison. His wife Brooke, who’ve been photographed many times with both Ron and Casey DeSantis since the campaign started, is a stripper. Walters host orgies and sex parties for the rich and famous. They went to the latest DeSantis campaign reset in Utah this past weekend. The DeSantis campaign is running out of cash fast, so I spent 87,000 schmoozing donors from the failed mitt Romney campaign. A few days before that, walters were following Ron and Casey around in Iowa as they courted evangelical voters. Walters even had a video of their christmas party they threw back in December, attended by members of the never back down in DeSantis campaign. Keep in mind, the party happened five months before Ron DeSantis even launched his campaign, even though DeSantis was not at the party where strippers had their butt cheeks lit on fire to the delight of the drunken revelers. These are the people running his campaign and fundraising for him. They’re his biggest donors and apparently close friends. Laura Loomer has a video of this raunchy christmas party hosted on twitter right now, so if you’re so inclined, you can watch it here. The only reason we’re linking it because people won’t believe us unless they see it for themselves.

Scott sound like a disaster? Well, it is, because it’s a gross miscalculation of what political testosterone is and how it works on the american voter. And Donald trump has enormous political testosterone. It’s why some of the beta males hate him and the tragically dysfunctional females who have beta males for husbands, they don’t like him because they see in donald Trump the real man, the manly side, and they don’t have that. So they gnash on their teeth with him because they’ve got their vasectomized husbands, and they’re a shadow to donald trump. And that’s a way to look at he’s a he’s got a political vasectomy. He’s harmless. He’s innocent. He’s I don’t have any scandals. He’s like pinocchio. He’s like mickey mouse with that high convoluted voice. That’s not a man. That’s not a warrior. That’s not a killer. That’s not someone will throw the hammer through the deep state windows. That’s not someone that’ll say, I’m going to come after them. You come after me, I’m coming after you. That’s manliness, that’s warrior ethos, that’s power, that’s what inspires people to take to the field in battle. DeSantis doesn’t have anything like that. No one has anything like that. Vhishwamy, the Indian guy, he doesn’t even have that. No one has that but Donald Trump. And he has more of it now than he ever did before because he’s been attacked. He went into Washington with the hope that we can all get along, we can get the country back on Ronald Reagan’s original course. We can heal our wounds and make friends with Russia. Wouldn’t it be a great thing? And he was thinking through the minds of the American people, and the American people said, yes, it would. You’re thinking our thoughts. But the deep state the Chris Christie’s and the John Brennan’s and the Boltons and the Nikki Haleys and the Mike Pompeo’s and the Jeff Sessions and the bars and the Paul Ryan’s and the Newt Gengritches and the Mitt Romneys of the vasectomy castrated Republican establishment they hated Donald Trump because he had an intimacy and a rallying with the American public that they don’t have the testosterone to do. Mitch McConnell, he’s a cold, dead fish who’s just like a zombie at this point. Mitt Romney a traitor. Ron DeSantis is going towards the Niagara Falls of his political end. And if he’s stupid, he’s going to continue. If he’s smart, he will, like I said, do a pivot point and begin to disconnect himself from the hostility against Donald Trump. And that will at least give him the breathing space and cool the temperature. And in six months, the cooler temperatures could be used. If he starts to back and support, and not necessarily Trump, but back and support any ideas and policies that are destabilizing to the Democrat deep state, then he’d be in a better position to be at, know, appointed something or put into the vice presidency, who knows what. But this hostility of Trump against Trump is only going to work against everybody that shows it, because again, people like a strong, masculine outsider who has been bloodied. It’s like Rocky Balboa, right? The Rocky Three, where Rocky got beat up by Clubber Lang and he had to go through his training, he had to regid his Moxie. He had to rediscover his roots, he had to reorient himself. And then he gets back in the rain with that eye of the tiger. That’s Donald Trump. He’s coming back after the effeminate, gay, fagatosis ridden Clubberlang Obama and his big mike, Michael Lavon Robinson. Trump’s coming back with a vengeance with the eye of the tiger, rocky flair, and no.””Nobody else has that. Now, if he mixes that with a little bit of vulnerability, a little bit of Reagan nostalgia, and gets rid of his kids that are like tin cans clanking behind his car and really focuses on being channeling Reagan, but in a modern sort of warrior way. I think he’s unbeatable and unstoppable, and that’s what the democrats think, too. That’s why they’re so terrified of him and that’s why they’re doing everything they can to legally dogpile on him. But again, like Samson slaying a thousand philistines, I think Trump is being anointed to slay a thousand Democrats every time he gives a speech. And they go stark raving mad when he does because they know the American people. Have tears running down their cheeks, flames coming out of their heart and clenched fists ready to go to battle, not just for Donald Trump, but for the America and the promise and the hope and the eradication of fear that these Democrats are so pathologically trying to vaccinate Americans with.

Jim, very nice comparison of Trump with Samson. Love it. Meanwhile, Tafari Campbell’s drowning death is deemed an accident, but the Massachusetts police are still withholding basic information about his personal barack Obama’s personal chef under the guise of an ongoing investigation. It’s been eleven days since safari Campbell drowned in a pond, so we’re told, bordering the former president state. But authorities are rejecting requests for even basic facts, gleaning the identity of the sole witness and of the 911 caller. The state is citing a public records law exemption that allows police to withhold any information could jeopardize an active investigation. Here’s. CBK News. Massachusetts state police lose Tafari Campbell’s blood sample.

According to an unconfirmed source, it was actually discarded by a lab intern. The intern unfortunately put it in the wrong location. It was placed in with batches to be destroyed. Gee, I wonder how that happened. Louise Simpson no motive, no blood sample, no viable witnesses, no water in his lungs. Looks like a professional cleanup. Tafari didn’t kill himself. Clark baracks drowning victims generally do not have water in their lungs. Upon routine autopsy. That’s mostly a myth. But a lad are very clear indications. If someone dies by drowning, they’re unmistakable. My understanding is Brock brought in his own coroner for the autopsy. Think about it. Here’s a guy who should be the suspect. How often does a suspect in a death allowed to bring in his own medical examiner? Here’s patriot linus. Oh, how convenient is that? Surprise. Not Mario race. Oh, my god. These people get away with everything. Trump would have been indicted for this. Jasmine chain of custody be damp common sense lady. Major cover up. Ken w. The art of erasing a murder is the one thing the DC elita are masters of. Fur b 40. Imagine that. Not a surprise in any way. Cover up GI AP in Hawaii. They probably lost the body as well.

Get this. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to act as though everything’s normal. Happy birthday to my favorite thoughtful guy. Love you always. He’s looking pretty sober. And of course he turned out to have cuts on his hand a black eye. It’s pretty obvious, I think, what actually happened here. Get this. The Babylon be is right on target. Job listing for Obama’s new personal chef received zero applications. Martha’s Vineyard. After posting a job listing to fill their vacant personal chef position, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were disappointed to learn it had received zero applications. Why wouldn’t anyone watch this job? And exasperate Michelle was heard asking her servants personal assistance driver at the Obama’s lavish estate. Working for us is one of the greatest privileges anyone could experience. As long as you don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, you’ll be well compensated, and you’ll get to stay alive. Where’s the downside? In the absence of someone to prepare meals, rock has reportedly found himself in the unenviable position of cooking for Michelle every day. You think I want to be the one in the line of fire? He was hurt asking one of his bodyguard social media managers. That woman is serious about her food. You do not want to overcook her steak. You saw what happened to the last guy. Remaining staff members have been attempting to steer clear of the cobble when they’re around, going as far as to avert their eyes or dive into nearby shrubs to avoid running afoul of the former President and his wife. You don’t know what it’s like around here, said one staff member, who has to remain anonymous out of here. I tell you about I don’t want to get, you know, paddle boarded. At publishing time, the Obamas were preparing to sweeten the position of potential chefs, including offering to pay for their funeral and burial arrangements.

Scott, your thoughts? Well, Roger Stone has also said he’s been investigating this, and he has talked on Alex Jones. About 100 yards or 100ft off of the shore, it’s only 3ft deep, not 8ft deep. So there’s some discrepancies. He’s done some research into that. So if it’s that shallow, of course he didn’t drown, because you can stand up in it. It is the chapiquitic of Barack Obama. It is possibly something that he has participated in directly, if not indirectly, and it is a conspiracy where the police have logged the missing information on the call. Now you’re getting into missing blood samples. Now you’re getting into missing all these missing details and the reports. This also should be a federal investigation, and the Congress should have a hearing on it and say, where were the Secret Service at the time? Where’s the documents? Where’s the map? Where’s the phone records of every agent that was assigned to the Obama detail during the 24 hours before and after this event and every phone call going in and coming out from the residents, from the agents, from the Obamas themselves? Because something doesn’t smell right. And I think, too, the other reason they may try and push Michelle Obama against Trump as a Vice President position, I believe, or you know, I don’t think she’s going to be the presidential nomination, but her birth certificate, or I should say its birth certificate, michael Lavon Robinson was her previous identity. Michael Lavon Robinson has a birth certificate, no doubt stating that. Michelle Obama will not have a birth certificate stating that. And if she tried to produce it, it would have no doubt all sorts of typos and mischaracterizations of the fonts and the ink color, just like Obama’s did. Because Michelle Obama, Michael Levon Robinson would have been born in approximately the 1960s, early 1960s, and birth certificates at that point would have had a certain caricature, a certain state with their parents and all that. And that is all going to be absent. So it opens up another birth certificate challenge, which Trump has done in the past. So they have to be prepared for that contingency too. They need to have a multiple plan operation. So these things need to be swiftboated too. You need to have swiftboat ads that come out and say michelle Obama is a man and we can prove it. It’s not a woman, it’s a man. Here’s video, here’s testimony the chef was murdered. Here we can prove it and get these swiftboat ads because that, as it defeated John Kerry, can help to defeat this lascivious, vampire, homosexual couple of madness, Jim. I think this is the Democrat Party. Into complete chaos in a state of panic.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna Rep put on the height seat in a fiery Senate hearing in Australia. Spark flew during a contention public hearing in the Australian Parliament earlier this week as reps from Pfizer Moderna gave unsatisfactory answers to multiple lawmakers questions. The Australian Senate’s Education and Employment Legislation Committee held a hearing Wednesday regarding the Sasa COVID-19 vax, including witnesses from Pfizer Australia, Moderna and the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration. Here the representatives. Here’s an announcement conservative lawmakers were outraged at least half of all Australians got COVID after the country imposed some of the most draconian lockdowns and vaccine mandates in the world. During the hearing, a Pfizer Rep insisted no one was forced to get the risky COVID jabs in Australia despite the country’s strict mandates. Senator Pauline Hansen confronted Dr. Brian Hewitt, Pfizer Australia’s head of Regulatory Sciences, about a comment he had made earlier in the hearing regarding the country’s vaccine mandates. You actually made a comment that UN was forced to have the vax, Hansen said after initially attributing the comment to his colleague, dr. Christian Tur, Pfizer’s Australia Counter County Medical Director. You were in Australia during COVID-19. You must have been fully aware that people, nurses,”Sure, here is the reformatted text with natural paragraphs:

“Doctored people to keep their jobs, were forced to have the vaccine. Now, do you retract your statement that they were not forced?” No, Senator, I believe firmly no one was forced to have a vaccine,” responded. Mandates and vaccine requirements are determined by governments and health authorities. I believe everyone was offered an opportunity to get a vaccine or not get a vaccine and I don’t believe that anybody was forced to take the vaccine.

A lot of Australians will disagree with you on that one. Hanson shot back. Senator Alex Anick had cited statistics showing case of myocarditis spiked precipitously in South Australia following the introduction of the COVID injections. Now we know that myocarditis and pericarditis are two heart inflammation conditions well associated with the COVID mRNA injections. Even the therapeutic goods administration admits that despite this well established fact, the injection were mandated at thousands of Australians.

And speaking about these incursions on freedom got one labeled an antivaxxer or a battler of dangerous disinformation and excited data he obtained through a Freedom of information request from the South Austria health department that tracked cardiac related presentations in 15 year olds of 44 year olds going back to 2018. The center show a chart indicating the numbers remain steady at 1100 a month from January 2018 to July of 2021, when they drastically spiked. By November of 2021, the number of cases peaked at 2172 per month, almost doubled the norm. The rise in cases took place just as these injections were rolled out. Anecdoted there was another spike in cardiac related presentations in February 2023, just when the boosters were being mandated. These injections are harming and in many cases killing our young people.

So what does SA health have to say about this? Nothing. They continue to roll out the injection, they continue to bush the injection narrative. This injection campaign is going to go down as the greatest scandal in medical history and none of you said a single thing. Here’s our voice matter tweety lord the heroes of Australian politics.

Australian senator antic presented concerning statistics revealing heart related incidents doubled within the time frame when individual received two shots of the booster of the making. News have a listen to Pfizer’s answer to Pauline Hansen question about whether any Australia were forced to choose between the Jab and their job. Another, Dr. Malone, predicted their response two years ago during the hearing, one of the Pfizer reps admitted that during the rollout Pfizer employees received a different shot than the general public. Your vaccine mandate was using your own batch of vaccines, especially in board for Pfizer and not tested by the TGA.

Conservative senator Malcolm Roberts asked dr. Hewitt Pfizertook to import Pfizer vaccines specifically for employee vaccination program. That was so that no vaccine would be taken from government stocks that were being delivered to clinics as needed. Dr. Hewitt replied in answer to a senator’s question what we’ve seen during the COVID mismanagement of Malfeasance was the largest transfer of wealth in our nation’s history from we the People to Big Pharma via big government and lied repeatedly.

During the COVID mismanagement, Robert said pellet Tweet bombshell Pfizer and Blaine were given a special batch different from what was forced into the general pop, albeit it was a saline solution. Scott, your thoughts? Well, I think this is the tip of the iceberg that is going to be emerging. The revelation, the discovery of terrible crimes against humanity done out of ignorance is going to be the claim. But I think the Nazi German doctors tried to claim the same thing and they were all hung at Nuremberg. And I think this is going to carry the same ironic consequences. And we said that from the very beginning.

This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Nuremberg Hearings that codified into international law that you cannot subjugate people to medical experimentation without their consent, without all sorts of other things. This was a vaccine without consent. This is a vaccine extortion operation. This was a coercion and a threat and hostility we’ve never seen before in any Western country. It has been so despicable and infuriating to witness the America that you fought for, Jim, that I fought for that last hundred years, we fought for to preserve the rights and liberties in independence of Americans and their body as the sacred temple that it is. This was thrown overboard in the hysteria, the fear of COVID-19, which was developed in Ukraine by the US biochemical labs which Victoria Newland tried to say didn’t exist, but then changed her tune. The biochemical labs in Ukraine, which has emerged a mountain of documentation that established this, that the French and the British and the Americans tried to stop from coming to the United Nations. Why? Because it would turn the whole world against the United States, Britain, Australia and any country that had anything to do with this.

So this coming out of Australia, it’s going to be coming out of Canada. All Western societies in the discovery of the fraud and the manipulation. It’s the only real pet peeve I have for Donald Trump. When I was back there in November 2020, we wrote an executive order for him to sign saying, no American shall ever be forced to get the shot. It’s in violation of the Nuremberg Code, it’s in violation of the Declaration of Human Rights, and it’s violation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. And the failure to sign that executive order protecting every American guaranteeing that they could not be prejudiced or discriminated against or fired or excluded or any of that. The failure of Trump to sign that executive order opened up a Pandora’s box of suffering and death we’ve never seen before. And it was the greatest failure of his presidency. And I hope and pray that he’s smart enough to realize that and back out of it politically and be astute in how he prepares it, because that’s a big thing that’s hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles. So many Americans are wary because of that issue alone.

And I think as time goes by and more people drop like flies and children die of heart attacks like LeBron James’s son, 18 years of age and he’s at USC playing basketball and he has a heart attack. Never before has any young person suffered what they’re suffering today because of this COVID-19 vaccine that is really the biojab engineering, all sorts of bad stuff. So I think it’s only going to gain momentum, like a snowball going down the cliff. And people need to get more and more aggressive on this because they’re going to try and pick up another pandemic. Probably going to try and do it in October, November, December, to set it in motion for 2024. And it’s going to afflict everybody who’s been vaccinated. Everybody who’s going to be vaccinated has been vaccinated. This Crimean Congo fever, or aberration of it, are going to start dropping dead because their immune systems are depleted. Cold and flu season is right around the corner and you’re going to have a lot of people dying and they’re going to say, oh, it’s another vaccine, it’s another pandemic. We need to go into lockdowns, we need to follow China’s model and blah, blah, blah. Now that’s when Americans need to rise up and say, never again. It was all a lie, and you’re not going to fool us a second time.

Jim very nice, very nice. And I agree. He ought to have signed that executive order. Scott meanwhile, despite twelve deaths during clinical trials, CDC signs off on RSV shots for newborns. This is outrageous. The CDC recommended one of the first ever monoclonal antibody marketed as a defense for all newborns against respiratory sensitivus, or RSV. Bay for US, also known as Nursemilab, is produced by pharma giants Sanoffi and AstraZeneca. In a press conference, CDC referred to the drug as a powerful tool in a new immunization. According to the agency, ACIP voted to include Nursemivab in the Vaccine for Children program, which provides recommended vaccines and immunization at no cost to about half the nation children and does them unparalleled damage. CDC is currently working to make Nurse semibab available through the Vaccine for Children program. Healthcare providers will be key partners in the CDC outreach efforts. Additional clinical guidance and healthcare provider education material will be provided by CDC in the coming months. According to the AB, the drug will be offered as a one time shot for infants born just before during the RSV season, and for those less than eight months old before the season starts. And for some high risk eight to 19 month old infants. Yeah, you can’t kill them young.Enough. Infants in the high-risk group include immunocompromised children and those with chronic lung disease, as well as Native American and Alaskan Native children. They have RSV hospitalization rates between four and ten times those of the general population. The CDC’s ACIP recommended the vaccine in a unanimous vote. The CDC Director, Mandy Cohen, signed off on the recommendation on Thursday. The vaccine will be available for all infants, regardless of their health condition, as a single dose.

Some medical experts criticized the recommendation and questioned the need for widespread administration of the vaccine. Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, stated that while monoclonal antibodies are reasonably safe and effective, they are not clinically indicated nor medically necessary in all newborns. He argued that injecting all newborns with the vaccine should be rejected by parents who want to avoid unnecessary drugs and potential harms.

Ryan Hooker, a Senior Director of Science and Research, pointed out a significant number of infant deaths during the clinical trial of the vaccine. He criticized the Department of Health and Human Services for using scare tactics regarding RSV, which is generally a mild infection. He also expressed concern about the high doses of antibodies and potential allergic reactions in newborns.

According to a CDC paper published in 2021, 25 babies up to one year of age die from RSV each year in the US. Twelve infants died during the clinical trial, raising concerns about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist and member of the CHD Scientific Advisory Committee, cited a CDC study indicating the low risk of RSV for babies. She also mentioned the lack of demonstrated long-term efficacy for monoclonal antibodies and the resistance that could develop against the vaccine.

The ACIP recommended adding the vaccine to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule, providing manufacturers with a waiver of liability. However, it would not be covered by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. During the ACIP meeting, clinical data regarding the vaccine’s efficacy was presented, but some members raised doubts about its accuracy.

Jones, an ACIP member, acknowledged the limitations of the clinical trial and the need for further research. He stated that RSV testing may have been more common for children with risk conditions, leading to inflated hospitalization rates. Overall, the evidence for the vaccine’s effectiveness was considered low.

During the meeting, it was claimed that no RSV-associated deaths were recorded. However, reports from CNBC and Stat News revealed that several infant deaths occurred during the trial, and the causes were not all related to RSV.

The text then transitions into an unrelated topic where the author expresses concerns about vaccines and hospitals in general. They criticize the medical system, vaccines, and express distrust in healthcare providers.

The author also discusses an actor’s opinion on a Barbie film, but this is unrelated to the previous topic.Never seen anything like it. And I guess that’s like, you know, the world is having the same experience on all different levels.

He then returned to his praise of the film. The performances were all great, but it’s really that script, man. I’d had the same experience right from the get-go, like watching a musical, and they cast Will Ferrell to be Will Ferrell fawning, which is always a treat. You then lampoon men criticizing the film, and the comedy about men is inspired. And the fact that certain men took offense to the point where they tried to build a grift around it in terms of their narrative as right-wing expletives is so embarrassing for them. I mean, so embarrassing for them. Any dude who can’t make those hits in the movie, they really got to take a look in their pants and decide what they’re made of. I mean, Jesus Christ, what a bunch of effing insecure babies.

He then returned to his praise. The performances were all great, but it’s really that script, man. I had this same experience from right from the start. That’s what I thought of it. It made me proud somehow.

Numerous right-wing critics have described the film as woke. Novelist and comic book creator Jeantel also stated in his review, “Barbie opens up with a scene that’s actually a little girl playing with a baby doll. And in an allegory for abortion and trained women to abort their babies to be happy, she destroys the little baby doll and looks up at Margot Robbie, who’s this beautiful, wonderful, thins physique, and she wants that out of her life, that she’s become a career woman who doesn’t care about such things. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, according to these people. So it’s a pro-baby killing movie immediately out the gate. I think, by the way, that comment is just ridiculous,” he concluded.

His review stated, “Man-eating film, pro-trans film, pro-homosexual film, pro-abortion film, and this is exactly what we’ve gotten out of this kid’s property, which would have been just a fun movie.”

YouTuber shadversity on the alternate channel Night’s Watch described the film as one of the most blatant man-hating, activism-charged, arranged, subversive, intersectional pieces of insane, hyper-indulgent, third-wave feminist propaganda I’ve ever seen. He later said, “Now I know, having watched it, whoever said this wasn’t a feminist film is lying through their teeth. This is an insanity because there are different levels of feminism. No, no, this is third-word intersectional, subversive, Manhattan-hating, power-hungry, destructive feminism type of that. And it goes off the cliff. It jumps the shark and all.”

I just want to add, I saw that film. I didn’t get any kind of reaction like that whatsoever. It’s talking about Barbie living in a fantasy world and going out into the real world and adjusting her thoughts. It’s about becoming comfortable with who you are as a girl or a woman. And while it is, I think, primarily addressed to women, men have a lot to gain from it. I went to watch this with my daughter, and I told her immediately following the film that I was prepared to be entertained. My granddaughter, when my wife asked her how she found the film, said, “I loved it, it was fun, but it was much more than that.” I think the film is actually profound and that those who are attacking it either haven’t watched it at all or profoundly misunderstood the message. Those are my thoughts.

Scott, well, I haven’t seen it yet, and maybe I should go and sneak in to see it and see another film while it, but look, Barbie from my days of being a little boy up. Barbie always represented the best ideal of womanhood. The beautiful blonde hair, the happy smile, the beautiful complexion, the big eyes, the slender mean. She was the perfect woman. She was what every little boy wanted to. I mean, she was delicate, she was feminine. She was happy and optimistic and buoyant. And I think that translates into some of the advertisements I’ve seen from the film where Margot Robbie is gleefully and teethfully smiling and giggly and waving and there’s a buoyancy. Men love that, and little kids love that too. They may not see the abortion things or the other stuff they’ve mentioned or the career woman or we don’t need men and all that. That’s all kind of silly flippant and ignorant philosophical political rhetoric they’ve written into the script. But as conservatives, it’s all nonsense. It’s lies and it’s a grotesque misunderstanding of what women and their beings and their souls and their bodies want and are designed for. And what brings them fulfillment and happiness. And what brings a woman ultimate fulfillment and happiness is lifelong marriage with a man who’s committed to adoring her as his wife, providing for her and being the leader, being a teacher, being an instructor, being the strong man and a humble man and a man that prays with his wife and protects and covers her, and that cherishing. That’s old fashioned, but it’s also eternal. It’s part of the God design into men and women. And we have become so and again. I’ve read many, many books on this. My dissertation was on all the social sciences relating to things like this. I know this inside and out. And we have morphed and deformed our society by making laws that morph and deform the culture into this monstrosity where women are led to believe that multiple sex partners need to lead to ultimate fulfillment. No, it doesn’t. It leads to madness, loneliness and sexually transmitted diseases and all sorts of other problems. And women, after the age of 30, 35, suddenly they’re off the cliff. And if they’re not married with a husband or a child their chances diminish with each year. And that’s why you see the misery of feminism going stark, raving, hysterical mad. So the reality of womanhood and relationships and marriage and children and family is a biological natural design that we’ve had in us that many on the Jewish Zionist, Israeli side of the Talmudic side, on the homosexual side, the demonic side they’ve tried to corrupt and pervert that. And that’s what you call modern liberal Democrats. Most miserable, disgusting people you ever saw. And then the conservative women and men on the other side. I think you see that in Turning Point. A lot of their young women who go to these conferences are fairly conservative. Some of them are a little bit polluted with pop culture. But the Barbie film, to me, although I haven’t seen it yet on first blush, has a childlike innocence that attracts children and people, adults who like to kind of momentarily saturate in that dreamlike state. And you have to be able to discern the fly shit from the pepper and say, yeah, there’s a little political nuance, there’s a little leftism. That’s a little feminist bullshit. That’s all stupidity and lies, but you can get good things out of it. And for me, when I see the Margot Robbie who I think is drop-dead gorgeous, if she opens her mouth and sounds like angry feminist, of course she’ll instantly turn into the Rachel from the exorcist with a froggy voice and cracked blue skin. That’s the real ugliness of feminism. But Margot Robbie is. The role of Barbie represents the ideal woman that is not just physically attractive, but I think the bubbly innocence and the giggliness and the girliness is something that all men love. Not out of a lustful hunger, but out of a primordial design in men to protect, to nourish, to be the providers, to be as God made them, the covering for the woman. So there’s a lot of deeper nuances that I think it’s a good thing for the film to come out and these silly fools that get up there and start using profanity and their criticism of conservatives, they have their reward, and we know where they’re going.

Jim, I saw the film as pro-woman, pro-girl, but I didn’t see it as anti-man or anti-boy, and I did not see it as promoting abortion. It really was about being comfortable with your own gender, your own sexuality. I didn’t even see a promotion of transgenderism there at all, and I was looking for it. I mean, I was prepared to be both entertained, but I was going to be sensitive to political nuances. I enjoyed the film. I recommend everyone should watch it, a valuable experience and even informative.

Meanwhile, get this before the Parkland school shooting gets reenacted with live gunfire, lawmakers are taken to the site where 17 people were massacred, or so we were told. Nobody died.At Parkland, mark my words, Lisa’s 140 live rounds will be fired inside of Marjorie Stoneman in a reenactment of the 2018 mass shooting, part of a lawsuit against a former sheriff deputy who stayed outside during the massacre. The bullets will be fired into a ballistic trap inside the school’s three-story building where violence had vaulted in Parkland, Florida.

The reenactment, which will take several hours, will mimic the killer’s movements on the day that left 17 people dead and 17 others injured in what remains the deadliest US high school shooting. Scott Peterson, former Broward county sheriff’s deputy, was found not guilty in June of criminal charges after prosecutors accused him of ignoring his training and failing to confront the shooter instead of taking cover outside the building as the victims were gunned down. Peterson argued he didn’t enter the building because he couldn’t tell where the gunshots were coming from due to echoes on the campus.

A civil action against Peterson has been brought by several victim families and a survivor. They want to reenact the shooting in an effort to prove that the former deputy heard more than 70 shots and knew where they were coming from. David Brill, an attorney for the plaintiffs, stated in court in July that Judge Carol Lisa Phillips indicated she would allow the reenactment. The reenactment would use the same model of semiautomatic rifle and caliber cartridge. The judge also approved the use of a fire alarm during the reenactment, which is expected to take roughly 2 hours. The school will be closed for the day, and no students will be on campus during the reenactment.

A congressional delegation will tour the site of the massacre ahead of the shooting reenactment. Florida Representative Jared Muskowitz, a graduate of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, has encouraged all members of Congress to attend. Muskowitz believes it is important for his colleagues to see firsthand the impact of a school shooting in their own communities. The tour will include several victim families and surviving victims.

The tour and reenactment are being held in hopes of promoting common sense school safety legislation, including stricter gun control measures. Muskowitz believes that while some changes have been made since the shooting, more needs to be done. The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act was passed three weeks after the massacre, raising the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 and allocating funds for mental health assistance in schools.

The text also includes claims that question the authenticity of the shooting and the injuries sustained by victims. These claims are related to conspiracy theories and are not supported by credible evidence or sources. It is important to rely on verified information and respect the experiences of those affected by tragedies like the Parkland shooting.Tired of green screen mishaps and disappearing noses? Me too. Okay. Is there anything else you want to say? I’m green screen ready, bonded and insured. I can morph into a thousand different faces. I offer reasonable rates, and I have no conscience. Just pick your card to play on the world stage. From homeless to police officer, from doctor to witness to your ace card, the grieving father you can count on Harrison Hanks, to push through your agenda, regain their trust. Call Harrison Hanks for all your crisis needs. Thank you. And good luck. Good luck. How about that?

Say now what you didn’t see here, you can find elsewhere on my how to Spot a False Flag, part One. Part two. Go to my BitChute channel. Or just do a search on it. You should be able to find it.

We see students doing their best to cry, but they’re worried about their bottled water. One’s on his iPad. A kid is pulling his pots. The camera swings around. You see what looks like a body, but it’s a training dummy with no head, no arms and a pool of fake blood. You see individuals in police uniforms rushing in and out and you think, man, those Parkland cops were really Johnny on the spot. But it turns out Parkland gave up his police force about five years before. Those were actors dressed in police uniforms. It’s outrageous. This was a total fraud. Scott, your thoughts?

Total fraud, indeed. And we’ve seen this played out over various episodes. We’ve seen this played out in the Christchurch shooting of New Zealand, which we debunked and showed was impossible. And they took down our YouTube channels as a result of that. They also used that shooting to de-weaponize New Zealand and prepare it to be completely enslaved a couple of years later with their COVID-19 lockdowns and such. This shooting in Florida is the same model. The SIM ammunition. You’re right, Jim. I used that when I was in the army. It is just training ammunition. There’s nothing forensically accurate about the wounds that a five, five six or a two, two, three would cause, similar to these people walking around with bandaids. It’s completely laughable and fraudulent. There’s so many elements of this, but again, it shows you their design is to try and create this emotional guilt for the simpletons, the simple minded, and try and use this to usher in gun control. The answer is very simple. And Ron DeSantis, if he was smart, he would say, all right, I’m going to allow every teacher that wants to carry a firearm concealed to have it on their person in their classroom, in a secure spot, to be a security guard for their kids and make a special application. Maybe you make it so everyone is known. If you’re going to be a teacher to carry a gun, you want the right people. You don’t want false flag actors coming in and pretending that they’re teachers to shoot people up. But that’s how you stop real legitimate shootings. But they don’t happen. It’s all fraudulent. And I would say this too, Jim. It’s a very simple thing. If you go and say, okay, if you say these shootings occurred, they’re occurring by leftist, schizophrenic, Democrat, over-medicated zombies. It’s not coming from Republican, Christian, conservative, traditional values kids or people. It’s coming from the schizophrenics. And when they played that transgender that allegedly shot up the Presbyterian School or whatever a few months ago, that’s just a confirmation of the schizophrenia of the Left. Create these mindless people, not conservatives. But again, the shooting and all of this fraud is just the new deception of America. I was disappointed to see RT had a documentary following this, David Hogg and the rest of these half-wits around doing this political mission against gun control and stuff. I thought, wow, your RT is either intentionally or ignorantly giving a platform to just nothing but a Psyop, a Psyop on the American people. So we have to be awakened and alert and sensitive these areas because they’re only going to think increase as the Democrats become increasingly aware that their political lives are about to be extinguished in 2024. Jim, very nice. Very nice. Scott, excellent commentary throughout this show. Don take us out. Oh, yeah. Wow. Excellent show. We cover the full spectrum today here on August 6, here on Truth versus News Incorporated with dollars on your host and first, Jim and Scott. And anyway, you want to share this show, especially that first shower, and I think it’s well worth everybody’s viewing. So thanks for watching and sharing. And way we go. Love you all. See you next week, we hope. Bye.



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