Sheriff Richard Mack Describes How Sheriffs Can Save Our Country

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Sheriffs all over the nation are rebuking Biden’s call for gun confiscation, and one sheriff joins the show to preach the good fight against tyranny.

And the good news is YOU can be part of the solution and get your local sheriff involved in this Liberty movement! 

Learn more about the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association at and see how you can become part of the CSPOA Posse!


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How Sheriffs Can Save Our Country sheriff richard mack
  • Praise God that there are those willing to stand against the Democrats move to force the communist take over of America. Democrats have been America’s enemies since 1871 when America went from being the freest nation on earth to a corporation in which we the people became debt slaves. Democrats continue to force greater amounts of debt upon America the Corporation . The greater the debt level the more control the enemy has over every citizens life. today every American owes over 300,000 dollars each. Sandy Hook and many other attacks on America were planned to rob each American of their future. In the fall of 2016 Hillary Clinton attended a meeting with Wall street bankers, where she stated that she was willing to carry out an attack on the American people similar to that which followed the take over of China October 1 1949 when Mao was installed as the Rothschild’s puppet that led to the deaths of 50 million citizens in the first five years and 200 million in 72 years. Under their one child policy the C.C.P. has forced over 400 million abortions . The Rothschild’s control China and the Democrat and Liberal leftist parties world wide. Democrats answer to the Rothschild’s not we the people of the United States of America. Are you aware that Democrats ensured from their efforts against America to give America back to Britain. We have been supporting the British Royal family by 20% of our Federal tax dollars going into the their coffers. Fight for truth.

  • I’m a 47 year combat Marine vet, and yes I want to help. Problem is an IED in Afghanistan gave me some neurological issues. Can I still fight? Damn skippy. I can’t afford much, but I’m here any vet’s oath never really ends.

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