Global Great Awakenings – Scott Bennett with Dr. Jim Fetzer 9-26-23

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Global Great Awakenings – Scott Bennett with Dr. Jim Fetzer 9-26-23


➡ Scott Bennett, joined by Dr. James Fetzer, conducts an intelligence analysis of current global events, particularly focusing on the Ukraine war, where they declare Russia as the victor. The show features arguments about the war being propagated on false narratives, disinformation campaigns against Putin, conspiracy operations led by the US and British intel, and the significant disagreements within the intel community regarding the Ukrainian war.
➡ The text talks about Russia’s retaliation against Ukraine in response to perceived threats and attacks, highlighting gruesome war crimes committed against the eastern Ukrainian people. It also points out that Ukraine has been accused of launching missile attacks on Russian fleets. Furthermore, the text suggests that Russia is preparing to bring major Ukrainian figures, including President Zelensky, to justice for war crimes. Lastly, the text implies that a covert war may ensue, with blames likely being shifted among various entities including the US, CIA, Mossad, and Ukraine, to ignite full scopes of conflicts.
➡ The Pentagon will continue its operations in Ukraine despite potential government shutdowns. Despite strained relations with Russia and potential large-scale combat casualties, the US military continues to provide training and weaponry. Furthermore, suspicions of money laundering involving substantial US taxpayer dollars intended to aid Ukraine are under investigation.
➡ The text discusses the perceived decline of the United States, its foreign relations with countries like Russia, and criticism of America’s domestic issues. The writers also share their pessimistic outlook on the country’s future and call for a revolution against what they see as its current corrupted system.
➡ The text is a closing conversation involving gratitude and farewells, where there seems to be an open invitation for further contact.


Blessed be the Lord, my strength, who teacheth my hands to fight and my fingers to war. My name is Scott Bennett. This is Global Great Awakenings. On Globalfreedomtv. com, we are once again joined by the great Dr. James Fetzer, and we are going to be jumping into an intelligence analysis of some of the major current events that are going around in the world in the country right now and looking what they mean.

Jim, it’s great to have you on in. Let’s jump right into your presentation. I know you have a lot to go through. You got it, Scott. Seymour Hirsch is blowing the whistle. The Ukraine war. It’s all lies. The war is over. Russia won. For those who do not know, I’m a former Marine Corps officer, retired professor of philosophy, who’s been engaged in conspiracy research for quite a while.

Here’s Seymour Hirsch talking about what he’s learned on the anniversary of the purported Biden regime sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline, which Seymour Hirsch exposed as having been a US. Op. He blamed a secret disinformation operation by Cinm I Six for misleading the public about the disastrous state of the US. Led war effort. The war is over. Russia has won. There is no Ukrainian offensive anymore. But the White House and the American media kept the lie going.

A senior U. S. Intel official told Hirsch, the truth is, if the Ukrainian army is ordered to continue the offensive, the army would mutiny. The soldiers aren’t willing to die anymore. But that doesn’t the BS being authored by the biden White House. As Vladimir Zelensky made the rounds at the UN. In Washington, hirsch wrote his intel source told him the war continues because Zelensky insists that it must.

Remember, it’s not really Zelensky. It’s the Rothschild Banking Empire. Zelensky’s a pimple. He’s insignificant. He’s pathetic and corrupt. There has been a secret disinfo operation by CI and British intel aimed at discrediting Putin, Hirsch wrote, which led major media here and in London to report that he was suffering from various illnesses, including blood disorders and a serious cancer. But it was all nonsense. During the much anticipated Ukrainian offensive, there were some early penetrations of the Russians’heavily fortified Magino Line.

The Russians retreated to sucker them in. They had multiple layers, Scott, like five different layers. They never actually successfully penetrated even the first, and they’ve been slaughtered. Ever since. The Biden Obama regime’s neocon hostility toward Russia has caused a significant split in the intel community, signing a long standing disagreement between CIA and other elements on the prognosis of the war in Ukraine. The CIA has been far more skeptical than their counterparts at the Dia, for example, on the prospect of success.

During an interview with The Economist, zelensky issued a veiled threat to European countries that had taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees, saying they behaved well and are grateful, but no way of predicting how they would react to their country being abandoned. It was nothing less than a threat of internal insurrection. He wrote. Jimmy Dore has, let’s talk about this real quick right now, because Zelensky is here with that tin cup out like you talked about asking for money.

They have to present this image. Anthony Blinken has gone around there saying going on on the front lines as far as because I’ve heard some people say now the death toll for Ukrainians is shooting through the roof compared to what’s going on in Russia. Can you give us some insight to what’s actually going on the front line that kind of pushes back against this narrative from Anthony Blinken, from Zelensky? Because I keep on believing, they keep on saying, like, oh, we’ve captured this town, and I’m not sure because my Ukrainian is not up to par, but it seems like they’re doing the same thing.

When they said, oh, we killed the number two ISIS leader, I’m like, I thought you did that like three times. I think sometimes they’re saying they’re recapturing these small towns, these small pockets, like, oh, they already recaptured that. You’re repeating it again to make it sound like Ukraine is actually having success and it’s counteroffensive. Go ahead. Well, first thing we have to understand is this counteroffensive has been months into planning.

Back in October, general Zuluzhini, the senior commander of Ukrainian forces, went to what’s called the Ramstein contact group in Ramstein to make a pitch for billions of dollars more. Because, remember, the United States already provided that initial tranche of 45 billion back in May. That built a Ukrainian military of 80,000 that launched this counteroffensive against Kharkov and the Karson region. And they were somewhat successful, but they were all killed, wounded, destroyed, gone.

Whatever was left of them died in Bachmut during the during the fighting in March, April, and May of this year. Very violent fighting. He said he needed 300 tanks, 500 infantry fighting vehicles, 500 artillery pieces, unlimited ammunition, et cetera, et cetera. There’s a lot of debate, NATO, who’s going to provide what? DA DA, DA DA. But the bottom line is NATO did pony up this equipment and NATO did train around 37,000 Ukrainian forces outside of NATO that were then outside of Ukraine that were then brought back in.

Another 20,000 were trained inside Ukraine to man this equipment. That’s about 57, 60,000 troops. In addition to that, in the vicinity of Bakmu, where that heavy fighting was, ukraine built up another eight brigades worth another 40,000 troops to launch an attack there. So 100,000 Ukrainians were mobilized specifically for this counteroffensive. The counteroffensive began around June 4. The main axis of advance was in southern Zaporizia. On your map, it’s where the box is.

That little blue pocket at the top there is in the vicinity of a village called Robatino. Now, that blue pocket is actually interesting because all that blue pocket represents is low ground. Now imagine the brown terrain surrounding it. That’s all high ground. So what the Russians did is build defensive barriers in that blue ground consisting of minefields trenches, ambushes, et cetera. And then on the high ground, they dug in their main defensive line.

So the Ukrainians have spent the last three months dying in the low ground, rushing into the Russian minefields, getting blown up, getting slaughtered. In Bakmud, they’re doing the same thing. They’re launching attacks in Bakmoot up there where it says Held by Russia, just a little angle up, you’ll see the term Bachmut. They’re launching counterattacks there using those 40,000 troops. So of the 100,000 troops right now, as of September, 1071,000 of them are casualties.

That doesn’t mean they’re all dead, but it means they’re either dead, they’re wounded, they’re crippled, they’re blind, they’re out of combat. 71,000 out of the 100,000 are gone, along with all of their equipment. In the city of Poltava in Ukraine, the military commissar responsible for mobilization has come out and said, out of every 100 men that we mobilized, 80 to 90 of them are gone. 80 to 90 are gone.

This is what’s happening here, and people want to somehow believe that this is a success. The Russians have given up trivial amounts of land. The Ukrainians have not met reached the first line of defense. Remember, after the first line of defense, it’s the second line of the defense. At the third line of defense, at the fourth line of defense, ukrainians haven’t reached the first line of defense. They’re still in the four defensive area, what I call the crumple zone, designed to absorb the attack.

And they’ve lost everything. This war is over. Ukraine is done. They can’t accomplish what they say they need to accomplish. Again, going to that box, that box shows the axis of advance, the ideal axis of advance. So you’d go from that blue pocket, you go down south. There’s a village called Tokmak. They were supposed to have captured that two months ago. They have not come back. Their final objective is Mario Pole at the bottom, melotopol, I mean, at the bottom there, they were supposed to capture Melitopol, and that would sever the land bridge to the parts that held by Russia.

That’s continental part going down further south is Crimea. You sever the land bridge, you isolate Crimea and you have the fantasy of recapturing Crimea. This was the goal. This is why they built up these forces. They haven’t come close to accomplishing that. They are stuck in the low ground near Robotino, being slaughtered by the Scott. I want you to come in already. I mean, the Russians have just done a brilliant job of crushing the Ukrainians.

I mean, they really, I think, never had a chance. Your thoughts? No, they never did. And I said that in the moment this war broke out in February, March, I said it on Press TV, on RT. I said, the Ukrainians haven’t got a chance at all. They will be destroyed, the west will be destroyed. Thing that the west throws into Ukraine will end in the feudal defeat and annihilation of every personnel and armament vehicle going into Ukraine.

Because I know the Russians and I know what they’ve prepared and it’s a defensive position and they don’t go on the offensive. They’re not advancing into Kiev or they’re not preparing to go into Germany or Poland or Britain or France. The Russians aren’t interested in that. The only thing the Russians are interested in is destroying the military weaponry that would be used against Russia and the regime that was planning this weaponization against Russia and this war against Russia.

So Russia’s went in, it’s defended these independent republics, donets LAGANZ Crimea, and allowed the Ukrainians to throw themselves like kamikaze into an absolute meat grinder, a destructive defensive posture. And the Ukrainians have nothing. They have no men, they have no weaponry. And I think it’s a terrible loss, but it’s got to end with the annihilation of Zelensky, charging him as a war criminal. I think that’s one of the reasons the Russians haven’t been aggressive going into Kiev.

But I think they’re going to capture all of these individuals and try them as war criminals. We haven’t even gone into scraping the surface of the horrors that they did to the eastern Ukrainian people. The rapes and the tortures and the destruction of civilians. Those are war crimes that Zelensky and his entire regime need to be captured and prosecuted for. And I think the Russians are going to do that in the next month.

But this essentially is over before the winter. Go ahead. And now the question becomes what are they going to do in response? We have missiles tearing the headquarters of the Russian fleet in Sevastebul. There’s fury in Moscow. Time for an ultimatum to the west. The video clearly shows missile hitting the Russian fleet headquarters. Another missile had preceded it. It’s given the number of casualties will increase for the Russians.

The building had been destroyed as a rocket penetrated several floors. The Ukrainians report admiral Viktor Skolov, commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was killed, but this has not been confirmed recently. Lieutenant General Mikola Olashuk, commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, said we installed a storm shadow under the left wing, the scalp under the right. Both work great. No chance for the conqueror here’s. Christopher Miller Tweeting moscow appointed authorities and occupied Crimea say a Ukrainian missile struck the headquarters of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastobul, marking the latest in a series of ever increasing attacks targeting the Russian military on the peninsula.

Heavy damage and smoke visible well, it happened was a Boeing poissed and circling above Romania when the Ukraine struck Zevastebul. This is the kind of plane that could have controlled the flight of the drones or the missiles attacking the headquarters. The aircraft is equipped with Raytheon APY Ten multipurpose long range reconnaissance radar believed to belong to the US Navy. The missile attack targeting the headquarters took place the afternoon of September 22 and I believe could have been guided by the US.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has blasted the US for waging a proxy war in Ukraine, where the Washington led alliance has transferred nearly 100 billion in military aid to Kiev. Sunday, at the East Economic Forum, he explained Moscow’s position no matter what it says, US controls this war. It supplies weapons, munitions, intelligence, information, data from satellites. It is pursuing a war against us. The question has become, Scott, what is Russia going to do about the war the US is conducting about against it? And in my opinion, even more startling.

A German army Leopard tank was destroyed by the Russians, and it was being made by regular German army troops. Get this. It appears World War II has officially begun. Saturday morning, the Russian army engaged a German supplied lever tank operating for the Ukrainian army in Zapper. Zaya. The Russians hit it with an anti tank Gadded missile and it blew up. The crew evacuated or were captured. They identified themselves as active duty German army troops.

Thus, the actual army of Germany has now been caught waging actual war against Russia inside official Russian territory. Hal Turner observes it appears on its face NATO has just started World War II using the active duty German army to attack Russia. Details are emerging. A Russian army reconnaissance team destroyed a German supplied lever tank manned by a crew composed of Munderswear soldiers, which is the actual active duty army of Germany.

This took place in Zappersiah. A member of the Russian recon team directly and personally involved, stated the following when we curbed another offensive, an ATGM and destroyed it with an anti tank guided missile, the Leopard, we moved out to the burning vehicle to seize the tongue. Then we saw the crew’s driver mechanic severely injured, others dead. Once he awoke, he started telling Nick sheman do not shoot. The head of the reconnaissance team said the mechanic repeatedly stated he was not a mercenary.

Had he been a mercenary, he could of course, have been shot on the spot, but a bundeswear serviceman that he and the rest of the crew were members of the same unit of the German army. While receiving medical aid, he named his brigade in its dislocation site. The driver died from wounds minutes after he was found, despite efforts to save him. Scott, I got to stop and comment on this.

I find this shocking. You got a NATO member sending its own regular army troops of Russia and Ukraine. I think Hal Turner’s got it right. This is World War Three. Your thoughts? Well, it is if you have a German crew and a German tank firing and killing Russian soldiers. Then the nation of Germany is organizing and deploying its hardware, its weaponry, and its soldiers against Russia, for which they not only need to be completely annihilated, but I think Russia would be smart to capture and put them up as examples of war criminals.

But this spells out the inevitability of annihilating Germany’s tank factories and every other military base. People don’t seem to understand Russia is fighting an existential war, that they’re viewing this as if they don’t fight and win this, then their whole country is going to be broken up and destroyed, as the west has been planning for 2030 years. And Russians are very well prepared to take a first strike.

I was talking with Stephen Pigeon about this and he said, I do believe Russia is going to initiate a first strike as a result of all of this aggression. What would that look like? Well, I think you first of all, NATO’s dead. NATO has nothing. NATO’s destroyed all of its armaments. It’s got nothing left. It’s proven on the battlefield to be completely incompetent. Styrofoam tanks and styrofoam soldiers with rainbow flags is about all that NATO has.

So I could see Russia doing hypersonic missile attacks upon military bases and factories, armament factories in Germany, in Britain, in Poland. But I think Germany itself is in a dire strait. This is how nations get annihilated. And Russia has shown incredible patience in this. But I wouldn’t be surprised, Jim, if we begin to see a lot of Nordstream, two pipeline blasts beginning to occur in Germany. It’s weapons factories being sabotaged and blown up.

I think that’s the natural progression of this expanding war. Russia is not going to be caught in the open. It’s going to be doing a lot of clandestine operations, which also may include an amplification of the invasion of immigrants into Europe through Africa and the invasion of immigrants into the United States to cause domestic disruption. Russia has Iran and China on its side. That’s the other thing. If Russia is pushed into a committing of a full war, you’re going to see its allies committing as well, and it doesn’t bode well for NATO or Europe.

Jim? Yeah, Scott, I wanted to know your further thoughts, because Russia has to respond. There’s no way it cannot respond, but it might well do so covertly, as you’re suggesting, and sabotage operations may very well be among them. Let me say this, too. The other thing that was important is that Zelensky has left the cat out of the bag and I think shown what the Uscia covert clandestine operations are going to be in Europe.

And that is they’re going to be using Ukrainians or pretending Ukrainians are going to be setting off internal attacks, bombs, bombing cafes, bombing schools in revenge attacks against Europe for their perceived abandonment in Ukraine. It won’t be Ukrainians doing it. It’ll be the US, CIA and Mossad initiating attacks against Europe to drive them into fuller submission and dependence upon the United States. That’s America’s agenda is to bring Europe into a full domestic surrender and vassal status where it is nothing but obedient slaves to the United States for all markets for all energy resources.

The United States wants Europe to do nothing but trade with America and to do that they’ve got to set off false flag attacks in Europe using Ukrainians and then use that to claim America is going to stand with you. America and Europe are going to be united shoulder to shoulder to defend against these terrorist attacks which they may even try and blame on Russia. But I think Zelensky, by letting that out of the bag saying Ukrainians are not going to behave well that’s what they’re really going to do is using them as the cat’s paw.

I think that’s a very nice point Scott meanwhile, the Pentagon says even if the government shuts down over funding issues which are largely related to all the money going to Ukraine they’ve exempted the Ukraine operation. The Pentagon will continue its Ukraine operations exempting it from a potential shutdown if lawmakers can’t agree on a deal to fund the government by the end of the month allowing key training and other activities in subordinate Kiev’s forces to move ahead uninterrupted.

Washington is more resigned to a looming shutdown every day as the September 30 deadline approaches that’s this coming Saturday. Congressional leaders showed little progress in moving a stopgap funding bill to avert the scenario if lawmakers fail to reach an agreement and government appropriations lapse. DoD has decided to continue activity supporting Ukraine, which the DoD spokesman announced just hours after Zelensky met with Lloyd Austin, joint chief chair Mark Milley, and other senior leaders.

Operation Atlantic resolve is an accepted activity under government labs and appropriations. The move means U. S. Military activities related to the war, such as training Ukrainian soldiers on tactics and equipment as well as shipments of weapons will continue despite any potential, in fact, actual shutdown. During a White House meeting, by the way Biden announced a new $325,000,000 package of aid for Ukraine including more air defense artillery and cluster munitions.

He said the first of the US. Army’s Abrams tanks pledged to Kiev are expected to revive on the battlefield next week when that happens, Scott they’re going to be promptly taken out. And get this we have the US. Army War College predicting that if the US engages in a conventional war with Russia we will lose 50,000 Americans every two weeks. Think about it the whole war in Vietnam which spanned around 15 years consumed 50,000 Americans.

Now we’re talking about 50,000 every two weeks. In the autumn issue of the Army War College Parameters a quarterly published refereed forum for senior military officers a call to action on a war with Russia that will kill about 50,000 Americans every two weeks was presented. He pointed out the massive loss of service members will trigger conscription to fill the ranks. This is an involuntary draft. According to the 13 page write up, the US.

Army faced a strategic inflection point after a failed counterinsurgency effort in Vietnam 50 years ago. In response to lessons learned from the Om Kimber War, the Army Training and Doctrine Command was created to reorient thinking and doctrine around a conventional Soviet threat. It emphasized the ongoing and dragging Russia Ukraine war is just exposing significant vulnerabilities in the Army’s strategic personnel depth and ability to withstand and replace casualties.

The army theater medical planners anticipate a sustained rate of roughly 3600 casualties per day, ranging from those killed in action to those wounded in actionary suffering disease or other non battle injuries. With a 25% replacement rate, the personal system will require 800 new each day in large scale combat operations to verify the figure. 3600 times 14 is 50,400. That’s how many are going to be casualties every two weeks.

Moreover, the army is facing a dire combination of recruiting shortfall and shrinking Ready Reserve, which is nearly 50% of the combat armed career management. Every infantry and armored soldier we do not recruit today is a strategic mobilization asset we will not have in 2031. The individual Ready Reserve, 700,000 strong in 1973, 450,000 strong in 1994, now stands at a mere 76,000. The numbers cannot fill the existing gaps in the active force, let alone any casualty replacement or expansion during a large scale combat operation.

Unlike the Vietnam War of 50 years ago, the ubiquitous use of unmanned aerial vehicles and surface vehicles, satellite imagery, sensor based technology, smartphones, commercial data links and open source intelligence is fundamentally changing the way armies fight. These systems, coupled with emerging artificial intelligence platform, dramatically accelerate the pace of modern war. For Andrew S. Grove, President CEO of the Intel Corp. A strategic inflection point rarely announces itself, but presents a choice to bring clarity to chaos and take a new path.

Today’s army is reminiscent to that of 1973, rife with experience, knowledge and opportunity to change. Now is the time. Parameters urges the army to embrace the Russo Ukrainian conflict as an opportunity to reorient the force into one. As forward thinking informidable as the army that one operation Desert Storm. The article suggests changes the army should make to enable success in multidomain large scale combat operations at today’s strategic inflection point.

Meanwhile, we have explosive revelations of money laundering in relation to Ukraine by Stephen Gardner have you ever suspected the dark underworld of money laundering? With American taxpayer dollars in Ukraine, Prepare to be stunned as we delve into the astonishing truth. Last night, Ukraine’s president, the enigmatic Moldimore Zelensky, held clandestine meeting with financial giants like BlackRock, Blackstone and JP morgan. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress threaten to withhold funding unless there’s accountability.

Discover the corruption within Ukraine, where military officer, cabinet members and advisors are amassing wealth while the nation struggles. And the plot thickens as the US. Plans to funnel 25 billion more in taxpayer money through the controversial Clinton Global Initiative Tayed, Ukraine’s people despite the foundation’s past money laundering allocations as Zelensky addresses Congress today no, it did not happen and more secrets unravel 25 billion hangs in the balance poised to flow through the hands of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Check it out. I have a major update coming out of Washington DC. And the state of New York. Have you been suspicious, like me, that there was money laundering going on with American taxpayer dollars and the country of Ukraine? Well, hold that thought because I’m going to walk you through a few major updates that have just come out. Did you know that last night voldemyzelinsky of Ukraine held secret meetings with BlackRock blackstone, JP morgan bank and a few other major financial players? Did you also know that he is in great danger of not getting funding from America because Republicans in Congress are saying, I’m not giving any more votes towards money going to Ukraine if there isn’t accountability.

On top of that, I’ve had guest after guest after guest say how corrupt the country of Ukraine is and how Zelensky is really just a placeholder puppet. Well, now look how many people Zelensky has had to fire because of corruption. People in the military, people in his cabinet, his advisors. They were all taking in tons and tons of money, showing up to meetings in brand new BMWs, going off to their second and third home.

Meanwhile, we’re being told that we’re not sacrificing enough for Ukraine’s democracy, even though they’re not planning to hold a democratic election this year because of the war. Now, this is where it gets really interesting because yesterday it was announced that the United States will give $25 billion of US. Taxpayer money to the World Bank. The World Bank then will give that money to the Clinton Global Initiative so that it can be fairly distributed through Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Foundation to the people of Ukraine.

Now, they have not worked at the Clinton Global Initiative for six years. The Clinton Foundation has been under investigation for years. Why? Because it was proven that they were laundering money through their efforts on the island of Haiti. So now they’ve been hand selected to fairly and equitably distribute taxpayer money to the people of Ukraine. Now, this is a developing story. Zelensky will be speaking to Congress today, holding more secret meetings in the days to come.

And I have a not of course, he did not speak to Congress. He was not allowed to, I think very appropriately. But Scott, could you imagine 25 billion more going to be distributed through the Clinton Foundation? How grotesque is that? Well, of course, the Clinton Foundation of the Clinton State Department under Obama were responsible for the use of Union Bank of Switzerland and financing all sorts of black operations, terrorist operations.

That was the report shell game. That was what was disclosed to President Trump’s team and Union Bank of Switzerland’s involvement with the election fraud. So there’s a whole labyrinth of a criminal racketeering syndicate that Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Lanny Brewer, Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden were and are still engaged with. The other thing about and first of all, that guy on there with the black hair and the stormtrooper in the back, there’s something funny about him, but maybe I’m just old fashioned, but there’s something a little weird.

But nevertheless, the other thing that struck me, Jim, in that segment was the arrogant lunacy of thinking that you’re going to draft Americans into fight Russia. First of all, the American people are nothing compared to what they were in 1960 519, 75. Between 1960 and 1975, that 15 year period. You had Americans that were coming from wholesome families, traditional values, had ownership of the country, had a deep rooted ideology of American patriotism that doesn’t exist now.

And as a result, you have a sore, sickly pale, anemic socially spiritually, schizophrenic population. You have a sick, corrupt, fat, lazy, medicated population that you never had before. Never before have we been so full of a population in this country, aside from the new male young immigrants flooding in from the Third World that are not medicated, not vaccinated, and pretty lean and hungry because they’ve been eating bananas all their lives and their shitholes of Venezuela and elsewhere.

But the American population, the American citizen, what are they in comparison to what they were before? And what are they in comparison to Russia? A bunch of rainbow flag, bug eating, climate worshipping, narcissistic lunatics that stare into their phones of social media and imagine themselves the conqueror and policeman of the world. This is precisely the narcissistic attitude which will lead to the complete annihilation of the United States.

And Russia does not need to convince other nations to fight. No. Russia simply needs to convince other nations not to allow America to use their country as a launching point for destroying the rest of the world. That’s a very easy selling point. That’s what Russia essentially has done. In the erection of the BRICS nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, they’ve said there’s a better way forward for all nations to rise, to be sovereign, to be independent, to flourish, to have their independent countries and cultures, and to not be invaded and destroyed like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya.

And all the nations are buying into it. Burkina Faso, niger Mali. They’ve just kicked out the French. This is a pattern that will follow in South America as well. So you see the world coagulating in a different direction and it’s not in support of Russia, it’s in support of their own sovereignty. And what does America have? Well, we have a bunch of incompetent fools in our government, in our military, in our media that are only going to become more incompetent, Jim, and more and more foolish.

That’s the real prediction I have, is what we have going on today is not going to get better. These morons and lunatic and woke fanatics that are fanatical in their obsession of trying to push the homosexual climate change, transgender agenda. On America. They’re only going to get worse and worse and worse. And no one’s buying or believing their nonsense. So no one’s going to be drafted. No one’s going to show up.

And if anybody comes to someone’s house, or some main town to initiate a draft of someone that police officer or that government officer is not going to leave alive. Because I think the American public at that point would turn their guns against a government that has become so corrupt, it’s 1776 all over again. Just my opinion, Jim. God. I think it’s highly likely you are correct. Here’s another story.

Ukraine does claim it killed Russia’s Black Sea commander in a missile state. But Russia? Has not confirmed it. The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence initially claimed the Friday strike killed nine and wounded 16. They said it was time to target a meeting of Russian naval officers. Ukraine has significantly stepped up its attacks. On crimea in recent weeks amidst its faltering counter offensive. The friday attack came as ukrainian president zelensky was visiting Canada’s parliament and joined them in his standing ovation for a ukrainian world war II veteran who fought for the nazis.

He was an actual Nazi being celebrated in the parliament of Canada by Zelensky and Trudeau. Ukrainian attacks inside Crimea risk a major escalation of the war, especially attacks launched using NATO weapons like the Storm Shadow missile, which can be launched by Ukraine’s Soviet made jets. The British provision of the missiles marked a significant escalation of NATO’s support for Ukraine. Now we have Zelensky saying the first batch of Abrams tanks have arrived in Ukraine which were armed with toxic depleted uranium ammunition.

Abrams are already in Ukraine and are preparing to reinforce our brigades. I’m grateful to our allies for fulfilling the agreements. We’re looking for new contracts and expanding the geography of supply. US Official confirmed the arrival to The New York Times, saying they were the first of 31 tanks Ukraine would receive that more would be delivered in coming months. So far, Ukraine has received two tank platoons, putting the number of Abrams between eight and ten.

The US is supplying Ukraine with refurbished N one A. One Abrams, an older variant. When the biden admin first announced, they promised new M one A two tanks. But they needed to be manufacturers and would have taken years to be delivered. So Pentagon chose to send older tanks to speed up the timeline. The provision of US made tanks marks a significant escalation of US support for the war.

Especially since they’re armed with du linked to cancer and birth defects where it is used. The pentagon announced it was shipping 120 millimeter du rounds as part of a weapons package announced on september 6. The UK was the first NATO nation to arm ukraine with Du for use with British made Challenger Two. Despite Russian warnings. In response to the UK decision sending Du to Ukraine, putin ordered the deployment of nuclear weapons to Belarus.

Scott I think these are colossal blunders, and I believe that we’re talking about 31 tanks. They’re going to be destroyed just as thoroughly as that leopard from the German army. Yeah, I think you’re going to witness Russia not even allowing them to get off the ship. They may allow them to get off the ship. They may allow them to be sent to a central hangar or somewhere like that, but Russia is going to destroy every single weapon that comes into Ukraine and I think very quickly annihilate the political regime.

These sort of actions where they’re launching again the asinine lunacy, the stupidity, the delusion that is affecting the west and our political representatives in government or military, they are all pathological liars. To be assuming anything other than Ukraine is essentially annihilated and to lie and continue to lie shows us we are ruled by liars and wicked fanatics unlike any other time. I don’t think the country could be lower than what we’re in now, although I do anticipate US going lower as civil war is unleashed and America goes through even more traumas.

I see that a season of violence, bloodshed, and civil war in America. But the preamble to that is the complete annihilation of America and NATO and Ukraine. And the other thing is, every weapon system that NATO has manufactured has been destroyed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia annihilates Raytheon Northrop, Grumman, McDonald, Douglas, all military contractors and their equivalents in Europe in a Night of the Long Knives sort of operation and says, you want to wage war against Russia? We’ll show you what real war is all about.

And America, which has been eating baby food when it comes to diplomatic operations, is going to have all sorts of vomiting effects. Jim God is our final conversational subject. There’s a massive train full of migrants headed to the US border and reports of 500,000 Venezuelans of military aid and training coming to the United States. It seems to me this is a threat unlike any other. Biden’s already announced he’s going to give him green cards to go to work right away.

These 500,000 Venezuelans? What the hell is going on here? Have we ever had a more treasonous occupant in the White House than this fake imposter who calls himself Joe Biden? Well to think that it is not being labeled an invasion that you don’t have immediate calls within the military standing up and making a declaration to Congress as military leaders who’ve sworn an oath to uphold and defend the continental United States, our land, our barriers, our Constitution, the failure of the military to stand up and say this is an invasion.

This is not a bunch of refugees seeking a better life who are being politically persecuted. This is a migration from the Third World into America because they’re sick and tired of eating rats. They’re willing to eat pigeons, but they’re done eating rats. And that’s why they’re coming to America, and they will engage in all sorts of third world debasement. And the fact that no one of the military and the government is standing up with this sort of warning.

The fact that governors haven’t sent their guard national Guard with bayonets and bullets and helicopters and minefields and every weapon system needed to repel this invasion again, Jim, it shows me that this country has been cursed with idiots and the darkness isn’t even really upon us yet. That’s going to come when all of these COVID-19 vaccinated retards start completely falling apart, losing their minds. And you witness the real savagery of the fall of Rome.

That’s what America is about to go through, I believe, is the fall of Rome, where the barbarians came into Rome, were given citizenship, and then turned their swords and raped and pillaged and deconstructed Rome one block at a time. I think the same savagery and monstrosity and paganism is going to be used to deconstruct America. And that’s the democrat plan all along. If there’s ever a time for war and revolution and patriots to stand up and fight it’s now.

Jim Scott, my dear friend and colleague, I agree with you 100%. The nation confronts a crisis overwhelmingly greater and more stunning and severe than any before in its history. And the question becomes, are we capable of rising to the occasion to meet it and defeat it? Time will tell. Jim Fesser, so great to have you on again. Thank you so much for your enlightenment. And thank you for joining us on Globalfreedomtv.

com. We encourage you to contact us on our website, globalfreedomtv. com. And if you are interested in emailing us, you can email us there and anything else, we would welcome you. Jim, we will see you next week. God bless you. Good night. We will see you soon. All right. Very well done. Excellent. I thought it worked out know, not having a whole show. I was real happy with a lot.

That’s a it’s good work, Scott. All right, Jim. Talk to you soon, pal. Bye now. Bye bye. Thanks, Tom. .

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