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➡ Scott Bennett and Dr. James Fetzer from Global Freedom TV talks about how the U.S. House of Representatives has impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, accusing him of not managing the border crisis effectively. This is the first time a cabinet secretary has been impeached in nearly 150 years. However, it’s unlikely that Mayorkas will be convicted in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats. The impeachment has sparked a heated debate about immigration policies and the state of the U.S. border.
➡ The text discusses a potential trial that could harm the Biden administration, and suggests that they might try to prevent it. It also talks about Biden blaming Trump and Republicans for issues at the border, and suggests that Biden’s administration is allowing mass immigration to gain votes. The text also mentions a report by a special counsel on Biden’s handling of classified documents, which found no reason to charge him. The author suggests that the current situation in America is similar to the fall of Rome, and that the country is on the brink of major change.
➡ The president was accused of keeping classified documents related to Afghanistan, but he wasn’t charged because the evidence showed he didn’t intentionally keep these documents. He defended his memory and ability to serve as president despite his age. He also took responsibility for not overseeing what his staff was doing with his documents. Despite some claims that he shared classified information with a ghostwriter, he insists he didn’t and that the information he shared should have been private, not classified.
➡ The text discusses concerns about Joe Biden’s ability to serve a second term due to his age and health. It also compares how Biden and Trump handled classified documents, suggesting Biden mishandled them while Trump did not. The text also suggests that Trump should have declassified certain documents during his presidency. Lastly, it discusses allegations of mail-in voter fraud during the 2020 election, suggesting that without it, Trump would have won a second term.
➡ The text discusses various political theories and predictions, including the possibility of a change in leadership in the U.S. and the potential for civil unrest. It also talks about the perceived decline of mainstream media, using the high viewership of a Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin as an example. The text further explores Russia’s international relations, suggesting that Russia desires a positive relationship with America, but has been met with hostility. Lastly, it predicts a tougher stance from Russia if there’s a change in leadership.
➡ Putin, the leader of Russia, feels secure because his country has a lot of natural resources. However, the speaker believes that America is in trouble due to various issues like the weakening dollar, societal changes, and ongoing wars. The speaker suggests that unless there are significant changes in leadership, America might collapse. The speaker ends by thanking their audience and guest, and promising more discussions in the future.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to global great awakenings. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. When a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with them. So we want you to be released and liberated and at peace knowing the truth. And we’re going to be joined by the great Dr. James Fetzer to deliver that truth and to empower us with things that we need to know that are going on right now.

There’s so many things. Jim, it’s great to have you on with us. I was just describing, I was on an RT interview before discussing Zelensky’s replacement of Zeluzny with know. This seems to be a set up to, I think, kill Searsky and Zelensky, but we’ll see what happens. Also, this passing of Ukraine aid, which I think you wisely observed, is going to be dead on arrival because the House isn’t going to let it go through so many different things happening.

The impeachment of my orcas, Jim, I’m going to hand it to you to open us up and give us your assessment. Fire away. You got it. Scott. Well, yesterday, here’s the report we had about what would take place today. A House of Representatives is probably going to hold a second impeachment vote tomorrow for Mr. Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, who says the Biden administration is not responsible for the crisis at the border.

Madeline Rivera is in Washington with the latest comments from the DHS secretary. Madeline, good morning. Good morning, Steve. House Republican efforts to oust homeland Security Secretary Alhandra Majorcas failed last week by one vote. But House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, who’s being treated for blood cancer, is expected to be back on Capitol Hill this week. And that could give the GOP the bump it needs to impeach Majorcas. Majorcas calls republican allegations that he defied federal immigration laws as baseless.

He also says he and President Biden are not to blame for the record breaking number of illegal crossings at the southern border. Listen, it certainly is a crisis, and we don’t bear responsibility for a broken system, and we’re doing a tremendous amount within that broken system. But fundamentally, Congress is the only one who can fix it. There is no question that we have a challenge, a cris at the border, and there is no question that Congress needs to fix it.

And we’re doing everything we can within that broken system. Even if House Republicans impeach majorcas, the democratic controlled Senate would likely acquit him. BRIAN so it’s going to be House of Representatives. Well, the fact is we had to vote tonight, and the House of Representatives did impeach homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The GOP led House voted to impeach Majorcas, the first cabinet secretary to be impeached in nearly 150 years.

Get this, Scott. The vote was 214 to 213. Three Republicans voted with Democrats against. The measure came after they lost by a single vote last week. The absence of House Majority Leader skip Scalise and the surprise, attended by Texas Democrat Al Green, who had just had surgery and was wheeled in to vote, denied Republicans the votes. Then what happens next? It’s highly unlikely Majorcas will be charged in the democrat controlled Senate.

They don’t mean charged. He has been charged. He has been impeached. But a trial will be held in the Senate. Very unlikely he’ll be convicted. Senate Democrats are weighing out a respond, moving ahead with a trial or move to dismiss it. Given that their view, it’s blatantly political. Here’s three Republicans who voted against Ken Buck of Colorado, Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, Tom McClintock of California. All disappointing votes.

Biden blessed the Republicans for impeaching Majorcas. That’s such a great image of this miscreant. And, of course, we know this is one of. Scott, I have four different fake Bidens. President Biden slammed the vote by republican lawmakers. It was a blatant act of unconstitutional partisanship, he said, which is, of course, ridiculously false. This impeachment already failed once on a bipartisan vote. Instead of staging political stunts like this, Republicans with genuine concerns about the border should want Congress to deliver more border resources and stronger border security.

But, Scott, you know, the only proposal they’ve come up with, which was the so called border security bill that was linked with support for Ukraine and for Israel, actually legalized illegal immigration, it was a terrible idea. And Trump rightly said it’s better to have no bill than a bad bill like this one. I think, thank goodness it was defeated. Your thoughts? Well, on a legal impeachment level, if I was arguing the impeachment in the court of the Senate, I would say the impeachment of Majorcas is long overdue and he should be criminally prosecuted as a traitor who has facilitated an invasion of the United States.

This is the interpretation of the governor of Texas, Governor Abbot, and the interpretation of 25 other governors from 25 different states that an invasion of the United States is taking place. That’s an act of high treason. And myorcus is facilitating this invasion by totally abusing and perverting the american legislation, specifically the Refugee Resettlement act. And he is abusing and exploiting homeland security, prior known as customs and border patrol.

This monstrosity of homeland security, of course, is another fruit of the poisonous tree from 911. But my orcus has single handedly. And he’s a liar. He’s a fool and a liar when he says, well, we’re just inheriting a broken system. And that’s why immigration is so bad. It’s a broken system. It’s not broken. The system’s not broken. He’s broken it by coming and perverting it. And I know this for a fact because I worked in the government.

I worked in the Bush administration, and I know the refugee Resettlement act that is housed in the Department of Health and Human Services is meant for people fleeing persecution, torture, and death, like the Ukrainians fleeing Zelensky or the, you know, the communists in Vietnam or others. This is not the case in the Africans from Haiti or Venezuela or elsewhere coming across the border for a better life. So Majorcas should be impeached.

Shame on the Republicans that are so cowardly and castrated that they think they can just get along with pontificating fluffy speeches when the reality is people are actually dying and getting killed and getting shot and getting robbed and getting raped and getting drugged and getting their property stolen and their bodies abused and their children and their families abused and their home prices either devaluing or rental prices going through the roof because of the surge of illegal immigrants, illegal, that just walk across the border.

They don’t pay as others in the past have paid. So Majorcas has to be impeached. They have to bring this up. Otherwise, the Republicans should lose all political support for being nothing better than Democrat light. It’ll be interesting to see how this is raised. But the witnesses for this impeachment should be Abbott, and it should be the governors who testify that Majorcas is facilitating an invasion of the United States, and it is treason.

And he should be prosecuted as such, at the very least, impeached immediately because he is doing nothing but wreckage and damage. And you ask the majority of the american citizens, and they will all agree that this border, illegal immigrant influx is nothing but an invasion, and he’s the one who needs to hang for it. Jim? I do think this vote will be very popular with the american people, Scott.

And if the Democrats in the Senate try to derail it, not even have it heard, I think that’ll redound against them. That’ll be very negative. On the other hand, if they hold the trial all the evidence that will be adduced, even though they will inevitably acquit him, is going to be very damning. Let me just say that trial should be a platform for political theater, political drama, political speech.

Rand Paul did a little bit of it today. But that’s what this is for, is to get up there and argue that the Democrats, and specifically Myorkas and this fake Biden, have systematically and intentionally done everything they can to ruin and destroy the United States and bring in illegal immigrants to try and turn America into a Democrat voting bloc. That’s what the speaker of the House said in prior hearings of Myorcus.

He said, johnson, look at what they’re doing, ladies and gentlemen. This is what they’re really trying to do, is fill this country with illegals to try and secure political power. That’s a coup d’eta. That’s not refugee resettlement. That’s a coup d’eta, using the existing laws and legislation to facilitate that by corrupting and perverting its meaning. So this speech needs to be political drama, and they need to take out the knives and just gut Myorkus and the Biden and the Democrats and wound them so badly that Americans who watch it just are in awe and silence at the anger that is going to become, that has to come out from Republicans.

If they don’t show anger, but just this sort of soft, nilly willy passive impeachment, it’s not going to have any weight. It’s like throwing a spitball against someone rather than a rock as David threw against Goliath. They have to get angry and dramatic to give it the momentum. I believe that trial would be so damaging to the Biden admin, they’re going to attempt to derail it, Scott. They don’t want to get that far.

And while they’ll take heat for setting it aside on a political basis, it’ll be far less heat than they would have got had the trial gone forward. Even though they would eventually exonerate him, the damage would be awesome. I’m with you. He could never do his job after that trial. And let’s just hope and pray that they do have a trial. And let’s hope and pray that the Republicans find their manhood and get up there like a scottish barbarian painted blue and fighting in the nude against these roman boy loving Democrats and tear their guts out.

That’s what Americans have been waiting for, as you know. I hope Trump weighs in, too. This is an opportunity to really springboard and get a good, healthy bump that can carry them right through November. I think knowing that the Democrats will try to derail it, there’s going to be a massive publicity about it. Why it was justified between now and the decision made by the Senate, which I expect will be very prompt because they know how damaging this is for their political agenda.

Scott they know and don’t like it. Meanwhile, after Biden finally admitted there’s a border cris, you won’t believe who he blames. 24 election game steam Biden and his team came out with a brilliant way to handle being called out for the border crisis they created. He’d point his finger at the citizens who pointed out the problem for urine, blaming them. Biden blamed former President Donald Trump and mega Republicans for the broken border system and his administration’s expected failure to convince Congress the best 118,000,000,000 bill that would allot 20 billion for border security but 60 billion for Ukraine.

Again, I say it’s deceptive because the border security part included provisions that would legalize illegal immigration and also preclude Donald Trump from changing should he come into office. It wouldn’t allow him to change it. If he did change with this law in place, he could be impeached again. Democrats are calling the spend happy bill a border security bill. Border security isn’t the highest priority now. All implications are this bill won’t even move forward to the Senate floor.

Why? A simple reason Donald Trump. Biden said it at public address earlier in the week. He claimed to know what Trump thinks, saying the bill is bad for him politically and that’s the reason it’s been opposed by Republicans. Biden continued his blame game, saying Trump is responsible for record legos of illegal immigrants. But Scott, how absurd is that? When Trump was president, it dropped to a trickle. Meanwhile, migrants tell journalists they intend to vote for Biden.

Independent journalists and youtuber Nick Shirley spoke to asylum seekers in Denver, Colorado about the upcoming election. When asked whether he thinks asylum seekers has a right to vote, one migrant replied, those that entered legally have access to vote. While some municipalities allow non citizens to vote at the local level, federal law does not allow non citizens to vote in national elections. And about the citizenship with 8 million plus illegals under the Biden regime is expected to be a years long process.

Multiple migrants nevertheless alto Shirley in Spanish they intend to vote for Biden. Who are you going to vote for yet? Joe Biden, the woman replied. He’s helping us here. I believe the majority of her Biden demand said he’s the one helping us. Biden, another woman, of course, Biden, another man explained he likes supporting the migrants. He’s a very good person, another man told Shirley and Trump. Trump is a different thing.

Over the weekend, Elon Musk accused the Biden regime of importing millions because it wants to greet New Democrat voters before election day. Homeland Security secretary majorcas issued written guide making it clear illegal presence alone is not grounds for deportation. Criminal charges, convictions or gang membership alone are not enough for deportation. You basically have to be a convicted axe murder to be deported. That’s because every deportation is a lost vote, Musk added.

They are importing as many votes as possible before the elections. Scott well, I think again, this mass immigration into the United States is only going to lead to a civil war, a revolutionary war, a rising up of the american people as the economy tumbles, if not totally bottoms out as the petrodollar is abandoned for the foreign policy, international genocide, war crimes that have been conducted, and the only one using the dollar will be Germany, you know, the NATO, EU.

But I think the african and muslim world and even the asian world are moving against that won’t be immediately. But all of what the Biden people are doing is trying to generate a war to create the domestic disturbance, the domestic storms, to therefore justify a return of America’s military power to the United States, to suppress what they’ll call insurrection, revolution, whatever, similar to what they tried to do on January 6.

And they may in fact try and pursue Durban’s plan to put them into military uniform and turn them against Americans. So this illegal immigration, and let me tell you something, that’s what happened. I found out a lot when I was in Russia, in Ukraine, in the Donbass. A lot of these french mercenaries were blacks, blacks from the French Foreign legion that are about as worth good fighters as a pile of dog shit.

These black mercenaries from the French Foreign legion have been killed and ran away from their posts. That’s what’s really been, interestingly enough, in the Ukraine settlement. But there’s going to be a lot of disruption, all because of the illegal immigration. But I do side with Trump. This is going to wake the sleeping giant. The american people are rising up, the states are rising up. They’re going to push back.

They’re going to exercise local, county, state controls to purge themselves of these parasite illegals. And they may have to invest in some economic development training areas down south around the border to pull them out. They may have to do a compromise to say, go down to the southern border and get trained and all that, and you’ll be on a track to citizenship in five years or something like that.

But you can’t leave this area of the southern border and go to Idaho or Nebraska or California. That’s what’s at OD. If we allow these immigrants to illegally come in, it’s going to be the fall of Rome. And Americans intrinsically and instinctively understand we are at the precipice of the fall of Rome. And they’re just waiting to see how this is going to go, either a resurrection of America or a complete rape, pillage and thievery of know in a fall of Rome scenario.

And the Democrats sending all this aid and stuff seem to be on the trajectory of an absolute thievery collapse in police state. Oh, I think you got it exactly right. Meanwhile, we have Biden responding to the report of a special counsel about his handling really gross mishandling a classified documents. He did not take it well, as you know, the special counsel released this finding today about their look into my handling of classified documents.

I was pleased to see he reached a firm conclusion that no charges should be brought against me in this case. This was an exhaustive investigation going back more than 40 years, even into the 1970s, when I was still a new United States senator. The special counsel acknowledged I cooperated completely. I did not throw up any roadblocks. I sought no delays. In fact, I was so determined to give the special counsel what he needed, I went forward with a five hour, in person, five hour in person interview over two days on October the eigth and 9th of last year.

Even though Israel had just been attacked by Hamas on the 7th, and I was very occupied, it was in the middle of handling an international cris. I was especially pleased to see special counsel make clear the stark distinction and difference between this case and Mr. Trump’s case. Special counsel wrote, and I quote, several material distinctions between Mr. Trump’s case and Mr. Biden’s are clear. Continuing to quote, most notably, after given multiple chances to return classified documents to avoid prosecution, Mr.

Trump allegedly did the opposite. According to the indictment, he not only refused to return the documents for many months, he also obstructed justice by enlisting others to destroy evidence and then to lie about it. In contrast, he went on to say Mr. Biden turned in classified documents to the National Archives and Department of justice, consented to the search of multiple locations, including his home, sat for a voluntary interview, and in other ways cooperated with the investigation, end quote.

I’ve seen the headlines since the report was released about my willful retention of documents. These assertions are not only misleading, they’re just plain wrong. On page 215, if you had a chance. I know it’s a long. It’s a thick document. On page 215 of the report of the special counsel found the exact opposite. Here’s what he wrote. There is in fact a shortage of evidence that I willfully retain classified materials related to Afghanistan.

On page twelve, the special counsel also wrote for another documents. The decision to decline criminal charges was straightforward. The evidence suggests that Mr. Biden did not willfully retain these documents. The evidence said I did not willfully retain these documents. In addition, I know there’s some attention paid to some language in the report about my recollection of events. There’s even reference that I don’t remember. When my son died.

How in the hell dare he raise that? Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself wasn’t any of their damn business. Let me tell you something. Some of you have commented. I wear since the day he died, every single day. The rosary he got from our lady of every memorial day, we hold a service remembering him, attending my friends and family and the people who loved him.

I don’t need anyone. I don’t need anyone to remind me when he passed away. Passed away? Simple truth is I sat for a five hour interview over two days of events going back 40 years. At the same time I was managing international crisis. Their task was to make a decision about whether to move forward with charges. In this case. That was their decision to make. That’s the council’s decision to make.

That’s his job. And they decided not to move forward for any extraneous commentary. They don’t know what they’re talking about. It has no place in this report. The bottom line, as a matter is now closed. I’m going to continue what I’ve always focused on, my job of being president of the United States of America. Thank you, and I’ll take some questions. President Biden, something the special counsel said in his report is that one of the reasons you were not charged is because in his description, you are a well meaning elderly man with a poor memory.

I’m well meaning and I’m an elderly man, and I know what the hell I’m doing. I’ve been president. I put this country back on its feet. I don’t need his recommendation. It’s totally your memory. And can you continue as president? My memory is so bad, I let you speak, Mr. President. My memory is not good. My memory is fine. My memory. Take a look at what I’ve done since I become president.

None of you thought I could pass any of the things I got passed. How’d that happen? I guess I just forgot what was going on. Mr. President, voters have concerns about your age. How are you going to persuade them? I do fear that this report is only going to fuel further concerns about only by some of you today. You take responsibility for at least being careless with classified material? I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing.

It goes in and points out things that appeared in my garage, things that came out of my home, things that were moved, were moved not by me, but my staff, but my staff. Mr. President, Mr. President, Mr. President, for months when you were asked about your age, you would respond with the words, watch me. Many american people have been watching and they have expressed concerns about your age.

That is your judgment. That is your judgment. That is not the judgment of the press. They express concerns about your mental acuity. They say that you are too old. Mr. President, in December, you told me that you believe there are many other Democrats who could defeat Donald Trump. So why does it have to be you? Now, what is your answer? I’m the most qualified person in this country.

Be president of the United States and finish the job I started. I did not share classified information. I did not share it with your ghost ride. With my ghost ride did not guarantee you did not. But council said. He did not say that. Okay, Mr. President, let me answer your question. The fact of the matter is, what I didn’t want repeated, I didn’t want him to know and I didn’t read it to him, was I had written a long memorandum to President Obama why we should not be in Afghanistan.

And I was multiple pages. And so what I was referring to, I said classified. I should have said it should be private because it was a contact between the president and the vice president as to what was going on. That’s what he is referring to. It was not classified information in that document. That was not classified. He called on me. When you look back at this incident, is there anything you would do differently now? And do you think that a special prosecutor should have been appointed in the first place in both of these cases? First of all, what I would have done is oversee the transfer of the material that was in my office.

In my offices. I should have done that. If I go back, I didn’t have the responsibility to that. My staff was supposed to do that. And they referenced that in the report. And my staff did not do it in the way that, for example, I didn’t know how half the boxes got in my garage. Until I found out staff gathered them up, put them together and took them to the garage in my home.

And all the stuff that was in my home was in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked. It was in my house. It wasn’t out like in Mar a Lago, in a public place. And none of it was high classified, didn’t have any of that red stuff on it, you know what I mean? Around the corners, none of that. And so I wish I had paid more attention to how the documents were being moved and where I thought they were being moved, to the archives.

I thought all of it was being moved. That’s what I thought. Now, what was the last part of your question? Whether a special counsel should have been appointed in this case and in the case of your rival president? Former president? I think a special counsel should have been appointed. And the reason I think a special counsel should have been appointed is because I did not want to be in a position that they looked at Trump and weren’t going to look at me just like they looked at the vice president.

And the fact is, they made a firm conclusion. I did not break the law, period. Thank you all very much. Negotiation, the hostage negotiation. Look, sorry, I’m of the view, as you know, that the conduct of the response in the Gaza Strip has been over the top. I think that, as you know, initially the president of Mexico, CC, did not want to open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in.

I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate. I talked to Bibi to open the gate. On the israeli side, I’ve been pushing really hard, really hard to get humanitarian assistance into Gaza. There are a lot of innocent people who are starving, a lot of innocent people who are in trouble and dying, and it’s got to stop. Number one. Number two, I was also in a position that I’m the guy that made the case that we have to do much more to increase the amount of material going in, including fuel, including other items.

I’ve been on the phone with the Qataris, I’ve been on the phone with the Egyptians, I’ve been on the phone with the Saudis to get as much aid as we possibly can into Gaza. They’re innocent people and innocent women and children who are also in bad. Yeah, let’s just skip the rest of, I mean, he’s a liar and he’s a demented. Yes. Biden made at least three false claims about the report.

Senior reporter Daniel Dale for CNN observed. Biden said, all the stuff in my home was in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked. Just not true. This report from the special counsel includes photos, shot of boxes just sitting in President Biden’s Delaware garage. The special counsel described as a badly damaged box sitting amid household detritus. There was some material in cabinets, locked or lockable, but not all of it.

That said unsealed damage box included, according to special council, highly sensitive, top secret material about the war to Afghanistan. Moreover, Biden said, none of it was highly classified. Didn’t have that front stop around the corner, Dale said. That claim that he didn’t have any material that was quote unquote highly classified is also not true. The special guns report said the president possessed multiple highly classified documents that were indeed marked as being highly classified.

Some heart, top secret, Sci sensitive, compartmentalized information. Biden also said, I did not share classified information with my ghost writer, so he’s entitled to say he didn’t do it. He can defend himself. But he also said the special counsel didn’t say that he shared classified information with a ghostwriter, except that he did say so explicitly. He wrote, Mr. Biden shared information, including some classified information from those notebooks with his ghost writer.

So there it is in black and white. Turns out Biden’s age incompetence is a top issue among Americans. At 81 years old, Joe Biden not having the necessary mental and physical health to be present for a second term. Does this concern you? 62% said yes. Meanwhile, the special counsel put Biden’s agent memory in the spotlight. What I’d like to add here, Scott, with you is the following. There are major differences between the Trump case and the Biden case.

Number one, Trump was president of the United States. He had classification authority. Biden was only vice president. He didn’t have classification authority. He wasn’t entitled to have any of those documents with him. Number two, Trump had a special vault for all the documents to be kept. He had cleared it with the National Archives and with the FBI, and Biden did not. I mean, he had this stuff strewn all over the place.

And of course, number three, actually, your motives or circumstances aren’t even relevant. The law is about how the classified documents are to be preserved. Biden clearly violated those. Trump did not. I think the case is conclusive. Biden was guilty, Trump not. But the politics are such that the Democrats would like you to believe the opposite to be the case. Well, I was trained in courier services, Department of Defense, document courier services.

I had a top secret Sci clearance, sensitive compartmentalized information clearance I went through quite an exhaustive process, and I know exactly how it works. And friends of mine are high level officers in charge of these sort of things, security clearances. And it’s very simple. Like you said, jim, the law says you can be given ten years in prison if you recklessly mismanage, leave behind or negligent, and allow secret, top secret Sci documents out in the open, left on a metro train, or left in your garage or anywhere else.

That’s not a skiff. A skiff is a sensitive, compartmented information facility. It’s a soundproof, airproof, waterproof, electronic, magnetic pulse proof facility. And unless documents are couriered from the point where they originated, which is a skiff, that’s what the White House is. That’s what CIA, State Department, FBI, they all have skiffs. Congress has it. But those documents are to go from one skiff to another, not to the president’s garage and anywhere else.

So other legal experts have commented he should have been prosecuted just because of the law. This is something that the prosecutor doesn’t have the discretion to do. It’s very simple, based on the law. So this claiming of Trump, too, is totally in a different league. Like you said, jim, Donald Trump was the president of the United States. The president has the highest classification clearance in the land. The president classifies and declassifies everything by his word.

That’s what the people of the United States wanted and their chief executive, the ability to issue pardons, the issue, to classify and declassify documents. What Trump should have done, if he had anybody worth a damn in his team, he should have got his phone and recorded himself saying, I’m the president of the United States and I’m declassifying these documents. These are declassified. This document about Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton foundation, the shell game that they were playing with the Department of Justice, with Eric Holder, Lanny Brewer, Union bank of Switzerland, in their terrorist financing operation.

This document I am declassifying so that it can be known by the american people. I’m also additionally declassifying this, and this and this and this and this and this. As president of the United States, I hereby declare these are declassified. He should have done that. He should have had a record, because had he had that record, had he had anyone on his team that knew government law and the process, he would not be in this position.

Jim, he could say, hey, I’m the president. I declassified it. Once it’s declassified, it’s out there. It can’t be reclassified by a congressional library or the Department of Justice or even the House of Representatives or the Senate, it is declassified by the, you know, again, that’s one of the failures trump had. He’s been ambushed from every line. But this case where they’re trying to prosecute him for handling classified information, it’s all fraudulent and part of this campaign to try and bury Trump.

But I think at the end of the day, all of this is going to work to his advantage because his simplicity and his lack of experience in government and the process and his lack of appetite or desire to get to know it inoculates him. It sort of keeps him above it all, saying, you know what? I don’t give a shit about classification of these and these and this and this or these cases.

It’s all a witch hunt, it’s all nonsense. And I’m going to put my cards and my bet on the american people. And whatever happens, the american people are going to choose who their president is and they’re going to choose Donald Trump if he makes it, if they don’t take him out. And when they do select Donald Trump, that’s when he says, you’re going to have a Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln situation, because they’re going to claim, no, we won the election just like last time.

And that’s when you’re going to have the civil war and people are going to have to stand up and say, no, Donald Trump is the president. He was president in 2020. You stole the election. He’s always been the president and he’s president again. And we will fight to the death to save our republic. Jim? Oh, Scott, I think you’re absolutely right. And he actually had a standing order.

The name documents he took with him out of the office were automatically declassified. Mike King has an interesting piece about what’s going on here. The decision not to file charges against Biden. We think we have an idea what’s going on here. Why would Biden’s AG appoint a republican special counsel, allow him in an election year to then publicly humiliate Biden, putting his name in, quote, knowing he’s a fake, he’s an actor, one of four I’ve identified by essentially calling him senile.

Answer. Because this is, in Mike King’s opinion, a scripted wrestling match. It’s well known to Trump friends and enemies like he loves gay Nevin with those who’ve truly wronged him. He’s looking forward to having Big Mike run against him and set a sleepy Joe, by extension, his husband, bathouse Barry. Who knows, maybe by the time Zedic campaign is done, normiedom will get to learn that Big Mike actually has a penis.

We’ve been reporting this before, that Big Mike has a package most women do not have, and notice how he let his beard grow when his husband was no longer president. In scott get this a new study about the use of bail in balloting shows Trump actually won the 2020 election. After extensive analysis using raw survey data coupled with mail in vote totals, we conclude mail in voter fraud almost certainly changed the 2020 election outcome in all six crucial swing states, according to the Legacy News Networks, of course, social media platforms, various deep state actors, and other corrupt institutions, the 2020 election was the safest and most secure in history.

Anyone who questioned Biden’s victory was a wacky election to hire. That’s been the dominant narrative for the past three years, which has produced a chilling effect, caused me to forego conducting a deep dive regarding whether the 2020 election really was as safe and secure as we’ve been told. It’s incumbent upon the 50 states to ensure their voting systems are as safe and secure as possible. We still have time to make the necessary changes.

Get this had rampant mail in voter fraud been prevented in the 2020 election, Trump would have won the electoral college and been reelected to a second term. At this point, you may be wondering how I can be so sure that 2020 election was tainted by mail in voter fraud. The answer is simple. The voters have told us so. In late 2023, the Heartland Institute in Rasmussen reports conducted a simple survey to gauge a degree of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

We asked 1085 voters who participated about their voting behavior three years prior. To our surprise, the results showed at least one in five. One in five mail in voters admitted to committing ballot fraud in the 2020 election. Here’s another article about it. Mail in ballot fraud study by Trump almost certainly won in 2020. A new study examining the likely impact that fraudulent mail in votes had on the 2020 election concludes the outcome would almost certainly have been different without a massive expansion of voting by mail.

The Heartland Institute study sought to gauge a probable impact fraudulent mail in ballots cast for both men candidate Biden and his opponent Trump would have had on the overall election results. The study was based on data obtained from a Heartland Rasmussen survey in December, revealing that roughly one in five mail in voters admitted to potentially fraudulent actions in the presidential election. After they carried out additional analyses, they concluded mail in ballot fraud significantly impacted the 2020 election.

They also found, absent the huge expansion of mail in ballots during the pandemic, which was often done without legislative approval, President Trump most likely would have won. Had the 2020 election been conducted like every national election has over the past two centuries, where the mass majority cast ballots in person rather than by mail, Trump would have almost certainly been reelected. Scott, this is stunning stuff. Of course, it’s consistent with everything else you and I know about the 2020 election and have frequently reported in the past.

I was talking with a friend of mine who’s a black female conservative christian, runs a ministry out of her church politics and God and things like that. And we were commenting a little bit about this, about my theory that they are going to kill Kamala Harris, assassinate her, replace her with Gavin Newsom, then either remove or decommission Biden with the 25th amendment, or kill Biden and claim it was done by a Trump supporter, and then move Gavin Newsom up into the presidency with another vice president, declare martial law, and all the rest of the things that he thinks he could do, and he wouldn’t.

The american people wouldn’t stand for it. But I was amazed when she said, scott, the black population, the lustful Democrat, the wicked, they will run with enthusiasm. If Michelle Obama, the transvestite, is put into the transgender. Actually, yeah, transgender. And I couldn’t believe it. I thought, are you. Are you serious? You’re telling me you think the american half the know, maybe not half, but you would have people that would rush to vote for this guy? And she said, oh, yeah.

And that if that is the case, Jim, it’s the end of the republic, because we have half the republic or whatever, that portion that would vote is really insane. Whether it’s Covid-19 or a collapse of social customs, culture that’s occurred over 40 years, we’re at the climax of the degeneracy of this country. If they embrace all of the tyranny, the breads and circus, and the transvestite transgender that are throwing them at them.

I think because the Democrat side is going to become so vicious, hysterical, and look at Schumer. All of what you’re seeing is this arrogant, self promoting viciousness under the guise of democracy that it is only going to tear the United States apart. The old wine and the old Wineskin and the new wine and the new wineskin is forming. And Hannah Arendt said, two things are needed for great revolution.

Number one, the sense of creating something, and two, the sense of a new sense of freedom. So the new sense of freedom is going to come with Americans freeing themselves from this deep state Democrat theft of the election and the creating something that’s going to occur, I think, is recognizing Trump as the real president and recognizing that America is not the United States of America, it’s the united republics of America.

I know we’ve been talking about that, but the redefinition of America is the republics of America and a constitutional convention to address that specific point and change the language to read. That, I think, is along the trajectory of bold, new, creative freedom and truth that Americans can use to catapult themselves up to the next level. That’s what we’re going to be in every day that goes by. The more and more I’m convinced that we are going to go through some kind of a kinetic, violent shooting defense of your family, in your home, in your town scenario, because the Democrats are going to try and push civil war, false flags, false shootings, everything they can, Sandy hook times 100 to try and strip Americans of their guns.

Jim, I’m really disturbed that this woman, who would seem to be pretty savvy, would suggest that the population be so eager to vote for a fraud. Actually a person who’s a kind of a sexual mean. This is a man with breast implants. This is weird. Scott. I find that very disturbing. Yeah, it’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve heard here. We have one more story we can squeeze in, namely Tucker’s interview with Vladimir Putin.

Fox is the most watch cable with an average of 1. 85 million per night. MSNBC, 1. 22. Put those together, you got 3 million. CNN averaging 582. That’s three and a half million altogether. Tucker’s interview with Putin was over 50 million within the first 5 hours. The mainstream is dead here. What before appears to have been a faint, where you and I discussed. We went through line by line, what was supposed to be the transcript, but it wasn’t real because the real Tucker Putin interview is completely different, far more historic and detailed than its flimsy precursor.

I thought Putin was masterful and it was a case of a professor and a student. Scott and I reviewed the Tucker Putin interview line by line, offering our interpretation critique. Western reporters, including the US, have all blackballed oppressive Russia lest he dispelled their demonization. And in fact, he explained the history of Ukraine, why Russia had to intervene, that Russia has no territorial aggressions. He was masterful, Paul. Greg Roberts suggests Putin’s goodwill can cause him to be taken advantage of.

Putin still hopes for sanity and goodwill to emerge in the west. His idealism blocks him from proactive actions which he regards as provocative. He is yet to accept that his tolerance of western aggression encourages more aggression and thus continues to frustrate the emergence of the cooperative, multipolar world he envisions. I don’t think we’re going to get the mutual defense treaty between Russia, China, and Iran. That would cause Washington neoconservatives to accept reality and give up their goal of american hegemony.

Watching the interview will help to free you from the propaganda that keeps you in the matrix. My concern remains Putin’s reasonableness, his rationality, his decency will continue to be taken advantage of by Washington until the conflict Putin seeks to avoid becomes unavoidable. Scott Ritter, similar thoughts. Scott, yours? Well, the original interview that we did, Jim, they probably changed some things, but it was consistent with the character of both men.

What we read is right in the center of the general philosophy and attitude and the political stance of both Tucker and Putin. What the real interview showed, Craig Roberts caught it pretty well. It was sophomoric. But to boil it down, and having been over there and having seen and known Russians and studied Putin, and I wrote a short book about Putin, in fact, what he has endured for 30 years, Putin strikes me with a remarkable level of humility and patience.

And never, he never lets his cool go. He’s never outraged. If anyone really wants to learn something about Putin, watch that interview with the sound off and listen and watch Putin’s facial expressions, watch his animation and his energy, and you will see something and you will learn something about him that’s very significant. You learn a lot about people by turning the sound off and just watching their physical, you know, Iran, Russia, China.

I have no fear, and I’ve said it before. I said it on Alex Jones. I’ve said it elsewhere. I have no fear of Russia or Iran. I know those countries. I know those people. I know they’re political, religious leaders. When I went to Iran, it was the religious leader that got us the visas. It wasn’t Sharif or whoever the foreign affairs minister was. They have their own deep state.

It was the religious leaders in Iran. Why? Because it is the religious leaders that are setting the tone and the change in the world today. It was the religious leaders in Iran that persuaded Russia in the 1970s, bring God back into the lives of their people. And bringing God back into the lives of their people, I think facilitated the quickening of Russia’s transformation out of communism into the federation.

Of course, they were betrayed by Clinton, Strobe Talbot, Larry Summers, breaking Russia’s back with IMF loans. They learned the hard way and they learned the west can’t be trusted and it’s very sad because the Russians, the russian politicians, the russian people want desperately to have a affectionate relationship with America and the american people. But they have been met with nothing but vile hostility and treason, I would say, by people like Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell and others that are not putting the interests of the american people and are not putting the desires of the american people up front as our politicians are supposed to.

They are instead doing what the military industrial complex wants and what Israel wants, and that is hostility against Russia. But I don’t see that lasting very long. And I’ll tell you one thing, the other change that will occur, Jim, if President Putin dies or is removed, know, just goes. And you have Medvedev. Get ready for an ass kicking, because Medvedev has already said and demonstrated a tonality, a disposition, an attitude and a strength of character that will not be playing with kid gloves with the United States.

He will use language and directness against America, politicians and NATO that they have never experienced, ever. And they will be knocked on their asses by the Russians who have no interest in Europe. The whole invasion scenario is all nonsense, but they’re doing that to try and tax their own people into servanthood. But Russia’s on the escalation. And the other thing I’ll close with is Russia. According to Putin, I think he said Russia had like $80 trillion in natural resources in the ground.

80 trillion natural resources in the ground. That’s why Putin is very comfortable in his own skin and very relaxed because he knows that the country is solid with wealth and the people are solid with the wealth of character, while the american people in wealth are about to go bankrupt with the destruction of our dollar. And our character has been destroyed by no fault divorce, homosexuality, breaking up of the family Covid-19 vaccine, which is really going to turn the nation into a bunch of mental retards and every other affliction of endless war which has created us to look like Frankenstein’s monster rampaging through the world.

And I think the world is not going to tolerate it. And unless we have a major change in diplomatic people coming in and replacing this country’s leadership, unless we have a major change, this country is destined, I think, to completely crumble and collapse. And the question is, will it be resurrected with a phoenix like rebirth? Not unless people pray. Jim. I wish I could find a reason to argue with you, Scott, but I’m sorry to say I think you’ve got it right.

Jim Fetzer, the great professor and arbiter and source of truth, we thank you so much for joining us on global great awakenings, globalfreedomtv. com. And we thank you, our audience, for supporting us and joining with us tonight. If you have any questions for Dr. Fetzer, please go to our rumble channel, where we put this up live and email us your questions and thoughts. You can also email us@globalfreedomtv.

com and if you have any needs or questions, we’re always happy to answer them. God bless you. Thank you, Dr. Fetzer. We will see you in a couple weeks. I won’t get into the details, but more will be coming next week, and we will see you soon. God bless you. Good night. .

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