2023-12-26 Scott Bennett Dr. James Fetzer: The Houthi Revolution and Attacks against Israel.

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➡ Scott Better hosts a show called “global great awakenings on globalfreedomtv.com” that talks about what’s happening all around the world. On one show, they talk about issues in the Middle East, like a revolution by the Houthi group against Israeli ships.

➡ Israeli forces have bombed Gaza a lot, causing lots of damage and killing many people. They did this because the Israeli Defense Forces had trouble dealing with mosques. Instead, they decided to flood tunnels with water and then bomb them.

➡ The show also talks about Israel’s military doing a lot of airstrikes near hospitals. This goes against the rules of war and international law, which say hospitals should be kept safe.

➡ They also discuss Hezbollah’s involvement in everything. Fighters from Hezbollah are joining the conflict and changing things in the fight.

➡ The show mentions how Palestinian prisoners are being treated poorly by Israeli soldiers. The article talks about how Israel uses humiliation as a way to control Palestinians. This includes things like Israeli soldiers doing disrespectful things to prisoners to show they have power over them.

➡ The attacks from Israel are causing other countries to react. Groups from countries like Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, and Hezbollah are starting to stand up against Israel, which could become a very big problem for Israel.

➡ The show criticizes the story that Israel is telling, suggesting that people aren’t believing it. They hint that people might start to get more openly angry as life gets harder for Palestinians.

➡ The show ends on a downbeat note about the future for anyone who supports what Israel is doing. It suggests they might face political losses if they keep supporting Israel’s actions. The show also praises Ramaswami and Tucker for being tough and insightful.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to global great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. I’m Scott Better, your host tonight. We’re joined with the great Dr. James Fetzer, and we’re going to be exploring some of the international incidents that are happening in the Middle east, specifically the houthi rising, the houthi revolution that is seemingly occurring with the houthi government rising up against the israeli ships, opening up quite a naval operation, Jim.

I’ll hand it to, to open us up with your presentation. I know there’s a lot of material we want to jump right into, so go ahead, Jim. Stretcher. Thanks, Scott. Real pleasure. It’s not just Ahuthi’s hezebola as well. I think Israel’s in for it. Here’s a Washington publishing maps of the destruction of Gaza. However, it has been horrific. The Washington Post Saturday mapped out the complete and other devastation of Gaza by Israel through their relentless, indiscriminate bombing campaign.

They’re resorting to flooding the tunnels and bombing because the IDF cannot deal with a mosque, which is defeating them outright man for man, taking out over 150 of their tanks and armored personnel carriers. Israel has wards one of the century’s most destructive wars in Gaza, writes the Post. It’s been unlike any other in the 21st century. Israeli airstrikes and a ground invasion that began 20 days after the unprecedented assault by Hamas on October 7 have destroyed live swaths of besieged territory, killed at least 20,057 and displaced the vast majority of the population.

The most ferocious attacks have come from the air, flattening entire city blocks, cratering the landscape. The most analyzed satellite imagery, airstrike data and UN damage assessment, interviewing more than 28 workers, healthcare providers and experts in munitions and aerial warfare, where the evidence shows Israel has carried out its war in Gaza at a base and level of devastation and likely exceeds any recent conflict, destroying more buildings in far less time than were destroyed during the Syrian regime battle for Leba from 2013 to 2016.

We’re talking about months versus three years for the US campaign to defeat the Islamic State, which we created ourselves in Mosul in Raqqa in 2017. The most found the Israeli military has conducted repeated and widespread airstrikes in proximity to hospitals. Listen to this. Which of course are supposed to receive special protection under the laws of war, which they are disregarding blatantly 100%. They do not care about international law.

Those are laws made by men. They follow a higher law, God’s law, to commit genocide on the non Jews. Satellite imagery revealed dozens of apparent craters near 17 of the 28 hospitals in northern Gaza where the bombing was most intense during the first two months, including ten graders, suggesting bombs of over 2000 pounds, the largest in regular use. Hezbollah, however, has now entered the fray and is making a significant difference.

And iranian commander killed Nazba has engaged in border clashes this October raid. More than 100 Msbollah fighters have been killed since that date. Israel’s lost soldiers and civilians as well at cross border attacking israeli deployments and position near the Lebanon border military base was targeted with appropriate weapons, causing confirmed casualties. Buildings in the midst cab settlement were targeted with missile systems in response to the targeting of villages and civilian homes.

The medulla settlement has been targeted with appropriate weapons as a response to targeting civilians and civilian homes. There’s much more going on about Hezbollah to which we shall return. Meanwhile, the Israelis are being highly abusive of their prisoners. Here’s a disturbing piece urinating on prisoners. Why humiliation is functional in Israel’s war on Palestinians. When zionist militias, using western arms conquered historic Palestine in 47, 48, they express their victory through the deliberate humiliation of Palestinians.

Much of that targeted women. Knowing how the dishonor of palestinian females represent, according to arab culture, a sense of dishonor to the whole community. Now look at this photograph, Scott, what I find so fascinating, these are all men, yet many of these men have breasts as though they were women. I think what’s been happening is they’ve been putting estrogen in the water in Palestine to try to reduce the level of aggression and resistance they would encounter, which must have been going on for a very long time.

Meanwhile, the strategy remains in place to this day. When scores of palestinian women were released following a prisoner exchange, there was very little room to hide the facts. Unlike the 75 year ago palestinian community, the current generation no longer internalizes Israel’s intentional humiliation of men and women alike as an act of collective dishonor, which has allowed many newly released female prisoners to speak openly off on tv about the kind of humiliation of which they were exposed while in israeli detention.

The army, however, continues to act with the same old mindset, perceiving the humiliation of Palestinians as an expression of dominance, power and supremacy. Over the years, Israel has perfected a politics of humiliation, a notion predicated on the psychological power shaming whole collectives, whole groups, to emphasize the asymmetrical relationship between the occupiers and the occupied. That’s why in early days of this war on Gaza, Israel detained all palestinian workers who happened to be working inside Israel’s cheap labor.

At the time of the October 7 operation, the dehumanization they experienced at the heads of the IDF demonstrated a growing trend among Israeli to degrade Palestinians for no reason whatsoever. Among the worst documented episodes was on October twelveth, when a group of israeli soldiers and settlers assaulted three palestinian activists in the West bank. Both the Rhett’s and the Times of Israel described how they were assaulted, stripped naked, bound, photographed, tortured, and peed upon.

Those images were still fresh in the mind of Palestinians when new images emerged from northern Gaza. Here we have a report. For example, palestinian protesters recount harrowing details of torture at the hands of israeli police. Palestinian protesters coming forward detailed description of brutal extrajudicial torture carried out by police in Israel in its receiving the intention of the whole world. Photos and video published in israeli media men stripped down to their underwear, placed in large numbers on the streets of Gaza, surrounded by well equipped and menacing israeli soldiers.

The men were handcuffed, tied together, forced to hunch down, thrown into military trucks, taken to an unknown location. Some were eventually released to tell horror stories, which often had bloody endings. But why is Israel doing this? Throughout its history, violent birth and equally violent existence, Israel has purposely humiliated Palestinians as an expression of its disproportionately greater military power over a hapless, confined, in mostly refugee population. This tactic was infused more during certain periods of history, when Palatinians felt empowered as a way to break their collective spirit.

The first in Tafada, 1987 and 93, was rife with this kind of humiliation. Children and men between the ages of 15 and 55 would be dragged into schoolyard, stripped naked, forced to kneel down for endless hour, beaten and insulted by israeli soldiers using loudspeakers. The insults covered everything Palestinians all dear their religion, their God, their mothers, their holy places. More then, boys and men would be forced to perform certain acts, for example, spitting in each other’s faces, shouting profanity, slapping each other.

Those who refused would be immediately overpowered, beaten, and arrested. These methods continue to be applied in israeli prisons, especially during times of hunger strikes, but also during periods of interrogation. In the latter cases, men are threatened with a rape of their wives or sisters, women threatened with sexual violence. Here’s a story. I was explicitly threatened with rape, says a palestinian woman. These episodes are often met with collective palestinian defiance, which directly feeds into palestinian popular resistance.

The image of a palestinian fighter dressed in military fatigue, brandishing an automatic rifle, proudly walking the streets of Nablus, Jenna, or Gaza, in itself does not serve a military purpose. It does, however, directly respond to the psychological impact of the humiliation inflicted upon palestinian society by the occupying army. But what is a function of a palestinian military parade? When Israel arrests palestinian activists, they assemble to create the perfect scenario of a humiliated and defeated community, a terror felt by the people.

With nightly raids began. The beating of the family of the detained, the shout of insult, other well choreographed horror scenes. Hours later, palestinian youth emerged on the streets, proudly parading with their guns. Amid the adulation of women, the excited looks at children. This is how Palestinians respond to humiliation. Palestinian armed resistance has grown much stronger in recent years, Gaza currently serving as a case in point. Thus, to the contrary, it’s the Israelis who feel humiliated, not only because of what took place on October 7, but everything that has taken place since.

Unable to operate freely in the heart of Gaza, communist rafa, or other major population centers, the israeli army is forced to humiliate Palestinians in whatever margins they do control. Frustrated by their military failure to deliver on their promise of subduing Gaza, ordinary Israelis have taken social media to taunt Palestinians in their own way. Israeli women, along with their own children, dress up in ways that convey a racist representation of arab women crying over the bodies of their dead children.

This type of social media democracy seems to have appealed to the imagination of israeli society, which still insists on its superiority even at a time when they’re paying the price of their own violence and political arrogance. This time around, Israel’s politics humiliation, however, is proving ineffective because the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis has on its way to being fundamentally altered. One is only humiliated if he or she internalizes the humiliation as a sense of shame and disempowerment.

But Palestinians this time around are experiencing no such feelings. On the contrary, their ongoing resilience and unity have generated a set of collecting pride with unequaled in past history. Very significant. Scott, as an expert on psyops, this is perfect for your commentary. Yeah, the Israelis have totally miscalculated. They’re psychotic. They’re doing the opposite of what any reasonable nation and military operation would do. They’re not humiliating and weakening and defeating the Palestinians.

They’re doing the opposite. They’re inspiring them. They’re providing them in a spree decor, a shared degree of suffering. It’s like going through boot camp or special training. You’ve been through escape evasion training, gym, where they hunt you and grab you and pretend like you’re a POW and you’re beaten and interrogated so that you’re prepared for what may happen in war. And after which you’ve grown through the process, you’ve experienced it.

This is what’s happening with the Palestinians. They’re not being defeated. They’re not being weakened. In fact, the Israelis are weakening themselves. The Israelis, by acting as barbaric, savage, rabid dogs, are going to be treated like barbaric, savage, rabid dogs by the inevitable collapse of Israel. So all of these theories or claims of somehow dishonoring the Palestinians to a point where they’re weak or they’re mentally unhinged or they’re unable to engage in any more insurrection, the opposite is true.

This entire episode, as I’ve said before on press, tv and others, no one remembers October 7. October 7 doesn’t matter and it doesn’t come back into memory. The only thing that is coming into memory are the visual images of women and children being crushed under concrete, being humiliated, and the israeli sadistic pleasure in this. And it’s not going to last. As you saw earlier, the Houthis, the Iranians, the Turks, the Iraqis, the Yemenis, the Houthis, they’re all getting into this.

The Hezbollah groups, they’re all beginning to get into this. They’re not rushing into it, they’re waiting into it. But as they continue, Jim, all of this is going to blow back against Israel. They’re going to be overwhelmed very quickly. They’re going to have Stinger missiles, shoulder fired grenades. Drones are the new weapon of warfare. You’re going to have a guerrilla war against Israel like we have never seen since the Israel, and they’re not going to be able to defend against it.

I predict, and I’ve said this to many erratic pro israeli people, I could see Israel collapsing and surrendering in six months because you could have an overwhelming rising against Israel because of what they’re doing. And the United States won’t have any leg to stand on. The United States is going to lose its ships. It’s going to enter a Gulf of Tonkin moment, and it’s very soon going to see the american people completely collapse in any will.

No one is going to want to open up and go into some sort of a draught war. So everything Israel’s doing is about to blow up in their face. Jim. Well, Hamas is keeping him busy and Hezbollah is just warming up. The Houthis have swung into high gear. Here’s a nice piece. The Houthis have biden by the short hairs. This is by white Whitney. Yemen has said it would stop the blockade of israeli bound ships as soon as sufficient food, water and medicine are allowed to enter Gaza.

Guess that’s asking too much, says Elizabeth Murray. Yemenzuti military has shown how a small army can take on the american empire and win. They’ve shown how courage, resolve and commitment the principle can act as a force multiplier, allowing a much weaker military to punch above its weight. They’ve also shown a few well placed missiles in key locations on the world’s most critical shipping lanes can send tremors across a global economy and shake the rules based order to its foundation.

In short, the Houthis have shown that David can bring down goliath without breaking a sweat, provided David maintains his perch along the Babel mandam strait. Here’s what’s going on. The Houthis occupy an area along the narrowest part of the Red Sea, the most important shipping corridor in the world. It’s responsible for 12% of international trade, almost one third of global container traffic. While the movement of ships is disrupted along the waterway, insurance premiums skyrocket.

Prices on retail merchandise rise. Oil prices go through the roof. That’s why western powers are committed to keeping these shipping lanes open at all times, whatever the cost. Here’s some background from CNN. Yemen’s Iran back who? The rebels are stabbing up their strikes on ships in the Red Sea, which they say are revenge against Israel for its military campaign in Gaza. The attacks have forced some of the world’s biggest shipping and oil companies to suspend transit through one of the world’s most important maritime trade routes, which could potentially cause a shock to the global economy.

Ahu these are believed to have been armed and trained by Iran, and there are fears their attacks could escalate Israel’s war against Hamas into a wider regional conflict. At present, these shipping lanes are effectively closed due to houthi attacks on israeli bound vessels. This in turn has slowed overall traffic to a crawl. If the current situation persists or gets worse, the impact on the global economy could be catastrophic.

Here’s a tweet from Vanessa Beeley today on UK column news. I will cover the latest on him and how Nsarula, that’s a name for the Houthis, are already winning the war against the US led global coalition destined for failure in the graveyard of invaders, which is Yemen. Here headline not a single cargo has arrived in Israel for two weeks. We expect the same for the next four. Surprisingly, though, these do not stand to gain anything from their effort.

In fact, they’re putting themselves at risk of retaliation by the US in order to pressure Israel into stopping its relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip and allow the starving Palestinians access to food, water and medical supplies. The Houthis should probably be applauded for their selfless compassion and humanity. I see it that way, but Washington does not. They don’t think Houthi’s action is laudable, virtuous, or just. They see it as a challenge to american primacy.

They see it as a threat to their regional hegemony, a threat to their global leadership. They see it as interference of the Gaza policy, in which Israel has been granted carte blanc to kill and maim as many politicians as it wants to achieve its own strategic objective. Which is greater? Israel. So what we have is an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. We have two opposing points of view, no way to resolve their difference without a direct military confrontation.

That means there’s going to be trouble in the very new near future. Here’s Jackson Hinkel also tweeting how many Houthis have prepared naval mines for american and israeli ships. And that’s why last Monday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced he’d assembled a ten member maritime coalition that patrol the waterways in the Red Sea and defend the freedom of navigation. Coalition members include Britain, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Satiles and Spain.

Now a reasonable person might wonder why Austin would cobble together another makeshift military coalition whose strategic goals are far from clear, instead of first contacting the Houthi leadership to see if a deal could be worked out and confrontation avoided. But those who have followed us foreign policy for the past 30 years know the US does not negotiate with people or countries it considers its inferiors, which is most of the rest of the world.

So that option was quickly discarded. Instead, the US has decided to pursue a traditional approach to emerging crises involving a fair amount of sendiary rhetoric followed by a military hammer blow. And that appears to be the direction things are now headed. Check out this excerpt from an article by John Helmer. More from the Washington Post. On Monday, oil became the latest company to announce it would be pausing its shipments to the Red Sea.

Several shipping companies, including MSC Mares, Eurovanov and the Evergreen group, have said they’re also avoiding the Suez Canal as militants target cargo vessels. Roughly 10% of all maritime oil trade goes to the Red Sea, which connects to the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal. Without access to the Red Sea route, many ships will have to take the far longer and costlier journey around Africa to reach their destinations.

It urged the global community to consider to continue to pursue every possible diplomatic effort in support of security and safe navigation through this region so vital to international trade. It’s worth noting the Houthis have repeatedly said that ships that are not bound for Israel will not be attacked, but that has not stopped all the major shipping companies from rerouting their vessels from the Red Sea to the cave of good hope.

This alternative route adds weeks to sailing time, forcing carriers to raise cargo prices and adjust schedules. Bottom line, the actions of the youth are going to further boost inflation in western countries, pushing their economies into a sharp and protracted nosedive. On Monday, in the Moscow newspaper that a most reported that russian experts say most likely the Americans will launch missile and bomb attacks on command centers and military depots of the Houthis, or targeted strikes by special forces in order to eliminate commanders of the movement.

The operation will be roughly comparable to actions of the west in Syria and Iraq, a newspaper claimed. According to its sources, a military forces Saudi Arabia and the UAE may participate in the operation. Their armed forces and proxies have been waging a sluggish war against Iran’s allies in Yemen since 2015. Except, of course, Saudi Arabia is reluctant because they’ve reached a peace agreement with the Houthis that would give them divide Yemen in half, give Saudi South Yemen, which is oil rich, and let the Houthis have north so they can have a democratic government, which is all they want.

Respective publications in the west are going for a war with Houthis, too. Here’s the world socialist website us media, meanwhile, is agitating for the Biden admin to target both Yemen and Iran. In an editorial, the Wall Street Journal wrote, the president reported that the Biden admin is contemplating the use of military force in response to continuing attacks on commercial shipping by the houthi militia in Yemen. It’s about time.

The Houthi missile attacks pose the most significant threat to global shipping in decades, and they will continue unless a global coalition unites to stop them, the journal continued. The question is whether the US or other western navies are merely going to play defense and catch missiles as Ahuthi set the terms of battle. Sooner or later, a Houthi missile may get past U. S. Naval defenses and kill american sailors.

Then the White House will have little choice than to strike back. The journal demands the US escalate against Iran, declaring eventually Iran’s rulers have to know that their assets, military and nuclear, are at risk if they continue to foment this order, attack us allies and target american bases or ships. Here you have a map, by the way, of the military forces that are being marshaled in relation to the Red Sea.

So there’s definitely an element within the foreign policy establishments I boring the idea of a war on Yemen, even on Iran. We expect this rush to war will gain momentum as more ships are diverted to african. Hostilities continue to mount. But there’s no sign the Houthis are going to ease up on their demands or abandon the palestinian cause anytime soon. If anything, they appear to be more resolute than ever, evident in this quote by houthi council member Mohammed al Bukhati.

Even if America succeeds in mobilizing the entire world, our operation, the Red Sea, will not stop unless a massacre in Gaza stops. We will not give up the responsibility defending the mutasavim, the oppressed ones of the earth. There’s a lot of wiggle room, not a lot of wiggle room here. The Houthis wanted cessation of violence and the distribution of humanitarian aid, and they’re willing to go with America to make sure these demands are met.

No one knows better than the Houthis what that means. During nine years, they were at war with Saudi Arabia. Washington provided the weapons and embargo power that led to a death of an estimated 377,000. More than half died due to starvation and disease caused by the siege. So the Houthis know what savagery Washington is capable of. Even so, they are not backing down. They are not giving in.

There’s going to be a ceasefire or there’s going to be a war. It’s up to Biden to decide. But if he opts for a war, he should realize it’s not going to be a cakewalk. There are going to be attacks on american bases, american warships, saudi oil fields and infrastructure. Oil prices will soar. Commercial shipping will grind to a standstill. Global equities will tumble. And all the while, China and Russia will be watching from the sideline while Uncle Sam drains his last ounce of credibility and power down to a black hole on the arabian peninsula.

This is how the Houthi leaders, Sayyed Abdul Alhouthi, summed it up. If the US wants to go to war with us, they must know that we are waiting. We want a direct war between Yemen and the US and Israel. We are not afraid of America, and all the people of Yemen will stand up against them. This is a war the United States could easily avoid simply by doing the right thing and improving a ceasefire.

Now, that would bring a swift end to Israel’s atrocities. Stop the attacks on commercial shipping at the same time. That’s a solution we could all live with. Meanwhile, another tweet. Bob rain. Laughing my ass off. What a sellout. The United States, United Kingdom. Bob Rain. Canada, France. Italy, Netherlands, Norway. The Achilles and Spain. These are ten countries that form a coalition to fight the yemeni forces backing blocking shipments from reaching the zionist occupation.

Scott, your thoughts? Well, watch for Bahrain being overthrown. Also watch for the somali pirates getting into this. The Somalis could be a force multiplier for the Yemenis around the Horn of Africa. So I’d be watching the Somalis. The Houthis are not going to back down, and they are ready, willing and able to go to war. These are a different type of people. They’re like Vikings, they’re like Scotsmen.

They’re out there with swords and slings and arrows and whatever they need. They’re a different breed. They’re not backing down, and they’re not interested in the civilized technology or luxury of modern life. You have nothing to lose when you’re in that attitude. So the Houthis are going to fight to the death, and I think the Saudis know that the Iranians are going to aid in a bet and enable them as much as they can.

And if the United States attacks Iran, Russia will step in and China will step in. They will not allow Iran to fall. That was told to me when I was in Russia. So Iran is not going to be victimized by Lindsey Graham or the United States. Russia would step in. China would step in. And if America amplified that area into a full blown war, I could see another battle of Midway, another Pacific member of the Japanese and the United States naval forces in the Pacific.

And the heat of that battle, I could see that happening all over, except I would see the Saudis completely bow out and say, no, we’re done, we’re neutral, because they would lose all of their oil technology, all of their platforms would be targeted. This is not 30 years ago. We’re at a time where all of these parties have significant technology and also life experience. There will never be another siege of Yemen as they were suffering the last ten years.

All of these countries are now closing ranks, and they are closing ranks around Yemen, around Iran, around Iraq, around Syria, around Turkey, around the Palestinians. And on one side, you have the British, the United States, Bahrain, but all these other wimpy countries are know going to fall apart. And then you have the muslim world. The entire muslim world is against the United States and Israel because of the murder and the suffering of palestinian children and women, which you see every day.

I expect they are going to start a war. I expect Biden Democrats are going to try and trigger a war to escape and think that it’s going to carry them into some 2024 victory that he’s going to be perceived as another Roosevelt war president. Quite the opposite. I think America would lose all of its naval armada in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, and then you would see an economic collapse because China and Russia and these other nations would completely divorce itself from the dollar as a means of stopping the war.

And the United States wouldn’t be able to do anything, wouldn’t be able to build new ships. It wouldn’t be able to do anything. China would say, no, this is, is we’re cutting the gordian knot, and you could see this as the precipitant to the absolute collapse in the United States in the next three to six months. Jim. Yes. And here’s Scott Ritter’s take. I think he’s got quite an enthusiasm.

Ramifications of what Israel is doing has obviously spilled over well beyond the, Gaza was called an enclave, that part of palestinian territory, and now there is increasing tensions around the Red Sea with Yemen’s Ansar Allah getting really deep in waging a blockade that’s been pretty successful to this point in response to what’s happening in Gaza. But, of course, there’s more with been, I feel like there’s been more and more tensions regionally, and Israel is talking about trying to get the US to help them push Hezbollah back along the border, help us make sense of the regional ramifications and where this is going as we enter 2024.

Well, first of all, let’s reflect back on Nasrala’s speech that he gave, I think on October 9, two days after, and I call it the escalation management speech, because everybody was expecting Hezbollah to jump in and join the fight, and Hezbollah basically said, we’re in, but our way, we’re going to do it our way. We’re not going to do it that way because how is Israel going to be strategically defeated here? Israel set the parameters of victory being the destruction of Hamas.

I think, Larry, and I agree, Hamas is won. They’re not going to be destroyed. So Israel’s already lost this war. Plus, if you’re Hezbollah, your goal is the creation of a palestinian state. So you’ve got to keep the whole world’s focus on that problem set, and it’s working against Israel. The whole world has rallied behind it. The last thing you want to do is expand this conflict because now suddenly the palestinian issue is not the only issue.

In fact, it’s going to be put on the back burner as you deal with bigger regional issues like war with Iran. That’s a bigger problem set than the palestinian issue. So you don’t want to expand this conflict. So you’ve seen a lot of escalation management, but it’s been done very cleverly. Hezbollah, for not wanting to get involved, has tied down one half of the israeli navy, one third of the israeli air force, one quarter of the israeli army.

They forced 70,000 people to be displaced out of northern Israel, putting a huge burden on the israeli economy. And they’re just humiliating the Israelis on a daily basis on the border. And here’s the thing. You think Hamas has tunnels. Hezbollah has tunnels, better tunnels, deeper tunnels, longer tunnels. You know that tunnel that the Israelis dug up? It’s amazing. Right at the. I think it’s the Eretz crossing. And suddenly, 400 meters from the crossing, how far along? And we is 70 some odd days in this conflict, and they go, oh, my God, the biggest tunnel imaginable that you can literally drive a car through is right here.

Wait a minute. You guys didn’t find that tunnel until now? That tunnel is small compared to the tunnels that Hezbollah has carved into northern Israel. When the time comes, Hezbollah will seize northern Israel. There’s nothing the Israelis can do to stop it. They will take Kiryat Shimona. They will take other towns. They will take the Galilee. Israel can’t stop them. But Hezbollah doesn’t want to do that. Right now.

Hezbollah has let it be known that they can do that, and they will do that if called upon. And this is why you’re seeing Israel hesitate, because you’ve got all the chest thumping guys saying, we need to go in and kick Hezbollah’s butt? Israel proved that they can’t kick Hezbollah’s butt. They tried it in 2006. Didn’t work. Hezbollah has gotten even better. They’ve become combat hardened with a decade plus experience in Syria.

There’s nothing the United States can do. What, you think american pilots and american airplanes dropping american bombs are going to do a better job than israeli pilots and american airplanes dropping american bombs? No. First of all, our pilots aren’t that good anymore. We just don’t train that well. Training is expensive. When was the last time we did a real, honest to God air attack against somebody with an integrated air defense? Or somebody has the potential of doing that? Not in a long time.

Our pilots don’t know how to fight. And so we’d be going through a learning curve that’d be unreal, and then we’d get humiliated because it’s not stopping anything. And you think Americans, when Hezbollah moves into northern Israel, you think Americans are going to drop bombs on Kyrie Shimona. You think Americans are going to drop bombs on Israel? Ain’t going to happen. See, Hezbollah isn’t going to sit in southern Lebanon and let the fight come to them.

Hezbollah is going to take the fight to northern Israel. And now the Israelis are going to have to bomb their own cities, bomb their own people. America will stay out of that fight because we are not going to bomb Israel. Hezla’s thinking, they know this. If I know this, Israel knows this, America knows this. That’s why I’m not too worried about an expansion of the fight because Israel knows.

They’ll just get, I was going use to a bad word, they’ll get beat up. Now we come to the hootie. This is very rude of me, but every time when I think of the hootie, I just think of some wild dudes from Mad Max just yelling, charge. And go. Because they just sort of, on October 19, they just appeared. The hootie just woke up, said, screw it. Launch.

And everybody’s like, what the heck just happened? The hootie just fired on Israel. Did that really happen? Hootie up. Hell, yeah, that happened. We’re going to do it again. Launch, launch, launch. And then they say, screw it. Take a ship, fly helicopters out there, take. Everybody’s going, what the hell’s going on? Where are the hootie doing? And then the hootie just say, we’re going to shut it all down.

And they have. They’ve effectively closed. I can’t say the word. The man al Bob straits, that little narrow piece of water between Yemen and Djibouti, they’ve shut it down. The Red Sea, you can’t go to the Suez Canal right now because the hootie have shut it down. And now America is going, what do we do? So we’re moving a fleet down and we’re realizing we can’t do anything.

Now, the big news isn’t that America can’t beat the hootie. I mean, we can’t and we’re not going to. To secure those straits, we’d have to put 40,000 marines on the ground. We don’t have 40,000 marines to put on the ground. We can’t get 40,000 marines there. And once we get them on the ground, we can’t sustain it. There’s 100,000 plus hootie out there. We ain’t going to beat them.

Saudi Arabia has been trying since 2014 using american planes with american bombs, using american intelligence. Hasn’t worked the hootie can destroy Saudi Arabia’s oil production capacity. That’s one big thing here that’s causing everybody to hit pause on that. Saudi Arabia is like, you guys are going to do what to the hootie? Pause, pause, pause, please. Pause. Because they’re going to blow up the Aramco oil fields, and we don’t want that to happen.

The United Arabs going, wait a minute. You’re going to do what? No, no. We don’t want to have anything with that either. Pause, pause, pause. Because they don’t want to lose their oil production capacity either. So America is sitting there. Hmm. But here’s the big story. It’s not about that strait. You know how America’s been saying for decades, we guarantee that the Strait of Hormuz will be open, that Iran will never shut it down, that if Iran ever tries to shut down the Strait of Hermus, the American Fifth Fleet will keep it open.

That’s just been proven to be a lie because we can’t beat the hootie, and we damn sure aren’t going to beat the Iranians. What this proves is that America’s fleet, all of its dozen aircraft carrier battle groups, can’t do anything. It’s a waste of money. Total waste of money. We have to be careful about getting sunk, losing a carrier. As Larry said, I’m an american taxpayer, okay? So I got the USS Carney out there, aegis class Arleigh Burke class destroyer.

It’s got 90 missiles, SM two s, SM six s, other things out there. And each one of them runs between 1. 1 and $4 million each, depending on which missile you use. The Hootie have thousands of these drones and cheap missiles that cost them $2,000, $5,000, maybe ten grand for the good stuff. And the Hootie are just sitting there again, the guy from Mad Max, and they’re going to launch these things, and the Carney is going to go.

Detected. Launch shot detected. Launch shot detected. And now they’re done. They fired off 90. And as Larry said, they don’t have the tenders anymore. You can’t bring up the ship that goes resupply. They got to pull the carney out. And then who’s going to replace the carney? Some other funky name ship that’s going to fire off 90 missiles and have to go? And another one and go. There’s only so many missile destroyers in a carrier battle group, and when they deplete this stuff, the carrier’s got to go because it can’t stay there.

Something’s going to hit the carrier. And now here’s the other thing. What have the Ukrainians been using that’s driving the Russians crazy in the Black Sea? The underwater drones. The underwater drones. Well, Russia captured some of them. And I don’t know if you saw it, Larry, but Russia just published photographs saying, we’ve just produced our own underwater drone. And Russia has really good relationships with the Iranians. So I guarantee you that if Russia produced an underwater drone, the Iranians are producing an underdraw under drone.

And if the Iranians produced it, the hootie have. And so we’re going to be sitting there going, shoot down missile, shoot down missile, shoot down missile. Holy she bad word again. Watch out. Got 20 underwater drones coming at me. It’s over, ladies and gentlemen. We lost a carrier. 5000 Americans are dead. Scott, I think that was just so brilliant. He’s captured it so. Exactly. We’ve got these expensive missiles, but we’ve only got a limited number.

They got these cheap super abundance. I think he nailed it. Your thoughts? Absolutely. Underwater drones are the key to defeating the United States in all of these naval operations. And the Iranians know that, the Russians know that, the Houthis know that, everyone knows that the underwater drones can’t be defended against. You don’t have enough depth charges, and it’s not the good weapons defense system for that. Anyway. The other thing about that video, Jim, is the 10,000 Houthi soldiers that are walking towards Israel’s borders.

That is the game changer. That is the pageantry in the parade. That is the visual that will drive people cold with fear is 10,000 yemeni soldiers, houthi soldiers carrying flags, walking in military uniform, single file line, going towards Israel. That is going to be a game changer. No one’s reporting that. No one’s talking about that. That video was pretty quick to dismiss it. But I’m telling you, that is the real weapon, is the public relations visual image of 10,000 Yemenis, because that is going to inspire the Pakistanis, that’s going to inspire the Somalis, that’s going to inspire the Turks, that’s going to inspire the Syrians, that’s going to inspire the Iraqis, that’s going to inspire every arab and muslim person to do what the Houthis are doing.

So this is going to be replicated. And Egypt and Jordan, they’re going to let these guys come through. So Israel on that level alone, is, I think, going to face just complete annihilation. This is not a war that’s going to go away and be settled. It would be nice if it would be, but I think Israel and America are going to try and up the ante, and you’re pretty soon going to see all of these other countries doing what the Houthis have done, and that is getting skin in the game, getting people in the game, getting drones.

It’s not hard to sink a ship. And right now the Houthis are playing gentle with the naval ships, capturing them, taking the cruise. They don’t need to be gentle. They can sink the ship. They can just simply throw c four grenades, pop a few holes into the bow, and that’s it. The ship is going to sink. What do you think of the prospect of the US strafing the Houthi army coming to Israel or carpet bombing with b 52s? Yemen.

Scott. It would trigger an attack upon central command in Qatar. It would trigger an attack upon all of the US military bases. If they engaged in a war against the Houthi in Yemen, they would formally declare war against the United States, and that would be replicated by other countries, too. Again, this is a poker game we don’t have the cards for. We don’t have the money to bet have.

This isn’t a war in Alaska. This is a war way over in the Middle east. We don’t have enough ships and manpower to replenish. And like Scott said, once these ships start going down, you don’t have any more. Once the missiles are fired, you don’t have any more. So we’re about to lose the first hand. Look at the genius of the speaker and linking it to this other board and going on vacation for two weeks.

So there’s no money for Ukraine or for Israel or for Taiwan. Scott, brilliant. Just so brilliant. Yeah. The speaker of the house and how they’re reacting to this. I mean, Ukraine is pretty much wiped out. We’ve got about another ten minutes or so to go. Jim, did you want to continue with that? Oh, yeah. I’ve got more for you, Scott. We won’t be able to pack it all in, but I just.

At Scott Ritter, very good presentation. Very good presentation. But that’s the key thing are the 10,000 houthis that are marching towards Israel. I said, that is going to strike fear, and it will. Here’s Alistair crook on Christmas day. Net yahoo. Outsmarted by the wily Biden. No, Biden is the one being played. Biden may believe his long inexperience with him on the right side in judging events, but his experience is drawn from another era.

Biden smirked and responded, I know, told by US Netanyah, who is drawing the US into a civilizational conflict and further that BB blames him. Complain the White House wants to block Israel from getting at the root of the problem by harping about Gaza in the day after. In practice, what he’s doing is simply mounting a classic flanking maneuver, attempting to circumvent Biden by pointing to the broader conflict with Iran.

Why are you pestering me about Gaza when there’s a monumental conflict raging? Suggests Bb. This is not only our war, but in many ways your war. This is a battle against the iranian axis, now threatening to close the maritime strait of Bab al Mandab. It is in the interests of the entire civilized community, is said not very subtly. Biden’s reaction a smug smile any thinks he can outplay Netanyahu? The fox this is Biden’s approach aims to disarm Netanyahu’s allegation of an obstructionist u.

S through a parade of top level visits, reiterating his unstinning support for Israel, and to free up Bibi through insisting that he, Biden will take care of the non Gaza issues, Hezbollah, Yemen, etc. So the US is assembling a maritime force to confront the Houthis in Yemen. The Biden admin will act as sanctioned violent settlers in the west bank, warning Baghdad or weighing in the hashada of Shabbat.

And his envoys in Beirut are trying to forge a diplomatic agreement, including withdrawal Hezbollah’s Radwan forces to the other side of the Latani river in southern Lebanon, and also deal with unresolved border disputes between Israel and Lebanon. Biden primes himself on being a hugely experienced foreign bossy actor, thinks himself too widely for Bibi’s tricks. But maybe Netanyahu, for all his many faults, better understands the region. Biden clearly is being played, even though he fails to admit it.

Netanyahu knows there’s no way Hezbollah will disarm or withdraw to the north of the Latani. He knows this and thus can wait out Biden diplomatic failure before saying the approximately 70,000 Israelis displaced from the northern towns in the wake of October 7 need to go home, and that if the US cannot remove Hezbollah from the border fence, then Israel will do it. Net Yahweh is using Biden’s diplomatic lebanese initiative to build european justification for an israeli operation in a few weeks time to push Hezbollah away from the border with Israel, where an israeli op against Hezbollah has been in the works from the outset.

Net Yahoo knows that the control over satellite violence too, that control over several violence in the West bank lost not with him, but in the hands of his partners, ministers, Ben Gurglin, Smotrich. Neither he nor Biden can dictate to them. They’ve been quietly increasing the squeeze on West Bank Palestinians for month. And finally, Netanyahu knows the heathies Houthis. They will not be deterred by Biden maritime flotella. They will rather relish drawing the west into a Red Sea guagmire.

Like it or not, Biden’s tactic of containing and preempting regional escalation through the US itself becoming the lead actor in lieu of Israel, is clearly drawn US deeper into the conflict. Does Biden believe the Houthis will just quietly roll over? Is it Gerald Ford is anchored up Babel Mandeb? Or that Hezbollah will accept instruction from Amos Hookstein? The second way Biden’s being outplayed is through him seeing the israeli problem as just be me indulging in personal politics.

Of course it is true the israeli PM is molding israeli politics to his own survival needs. Yet pause a moment to consider what President Herzog said Tuesday during an interview facilitated by the Atlantic Council, a leading Washington based think tank. Herzog has long been viewed as distinctly dovish and lapist by the Beltway foreign policy established prior to the war compared to Bibi. During the interview, however, he said, we intend to take over the entire Gaza Strip and change the course of history, that the current conflict is a clash of civilizational values.

He cast Hamas in purely manichean terms as a force of evil, adding, Israel would no longer tolerate gossip being a platform for Iran, driving everyone into the abyss of bloodshed and warfare. Not much daylight there between him and Bibi. The convergence between Herzog and Netanyahu reflects a more substantive change taking place in Israel, a strategic shift that extends far beyond Biden’s personal obsession with BB. Since October 7, the New York Times and the Jerusalem Borsary report, 36% of Israelis have moved to the right on a number of political issues, including support for settlers, endorsement for right wing politicians, even for settlements inside the Gaza Strip.

And while public opinion of Netanyahu is faltering, his government is not expected to fall. And even were that to occur. The more important point to graph is support for the policies availed by Bibi’s radical right. As government is growing and rapidly, Israel’s right generally believes in israeli control of West bank and Gaza. Many right wing Israeli oppose the principle of a palestinian state existing at all this can be seen in many of the current government policies which have worked toward expanding israeli settlement of West bank and rendering Gaza uninhabitable for Palestinians.

On the opposite side sits Israel’s left. The Jerusalem boasts notes left largely believes Israel is occupying the West bank and that an end of the conflict can only be achieved by ending the occupation and enabling a two state solution. But no one’s explicit on where that second palestinian state would be situated. Legally it would be Gaz of the West bank and bar Jerusalem. But who could enforce that? Who would expel its settlers from the West bank? For many Israelis, the separation apartheid occupation state of the past 30 years was the workable two state solution.

But its pillars, structural separation, military enforcement and deterrence, which had many Israelis seemed to promise a quiet hope for many, blew apart on October 7. Many right wing people in a minority of the left winger saw October 7 and proved that peace with the Palestinians is impossible. In short, Biden may believe his longest experience puts him on the right side in judging event. His experience, however, is drawn from another era.

The political Israel he knew is long gone. It has reached the end of the road in respect to the old paradigm of its palestinian modus vivendi. Demography no longer pushes toward giving the Palestinians a state, but rather to a clearing of the land of all hostile populations. The resistance must see the US is floundering. That Israel, suffused with anger, is inviting the next s set up the escalatory ladder of diffused, incremental, wider conflict and ethnic cleansing.

Scott, your final thought? Well, I think this is going to blow up in the, you know, even if they are backing right wing governments, this isn’t going to end well for Israel. They’re outnumbered and they’re outgunned and any moral claims to civilizational values is nullified by their actions of killing and genociding Palestinians and destroying all of the infrastructure. This is something different than taking revenge for October 7, which others like Hagopian has said has been an inside job.

And McGregor has hinted at that as well. Ritter is the only one that kind of goes on and claims that this has been a superb, strategic, brilliant move by Hamas. And to a point he may be right. But also my suspicion lingers because there seems to have been an inside israeli participant in this October 7 psyop in this attack. They claim it’s another 911. They’re regurgitating all the old playing cards too, and without any adjustment thinking that everyone’s going to buy it, they’re not.

I don’t think anybody in the world is buying the israeli narrative or the israeli moral case for what they’re doing in Gaza. And that means if the world isn’t accepting it and the world is quietly angry about it, then they’re soon going to be loudly angry about it as the Palestinians become increasingly devastated and suffer. We haven’t seen winter yet. We haven’t seen the gaunt, starving faces of the Palestinians and their children as skeletons.

That’s the next visual, and I don’t think it’s going to last that long because the world will not allow that kind of visual image. They won’t allow the Israelis to engage in this sort of a genocide because it’s smacks of Hitler to the Jews. And the this other stuff, although we know all those narratives are also gaping with holes. The public and the world do not have the appetite to endure this israeli holocaust on the Palestinians, and they will rise up and extinguish it before it goes any further.

I think, and the Israelis don’t seem to understand that, that they are about to be encircled and trampled and crushed by not only 10,000 yemeni soldiers marching towards Israel’s borders, but I think you’re going to have Arabs and Muslims from all over the world doing the same thing. So in one respect, ritter is right. Israel has lost this war, and the United States will lose if it throws its weight in.

We are a paper tiger and the world is an inferno burning. Jim, and I completely agree also that it was an inside job. It was intended to justify the wholesale slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza. But it isn’t playing out the way they intended and will lead, I believe, to the destruction of Israel, most certainly the termination of Netanyahu’s career. But Israel has lost its place among the community of nations and has become, along with the United States, the most reviled nation in the know.

And the other thing to look at is, what is this going to do to the american elections now? Vivek WasheSwami, the indian guy running for presidential, the president’s race, he’s the only one who has been voicing some pretty militant sort of positions against a lot of this stuff. I don’t agree with everything he’s been know. He goes off about. Israel can protect itself. It is a right, blah, blah, blah.

But in the other barometers of political dialogue, Vivek is pretty powerful. He’s a very articulate speaker. And when I listen and watch him, I’m thinking, you know what? There are going to be derivative dialogue talking points that begin to evolve out of the seeds that he has planted and the conversations that he’s having. So there are going to be more conversations rising up even more militant than him.

And that’s what to look for. Because if the political winds are shifting in this direction we’re talking about, which is the world is not going to tolerate this anymore. They’re not going to tolerate Israel. They don’t buy the moral, civilizational value bullshit. How is that going to evolve in the american political dialogue? And here’s what I see. I see people, increasingly libertarians, standing up. And if the Republicans wave this old, tired banner of defend Israel to the death, we’ve got to be in the fight.

We’ve got to go to war. Everybody needs to be drafted to go fight Israel, says Mitch McConnell, says Schumer, says Lindsey Graham, says all these other fools on Capitol Hill, if they throw their entire weight and lifeblood political life in the ring with Israel, I could see all the Republicans who do that, being beaten out, losing, being kicked out by Vivek Rasheshwami types that rise up and say, no, we’re done with this.

You have engaged in this war and all sorts of other things. We’re not doing that as Americans. I think there’s going to be a backlash that the Republicans seem to be naive about. But I’ll hand it to you, Jim, how you see the political republican evolution happening in the next year, and this goes for Trump, too. I think whoever attaches himself to this Moby Dick of Israel is going to be taken down to the depths and destroyed.

Ramaswami is proving himself to be brilliant. He’s incisive. His arguments are crystal clear. He’s got courage, integrity. I’m very impressed. Tucker, who’s himself been discussed as a potential running mate for Trump, has himself endorsed Ramaswami in his stead. They both have a glorious political future, I predict, and I do believe Trump is smart enough to size up the situation accurately and not go down with a sinking ship.

Because if he links his future to Israel, he will deserve his fate, which will not be different than that encountered by the titanic when it hit the iceberg. Yeah, I see that happening. I mean, I see the Republicans in particular. If they are so hell bent, like Nikki Haley and the rest of them, hell bent for going to war and supporting Israel, I think it’s going to destroy the Republicans and everyone who’s putting that position in.

I don’t think the american people will react well to that. I don’t think they want that. I think they’re about done with Israel and the wars, because this is a war. If you open it up, it’s not just the Middle east war. You’ve got Russia, you’ve got China, you’ve got Iran all pissed off because we’ve gone in and fucked around with their backyards. We did this to Ukraine with Russia, which we’re losing our asses in.

We’re about to claim we’re going to do it with Taiwan and China, which we could lose seriously in. And we’re doing it with Iran and the Houthis and the Red Sea and all this other stuff. So there’s three points here that if we double down and think we’re going to go in riding like Custer into 10,000 Indians, I think it’s going to have exactly that effect. We’re going to be slaughtered, Jim, I’ll hand it to you.

And sad to say, we would deserve our fate. My, yeah, yeah, sadly. Thank you for joining us@globalfreedomtv. com. We appreciate your support. We appreciate Dr. James Spencer joining us once again. We will see you again. God bless you. Have a wonderful, merry Christmas and a happy new year. We will see you again. God bless. Good night. .

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