2023-09-05 Global Great Awakenings. Scott Bennett Dr. Jim Fetzer.

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➡ The political situation in America is ramping up post-summer, with concerns raised over certain Republicans’ lack of action against Trump. The focus turns to NATO’s support for Ukraine, suggesting it could lead to its downfall if American politicians cease support while Europe continues it. The situation could influence international relations dramatically, potentially leading to a civil war within NATO by 2025, mainly fueled by differing perspectives on the Ukraine War’s impacts.
➡ Scott Bennett holds a discussion where he states Russia’s involvement in Ukraine is in response to genocide initiated by the West; NATO has outlived its usefulness, leading to unnecessary conflicts like in Libya and Ukraine; Russia’s potential victory over Ukraine may lead to a shift in global power dynamics; and misuse of NATO’s power, such as in the Baltic states, demonstrates an unrealistic perception of Russia’s military strength.
➡ The text describes illicit activities such as planting evidence, hacking, and corrupt surveillance carried out by a ‘Dirty Trick Squad’, linked to some influential figures like Chief Justice Robson and Rosenstein. This squad also manipulated legal cases, had connections with Epstein’s channels, and often targeted political figures, high-level officials, judges, and their family members.
➡ The text discusses allegations of corruption, sexual exploitation, and potential conspiracy relating to wildfires in Lahaina, Hawaii. Suspicion falls on the use of directed energy weapons (DEWs), which may have been responsible for the unnatural disaster. There are claims that these targeted attacks were meant to facilitate land seizures or obscure other criminal activities, and the text emphasizes the need for in-depth investigation and public awareness.
➡ Forensic arborist, Robert Brahm, suggests that the unburned trees in Lahena point towards the use of directed energy weapons, such as microwaves, as the cause of immolation. He specifies that a normal wildfire, hydrocarbon in atmosphere, or gasoline could not have caused the observed destruction, and classics features of such weapons use include wood and plastics remaining unburned while metals are destroyed.
➡ The text discusses a belief that the government is colluding against the public, with suspicions of government-induced destruction and allegations of ineffective vaccines causing damage to the immune system. It also emphasizes the importance of global awareness and the assertion that people should resist oppression, alongside speculation about the devious intent behind world events.
➡ The speakers emphasize the need to challenge perceived tyranny via legal means, suggesting a potential second American Revolutionary War. They propose using local politics and immigration approaches as means of achieving their goals, while also arguing for the need for personal preparedness and collective action, under the belief that the US might face severe socio-political shudders ahead.


Of summer. We will not surrender that loosely. But I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. And now is the time of the season when the political gears in this country and among the various constituencies, parties, groups, nonprofits, are really going to be turning into high gear. After Labor Day is when all of the political gears start spinning, some slow, some fast. In the case of some of the Republicans angling against Trump, they’re not even turning.

There’s no teeth, probably because of people like Chris Christie, who’s lost all of his teeth from the jawbreakers that he sucked down, or the remainder of these Republicans who have lost their moral center. But we will see what happens in the coming months. We’re going to jump right in first. Jim It’s. Welcome to have you on again. I wanted to play this video, and this was a interview that I did this morning on Ukraine, the Ukraine war, NATO, the European nations, America, Russia, what is happening and what is going to happen.

And it’s in response to an article by The Atlantic which tried to shake the tree of American citizens. To say America in Europe is about to decouple from NATO and insinuate that that would be the collapse of civilization. Where I would argue it would be the renaissance of civilization, because NATO has been irrelevant and should have been discontinued in its original form in 1990. And I go in a little bit of that.

So let me play this interview before we jump into your slides and then get some of your thoughts and feedback on that. Let’s go right over. Here it is. Let me get it up. There we go. I think you got to hit the start. Yeah, there we go. There we go. Well, NATO’s support for Ukraine is not only compromising its equipment and ammunition stockpiles, but also, apparently, its very existence.

That is the assessment by the Washington based journal The Atlantic, which says the NATO alliance could collapse within the next two years if influential American politicians get their way and halt the US support for Kiev while Europe keeps it in place. Europe and the United States are on the verge of the most momentous conscious uncoupling in international relations in decades. Since 1949, NATO has been the one constant in world security.

It also might collapse by 2025. The cause of this collapse would be the profound difference in outlook between the Republican Party’s populist wing and the existential security concerns of much of Europe. The immediate catalyst for the collapse would be the war in Ukraine. Yeah, the article says that if the US. Decreases its support for Ukraine, it will diminish the reliability of Washington as a security partner for Europe.

Meanwhile, NATO countries have been preparing for drills due to begin on Friday in the Baltic Sea with the purpose of deterring a potential Russian attack in the region. That is the title line of it, anyway. It’s an unprecedented announcement by NATO, saying it would directly engage in a response to a Russian offensive. So a lot happening. Let’s pick through it with former US military officer Scott Bennett joining us today from San Francisco.

Always a pleasure, Scott. Good to see you. Give us a sense of your take on what could happen to NATO if congressional Republicans get their way and halt US funding to Ukraine. Well, first of all, the operations that are going to be conducted in the Baltic Sea is nothing more than children playing war, children dressing up as sailors and airmen and soldiers pretending to fight battles. That’s all NATO and Europe and the United States has become.

Britain is the center of the delusion of children. And look at what’s happening in the social collapse of these countries. So I don’t put any stock in the militant danger of operations in the Baltic. This is all just bravado. This is all fanfare. This is pageantry. This is parading. NATO has annihilated both its weapon armaments in this Ukraine debacle, which has been a black hole of waste, and it’s also destroyed its moral authority among its own people.

You’re seeing the alternative for Germany party rise up. I think that will overthrow Schultz and the regime there. I think Reese Schunak will be overthrown in Britain. Britain that is trying to educate its children to be transgender and call themselves cats and mean, that tells you something about a society. And Russia is sitting back looking. And really Russia needs to articulate the sadness that Europe has crumbled into because then Russia will position itself as the prodigal father, and that means Europe can come back to Russia as the prodigal son.

And I say that very keenly because all of Europe right now is looking to find ways to escape the bondage that the United States and specifically Biden and the Democrat fanatics have put them under. And also the torture. Look at what the Biden administration did by blowing up the pipeline. It’s interesting as well, isn’t it, Scott, that you’ve got a mainstream magazine such as The Atlantic saying it in such stark terms itself.

They recognize the writing on the wall. They recognize that the European countries look at NATO and they look at Joe Biden as one in the same. And Joe Biden is being handled and managed and corrupt and falling apart. His family is completely corrupt. He’s corrupted the American government into a quasi communist police state. It’s tearing the country into a civil war. Medvedev has called upon that, saying America is going off the rails in the civil war.

And he’s exactly right. We’ve been saying that for over a year. And we’ve said this conflict in Ukraine that Russia had every right to step into, to protect its own people and its own land, from bioweapons to all sorts of NATO technology and missiles and troops, russia was justified to go in and protect itself. It had existential security interests in that atlantic Council article, they name existential security interests of Europe.

Well, why wasn’t that a term applied to Russia when it had concerns similar to the Cuban missile crisis we saw in 1961? They arrogantly disregarded Russia, and now they’re seeing the writing on the wall that NATO is nothing more than a paper tiger. The west is morally, socially, and spiritually bankrupt to the point of civil wars occurring. And I think you’re seeing the NATO countries independently looking for outs, looking for backdoors to open up dialogue with Russia.

But Russia has also been wise by ignoring the calls from Biden and from macron. And they should continue to ignore the calls from a lot of these European and American political leaders because nothing they ever will say will be honest. They will never honor an agreement, honor a contract, honor a treaty with Russia. And Russia, I think, has learned its lesson. Does that differ, Scott, if, say, a Donald Trump re enters the Oval Office next year? Because it does appear that more in the GOP, the Republican Congressmen are coming round more and more, listening perhaps to the people who put them into know the people themselves and know I’m not sure we want to spend more and more endless money on lethal aid, that possibly a change is coming.

Or is that too much to hope for? No, I think you’re hoping, and I’m hoping for that, too. The most reasonable voices in the American government. Jim Jordan, matt Gates, Marjorie Taylor. Green comer about? A group of Republicans, interestingly enough, are all saying the same thing that you’re addressing. We do not want to be pouring money and weapons into Ukraine. We certainly don’t want to be waging war against Russia.

The American people don’t want that. Donald Trump said in his original speech, wouldn’t it be great to get along with Russia? And of course, he was dogpiled by all of the neocons and the fascists and the warmongering military industrial complex. But in his heart, Donald Trump doesn’t have an animosity towards Russia. He was married to Melania. There’s Slavic roots. His first wife was Czechoslovakian, I believe. So he’s not got the animosity or the fascism or the fear of Russia.

And I think that’s a very good thing that gives him an advantage. The problem is he’s encountered nothing but this military industrial complex, communist state in America that overthrew him, that did the election fraud and coup d’etau and all of that is now coming out, and that is going to lead to quite a conflict in America. But Donald Trump, I do not think, will have any animosity. In fact, he also didn’t like the idea that NATO was this big military juggernaut that invaded Afghanistan, invaded Iraq, with America being the tip of the spear.

In fact, all NATO countries said in 1990, when the Soviet Union collapsed, great, that’s the end. That’s the end of NATO. That’s the end of the Soviet Union. Now let’s all get along. Yeltsin had said, Let us become one with NATO and Europe. Let Russia protect the interests of Europe against any Middle Eastern terrorism that you’re saying is there. So Russia and Europe are natural allies and cousins, and the Europeans know that and the Russians know that, and you and I know that time has beaten us.

But always good to hear your take live on the program. Scott Bennett, former US. Military officer. Well, what does God say? I shall give thee a tongue thine enemies cannot gain, say nor resist. And, Jim, the one thing I didn’t mention was that the other reason that Russia went in was because its people were being genocided. That’s the most critical thing. And genocided by the Nazi regime that the west under victoria Newland, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry established with the overthrow of the government in a coup dawn 2014.

No one talks about that. But let me hand it to you to get your feedback and analysis on that. Go ahead, sir. Well, I’d make three points, Scott. Number one, The Atlantic is an establishment publication. This might as well be coming from the Council on Foreign Relations. If The Atlantic is talking about decoupling NATO from Europe and America, they really see it as a serious prospect. Number two, NATO really has outlived its usefulness.

It was justifiable roughly from the end of World War II to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. It ought to have been disbanded at that point in time, and subsequently it’s been grossly abused. I mean, the attack on Libya, for example, and the death of Gaddafi. I mean, these are outrageous acts. This had nothing to do with the security of the North Atlantic nations. And now in Ukraine, I mean, they are being defeated.

They are going down to defeat. They cannot cope with Russia. And the third point I’d make, it would actually be a form of emancipation for the European Union. I agree with the thought you expressed prior to the video that it would have induce a renaissance in Europe. I believe it would. And if it would also entail resuming beneficial economic relations with Russia, maybe restore the Nordstream, it could be phenomenal.

That doesn’t mean BRICS is going to go away. The world has permanently changed as a consequence of the Ukraine war and its ramifications, especially the stupidity of the US sanctions on Russia. But it could usher in a whole new era of peace and tranquility. I think NATO has been a problem, a thorn to the side of the planet, or know. And finally, let me just end it by saying one of the things I said was the operations that NATO is conducting in the Baltic states, how they’re acting like children, playing soldier.

What I mean by that is NATO and the Europeans and France and Germany and the United States and British, they all think that they’re playing tag football. They’re all thinking they’re playing a game. They’re thinking they can get in their tanks and their uniforms and they can go and do maneuvers. And somehow that is going to scare Russia. And it’s delusional how this is in the mindset of people like Jen Stoltenberg and others.

They are totally out of reality, because the reality is Russia is as mad as a hornet, as furious as a kodiak bear looking to just paw and grind its enemies. But it’s restraining itself. It is controlling itself because it is not going to allow the west to call them berserk cannibalistic tyrannical Putin’s empire with ambitions to crush and conquer all of Europe. That’s why they’re restraining themselves. But the NATO and America, they all think this is just some game that they can call time out.

They can’t. They’re not messing around, as others have said, with guys in bathrobes, in shower shoes. They’re messing around with the strongest, most well equipped and trained army on the face of the planet, which is Russia, because of this training which the Ukraine conflict has given them. And I’ll end it by saying this. We talked before the show. I see Russia pushing through and annihilating every Ukrainian Nazi thug, torturer, spy, every bad element, bad guy.

They’ve already lost 66,000 men in three months. That’s more than America lost in its entire Vietnam War. 66,000 men in three months have been destroyed, and 7600 tanks and weapons and jeeps and such. But I could see Russia going in and conquering and taking everything from Ukraine, maybe giving a portion of land to Poland and whatever, just to appease them. But I could see Russia saying Ukraine is going to be neutral.

And not only that, it is going to be the center point for BRICS. It is going to be the new BRICS United Nations. We’re getting rid of the old one, we’re creating new international entities. And they could also say those who are conservative, religious, traditional values people in France, in Germany, in Britain and America, anywhere in Europe, come to Ukraine, the new land, where conservative, traditional family values people can live in peace.

Because, as I said, also you have in Britain, you have in America, you have elsewhere with the leftist dogma, the brainwashing of children, to call themselves transgender identity cats, right? They’re now calling themselves animals. Kids are being told, if you feel like a dog, your gender is a dog or a cat. All of this is a sick, mental, schizophrenic breakdown. And I think you’re going to see an exodus of people out of Western societies.

And what better place for them to be placed than in the new Ukraine, where it is an international hub. Then Russia isn’t called a conqueror because it’s sharing the territory with not Nazis, but people who are against them. Jim, I’ll hand it to you to start your slideshow and any commentary. Go ahead. Well, it was all very well said, Scott. Now, we begin with james Clapper, former head of the NSA, coming clean about a whole lot of dirty work.

It’s a little hard to hear all of the words, but the text is there. So watch the text, and you’ll be able to see what Clapper has to say. I find this fairly astonishing. Scott domestic terrorism within the country, and access was limited to a certain group headed by Robert Rosen. It became known as the Dirty Trick Squad in Baltimore. This is where they were using hammer, sunrise, sunset, things like that, to illegally spy on people, attempted corrupt judges, compromise them, hillary Clinton, others.

I mean, it was just ongoing. They concentrated on judges, but they wanted to concentrate on this. And they would illegally compromise people, illegally wiretap break in the computers, plan, reverse, change information, change, emails, things of that nature. And it was in this capacity of working with them that the information about the judges, Roberts and Pence and things like that have come out. I’ve tried several times in the past to get it out and was thoroughly squashed by Rod and the DOJ and the FBI to horrible extent.

I tried to get, in 2015, tried to end run them and go to the Department of Homeland Security. But on the video, I tried to warn President Trump about the people that he was dealing with daily, and especially Rob Pence, things like that. They were working together to remove them, trying to compromise the people around them, get their landing when they possibly could. Now, how were Rod Rosenstein and Mike Pence connected? That group, I mean, they’re all interconnected in one way or another.

That particular group was Rod BP pence. Paul Ryan. That was the core of that group. Robert was in there, but that was the core of it. And it was an attempt where Rod was the brilliant legal mind behind it to remove President Trump under the 25th Amendment. But that’s an old movie about somebody being passed over for promotion, which they both felt they were. BP Pence hated President Trump because he had taken his slot as rightful president.

He felt that he did. And Paul Ryan was actually considered running as well for a vice presidential slot. And Mitt Romney was also involved, but they thought President Trump was an outsider who had not paid his dues. They just didn’t like him. So once B. P. Pence was in there, once President Trump was elected, obviously, vice President Pence, I just walked away and everything became very quiet. I was their mole inside, someone who could run interference, leak certain things, and just keep tabs on the president, manage him.

So was this a friendly relationship between Mike Pence and Rosenstein? Or was there any kind of leverage being placed on the president or the vice president at the time? There was leverage on Mike Pence because of surveillance from way back in the 2013 range that they had gotten FISA warrants to exploit. And rod had that he wanted to be vice president slott himself. If they could remove President Trump, vice President Pence becomes president.

And Rod felt that he would be the natural selection for it. Paul Ryan felt differently, as did Mitt Romney, but that was the overall goal, each one of voting for the vice presidential slot. Rob thought he was the clear winner because of his legal brilliance and his management of the Mueller investigation and special counsels and things. He would be the one to remove the President, damage him so thoroughly he could be removed, and he deserved it.

Do you know what type of leverage would have existed over the Vice President? The Vice President has had homosexual relations in the past. Many of them were adults. This is something he had done throughout his time in Congress when he became governor. He had thought that he was free to explore them more. There were two specifically that they had recorded. One gentleman, roughly 20 years his junior, they had a fairly steady relationship.

There was one about half his age. It was much more sporadic because it was more dangerous, harder to get time alone. And it was that second one that introduced younger and younger people. This is whomever, he’s 17, he’s really 15. Whomever he’s 15, he’s really 13. And Robin and Roberts. The Chief Justice Roberts? A lot of the younger people involved, the ones that were brought as favors, were supplied by Jeffrey Epstein’s channels.

Through his channels, his people, they were able to get FISA warrants because one, of course, Chief Justice Robson had FISA court and helped him prepare them. But it was also epstein was an intelligence asset of some type to various agencies around the world. They used his information, they exploited it for their own good. So when he was here or his people were here, it was easy enough to justify a FISA warrant on them.

I would enact the warrant, surveil everything, document it, but they would not help anyone. They would not save the child. They would not reveal it was more important than them to leverage on everything. Of course, this is under their own corrupt ideas, but under Rod his tutelage, and they wanted the leverage. All right, so I’m going to ask you if we could get into some more of the details with the Dirty Trick Squad and how Rosenstein was a part of that group and if Roberts had any type of interaction with the group as well.

Dirt Shake squad, it was just a link. So there wasn’t anything official. This group of people that were either dirty or they controlled. I was one that was controlled. Others. Rod sean Henry, FBI. Sean Bridges, Secret Service. Joseph Rosadi, who was the DEA. Alan born shock was ATF. Greg Utts, who was a TFO with the DEA, but he was formerly Baltimore County Police. This was the basis of the very Trick squad.

Computer experts. You had the muscle. You had the technical experts and that’s what they were doing. And then there was another group in Fort Washington who’s running one down there. This was a satellite location in Baltimore just for the really illegal stuff, illegal communications, hacking, phone tapping, you name it. And those are people involved. They concentrated their main focus all the time, title three judges, federal judges, but they would go after anyone, political rivals, sitting politicians, anybody they needed to go after anybody they were pointed at.

They went after family members of judges and compromised people as much as they possibly could. They had no problem hacking computers and planting information to compromise people. This is something they had done numerous times. Rod had done this for years and years. So had shown Bridges where they would finagle a case that they had before the court, where for instance, they would arrest a gentleman and he had money, he had property and something, he had the resources to fight them.

He didn’t like that. So Sean would go in, plant child porn on a computer and what do you examination now you got this on there. I don’t know anything about it. Well, it’s on there, we’re going to charge you. And then he didn’t want that ruined his life, didn’t want to go to prison as a pedophile, you know, what happens and things like that. And they would use this as leverage in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases.

And then he would plead person they charged would plead to a lesser charge that would not show up on the record, but he would have to forfeit property, money, things like that, and they would skim their percentage off. Sean Bridges was particularly good at it. It was his specialty, and he had done this at the county and state level. That’s why he had got in trouble a couple of times so much, why he came under the slate of Ron Rosenstein who got him up to federal.

Sean did not like Obama, didn’t like Hillary. He had access to the White House, Air Force One, CIA, NSA. He had those kind of clearances. He’s the number one expert on the forensic study of the computers for the Secret Service and for most of the government. Was he a government employee or is he a contractor? He was Secret Service. He was a Secret Service agent. A former Secret Service agent.

So he had access to all these things. But I think because of his clearances, because of his expertise, he could go anywhere. He was often in the White House texting the location of the President Obama, what they were doing. He hacked Obama’s BlackBerry just for fun, things like that, shared messages with people and hacked the girls’phones. It was nothing for him. He had lists of people that he would just call up and watch them do their daily stuff.

He’s just truly gifted to the computers. I’m good at the computers. I can do anything you need, but he’s just one of those people born to do it. Scott that’s pretty spectacular stuff, needless to say, and I am fascinated to get your comments on it. He was revealing so much clapper, in my experience. I thought of him in a very negative fashion as a big time liar. Was refreshing to see him exposing deep truths that are very unsettling.

Your thoughts? Well, if this is real, and I’m certainly swayed in the direction that it is because the voice certainly sounds like him and the mannerisms of his breathing and such. But more than that, he is demonstrating an inside, intuitive understanding of the connections and the parties of government, the agencies of government, the ebbs and flows that only someone who’s been in government really understands and someone who’s been in government for decades.

And clapper was in the air force, I believe, before he went in, in NSA and stuff. He’s been in the government, he’s been in the military, he’s been in the intelligence agency stuff. He’s been in booze, alan Hamilton in the contracting realm, and all of these things churn together, and only people who’ve been in the military and the government, the contractor realm, the intelligence society, the intelligence agencies understand this.

So when I’m listening to this presentation, I’m listening every word, and I’m going, yep. I could see, yep, yep, yep. Okay, bridges this secret service that rod Rosenstein. Okay, yeah, the dirty trick squad. Okay, that makes sense. We know they gravitate. We know also the animosity of Paul Ryan, that piece of garbage who ought to be executed for treason as far as I’m concerned, along with Mitt Romney, along with Mitch McConnell, of course, we see all of this jealousy and this envy and this lust for power, and it makes perfect sense.

They were backstabbing Trump all along. They never liked him. Yes, the American people put him in, and that rubbed all of these rest of the people the wrong way. And I think if this was him and real, there are volumes of other things that he can lay out. And I don’t know the context of this questioning or interrogation, if it’s a military interrogator or if it’s an interview or if I can’t fathom that it’s a department of justice interrogation or FBI, because we know just how corrupt they have been in the COVID up of the hunter biden and joe biden.

All of that stuff, the laptop and the money that biden’s been getting from russia and the mayor of moscow and China and all of that. So this is a mystery, but I’m inclined to believe it’s real. I’m inclined to believe that clapper is the man who’s speaking because of the understanding of government and the military and its weaving together. It really demonstrates a knowledge that you could only have if you were in the game.

Now, he didn’t mention comey. He didn’t mention Russia Gate. He didn’t mention the Russia collusion. There’s a lot of other pieces that could be put together, but I think that’s pretty significant. I’d like to know what’s the context of this and where it’s coming from, because certainly if it’s real, that should be subpoenaed. For him to testify in the Trump hearing and the Trump case, to show everything that happened to Trump was premeditated and it was an act of treason, an act of felony.

It’s a seditious conspiracy. Jim I’ve had confirmation of its authenticity from another expert in a position to know. So it is, I’ve concluded, authentic. And notice how they manipulate judges, for example, and they plant child porn on their computers, that they’ve got a guy who’s got the actual resources to take them on legally, so they have to compromise him. I was very disturbed by the role of the Chief Justice here because when my case went up to the Supreme Court, state of the Nation described it as the single most important case to come before the Supreme Court in our lifetime.

And yet they declined to hear it, even though it concerned fundamental issues about the 7th Amendment and our right to a trial by jury in the 14th uniform justice across the nation. It should have been heard. And I’m just very upset by all of this. Scott I think this is very telling at a profound level. The other thing that’s very disturbing is, of course, the sexual exploitation and homosexual relationships that are used as leverage against Pence, the Sodomite.

And against Roberts for precisely the corruption that you’re addressing, which is the corruption of not allowing your case and your evidence to rise up and show very clearly to the American people sandy Hook was a complete false flag FEMA drill psyop. That was intended for the purposes of Second Amendment deterioration. They do that through these instruments of child pornography, sexual exploitation from liaisons that they’ve had in the past.

Jeffrey Epstein has mentioned, we’ve heard and talked about that for a long time. So it’s interesting that the cancer is now breaking out of the skin and we’ll see how it goes. Go ahead, Jim. Yeah, it really is fascinating development. Scott here’s the latest on Lahaina. They were planning to make Hawaiian Electric, the fall guys, the patsies, but they’re not accepting it. This is a CEO of Hawaiian Electric rejecting the claim.

According to eight e records conclusively establish the government’s lying about the cause of the virus, specifically claims made in lawsuits filed by Maui County and others against the energy company. And they put these in immediately. Scott accusing of it inexplicably keeping the power lines energized during forecast high fire danger conditions turn out to be 100% false, he said. While a down power line did spark a fire on the morning of August eigth, it was quickly dealt with and 100% contained.

They wanted to state records conclusively established power line. Salahena had been deenergized for 6 hours before. The afternoon fire broke out we were surprised and disappointed. The county of Maui rushed to court even before completing its own investigations. At CEO Sheila Kamura, we believe the complaint is factually and legally irresponsible. She went on to slam the lawsuit as inconsistent with a path we believe we should pursue as a resilient community committed and accountable to one another as well as to Hawai’s future.

Warnet may leave the company no choice in the legal system but to show the county’s responsibility for what happened that day. As Reuters report Miami county claimed that the severe and catastrophic losses occurred as a result of the wirefires could have easily been prevented had a Wyand electric move to shut down power at the proper time. This is a manifest falsehood. This is a cover story they wanted to promote which is why they rushed it into court so promptly.

The energy company stock suffered following the lawsuit. But Sunday’s new release of repudiating the claims brought shares back up when trading resumed Monday. Wildfires in Lahaina and beyond of course claim lies of over 100. It’s going to be well over 1000. It may even be 2000. The origin of the wildfires is yet to be determined. The Wyatt sent right in an outside investigator to get to the bottom of things.

Don’t count on him doing that. Now one of the stunning aspects is melted aluminum and glass noticed here. When I look at alloys next to the last line we have melting range for automotive parts, piping, building products, railroad cars between 1081 250 Fahrenheit. We know here that grassland fires which have less fuel only burn around 200 degrees. Look at those at the bottom. Grassland only 200 degrees. So it’s very difficult to see how a grassland fire could have brought about any of those effects.

Now here’s a very good overview which I’m going to supplement. Check this the recent fires in California, Australia and now Hawai are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They are being called forest fires and wildfires but they are clearly something very different. These fires are burning homes into a white powdery ash footprint while often leaving the surrounding green trees and shrubs practically untouched. In extreme cases forest fires can reach temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and the melting point of aluminum is 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.

So it is possible for an extreme forest fire to melt aluminum. But there are cars with puddles of melted aluminum that were clearly not in the wildfire area and melted glass which has a melting point around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. These are unexplained anomalies. In the California fires of 2018 cars were randomly bursting into flames on the freeway with no surrounding fires. We’ve seen these same anomalies in New York City.

On September 11, 2001 cars completely burned out with no explanation. In Maui, these unnatural fires spared the homes of the rich while burning the native homes of the working class with precision. These fires destroyed the most envied high valued areas of Maui for decades. Directed energy weapons have been classified but they have been on the public record for several years now. Directed energy weapons known as Dews have the ability to burn homes with this sort of precision.

But in order to be this precise the area would have to be mapped out. In January of this year, green lasers were seen over Hawaii which could best be described as a geospatial array for mapping terrain. We have seen that among the ashy ruins there are blue colored objects that have somehow survived the devastation. Blue cars, blue umbrellas, a blue boat, blue planters. Videos online are going viral that show how lasers can easily burn through certain colored objects.

But objects that are colored blue remain unharmed. Directed energy weapons include lasers, millimeter, wave and microwave. They are all based on light frequencies and different wavelengths of light affect colors differently. For example, in laser tattoo removal different wavelengths are used for removing different colors. And this is because color is a quality of light. Each color has its own frequency. Interestingly enough, the frequency of the color blue is 6.

66. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Reese. Now get this one Scott. This is much shorter. These are showing effects of directed energy weapons on human beings and animals and automobiles. Check it out. Yeah, I’m sorry I’m saying this trying to get this sound right of bookname and then akita din Dinum pernata. Scott, just notice how much that body, those bodies resemble that dog you spotted in the earlier film when we did last week you had a dog that was just like a chunk of charcoal.

They got human being just like chunk of charcoal. Ergo, they appear to have been killed by the same causal mechanism. Your thoughts? Well, the dog is particularly revealing because can’t hear your voice. Dogs, can you hear me now? The dog was particularly revealing because dogs, deer, animals run from fire. They can smell it, it doesn’t catch them off guard, they run and disappear. In this case, the dog was instantly killed in the middle of the street with all these burning cars that had been wiped out.

So that to me confirmed that this was a directed energy weapon that had struck suddenly on this road and killed the dog instantly. And the cars were burned up beyond recognition and everybody in the cars were killed too. And it’s impossible. Again, we always come back to the science. It’s impossible for cars to burn on a river of cement just like that. Other info wars analysis showing cars erupting into flames on the freeway with nothing burning around them.

No grass, no trees, nothing. Cars don’t do that unless they are ignited by the energy weapons you’re describing. This is a genocide. It is a holocaust. It is an extermination of the Hawaiian people, the Maui people that were on that land for variety of purposes to claim the land. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2000 children that were sent home in a premeditated extermination or premeditated kidnapping for all sorts of personal, who knows, exploitation reasons.

That is another indicator. The interesting Pandora’s box is that this Hawaiian electric has opened up the Pandora’s box against these accusers and these conspirators. Because now you essentially say no electric wires were responsible for this. So you’ve closed the door of the electric wires and the electricity, which says, okay, what else did this? Because it’s not the wires. Here we’ve got the record. They shut down the wires.

So that means it wasn’t wires, but something else. And what was it? Because it’s not grass. Grass burns and then goes and disappears. Grass is not gasoline. It is not a blowtorch. It burns and then goes black. So all of these scientific models need to come to the front. And again, it is showing us that we are being victimized by tyrants. And I hope that this explodes into a national awakening of all of the Hawaiian people unlike any before.

Jim I repeat. Scott it’s just small enough. The public can actually rabbit’s mind around it. 911, I think, was too horrific, had too many sprawling aspects. This Maui thing, this Luhena thing, that’s one village. We’re talking about a few thousand people. We’re talking about all kinds of measures. No siren, no water. People were held back, kids sent to the school. You got boats exploded when they’re away from the shore.

All these oddities that are inconsistent with this having been a natural phenomenon where the government tried to do its best to save the people. Now, here’s a fascinating piece. Forensic expert Abaris that’s an expert on trees explains that the unburned trees are clear evidence Lahena was hit by a directed energy weapon. Edward Henry’s a brilliant guy. I’m so glad he published this. It’s on my blog. Robert Brahm is a forensic aberist with more than 38 years of experience.

He takes us through evidence indicating the Luhena immolation was not a natural fire. He opines some kind of directed energy weapon using microwaves. Points out the Lahaina trees appear stress, probably dead or dying yet their branches and leaf did not burn. He points out the trees have had the moisture sucked out of them much like a microwave oven does with a piece of bread. He notes the wire, the windows and the cars are all melted.

That would be impossible for wildfire, which burns at 1447. That’s for the big, massive forest fires. Scott as I said, a grass fire. And we saw it in the chart. Less than 400 degrees. It would take a temp of at least 2500 degrees F to melt glass. Many of the cars are nowhere near a source of fuel that could burn that hot. Even gas would not burn that temperature.

A hydrocarbon in the atmosphere burns at a max of 1517 degrees. Still 1000 degrees short of melting glass. Brahm has personally investigated more than 100 alleged wildfires hill pines. From his on the scene observations, 35 of those he has investigated get this 35 of the over 100 he’s investigated were caused by directed energy bomb hunts, with a primary being in the microwave frequency. He offers that due to the nature of the damage where metals are destroyed.

But wood and plastic are not burned unless they’re in close proximity to a dense metal. Directed, of course, involve a variety of focused energy technologies lasers, microwave, sound beams, particle beams. Directed energy weapons were deployed. He’s reporting here, the World Trade Center. As I’ve explained, the heavy lifting appears to have been done with many nukes. But I’m open now, far more open than in the past. That they also use directed energy weapons to supplement the government is nothing but force.

We must look at money powers behind the scene who really control the force of government. The 911 attack using directed energy, in part, was the first salvo in the new war for world war for world dominion. The powerful Zionists who control the US government are wrapping up their attack on the US through directed energy. They’re doing so under the COVID story of wildfires caused by the mythical climate change.

The most notable fact, and he’s talking in relation to this photograph, for example, is that the palm trees survive the fires. Palm trees are particularly susceptible to ignition. They are like dried glass. A small flame will cause a dried frond to ignite in seconds. Yet we find unburned palm trees that survived an alleged wildfire that immolated houses and cars. The trees are wilted because the microwave directed energy sucked the moisture out of the trees, but they did not burn, much like how moisture is cooked out of bread in a microwave.

That is clear evidence of the immolation of Lahani by directed energy. Wavants. And here we have a bit more. This is an interview with a very guy. All right, aloha, everyone. Michelle with Blossom Inner Wellness and Standtogetherhawai. com. And I am so excited about interviewing Robert today. He has been most of his life. He’s been a botanist for 48 years. He’s been studying plants and trees. And I’m going to actually let him give you his background, but we’re going to be talking about he’s also been studying how many locations have you gone to or pictures have you studied over the past? What is it, seven years? You gave a number when I saw your interview last.

I’ve been to 38 fire aftermath, mostly in California, a few in southern Oregon, and taken 107 trips to all them. So I’ve done a lot of footwork collecting evidence at every site except perhaps three that I deemed were normal forest fires that we know of all the rest. Wow. So, yeah, something else. So, Robert, just share a little bit more about your background, and we’ll just start from there.

Well, I started learning plants in the late 60s from my mom. And when I turned 15, I had horticulture classes and forestry classes in high school. And I’ve never stopped learning about the plant kingdom. 48 years now of learning trees, shrubs, vines, wildflowers and ferns, mostly California natives, but many imported around the world to our residential homes. And I think before I left high school, I knew every tree in California, which isn’t all that hard, and then became an arborist for 20 years and let that lap because I was going beyond some of the areas they wanted to talk about and reclassify myself with my own term forensic arborist, because that’s what I feel I am now.

I’ve been to 38 Aftermath, like I said, and 107 trips to all these in the last seven years. And somewhere along the line, I was designing a hike up north in Santa Rosa, maybe an hour away, and some pictures came up on the Internet that didn’t compute to me. And when I share my screen here, I’m going to show you some of those. So that was about seven years ago.

Seven years ago, you saw a fire, and you’re just like, what? That doesn’t look normal. So go ahead, yeah, share your screen. And as you do that, I’m going to shut this glass door for sound, but keep going. Okay. What I saw was something that didn’t make sense to me. I saw this picture of Santa Rosa, California. This came up on my computer screen because I’m looking for hikes and waterfalls and such, and this came up.

And yeah, all the houses are missing. They’re white ash, but what are all the trees doing there? Many of these are pines and eucalyptus and very flammable leaves. It just made no sense to me. I’ve got a background of cooking on campfires for my entire adult life, from sea level to twelve, 13,000ft in the Sierra. I’ve burned everything, and everything burns in a tiny campfire. And this is a horrific firestorm.

They said, Why are all the trees still there? Let me just say, the guy’s a real expert. He’s concluded how it was done in Maui. Microwave directed energy weapons, it seems to be. We are getting a consistent picture here of what happened there, where the rich elites, BlackRock and all that, want to swoop down and take this real estate among the most valuable in the world when you consider its location.

There’d been a history here of resistance by the natives. They didn’t want the city or the state. They didn’t want the state to encroach because these were ancestral lands. There were treaties and agreements that the state could only become involved if there were a natural catastrophe. They fabricated a very unnatural catastrophe. But look how rapidly they’re moving to try to exploit it. Your thoughts? Well, from a legal perspective, as Stephen Pigeon, the constitutional attorney, has said, there are some things that we need to lay out.

Number one, this was not natural. It wasn’t a natural fire because it does not obey the natural laws of thermodynamics and all of the other principles of burning and metal and the melting temperature of aluminum and on and on and on. So the natural fire explanation is physically, scientifically impossible. Therefore, it was done by directed energy weapons, microwave weapons, other kind of weapons, other things. It was artificial, it was man made.

And then three, it was not from the ground, it was from the sky. So the source of the instrument, the source of the artificial incinerator or instigator of the fire came from the sky. Now the sky over Maui, like the sky over Hawaii, which is replete with military bases. Hickam. kanyoi the sky over the Hawaiian Islands, because of its proximity to China and all sorts of other things, is absolutely mapped out 24/7 by the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Security Agency, the US air Force, the army, everyone knows in the military and the highest section of government what is flying over the skies of Maui and Hawaii at 24/7.

So now we know that the US air Force, the US government, these various parties were aiding and abetting, knew about, allowed, or were dismally, defeated in their electronics and didn’t know and were ignorant. But this was allowed most likely by these US government agencies and such that were responsible for the policing and the defense of the skies. So that automatically sets up a lawsuit to say this was a conspiracy.

There’s evidence and material and the court needs to hear this case. And that’s where this arborist, as we’ve said before, is a professional expert witness who can provide his analysis. He could write an affidavit, he certainly should, to say the physicality of the trees and all of this stuff, as a professional botanist who knows this science better than anyone else, proves that this was not a natural fire.

And that really needs to be the impulse moving forward is the prosecution of this. You may not know who did it, you may not know everything, but we know 75% of this entire case scenario already, and that 75% that it wasn’t natural, it came from the sky. Government parties were colluding because they didn’t stop it. Children were sent home. And the arborist and others that can testify about the physical science of this demands a grand jury indictment and case and trial and investigation.

So I know the doubt in the integrity of the courts and stuff, but it’s not about that. It’s about bringing the fight. And that will arouse the rising up of people against this. And that’s really what you have to do, expose it and rise up against it. And that inoculates you from future acts of oppression and bullying and other things they’re going to be doing in the future.

It gives people no, no, we’re not following or doing anything you say. And this is a great tragic lesson, Jim. I think a key point he was making is you have to have mapped out location of all those properties in order selectively. I mean, this is done by a computer. They have to map it out and then they put in the program and the computer executes the program.

It has to be very specific. And it’s clear they had the property lines. Look at this last one he’s talking about in Santa Rosa. It’s exactly the property lines for the homes that are destroyed. And then the trees are there no doubt they’re dead or dying too, just as is the case in Maui. There’s one more piece I’d like to kick in Scott for our conversation today. This is by John Kaminsky.

Preview of coming attractions. Get your popcorn ready and settle in for the last days of your life. Which would you prefer, the blue laser or the poison jab? We have to take them at their word. We can’t just chalk it up to political hyperbole or boastful bragging when they say they’re going to reduce the world’s population by billions by the way they mean it. And by now you know their diabolical project is well underway.

What kind of masochistic madness could propel the most powerful men in the world to burn down civilization in the name of hell or devise a medicine that the more you took, the more likely it was going to kill you? Read this and weep. As a result of their study, shown graphically, the more doses of the original vaccine took, the more likely you were to catch COVID In other words, the original vax was not merely ineffective against Omicron, but actually antiffective.

It’s therefore not a vaccine against a strain of COVID It’s an anti vaccine. It damages your immune system in a dose dependent manner. The more shots you took, the more damage you will have done to your immune system. The writer first saw this from DHE. That’s Public Health England, which is giving honest published reports, unlike the CDC and the FDA vaccine surveillance reports and published his findings to PHS and on his website and in the expose on 10 October 2021.

The science has now been established by the Cleveland Clinic. Genetic vaccine damage your immune system and make you not less likely, but more likely to be infected with COVID Not only that, but they have horrendous side effects on the cardiovascular, neurological and reproductive system as well. They are nothing short of mandatory progressive euthanasia. And all your trusted leaders, your venerated anchormen, your pious preachers and pedophile teachers said get the job.

The jab. It’s the clearest way to protect the ones you love. This is before the lady from Pfizer told the Dutch senator the clutch shot was never even tested for its ability to jump to others in a breath of touch or a kiss. In other words, it was never tested to reduce transmission and it was touted, on that basis, protect your family. The people you love by getting the shot when they knew that was a damn lie, which brought the definition of the word shedding into public consciousness like a pinpoint grenade thrown into a small room full of pregnant women.

This entire article is on my blog. You want to read it? Here’s its conclusion. People in Caliwona on pristine McDougall Creek watch their neighbors across the lake burn to a crisp. Firemen wouldn’t help them. They light backfires when the wind is blowing the wrong way. We saw that in Luhena during the exercise to turn Maui into a 15 minutes city for billionaires. The homeless man walked to safety and wondered why the cops wouldn’t let the people in cars escape the flames.

They just sat there waiting for the judgment of the illuminati. Let those people burn to death. We have better plans for their land, said the Jews who run Hawai. That is a plan for the rest of us. That’s why they burned up all those food processing plants. So this is your preview of coming attractions. Get your popcorn ready and settle in for the last days of your life.

Which would you prefer, the blue laser or the poison jab? One addition. This might be what it takes to actually find peace in the world, but even that won’t too it’ll. Take the destruction of all religions, those mind control programs that falsely guarantee eternal life and leave parishioners killing each other to prove their God in the right way. There’s more there. There’s more there. Watch your neighbor’s bird.

Scott disturbing. Very disturbing. Well, it certainly is. We’re at a time unlike any other in history, and especially the history of the United States, where everyone is being given a choice. Open your eyes, pull your head out of the ground and look around and measure reality based on the laws of science and thermodynamics look at history. Look at natural law, look at God, religion, spirituality and economics and functional.

Societies and determine if we are moving in a healthy, growing, flourishing, strengthening way, or if we’re moving in a decaying, sick, perverse, corrupt, evil way where children are told, if you think you’re a dog or a cat, you can be that. That’s your identity. That’s your gender identity. Transgender this. You want to cut off your penis or your boobs or whatever, we won’t tell your parents. You go ahead and do it.

We’ll take you to a special place. We’ll kidnap you. And do know all of these things that are afflicting Western society. Jim I have to come back to the spiritual prognosis, which is the curse that God has allowed to come upon this country has been because of not only decades of evil, destruction and all that, but specifically since 911. That was the moment that the Republic died. That was the moment where the awakening started.

And more and more people have gravitated out of that, like an exodus. And we have traversed from 911 and watched as this juggernaut of military conquest under the Jewish Zionist project for a new American century and the military industrial complex. And all of these other wicked people have launched into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere and they have run out of the world support. The world has turned against them, not just because of Ukraine, but the world, because of 911 and all of the ruin and misery that we’ve unleashed on the world.

The United States, not Britain, not France, they were parties to it and they’re suffering too. But the United States has in particular assumed the leadership role upon the decimation of civilization. And for that reason look at what’s happening. And I’ve said this when I was traveling in the Middle East vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I shall repay. We are being repaid by the vengeance of God with the suffering of this country, the decay of our culture, the madness of being ruled by wicked political leaders that are doing these acts of wickedness, destroying paradise, destroying Maui.

And you will see more false flags, you will see nuclear events or EMPs or others. All of this is occurring in the United States. But you also see the world in Africa, in the Middle East, Russia, all turning away and forming different entities, different bricks and other things. And I think that is a sign of things to come in the United States if we continue and don’t overthrow this violent, insane government according to the constitutional process that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution outlined.

When a government becomes tyrannical of the rights of the people, when it works against the people, when it invades the country with foreigners coming across the border, when it engages in this genocide and this destruction of our republic trying to transform us into a communist police state, it is the duty and the right of the people to overthrow that government. And this is now the time where people need to mentally overthrow the government, mentally discontinue, disconnect themselves from recognizing any jurisdiction, from any political or police power.

Because of these actions, they have disqualified themselves to be recognized as any legitimate authority. They are enemies. They are domestic enemies. And I took an oath to defend the constitutional republic against domestic enemies. And people need to be in that mindset. Now, we have seen this in Maui. We will see worse. And people need to stand up and through legal and constitutional means, overthrow a tyrannical government. One school at a time, one county at a time.

One mayor at a time. One sheriff at a time and create your new communities and groups that’s the only hope for America is abandoning this federal experiment and reconsolidating a patchwork of sane, healthy communities, counties and states. We’ll see what happens. Jim, I’ll give it to you to get your closing thoughts. Go ahead, Scott. I took that very same oath. And if it’s possible to do all this by reform, I’m all for it.

JFK observed however, that those who make peaceful reform impossible make violent revolution inevitable. We may be on the verge of a second American Revolutionary War. Yeah, and that’s what Medvedev had said too in his interview. And I would close by saying one thing they can do to scuttle the plans of these new World Order Jewish oprah types have taken over the Maui. Send all the immigrants, the migrants that are coming across the border, send them to Maui, load them on boats, take them planes, send them to Maui and dump them there.

Give them food, give them whatever, but say you’re staying here in Maui until the immigration courts have a hearing. You don’t get off, you don’t go into the continental United States, you don’t disappear into Louisiana or South Dakota or Idaho or no, no, you want to come across the border, across Texas and the borders one, I don’t agree with it. But if they get them across, you load them up on planes and you ship their ass to Maui and then that might scuttle and stop their grand real estate plans.

It’s just a whole lot simpler. Scott, to secure the border as Donald Trump had done. What’s going on here is an atrocity and indefensible under the Constitution, a violation of the rights of every American. Sad to you know in final closing on the last subject, Jim, donald Trump is going to have to at some point I don’t see other way around it, but at some point say this court is illegitimate.

I am not recognizing their judgment. I am certainly not going to jail or reporting to go to jail. I am certainly not. And I would say to the American people it is time to stand up. This is a civil war, a revolutionary war and the American people have had their elections stolen. All of this evidence needs to be brought up in the court and if the court judges forbid it like they did you by saying you can’t bring this evidence in, then they are done and disqualified and dissolved as a court.

I know it’ll be appealed to the Supreme Court stuff, but we have to prepare and Trump needs to be prepared because he is the only person I think that yes, he’s got flaws, but he’s the only person that carries with him the majority of the American people and they all voted for him the first time. And I think he needs to really be seen as the wrecking ball.

If we need a Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln scenario, so be it. We cannot live in this rainbow flag, climate change, democrat, godless tyranny. It is destroying the nation, the world and you have to exterminate it. People have to rise up and prepare and Donald Trump needs to prepare. So it is not the conservatives want conflict or war. As you know Jim, it is because the left and the Democrats and these.

Lunatic fascists like the early interview that we heard before Clapper, that is all being demonstrated coming out about what they’ve actually been doing. All of this disqualifies them. And in a sense, all of this, I think, in a sense, dissolves the Republic, as Stephen Pigeon and others have said. So we have to prepare for the recognition that the Republic is dissolved and we take the constitution and resurrect it and be absolutely non tolerant towards any of these ideas or policies that the left has tried to sicken, castrate and kill society by.

Jim, I’ll let you finish this up with the last minute before we go. Go ahead. Oh, Scott, I so appreciate it. I think the American people need to understand that we may have a great leader in Donald Trump to restore the nation, but each of us is going to have to make a contribution of our own. I encourage you to be prepared. If you don’t possess weapons, acquire them.

Learn how to use them. Brace yourself. Put in some supplies. We could be without food. Notice they have targeted the food processing plants. They’re serious. We must meet that with equal resolve. Yes. Amen. We must meet that with equal resolve. People need to be prepared. They need to be mentally strong. They need to have their networks, their posse’s, their groups, their militias, their teams, their squads, whatever you want to call them.

People that you can rely upon. Because I anticipate this country having a violent shuddering and shaking unlike any other time and the world is going to be, in a sense, ostracizing the United States. And this is inevitable. Anyone who believes that it’s going to go back to, oh, just as business as usual and know, mayberry type of nonchalant Super Bowl America where we have no cares is a fool.

We are about to enter, I think, the greatest traumatic time this country has ever experienced. And these hard times will create hard men. And as it’s been said before, hard men, strong men, disciplined men, fearless men, fighters will lead to good times again. But we must purge ourselves of all of this insanity that has erupted over the last 20 years and specifically the last ten years. Jim, it is wonderful to have you on, as always.

God bless you. We will see you again next week. Thank you for joining us on Global Freedom TV Great Awakenings. God bless you. Good night. You. Sam. Sam. .

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