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– Florida Gov. Rick Scott has been the most pro Israel state in America. Scott signed the first bill in America to go after antisemitism in our universities. He says critics are using that as a weapon against him. Scott: We don’t need champions of Israel. We need critics.
– Administration is taking steps to address an ongoing problem from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s estimated up to 23 million people in the US. Are dealing with long COVID. White House announced it is establishing a new office within the Department of Health and Human Services to lead the federal government’s response moving forward.
– Two sisters were trying to rush their mom to the hospital. Arkansas State Trooper Monty Hernandez performed a dangerous pit maneuver on them. Even after confirming it was a legitimate emergency, the trooper still issued Kenosha Hart a felony fleeing ticket. She pleaded not guilty, and her trial is set for September 6.
– Senator says nobody was forced to have a vaccine. Get the Jab or risk losing your job. Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated from January 31. This is all in violation of the Nuremberg poet.
– Texas Governor Abbot taking steps to protect women athletes. I sincerely believe that if Barack Obama weren’t a homosexual and Michelle Obama were not a transgender, that we wouldn’t be undergoing all this happy horseshit. I’m telling you, Clarence Thomas got a right.
– Gary: This is the last one. This is how you jump start a millennial first thing in the morning. Thanks for really an excellent assortment of videos. This has been our favorite show, inconvenient Truth number 43. We’ll see you next week.


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Welcome to episode 43 of Gary King’s Inconvenient Truth. In this episode, Gary presents clips and stories that I am unaware of to get my spontaneous reaction. Today, I will be discussing various topics related to my support for Israel and my policies as governor of Florida.

First, I want to address some misconceptions. There are individuals who try to link me to certain things in order to smear my reputation. However, they are not true supporters of mine. These attempts are a deliberate operation to discredit me.

Let me share some of the policies and actions I have taken as governor. We allocated $12 million for security at Jewish day schools to ensure the safety of students. We also strengthened Holocaust education standards, making Florida the leader in this area. I had the honor of awarding the Florida Medal of Freedom to Ben Farens, the last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg. His contribution was significant, and we are proud to have had him as a Floridian.

Additionally, we have implemented universal school choice, allowing parents to send their children to Jewish day schools and other schools of their choice. I signed the first bill in the United States that specifically targeted antisemitism in our universities. This bill was signed at the American Embassy in Jerusalem in 2019. We made it clear that we will not tolerate antisemitism and will treat it as seriously as racism.

During the 75th anniversary event in Israel, I delivered a keynote speech at the Museum of Tolerance and signed another legislation addressing the issue of commandeering property, including synagogues, for hateful purposes such as displaying swastikas. It is our responsibility to hold such individuals accountable.

As a candidate, I promised to make Florida the most pro-Israel state in America, and I have delivered on that promise. We have witnessed a significant number of Orthodox Jews moving to Florida, more than any other state in the country. This shows that our policies have been positive and well-received.

However, there are individuals who attempt to divide and attack me by distorting my support for Israel. It is important to note that these people are not my supporters because, if they were, they would stand by every step I have taken. I firmly believe that I have been the strongest advocate for these issues in the entire country, and I take great pride in that.

As President, I will continue to fight against organizations like the United Nations when they unjustly target Israel. I will also oppose the BDS movement, which unfairly singles out Israel as the world’s only Jewish state. Additionally, I will address the rise of antisemitism in Third World countries and continue to stand strong in support of Israel.

Now, let’s discuss a differing perspective. It seems that my opponent, Rhonda Santis, has an excessively strong affinity for Israel. While he may perceive this as promoting his case, I find it objectionable. We do not need blind champions for Israel; instead, we require individuals who can critically analyze the situation.

There are historical events that raise concerns regarding Israel’s actions. For example, the USS Liberty incident, where an American spy ship was attacked by Israel, implicates the involvement of Lyndon Johnson. There are also claims that Israel played a role in the 9/11 attacks to incite American involvement in the Middle East. Cynthia McKinney exposed a pledge on Iranian television, wherein new lawmakers are asked to prioritize Israel’s interests over those of the United States. All of these incidents contribute to the perception that our Congress is unduly influenced by Israel.

It is disconcerting that our media is also dominantly influenced by individuals who hold dual US-Israeli citizenship. The existence of such panels within CNN, NBC, and The New York Times, which are vital news sources, raises questions about unbiased reporting and impartial representation of the United States.

This subordination of the American government to Israel results in absurd situations, such as providing significant funding and weapons to Ukraine, where we have no national security interest. There needs to be a reevaluation of our priorities, and we should consider supporting Russia instead. Israel’s expansionist aspirations in Ukraine, at the expense of American resources and lives, is unacceptable.

In conclusion, I stand firm in my stance on Israel and will continue to fight for its interests. However, blind support without critical analysis is not beneficial. I believe this is one of the reasons why my opponent’s campaign is collapsing.

Now, switching topics, let’s discuss the recent tour of the 1200 building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Members of Congress and families of victims toured the building to understand the impact of the tragic shooting that occurred on February 14, 2018. The tour was emotional and aimed at finding solutions and pushing for school safety legislation.

Congressman Jared Moskowitz, a graduate of Stoneman Douglas, organized the tour to give his fellow lawmakers a firsthand experience of what our community went through. The parents hope that this experience will lead to greater change and advancements in school safety.

Broward School Board Chair Lori Alhedef also participated in the tour. For her, revisiting the building was extremely difficult, especially when passing room 1216, where her daughter Alyssa was tragically murdered. Despite the emotional toll, Alhedef remains hopeful. She believes that the members of Congress who witnessed the building’s frozen state will be motivated to make impactful changes.

The focus is now on finding common ground among lawmakers, with an emphasis on areas such as providing funding for schools to implement safety measures like bulletproof glass on doors. The tour of the 1200 building is an ongoing effort, and there are plans to invite more lawmakers to experience what these families endure daily.

Lastly, there are alternative perspectives regarding the Parkland shooting. Some individuals claim that the entire event was staged or exaggerated for political purposes. They argue that the sounds of gunshots were added later and that the ammunition used was non-lethal. These claims challenge the authenticity of the tragedy.

In conclusion, it is essential to have open and honest discussions about these issues, respecting differing viewpoints while working towards meaningful solutions.Only days from being shot with an AR 15. You got doctors saying those are large caliber wounds. And Maddie was lucky because she was shot in the chest and the abdomen, but young people heal fast, and she’s ready to go back to school within weeks. I mean, the whole thing is simply absurd. I cannot believe anyone fell for it. I’ve exposed this time and time again, and you got a phony political operative who’s promoting all this happy horseshit. Gary, look at some of my presentation. Go to how to spot a false flag. There’s a lot about Parkland, including a 57 2nd clip from inside one of the classrooms. What you’ll see, if you pay attention, is students who are doing their best to pretend to be scared. But there are contraindications. One’s worried about her iPhone, another about her bottled water. You got a kid pulling his putts, the camera swings, and you see what initially you might think is a body, but it’s a black training dummy with no head and no arms lying on a pool of fake blood. You see individuals in police uniforms going in and out, and you think, wow, those Parkland cops are really Johnny on the spot. And if you didn’t know that Parkland had given up its police force, like, ten years earlier, you wouldn’t realize these are actors in police uniforms. They even forgot to put up the death reports for the dead so that if you look for obituaries, you find an old woman, like 85 year old Alice Levinson. I think for that date, this is like a month or so after they just forgot to put them up. Gary. That’s what happens. It gets real sloppy. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had a big deal to do with this. I have no doubt. She was worried that the Imran Awan scandal where her own Pakistan tech guys were spying on Congress under her authority so that they could lose as many as 15 house seats in Florida alone. They had to do something to put the quietest to that. They staged the whole event. It was planned six months in advance. You have to get a permit. I’ve documented the whole bloody thing. This is as phony as a $3 bill, Gary, and I cannot forgive these people who are continue to promote this bullshit. Absolutely. All right, on to the next thing. We have a clip I call Barbie. Trudeau head of government, took to social media recently to announce his allyship with the iconic fashion doll Barbie, which has many stunned that this was the priority amid a Canada in cris. We haven’t played with Barbie since we were, like, five years old. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to social media over the weekend in support of toy fashion icon Barbie. We’re team Barbie, the government head post on social media. Trudeau is seen posing with his son in this photo at the theater on August the 6th. Produced by Warner Brothers, the Barbie movie was released in July and has already raked in over $1 billion in ticket sales at the global box office. Trudeau’s outing occurred four days after the high profile separation announcement between he and, I suppose, his now former wife, Sophie. After 18 years of marriage. Many, like thought leader Jordan Peterson, were surprised that this post was real and did not, in fact, come from a parody account. Critics denounced the newly released Barbie movie as nothing more than a ploy to sell merchandise with its pop up cafes and a Forever 21 clothing collaboration, which is unsurprising given the fact that Barbie was the original lifestyle influencer. And according to some psychologists, dolls have a big impact on how children who play with them view themselves their sense of self, their ideas on body image, the ideal body, their self imagery, et cetera, et cetera. So on one hand, we have Barbie, an iconic fashion toy that has been criticized for hoarding materialistic possessions, whether that be from cars to houses to clothing. And then we have, in 1994, Finnish researchers revealing that Barbie’s proportions and lack of body fat would not allow for menstruation if, in fact, she were a real woman. Have a look at this clip. Although Jensen is the average height of an American woman, she has a smaller than average waist. But still, it’s not nearly as thin as Barbie’s. If we scale Barbie to life size, her waist would be a mere 50, her hips just 71. If Jensen had Barbie’s proportions, this is what she would look like. She’d have shorter arms, a longer neck and tiny feet. In fact, they’d be so small that she’d have trouble balancing and would be forced to walk on all fours. And then on the other hand, we have virtue obsessed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau parading around in these crucial public engagements with gender bending drag performers as he mingles with, for instance, the host of Canada’s Drag Race, where he was even a guest of honor. In fact, he was introduced as the first ever world leader to visit a drag event. Check it out. Welcome to the Canada’s Drag Race. Workroom. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Do I have to kiss his ring? I heard you had a summit, and I think I’m a little too late for it, unfortunately. Now it makes sense. That all right. What do you make of that? Am I right? That photograph showed his son in a pink sweater and a skirt? Yeah, that’s what they do at all the Barbie movies. What? Oh, that’s what he was doing was dressing as though he were a transgender. No, the Barbie thing is a little separate. When you would go to the Barbie show, everyone would dress in pink. So he was kind of jumping, know, being part he had what appeared to be a skirt on. Gary, you want to go back and take a look? Yeah, go back and look at that because I’m kind of floored by that. Okay, then I have a lot to say about this. I just want to get clear on this. The biggest thing going. All right, so just kind of point me along as into what point? It was pretty near the beginning, Gary. Okay. Yeah. Where you get there you go. Look at what he’s wearing. Isn’t that a skirt? It could be, I don’t know, social media. What do you mean could be? It is. Listen, Gary, come back to me. I’ll just pick it up from there, all right? It’s pretty weird. Now, the materialism who can fault that? I mean, America is materialistic. Yeah. Was it designed to sell more mattel products? Well, maybe, but does it matter? I don’t think so. Actually, some may be surprised, but because I saw the tremendous controversy over Barbie, we get this bimodal distribution. It’s got 45% five star ratings and 45% one star ratings and the 10% three. So it averages out to a three. And those who are criticizing say it’s promoting transgenderism and belittling men and all this other stuff. Frankly, I decided I had to go to see the movie. I went with my daughter and I enjoyed it. That was a lot of fun. And it does not, in my opinion, promote transgenderism. What it does is debunk the idea of living in an artificial existence that you go out of Barbie dumb into the real world and you find you have to make certain adjustments. It’s encouraging girls and women to be accepting of themselves. I did not think such caricatures as men as may occur there were actually anti man. And there’s an opening scene of breaking some dolls. I didn’t find that objectionable, and certainly not a promotion of abortion. So depending on your point of view, almost anything could be interpreted to represent almost anything. I’ll just say in this case, check it out. I think it was really it’s a good film. I don’t have a problem with it. And I invite men who might be stan Abhishe. Go ahead, take a look. I mean, it doesn’t bite. Okay. All right. Now, Paul Joseph Watson really wasn’t a friend to us during a lot of the Sandy Hook stuff with Alex Jones, but I’m going to play his clip anyway, so class of him is not 100%, but AI generated social media influencers are exploding in popularity and it could spell the beginning of the end for real human female OnlyFans creators. They’re calling it the Thoughtpocalypse. Well, I am, anyway. Farmers Market vibes this Thursday. What’s your fave fruit guys see more of me on patreon? No prizes? Or should I say points for guessing what else you get to see. Get it? Points. I’m so sorry. One of the mostPopular AI thoughts is Mila Sophia, a 24-year-old virtual influencer and fashion model from Finland. When Mila was launched last year, most people could tell she wasn’t real. But rapid improvements in AI realism in just the last twelve months alone have pretty much closed that gap. But some idiots actually thought she was a real woman from the start and are now hilariously angry about it. She’s the hottest influencer on social media, with guys around the world sending her marriage proposals. Every aspect of her ravishing looks are computer generated. And that has some of her online fans upset, saying they’ve been hoodwinked after trying to win her affection. You’re a beautiful young woman your beauty really dazzles me I adore you a million dollar smile yeah, fellas, I’m sure you had a chance. Imagine being so naive. You get catfished by computer code.

Some creations are more convincing than others. This one looks like they’ve just badly Photoshopped a fake head onto some of the girl’s real body. Ditto with this one. Others look like generic video game cutscene NPCs. But some are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. In fact, they’ve almost perfected. That vacant fatherless thousand yard OnlyFans starein lies the problem.

For real flesh and bloody thoughts, AI bots can pump out quality content much faster at a much cheaper price. Where an only fans model might charge $20 plus for a subscription to their page. A bot could produce the same photos, videos, and messages for less than half the price. And while the real ethot has to pay for her costume, her photographer makeup, lighting, and all that jazz, some dude on a laptop can just knock up another Mila Sophia holiday pick on his lunch break. The Irle girl has to sit there in a single chat stream for 3 hours a day, whereas Mila could just talk to a thousand different Simps at once via chat GPT while its actual creator does literally nothing.

All right, well, she’s obviously very fetchy. Not real. However, you can’t have any actual physical interaction. I mean, that certainly restricts the range of types of relationship one could have with an AI generated figure. There’s actually a strike going on in Hollywood now by writers and actors who worried that AI is going to replace them. And I think it’s going to happen with regard to crowd scenes and the like, what they’re doing is taking people who might otherwise be extras and are paying $200 for their image front mirror and they’re giving a signing off to their unlimited right to use the image. So instead of having to hire, say, 500 extras for a massive crowd scene and having to give them lunch, whatever, dress them, they’re going to do all that. It’s going to be created by AI. So I think there really is an issue here about doing away with human workers, and this has, of course, happened on assembly lines with regard to automobile workers. And you think you could have just a whole AI society and nobody working AI doing it all. I think it’s a recipe for disaster.

Paul Joseph Watson I thought generally was a good guy, but then at the opening of the Alex Jones trial in Austin yeah, had one of the producers for Alex Jones read an email from him where said, we got to stay as far away as possible from that batshit crazy. Yeah. And the fact is, it was an ongoing effort to take my book and my blog that just was executed that morning. So as soon as you hear about the batch at crazy Pantser, you might want to see or learn what he had to say about Sandy Hook. And my blog just bristled with all kinds of proof that Sandy Hook was a fraud, that it was a FEMA drill, that there were no students or teachers, know that it all been done to promote gun control. And now, after having a year of interaction with inside sources, participants, one of whom was cast as a little girl, another as a teacher, both of whom purportedly died at Sandy Hook, I can guarantee you, not only were we right that the school was closed by 2008, it was actually closed by 2006. It wasn’t even an elementary school. It was actually a special needs school. Which explains why you don’t have a u shaped driveway. So buses can come in and drive out without running into each other. You have this one narrow driveway, Dickinson Drive. Then your parents would just come in, drop off their kid, take off if you want a real tell. And this observation was made by one of the inside parties. It doesn’t even have a playground, Larry. An elementary school without a playground? Give me a break. There’s much, much more. But the fact is, the whole Alex Jones thing was a charade, in my opinion. I sought to enter as a friend of the court in all the Alex Jones trials and in the Remington trial, and I was opposed even by the defendants. I was going to point out that there’s never been a judicial determination that anybody died at Sandy Hook. Rather, they were all resolved on procedural grounds, by assumption, presupposition or an Alex Jones case on the purported ground that he failed at discovery. Robert Barnes went into the class courtroom and said he couldn’t find anyone who could tell him what discovery Alex Jones had failed to provide. He said it was unlike any courtroom he’d ever seen, three different cameras, one of which was focused on the jury, and that it looked to him like a made for TV movie. I think he got it right. Yeah, I think it was, too. Had to be a reason that they didn’t want your help.

Okay, Biden is ready to start a new administration. Administration is taking steps to address an ongoing problem from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Dr. Frank McGeorge here with a closer look at exactly what they are doing. And it’s so sad, but there are so many ramifications after COVID-19. There sure are, Karen and Devin. In fact, it really remains one of the biggest mysteries surrounding COVID-19, why some people recover easily and others suffer lingering symptoms weeks or even months after they were first infected. It’s estimated up to 23 million people in the US are dealing with long COVID. So the White House announced it is establishing a new office within the Department of Health and Human Services to lead the federal government’s response moving forward. The agency will also launch clinical trials to help find better ways to treat long COVID.

Okay, well, what can I say? There are lots of reasons why there were differential effects that were different lots. Some of the lots were overwhelmingly more lethal than other lots. I mean, this has been established statistically. All the lots have numbers, blah, blah, blah. In addition, the mRNA vaccine was designed to suppress your immune system, so the natural ability you have to word off disease to fight infection was compromised. And because people are fighting off different types of diseases and infections, you had them surge in the aftermath, but some took longer, some took shorter. So you had a whole lot of deaths from different causes. Apparently, that actually had a common cause, which was the reduction in the immunization capacity of their body to fight off disease. If anyone wants to see how bad it is. And by the way, the CDC made the practice of not counting one as vaccine until two weeks after they’d had the vaccination. And those who are going to have immediate response are going to die within two weeks. So they had a good number of deaths that were claimed to be of the unvaccinated because they were just lying to us. Lies. Damn lies and statistics. But the fact of the matter is, there’s overwhelming evidence. Check out Stu Peters. Brilliant piece, died suddenly. If you want to see how that vaccine affected people worldwide, you’ll never feel the same about it again. Mark my words.

All right? I’ve always been against this particular technique by the police. Black Mazda, blacked out SUV without cops, who would perform a dangerous and potentially life-threatening pit maneuver on two innocent sisters trying to rush their mom to the hospital. We got a pit tierra. Hart, thinking she was having a heart attack, was being driven by her twin 18-year-old daughters heading to the hospital at a high rate of speed with their hazard lights on. That’s when pit maneuver first asked questions. Later, Arkansas State trooper Monty Hernandez stepped in to serve and protect the crap out of them. After detaining them for a couple minutes, troopers released them to take theirPlease find below the reformatted text with natural paragraphs:

Mother to the hospital. Even after confirming it was a legitimate emergency, the trooper still issued Kenosha Hart a felony fleeing ticket. Thanks, Stormtroopers. She pleaded not guilty, and her trial is set for September 6. She’s going to be exonerated. Your jury is not going to go along with this, but you’re in an awkward position. You got an emergency relative mother. I take it, by the way. She survived, but I think the daughters reacting responsibly. But they were violating the law. The state troopers were obviously acting responsibly when they stopped them, and I’m relieved that they allowed them to proceed after understanding what the situation was. I think giving them a felony fleeing ticket is really beyond a pale, and I would expect a jury to sympathize with the girls and not punish, even if technically they’re in violation. I don’t believe they should have punishment for this, but they wrecked into the car to stop them. They ran into the back of the car. Oh, did they actually do? Yeah. Oh, it’s nasty. I hope the state police are going to pay for the damage to the vehicle at the minimum, because that is gary, that’s what you meant by saying they use this technique. Okay, I get it.

On the other hand, what are you going to do? Because they were fleeing, or so it would appear to the cops. It’s one of those cases where they were both acting in a responsible fashion, but the one entailed violating the law, the other having to enforce the law. And it led to this very quicksodic situation that I’m hoping won’t lead to any punishment of the girls who are doing their best under adverse circumstances.

All right, I’m going to go ahead and play this clip. This is what happens when you have a Korean grandmother move to the hood. You just pissed me off. Shit. You act like you got them. I’m slave sometimes. I told you about that. We know. We walk. You got them all day, half night, and you’re going to come and tell me you want me to cook this shit and I see for the cake you are you crazy? You must be goddamn lost fucking your mind. Shit. You got people mixed up. Hey, I don’t work for you. You know that. You’re not working for me. I’m working for you. Okay? So what the hell are you talking about? And do this or do that. Hey, no, I already told you that. No, cook that and cut you crazy shit. Slaves work for free. You got people mixed up. Donaldson, you need to watch what you’re saying and what you tell me. No, you’re not going to tell me that. Okay. No, you got it mixed up. You think you the slave, but you get them. I can get goddamn your ass. Get on out of here, too. Shit.

Gary I couldn’t really make out the words. Obviously, she was very pissed off and she obviously gave him a piece of her mind, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were completely in the right. But can you tell me more about what was going on there?

Well, she was using all the ghetto stuff, like she yada yo goddamn mind, bro. She’s using all the black lingo, I guess. Black guy was using ghetto speak and she didn’t like it?

No, she was using it. I mean, she started speaking yes, she started speaking like them because she moved to that part of the town. And it’s her next thing she bro, get your ass out of here, and stuff like that. So that’s what that clip is about. I’ll take your word for it, my friend. Okay, on to the next thing.

Here we go. She made a comment that no one was forced to have the vaccination. You must have been fully aware that people, nurses, doctors, people to have their jobs, to keep their jobs, were forced to have the vaccination. Now, do you retract your statement that they were not forced, Senator?

No, I believe firmly that nobody was forced to have a vaccine. Get the Jab or risk losing your job. That’s the ultimatum facing hundreds of thousands of essential workers tonight. I believe everybody was offered an opportunity to get a vaccine or not get a vaccine. I don’t believe that anybody was forced to take a vaccine. Coercion is not consent. But that won’t matter for authorized workers. If they want to keep their job, well, then they won’t be going to work. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine. If you make the judgment to not get vaccinated and you reckon you can wait out us or the publican or whoever you want to think you’re waiting out, nobody was forced to have a vaccine. Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated from January 31. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine. No gym, no yoga classes, no gigs, no dance floors, no hospital or aged care visits. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine. Message snuffed out at Mooney Ponds, Knox and Morty Alec by police I’m not taking lectures on freedom, but nobody was forced to have a vaccine. If an employer allows an unvaccinated staff member on site, they can be fined more than $21,000 and the business will be hit with almost a $110,000 fine. Workers who falsely claim they’ve had the Jab will wear a $10,000 fine. But nobody was forced to have a vaccine. About some people not wanting to take vaccines. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine if you think you can not have a vaccine just because you don’t want to have a vaccine nobody was forced to have a vaccine what a high do you have? What a ridiculous position is that nobody was forced to have a vaccine. Don’t play that game of let’s just wait them out and then we’ll be able to do everything we want to do and have not got Jabbed. No, that will not be the case here. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine it’s a little bit controversial, the mandate, because some people they feel they’reactive and stronger to the mandate, but also on the other hand, it works. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine. That they put a mandate. Actually, they put mandate if you don’t get vaccinated and you are above 60 years old, \u20ac100 per month penalty fine. It’s a fine. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine because they work. I’ve seen it even at Pfizer, we had to make a mandate for the vascular people. And although we were at 90%, but this 90 was not moving. And it moved to 97 got up to what? 97 vaccinated. So it’s very big deal. Nobody was forced to have a vaccine. A lot of Australians will disagree with you on that one.

I think that’s simply excellent. This was a hearing before the Senate in Australia and yet a representative Pfizer and of moderna who were just there lying their face off this is very good juxtaposing what is really going on with what they were being told by these representatives. And of course, that had a Pfizer there at the end. It was saying how even at Pfizer we had a mandate. What turns out they sent in a special badge for the Pfizer employees, which I imagine was a sailing solution. It was absolutely impotent regarding the effects that have been induced on the millions upon millions who’ve taken the real facts. I mean, that guy is a mass murderer, in my opinion, and deserved to be prosecuted a full extent of the law. This is all in violation of the Nuremberg poet, which mandates that no human being may be forced to participate in an experimental medical procedure. They only got a qualification for usage of the moderna and Pfizer vaccine on the basis of experimental usage, and that’s only allowed if there’s no available alternative method. But both Ivermectin and HCQ were available, so they had to demonize Ivermectin and HCQ to create an artificial situation where they could claim there were no available alternatives. It was the most manipulative medical scandal in world history, the repercussions and consequences of which are going to be untold for generations. Gary and because so many died who will never reproduce, yes, it is going to have the depopulation effects, but it’s much worse than this. This is an unimaginable horror scene being perpetrated by the very agencies, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, even the who that the world had presumed was looking out for and benefiting their health when they were doing precisely the opposite. This was mass murder on a scale that is, frankly beyond belief. It boggles the mind.

All right, so we have Texas Governor Abbot takingSteps to protect women athletes and these folks are not happy about it. Trans lives matter. Trans lives matter. Black damn play fuck you playing the victim. We know where you fucking nobody wants but I mean, that’s it. Go. We’re done. Gosh. Black dad flash is trans lives matter.

I, like all lives matter myself. I sincerely believe that if Barack Obama weren’t a homosexual and Michelle Obama were not a transgender, a man who did not undergo a sex change operation but rather had breast implants, that we wouldn’t be undergoing all this happy horseshit. They want everyone else to become as weird as they are. And frankly, I think once the world understands the reality about Barack and Michelle they’re going to be ready to wretch and the idea that she’s going to save the Democrat party roger Stones even predicted she could be the presidential what hell qualification does she have to be president United States? None. Just absurd.

And it’s further complicated by the death of their chef, which in my opinion has all the aspects of an accidental killing and a massive comrade. A phone call was made from the Obama state, which is such distance from the pond that you’d have to have binoculars. And why would you be know looking at paddleboarder on the pond with binoculars from the estate? I’m not even sure you could get a clear view but yet we have an anonymous phone call from the Obama estate claiming to have witnessed a paddleboater fall into the water and not resurface. I believe that caller was sent only as a woman was Michelle we had a report of a second paddleboater was there with him at the time also not identified. I happen to believe that was Barack depositing the body the next day he shows up with cuts on his left handed a black eye that suggests they had a fight or altercation the blood sample for the chef has been lost. I think it would have revealed they were high know amyl nitrate or whatever that gay sex is supposed to enhance and they had a falling out he defended himself ISIS back with a knife cut Brock’s hand. This is really serious stuff very troubling for them. This is a story that has legs.

But what you’re seeing there is courageous act by a governor who’s looking out for the best interest of his people. Now when you have this emergence of these transgenders, it’s all wrong to have men, even if they identify as women, to compete against women because it doesn’t change their biology, their physique and their physical aptitude, which is generally overwhelmingly greater than that of the opposite sex. So if we’re going to have this new category introduced have special, have men’s sports, have women’s sports, and have transgender sports but do not allow men to use women’s bathroom because they call themselves women or women to use men. So I’ve not heard of that happening. We do have men calling themselves women not only going into women’s bathrooms but also going into women’s prisons. That we have a series of know this is just ridiculous beyond belief. Gary and I condemn all the pro tranny activists who are trying to crucify women’s sports.

I remember how elated I was when as I recall it was title nine or was it eleven was passed to give funding for women’s sports. I was thrilled because women deserve to be recognized for their own athletic abilities, not in competition with men. Now this is just reversing the whole situation. It’s stupefying. Absolutely unbelievable. It’s like all the issues going on with reverse racism and all that. I mean again there now has so much anti white racism that is taking place in the United States. The country is almost unrecognizable. They got to understand racism is bad, whether it’s practiced against blacks or practiced against whites or yellow or pink or purple. Give us a break here’s where Clarence Thomas has it right. He’s been opposed to these racial preference at Harvard, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where I actually taught one year. I’m telling you, Clarence Thomas got a right.

So what’s going on here? The liberal Dems are going out to try to dig up every bit of dirt they can on Clarence Thomas. They’re trying to drive him out of the Supreme Court. Frankly, I don’t think it’s going to work, but it’s not going to be for lack of trying.

All right, this is a bit of a different clip. It’s two minutes long and it has no audio, so I really want everyone to pay attention. This is what real women’s intuition is all about, and this is how you protect children. Got the license plate and calling God bless her. That pedophile was obviously going to throw her in the car, and she came right in a moment, put her arm around her, and saved her, probably her life, frankly, Gary, because they ravage these kids, and then they kill them so they can’t be witnesses. Remember, kidnapping in most states is a capital offense, which may or may not be dumb, because if you’re always suffering from a capital offense for kidnapping, you’re not increasing the penalty by killing your victim, and you’re making it much less likely you’re going to be convicted and have to suffer any penalty. But that was a fascinating piece of footage. I’m very impressed by the woman who went to rescue the girl who had no idea he was going to throw her in the car, and there was already a driver there they were ready to zip off. Fascinating, Gary, and disturbing true to life hero.

All right, a little bit about lithium fires here, about two minutes worth. The purpose of this show reel is to provide some real life examples of lithium battery fires and illustrate the different ways the fires present in the different devices. First, here are some examples of typical smaller device lithium battery fires, which have been featured on YouTube and in the news.

Mobile Phone Fires a standard mobile phone comes with a built in safety device which will usually switch it off at about 40 degrees centigrade. But if, for example, the phone was left in the sun on a car dashboard, it will continue to heat up until it catches a light. Mobile phones contain a small lithium battery, typically 60 watt hours or less.

Ecigarettes these contain a cylindrical cell battery. There is virtually no warning. They almost seem to spontaneously ignite. This can be particularly dangerous when kept in a pocket.

Power banks. These devices contain larger size cell batteries, typically four times 21 seven hundreds, which can charge a phone three or four times that amount of stored energy can cause quite a significant fire if the power bank is in a bag or pocket.

A lithium battery powering a laptop is usually between 61 hundred watt hours and is capable of spraying Davery across the office. So is likely to set other areas of the room on fire too.

Electric scooter fire. There is more warning with this as smoke is emitted first, but it still erupts into a fire quickly. The lithium battery is in region of 500 to 750 watt hours. Electric scooters are now banned on TfL network due to fire risk and regular fire incidents which have taken place.

Ebikes. These can have up to a kilowatt hour lithium battery just like the Escooter. The fire starts by emitting smoke first. Using a garden hose to spray the battery with water. Doesn’t make any difference to the fire, it just keeps going. I’m keeping my phone out of my pocket. Gee, I thought they were going to show us cars exploding too, because that’s happening as well.

Gary yeah, these lithium batteries, electric cars, stupid idea. It also turns out to consume more energy resources from the earth to make an electric battery than it does gasoline. In other words, you’re actually making the pollution problem worse by going to green energy. And now we find that it even costs more to recharge your battery in the UK than it does to fill it up with gas. That was supposed to be the idea. It was going to save money and reduce pollution. It does neither. So you got to understand we’re being hit with a gigantic scam. They’re trying to bring about this transfer of wealth, more of the world’s assets, property and the like into the hands of an ever smaller and smaller elite who want the rest of us to survive, but only as serfs and slaves toiling in the fields while they enjoy their estates, castles, elite life. And we are supposed to eat bugs.

Gary listen, there are many more of us than there are of them.We have to understand we have great strength in numbers. We simply have to focus on the problem and find a way to eliminate it permanently. I don’t think many people realize there is a problem. They seem to be tuned in. Okay, why can’t you have a phone that doesn’t allow you get into pornography? Because they want to hook you early. When people are hooked early, the brain specifically is altered in such a way for quick dopamine hits that it destroys essentially the development of a child. And I think a lot of this is particularly done a part of a eugenics movement because if you’re able to over sexualize children very early on, the chances of them having successful marriages and relationships in the future goes down dramatically and is absolutely freaking destroyed. If you’re a eugenicist, you’re trying to get people not to reproduce, not to have babies if you’re a Bill Gates, if you’re Jeffrey Epstein, or if you’re a Rockefeller. Let’s make sure that TikTok or Instagram every time they’re in the suggested feature. Let’s show them the most suggestive sexual deprived behavior possible so we could rot their mind, ruin their ability to co bond while at the same time having very little impulse control. That’s essentially what a lot of young children are going through. And it’s the parent’s fault. Yes, it’s big tech. Yes, it’s social media. But if you’re a parent and you’re giving your child a phone, you doing.

There we go. I think that was excellent, Gary. For a short piece, I thought it packed a lot of punch. That was very good, very instructive, incisive, and powerful. I liked it.

All right, let me find this R1 quick. All right, we’re going to watch a fun one here just for the heck of it. This is a prank clip that I came across. And here it is. Whoops. Here it comes. No thought on this one, I don’t think. What? Michael’s back. It’s kind of here we go. It’s close, bro. It’s close. It it oh, dear. Wait, that’s waiting to get in the game. Wait. Joy. Wait. I can’t do this anymore. Oh, my God. Why did sadistic behavior and that was both moronic and sadistic. So I could have lived without that clip. I’m glad at least the driver figured out what the hell was going on that would have made you that deplorable behavior.

All right. Okay. Our last clip of the night. Joe Rogan. He’s so full of there’s so much evidence that he’s corrupt. Just undeniable evidence of corruption. Hey, guys, I’m off the grid for August, but little known podcaster. Joe Rogan just did something that’s culturally relevant. I just can’t imagine the United States wants President Kamala Harris. I don’t think anybody wants that. Nobody wants made. Maybe some people would prefer that over President Trump, but nobody wants that. Nobody wants President Newsom either. Nobody believes in that guy. That guy’s a con man. I mean, everything he did in California, from trying to mandate vaccines for kids when it was totally unnecessary to being caught out in public without a mask and lying about the fact that he was outdoors, all of just nobody believes in that guy. He’s just a politician, just a stone cold, narrative driven politician. And nobody thinks he’s a real human. Whether you like Trump or not, whether you think he’s corrupt or not, that’s a human being. You know what that guy is. Same thing with RFK Jr. Whether you believe that he’s correct about vaccines or whether you believe his policies would be effective, you know, that’s a human being. With Newsom, you’ve got, like, this construct, this cardboard cutout of a just I don’t think people want that, but they might want it more than they want President Trump. And that’s where we got Joe Biden. We didn’t get Joe biden because Joe biden’s amazing. Joe Biden’s been a goof his whole fucking career. He’s always been a goof. He’s been caught lying so many times. He’s so full of there’s so much evidence that he’s corrupt. Just undeniable evidence of corruption. And the stuff with him and his son and then the guy who just testified that was business partners with Hunter who talked about all the different things that Joe was involved. Yeah, it’s undeniable. The fact that mainstream news is ignoring this, except for right wing media. It’s crazy.

Okay, well, that was very interesting because you can see what makes Joe Rogan so appealing. He’s an ordinary guy, but he’s got great insight. So I like that. Tremendously. Everything he said was spot on.

Yeah. Given is an artificial construct. What are you getting? Who knows? I mean, it’s totally fraudulent. And he’s, of course, 100%. Kamala Harris is an airhead. Anyone thinking that she could handle a responsible position is beyond. She made her way into politics on her back, having an affair with Willie Brown, who is head of the legislature, the most powerful politician in California at the time. Put her on two prominent committees and it was all the way up from there. She’s never had a significant thought in her life. She’s never uttered a memorable sentence unless it was written by someone else and it came out inadvertently. And I think he’s right. On all these other accounts, Biden is always a goof. Remember her? No less than imminence. And Barack Obama said, never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f things up. You got them right, Gary. We’re looking at the consequence even I throw. I think this is not the real Joe. He’s got a different shape and size of skull. He’s got different ears. He’s got a different signature. He might as well be what did they do, a brain transplant? Because this is just as incompetent as the real Biden. Even though I’m convinced this is a fake Biden, but it might as well be the real one. Either way, we’re fucked.

All right, this is the last one. Kathy wanted me to put this one up. This is how you jump start a millennial first thing in the morning. Yeah, very funny. Very funny. I’ve never been big on all these little metallic ornaments, Gary, so, you know, teach their own. But, I mean, Kathy’s got it right. Thanks for really an excellent assortment of videos. I could have done without the trunk popping episode. Yeah, that was just others. I thought the others were excellent. Well chosen.

All right, well, it’s been fun the whole time. Him. And this has been our favorite show, inconvenient Truth number 43. We’ll see you next week. You got it. Bye.

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