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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how In Philadelphia, there’s been a rise in large groups of young people gathering, often leading to violence and crime. A youth advocacy group is trying to help by offering positive activities and mentorship, but they believe the city, police, organizations, and parents all need to work together to solve the problem. Despite these efforts, some argue that poverty and lack of family structure are the root causes of these issues. However, others believe that these are just excuses and that individuals should be held accountable for their actions.
➡ The text talks about three main topics. First, it discusses how parents used to control their kids’ actions and decisions. Second, it talks about Tesla’s recent struggles, with their stock dropping due to lower than expected car deliveries, and the author’s decision to stop investing in Tesla. Lastly, it mentions a massive data breach at AT&T, affecting millions of customers, and suggests that such incidents highlight the growing importance of cybersecurity.
➡ There’s been a big increase in data breaches, with over 3200 in the US in 2023, a 78% rise from the previous year. The latest one involves AT&T, who are now investigating and resetting passcodes. They’ll tell affected users by mail and email, but this could lead to more scams. So, if you’re an AT&T user, keep an eye on your credit and be careful of emails claiming to be from AT&T.


Large gatherings in Philadelphia. Now you know what that means. Who made the term large gatherings popular here on a millionaire morning show? None other than Brandon Johnson. But we not in Chicago today. Chicago, you get a pass again. I’ve been seeing a crime. I thought that I was. I thought that I was off. I said, Chicago ain’t had no crime over Easter weekend. During resurrection weekend, they said, no, Antonio is absolutely a lot of crime.

Shout out to think and throw it. I’m gonna read that super chat shortly. Shout out to Quentin out here in Hawaii. Kiki, getting it to it. Wealth building journey. I love you. I acknowledge you. I’m a really good to that. But for some reason, this term is starting to be used across the United States of America, and they’re calling them large gatherings. Take a look over the. At last few days, there’s been an uptick in young people gathering in large groups in Philadelphia.

And in some cases, things have gotten out of hand. You may have seen the video on social media. Yeah. It’s got a lot of people wondering who is watching the streets. Greg, you tried to get some answers tonight. Yeah. Chris and Sheba. Where these large gatherings tend to happen is right here at Cecil B. Moor in Broad street. Now, we had an opportunity to speak with a youth advocacy group that’s located right here on Broad street, not too far away from where these meetups are happening.

And they say it’s very frustrating to see and hear about these ongoing issues. What we have to do in the city of Philadelphia is do one thing that we don’t want to do. Admit that we have a problem, a problem that Mel Wells, the president and CEO of one day at a time in north Philly, says is the reason videos from Saturday night have been going viral. Large gatherings of young people at Cecil B.

Moore and Broad street near Temple University, leading to violence and gunfire. But this isn’t the first incident. This is video from Friday. Hundreds of teenagers causing problems. And this is video back in February of another gathering that resulted in people’s windshields being smashed and gunshots being fired, all at the same location. You seeing kids that need families, you seeing kids that need homes. And maybe they do have their family, maybe they do have their home, but they need structure.

Wells and his group are trying to help solve the problem by providing youth with positive alternatives and mentorship. But we have a program right inside of temple that temple supports. And so we have a game room. We have flag football. Flag football. Where? It’s at Temple. Actually, it’s literally right across the street from where it happened. You have. Let me tell you something, bro. You can’t negotiate with criminals.

You can’t negotiate with criminals. Family, you think they trying to play flag football? They out there stomping on windshields. You think that that’s gonna stop people from doing what they wanna do? 50 kids that are coming out, God bless them. God bless the people that serve the community that’s trying to help your kids, even though you let them out the house and ain’t got no home training, and you don’t know where they are at night.

You have basketball still at Temple. You have all these safe spaces. Why are we doing that? Because that’s where they can get connected to a mentor. But officials say fixing the issue doesn’t matter. Just start and end with the kids. It takes the city, police, organizations, and most importantly, the parents who the group says they are always trying to work with those who all been affected by the devastation of poverty.

That’s what you see going on right now. It’s always poverty’s fault. You know, I remember when I was growing up and my dad had a thunderbird, and it had, like, three different colors on it. Cause it had one fender that was one color, then it was another fender that was another color, and then the rest of it was burgundy, had three different colors on it. And we didn’t know that we was poor because we thought that we was doing okay, because that’s all we knew, was the neighborhood that we grew up in for some reason, regardless of the fact that we was poor.

Let’s just keep it 100. And my dad, he was ready to buy a new car, and he was working every day. And then he decided not to buy a new car in order to send me and my brother over to private school for two years in middle school because we was getting into the wrong things. The fact of the matter is that we still knew right from wrong, no matter how poor or how rich you are.

Because as we see in the media today, it does not matter how much money you have, you just get into more stuff, and it just enables you to do some of the most wicked things on the face of the earth. Money is not going to give you morality. It’s not going to make you do anything better. It’s going to actually enable you to do things worse. And so it didn’t matter whether we had money or we didn’t have money.

We knew right from wrong, and it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to go out here and start banging over people’s windows just because I was poor. Listen, I seen people dancing in the screen like Diddy just a second ago with a Montclair jacket on. Canada Goose, Tim’s brand new, Tim’s Amiri Jeans, all of the latest fashions, got glasses on that cost more than mine. Diddy bobbin. And it’s always an excuse.

It’s always an excuse. Every single time. It’s an excuse as to why your kids don’t have no home training and they not doing what they supposed to do. Starting to see some of the things that go on in these kids living rooms that’s happening right here now in the streets from that video you actually seen with the young adults. So what we do is try to bring families back together.

Now, we did try to get in contact with the mayor’s office and also the Philadelphia Police Department to get some comment in regards to what they’re looking to do in the future to. To try to prevent this from happening, but we have not heard back from them yet. But the Temple universe, somebody said you had parents. Somebody instilled right and wrong with you, bro. You disconnected. Wait a minute, though.

Wait a minute, though. I thought y’all said that people should be able to do what they want to do, and I should not involve myself with what right and wrong looks like as far as trying to tell y’all how it is that y’all supposed to have family structure. What will prevent your kids from being out here in the streets while you at work at night? Listen, I’m not disconnected.

I’m very connected. I’m very much connected. I know that you opening up your legs to have children with a dude that don’t care nothing about you is going to put you at a disadvantage, and your kid is going to be trying to steal my kids tires off of their car. And so what I’m trying to convince you is maybe you should not have children out of wedlock. Maybe you shouldn’t rob people.

Maybe you should wait till you have resources so that you can then raise your kids the right way. Maybe you should give them a stable household. Maybe you should get yourself together so that you don’t then weaponize the children against the father that you then wind up walking away from when you decide that you want to get a divorce. I don’t understand. Why do I have to be connected to your bad behavior in order to call out what it looks like and to be honest about what the truth is? Why do y’all want somebody to be able to feel your pain before you start to acknowledge the fact that you messed up your children’s lives.

And then why do you always want to hold me accountable instead of holding your parents accountable for what it is that they did to you? You are the recipient of bad parents. It’s not Anton’s fault for calling it out. It’s your parents fault for not doing what it is that I’m saying that I’m calling out. And these are not large gatherings. These are mobs, angry kids mobs. But you’re not gonna get the point until they molly whop you in the head when you’re trying to get home from the movies at night.

The police department did release a statement in regards to the situation. They say a lot of times they tend to have police officers here patrolling this area. They at least have a vehicle here. But they say that they’re going to continue to try to monitor and try to see if there’s other things they can do to prevent this bad behavior from happening. But at the same time, they want to make sure that they are not infringing on the rights of these youth to be able to gather in the first place.

I didn’t know that kids had rights. When the kids start getting rights, rights. Infringing on the rights of the youth. When I was coming up, my mom, my dad and my mom, they say, oh, you don’t get no. You don’t get no say so in here. You eat what I put on the table. You do what I told you to do. You ain’t at the house at the time that I tell you to get into the house.

I show you. Where’s my belt at? I show you your rights. I don’t have my belt on me right now, cuz I got all my joggers. I show you your rights. Rights, opinions. Talk back. Who are you talking to? That was. How was the. Who you talking to? You better lower your voice. Let me call your daddy. Like, oop, my bad. Hey, you ain’t. You ain’t got to call my dad.

We cool, we cool. I don’t want him to leave work because if dad got to miss some time after work, which is the word of overtime was coming. No, I’m good. No, no, no, I’m good. I’m good. No, no, no, I understand. I’m gonna get the dishes done right now. I’m going to get the dishes done right now. You ain’t tell dad, did you? I got the dishes done in record time today, right? Anyways, shout out to Philadelphia for trying to solve for what the parents ain’t doing.

In other news, Tesla misses and her stock is down at least 7%. We got the Tesla numbers. Should we. Yeah. The stocks down 6%. Stocks down. Oh, let’s go. All right. Phil’s got the numbers for us as well. You want to just do that? What do you think, Jim? I want to check, please. Phil, take it away. Give us those Tesla numbers. These are not good, David. That’s why the stock is down.

Deliveries in the first quarter of 387,000 vehicles. Let me put that into some perspective. The FactSet consensus as of Friday, and it had been coming down, was for 457,000 vehicles to be delivered. First quarter of last year, the company delivered 422,000. So this is a year over year decline, the first since 2020 that we’ve seen from Tesla. And in terms of production, the company produced 433,000 vehicles. They do point out the fact that they had the change in the ramp up in production in Fremont as they come up with the new model three Highlanders edition.

They also had the Red Sea issue. Also the issue with production at the Gigafactory in Berlin. Not said by the company, but clearly one of the main factors. Guys, what’s happening in China? And we know what’s happening there as they have lowered their production and we’ve seen the announcements or the reports come out of China, and that clearly has an impact here. That’s why the stock is under the pressure that you’re seeing right now.

Again, 387,000 vehicles delivered in the first quarter. The street was expecting 457. Even some of the bearish analysts were expecting, what? 410. 415. Not 387. Guys, I’ll send it BACk to you. So Tesla stock is down about six to 7%. Some people see this as a buying opportunity. Others, like me, have divested from the stock. A long time ago, I actually been talking about this inside a stock club, my magnificent seven.

I removed Tesla from that, and then I decided to go all in as far as what it was that I was allocating into my Tesla stock from a dollar cost averaging. So dollar cost averaging is basically the amount of money that you have going into a stock every single time that you get paid. Right, or every single month. And, you know, whatever you got, your budget is. I decided to get away from Tesla because, you know, I seen that it was going to go through a little bit of a lull.

I think that ALso inflation matters. I think that most people can’t really afford the vehicles that they have. I think that China is also really putting a lot of pressure on automakers, especially from an electrification perspective. Growth I think is going to be stagnant over the next couple of years. Again, a lot of people see this as a buying opportunity. I think the stock is going down, go down a little bit more and then that.

Most people that then invested in inflated TeSlA stock price wasn’t because of their manufacturing. It was because they looked at it as a technology stock. So we gonna evaluate this a little bit more on Friday and stock club as we reallocate where we want our resources to go inside of our portfolio. Yeah, we gonna break that down. So I think it’s a lot more to this than what’s on the surface.

You can’t go just based off of the analysts. You got to go based off of a lot more than that. And I think that there’s more to mine out. That was in this report that was released that then dragged down a stock. I think it will recover a little bit, but I don’t think that this is the bottom of what it is that you can expect from the Tesla from, from Tesla and other auto manufacturers also.

I think that Tesla has lost its luster, obviously, as a premium brand. I think that once you start to get into huge mass production and multiple different factories, I believe that Tesla ten years ago used to be looked at as, oh, man, you got a Tesla. You know what I’m saying? And then when I decided to get Rita the Porsche cayenne, because I actually like Porsche’s, when I got her to Porsche Cayenne and she was like, oh, no, I think I want another Tesla, I said, no, you don’t know what you want.

We gonna go ahead and get away from that. And then when she got into the cayenne, she was like, oh, yeah, this is way better. I’m glad that you got me this. I think that the premium brand stuff, it kind of lost its luster, you know what I’m saying? It’s no longer like a halo brand that a lot of people can’t get their hands on now. It’s easily be able to get your hands on.

So now the marketing has to change, you know what I’m saying? But we’ll get into that. And then last but not least, at and t had a breach. And then this is what you should know about the breach from at and t tonight, a massive data breach of 73 million current and former at and t customers to tell you about. The company says sensitive data, including Social Security numbers, were exposed.

Users started getting notified over the weekend. CB’s Jolene Kent reports what you can do to protect yourself at and t now doing damage control after revealing that the personal data of about one in five Americans was stolen and leaked on the dark web two weeks ago. The telecom giant says 7. 6 million current account holders have been impacted along. Was this when everything started slowing down and everybody was like, oh, my God, my phone ain’t working, and stuff like that? Was this a part of that breach? A lot of people look at this and they say, oh, man, you know, what’s going on with at and t the breach? I gotta protect my data.

You know what I look at? I’m like, man, this just shows me that cybersecurity is going to be even bigger going forward. When y’all have y’all kids going to college, or even when you decide to switch over, over into a different profession, look at the industry and look at what the industry is going to need over the next 10, 20, 30 years. That’s the industry that you want to get into.

All right. It may be a little bit more difficult for you to break in. It may be difficult for you to get your feet wet. But I’m telling you, once you get in, you basically rich for life. No matter what happens, right? Regardless of what’s happening on the Internet, no matter what’s happening to my businesses, real estate, whatever, I’ll always be able to go and get a bag from what I got my degree in for what it is that I study, for what it is that I do for a living.

And so I’m not looking at this breach, and I’m saying, oh, my God, this is what happened. I’m looking at it and saying, are y’all making the adjustments to what you think you should go into when it comes to stem fields? Maybe you should put off getting that underwater basket weaving degree. And because I have at and t and I’m not worried about it, maybe you should put off getting that underwater basket weaving degree or going into african american studies, and maybe you should pivot a man.

You know what I’m saying? With more than 65 million former customers among the compromised information, full names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth. Most of that data from 2019 or earlier. If you’ve been affected by this, what’s the first thing you should do? The first thing I would do is make sure that no one is using my Social Security number to open a new account, checking your credit records, and even considering doing a credit freeze, going to each of the three major credit bureaus and say, hey, don’t let anyone open new accounts in my name right now.

I wonder if the scammers in Atlanta got their hands on some of this information. This breach is the latest in a string of high profile hacks. In 2023 alone, there were over 3200 data compromises in the US, a 78% surge compared to the year before. At and t says it’s launched a robust investigation, is resetting passcodes and will notify users affected by mail and email, which creates another opportunity for cyber criminals phishing.

A lot of hackers are going to probably be like, oh, I’m going to start emailing people say, hey, I’m at and t. Please click this link to solve all your security problems. Be careful that there will definitely be bad actors who are trying to exploit people who have been victimized here to maybe victimize them again. So make sure that you guys stay up to date on what’s going on with your credit, especially if you have at and t.

I got at and t. I’m not tripping about it. You know, I don’t really care like that. .

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