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➡ Dr. Steve Turley talks bout Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, a huge investment company, is pushing for more environmental and social responsibility in businesses. This is causing some people to get upset and take action against Blackrock. The company is also accused of using insider trading information to influence politicians. This has led to a lot of controversy and debate about the company’s practices.


Larry and Ken, I think we agree. How do you force change, though? I mean, Larry Blackrock has really been the forefront of the ESG movement within corporate governance and a real leader. And yet change is so slow. So what is? And Ken as well. How do you force change when it is so incremental and so gradual? How do you do something more radical? Have you thought about that? Has the board of American Express thought about more radical things we could do to enhance diversity and inclusion? If we are not a mirror of who our clients are, we’re going to fail.

And so here’s a big issue. 55% of all wallets are managed by women. I actually believe we are going to have to have 55% of our citizens to be female because we’re going to be a mirror of our clients. If the african american population of America is 16. 2, I expect one day we to be closer to 16. 2. And on and on and on. That admission that you just heard, that admission from Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, that they were going to be pushing ESG initiatives all throughout their company, not only just got leaked out, but now that admission is forcing state legislatures to, to take action against Blackrock.

Wait until you see the latest blowback against this woke nonsense. It’s going to absolutely make your day. Hey gang, it’s me, doctor Steve, your patron professor, here to help you stay sane during these insane times. So make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button and let’s dive right in. The trillion dollar asset manager Blackrock, and particularly its CEO Larry Fink, are on the hot seat today. As you just heard, comments made by think back in 2017 regarding their ESG initiatives are making ways right now among conservatives and are now even causing red states to take action against the investment giant.

ESG stands for environmental and social governance policies, which is functioning very much like a social credit system comparable to the chinese system. And it’s being imposed on businesses by companies like BlackRock. And basically what they do is they, in effect, blackmail other businesses into adopting similar ESG standards in their companies or Blackrock won’t invest in them. I mean, it’s very pernicious when you got a trillion dollar company seeing it as their mission to impose ESG not on just their own personnel, but on all of the innumerable companies they’re investing in.

That’s pretty outrageous. And the reason why our federal government is doing absolutely nothing to stop this, it doesn’t matter if Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter. The reason no one is doing anything about this is because they’re all in cahoots with it. Now we learn that from James O’Keeffe’s bombshell hidden video exposing the inner workings of Blackrock some weeks back. According to this employee called on hidden camera, who can basically buy a politician for as little as $10,000.

Moreover, this guy revealed that one of the primary ways Blackrock buys off politicians is through insider trading information. Surprise, surprise, right? We’ve talked about this before. There’s a little known trading secret among the insiders, as it were. You always track what corporate CEO’s are doing with their own company stock. That’s the key. So if a CEO is buying up a bunch of his own company stock, that means he likely just had a board meeting that produced numbers for an amazing sales quarter.

Right? So their stock is going to surge as soon as they report those numbers. And so the CEO is positioning himself to profit from that future surge. But of course it works the other way. If we see these CEO’s dumping their company stock, then, you know, they had a bad quarter and they’re bailing out before their stock tanks once word gets out. And by the way, you may not know this, but you and I actually have access to that very same inside information.

It’s actually found on a little known SeC database where we can see what and when these CEO’s are buying up in real time. And then we get to piggyback on their trades to gain the same advantage for ourselves. Gang, that’s why you have got to click on that link below and sign up for a free training with me and my good friend Ross Givens. You’ve seen Ross many times on this channel.

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Register today and I’ll see you tomorrow for an event that promises to change your life. So in a nutshell, that’s why federal politicians simply aren’t doing anything about this. They’re in cahoots with it. But we do have state legislators, particularly red state legislatures, rising up and standing up in the gap. It’s being widely reported that the state of Mississippi has issued a cease and desist letter to BlackRock alleging that the firm has committed fraud by misleading investors in its ESG initiatives.

This is amazing. The Mississippi secretary of state delivered the order and a notice of intent to impose a multimillion dollar penalty on BlackRock, which would be the first of its in terms of penalizing firms, penalizing them for the DEI initiatives. Now, the concern here, of course, is that investors should be made aware that BlackRock is basically engaged in blatant partisan politicking. In other words, look, if you want to be a de facto surrogate of the Democrat party, go ahead.

But you got to let your investors know that that’s who you are and that’s what you’re doing, because I can assure you, many of them will not want to be investing with you. Now, what’s so interesting here is that Mississippi is actually joining another state, Tennessee, which is also officially suing Blackrock in a first of its kind ESG lawsuit. Tennessee Republican Attorney General Jonathan Scum Eddy filed the lawsuit charging that BlackRock has, quote, been on the forefront of using aggressive strategies to push controversial environmental, social, and governance goals across the assets it manages.

So just like Mississippi, Tennessee officials are stating that BlackRock has a responsibility to inform their investors on how their money is being managed, especially in terms of how it’s being managed to further far left ideological agendas. And according to Tennessee officials, BlackRock, it’s actually been rather deceiving when it comes to their commitment to pushing ESG and DEI initiatives. So this is gonna be really fascinating to watch in terms of how the Mississippi and Tennessee cases develop.

But what they both indicate is a rising red state backlash against all things woke. One of the themes we talk about a lot on this channel is the notion of sanctuary states, red states that put up legal and administrative barriers, literally walls between their citizens and all things Washington and woke. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. So good on both Mississippi and Tennessee officials for standing up for their citizens and for conservative values in our country.

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  • This Blackrock is like the federal reserve, they make it sound legal when it’s all lies, lies, and bigger lies, until people get discernment and accountability to Mack other people accountable it will continue.

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