White Men Need Not Apply: Food Service Giant Faces Discrimination Lawsuit

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A former employee of Compass Group USA Inc., a major food service corporation, is taking legal action against the company in federal court after being fired for refusing to participate in a program that allegedly promoted discrimination against white male employees.

The lawsuit was filed by Courtney Rogers, who worked from her home office in San Diego, California.

Compass Group USA Inc. is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based company with over 280,000 employees and reported revenues of $20.1 billion in 2019.

As one of the world’s largest employers, it serves high-profile clients such as Dodger Stadium, San Francisco International Airport, Uber, Snapchat, Netflix, Disney Studios, and NBC Universal.

The company has gained recognition for its commitment to diversity, making it to the Forbes list of Best Employers for Diversity from 2018 to 2022.

Its parent company, Compass Group PLC, is based in the U.K. and reported $32.2 billion in revenue in 2019.

Ms. Rogers was hired as a “Recruiter, Internal Mobility Team” in August 2021, responsible for handling internal promotions, which involved posting job listings, reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and other related tasks.

In March 2022, Compass implemented a program called “Operation Equity,” which was promoted as a diversity initiative offering special training, mentorship, and guaranteed promotions to qualified employees upon completion.

However, the lawsuit alleges that this program was discriminatory as it excluded white men from participation and the associated benefits.

According to the legal complaint filed under Rogers v. Compass Group USA Inc., the program’s true nature was concealed by naming it “Operation Equity,” when it should be more aptly referred to as the “White-Men-Need-Not-Apply” program.

The lawsuit claims that this kind of program is unlawful and reflects animosity against white men.

Ms. Rogers reportedly informed management about comments made by high-level employees supporting the program’s discriminatory nature.

Despite her ethical concerns and objections, she was assured by management that she could be exempted from participating without facing retaliation.

In November 2022, however, Ms. Rogers was terminated after she refused to participate in the program, despite receiving positive feedback on her job performance.

The reason cited for her termination was “failure to perform job duties,” according to the legal complaint.

Represented by attorney Robert Weisenburger of LiMandri and Jonna in Rancho Santa Fe, California, Ms. Rogers claims religious discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

She also alleges wrongful termination.

As a devout Christian, Ms. Rogers’ beliefs advocate for the equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of race or color.

The company fired her “for objecting to discrimination,” Weisenburger said.

What a crazy concept.

Her objection to participating in a discriminatory program is rooted in her ethical convictions, as she believes such actions violate federal and state laws prohibiting race and sex discrimination.

Seeking financial compensatory damages for discrimination and retaliation, Ms. Rogers also requests a court order mandating that Compass Group’s senior management in human resources undergo Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Fair Treatment training.

This measure aims to ensure the company avoids discriminatory practices and retaliation against employees in the future.

The legal battle against Compass Group USA Inc. is another important example of upholding fair and equitable treatment within the workplace, regardless of an individual’s race or gender.

The outcome of this case may have implications for corporate policies and practices, reinforcing the significance of adhering to anti-discrimination laws.

Eradicating workplace discrimination is an essential step towards building a fair and just society that values all individuals equally, regardless of race, religion, or creed.

By taking a firm stance against discrimination, corporations could play a pivotal role in fostering positive societal changes and promoting equality for all.

Unfortunately, they will have to be forced by law to do so.

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