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➡ Jim Fetzer talks about how the pro-Trump Prime Minister of Slovakia, who opposed the WHO global pandemic accord and ended military aid to Ukraine, was shot multiple times in public but is expected to survive. The suspected shooter is a 71-year-old left-wing activist. The incident has sparked discussions about political tensions, with some suggesting it’s part of a larger global conflict involving differing ideologies and power struggles.
➡ The Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, suggests that the ongoing conflict could last ten years, which some believe is a signal of his determination to achieve his goals. The speaker questions the motives behind the conflict, suggesting it’s an attempt to rid Israel of its Arabs, a claim that many are hesitant to admit due to its implications. The speaker also questions the actions of other major powers in the region, such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and their potential influence on the situation. Lastly, the speaker criticizes the U.S. for its perceived double standards in assessing Israel’s compliance with international law, suggesting that the U.S. holds Israel to a lower standard than other countries.
➡ The International Criminal Court (ICC) is considering issuing arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defense Minister Galant, accusing them of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This move is supported by the Biden administration. However, Israel and the United States do not recognize the ICC’s jurisdiction over their military and political actions. The situation has sparked debates about the influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in U.S. politics and the role of dual Israeli-American citizens.
➡ The Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022 allows non-US citizens residing in the District of Columbia to vote in local elections, but not federal ones. In 2023, the DC Council expanded the definition of a qualified voter to include non-citizen residents, including undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz has called for investigations into whether foreign actors are promoting unrest within the US, including recent protests over the war in Gaza. He cited a report alleging connections between the protests and the Chinese Communist Party, and urged the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate these activist groups.
➡ The article discusses concerns about the actions of Congress and the impact on the nation. It also details a violent incident at UCLA involving Zionist agitators attacking anti-genocide student protesters, with no arrests made despite evidence and identification of some attackers. The article further reveals the involvement of various individuals and groups in the incident, including an Israeli counterterrorism analyst and a private security firm. Lastly, it mentions ongoing protests on college campuses against the genocide in Gaza.
➡ The text discusses the ongoing conflict and tension between Israel and Palestine, with a focus on the influence of Zionism and the role of protests, particularly on American college campuses. It suggests that the current political stance of the Republicans could lead to their downfall, and that a shift in allegiance from the Democrats could be a smart political move. The text also challenges common perceptions about Adolf Hitler and his relationship with Jewish military leaders. The discussion ends with a call to share the information widely to increase awareness.


And welcome back, folks, to Monday, May 20, 2020. Four’s edition of Truth versus News. And one edition has been we’ve shown a lot of false things that the news is saying, and it looks like America is really going downward. We’re going to be turning into a leprechaun, even being rejected by the rest of the world that has standards much better than ours, it looks like. Isn’t that right? I guess I’ll let you lead on, Jim. Nice metaphor, Scott. Is introduced of America’s a future labor colony, rather disturbing and provocative. Meanwhile, the pro Trump conservative slovakian PM was shot multiple times in public.

He’d stood up against the Ukraine war and opposed the WHO global pandemic accord. Two prime suspects in the attempted assassination. According to your reports, he was alive, transported by helicopter to a hospital in Bratislavia. Here’s a video of him being dragged. You can see him right here being dragged to his car. Gateway pundit learned from a friend in Europe he’s wounded but expected to live here. We have more about it. Only days after he formally and publicly rejected the WHO global pandemic accord, he was appointed. After he was appointed, PM of Slovakia immediately ended military aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, he was a thorn in the side of ukrainian funding and EU NATO admission and the WHO pandemic treaty and an avid supporter of slovakian sovereignty. Yesterday, this was then a lone gunman attempted to assassinate the pro Trump prime minister of Slovakia, Fico has reported in critical but stable condition after five shots fired at point blank range. AP cited unconfirmed media reports that it was a 71 year old retiree and amateur poet who shot him. They suggested his name was George Santula, a left wing activist, member of the movement against Violence. How’s that for irony? A member of the movement against pirates who shot him at five times.

A video, Shapiro said show up, beat up Sentella giving a brief statement. This would be the suspect here. Meanwhile, Fico had become the chairman of the smear party in 1999, described as left populist, noting Fico has been compared to right wing politicians like Victor Orban of Hungary, who might greatly admire. ABC reported his return to power caused concern among his critics that he and his party, long tainted with scandal, would lead Slovakia away from its pro western course. Probably a good idea. He vowed to pursue a sovereign foreign policy and promised a tough stance against migration and NgO’s and campaigned against LGBTQ blood.

Right? Sounds like my kind of guy. Well, Viko is opposed to gay marriage, currently recognizing Slovakia, but not against. Not recognizing Slovakia but not against the law. The extent of his LGBTQ policy seemed to focus on stopping the promotion of sexual ideology in schools. The outlet France 24 quoted a social media post where he said 73 genders sick, convert twelve year old girls to boys sick. France 24 even goes so far as citing actions taken by Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis allegation that he created a criminal group and misuse of power eventually dropped. Sounds strikingly similar to Trump’s Ricoh charges in Fulton county challenging the results of a corrupt election.

How interesting is that? Meanwhile, anti reports Robert Paco expected to survive while he was shot multiple times. He’s expected to survive. I guess in the end he will survive, said the deputy prime minister, Thomas Tavara. He’s not in a life threatening situation at the moment. Earlier, the defense minister, Robert Collina, spoke with reporters at the hospital where he was being treated and said he was fighting for his life and underwent three and a half hours of surgery. Pico, who’s 79 years old, was shot greeting a crowd. The interior minister said a 71 year old man detained for the shooting in that the initial investigation found a clear political motive.

Pico and his smear SD Bardi won election last year campaign on platform against military aid to Ukraine in opposition to the NATO proxy war against Russia. When he took office, he fulfilled his plans to have military aid to Ukraine and blocked in armed package approved by the previous government. Slovakia previously sent Ukraine Soviet made MiG 29 fighters, making it the second country after Poland to provide war planes. Fico has also been critical of other NATO countries signing bilateral security deals with Ukraine and discussing the ideas of sending their troops. We see huge security risks in the bilateral agreements that are likely to be conducted with NATO and EU members that want to send their troops to Ukraine.

Scott, your thoughts? Well, the same opposition to the lgbt rights that Fico demonstrated, it was the same that Yanukovych demonstrated the ukrainian president before he was overthrown in 2014. People really need to understand this lgbt rights agenda is the tip of the spear of the globalist, leftist, zionist talmudist agenda. It breaks up the family, it causes insanity in the individual, and it leads to the annihilation death of white, caucasian western people because that’s who is pushing it, implementing it. America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, not Africa. Africa’s kicked the United States out because it doesn’t want a part of this.

Ukraine rejected it, and of course they did. The coup d’etat. Middle eastern countries reject it, Asia rejects it. So the only nation that pushes this sexual insanity is the United States. And of course, the israeli talmudist masters and their puppets in the EU. So, you know, Fico, the slovakian president, represents, I think, the majority of the sentiments of the european people. The elites are going to be coming into an increased hostility stage. But look at also what’s happened in the last two weeks. You’ve got the attempted assassination of Fico, Slovakia. Then you’ve got a homosexual, transgender person in Texas running over a man, killing him, then stabbing him nine times as this transgender black person with a blonde wig straddles over his corpse and kisses him, and he was arrested.

Then you’ve got this death of Raisi and others. There’s just some strange things that are happening in the ether. But again, I think this is drawing signs, this is drawing lines. And all of the sentimental, traditional, religious, family oriented people in the world are departing from the side of the United States and going towards Russia and these conservative value countries. And it’s got nothing to do with government. It’s got every. Everything to do with the long term survival of the species. And like California, men and marriage and families have a difficult time in California because it’s so hostile towards men in general.

So that’s one of the reasons California has lost a lot of its traditional people. But I think the same thing’s coming to Europe. Jim. Brian? Well, Alex Jones and slovakian reporters are saying that the shooter did not act alone, meaning that they’re indicating that conspiracy is afoot under this situation. Meanwhile, your mainstream media all across Europe is applauding the assassination attempt and hoping to God he doesn’t come back stronger than ever, because like we said, he was a big opponent of the World Health Organization’s plans to take over the world, and he got less than a week ago, he made a big speech about it.

He’s a powerful member inside NATO, carries a lot of influence, and the mainstream media and the usual suspects want him dead. So again, multiple assassination attempts seem to be taking place. We’ve got the iranian, just like Scott mentioned and others. What are they afraid of? They’re afraid of the resistance. They’re afraid, I’m telling you, that the new world order is behind this. The same people that run, that pull the screws are shutting down all of the dissenting voices that come from the high levels of the political class that don’t fall in line. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign, but I can tell you somebody seems very, very nervous, because I suspect that this World Health Organization next pandemic provision rollout will be even more draconian than before.

And if you take a look again at what’s happening in China, people, look, I’m not saying that they’re against communism, but they’re for democracy. And the reason that they’re for democracy more than ever before right now is because of those heavy handed Covid restrictions that ended in the destruction of people’s lives in fires because they were literally welded inside their buildings, they weren’t allowed to go out. And that’s what the chinese people are seeing. They’re seeing that the communist party, the corruption has allowed the flooding to take place. It’s allowing fires. Bad things are happening. A three year old boy died in the arms of his father after he was literally locked inside of his apartment and the child didn’t get medical help.

And that’s what’s going on in China. You’ve got a cry out from the populace finally. I expected it to happen years ago, but it’s starting to finally happen. And over in Europe, of course, your mainstream people aren’t letting the mainstream media tell them what to think anymore. And that’s really seems to be the new trend right now. So I expect that it’s going to have large, ongoing ramifications in terms of how the world votes in the next election, assuming that the powers that be haven’t been able to fix them, them all. Wow. Fascinating. Clearly a good man.

We’ll hear more from him in the future, no doubt. Prime Minister Netanyahu over the weekend told an israeli news outlet when he was asked how long the war could take, he said he thought it could take ten years. Is that realistic or is that how long he wants to stay in power? Well, the power question I can’t answer. I’m sure he’d be happy to be appointed for life, but I don’t think it’s a matter of can it last that long? I think it’s more along the lines of signaling to everyone that he’s not going to stop until he’s comfortable that he’s achieved his goals and aims.

And I still don’t think anyone has been straightforward about those aims. This has nothing to do with what happened on the 7 October. The 7 October was horrific, although again, lots of people like me question just how it occurred and how it came about because of the extraordinarily good surveillance and security that is normally around Gaza. One wonders why they put this music festival in such close proximity to a place that was clearly not reinforced with israeli defense forces. They had a minimum of ready deployable forces in the region. Why would you do that. So I think there are lots of questions that to be answered on that score.

I simply think that what happened on the 7 October was used to justify something that the Israelis have wanted to do for years, which is to complete what they started in 48 and what continued to some extent in 56 and later on in the sixties, which is to completely rid itself or rid Israel of its Arabs. That’s what this is about. I don’t understand why nobody will simply step forward and admit that. I guess if you do, then you have to admit that what is happening is mass murder and expulsion. And people who are friends of Israel don’t want to say that.

Well, I was always a friend of Israel, too, but I’m willing to say it because that’s the only way I can characterize it. Well, colonel, you’re evidentiary, you have an international reputation for intellectual honesty. You’re not a politician. You’re a military retired, senior military person who appears on these programs to analyze things. Most people do not have that level of integrity. But I mean, is it realistic that the Israelis can achieve their goal, the elimination of Hamas, the elimination of Hezbollah, and from the river to the sea? Well, that depends less on us and more on the people that live in the region.

Again, and I’ve said this before, you have this axis of resistance, as it’s called, that includes very well armed and disciplined militias in Iraq, Hezbollah, obviously, as well as the hoodies. But these are absolutely without question, not enough. These are not going to be enough to destroy the threat that Israel now presents to Islam and the people of Islam that live in the middle east, or for that matter, anybody that stands in their way. So I think the question has to be submitted to General Sisi in Egypt, to King Abdullah in Jordan, to the Saudis, to the Emirates, to the Turks and Mister Erdogan, as well as to Iran.

Those are the major powers. Those are the principal actors. What are they going to do? Right now in Egypt, there are people that actually believe the International Court of justice has real influence and power. You and I both know they have no power. And so there are many Egyptians that are saying, well, at last we see movement. No, there’s no movement. And the Egyptians are the ones with a force. It may not be the best force in the region, but it’s numerous enough, large enough that it could do an enormous damage if it chose to do so.

And thus far, the Egyptians have sat on their haunches. The same thing is true in Jordan and the arabian states. Question is, what will the Turks do? They’re historically the leaders of Sunni Islam. They still see themselves in those terms. What are they doing? I don’t know. Is the axis, does the axis of resistance have a central control or command? Is it coordinated? I think there’s a certain amount of harmonization that goes on. I think it would be a stretch to suggest that there is any one person or one body anywhere in the region that controls everything.

I know that’s something the Israelis like to impute to the government in Tehran, but I’m not sure that’s justified. I think that they communicate with each other. They try to orchestrate their actions to the extent that they’re able. But beyond that, no. And again, this is the issue. Where is the leadership? I mean, it’s sort of imagine landing at Normandy in France in 1944 and no one’s in charge. You have british armies, canadian armies, american armies, French, Poles and others who are with you. And everyone has their own agenda. Everyone is operating independently, although they periodically communicate.

You’re not going to get very far, prime minister. I think that’s very, very thoughtful. Between Judge Napolitano and Colonel McGregor, meanwhile, as responsible statecraft reports, only our enemies commit war crimes. A Hap report highlights a double standard us officials use for Israel unmit the press Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken struck back at claims the us officials that Israel dodge american laws regarding weapon transfers. We don’t have double standard, Blinken said. We treat Israel one of our closest allies and partners, just as we would any other country, including in assessing something like international humanitarian law and its compliance with that law.

Of course we do. Luckily for observers, Lincoln left a substantial public record against which one can test that claim. His own department statements and actions undercut the alleged impartiality. Indeed, all available evidence indicates US holds Israel to a far lower standard than any other country. Take the State Department’s long awaited report on Israel’s compliance with international law and Gaza, which came out late last week. The administration found Israel had likely used us weapons to commit war crimes, but said there wasn’t enough evidence to draw clear conclusions about specific incidents. The upshot is, from the Biden admin perspective, there’s no legal reason to cut off us arm transfer to Israel at this time.

In Blinken’s telling, any more forceful conclusion would have been impossible given the incredibly complex military environment at Gaza. It’s very, very difficult in the heat of war to make a definitive assessment about any individual in center. But that very, very difficult operating environment didn’t stop the state from drawing conclusion about Hamas action in the very same report in a three page defense of Israel’s campaign, a feature not present in similar reports on other nations. Us officials found with great clarity that Hamas uses human shields, that Hamas intentionally targets civilians, and that Hamas consistently violates the laws of war.

Observers will have to conclude the us has somehow attained more definitive inside information about a mosque, the newsrail, one of american closest military partners. This is in part why an independent panel of legal expert and former officials said the report was at best incomplete, at worst intentionally misleading in defense of acts and behaviors that likely violate international humanitarian law. Once again, the Biden admin has stared the facts in the face and then pulled the curtain down, said the panel, which include two former senior officials at stake. Meanwhile, they’re seeking to eliminate any journalistic coverage. Banned Al Jazeera gets shut down in Israel just as israeli forces move into Rafael is Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgio Maloney out to turn state owned television into state controlled television? And halfway through India’s six week long election process, we examine the narratives both in the mainstream media and on the social side.

This past week offered a brief moment of hope for the approximately 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Rafa, supposedly the last safe space for civilians in Gaza. Hamas had accepted the terms of a ceasefire agreement. It looked like lives would be saved. But on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the proposal fell short of Israel’s key demands. And now an assault on Rafa is underway. Coinciding with all of this has been the closure of Al Jazeeras news operation in Israel. Our news coverage, tv broadcasts, and website are all blocked there. That measure may shield Israelis, at least temporarily, from the horrors that are being inflicted on Rafa, but it will not stop this network from covering the story.

What it does signal to the world, though, and the Netanyahu governments allies abroad, is that Israel’s so called democracy is not what it’s cracked up to be. The Israelis are trying to sort of portray this, kind of like an endgame, that this is sort of the last bastion city in the Gaza Strip, where they’re claiming that the military operation is not complete until the army goes in with troops to what they describe as dismantling Hamas remaining infrastructure. The reality and practice of this is that Rafah is right now the only hub for palestinian life and society and refuge for people who’ve been displaced for the past seven months from the northern strip all the way down to the south.

Rafa was supposed to be the red line that Israel would not cross. Its forces have corralled around 1.5 million Palestinians there, more than half the surviving population. After seven months of punishing civilians with bombs and bullets, you can add another betrayal to the mix. Having advised those civilians to take refuge there, the Netanyahu government now calls Rafa the last stronghold of Hamas. And within a day of rejecting a ceasefire that Hamas had agreed to that would have freed every remaining israeli hostage, Netanyahu sent in the troops for reasons that may be far more political than strategic.

So his desire to continue this genocide is both because he’s genocidal, but also because he is a survivalist and he wants to make sure that he remains in office. The bigger issue is that it seems to be that there are no red lines. Back in March, we heard President Biden say there’s red lines that if he crosses, he cannot have 30,000 more Palestinians dead. And then he very quickly backtracked from that. They’ve made a mockery out of the international legal system as we know it. They’ve made a mockery out of the genocide convention. And the fact that Netanyahu continues to be able to do whatever he wants to do just shows you how genocidal he is and how genocidal the United States is as well.

Of the four interviews in this piece, you will notice that only one of them is via webcam, the one we did in Israel. We had no choice, given that on the eve of going into Rafa, the Netanyahu government banned al Jazeera from the israeli airwaves and from reporting from there. In announcing the police raids on al Jazeera’s offices, Israel’s communications minister called the network a threat to israeli security because it broadcasts statements issued by Hamas. What Al Jazeera really is, is a clear and ever present danger to the israeli narrative. It has, and that’s, of course, because it broadcasts the truth.

Meanwhile, the ICC seeks arrest warrant for Netanyahu and Galant. The International Criminal Court chief prosecutor will seek arrest warrants for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense Minister Galant, as well as from mosque leaders Monday. That would be today. The charges against Netanyahu and Galat will include causing extermination, causing starvation as a method of war, including the denial of humanitarian relief supplies, and deliberately targeting civilians in conflict, Kerem Khan told CNN’s Christian Manapur. Charged against Hamas terrorist leader in Gaza, Ya Sinwar, Chief Ismail Hania, and Alquis, and brigade armed wing head Dartmouth deep will include extermination, burger taking all hostages, rape and sexual assault, and detention.

In a statement, public following the CNN interview Karns office said he had reasonable grounds to believe net Yahoo and gallant bear criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed since October 8, 2023, the day after Hamas terrorists allegedly massacred 1200 people, mostly civilians. However, the independent judges of the International Criminal Court are the sole arbiters as to whether the necessary standard for the issuance of warrants of arrest has been met. A battle of three justices from the ICC pre trial division will now consider Khan’s application for the arrest warrants. If the court in the hug green lights a warrants, it would constitute an unprecedented anti semitic hate crime that Yahoo warned last month after report service of Khan’s intentions.

The possibility that they will issue arrest warrants for war crimes against IDF commanders and government leaders is a scandal of historical magnitude, stated the PM. 80 years after the Holocaust, of course, the international bodies established with a goal of preventing another holocaust are considering denying the jewish state its right to defend itself. Hear the violence playing Yahoo noted. This marked the first time a democratic country, except it isnt committed to international law, except its not is defending itself from accusation of war crimes while at the same time facing existential threats. The Palestinian Authority has declared its acceptance of ICC jurisdiction over alleged crime committed by Israel.

However, Jerusalem in the United States, I would add, do not recognize of course, jurisdiction over its military and political actions. In the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria Khan served as the ICC chip prosecutors in February 2021, when elected with support of the United States, the ICC would not be considering issuing arrest warrants without the approval of the Biden admin. Israeli media reported in late April, citing senior sources associated with the court. Scott, your thoughts? Well, I wouldn’t agree with the court seeking us approval or discussions for arrest warrants. I think this is a monster that’s outgrown the United States.

The United States created the International Criminal court, among others, but yet never accepted jurisdiction, never accepted its authority. Palestinians have. The Palestinian Authority accepted the International Criminal court, and I believe probably the Israelis did too. I’m not entirely sure, but I know Netanyahu is protesting it, screaming like a stuck pig and saying that they will fight it in every way. But I think what this really does is it compels every country that is a member of the International Criminal court to issue arrest warrants so that if any israeli minister, politician, military person listed on the warrants winds up in a country that is, that is subject to the jurisdiction and they flag the individual, they can be arrested, they will be arrested and this could apply to the United States.

I’ve said before the arrest warrants and the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, what they do is allow the rest of the world to turn away from the United States. They allow the rest of the world under compulsion to say, don’t come to our country or else your leader or your person is going to be arrested. This isolates the United States. It isolates Israel. And the fury and the hubris of Israel is only going to continue. They’re not going to let up. Netanyahu’s agenda is clear. Complete annihilation of everything in Gaza so that Jared Kushner can go in and build condominiums, as he’s speculated before.

And I think this is, this is something that’s going to end bad for everyone except the rest of the world. This is quickening them to turn away from the United States and using the International Criminal court as a convenient excuse. Jim. Brian, the fundamental problem here from an american perspective is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or the AIPAC, which is the largest lobby in Washington, is my understanding, in terms of the number of people who accept money from them. They’re not registered as a foreign agent. Their conferences have the finest in terms of prime ministers, presidents, secretaries of state, leaders of Congress and others.

Chucky Schumer is one of their best friends, and he runs all hundred senators in terms of. He’s the majority speaker for the senators. AIPAC is one of the largest lobbies in America. They’re not registered as a foreign agent, which they ought to do. America continues to allow dual israeli american citizens to operate with impunity, where people ought to be selecting one or the other and then swear a loyalty oath to one or the other. But we have all these guys operating in the middle, and because they’re operating in the middle, they’re able to take money from the synagogues as well as from the AIPAC.

That’s the pressure that controls Congress in terms of anybody who speaks out against Israel will be basically bully, whipped into submission. And they’ve shown this over and over again, dating all the way back to 1985, where the top foreign affairs committee guy, I think his name was Chuck Bertrand or something like that, this goes way back, started speaking in terms of America first, Israel second, and they had him boosted from his position on the. On the foreign intelligence, on the foreign affairs committee. So they wield a tremendous amount of power and they wield a tremendous amount of dual mindedness in terms of who are we really here to deal with, are we really here to take America first, or are we really here to do Israel first.

This is the fundamental problem that we have, and of course, we’re not a signer on the international criminal courts. So even if they do accept the indictment as recommended against Netanyahu, neither is Israel. All it’s going to do is lock Netanyahu into a place where he can’t travel to any of the nations where they are signatories on the international criminal court. They’ll never arrest him. In America. You can see why every politician speaks out pro Israel everywhere all the time, and so does the mainstream media. But of course, symbolically, it will be a significant gesture to have occurred, and I certainly applaud it.

Meanwhile, get this Washington, DC is training how to get illegal immigrants registered to vote in local elections Judicial Watch announced it received 13 pages of records in response to a FOIA request from the District of Columbia. Explain to illegals and other non citizens how they can register to vote in local elections. The records came in response in April 12, 2024. FOIA request for one, material presented or provided at the train two, communication advertising promoting the train and three, material provided participant attendees after training on April 10, 2024, DC held a training event entitled non citizen Voting Education Virtual Training, in which DC announced non citizen voting would begin in 2024.

The PowerPoint explains non us citizen residents of the District of Columbia can vote in local elections under the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment act of 2022, non us citizen residents can vote in district elections for offices of mayor, attorney general, chairman or members of the DC council, members of the state Board of Education, really district or advisory neighborhood commissioner. Non us citizens cannot vote for federal offices. Register to vote in DC. As a non citizen, you must be at least 17 years old 18 by the next election, meaning residency in the DC for at least 30 days prior to the election in which you intend to vote.

Not claim voting residents or the right to vote in any other state, territory or country, nor have been found by a court to be legally incompetent. To vote, you must provide proof of your address in DC at an early vote center prior to election day or at the bullying place assigned to your address on election day. In 2023, the DC Council amended the DC election code of 1955 to expand the definition of the term qualified elector to include otherwise eligible non citizen residents, including illegal aliens. DZ law went a step further, though, by extending the franchise to undocumented immigrants.

The district sanction was opposed by congressional republicans, but they could not override the measure. Illegal aliens are not a citizen should not vote in any elections. Judicial what President Tom Fitton said that Congress allows the votes of citizen to be legally stolen by illegal aliens in our nation’s capital is inexcusable. Meanwhile, and this merely makes me wonder whether our government is run by morons, Senator Cruz urged DOJ FBI to investigate whether foreign adversaries are behind the Gaza war protests in the US, as though protesting genocide were not an appropriate, rightful thing for an american citizen to do.

Senator Ted Cruz has gone for us federal authorities to investigate whether foreign actors are promoting contentions within the US, including recent protests over the war in Gaza taking place on us college campuses and other venues around the country. During a Wednesday episode of his personal podcast the Verdict, Cruz noted a recent report by Network Contagion Research Institute alleging connection between the shutdown for Palestine movement and the Chinese Communist Party. The NCRI report specifically alleged that convener organizations that form the SID for protest movement, people’s Forum, the International People’s assembly and Answer coalition, serve as the conduit.

Through it, CCP affiliated entities have effectively co opted pro palestinian activism in the US, advancing a broader anti american, anti democratic, an anti capitalist agenda. If you look at this report from NCRI details how China is spending millions, upwards of potentially 100 million funding these protests occurring on campuses, shutting down bridges, shutting down airports, Mister Cruz said. And you might think, okay, what does China carry about a mosque? What does China care about Israel? And the truth of the matter is they don’t. But they care about America. They care about tearing our country apart. They care about chaos and bohemian dissent and dissension that paralyzes our country.

During the podcast, Cruz also noted recent article by the New York Post alleging ties between Manolo delos Santos, a 35 year old New York based activist involved in recent Pole palestinian activism and Cuba. Mister Delos Santos was born in the Dominican Republic and now works with a people’s forum. The NCRI report also states sub western intelligence assessments indicate Samadon, an organization that has endorsed Sid four P, is connected to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The us government is designated as a foreign terrorist organization. The german government bans Samadhin from operating in the country in October.

The NCRI report derives its claims that Samadun may be linked to PFLP from a November article in the german newspaper Deutsche well, which itself cites unnamed intelligent sources for the alleged Popular Front for liberation of Palestine connection. NTD News reached out Zamadun for comment on these allegations, but received no response by press time. The group did, however, publish the statement criticizing the german government decision to ban them if the german chancellor and his government support the genocidal war on Gaza being carried out as we speak. It can be no surprise that they also seek to criminalize the ability of Palestinians and people of conscience to act against that war, to speak out, to organize and to express support for the palestinian people’s drive and struggle for freedom, justice and liberation, Samidins October statement reads.

Samitin had said in October it was committed to challenging the groom german government’s ban. Cruz and 15 other republican senators signed a letter last week coined on IRS to begin investigating whether various nonprofits involved in organizing protests over the war should lose their tax exempt status on the ground their activities may constitute prohibited support for terrorist organizations. The republican senator took his calls for investigation a step further during his podcast, urging the DOJ to also begin investigating these activist groups. The Department of Justice should be investigating this. The FBI should be investigating this. We’ve got money coming from communist China behind the protests, behind these anti american, anti Israel protests.

We have money coming from organization with close ties to designated terrorist organizations. And so whether it’s Hamas and Hezbollah, whether it’s affiliated allies of theirs, whether it’s Iran pushing this, whether it’s communist China pushing this, the FBI ought to be all over it. NTD News reached out to the syd for B convener for comment, and Mister Cruz called, but they did not respond. Also, Mister de los Santos without a reply. Scott, your thoughts? Well, you know, this paints a very interesting iconic moment, or ironic moment, I should say, of President perfect hypocrisy demonstrated by the west.

Because on this side, you have Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton and a variety of other agents for Israel that are in violation of the 13th Amendment and should lose their american citizenship and should be kicked out of the country because they’re taking eight, they’re taking bribes, they’re taking all sorts of consideration for exercising their political decisions in accordance with Israel, not with the accordance of the constitution of the United States. But what’s most interesting is when Ted Cruz, who I consider just a clown and an idiot among so many other clowns and idiots in Washington, DC, but he is now saying things like, the student protests may be organized by foreign governments, foreign intelligence, you know, Gaza protests, whatever that means.

So essentially, you’re saying it’s a bad thing for a foreign entity to be influencing american college campuses, expressions of protest. Is that your story, Mister Cruz? Miss Blackburn? Miss, I should say miss Marco Rubio. That’s more of an accurate reflection of him and others. Because if that’s your position, then how in the world, unless you’re a complete disgusting hypocrite. Can you be objecting towards Georgia’s law that they just passed, outlawing and demanding the revelation, disclosure of any foreign intelligence, foreign government that is erecting non governmental organizations or anything else, Soros organizations or lobby groups, anything that gives money and tries to influence the domestic politics of a nation? Georgia just passed that law.

They are not going to allow foreign entities to micromanage or fund or lobby laws, policies of their country. And the president of Georgia, born in France, a french citizen too, has vetoed this law passed by the people, passed by their legislature. But that law is going to override her veto because the majority of the people in Georgia as well as all over the world are offended by the United States, which is really the only country that does all of this meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. So all of this is again coming back to haunt the United States and the actions of hypocrisy where Ted Cruz can get up there and like rooster, start crowing about the international criminal court or Gaza protests on college campuses, but yet then threatened with sanctions of the Georgia government or a color revolution, the Georgia government for passing a law designed to expose foreign interference in their political life.

Again, you couldn’t label the United States a greater hypocrite and disgusting schizophrenic when it comes to mental decisions because this, this is going again, it undoes anything that can be applied to the United States as a sane nation. It’s no longer a sane nation with people like Ted Cruz and the others making these sort of conjectures and trying to make laws, Jim, especially when Israel’s influence is so blatant and grotesque and all encompassing. Outrageous. BRIAn well, I imagine Israel is behind a lot of the generation of these non governmental organizations that get all this money to help all these border crossers come on in and destroy this nation.

Meanwhile, this week Byron Donald’s presented, he had to present a bill to, along with Troy Nels, I believe, to try to restrict the government from issuing identification cards to all these illegal immigrants. And you know what those identification cards are going to be used for voting, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, everything else that comes along under the sun. I’m sure they’re going to be given some sort of immigrant id number and allowed to get driver’s licenses as well. But of course, there is still some patriotism left in Congress and so they’re preventing this from taking place. But this is all a step in the wrong direction for anybody who loves their nation and loves their borders.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, it appears every single member of Congress, with the exception of a few, have sold out interest to whatever the winds of change and the winds of disruption are going to be bringing along. It seems like the democrats get more power out of disruption and destruction and there’s more money to flow around to fix problems that they create. Our government is constantly creating problems that need to be fixed and more money needs to be spent. All this debt, all these illegal immigrants. It’s only a matter of time before our culture is completely destroyed and we’re left with nothing but the tatters of hyperinflation to try to use to buy seed and plant crops to feed your family.

You got that? So right Brian. So right. Meanwhile, UCLA attackers exposed guess what? Meet the violent zionist agitators LA police haven’t arrested yet gray zone update a dossier dealing with identities of the zionist hooligans who assaulted UCLA anti genocide student protesters. It was sent to the LA police, but no arrests have been made. The cops still can’t explain why they disappeared for hours while the mob attacks. April 3030 people were injured when a mob of zionist hooligan savagely assaulted the pro ballasty UCLA encampment shortly before midnight. For over 3 hours, local encampment police stood down as a mass thugs assaulted students, journalists, even officers of the law with firework, volley, pepper spray and metal pipes.

Multiple attackers have been identified by community members on social media. To date, there have been no arrests. Zip, zilch, nada, none of pro israeli goons. Here we have a black reporter assaulted by pro israeli supporters. Justify that 30,000 mother efforts. 30,000 counting pro Israel to support her. What an awful thing to say. 30,000 dead. More to go. The gravestone obtained a dossier composed by anonymous sleuths claiming involvement with UCLA student protest, which identifies some of the attack perpetrators. Students emailed the DoC to the UCLA admin and police as well as Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass. It contains detailed information about the identity of those who were filmed carrying out wanton violence.

Los Angeles area police have arrested droves of students protesting Israel’s us backed genocide, accusing over 40 students and journalists of conspiracy to commit burglary for attempting to sit in on school’s ground. How absurd is that? Yet local authorities have made a grand total of zero, zero arrest of the coordinated zionist mob assault against UCLA anti genocide protesters. The LA Times has reported local law enforcement is relying on sophisticated facial recognition to hunt down the attackers. But as the UCLA dossier makes clear, many have already been identified matching their identities with social media profiles. Here are some Lyle S.

Sherian, who uploaded video directly from the scene, was seen assaulting reportedly pro Palestin, demonstrated with a tennis racket in an interview with the New York Times. As Sherian claimed without offering a shred of evidence, he was called a dirty jew and doused in pepper spray. That made me start breaking down their barricades. Norrie Mahouta footage from before show Mizuhuda was a constant presence on a periphery. According to the email from student activists. He was involved in planning violence continuously. UCLA official were likewise warned about him continuously. The author suggested his actions would constitute hate crimes, given that he referenced a desire to attack those who were not his jewish brothers.

A photo of him taken shortly before the violence erupted indicated he had foreknowledge of the assault and may have helped to organize it. Later that evening, a mass Mahusa was recorded attempting to destroy barricades while competing with the speaker. Blasted Mana Mantira, a Hebrew language children’s song, is raising soldiers at blame while torturing or taunting captive Palestinians on camera despite being caught red handed by several security officers, despite nearly getting to a fistfight with another guard in a separate incident, Musa was allowed to remain in the area. Footage uploaded by he himself revealed he personally participated in the attacks.

A day after the assault, he pushed a video highlighting his involvement with a caption boasting, we rushed a terrorist encampment. Another asked maybe to clarify his role, he said, yeah, I’m in. This video, apparently confident would face no legal repercussions. He reportedly spent several years participating in questionable cryptocurrency schemes while part of the Los Angeles NFT community before being exiled following accusations of indecent exposure and sexual harassment. A website represented the Bibian Family Philanthropic foundation indicates his family regularly donated not only to vehemently dynast group like the zealous and insular Shabbat ultra orthodox cult, but to liberal outlets like democracy.

Now here we have max movement hall violent zionist thugs wave the flag of the messianic Chabad cult on the way to assaulting anti genocide protesters at UCLA. A man seen waving the moshiach flag of the militant zionist Shabbat organization was identified as Ronnie Yuda. An Instagram account belonging to the virtually unknown bro. Israeli rapper Judah fire indicates Yehuda is an LA president. Email said the 35 year old provocateur had returned to the UCLA campus on multiple occasions since the attack, despite any affiliation with the school, despite claimed students that had alerted police. Residents of the aggressive outsiders among the most prominent cheerleaders of Yehuda’s actions were members of Team Moshe Act, a Shabbat affiliated outfit describing itself as a global nonprofit uniting Jews from around the world in acts of goodness and kindness.

In the days following October 7, Tim Moshiach spearheaded a campaign to funnel military hardware to the israeli military, even uploaded a video showing an israeli soldier personally thanking the group for the equipment. The director of the nearby Jabad House claimed his organization had no role in organizing the attack. Another outside agitator, Derek Palin, a local armenian activist with a penchant republically performing the sigil salute who frequently proposed material idolizing the Third Reich. Though alliance between Zionists use an avowed anti semite might strike some as confusing, there is a long, well documented history of collaboration which fundamentally depend on one another for their survival.

Bizarrely, Palin claimed in an interview that he only appeared at the protest because he’d seen a video of a jewish woman on the pro palestinian side criticizing white people. And here you have him giving the Nazis salute. The man seemed spitting on pro palestinian protesters hurling racial slurs. The day prior was revealed to be 23 year old David Kaminski, a trained boxer who admitted coins to the n word but denied accusations he committed violent assaults, claiming he wasn’t in the vicinity of the campus during the mob attack. He’s appeared on videos training with a rapper, Blueface.

It was sentenced to two year probation for a 2022 shooting at an LA at Las Vegas strip club. Here we have an update. The man who spat on someone and called him the n word at UCLA had been identified as David Kaminsky. He has a boxer and owns Kaminsky boxing gym in Los Angeles. Aaron Cohen, an israeli counterterrorism analyst, was embedded with police before their May 2 raid on the encampment while shooting an undercover special for television personality doctor or Phil. The actor previously served in Duvet, the infamous military israeli unit upon which Netflix notoriously propagandistic series powder was based.

He was accused of participating in violence directly shortly before the raid, he wrote on Instagram, I just wrapped up an independent, quiet infiltration operation for Doctor Phil tonight into the heart of the UCLA in Kampa. I’m now down here with LASD elite SRT staging out, preparing to make entry into the pro terror, anti semitic in Camden. Also present were members of Megan Amp, an LA based jewish private security firm founded in 2017 by Yossi Alford, a mixed martial art fighter turned Shabbat rabbi. Megan Am, which claimed to employ twelve former israeli and us soldiers, built itself as the only non jewish nonprofit organization Washington provide physical armed security service to the west coast of the US.

Speaking to the LA Times, Idvoort admitted guarding with UCLA an April 28 counter protest aimed at antagonizing the pro palestinian encampment, featuring speakers including an israeli diplomat and a member of the California State assembly. Footage published as social media appears to show a member of the group hulking over students and violently ripping them away from the incoming. The group maintains a close working relationship with local law enforcement. At the conclusion of a train ceremony in 2020, LAPD commander Vic Davos publicly declared, I see Megan M as the next evolution of an organized public private first responder partnership in the community.

Meanwhile, Lowkey tweets, I see Megan arm as index evolution of an organized public private first responder partnership in the community. LAPD commander Vic Davos praises the zionist militia group Megan arm, which is staffed by former UCLA military personnel. Did it have a role in clearing UCLA? Scott, your thoughts? Well, again, this, this college campus phenomena where they’re protesting the Gaza palestinian genocide, which is now undeniable, the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and numerous other countries around the world have all come to the same conclusion. Bombing into oblivion an entire country, cities, Gaza, killing women and children, burying children.

The videos of this is undeniable. It is a genocide that is self admitted. The israeli talmudist obsession with visiting retribution, punishment and hatred upon the Palestinians for Amalek, ancient biblical reasons is laughable, if not a disgusting display of madness. And they’re going under the college campuses in America. Pushing this outlawing of protests is only going to isolate the United States and Israel even more. And, you know, people’s children who go to college have a right to protest anything they want. That’s part of the reason that you go to college is to grow. But outside infiltrators, outside, wherever they come from, going onto a college campus to protest, yeah, there’s an argument they have no business there.

When you go to college, you’re paying to be on the campus. Anyone who’s not paying to be on the campus doesn’t have a right to be there except by invitation. So there is a definite justification for not having outside people on the campus, especially if they’re destructive. But the real destructive ones are the zionist Jewish talmudist israeli people that you’ve just described. And they’re major blundered, Jim, is they think like cotton and Cruz and the rest of these fools that are just getting bags of money from Israel, they think the rest of the world and the rest of the nation actually pays attention to them and they don’t.

The only people that pay attention to these ridiculous soundbites from Cruz or cotton are the people that pay them and people on Fox News that get paid to perpetuate it. So this whole thing could implode the republican party. It could implode Donald Trump, because we haven’t seen the worst yet. The worst is going to come September, October. Netanyahu is not going to stop. And the other nations may require another few months to let things get really bad before they rise up to stop it militarily. MacGregor’s talking, but I think all of the obsession and the hatred that the Israelis are showing is only going to get worse and it’s going to isolate the american people.

And so division, the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot. And I mean, that’s the real miracle of this. If the Democrats and Biden got behind and shifted their allegiance to the muslim world, for example, if they got behind the protests against Israel, if they completely pivoted, did 180 degrees of out, it would be the smartest political move they could make because they would win 50% plus one of the american electorate. But if they don’t, then there’s a speculation, not that the Democrats are any good. They’re not. But the Republicans are looking extraordinarily bad because they’re hypocrites and they’re violating the very principles of the american constitution, freedom of speech.

Jim. And of course, college protests are as american as apple pie. They’re taken in stride unless they’re against Israel, in which case we get a boot on our head. Brian. Well, I’m about to blow your mind here, but like I said, I watched this big Hitler documentary this weekend, and did you know that Adolf Hitler gave out over 150 commendations to jewish military leaders that he had that were half german, half jew, among others? They ran over 10,000 troops. Now think about that for a second. That means that in his army, there was 150 decorated leaders that were half jewish, half german descent.

And if you listen to his speeches, it’s not all anti jew, it’s anti zionist. He did make a distinction. So the propaganda of this sort of class based war that’s just by skin color and blood type just isn’t. It’s not true. How could 150 people remain fighting inside the military with over 10,000 people for the National Socialist party if they were being hunted down and exterminated on a daily basis? The whole propaganda thing is an absolute farce. I believe, and I believe it’s just simply made up to be a boogeyman scenario where, hey, you know, everybody that talks against us is an anti semite.

You know, that term was coined in, I think, 1898 to basically put everybody in one big pocket that resisted Zionism. Excellent. Gentlemen, thank you for a wonderful discussion today. Don, take us out. Do I have to take us out? I hope so. And hopefully we can take us out on a good note. But boy, lying and all this stuff going on these days, it’s something that you’ve got to learn about. So thank you for watching, folks, and please share this. We appreciate your comments, but share this widely because if you don’t do it, nobody, none of your friends will see this.

So thank you so much for today. And we’ll come back next week. This is May 20, and next week is going to be Memorial Day. Hopefully we’ll have some good things to memorialize. But come on back next week. But share this and thank you, gentlemen. I salute.

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