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➡ Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about how Ohio State Representative Willis Blackshear proposed a bill to ban all semiautomatic firearms, except those that fire only 22 caliber short, long, or long-rifle cartridges. The bill aims to prevent the use of large custom magazines that increase a weapon’s killing capacity. However, the proposed ban would not apply to police, federal and state employees, or members of the armed forces acting within their duties. The bill has sparked controversy, with critics arguing it infringes on constitutional rights and supporters advocating for increased gun safety measures.


A ban on all semiautomatic firearms. Yeah, all of them. Well, except for, like, that many. Or, as the author would put it, the bill would prohibit a person from knowingly acquiring, having, carrying, or using any, quote, mass casualty weapon, end quote. That’s anything. Who’s behind this? Well, Mom’s Demand Action. That’s who. Ohio Bill HB 433 was submitted by State Representative Willis Blackshear, a communist Democrat. In the bill, a mass casualty weapon is defined as, quote, any semiautomatic firearm designed or specially adapted to fire more than 31 cartridges without reloading.

Other than a firearm chambering only 22 caliber short, long, or long-rifle cartridges. That’s anything that takes a magazine. Every single firearm other than 22 short, long, or long-rifle, that’s everything. I’ll wait to hear what this clown said. First, you’ve heard me talk about precious metals and telling you that the experts were calling for record high gold. That time is upon us. Gold has broken through the $2,300 an ounce level. Well, let’s stop there. Nobody knows, but those same experts are calling for gold to reach $3,200 an ounce or higher. And silver is rising as well.

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Get their free information and ask if they still have that $3,200 an ounce gold report that I’ve been telling you about. Give them a call today. 1-800-260-5075 That’s 1-800-260-5075 or Thanks to Lear Capital for supporting this channel. All right, guys. Rep Blackshear, that clown said this, quote, We simply want to go back to the common sense regulation Ohio had in place before 2015. And for those who don’t know, he’s referring to Ohio’s law that used to ban guns with magazines of more than 30 rounds. That ban was reversed in 2015.

Now Blackshear argued that guns with large magazines make it easier for mass casualty events. He said the intent of the bill is to prevent large custom magazines being added to guns to increase the killing capacity of those weapons. The bill has exceptions though, but just not for peons like you and me. It would apply to police, feds, state employees of Ohio or other states and members of the armed forces if they’re all acting within the scope of their duty. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s totally unconstitutional and completely tyrannical. Mom’s Demand Action Advocate Michelle Lee Haim said, They’re going to fight a tooth and nail, but we still want to advocate our support for gun safety measures.

Get those mass casualty weapons off the street. It not only incites fear, but it’s not necessary. They’re weapons for the battlefield. Well, chickenshit, no military in the world takes an AR-15 to the battlefield. Dumbass. She also said you can own a weapon with no background check and no training and to use one of those you need training on that type of weapon. On any weapon you need training. Liberals, they are special. I just, man, I just sometimes I just get, I get like fed up doing some of these things, but I want to bring the information forward because the asinine clowns that are in the powers that be want nothing less than to disarm you so that they can have complete utter control.

That is why I say be safe, stay vigilant and carry a gun because you are your own first responder. You are that Sentinel or should be for your community to stand up. We are the ones who will save this country. So if you agree with these blue hairs, let me know down below. And of course, she was referring to constitutional carry with the no background checks on any weapon you want. I reread the Constitution again two nights ago. I do it often and I still can’t find anything in there that says they can just ban a gun.

In fact, it says shall not, shall not be infringed at the very end of the Second Amendment. I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my stuff guys and gals. You let me know down below and please like the video and share it so other people will see it and subscribe to the channel if you want to stay in the know. See you on the next one. Take care. [tr:trw].

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  • Banning mass casualty firearms is a ‘good idea’ if they ban said weapons for Military and Law Enforcement as well – hence no such weapons should exist anywhere in the fifty states. Then include mandatory death penalty for anyone having said weapon(s) or producing said weapon(s) in the USA.

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