They Are Dumping Our TREASURIES

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➡ The article discusses how countries are increasingly moving away from the US dollar and selling off US Treasuries, with China leading the way by selling a record $53.3 billion worth of US Treasuries and agency debt bonds. This shift is due to concerns about the US’s rising debt and the desire for economic independence. The author also criticizes those who deny this trend and warns of an impending economic collapse, urging people to invest in gold, silver, and Bitcoin as a safeguard.


Hey everybody, Economic Ninja here. I hope you’re doing well. Countries are dumping our Treasuries left and right. They are abandoning the dollar. They are seeking other currencies to do bilateral trade. It absolutely blows me away that there are still, there are first off people that have zero clue just because they’re not into economics. What blows me away is sometimes comments make its way through from complete and utter fools. I say that because the other day I received a text or a comment about someone that was so enraged saying you know I’m a doom and gloom fear monger and I said all I do is read the news.

I don’t know what to tell you. I’m reading the news. I’m showing you facts. They said no one is dumping the dollar. The dollar is going to remain the world’s reserve currency. You do not know what you’re talking about. Stop filling the people of fear. I watched Jerome Powell state in front of Congress that in his opinion he does not see the US dollar continuing as the only reserve currency in the world. I would love to stand in front and I wouldn’t argue because he who argues with a fool becomes a fool.

But it’s like you got a Jedi mind mess with them right go you are a complete and utter moron because you can’t accept facts and then let them roll in just every once in a while. You got to do that. You just got it. Who here understands what I’m talking about. But when you start to argue with a fool and trying to show a fool what’s really happening you’re just going to spin in circles. The story is out of watcher dot guru. It says China dumps the largest US Treasuries in history says bricks member China dumped a record number of US Treasuries and agency debt bonds worth a staggering fifty three point three billion dollars.

Historically this is the largest selloff initiated by China ever recorded and occurred during the first quarter of twenty twenty four. The selloff data comes at a time when the US fell to its one month low at one oh four hundred four dollars twenty cents. All right. So we just heard that we are at a record sell off. They’ve been continually selling. They’ve been a net seller of Treasuries for years now and China is obviously not the only one. But how many of you watched the announcement from Putin and Xi Jinping from China talking about the bilateral trade agreements and that the strength of the two economies coming together and how important it is.

And Russia had announced that 90 percent I believe I’m going off memory 90 percent of all transactions that Russia is now doing is out of the dollar. It is in another currency or other currencies outside of the dollar. We have massive superpowers that have walked away. This is why the 10 year bond stays high as and to be honest with you I’m so shocked quite frankly that it’s not much higher right now. But then again that shows the level of understanding of most people in this country. And I would tell you and I’m please understand I believe most money managers are completely clueless.

They go to school. Most money managers in our country I think have an average age of like 30 32 right now I believe if my memory serves me right. They didn’t go through the great financial crisis. They didn’t study a ton of history when it comes to economics. They just do what their bosses tell them to do. And if their bosses are making a certain margin on what they’re buying and selling they’re fat dumb and happy. And what blows me away is that most people believe that if you drive a fancy car you wear a suit and you’re an investment banker that you know everything.

But just you know the great financial crisis happened with the same amount of complete tools at the helm. You know wearing fancy suits driving fancy cars and their investment bankers. Our country still went through the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. And it’s not going to be different this time. The BRICS nations are becoming so powerful it is just absolutely insane. Since here China and other BRICS countries have been offloading US treasuries worth billions since 2022 the communist party sorry the communist country has a record of dumping the highest in the last two years because they have more than most countries.

So it’s just common logic. But you know logic ain’t so common anymore if you know what I mean type one if you agree. The development indicates that BRICS and other developing countries want to move away from owning US assets as a reserve because look our government printed. Well we don’t have the most current data but for a three month period let’s say about two months ago the government we found out printed one trillion dollars just to keep this Ponzi scheme alive and to keep Joe Biden’s son you know busy downtown Las Vegas.

The uncontrolled debt of thirty four point four trillion is worrisome making BRICS rely on local currencies and not the dollar. Don’t worry BRICS current countries you don’t even you’re not even quoting that’s just the government debt we’re not even talking about the quadrillion pretty much in derivatives. All right even close allied the US Belgium. Belgium dumped 22 billion dollars worth of treasuries during the same period that’s a lot of chocolate that this shows that even European nations are beginning to distance themselves from the US economy including selling off bonds and treasuries.

Look here’s here’s the truth you are in an amazingly exclusive club in 2008 from January actually in the spring of 2008 I was losing my mind when Bear Stearns closed their doors a financial institution I’ve been around for decades and decades I mean gosh darn near a century I had already been mourning all of my family and friends churches anyone I could find on the street sell your home we’re going into a housing crash and nobody got it and by 2008 things like yeah something doesn’t feel right those are the comments I would get I was absolutely losing my mind to be honest I was having a hard time dealing with reality in January of 2020 I addressed my fire department got very emotional and I said this flu that’s coming is going to change all of your lives and you need to prepare now and I gave them the buy gold buy silver buy Bitcoin speech they mocked me they left and I look back now and it’s the exact same thing I said as I left the department I said the last words I want you to hear me say is buy gold buy silver buy Bitcoin your lives are all about to change every single one of their lives are now different forever I just saw another banker two bankers investment bankers have dropped of cardiac arrest suddenly one at a soccer game and one somewhere else they’re attributing it to uh the sudden deaths of their job the high stress of banking everyone’s life has fundamentally changed and what blows me away right now we are in a collapse an economic collapse please understand it I don’t give a crap actually I do because it’s really funny how high the stock market is because what people don’t most people don’t realize is they only attribute wealth to numbers they don’t attribute wealth to uh the longevity of your your finances they just how much how much is in my bank account right or actually what’s really sad is most people don’t have any money in their bank they have it all in a 401k which can drop like a rock like that we’ve seen it happen twice all the indexes dropped a minimum around 50 percent um from in 2000 2001 and from 2007 to 2009 so we’ve seen two crashes 50 percent is a crash would you agree type yes if you’d agree type no if you wouldn’t 50 percent it’s a crash right this one going to be a lot more than 50 percent just you know because this is the everything bubble and what this time has that no other crashes had in recent history is inflation so you have a panic out of banks banks are crashing they are right now I mean we have big people on wall street predicting like another 80 to 800 banks collapsing uh in the next few years uh we’ve already seen a bank crash last year that’s bigger on a dollar scale than all of 2008 right but since we have inflation what’s happening is people are racing for yield so they are pulling money out of bank accounts putting money in money markets putting in this s&p they’re putting in crypto uh look at gold and silver silver is about to hit what 32 bucks an ounce I really hope it goes down I hope silver crashes because I understand the long-term payout on so silver I want to buy it cheaper but the thing is I don’t I don’t follow follow stellar too much my point being is that we’re in a moment where people will laugh at you because you’ll say the economy is collapsing you’re like have you not seen the stock market well I don’t I can guarantee you this I want you to all do this let me ask you this first type two if you’ve you’ve tried to warn people and they go you’re crazy look at the stock market right but we’re in a moment last year where stocks were going up because based on how many people they laid off when a company a large company would say hey we laid off x amount of people stock traders like yes we’re buying the stock well we laid people off actually because we don’t sell as much crap doesn’t matter that’s that’s right okay so number two this one I want you to google the Venezuelan stock market indexes and pull up a 15-year chart and then I want you to find there’s a spot where that thing just went whoa it just rolled up and then I want you to pull up a chart of Venezuela’s inflation numbers and you’re going to line them up perfectly and so what these people don’t understand and I watched it in my fire department in 2006 I put all of my money into bonds I did it in 2002 and I watched everybody’s uh uh retirements drop by 50% I then just rolled it over from bonds back into the indexes and I absolutely crushed it now that’s about to happen again I can’t wait for bond defaults because bond defaults are going to treat almost turn government bonds I believe into almost junk status and there’s going to be a period where everyone’s scared and there’s a certain point in that cycle where you start picking up government bonds municipal bonds tax-free muni bonds holy cow and at really high rates because everything’s going to stabilize again the depression we got over it we got happy again right and so you’re a part of so when you see those people that sit there and they say have you seen the stock market you’re crazy say this is what Venezuela if you want to and and at a certain point you can’t convince a fool of anything intelligent you just can’t do it and I love it when people judge me by my looks I love it when people judge me by what I wear then I and I used to do this all the time um I’ll tell them something I know would change their lives financially in a second if they did it they’re too dumb because of how they look at me or how they judge my words I’m going to tell you something that’s great and then I’ll walk away and grin and I used to do with my kids and other friends and say watch that person’s going to fail personal be bankrupt in a couple years and it would happen and you’re about to see that with everybody because they have no concept because they’re looking at the numbers of stock market stock market go up I’m rich no you’re you’re you feel rich take your money and I used to do that with people too take your money out well that’s not how it works yeah that is how it works you think you’re smart you think you’re rich take your money out and go spend it oh that’s for my nest egg I’ve seen so many people lose their nest eggs it’s insane and this one’s gonna be a doozy um you know I really do hope silver crashes down I’m afraid it’s not going to and that might take a bunch of people off but when you understand the fundamentals of something you’re begging for a discount that’s what Warren Buffett does he’s just waiting just and that’s what he’s even said it in all of his quarterly earnings reports like I’m just waiting to deploy capital I’m not gonna play at these levels there’s there’s no deals at these levels we’re gonna come crashing down and I watch the commentators on the news media the financial ones they’re complete fools I remember someone talking about I want to say Steve Lee’s now it’s not Steve it was somebody um on CNBC talking about Buffett’s cash hoard and what’s what and he goes well don’t you think it’s because someone’s like well he doesn’t want to have any stocks or a ton of exposure in the stock market because things are bad and this one guy comes on and goes well don’t you think that’s actually because he’s just waiting uh he’s not that he’s expecting a crash he’s just expecting like better value in the future and the guy looks at him like yeah that’s because things are going to go down in value or crash but the commentator couldn’t even just get it out of his mouth honestly I can’t tell sometimes between a straight liar and a fool these that’s where that’s where we’re at somebody actually knows what’s going on going that ain’t happening no we’re not robbing you we’re not destroying the economy on purpose we’re not no things are great this is great this is awesome because we have so many talking heads and complete morons I mean look at just checks out have you ever heard of someone called AOC now type five if you think this person has got to be the biggest moron in the world and I don’t want to be honest I don’t feel sorry for it all because a fool uh stumbles over themselves in their own folly their complete tools they can’t listen to reason they don’t listen to reason and with someone like AOC you give her a little bit of a platform oh gosh we’re going to have a detonation in our in our nation and it’s so scary to me because I’m and do me a favor I’m just throwing this out there if you are under the age of 40 type your age down below too and this is why I say it because I need and I want so badly to attract people that are younger in their 20s and their 30s right now because they’re so vulnerable to a mental attack on our by our government right now um being told everything’s fine you could vote prosperity this way and stuff and it’s important that younger people are sitting there and going no this is this isn’t this isn’t right I want to raise a family I want to be a good-hearted American or human being and uh this isn’t right I’m trying to figure out how to attract those kind of people when I say kind I’m talking about age because we have to we have to help the younger population if we don’t we’re screwed we are screwed and I’m trying desperately to figure that out because you know no one at my fire station when matter of fact by the time I left they’re like good riddance it bugs them because inside they know that I’m right and I want to help the world yesterday I ran into you know going around doing my daily errands and stuff I have to do I ran into four people that watch the channel four separate times and I’m not kidding when I say I love meeting you I love meeting you you are the reason why I’m here I always want to spend some time chatting talking to people every single person I’ve met that watches this channel is amazing regardless of your income your lifestyle you think so different you are the people that I want to be in the foxhole with this crash that is well underway is going to be no fun if there’s not a million of us doing it getting ready for it and then helping people helping educate people helping people get back on their feet financially my goal is to watch a million people worldwide go from debtors not joking to lenders I’m going to turn the tables metaphorically speaking on the money changers and how we do that is we turn debtors into lenders I truly honestly from the bottom of my heart believe this is possible if you believe that’s possible give me a thumbs up emoji and I say that because I want other people that don’t believe in this plan to go down underneath and go look at all these people they believe it and if enough people believe in it and start pushing towards it we’re going to get it done nations are walking away from the dollar the bricks are dumping treasuries we can no longer export inflation the Federal Reserve knows the time is near and this is the most important presidential election ever I believe in the history of our country I’m not joking we have pure evil running this country right now keep preparing keep your head up and smile when you run into the fools the economic ninja is out

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