The World Is Now Shifting Away From The [CB] System And The [DS] Cannot Stop This

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– The Deep State, corrupt politicians, the Central Bank, and the World Economic Forum are struggling to implement the Green New Deal due to increased public awareness. Despite resistance, they continue to push controversial energy policies such as banning the use of heat and air conditioning. Some countries face disastrous consequences from policies like these, like power outages in Kenya due to unreliable wind power.

Meanwhile, the world sees more evidence of these institutions pushing their agenda, like the intentional setting of wildfires, paper straws containing harmful chemicals, and actions against the fossil fuel industry. While they turn even to daily appliances to enforce eco-friendliness, the public becomes increasingly disenchanted.

– The current economic situation in the U.S. is deteriorating, with rising inflation, decreasing value of the Federal Reserve note, and weakening economic indicators. This situation has been attributed to both the policies of the Biden administration and the Fed’s control over the economy. It’s suggested that this collapse is part of a bigger domain plan to dismantle the central bank system. However, this economic downfall is projected to worsen before improving, with anticipation of the economy completely crashing by 2024.

– Trump and the Patriots are expected to turn around the current situation by making the country energy-independent, reversing detrimental policies, and abolishing the Central Bank. They plan to return to constitutional values, establish sound money without attached interest, and allow citizens to create their own currency, which will lead to a thriving economy unseen before. Ultimately, the public will decide the future course once they witness who’s responsible for the collapsing economy.


Now, the Deep State, the corrupt politicians, the private West Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, they’re having a very difficult time now, trying to bring us into the great reset, the Green New Deal. Why? Because the people around the world, they are now awake. And since they are awake, they are thinking logically. And this is the biggest threat to the deep state, to the central bank and the World Economic Forum. But that doesn’t mean they’re not going to try.

And actually, I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they want them to continually try and try and try, because every time you hear, hey, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to ban furnaces. Hey, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to say, you can’t use your heat during the winter. Hey, you know what we’re going to do? You’re not going to be able to use air conditioning. Hey, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to say, the ceiling fans in your house during the summer, you got to keep them off.

What do you think the people around the world are going to do? They’re going to say, this is ridiculous. I’m not going along with this. Why should I be freezing? Why should I be hot? This makes no sense whatsoever.

But you can see the Deep State players, they are going to continually try to push their agenda and they will continue until the very end. The problem that they’re going to have is that the people of the world, they are waking up, they’re thinking logically. And every time you push your agenda and you hit them in their home, this is a no win situation.

Look what’s happening out in the UK. Britons will be urged not to heat their homes in the evening as part of a behavior change effort to hit net zero targets. So let’s think about this for a second. They don’t want people to heat their homes in the winter. Is anyone going to go along with this? Who’s going to sit there freezing cold to hit net zero? It makes no sense whatsoever. And I believe the people are going to say, absolutely not. This is something we’re definitely not going to do. And every time they make these moves, it gets worse and worse for them.

Look what’s happening out in Kenya. The government owned power company is blaming large wind farm for Kenya’s nationwide power outage. So shortly before midnight Saturday, kenya Power offered the first detailed explanation of the outage, blaming it on a loss of power generation from the Lake Turkana wind power plant, africa’s largest wind farm, causing an imbalance that tripped all other main generation units and stations, leading to a total outage on the grid.

So really think about this. This is a complete and utter disaster. But this is the way the World Economic Forum, the Central Bank, wants everyone to live. Oh, you have an outage not that big of a deal. There’s no wind today, and there’s no wind for a couple of days. Well, that’s going to be your problem. You think the people are going to say, you know something? This is an incredible life. I love it. I love having no power. I like that we can’t use our ceiling fans. I like that we don’t have air conditioning. I like that we don’t have heat. This is incredible because, remember, they’re trying to get rid of gas. They want to go to Pure electric. So your heat is going to be electric. Your air conditioning is going to be electric. Your fans are electric. Everything will be electric. So if there’s no power, if there’s no wind, there’s no sun, it’s cloudy, and they can’t generate the electricity to power everything, what happens, you just have to do without. And I think the people, they’re starting to realize, and they’re starting to understand that this is going to be a complete and utter disaster.

And the other thing that’s very interesting is that the government is continually saying that, oh, these wind farms out in the ocean, they are completely safe. They’re not killing the fish, they’re not killing whales. It’s absolutely fine. So the US. Government, they did this whole study, and they’re trying to convince everyone that these gigantic wind farms in the ocean, they are perfect the sea life. They’re not threatened at all. The problem is that there was a new documentary, and it proves the actual opposite.

So now with this new documentary, which is called Thrown to the Wind, they started to realize that the loud, high decibel sonar emitted by wind industry vessels, when measured with the state of the art hydrophones, it shows that the winds industry increased boat traffic, and it’s correlated directly with the specific whale deaths. And there have been more than 60 recorded whale deaths of all species on the East Coast since December 1, 2022, a number that increased Markly since 2016, when the wind industry started to ramp up. So right there, they’re showing the proof that, yes, what you’re doing is going to be a complete and utter disaster.

And all these fires that we’re seeing all over the place, if you really look at the different locations that they’re in, this is where they want to build the smart cities. This is where they want to erect the cities that go along with the Green New Deal. And what they’re doing is they’re actually cleaning the land. They want to purchase the land. And you can see this is all part of their agenda. And what’s very interesting is that since we’re all seeing the fires in Turkey, in Greece, in Canada, in Hawaii, we know that this is orchestrated. We know that they’re pushing the climate emergency. And out in Greece, the Greek fire department officials, they arrested two men for allegedly deliberately starting the wildfires as hundreds of firefighters battled the blazes. So this wasn’t climate change. This was people out in the forest lighting the forest on fire. And they’ve caught people in Canada, they caught people in Greece. And again, this is all orchestrated because once again, in all different parts of the world, the fire just doesn’t start all at the same time. Even if it’s a natural disaster, it just all doesn’t ignite at the exact same time. The only reason that would be is that they brought out their crews and they said, all right, let’s light up the fires today and start it off. And that’s exactly what they did. And we can see that they’re now finding out that, yes, there’s a lot of people now that have been lighting the fires.

Now the other thing that’s very interesting is that they’ve been pushing paper straws at us for a very, very long time. And we can see that this was done from the deep state players. They probably had someone who was creating paper straws. They wanted everyone to move away from plastic straws. But what we come to find out is that the paper straw, deemed eco friendly, contains potentially toxic chemicals which could pose a risk to people, wildlife and the environment. And this is coming from a new study. And once again, these paper straws, they just completely fall apart in your mouth and you end up actually sometimes swallowing it. Who wants that? Nobody does. And really, how many turtles are affected by plastic straws? So let’s just put this into perspective. We have plastic straws and they’re saying that these straws are being dumped in the oceans. The turtles are getting the straws up their noses. So let’s really think about this. Why did we have to go to paper?Small businesses and you can have a couple of corporations that are in control, then you can control what everyone can purchase, what everyone can do. You can say, you can shop now, you can’t shop now. You have complete and utter control. And this is what they’ve been trying to do from the very, very beginning. But their plan didn’t work, just like everything else. And what you can see is they started the control demolition of the economy back in March of 2020 and they can’t stop it.

And as we move forward, people are seeing very, very clearly who’s responsible and who to hold accountable for the entire economic system falling apart. Because all you got to do is look at the Fed. They’re raising rates and the economy is completely ripping itself apart. The Biden economics, that doesn’t work whatsoever. And now we have Zillow, they’re offering 1% down payment to lure homebuyers into the real estate market. Because what happened? The rates started to move up and up and up. And what happened? Well, the people, they were thrown out of the market. They couldn’t afford the homes. Now they’re lowering the down payment to 1% to make up the difference. Didn’t we do this in 2008, 2009, where all of a sudden they were doing 0%? Are we going back to that? It looks like they’re following the same exact playbook. And this is going to be a complete and utter disaster, just like Bidenomics is a complete and utter disaster.

And when you look at Bidenomics, it is not helping the people whatsoever. And if you look at the leading economic indicators, they have fallen for 16 straight months. We have the housing crunch, home sales, they fell to a six month low. And prices are continually moving up. Parcel volumes are dropping by so much freight, pilots are worried about job security. People are running up their credit card debt and defaulting on car loans because of high inflation. More Americans are failing to make payments on their credit cards and auto loans. Another sign of rising financial pressure on consumers. And this is becoming worse and worse as time goes on. And the people are going, okay, you keep telling us that the economy is great, there’s no inflation, the fuel prices are holding steady, but we see something very, very different.

And the Biden administration is continually pushing out there that, hey, you just don’t see the benefits of Bidenomics. No, the people see reality. The people see exactly what’s going on and it’s not helping them whatsoever. And as the economy continually implodes on itself, what are people going to see? They’re going to see more and more of this. But once again, I do believe Trump of the Patriots, they’ve planned this out from the very, very beginning. They knew the playbook, their economic playbook. And they knew that the only way to destroy the Central Bank system, destroy the World Economic Forum, and their push into the great reset, the Green New Deal, was to allow the enemy to do what they do best and destroy themselves.

Because remember, with the Central Bank since 1913 and since we came on to full fiat 1971, what has happened they’ve taken control over the world. Almost every single country has a private western central bank. We have all these organizations like the who, the World Bank, the Biz, the IMF, all of these were created out of the central bank system to maintain control of the world. And the only way to bring this down is to remove the Federal Reserve Note from all the countries where the Federal Reserve Note is no longer the reserve currency of the world. And that has already begun, which means the central banks, they’re going to be in trouble in the end, because once that happens, all those Federal Reserve Notes, where do they go? They come right back to the United States, which is going to cause what? More inflation. And it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they set this up because they needed a way to bring down the entire central bank system. And when you start to look at other countries around the world, like India, United Arab Emirates, and many other countries, the BRICS, you can see that they’re moving away from the Federal Reserve Note. I don’t call it a US dollar because it’s not a US dollar. It’s a Federal Reserve note. We borrow it from the private west of Central bank, there’s interest attached, and we have to pay it back, and they tax us for it. So in no way is this a US dollar. It doesn’t follow the Constitution.

And now we have countries, they are now selling oil, not using the Federal Reserve Note, which means they do not need the Federal Reserve Note in reserves. Right now, India, they just bought 1 million barrels of oil from the United Arab Emirates using rupees instead of US dollars for the first time. So what does this mean? It means the Federal Reserve Note is going to be in trouble. It means all those countries that keep those in reserves to purchase oil and everything else, they don’t need them anymore. If you don’t need them anymore, they come back to the United States. And remember, the US dollar, which is actually the Federal Reserve Note, it has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1971. And that is called inflation. And remember, inflation is cumulative. It doesn’t reset every year. Like they’re making you think, like, oh, this year we only had inflation at 2%. Oh, this year we only had it at 3%. No, over a long period of time, it’s cumulative. Why do you think when you go back to the you look at how much eggs cost, or you look how much bread costs, or you look how much a car costs, why is it so much less if it’s only been 2% or 3%? It’s because it’s cumulative over time. This is why the Federal Reserve Note has lost 98% of its value.

And I think the people of this world, they’re starting to realize this and if this keeps losing its value like this, what happens? The pieces of paper, they’re worth absolutely nothing. This is why the Federal Reserve and all the other central banks you think they’re keeping all the paper? No. They’re using the paper to buy land. They’re using the paper to purchase gold. They’re using the paper to buy real assets. You know why? Because they realize the paper is going to be worth nothing in the end. They rather have real assets. This is how they take over the world. But since the Patriots now are awake, since the world is now awake, they’re having a very difficult time pulling this off. And it’s going to get worse and worse as time goes on.

Just like with Biden. I mean, think about it. He continually told President Trump to stop blaming others and do his job. Actually, Trump never really blamed others. Actually, he fixed the problems. If you look at the economy, when Trump came into office, it was absolutely awful. Obama told us to get used to the new normal. Unemployment was pretty high. Fuel prices were pretty high. And the trade deals that we had were completely awful. When you look at what President Trump did, he renegotiated the trade deals. He placed tariffs on China, placed tariffs on Europe, brought that money back into the farmers so they would be able to function. He brought the unemployment rate down very, very low. People had jobs. The fuel rate was very low because the country was energy independent. AndGoing on, what are the people going to do? They’re going to turn away from the deep state players. I do believe this is what Trump and the Patriots have in mind. And, yes, Trump can turn this around very, very easily. All he needs to do is make the country energy independent. All he needs to do is reverse their policies. All he needs to do is get rid of the Central Bank and go back to the Constitution.

I do believe this is exactly what he’s going to use the crisis for, to bring us back to sound money. And he’s going to refer to the constitution that our founding fathers created. And we, the people, will then create our currency, and there will be no interest attached. We’re not borrowing it, we don’t have to repay it. And the country will be better off, actually. We’re going to see a country like we’ve never, ever seen before. And Trump, the Patriots, I do believe they’re bringing us down this path and everything is going as planned.

And in the end, the people, they’re going to make that decision. Because once they see the economy falling apart, once they see who’s responsible, and the people say, “Holy crap, you’ve been telling us it’s been great. Now it crashed.” Well, we know which direction to go in. It’s very, very simple. And Trump.

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  • We know their agenda. We know who many of them are. We know what to expect. We cannot and should not comply to their insane concepts like global warming with fires intentionally set to substantiate their stories. The Maui disaster which is a land grab; as well as other fires used for whatever elitist wants to steal from the people. The weather manipulation to create more chaos and the derailments, shootings, probably shut downs, masks and other lies to control the population. IT WILL NOT WORK.

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