The Global War On Free Speech Explodes (Ep. 2093)

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The Global War On Free Speech Explodes (Ep. 2093)


➡ The text discusses the host, Dan Bongino’s, radio show where he engages in varying topics such as technical mishaps, personal anecdotes, promotion of items like the Bone Charge infrared sauna blanket and interestingly, his cautioning about America morphing into a “police state”. He also speaks of an upcoming movie titled ‘Police State’ and his social empathy regarding the struggles of ordinary people.
➡ The speaker discusses potential signs of the U.S. becoming a police state through actions such as political prisoners arising and the silencing of political ideals, using Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and refusal to censor posts as a key example. The speaker passionately encourages resistance against such censorship and advocates for free speech.
➡ The text discusses a situation involving withholding information regarding alleged corruption. The speaker argues against the “do nothing” approach, remarking the importance of exposing such actions. It also mentions a congressman inquiring about potential quid-pro-quo transactions and money laundering via art sales by Hunter Biden. Furthermore, mention is made regarding Lands End’s business uniforms. The speaker criticizes non-transparent government officials and expresses admiration for Congressman Troy Nells.
➡ The text encompasses various points including a controversial incident involving Troy Nells and Garland, Joe Biden’s handling of the billion-dollar loan issue, the alleged bribery involved, and calls for impeachment. Additionally, it mentions the political ideologies of left and right, focused on power hierarchies, and finally, it discusses the establishment of Homeland Intelligence Expert Group, wherein two previous signers of the “laptop is a Russian disinformation campaign” letter – John Brennan and Jim Clapper – have been included.
➡ The text discusses an argumentative monologue about Hunter Biden’s laptop allegations and dismisses accusations of it being Russian disinformation. It criticizes individuals in political power, implying they’re hypocrites for dismissing the allegations and aims at emphasizing the commentator’s disapproval of their decisions. The topic then shifts to the commentator’s personal experiences including his aging process, weight loss, and opinions on politics and a variety of TV programs. The text ends with criticism toward President Joe Biden’s performance.
➡ In the given text, the author discusses President Biden’s actions along with major national issues like the border crisis, recent electoral wins of Democrats, an alleged plane crash of an F 35 jet, and problems faced by local communities. He emphasizes the seriousness of these problems and criticizes the current administration’s handling of them.
➡ The speaker discusses a variety of topics including a suspected internet meme, a postponed economics block, claims of an election being stolen in Bridgeport, Connecticut which Merrick Garland is investigating, and an event at Locust Valley High School, New York, called the ‘Remembrance Bowl’. This is followed by expressing his gratitude for audience engagement and the success of his new book, ‘The Gift of Failure’.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. With your host, Dan Bongino. That’s so funny. I’m like, Gee, I don’t hear the beginning of the show. What’s up? Well, it would help if you turn the power on the board. I’d always say the power button, Joe, works every time. You power the power plug power. I did the same thing that everyone heard.

Did they? Good. That just goes to show you this is totally 100% my fault. There’s two buttons. One for radio, one for live stream. I’m like, yeah, I don’t hear anything. It’s kind of crazy. Well, it’d be really helpful if you turned it from the radio to the live stream. Listen, loaded show for you today. I don’t like to cover these hearings while I go on because you never know what’s going to happen.

So I wait till the next day. So we got good coverage of that. We got the craziest update you’ve ever seen on this F 35 story. Like this totally unbelievable. Like DB. Sweeney style update on this thing. Also, the Police State is definitely here right now. There is a war going on right now. If you saw what I saw going on behind the scenes, ladies and gentlemen, you’d be freaked out.

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You should probably hit the power button. Always helps. Always helps. We spent like three weeks putting this studio together with this guy Craig. This is like two, three years ago. On the last day, nothing worked. We could not figure it out. The poor guy was here 8 hours. Paula comes upstairs, she goes, hey, you want to just turn it off and reboot it? Everything was fixed. Just 8 hours.

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Check out the sauna blanket. All right, Joseph, let’s go. It’s showtime. Dan, sir. It is amigo. So listen, just a quick little personal note. I hope you all are cool with this. So I told you a story yesterday and radio in here a little bit. I was doing this book signing yesterday. We wrap the book signing and we’ve been there about 4 hours. I’m super tired. My vocal cords don’t work anymore.

I’ve been at it all day. Boohoo, whatever. It’s not a sob story. I’m just telling you. I was a little tired. So I rented this guy at the end and we’re walking out of store and I really wanted to go. And I got to be honest with you folks, I was kind of giving him a little bit of the short change thing. And it’s not cool. I’m telling you that because I’m just a dude and I make mistakes too.

I wasn’t rude to him. I just was like, I really got to run kind of deal. And the guy was there and didn’t buy a book. I don’t know if he didn’t have any money for whatever, but it didn’t matter. You should try to just at least give people, if you can, at least a minute of your time. And I kind of shortchanged the guy. I was upset.

So I’m walking out of the store and he tells me he was in the pen in jail for 18 years. And he just got out. And I stopped right away because I know God had sent this guy. I knew it. I knew he had sent this guy to talk to me right there. And I just want you to know if you’re out there right now and you’re struggling with drugs, with alcohol, with gambling, with vices, you’re in prison.

I want you to know to all the roughnecks, the renegades and the sinners out there that Jesus came for the sinner, okay? He came for the sinner. He surrounded himself with a tax collector, a guy who deny him three times. A woman with her own demons. That’s who he surrounded himself with. He came for the sinner. And I want you to know I have my own vices too, man.

I struggle with stuff every day. I’m just one of you, man. I’m just one of your homies out there, man. I struggle with stuff every day. I ain’t your preacher, I ain’t your role model, nothing. I’m just a guy sitting next to you in this fight. Ready to charge down that field, hoping you’ll come with me. But to all those drug addicts, prisoners out there, people with alcohol problems, gambling problems, and vices, trying to make yourself better, if you’re ready to kind of jump on that path of redemption, man, I’m with you.

I have my own vices, too. And I want you to understand, you’re always welcome here. You’re always welcome here. I want to get that out of the way and say if I on a lighter note, if you see this big mark on my forehead and you’re wondering what happened, I had to put a little makeup on it. I’m not really a makeup guy. I was in the sauna this morning sweating it out, and I accidentally tripped and hit the hot, steaming, 200 something degree metal piece on the sauna and seared my fort.

Yes, Joe, it felt absolutely wonderful. You want to talk about a wake up call? It was glorious. Thank you, guys. I appreciate I’m looking at the chat. I just like to hear your commentary, but I mean all of that. All right, let’s get to the show. So, ladies and gentlemen, before I get to what happened at the hearing yesterday, the police state is here now. When? Tomorrow? No, now, not next week.

The police state is here now. Ask anyone who’s on the wrong side of the police state because they have become targets. Anyone. I don’t know any of these people. I can’t vouch for them. I’m just telling you, you speak out against the regime, the Matrix, the Swamp, whatever the hell you want to call it, you speak out, you can bet your ass there’s going to be a target on your back.

And of course, Rumble and Elon Musk have become public enemies number one and two in whatever order you want to put them. Folks, the police state is here. I have a movie coming out with Dinesh D’Souza, October 23 and 25th. It’s going to be in theaters across the country. The movie is called Police State. Dinesh was on OAN last night talking about the police state. It is here now.

I’ve had this conversation with Dinesh myself. It is remarkable. We had to do this movie. It is insane. We had to do this movie. But I want you to listen to him explain why it’s necessary right now, and I’m going to tie it to a story about Elon and us coming up right after it’s. About a minute. Check this out. Becoming a police state. Government told American citizens they couldn’t go to church on Sunday.

For the first time in my life, saying to myself, am I going to get a knock at the door? FBI warrant come to the door now. The Patriot Act and FISA were used against Donald Trump. These individuals have commissioned the biggest propaganda play in U. S. History. Wow, that’s pretty powerful. And it’s terrifying at the same time. Tell our viewers about this film that you worked on with Dan Bongino? Well, it’s a film that I, in a way, never wanted to make, in part because I never wanted America to get to a point where this kind of a film needed to be made.

We’ve seen a lot of things happening in our country that we take separately. News about mass surveillance, and then digital censorship, and then political targeting, and then political prisoners suddenly turning up in our country. The attempt to establish kind of a one party state. And all of these are the signature elements of dictatorial regimes of police states around the world. Now, I’ve been in this country almost 40 years.

I’m so used to thinking of us as the free world, and then China or North Korea or Cuba or the old Soviet Union as the unfree world. But now I’m not so sure. And that’s what this film does, is it raises a big question. Are we moving toward the very kind of police state that we’re always warning people against around the yes. Yes. The answer is yes. Dinesh knows it.

Of course we are. Who the hell thought we’d have to make a film in the United States called police state because we’re here living it right now if you want to check it out. By the way, tickets are only available through the website for the film. The website is policestatefilm. Net, not net. Policestatefilm. Net. Tickets are selling like crazy October 25 and 23rd. Just at 23rd and 25th, they’re going to be in theaters across the country.

You can see the local one near you. Just put in your location, folks. Check it out. Why? Oh, look at this. Elon musk buys Twitter all of a sudden, says he’s going to commit twitter to more of a free speech direction and platform in the future. In the future. Look, this is crazy. The department of justice is scrutinizing Elon Musk’s perks at Tesla going back years. Wall street journal, man, that’s so strange.

Guy buys Twitter all of a sudden says, I think we should orient this more of an arc of free speech. And the leftist tyrant scumbags hate free speech. Listen, all right, calm down, Dan, because it’s going to go in a bad direction really fast. I tweeted and put on true social this morning something very important. I said, if you saw what I saw going on behind the scenes, ladies and gentlemen, you would be absolutely convinced.

The police state is here. The left is right now. They’re not wrong. The left is evil. I need you to understand that there’s a difference here. It’s not just that they’re wrong on politics. They are evil. What the hard left is up to with tyranny, censorship, and the weaponization of government, there is no talking sense into these people anymore. I need you to understand that what we’re living through now is pure evil.

This is the twelve step program to tyranny gulag’s police state censorship weaponization, and what’s next gets even uglier. They are not stopping. These people are crazy, deranged, mad men. You need to understand what you’re dealing with. They will not stop. Elon Musk is an enemy of the left and the government right now for one reason because Elon Musk purchased Twitter and refused to censor people on political ideals.

That’s it. That is the only reason. You are dealing with scumbags of the highest order on the other side, and it is utter, unadulterated evil. Please stop. I bring this up because I saw a guy on Twitter yesterday I forget who it was, but a pretty prominent conservative guy suggesting somehow that they’re going to learn their lesson. They are not learning their lesson at all. They are doubling down.

You need to understand this. I don’t know if you saw what happened with Rumble yesterday. The UK government came after Rumble? No. Yes. Insisting that if we didn’t demonetize Russell Brand immediately, that there were going to be consequences. The United Kingdom. So the CEO who actually believes in due process for everyone, regardless of who you are, hasn’t violated terms of service or anything like that and hasn’t been even charged with anything, told them to go pound sand.

Now, there’s no doubt there’s going to be consequences. There none. We get it. But you know what the bigger consequence is? Getting on our knees and kissing their asses and bowing to these anti free speech censorship tyrants. That’s something we ain’t going to do. Get off your damn knees right now, everyone. We’re not doing it. We’re not doing it. We’re not bowing to this damn police state. We’re not doing it.

Come knock at my door next. I don’t like it. I don’t want it. But if that’s the consequence for this type behavior, then damn it, I’m willing to take it, and you should be, too. Of course, a lieutenant in this monster, metastasizing police state we’re living with right now. I never thought we’d be having this conversation in the United States of America, but it’s here now. Is this joker? Merrick Garland, our attorney General and name only.

You understand? This guy runs the Justice Department. They all report to him. The FBI, the DEA, the Inspector general. They report to Merrick Garland. He is their supervisor. His job is to know big things about big cases that have big impact on big portions of the population. But it’s so strange. He was asked a simple question yesterday about January 6. How many people were at the January 6 stop the steal that turned into the Capitol incident there? How many folks there were Feds or confidential human sources? How the hell does this guy not know the answer to this? The answer is he does.

He just doesn’t want to tell you. Watch this crap. Now, in that video, that was your answer to a question to me two years ago when I said, how many agents or assets of the government were present on January 5 and January 6 and agitating in the crowd to go into the Capitol and how many went into the Capitol? Can you answer that now? I don’t know the answer to that question.

Oh, last time, you don’t know how many there were or there were none? I don’t know the answer to either of those questions, if there were any. I don’t know how many. I don’t know whether there are any. I think you may have just perjured yourself that you don’t know that there were any. You want to say that again, that you don’t know that there were I have no personal knowledge of this matter.

I think what I said the last time, you’ve had two years to find out, and today, by the way, that was in reference to Ray Epps. And yesterday you indicted him. Isn’t that a wonderful coincidence? On a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, you’re sending Grandmas to prison. You’re putting people away for 20 years for merely filming. Some people weren’t even there yet. You’ve got the guy on video. He’s saying, go into the Capitol.

He’s directing people to the Capitol before the speech ends. He’s at the site of the first breach. You’ve got all the goods on him. Ten videos, and it’s an indictment for a misdemeanor. The American public isn’t buying it. As Joe just said, look at the look on Garland’s face where he seems baffled by his own stupidity. You see, he’s confused by himself because he understands that’s Tom Massey by the way, Congressman Tom Massey, who’s a good dude, right.

That’s Massey asking him simple questions. How the hell do you not know if there were confidential human sources or FBI employees working the crowd the day of January 6? Stop. The steel rally, where you called it and the subsequent incident, the Capitol, you’ve called it. Pearl harbor. Worse than the Civil War, worse than 911. How do you not no, you understand the meme you had one job. You’ve seen it before.

You had one job. We’ve explained. Look at you. You had one job. You’re the iceman. You walk up to a house with the ice thing, and the ice is already melted. You had one job. Get the ice to the house. Right? Merrick Garland has one job to know big things about big cases affecting a big portion of America because they’re important, big time. And Garland’s playing stupid. I don’t know nothing about nothing about nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen, listen to me. Anybody can play you these cuts and poke fun of these people. I’m playing them for a reason. I want you to understand. Garland knows exactly how many people were there in the Capitol who were working with the FBI and were sources. So does the head of the FBI and everyone else. They just don’t want to tell you why. Folks don’t jump to either end of this one.

Ended will say, well, the FBI organized the whole thing. I don’t think that’s the case. I just think the FBI had a more significant presence there than they want to tell you. So they don’t want to give Republicans and conservatives a talking point, even though it’s the truth that the FBI may have been actively involved that day and either sat back on its ass or done nothing or just watched the crimes happen and let them happen.

And who knows? Did some of these confidential human sources entrap? Some people, they just don’t want to answer the question. You understand? That’s why he’s not because once here, can I play this out for you guys? What happens if he answers the question? Think as an agent. Think as an agent. If he says what he knows, he knows the number, you understand? If he says there were 35 CHS and ten FBI personnel there today, what do you think the next question is? Key.

Any ideas? What’s the next question? Next question? He has no idea. At least he’s honest. The next question is, we’d like the names, and then what happened? They get subpoenaed. What role did you have that day? Why didn’t you stop it? Things we should all know, right? That is why he won’t you’re not going to get this kind of analysis anywhere else. That is why he won’t answer the question, because once he gives a number, the number is attached to a name.

Once we get a name, it’s attached to a subpoena. Once he’s attached to a subpoena, you’re going to get answers on January 6 they don’t want out there. This is another good one from yesterday’s disaster where Garland got wrecked. I saw somebody, by the way, put in the chat earlier as I was in there really early today, about 1020, and someone said, nothing’s going to happen. Guys, ladies, listen, please.

With the nothing’s going to happen. I get it, okay? This is not the way any of this works. You got to expose this stuff. None of this is going to happen. Like ripping a bandaid off. I agree. But the alternative is what? Do nothing and not at least try to get answers? I mean, what are you going to do? You’re going to ask questions? He’s not obligated to answer questions he doesn’t want to answer.

If he’s not going to answer, what are we going to do? Oh, well, he works for the people. He doesn’t care. In his mind, he’s an entitled human being. I take that back. Let me rephrase. He is obligated to answer them. That was poorly stated. He feels like I think I meant to say he feels like I don’t have to tell you shit. It’s an ongoing case, and he feels like the fact that these things are ongoing is justification from hiding it from you.

So forgive me for wording that poorly. That’s how he feels, but we got to try. We got to try. You know what? Let me get to my next spot. And on the other side of this, I want to play Matt Gates, who’s been doing great work up there, asking about the Hunter biden case. I got three cuts from this hearing. It went on all day. There’s a lot of kind of low lights from it.

There’s no highlights. But I feel like we did make a little bit of progress. If the best we can do is get that guy up there lying to people, then that’s what we got to do. That’s what we got to do. I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater here, folks. Listen. Anyone can slap a logo on a boring generic shirt. But with Land’s End Business, you can get made to order uniforms that become a part of your brand.

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Some of those people, it appears, in what could have been a quid pro quo. Got some nice cushy cushy, winky, winky, nod, nod. Government jobs afterwards, folks. Let me tell you something. You ready? Here’s another piece of inside baseball you might not hear on other shows, but you’re going to hear here. One of the dirtiest secrets of money laundering out there is if you’ve done federal agent investigations at the federal or even state level.

Laundering money is hard. If I’m selling drugs or counterfeit money and I’m getting 500, $600,000 in cash, folks, it’s impossible to do business that way. What are you going to do? You’re going to go cash everywhere? What are you going to buy? Yeah, you can buy a car in cash. You’re going to buy a house in cash. Folks. Eventually there’s going to be a financial trail. So they have to launder, clean the money.

One of the best ways to do it and to launder money and people do it by giving away kind of gold bars and stuff like that. We saw with the allegations against Bob Menendez. One of the other ways is art. Art making things look like a legitimate transaction by art. Because the value of art is totally subjective. Oh, my gosh. Hunter did a blowhole painting that’s worth a million dollars, $500,000, whatever it is.

So Matt Gates had a question about this. And again, I want you to watch Garland play Mr. Captain Stupid Guy because that’s what he does best. Not answering questions and playing a dumb guy. Check this out. So Hunter Biden is selling art to pay for his $15,000 a month rent in Malibu. How can you guarantee that the people buying that art aren’t doing so to gain favor with the President job of the Justice Department is to investigate criminal allegations.

We have are you investigating this? I mean, someone who bought Hunter Biden’s art ended up with a prestigious appointment to a federal position. Doesn’t it look weird that he’s become this immediate success in the art world as his dad is President of the United States? Isn’t that OD? I’m not going to comment about any specific. Not going to comment. Not going to investigate. So Hunter Biden associate, Devin Archer told us that Hunter sold the appearance of access to then Vice President Biden.

Are you confident he has stopped doing that? I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the question. Hunter Biden associate, Devin Archer told us that Hunter sold the appearance of access to then Vice President Biden. Are you confident he has stopped? I’m going to say again that all these matters are within the purview of Mr. Weiss. I have not interfered with them and I do not confident that he had stopped.

You could and I do not intend to interfere with so I’m assuming Kristen welcome from NBC has a comment on this. Guys, you know what a comment is going to be. There’s no evidence of any. No evidence at all. You’re right. They buy Hunter Biden’s paintings at grossly inflated prices. A $500,000 blowhole painting from a guy who’s never painted even paint by numbers before, and all of a sudden they get these jobs and positions and board spots.

Yeah, not no evidence at all. So our good friend Justin, who’s out of college, he and him been working on something I asked him last week. Do you all remember in the chat? You remember me asking for the no evidence remix? You remember that, Joe? That there was no evidence whatsoever joe Biden had had any connection whatsoever and profited at all from his grifting and his bride and crime family operations.

So it’s crazy. I didn’t even know this. Justin put this together a little on the one and twos. It’s short it’s sweet, it’s good. But this is all for you. You’re going to love this. Check this out. I’ve heard Joe Biden say that he’s never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with Joe Biden. Kristen Welker, that’s for you.

Maybe it’ll work better in song format. Maybe you don’t process information that well. I don’t know. Some people process visually through audio, whatever it may be. That’s for you, Kristen. Welker the Tony Bobalinski Remix of Joe Biden. I got a lot of Mutleys on that one. So, Justin, I know you’re watching out there. Everyone give a shout out to Justin. He did a good job with Got. Maybe we’ll make a longer version for the future, for the end of the year with a little scratching with the one and twos on there.

Scratching on the one and twos. All right, one more cut from this. This one’s just straight up funny. You know this congressman, Troy Nells? This guy’s got balls the size of freaking grapefruits. I love this guy. He don’t take any shit on the House floor there. So he’s down there on the House floor, and Twinkie’s Jerry Nadler, who I think soiled himself one day on a stage when he waddled off.

You ever seen that thing? He’s like, oh, boy. You know what I’m talking about? Looks like he had an accident, his diaper or whatever it is. And he waddles off this. If you’ve seen it, it’s hilarious. Troy Nells is talking to Garland, exposing Garland as a fraud again. And it’s interesting what he says, but what’s even more hilarious is Twinkie’s Nadler. I don’t know if he dropped a deuce in his pants or whatever.

All of a sudden, he decides he needs to interrupt Nells and Nell tells him to pipe down. This is the best part of the hearing. Check this out. Mr. Attorney General. What you just saw there was Joe Biden, in his arrogance and role as the vice president in this country, saying if you don’t fire Shokin, the United States isn’t given the $1 billion loan. Why would Joe Biden say that? As the vice president? Why would he say such a thing? Was it policy? Was it our policy at the time? Yes or no? It wasn’t.

I have documents here, interagency Policy Committee dated a information. Is the gentleman ever going to let I’m on my time. Pipe down. Saying Shokin had made he’s made significant reforms. Shokin did. Matter of fact. John Kerry says he was impressive. And, you know, within a few months after Sholkin was fired they appoint a prosecutor that said, we’re not going to look in the burisma anymore. Cancel it. Forget it.

We’re not looking in the Barisma boom. Here comes the million dollars. Joe Biden threatened the Ukrainian president and the prime minister. Everybody can see it. The fire shook him or the United States won’t give the billion dollars if that. Is not quid pro quo, sir. What is? I will tell you what it is, and America agrees with me. It’s bribery and it’s impeachable. Are you going to do something about it? I bet you not.

And that’s why you, sir, also need to be impeached. Jim, I really like this guy. So I know you listen to the podcast, Jim. Listens on the radio show. We got to book this guy on the show. I love this guy. This guy, Nells. Congressman Nels, with respect respect, sir? The position congressman got to say that’s the right thing to do. You earned it. I really like this guy.

Pipe down, Twinkies. I’m talking. Go get a WiPEY out, clean up your drawers, whatever you were doing on the stage when you waddled off that time. Okay? I had a Maylocks moment or whatever it is. Chad loves Justin. You got that, Jim? All right, Jim’s. Texting me. Call. I like this guy. Now. You like this guy, Nells? You want to see him on a radio show? We need more people.

There’s the quorum on the floor. You shouldn’t oh, yeah, okay, sure. Yeah. We got the police staters censoring conservatives throwing people into Gulag, locking up grandma, you got federman. The slob thinks he’s Alan Iverson on the Senate floor in basketball shorts and a hoodie. Yeah, tell me about decorum. Tell me about it while I’m laughing in your face, you dip wads. Folks, listen. The Left, I’ve said to you often I was doing a cable TV hit last night, probably my last one for a long time, so I hope you liked it.

However, I was doing cable last night and I brought up this idea that you need to understand. This idea of hierarchy versus hypocrisy. The Left doesn’t care that we expose them as hypocrites. You all understand this. I’ve said it many times before. Communists don’t care when they murder and put people in Gulags that their families think the Communists are hypocrites because they’re living like capitalists. The communist doesn’t care.

The Communist is about the exercising of power and hierarchy. When they are on top of you on the power chain, how do you get on top of someone on the power chain? You have more assets to deploy to keep them beneath you. Police, political power, the media. When you’re on top, you use your power to destroy other people. They care about hierarchy first. It explains something really ugly that happened yesterday that a lot of conservatives, some who are confused, very few, but some are confused, didn’t get.

They’re like, no way they did. What I’m about to talk about next, let me get to my last sponsors first. I’ll talk about that. We got a Biden Follies update and this F 35 story, which has gone from crazy to crazier to now totally freaking bananas. Just crazy blackout coffee. What’s the question, folks? What’s the question I’m going to ask right now? Yes. Thank you, Joseph. Does everybody in the chat agree? Let’s check.

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So head to Mdhearing. com like Mary David Mdhering. com and use our promo code Patriot and get their new Buy One. Get 11 49 99 each offer when you buy a pair. Mdhering. com promo code Patriot. All right back to the show. Here’s what I mean. A bunch of people reached out to me yesterday. They were like, Dan, no way. You believe this? Secretary Mayorkas, the most disgraced department of Homeland secretary in the United States history.

A guy who’s done the reverse. He’s the anti Homeland Security secretary because the Homeland’s become less secure since him and Biden have been in charge of the border. And Homeland Security. Right? My orchest announced the establishment of a Homeland intelligence expert. Experts. Experts. I mean, we need that, right? I mean, Homeland Security, joe, you want experts, right? By the way, in the chat, before you get to I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be distracted.

You know me, I’m like ADHD. But can you guys see this little burn on my forehead right there? I had to put a little makeup can you see it, Joe? Right here. Can you see where I burn myself? Now, you see in the chat, obviously a yes. Can you see it, or of I don’t know why this is like I’m my mind right? So is the bot guy going to yes, you can.

Okay, grelson six, as you can see, can only put so much on there. Yes, you can see it. All right, cool. But this is hilarious. So they established this Homeland Intelligence expert group, and I want you to notice who two of the members are. There’s actually three of them who signed it, but two, john Brennan and Jim Clapper. So just to be clear, two of these morons here’s, paul Colby, too, was another on they were signers of the infamous laptop is Russian disinformation letter that came out before the election.

So Hunter Biden shows up to a laptop repair store with a laptop with a Biden family sticker on it, signs for the laptop, shows up himself, leaves his number and address behind. Right? The laptop has emails, texts and photos from Hunter Biden with Hunter Biden’s business partners on it. And these three idiots signed a letter suggesting and implying this was Russian disinformation. And now they’re back on the Homeland Security Intelligence Advisory Committee thing.

You’re probably thinking in the chat, I got a couple OMGs in there. OMG. How could they do this? The answer, I just told you, ladies and gentlemen, is more evidence of my hierarchy over hypocrisy theory. Do you think they care that the Dan Bongino show is exposing these three idiots as total hypocrites and losers right now? They don’t care. Why? Tell me the answer in the chat. The answer is you already know.

They don’t care because they are on top of you in political power right now. They believe in the double barrel middle finger. And these three were appointed to the Homeland Security Intelligence Committee precisely to stick it right up your caboose. You get that, right? This was done to insult you. It wasn’t done. And they’re like, oh, my God, conservatives are insulted. Let’s think this through. That’s the precise reason they were put on there to let you know they’re in charge.

And you suck. That’s why I keep telling you the next Republican president, whether it be Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Donald Trump, Vivek, Ron DeSantis no matter who it is, if we win, and I’m getting increasingly worried about it by the day, by the way, if we win, what happens to all the personnel at the top that we can’t trust to have their allegiance to the Constitution? What happens to them? Folks, just let me know.

That’s right. Fired. When? Day one. By now. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. That’s the only way. Because then the hierarchy principle applies to us, too. Now we’re in charge. The difference is we’re going to apply some principle. Is your allegiance to the constitution no. Goodbye now. See you later. 86%. I love this bot guy. Whoever the bot guy is in the chat who can run the you are the greatest thing ever.

That is the greatest thing I’ve ever 86%. The other 14. I love you guys a lot. Maybe you’re just faking it for me. Maybe your eyes are as bad as mine. I could barely see anything anymore. But when you get older, right? Did you guys and ladies experience this? When you’re in your 40s, things go bad like that. It’s not like my eyesight went bad gradually. This happened to you, joe, you’re a little older than me.

I could see great. I had 2010 vision and I couldn’t see anything. And it all happened like that. Like this morning, I’m looking at how many views we got on Rumble yesterday for the show. And I’m sitting there and I get up at like five, but I lay in the bed for like 20 minutes and take some deep breaths and stuff. So I’m looking sideways. I couldn’t see the number for the first time.

Dude, I’m not kidding. I had to expand it. I was like, damn it, I’m going blind. How the hell did this happen? I’m only 48. And one more thing. I wasted waste much time today, but I lost way too much weight and it’s because of this book tour. I know I look thin and yes, it does not look good. I hate it. This is not my weight. I’m usually about 210.

I weighed myself this morning. I was 196. 4. It’s inexcusable. I’m turning into a twig. My apologies. This is not a good look for me at all. I’m really, like shredded right now. I’d show you if I was Geraldo, but it’d be kind of weird. But having said that, that’s not my thing. I’m not like trying to be an underwear model. I want to be like a big dog.

And 196. 4 is no bueno. So I’m going to get a little more gooey in the next couple of weeks. I got to put some weight back on. I don’t know if I got to eat the popcorn and the rice again? A little bit, but you’re in great shape. Who just said that? Real Liz. Rare. Thank you. Real Liz. I appreciate that. Thank you. Yes, I am. Of course, you know I’m totally insecure.

But he knows me. I hate you. I quietly hate you. You understand that? And your Star Wars takes. I’m kidding. I love these guys. They hear me all day. How could I not? If I hated Gee, his job would be super weird. Oh, look at this. Look at this. This is crazy. As if out of nowhere. Remember I’ve been asking you about this Republican congressman, Ken Buck? Republican? I didn’t say that wrong.

He keeps showing up on CNN pretending to be confused about the Hunter Biden evidence. The Justin remix. Bob Alinsky remix was for him. How? The business partner said he was in business with Joe Biden. And Ken Buck doesn’t seem to know that. He’s like, no, man, I’m too dumb to read the evidence. Oh, looky here. Looks so weird. Are we not a couple weeks ahead of the news cycle, folks? As predicted, Republican Ken Buck eyes CNN job while criticizing Biden impeachment in Greek.

The uni party crap is totally real, by the way, for those of you. Sometimes you send me stuff about the uni party. Yes, I agree. It’s weird how you send it to me as if I don’t know. I’m not talking about you in the chat. But you think I don’t understand that? I get it. The uni party’s real. How many times I got to tell you that? What is my golden rule? It’s literally a golden rule of the show.

Most Republicans are really Democrats. I e the uniparty. However, no Democrats are really Republicans. I e the uniparty. You don’t have to tell me about it. So why do you tell us to go and vote? Because, ladies and gentlemen, golden rule number two is although Republicans may not be the solution to your problems, who’s the cause of all your problems? Democrats. So in an imperfect world, if someone says to me, you want to continue to suck or suck a little less, I’ll suck a little less.

That’s the world we’re living in, bro. You want the happy, happy, joy, joy Show? Ren and Stimpy. Happy, happy, joy. You want Ren? There he is. And you want Stimpson. JCAT. You want thank you to listening. You want the Ren and Stimpy show? You’re an idiot. You’re an idiot, Stimpy. You want that? Then you got to go watch Ren and Stimpy. You want the real world? One party sucks, and one party sucks more.

So in a world of shitty marginal choices, I’m voting for the party that sucks less. Maybe I should leave them out for a little bit. I like Ren. Maybe I’m going to put them right here. I missed these two. Alyssa what do you guys think? You ever watch Ren and Stimpy? If you’ve watched ren and Stimpy under the influence of psychedelic drugs. It’s a different thing. I’ve heard I’m dead serious.

I don’t do drugs. I mean it. But a couple of friends of mine said if you watch it and you’re like totally whacked out of your mind or something like that, the show is totally different. I don’t know, Joe’s like, yes, I’ve heard that don’t do not buy bag of donuts. But I’ve heard rumors about that. Look at that. You know, Ren was the dog, but everybody thinks Ren, if you don’t watch the show, is the cat is a chihuahua.

Or as Lesna Esman called it, a chihuahua, if you know what I mean. If you’ve seen the Think, I’m just really like folks, do you think the show derailed? Is the show too much today? Tell me the truth. Yes, if it’s too much. No, you like it because Gee thinks that I’m just in a mood today, man. Yes. Okay. All right. Good. Yes. See, they like to rent Stimbie stuff, the taco dog.

Okay, Biden folly’s update, because I got to get to this 35 thing. Ladies and gentlemen, Mumbles is back now again, this is all good. No, see, Gee, you’re totally wrong. Bot chat guy, bot guy, please give us a poll. The No’s mean, the show is not off the rails. And Gee is crazy. You don’t see him in a rundown. Ren and Stimpy, he’s going to put it jim’s going to put in rundown.

The biden follies are backed. I want you to listen to Mumbles. This guy’s. The President of the United States. The crazy part about this is you think Biden’s got SpaghettiOs for brains. Now imagine, I’m telling you, at 40, like every year, things get worse. Imagine this guy’s condition if he’s 86. How bad? This guy of a shape he’s going to be in. Okay, here he is at the UN.

Mumbling through a speech again. And the next one’s even better. He can’t even walk on a stage anymore. Here, check this out. As we evolve our institutions and drive creative new partnerships, let me be clear. Certain principles are in the national system are sacrosanct. What did he just say? Are those even real words? Was that on the sat? Is he making these words up? Is that like some new orwellian new speak? Like biden speak.

Here it gets even worse. This is a classic again. I’ve told you a thousand times. The Secret Service and the staff give him a rundown of what to do. Walk on stage from stage left, exit stage right, shake hands. Biden, never here he is walking out on stage again. Lost, bumps into the flag. And then Gee, what does he do? Did you see it, folks? Did you see it? The Biden skip, where he pretends like he’s this young, frosty, like Emmett Smith running back for the Cowboys.

Watch the skip. This is classic. Check this out. President of the United States and the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, accompanied by the Director General of the International Labor Organization. You see the skip, folks, when you see the skip, the Biden skip, you can never unsee it. Now you’re going to notice it every time. Please stop skipping. You’re going to fall on your face and you’re going to get yourself hurt.

But he does it to pretend he’s this spry kind of young guy. Now you’ll never unsee this. He does it all the time, and he does it it’s like a nervous tick. We’ve all got him. It’s a nervous tick. He does it’s like his brain trips into, like, oh, go, skip. And you’ll look all frosty kind of thing. All right, throwing that aside for a second, on a serious note, folks, listen, the border right now is an absolute mess.

The story’s getting lost with everything going on right now. There’s so much going on between the Garland stuff, the Hunter Biden stuff, the election coming up, these false prosecutions of Trump, this primary on the Republican side that we are right now. There’s an invasion going on. I don’t really give a damn what the liberals want to call it in their stupid Euphemisms game. You can just watch it.

You don’t even need to. You can just watch it. There is absolutely an invasion going on right now. Bill Malujin has been reporting for Fox down at the border. He’s doing a good job. He said that. Now the border patrol is calling it now a total free for all. I just want you to take a quick look at some of the video from Bill Malusian. Is this a vo or okay, it’s a straight video.

I want you to watch this at the border again, ladies and gentlemen. Tell me what you’re watching is not an invasion so I can laugh at you later on if you think otherwise. Check this out. Lining up at a port of entry there. What do you think is going on here, by the way? Where are all the families we told? Where were we told? Where are they? They’re coming from all over the world, folks.

It’s a total free for all. But again, what’s the theory? Tell me in the chat. It’s just not what? Not bad? No. No. Dan. It’s bad enough. People are going to vote differently. You sure? Yeah. Check out this New York Post article. San Francisco drug overdose deaths hit a record high. It’s like a zombie apocalypse. Oh. It’s bad, right? Oh, definitely. People are going to vote different. No, they’re not.

Gee, is this in the show notes today? This article? Oh, you need to read this. You want a wake up call? Send this article. No, not that one, the next one. This ABC News piece. Send this ABC News piece to every one of your friends. Yeah, I don’t need to show up in the next election. People are pissed off. It’s going to be a landslide. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something right now.

I’m going to give you some IPAC right now because I ain’t here to bullshit you. You want bullshit? Find another show. The Democrats are kicking our ass. No. Yeah, read the article. Nathaniel Rackich, ABC News. You know Democrats won another special election this past week in New Hampshire. Do you know they won it in a Republican district? You know they won it by twelve points? Oh my gosh, we’re doing so great.

Everybody’s pissed off. Really? How come they keep winning everywhere? Now you can take this one of two ways. You could say, oh my gosh, we’re losing. I’m giving up. You’re not going to do that because you’ve got balls. We got 68, 69,000 people here ready to take their country back because it’s our country. And we’re not forfeiting. Because we’re not wishbags and tools and losers. We can win.

We’ve won in the past. We just won. I believe in both of these past elections and we got screwed, okay? I think we can get this done and we will get it done. But what I don’t want is anyone believing this is going to be some freaking landslide because immigration, we’re being invaded, the dollar is worthless and because crime is rampaging. No, we keep losing. We keep losing.

There’s a free for all at the border. Overdoses in a record in San Francisco and we’re getting smoked. You better get ten friends to the polls with you, man. You’re going to have a really tough time recovering from this. All right, I got to show you this. I’m debating what order you know what, let me show you first the news story. Okay? This F 35 story has gotten crazier and crazier.

So we have this $80 million next generation fighter pilot, ejects, you’ve probably heard the story. Plane is alleged to have crashed in a field I don’t even know what I believe anymore about this story right now. This story pops in the New York Post. If you believe this, tell me in the chat. Do you believe this bullshit story? I mean, if I’ve ever heard a bullshit story to end bullshit stories, this is the bullshit story.

New York Post f 35 pilot ejected from 100 million dollar jet over South Carolina due to bad weather. Chatsters chad you so Joe. So Joe’s flying commercial. Let’s say Joe’s going to Alaska for a fishing trip and they hit a little turbulence and Joe’s eating his bag of pretzels on the thing. And the pilot walks down the aisle with an oxygen mask and a parachute and everybody’s like, hey, bro, where you going? Yeah, bad weather, man got a bail.

You’d be a little like weirded out, right? Joe like, I don’t want to die. Yeah, so I’m just checking, like, it’s an F 35 and it was another plane with them and bad weather. You really believe this? Folks, let me tell you something. The bongino rule again, is in full effect. I do not want to jump to conclusions, but I’m going to tell you something right now. That story is bullshit.

I don’t know what story is true, but I know that story is absolutely bullshit. My guess is something probably happened to the plane they don’t want to tell us about. Was it hacked? I don’t know, but certainly sounds like it. Flag it. Damn right. Flag it. September 1150. September 21. Got you. There is zero chance the bad weather story is true. Zero. And by the way, folks, if it’s bad weather, you are going to exit a perfectly functioning plane to parachute down in same said, bad weather.

I ain’t a pilot, man. There’s a lot of flags up there. But that sounds like, again, this, however, is not bullshit. This is real. This is probably the I didn’t think joe, when you saw this, you think this was fake? No, but I did. I totally thought this was fake. Yes. I thought this was fake. This is a low. It’s a guy. This guy is just gold. I love this guy.

They go to this local guy in South Carolina who heard that plane crash is F 35. This is real. I swear to you. I thought this was AI or a comic skit. You got to be careful online. Apparently this is real. This is the local news station, which by far, if there was an Emmy for a guy, a citizen being asked to comment on local news, this guy should get it describing the playground.

Again, it’s real. Check this out. Randolph White retired from his job at the paper mill in Georgetown ten years ago. He lives in this house with his wife in a very rural area of Williamsburg County. He loves living about 2 miles away from where he grew up. Normally, it’s pretty quiet, but on Sunday afternoon, I was in the bathroom taking a shave and I heard a screeching between a screech and a whistle.

I said, what in the world is this? And I heard a boom in my whole house. White says he didn’t realize it was a plane at the time, so he didn’t call anybody. I love this guy. That was fake. Okay, so the F 35 story is definitely bullshit. That is not that is real. That is a real news report. I love that guy. Those things are gold. That guy is going to be a meme forever.

He’s going to be a giphy. I promise you. You are going to be famous. The Internet will never let you die, sir. You will live on forever. You will be like for a gee reference. You will be like Obiwan Kenobi. You strike him down, you will only make him stronger. He is you don’t think that guy’s good? That guy will 1000% be a giphy or a meme. No doubt about it.

Her, you will live on forever. I can’t believe I’m not going to get to this economics block. I can’t believe I’ve been holding it for three days. Some of you like it. There’s a guy who came up to me in a book signing. I told him I dedicate the next one to him, but sorry, I forgot the name. So the next one, I’m going to have to get to it tomorrow because it’s a good one.

It’s a good one. Even if you hate economics blocks. This guy loves them. But I do want to play his video before we go. Ladies and gentlemen, there is another dastardly Republican claiming an election was stolen. Yes, sir. Merrick Garland is looking into it right now. Here is audio of an actual press conference. This is for the Bridgeport, Connecticut mayor’s race. This is very real. Merrick Garland is looking into it right now.

This is, of course, tyranny. They’re trying to steal this stuff. Check it out. In this primary alone, the city of Bridgeworth received over 4000 aptency ballot applications, an unprecedented number in the city and possibly the state. This trend, coupled with the State Election Enforcement Commission’s recommendations regarding the misuse of absentee ballots in the city’s 2019 mayoral election, has raised serious concerns about the potential for abuse in the absentee ballot system.

Just kidding. Just kidding. No, that’s real. I’m not kidding about that. That’s actually real. But that’s a Democrat, John Gomes and their team complaining about the Bridgeport election, that it may have been stolen from them. Why aren’t they under arrest? Well, because they’re Democrats. You really need like I said, hierarchy folks. It’s not hypocrisy. They’re allowed to complain about whatever they want. Hey, I got a favor to ask you.

So my cousin’s name is Michael, Michael Bongino. If you ever meet him, love him to death, obviously. My father’s brother’s son. That’s how he becomes a cousin. But my father’s brother Jimmy, who is my godfather, and he’s my first cousin. Good dude. Locust Valley School District. They’re having a game they call the remembrance game. It’s being played on Saturday, September 23. It’s a homecoming game for Locust Valley High School against Cold Spring Harbor.

It’s pretty cool. It’s a really patriotic event. It’s called the remembrance bowl. And gee, you got the details. So if you want to show up and support the cause out there, if you’re out there on Long Island in New York, it’s Locust Valley High School, 99 Horse Hollow Road in Locust Valley. Game time is 02:00 p. m. Saturday, September 23. That’s this week. If you’re up there in the remembrance poll, my cousin will be there.

He looks a little bit like me. Not much. He’s much better looking. He’s got a little bit of olive tone skin. He’s got more of the Sicilian in him than I do. I’m half Irish and German, but his name is Michael. Say hello. Locust Valley High School 02:00 P. m Saturday, September 23 the remembrance bowl. It’s going to be a cool. Game. You’re all going to love it.

Very patriotic cause and I promised them I would put that out there. So thank you very much for doing that folks. Thank you so much for tuning in. I so really appreciate it. If you want to check us out every day and join the chat, you can join the chat. How many people we got? And even look, I took it over 70,000. Yes, sir. I love it when you all tune in on the chat.

11:00 a. m. Eastern time. Be here. Rumble. com bongino. Click that follow button, you’ll get a notification that we’re online. You just join right in, set up an account, it’s free. Chat away. And again. Hot tip to Marth Vader. Met her at the event the other day. She probably watches Ashoki too. Like what’s his new thing? Ashoki or whatever. Hi folks, thanks again. Thanks again for picking up my new book, The Gift of Failure, making it a huge bestseller.

Really deeply appreciate it. See you on a radio show later. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show. .


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