The Federalized Sheriffs Of America? EMERGENCY CONFERENCE HELD WITH A CRYPTIC PUBLIC WARNING.. | David Nino Rodriguez

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➡ David Nino Rodriguez talks about a discussion between a host, a ghost, and Sheriff Joshua James about a recent convention of sheriffs. They discuss concerns about a potential event that could cause harm, the federalization of local law enforcement, and the importance of understanding constitutional rights. They also talk about the role of the FBI and the potential for control over local police and sheriffs.
➡ The text discusses the idea that there’s a plan to control local law enforcement and sheriffs in the U.S. It suggests that despite talks of defunding the police, new police departments are being built. The text also mentions that some areas don’t have sheriffs and that the role of a sheriff is to protect the rights of the people. It ends by discussing the importance of understanding constitutional authorities and the potential for a civil war.
➡ This text talks about the power of local sheriffs in the United States and how they can stand up to the federal government. It also discusses concerns about people crossing the borders from Canada and Mexico, potentially causing disruption. The text suggests that people should support their local sheriffs and ask them about their plans for dealing with potential issues. It also mentions the idea of a “sheriff of the republic,” a role that seems to have more power and independence than a typical sheriff.
➡ The article discusses how many elected officials may not be following the rules set out in state constitutions, including taking oaths of office and securing bonds. It suggests that citizens should be able to file complaints against officials who aren’t upholding their duties, but this process has been made difficult. The article also mentions concerns about the federalization of local sheriffs and the potential for violent events in the near future. It ends by urging people to educate themselves and take action to defend their country.
➡ This text talks about the importance of people and local authorities, like sheriffs, standing up for their rights and not being swayed by fear or manipulation. It emphasizes that we need to educate ourselves, work together, and remember the principles our country was built on. The text also suggests that there might be confusing events designed to scare us in the near future, but we shouldn’t let fear control us. Lastly, it mentions the need to bring God back into our lives and society.


All right, folks, welcome to Nino’s Corner tv. This is going to be the fluff Tube edition. I’m joined with a ghost and Sheriff Joshua James, who’s a constitutional sheriff of the Republic of Texas. Did I say that right, Joshua? That works. Okay. So who better to have on to explain all this to me and my audience than you and obviously the ghost. There’s a video going viral right now of a sheriff of a Butler county sheriff that held a conference or he went to a convention with 3300, I guess, other sheriffs that were supposed to be involved in this convention, and he basically came back and briefed the news media about what he learned.

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It’s down there at the link below and get started. Now’s the time you don’t want to wait, I’ll tell you that much. There’s so much going on and this right here to me is they’re kicking off the year with saying, hey, looks like not if, but when an event is going to happen. Now, Josh, I guess I’m going to play some of this video, but first, Josh, give me your outlook on this.

I’ll play probably a little bit of this first just so we can all get our mouths wet and understand what this guy’s saying. And then I’ll stop every few seconds for you guys to chime in. We’ll start it off with my name is Rick Jones. I’m the Butler county sheriff, Butler County, Ohio. I just came back from a national sheriff’s training in DC. So first off, it’s in DC.

That raises some alarm bells for me. Right? Sheriff Joshua oh, absolutely. What can you say about that? Are they trying to federalize the sheriffs? Is that what’s going on here? Well, for the past 40 years, they’ve been taking stealing the powers away from the sheriff’s department. They don’t teach law enforcement in police academies. They don’t train these guys into law enforcement. They’re not teaching. We’re indoctrinated in our school systems.

They don’t teach government civics. People don’t know their rights, so they don’t know how to stand on them. And the federal government has been federalizing the police departments and the sheriff’s departments. And as more people are starting to learn law, the constitution, the rights, God, and all these things, and people are starting to learn what the constitutional sheriff means, the sheriffs could deputize the entire county. It’s called the people’s posse.

And it’s our duty by law, constitutionally, to help a sheriff anytime he requests it. So if they start now taking these 30 people and training them into civilians, into the sheriff’s department as special deputies or whatever they’re calling it, they’re going to federalize those entities. This is the exact same way other countries in our past and past wars were able to get these people to fight against the enemies that they created.

Wow. Okay, let’s play a little bit more here. Three days ago, two days ago, we were briefed by the FBI director, Ray, the director of the FBI and several federal agencies. There’s 3300 sheriffs in the United States. The president of the United States refuses to meet with the sheriffs of the 3300. We have a hierarchy. We have a president. We have a vice president, president of the United States.

That’s an interesting number, 3333. Very masonic. I mean, I pick up on things like this. And basically they’re meeting because why? They’re in fear of some event going to take place. Let’s listen further. States refuses to meet with the sheriffs. He also refuses to meet with the police chiefs of the United States. They have a hierarchy. Also. He refuses to meet with them to talk about border issues or talk about crime that’s going on because of the border issue.

We were also told by Mr. Ray, the FBI director, that there are more red flags going off now than before 911. Okay, so right there, that tells you that the climate that we’re in right now is more dangerous than pre 911 with the borders being wide open. Anybody and everybody coming over here, you got Chinese, you got husbullah, you got Hamas, you got everybody coming here. And it looks like we’re getting ready to kick off a war with Iran.

I mean, the climate is hot, folks when I say red flags, meaning people that are here in this country that are wanting to do harm to us, we were also explained. We’re in two countries right now. Two countries. These people do not like us. Before this started, there’s thousands of people here from other countries, 160 different countries. They’re here not to be our friends. Some of them are coming because they’re wanting to come here to the best country in the world.

The way we see it, some are coming here to do harm to us. So, Josh, why would they be holding this in? Why are they trying to get the control of the sheriffs? Is that what they’re doing to federalize them? Of course they’ve had control over them. The attorneys are where they get their advice. I’ve been traveling the country for over a year trying to train sheriffs how to be constitutional.

But the attorneys make them feel. They try to tell them like, I’m crazy. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Lawyers tried to tell them that I’m not a lawyer. I’m teaching law without a license. But these guys do not understand the true role of a constitutional sheriff. Honestly, in order to be law enforcement in this country, you have to enforce the Constitution, and you have to be bonded.

You have to have skin in the game. And none of these guys are bonded. None of them are enforcing the constitution whatsoever. They enforce the color of law, which is statutes and codes, and statutes and codes are supposed to be the rules for elected officials and law enforcement, not for we, the people. You know what scares me is. And then Ghost, I’m sure you probably can chime in on this as well, is that, first of all, they’re meeting with the FBI.

Okay? That tells me the FBI wants to get complete control over the sheriffs, right? I mean, they’re trying to set up a narrative, and they want all the sheriffs in Locke, step. Am I right in saying that? Ghost, the only way they can do it is to present law through a fictional lens. All right? Josh is absolutely right. The only way the FBI can intimidate a sheriff of a county is through a fictional pathway.

Josh, you mentioned lawyers. Okay? What are all these lawyers? Bar members? Or they had to pass the bar of their state again. Then you must know what bar means and the history of it. So this is a federal hoodwink. We’re holding back all of this intel on over. It’s. It’s 3300, but it’s over 3300 counties in this country. So what, in essence, they’re trying to do late in the game as far as defensive posture is concerned is hoodwink a lot of the sheriffs in this country into saying, well, this is going to hit hard.

And when it does, you’ll come running to us. Well, no, you don’t have to go running to the FBI. You don’t have to go running to DC. Let me play more of this video. And we were told by the FBI director, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. We were also told five sheriffs went to Israel five weeks after the attack. The only thing that saved the Israelis, the government, was the local police.

They were outgunned, outmanned. They came over, the sheriffs were there, they talked to the police. The local police are what saved that country. You can’t just call even in Israel. So this would make sense to me. They want control of our local police and sheriffs. Right? Sheriff Joshua? That’s right. That’s absolutely right. They’ve been doing it for a long time. This is nothing new. All these guys could have been doing all these things for a very long time.

Why now? Why were they waiting? Because their paychecks or pensions or retirements, everything’s been held over their head. There’s others that have been threatening their lives that are not a part of our government for a very long time, especially the closer you get to the border. It’s a very evil thing that’s happening behind the scenes. So this is their way of trying to control the narrative and controlling.

So they brought these people into DC to control the narrative, control the sheriffs, control the local police. Correct. They want to have a grip or a hold on all this. Absolutely. In fact, a lot of these cities that we’re talking about defunding the police, it just so happens a lot of them now are building new police departments in a lot of places. They’re actually doing imminent domain, kicking people out of their homes to build these new police departments.

Why would they want to be building new police departments? If they want to defund the police? You can’t just call the military up and they’re going to be there. Okay? They went house to house the israeli police. When our guys got there, the sheriffs said, they just don’t hate us, they hate you guys equally. And the same people that train them are the same people that train people to hate us.

The FBI director said when 911 hit, there’s more red flags now than them. And he said, these are people that want to kill us and do harm to us. Okay. I think we all know what this means. I think we all see what this means. It’s pretty obvious to me. They’re setting the table. They’re setting the table for this. And this video is going viral. They’re setting the table right now for us to be conditioned that some kind of event is coming and that it’s going to be something that the sheriffs and local police have to get involved.

It looks like this is going to be a massive event, probably before what happens in November. Do you guys agree with me on this? Absolutely. They’re definitely going to make that attempt. This has been a plan for a very long time. It’s not off the wall, off the cuff. This has been the objective for a while. All of these sheriffs across the country and every county in America, I mean, there’s counties in America that have no sheriffs.

Miami Dade county and Florida, they don’t have a sheriff. Haven’t had one for five plus years. There’s places up in the northeast, Vermont and New Hampshire. And some of these places that don’t even have sheriffs know places like Texas, where a long time ago, they created constables to help take some of the power away from the sheriff. These sheriffs have the. You hit the mute button. Still nothing.

There we go. There. You back? You’re back. Yeah, my phone’s been acting very glitchy for about a week or so. It’s all right, keep going. So there’s counties all over America that have no sheriffs. Miami Dade county and Florida hasn’t had a sheriff in over five years. There’s other counties and states up in the northeast that haven’t had sheriffs in a very long time. And then in Texas a long time ago, they created constables to help take a lot of that power away from the sheriffs.

To divide is a de jour sheriff versus a de facto sheriff is there to protect the rights of the people. That’s why there’s no rules for a sheriff. Grandma can become a sheriff. You don’t need to go to the police academy. You don’t need to go do any of these things. And the purpose of that is to have real people, we the people, protecting the rights of we the people, because we cannot expect a federal government or any of these counties, cities and states to police themselves.

That’s the people’s job. That’s title 18, subsection 245. It was our duty, the people’s duty to form our own law enforcement. And they’ve made us forget this over time. And I think people are starting to come to the recollection that this was our job, this is our duty. It’s our duty to prevent tyrants from taking over our government. Because if we only were going to save us, nobody else is going to come in and save us.

Well, I’m learning a lot about this with you right now because initially when I saw this conference or this briefing he gave to the media, I thought to myself, okay, well, you know me, symbology will be their downfall, right? 3300 sheriffs, this and that, I started putting together, I’m like, wait, they’re meeting in DC? That doesn’t seem right. They’re getting their orders or they’re getting briefed by the FBI.

That’s another red flag to me. So all these things I started adding up and I called the ghost and then I called you, and then you both kind of put this in perspective for me. And now look at this. Now we have this podcast going right now where I’m learning a lot right now. I never knew they were just. I had no idea about you, Josh, running for the Republic of know, I didn’t even know that was something you do as a sheriff.

You want to explain that a little bit to my audience? Well, whenever I was running for Bernalito county sheriff in New Mexico, where Albuquerque is, that’s where the governor, pretend governor of New Mexico, tried to take our second amendment away. In Bernalillo County, I was the third most. Well, things weren’t fair there. I was the third most unfair in that whole, the. Sorry that threw me off. While I was running for that position, I was appointed into the Republic of Texas.

And after that election was over, I was then elected into my position in the Republic of Texas. I mean, we can go on the Republic of Texas a whole nother conversation, but there’s a lot of things a lot of people don’t know. But the Republic of Texas took the state of Texas to the supreme court of Texas in 95 and 97, as well as the courts of international justice where they ruled that the state of Texas has no jurisdiction over the Republic of Texas.

As people are starting to learn about the constitutional republic, we start to learn how the state ofs were created. And there was a lot of treason that was used to create those state ofs, which is a for profit corporation. A lot of people hear about Texas seceding from the union. Texas can never secede. The state of Texas can never secede from the union because they never ceded into anything.

Those rules were applied to the Republic of Texas. But when the Republic of Texas was annexed after the Alamo by the United States. They didn’t just make Texas another statehood. They took the Republic of Texas and they stuck it in Washington DC. And when we took back that treaty, because treaty law supersedes all other law, everybody’s learning about the Nuremberg right? That’s all treaty. And so that can go into international courts.

And so that when we got the treaty back, it came with federal powers. So it’s absolutely unnecessary for Texas to secede from the union. We don’t need Washington DC at one point said, I could just move the capital to Texas. He wasn’t kidding. It’s absolutely possible. And remember, the people are the okay, not the states, the people and the republic has always existed. It’s just been covered in dust.

It’s been forgotten about that. We’ve been indoctrinated as we learn how to take it back. And trust me, there are republics that are coming back in this country. Illinois, Oregon and others that have been doing things properly, that have been putting in the paperwork properly, have been reconfiguring the public trust. See the state of operate in a private trust that they control, not we, the people, because we’re employees of the government.

That’s how we’ve been designed through. A lot of people want to abolish the IRS. Well, there’s no reason to do that either. Because once we take back our status, standing and jurisdiction, the IRS is supposed to operate and control the government and elected officials, not we the people. There’s a lot of things that we can do that we’re just unaware of. So we need to learn our constitutional authorities so that we can assert them properly.

And we can never pull anybody out of their office until we show that we’ve made all efforts constitutionally. Otherwise we’re going to look like a bunch of barbarians. And that’s what they want. That’s why they’re promoting a civil war. Exactly. And that’s why it’s important that and more information needs to come out about the 14th Amendment in particular. You had the three civil wartime amendments, 13th, 14th and 15th, the 14th being the linchpin where in congressional record, as I’ve said on your show many times, Nino, you will find where they stated, under no circumstances can anyone be denied leaving the new citizenship formation that came about as of the 14th Amendment, which was corporate citizenship.

Okay, you can’t stop them. Why then that is admitting to a fraud. Because what happened with the eleven southern states was that they were put under the Reconstruction act and the Reconstruction period. But they were all, in truth, military, provisional governments administered out of the District of Columbia and even in cases like Texas versus white and a few others, if these lawyers really knew what they were doing.

No, they don’t, because they haven’t been taught specific law in this country as of 1956. And that’s a whole nother lecture. But the bottom line is we had through that time period in this country, no one was freed of anything. It laid the groundwork for what we have that was put into place in 71, 78 and all the way up through 13 1913, debt, slavery. You had the central banking system of Europe wanting to do what it needed to do so that North America as a whole, because Canada, ask how many people in Canada right now want to become states of America, especially the western provinces, and how many wish to at least become protectorates of the United States? There’s so much to this issue, and I know Josh can attest to this.

There is so much to this issue of what we’re talking about tonight. We could go on for days, but to clarify it, to give it a clarifying statement, you have a fictional jurisdiction trying to, again through slight of word sleight of law, whether it’s us code, it doesn’t matter, reassert itself and intimidate from sheriff’s positions below and above into conforming because fear tactics are coming into play. How long have I been saying and others equally so been saying this is coming, events will increase, it will reach a tipping point.

How many of us have said in several years prior this time was coming? Everybody always wanted to, no, it’s data points. It’s moves. That sheriff’s speech in Ohio is a data point. And he’s calling, well, let’s bs on their briefing and he’s giving it to his people as a service to them. Now, out of several hundred thousand, you have 30. Let those 30 be trainers. Of trainers. Of trainers because that’s what it’s going to require because we as Americans cannot just simply sit back and allow these.

How long have we been talking about the wrong sorts have been crossing the border, not just the southern border, the northern border, a whole different group of people, primarily, if you were to break them down, crossing, but of the same agenda to disrupt and cause classic infiltration and confusion within a state. Now let’s not call this state the United States of America because it really isn’t. It’s the republic of the United States of North America and let’s just call it the republic.

And when you have men like Josh who comprehend very well the role of the sheriff and how much power it does hold. There were times I’ve said on your show that the sheriff, a notary public and probate court hold so much power that most people couldn’t fathom it. Attorneys are taught not to go in that direction. They’re never given that direction. All they’re given is code, statute and what you might call laws in their state.

So I can see a lot know attorneys running their mouths, flapping their jaws, telling Josh and others like him that they’re not legitimate when they don’t even know what they’re talking about. He does, and there’s much more to it. So we’re at this point now to where they’ve let the infiltrators in hundreds of thousands of trained in many respects, on many layers, many levels, whether it was gang members or whether it was militarily trained in the Middle east.

Cross the borders, cross the canadian borders. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Montana, there’s a camera on you, but by the time they get to you, you’re long gone. The southern border is where the drama unfolds because it’s palpable, it’s visual, it’s visceral. Thousands of people across the entire border showing up every day. Let’s not forget about the northern border. And again, what we’re doing here, the main purpose I think tonight should be, should be people should understand, comprehend, rather the power of what the duly elected sheriff entails.

They can tell the federal government, well, that’s fine. If you want to confiscate weapons in every other county in this state, you can do that, but in mine you can’t. And I’m laying down the law on that. And the sheriff trumps their fiction of legal authority. They don’t have the lawful authority to do that. So let me ask you then. So then I’m right in saying that my antennas were up when I heard they were going to DC and getting briefed by the FBI.

What they’re trying to do is control the sheriffs and keep them in lockstep with the FBI, correct? I would assume that’s a great. This is actually very dangerous. Yes, it is, because it’s built, again on the same level of subterfuge and misdirection and lies that the corporation in DC has to do to maintain its over the american people. In the end, the american people have the final say and who do they have it through? Their county sheriff.

Not here, not across this county line, not on this land. And they want to, again, telling them kind of late in the game, and we know this has been going on for over a decade, the infiltration of this country. In certain respects, it’s been going on for many decades in other respects that I can’t go into details on a fluff tube video or even on anyone’s closed audience or open audience show.

But people like Josh said are seeing it, are learning it, are learning what was truly in place and what can easily be put back into place. The american people just stand up and use one thing. They’ve all been born with a backbone and the sheriffs. Support your local sheriff. Josh, you have anything to say about man, our sheriffs could absolutely save the country, the sheriffs and the people.

And I hope if we’re going to go into another election and by all means I hope know things are corrected, but I hope that the people between now and then, I believe we had to be brought to this precipice. We had to feel the pain, we had to have war come to all of our doorsteps and everything be affected our children. I don’t think we’re even close. We’re not close yet.

I think it’s going to get much worse. It is, but he’s right that it’s got to be brought to the doorstep. I’m sorry, Josh, continue please. That’s okay. During the civil war and the revolutionary war, we had two to 4% of the population that literally fought that war. I believe that we’re around 30%, give or take. In one day we could clean house of the evildoers, no problem.

I’ll give them seven days just to be generous. But if we’re going to go into this next one, which is why me running for governor in New Mexico, I hope to. Just like when I ran for sheriff to set the example, to utilize the platform to speak to people. At this point I’ve gone international that we’re going to start to learn what we should be hearing out of our candidates because I’ll tell you, over 90%, I’ll say 99%, they don’t know the constitution and they definitely don’t know the true nature of the job that they’re running to be a servant in.

We don’t serve our servants, they serve us as we learn the constitution and our rights and we stand on them, we have to start to hear, we have to look at what they’re not doing. Plugging up the entire border. I’ll tell you that we were just there five minutes. Either way, it’s wide open. It’s a big photo op. Photo ops are what happened all over this country. So do you think maybe we could do a call to action? Maybe have people call their sheriffs and ask them, what are you going to do? Call their local sheriffs and say, what is your plan for whatever events may transpire going into November, this November cycle, this election? What are you going to do? Can we count on you? Did you go meet in DC, ask him those type of hard questions? Can we count on you as the you? You’re the only sheriff of the republic I know of.

Okay, so I don’t know much about this topic. How many of them are there? How many are you are there? I mean, you’re the only one I know of that calls himself a sheriff of the republic. How many sheriffs of the republic are there? We have 32 counties in the Republic of Texas versus 252 or 258 counties in the state of Texas. And there’s maybe ten of us.

We also have head of the texian rangers versus the Texas Rangers. Head of the texian Rangers is Lieutenant Colonel Doc Pete Chambers. He actually had his badge printed by the head of the Texas Rangers. Okay. He’s a whistleblower. He’s an amazing human being. You probably saw him on Tucker Carlson about a week and a half ago talking about the truckers convoy. Because we were a part of the truckers convoy.

I was one of the organizers for that. Talk’s cheap. Okay? We’ve had a long time to call these guys and ask them that. And they say things. They say a lot. We have to start taking other action. That was part of what I was talking about earlier. We need affidavits. We need complaints and affidavits that are two witness signatures on all these and put onto the public record.

And we need to serve these. We need to put their feet to the fire. And that’s just the beginning, because once again, none of these people are lawfully in office. If you look at your state constitution on the rules to be elected, they didn’t follow those rules. Most of them don’t even have an oath of office. I’ll tell you, none of them take an oath to the state of the union.

They take an oath to the revenue generation, to the state of. And then a lot of them, those oaths are signed by judges who aren’t even licensed judges right now, which means it’s not in effect in most states. They have rules. In New Mexico, for example, article 22, section 19, you get elected by the electors, you take your oath of office, and you have 30 days from the time you take your oath to go to a local bonding company, and get what’s called an elected official bond.

In a lot of states, it’s somewhere around 20,000, $25,000 bond. Now we should be able to go, and every county clerk and every secretary of state all over America should have a book of every elected official’s bond. And when we want to place a complaint, because they’re in dereliction of duty, they’re not upholding their constitutional oath and duty, we should be able to go. This is the remedy and recourse.

We should be able to go to that county clerk or to the secretary of state, pull that bond. In New Mexico, after three complaints on a bond, they can now be removed from office. They’ve hidden that from us. They’ve written statutes that are not parallel to the constitution. Right? 9th Amendment says you do not get to interpret the constitution as you please. And 10th Amendment, you’re only granted the powers that the constitution will afford you.

And these things are not happening. So they’ve taken that remedy and recourse away. So we’re going to have to work around that, like I said, with complaints and notarized complaints and affidavits, just to start, serve the sheriffs, force them to do their job, and then there’s other remedy and recourse that we could take after that. But there are people doing these things across country, and they have since the, maybe even longer than that, but it’s one here, one there, one little group here, one there.

We need masses of people. We need millions of people all over this country, in every county in America, doing these things. People ask me all the time about Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional Sheriff association, and look, I’ll tell you, there’s no constitutional sheriff in America. I don’t care how much you like them, how much you think they’re doing good things in your county. You’ve never seen a sheriff take over the D machines.

You’ve never seen a sheriff hold special elections, do audits on our voting or any of that nature. You’ve never seen them arrest a judge or these elected officials that really aren’t. There’s so many things that they do not do at all. They still pull you over for not wearing a seatbelt, or like I said, still take homes for the banks. And these things should not be happening. So we have to learn what their position really is and hold them accountable for not doing those things.

Those three positions, the county clerk, your notary publics that are within that county, that can be the only bonded officials in most states. Exactly. And then to get an authentication on those notaries. In other words, to have the state say, this notary. Yes. Is in good standing and what they have decreed in a document, as far as the signatories of that stands and the sheriff, those are your three most important positions in every county and actually in reality, in every state.

Because again, we’re coming to a time when people are towards November. November may not come in an organic, traditional form as people are used to it. I don’t say organic and traditional as if it is lawful to the constitution. No, I’m just saying as has been for the past 80 years, give or take, we have the chance with education of the populace to turn that around. And Josh, I think that’s from what that’s, you and I have never met before tonight, and from what I see, that’s where your standing is.

You have a good knowledge base of exactly what you’re talking about. So, ladies and gentlemen in the audience, I would say pay attention to this man because he’s reflecting things that I and others have said over many years. But people were not pressured. Pressure is not necessarily a negative thing, as you know, I don’t like to give dates or time approximations, but I am giving a time approximation of March or April of this year of violent events that that sheriff in Ohio was being briefed on.

It’s not only him. I’ve had numerous calls from corporate heads, people at every level who have been briefed in the IT sector, in the energy sector, in many support sectors, food production, et cetera. They’ve all been briefed on this or are being briefed, but it’s at the 11th hour, and that was by design, so there’d be less time for people to get these, let’s say, structures and actions together to counter it as it is now.

What have we seen in the past two years? More weapons bought by people who’ve never fired a weapon in their life, sold months and months after record breaking weapon sales. Why? They’re afraid. They’re intrinsically in fear. They don’t know why, and they don’t know where to turn other than I need some guns in case the proverbial dung hits the fan. And we’ve been seeing this, and where has been the fictional federal corporation on this? Playing games, pumping out propaganda? Oh, what’s Hunter doing? Who gives a damn about any of that? Or this geriatric stand in for what is no.

When we know what’s behind that, and we know that this is not only domestic, the domestic players are the most guilty because they’ve given in to the wishes, demands of the foreign players as well as the legacy, let’s say legacy energy and banking families in this country. So let’s play it out to the end, tell them at the last minute, and then we get hit with all of these trained insurgents that have crossed the border over the last several years en masse.

But the scariest thing about all of this is that now they are taking the sheriffs and federalizing them and briefing them in DC. That’s what scares me. Well, that’s federalizing how they’re briefing them. Briefing them. But that’s the way they can say. They can say, we told them when this should have been a joint effort over the last eight years. That’s where we really stand. So, Josh, are you going to be able to take this into your own hands? When the shit hits the fan, my friend, I tell you what, I try to keep the Republic of Texas in my back pocket.

I don’t go around thwarting anything. It’s just me. What other state can have a standing navy? Texas. Right. No other state reserve that right. For, you know, to the extent of what navy they have, I’m not up on. But that’ll give you an idea of why Texas is a standout and is one state that had to be infiltrated by the opposition. And no, your governor in Texas has not shown his real medal because he doesn’t have it.

He is not there for Texas, and I’ll say that categorically. He’s not there for Texas. We’re looking at possibly this. Most likely. We’re looking at March, April, May, an event or possible, many events to take place. Ghost, do you think? Absolutely. If this were not an election year, I would say let’s look at the data points and wait and see, but let’s measure them as they come paying attention to these issues.

Now is the time. Now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, today, right this moment. I would beseech people to start digging into all that we’ve discussed, and there’s so much more we can discuss, and I’d like to. And they’ll see the part that they actually have to play, must play the roles they must stand in to defend this country. It’s that simple. Yeah. The globalist, the supernatural, let’s say self proclaimed sovereign layer, feels that it has everything in place, but they don’t.

Look at the desperation we’ve seen in so many moves made in the last two years. Some of them would be moves of desperation by design, but a lot of them aren’t. A lot of them are true moves of desperation, and people have got to see that. Now when events kick off in regions of this country, it’s going to wake a lot of people up very quickly. Now, someone wants to always know, well, who’s controlling it.

Well, it’s self evident from my perspective and those I speak with and those I interface with that what is in mind for this country is not going to succeed. But I’m banking on the pressure and let’s say potential and projection of violence by foreign infiltration to bring a lot of people not from their knees but to their feet and then supporting their local sheriff. But the problem is whether it’s hospital administrators, whether it’s judges, whether it’s sheriffs, a lot of them have been compromised in this country and they’ve even been grandstanding and telling you where the funding has been coming to compromise these people, but is still limited in what they’ve done.

There are others that are in the shadows, but that’s irrelevant. Whether in the shadows or whether the ones they put out there to say, hey, we’re going to teach you to love to hate these names, is irrelevant. The moves are the same, and the moves can be countered by, a, the populace of this country and b, sheriffs that are willing to stand up and perform their constitutional duties and constitutional roles.

Just because the FBI or ATF rolls into your county does not mean you’ve got to bend over and let. No, no, the sheriff has the say in that county. And if they’re, you know, this is what, it’s very simple. This is what it’s come down to. I think a lot of the moves of desperation on the globalist part, they try to cloud, they try to cloud with events or statements because that’s all they’ve had.

Because if the average American digs into this information that Josh is giving, you’ve been having guests that have been giving it in many forms and from many directions, myself and others included. It’s all right there. We, as the american people, truly own this game, but most are confused as to where to begin. I think it’s time to start putting out more detail in reference to this. And this is not something I can do alone or any other individual can do alone, Josh or anyone else.

It has to be done in concert and it has to be provided to the american people quickly. We may have only a matter of weeks to one to two months before I believe, and remember I said last year, in the middle of last year, in the future, and in this coming year, we were going to see more events or confusing events that are designed to bring on fear as the initial response in the average American, you cannot bend to fear because that’s all it is, fear, 90% of fear is ignorance of what is available to you in knowing your rights, in knowing your capabilities.

Basically, we’re looking at the federalized sheriffs of. That’s. That’s what it is, right? That’s who betded DC. Well, Josh, what’s your opinion? This is pretty scary if you ask me, because most sheriffs probably think, Josh, you’re on mute. There we go. There we go. Yes, but powers and principalities. This country was built on God and we got to bring God back to the forefront. Remember, God’s children perish for lack of knowledge and vision.

And we can’t have vision without knowledge. We’ve got to educate ourselves. We have to organize. The left has been organized. It is very well organized. I used to be on that side 1520 years ago. I know what it’s like and we’re unorganized. There’s a lot of division in the conservative arena and we’ve got to squash everything. A lot of people have been growing since 2017. They’ve been learning things.

They’ve been diving down that rabbit hole more and more all the time, and I’ve seen it for a long time. Pride will be the downfall of man. And people think when they’ve been educated a little bit here and a little bit there, like they know it all, we all have to realize, you can’t know it all. That rabbit hole never ends. But there are key foundations that our ancestors fought and died for.

Those forefathers committed treason against the crown for a reason, to give us what they gave us. And we need to hold that very dear and we need to begin to comprehend why. You there now? Yeah, I saw his go to mute. I wonder if. Yeah, I did. It went to mute, but we’re having this. His phone looked like it froze anyway, so I’m going to call it right here.

This was a good enough podcast. I’m going to end it here. Josh, can you hear me? You’re freezing. I’m going to go ahead and call the podcast here. This was excellent. I want to thank both you gentlemen for coming on. Thank you, Ghost. Thank you. Josh, you’re still frozen, but this was good enough. I’m going to put this up on Ninoscorner TV. No way I could put this up.

I thought I was going to be able to put it on YouTube. No way. Not after this conversation with the direction it went, but I will put it on Ninoscorner TV. Thank you guys. Nino, let’s try to. .

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  • I know where you guys are coming from. But we have a problem with the sheriff in Hamilton County.
    She was put there by the city leaders, not by the people.
    What do we do about that?

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