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Where’s the Beef? Ranchers Take Stand Over Synthetic ‘Meat’ Label

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American cattlemen challenge the synthetic beef industry’s use of the term “meat.” As the USDA greenlights lab-grown alternatives, ranchers advocate for clear labeling, drawing parallels with the dairy industry’s challenges over plant-based “milk”. Dive deeper into this modern meat debate and its implications. ➡️ Read the full article now!…

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Tokenization of All Property: Do it or Lose It: Klaus Schwab is Getting AWAY With This?

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  Tokenization of All Property: Do it or Lose It: Klaus Schwab is Getting AWAY With This? “We delve into a recent…

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MyPatriotsNetwork-What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

If the US dollar’s global supremacy erodes, America will face a reckoning like none before. – Fareed Zakaria – CNN/WaPo BofA Sees Risk…

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