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➡ On November 28, 2023, host Jim Fetzer discussed global news and unfolding events on the RBN Authentic News show. Topics included former Army Intel and Psyops officer Scott Bennett’s recent investigative trip to Donbass, the reported entrance of the US Carrier Strike group into the Persian Gulf, Israel’s failure to meet aid commitments to Gaza, the framing of narratives by Israel and Hamas, among other international issues.
➡ The severe consequences of Israel’s aggression towards Palestine, including harm to civilians and potential acts of genocide, have exposed the flaws in Israel’s actions and rhetoric. This situation challenges Western governments’ stance on human rights and creates instability as Muslim refugees in the West react against the support for Zionist Israel, possibly shifting the politics.
➡ Turkey opposes NATO’s stance, banning its ships from the Black Sea and defining Israel as a terrorist state. Meanwhile, shifts occur in global politics with North Korea scrapping a military pact with South Korea. Within Ireland, violent riots have erupted in response to a stabbing incident involving an Algerian immigrant, showcasing rising tension within communities over migrant issues.
➡ Ireland is considering limiting the stay of Ukrainian refugees in state housing to three months, following a massive influx of nearly 100,000 Ukrainians since the Russian invasion in February 2022. In separate news, the U.S is said to be spending nearly $451 billion annually for housing and care of asylum seekers.
➡ The text discusses several prominent issues like President Donald Trump’s social platform, “Truth Social,” filing a unique defamation lawsuit against 20 media outlets for publishing false information without retraction. In other updates, Mike Lindell intervened in a Georgia ruling regarding voting-machine flaws and colleges’ shift towards radical, left-leaning ideologies impacting job opportunities for their grads. It also covers the ongoing controversy around Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal, Derek Chauvin reportedly being stabbed in prison, and claims about the false nature of some high-profile incidents including George Floyd’s killing and potential staged mass shootings.
➡ This statement highlights the services of a legal team that helps homeowners challenge potentially illegal mortgage transactions and stop or reverse foreclosures. Their forensic and mortgage audit services are backed by twelve years of experience without complaints. Additionally, they discuss American gun ownership rates and policies, anti-Israeli activism controversy, and various news reports and broadcasts. There’s a hint at the rise of an alternative social media platform, TLB Talk, battling censorship issues. Finally, it discusses the perception and potential alliance between America and Russia, emphasizing the similarities in values and culture.
➡ Scott Bennett, a former U.S. army officer advocates for peace and understanding between the U.S., Russia, and Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of dialogue over armed conflict. He offers his perspective on the strength and resilience of the Russian military and the warmth of their people, calling for America to reconsider its stance in these matters.
➡ Leaked reports suggest U.S. President Biden and German Chancellor Schultz proposed a plan that prompts Ukraine’s President Zelensky to negotiate with Russia and accept certain concessions. The plan aims to end the Russia-Ukraine war swiftly and focuses on Ukraine maintaining the current front with Western-supplied arms, not regaining lost territories.
➡ The text encompasses advertisements about terahertz technology for health, an online course structure on US constitution by Liberty Lighthouse, a guide to avoid IRS income tax, and a radio talk about current controversies related to directed energy weapons, administrative gameplay, and war situations. Furthermore, mutating tune ins for the Republic Broadcasting Network and some businesses like Dixie Republic are also included.
➡ The text is a detailed recounting of a radio conversation debating various conspiratorial theories about Kennedy’s assassination, the perceived role of the Jews, Israel, and Lyndon Johnson, as well as discussions of contemporary Chinese demographics and speculative reactions to hypothetical government policies promoting procreation for certain racial groups.
➡ The text is a transcript of a radio discusion largely focussing on various countries’ population issues, fertility rates, and ethnic relations. It touches on countries like China, Japan, United States, Israel, and England. The dialogues also include theories regarding JFK’s assassination.
➡ The text discusses protests and biases in media coverage, research into historical instances, a possible concern over financial institutions, and personal interactions and thoughts in a radio show setting. There are references to controversial conversations about Israel, Zionism and global protests not covered by mainstream media. The dialogue also includes discussions of a mysterious gemstone report and a suspect destruction of evidence at a historical site, along with concerns about downgrading the USA’s credit rating and negative outlook on major banks. The conversation signs off with a reminder to treasure time with loved ones.


Got a good reason. Taking me got a good reason. I’m it, but taking the easy way out. Now, it was a day trip up, one way ticket. It took me so long to find out. I found out. Well, welcome to RBN Authentic News. This is your host, Jim Fetzer. On this 28th day of November 2023 simulcasting on speak free radio. I have a dear college colleague, former Army Intel and Psyops officer Scott Bennett, with whom I do a weekly show called Truth Versus News and also appear in his global Great Awakening program, broadcast internationally on Tuesday nights.

Well, about ten days or two weeks ago, scott went on an assignment. He wasn’t at the time revealing his destination, but it turns out to have been the Dunbass. And now Scott, I’m very proud to say, is calling it like it is on RT. Let’s listen to part of Scott Minnett’s interview in RT and understand Scott’s reporting what he’s seen up there close and personal, which confirms a whole lot of what I’ve been reporting about the atrocities we committed by Ukraine in the Donbass.

And this is now being broadcast not only across Russia, but it’s been picked up by Arab television. Listen, check it out. Scott Bennett. I don’t hear no, I know, I know. I’m looking for it now. And it seems that I’m wondering if Twitter has banned it because it was right there. I was watching it earlier. Let me see what I can do here. Former? Nope. We have Putin instead.

Very disturbing. Let’s see what I can find here. What I’m going to do then is continue and see if I can track it down. This is very significant. Meanwhile, the US Carrier Strike group of the Eisenhower has entered the Persian Gulf. This is reported by the front. Very, very disturbing stuff. What’s going on here means that the US. Has made itself a sitting dock. In my opinion, there is a tremendous opportunity here for Israel to take out one of our carriers and blame it on Iran or Hezbollah or Hamas, the press service of the Central Command of the US.

Armed Forces reported. The Carrier Strike Group of the US navy, led by the nuclear carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, entered the waters of the Persian Gulf through the straight up hormooz on November 26. The group includes a flagship aircraft carrier, a missile cruiser, destroyers, and nine aviation squadrons. According to the report, there’s also a French frigate along with U. S. Ships. The carrier strike force will reportedly ensure the safety of navigation in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

At the same time, it’ll continue to monitor the situation in the Middle East, threatening Israel’s enemies or taking action to stop it. I think I’ve found a way to do this. Well, I have a photograph of Scott and the Dunbas, but that’s not what we want to hear. I’ll track it down. Meanwhile, the US. Doesn’t think Israel can make good on a hostage deal promise to increase aid this is from Antiwar.

com israel is refusing to allow in through one of the border crossing with Gaza making it unlikely 200 aid trucks a day will be able to enter the Strip. Biden admin official told the Times of Israel they don’t believe Israel can live up to its commitment to allow 200 A trucks to enter Gaza per day during the pause as part of the hostage deal with the mosque, the official said Israel is refusing to open its kareem, ishalam crossing with Gaza during the four day pause or at any time after.

With only Egypt’s robbed a crossing available, 200 aid trucks will be unlikely to enter per day. Of course. What else are we going to expect from Israel? They lie, they cheat, they steal unbelievable. Meanwhile, even ahead of the prisoner exchange, the Bengue this is from the Times of Israel the National Security Minister tells police to shut down celebrations ahead of the release of prisoners. National Security Minister Itamar Benghurve held an assessment with the police and prison services top commanders ahead of the expected release of 150 Palestinian prisoners and part of the deal with Hamas to trade 50 Israeli hostages for a four day fighting.

Pause and garen struck the head of Israel prison service, Katy Perry, to quash attempts to celebrate prisoner releases with incarnation facilities, according to a readout press release from Ben Gerv’s office. Similarly, the National Security Minister tells the police commissioner, Kobe Shabbatai to use an iron fist against attempts to celebrate prisoner releases or support terrorism. And Gerva also tells presence in the expected homecoming destination of released prisoners for those being released within Israel’s Green Line.

In other words, they don’t want to be a source of elevating the morale of their enemy. Meanwhile, the BBC confronts its own journalists for what’s supposed to be a false reporting about the Gaza hospital bombing a journalist who helped fan the flames of here being caused misinformation about the alleged Al Ali Arab hospital strikers refusing to apologize after jihadist rocket fell on the parking lot. We know that was fake, by the way.

The legacy media uncritically regurgitated a Moss claim that Israel struck the hospital, totally destroying it and killing more than 500, which was true. BBC International editor Jerry Bowen is one of the journalists who joined the chorus claiming the hospital was destroyed, which it had been. The missile hit the hospital not long after dark. You can hear the impact the explosion destroyed the Ollie hospital. It was already damaged from a smaller attack earlier in the weekend and the building will is flattened.

In a recent interview, the BBC behind the Stories program was asked if he regretted his what they’re calling false reporting. To answer your question, no, I don’t regret one thing reporting, because I think I was measured throughout, I did not race to judgment and here’s a bit you can hear the impact I’ve got to ask you about the hospital on the 17 October. Oh, yeah, likely. Okay. The BBC was criticized heavily for its reporting of that event.

Tell us what happened that night, and bluntly, where were you getting your information and do you regret anything that you said that night? So it broke in, I suppose, mid evening. And to answer your question, no, I don’t regret one thing in my reporting because I think I was measured throughout. I didn’t raise the judgment. But you said that building had been flattened. Oh, yeah, well, I got that wrong because I was looking at the pictures and what I could see was a square that appeared to be flaming on all sides and there was sort of a void in the middle and I think it was a picture taken from a drone.

The man has nothing to be apologetic about. He got it right. The Israeli rocket was insubstantial, did note significant damage. It was sitting there in the parking lot, all kinds of vehicles around that did not cause a damage. Meanwhile, surprise, surprise, israeli forces opened fire to stop people from returning to north Gaza. This is from Al Jazeera. When you open your heart and through foster parenting, you’re helping the children.

Sorry to say we get stuck with these little ads as a regular thing. Now before we can get to the story, apologetic for that video shows people fleeing as Israeli forces open fire to stop displaced Palestinians returning to northern Gaza during the temporary truce. That’s what they’re doing. It’s like a toothpaste tube. They’re trying to squeeze it from the north to the south. They’re trying to get all the Palestinians out of Palestine.

Meanwhile, the Israeli media is all over Net, Yahoo this is significant. The Israeli media sent Net, Yahoo and others to prison. Intelligence services knew about the attack by Hamas and informed why did they let him go? This is War News 24/7. In other words, understanding that Israel had been warned repeatedly about what was about to happen. Why did they take no action? The obvious inference because they wanted it to happen.

Because they were in on it. Because this was deliberate to create a pretext for slaughtering the Palestinians in Gaza. In fact, the reports of the Israeli services outline exactly what happened. A Massive Invasion by Hamas. The developments will be rapid in Israel after the end of the war as Yahoo and the commanders of the Israeli services will be faced with heavy charges. Specifically, two officers in the IDF elite intelligent unit warned of a massive invasion a month before the attack.

But officials dismiss their reports as a fantasy scenario. According to the Times of Israel as it details, soldiers in the IDF’s famed intelligence unit reportedly warned senior officers before the October 7 atrocities at a mosque when preparing a highly organized and meticulously planned mass invasion of Israel. But they dismissed their reports as fantasy. Yes, that’s not going to go down well. Meanwhile, this is very important, I believe.

Israel versus the Mosque a battle for narrative supremacy. A propaganda battle between Israel and the mosque. Different messages, different audiences. Here’s more about it. If we can get there without having when picking a commerce platform, you have two. No luck, no luck. That’s the sound of selling on shopify. The commerce platform. Sorry about that. Meanwhile, Paul Craig Roberts is talking about unintended consequence of Israel’s assault on Palestine.

Here’s a guy whose every word must be taken seriously. Listen up. According to the Zionist propaganda, Hamas is a collection of evil beasts. How do we reconcile this propaganda with the excellent condition of the Israeli women and children hostages released by Hamas? Despite the Israeli devastation of Gaza and murder of Palestinian women and children, hamas has obtained a victory of sorts. Yahoo’s vicious attack on civilians has exposed the underbelly of the apartheid Zionist state.

It is no longer possible for Israel’s apologists to maintain that Israel can do no wrong. For decades, Israel had been slowly but surely squeezing Palestinians out of Palestine. The world has tolerated it in part because the sina’s violence was limited in time and extent, and the impossible situation papered over with talk about a two state solution. But this time the violence is unlimited and has a declared aim of emptying Palestine and Palestinians.

With Gaussians driven into cities in Egypt Sinai desert. It is not another case of emptying one specific village on the West Bank or a limited incursion into Gaza. This time the world is faced with a declared Zionist agenda of genocide. This creates a problem for Western governments that pretend to support human rights and to deplore war crimes. It also makes a problem for American evangelicals known as Christian Zionists.

Genocide is not something that can be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus. The evangelicals will have to decide between worshipping Israel and worshipping Jesus. A consequence of Washington’s war for Israel in the Middle East is that Western countries are now the home of millions of Muslim refugees who take umbrage to the west support of Palestinian suicide. This introduces into Western countries countervailing power at the street level to the Zionist lobby that focuses on controlling their governments.

Western governments now have a new element of instability to manage, and the consequence could be a less one sided stance toward Zionist Israel. Not all of Israel is Zionist. Net Yahoo has Minority Report the outcome could be different from Israel the Net Yahoo and his US neocon allies intended. I think he’s got it right. The whole world is aghast at what has been taking place. Meanwhile, Turkey is speaking out in a way opposite to NATO.

Here’s a piece terror on the Two by Nick Kohlerstrom, whom I featured here on this very show. On my Revolution radio show of late. On November 19, Turkey announced it’s banning any US and NATO ships from entering the Black Sea. A vast us Navy buildup is taking place in the eastern Mediterranean, but the Turkish Straits are closed to them. The Turkish naval commander has said, we declare that we do not want NATO and America in the Black Sea.

The decision was made after a phone call by Erdogan to Putin. Turkey has refused to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization which annoys the plus plus. Erwin has called Israel a terrorist state. In a speech to his justice and Development Party, he said israel sticks to a strategy of total destruction of the city and its people. It is brutally wreaking state terror, deliberately bombing civilians on the run.

I say openly with a clear heart that Israel is a terror site. Israel has been continuously committing war crimes for the last 40 plus days, deliberately targeting hospital streets in MoS and Gaza with a full backing of the west. He accuses Netanyahu of carrying out the most heinous attack against women and children in all of history and threatening people with nuclear weapons. Turkish naval forces now present in the eastern Mediterranean are planning a large scale exercise, which, by the rules of the game, means that US ship will have to get out of the way.

Its declared aim is to put an end to maritime terrorism. Many Arab nations will be participating. Turkey’s relations with NATO nations have not been improving of late. Thank goodness there’s one country with a nerve to describe Israel’s actions correctly and Israel as a terrorist state. Nick got it right. Meanwhile, all this turbulence in the Middle East is generating changes in other parts of the world. North Korea in particular, has scrapped a 2018 military pact with South Korea after Seoul walks back commitments amid escalating terrorism in the region.

North Korea has withdrawn from a 2018 agreement with South Korea that reduced military tensions on the Korean peninsula. Pong Yang took a step after Seoul announced it would resume surveillance operations along the Demilitarized Zone. Be right back to his knee. Got to be Tahibo Tea Club’s original pure Pouty Arco super tea comes from the only tree in the world that fungus does not grow on. As a result, it naturally has antifungal, anti infection, antiviral antibacterial, anti inflammation, and antiparasite properties.

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Well, it appears Scott Bennett’s interview with RT was so explosive that the government is doing everything it can to get it down from the Internet. I found another. Not the same. I’ll seek to have that in place for tomorrow’s show. This is a different interview that has the advantage of being available. Let’s see what we can pick up here. This is on Russian television. Edward Snowdon polytolok. Scott bennet rachel positi dunbas.

Scott, I presume Scott will be speaking in English. Okay. My best efforts are being frustrated. I’m telling you, this is a blockbuster. I’ll have it for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ireland alert. Riots are taking place. Police cars are being torched. Breaking news alert. Extensive rioting is broken out in Ireland after three children and two adults were viciously attacked with a knife. My men, believed to be an Algerian immigrant, according to Sky News.

Its report headline riots in Dublin after stabbing near school at police car and buses set on fire during far right protests. Police have said a complete hooligan lunatic faction driven by five right ideologies behind violent protests. Actually, it’s ordinary civilians who don’t like migrants coming in and killing their kids and their fellow citizens. In Dublin, after three young children were injured in a stabbing outside a primary school, riders have let off flares and fireworks at police as one of the children, a five year old girl and a woman in her 30s, are being treated in the hospital for serious injuries.

Officers with riot shields are holding back. Crowds in the city center for a police car and two double decker buses have been set on fire amid anger over the stabbings, with ample justification. Here’s another story from Ireland that I think is highly informative. Get this, Ireland. This is even from US News and World Report, an absolutely mainstream journal right here. Ireland mulling Time, Limb and on state housing for Ukrainians, according to the Irish Examiner, Dublin Reuters, ireland is considering limiting the length of time Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country can stay in state housing to three months before they must find their own accommodation, the Irish examiner reported Monday, citing a government source.

Nearly 100,000 Ukrainians have led to Ireland since the Russian invasion began in February of 2022, which the government says equals 1. 6% of Ukrainian refugees in Europe by September, around 72,000 state provided accommodations. There are currently no limits on how long Ukrainian refugees can stay there, but the system has been strut for months amid a wider housing choice, with arrivals at times having to stay in makeshift facilities such as sports halls or even intense.

Well, that’s how they’re reacting in Ireland. Get this even Fox News is reporting the fantastic cost of having these people here security Majority they say the price tag per year is $451,000,000,000. That is both for the housing and care of the asylum seekers as well as those known godaways. Stuart, we have new numbers. A new report from the US House Committee on Homeland Security majority they say the price tag per year is $451,000,000,000.

That is both for the housing and care of the asylum seekers as well as those known gotaways Stuart, we have new numbers. A new report from the US House Committee on Homeland Security majority they say the price tag per year is $451,000,000,000. That is both for the housing and care of the asylum seekers as well as those known godaways Stewart, we have report from it’s just ludicrous. Security majority, it’s just ludicrous us taxpayers on the hook for as much as 451,000,000,000 a year in housing care for illegals pouring across our southern border.

How bad is that? I’ll be right back. Now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured now I find a chamber mine I’ll open up the doors. Help me. I want the truth. You can’t handle the truth. You’re listening to Republic Broadcasting Network. Real news, real talk, real people. Because you can handle the truth. Are you one of the millions of people who feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over their heads whenever they’re using pharmaceutical drugs? For some, the short term relief can turn into an opioid addiction nightmare.

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com that’s Xtendovite. com. Extend your life with extend over. Lovely people. I look at all the lovely people. Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen, a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door. Who is it for? All of them. What do they all come from? All of them? Well, I’m trying to find that Scott interview.

I’ll have it for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, Meghan Kelly explains democrats, they’ve just walked into a trap set by Donald Trump. The press screech Trump plan to usher in the 1930s Germany by ordering prosecution of political opponents, when in reality, all Trump did was tell Democrats they opened up a Pandora’s box when they unleashed their partisan prosecutors against him, and that making the Justice Department an appendage of the president’s reelection campaign could backfire.

Macon reacted to this meltdown, telling her audience the lack of self awareness on the left was amazing. A President’s Justice Department indicted his top political opponent, and prosecutors from a party filed additional civil and criminal lawsuits. Kelly mocked members of the media for pretending they don’t already live in a country. The president orders a prosecution of his political pose. I have to say, I love Trump’s honesty. I do.

Like, I love how he’ll say, yes, I’m going to do that. Obviously, it’s in the context of, hello. That is what they’re doing to me, and there are risks of doing this to me. That’s very clearly what he’s trying to say. What’s great about this is it did exactly what he thought it would do. The Democrats melted down, completely clueless, unself aware reaction to this alleged plan, as they’re like, what? Who would weaponize a Justice Department against a political poll? It’s unamerican.

This is wrong. This is undemocratic. But that’s exactly what goes on here with the party today. Meanwhile, another Democrat has jumped ship to the GOP. According to Fox, a county official in Texas announced over the past week she is defacting from the Democrat Party and joining the Republican, Kara Tallot Sanchez, the Kleberg County attorney attributed her to decision primarily to the Democrat Party’s inept handling of the unprecedented border situation.

Sanchez recently issued the following statement as county attorney, I feel extremely proud of my work alongside law enforcement to guarantee the safety of citizens residing in Cleaber County. The situation in our southern border is worse than ever. I think the GOP’s policies of maintaining law and order, keeping people safe and supporting the blue are most in line with my values and the values of the people of Cleaver County.

I’m excited to work with my co workers to keep South Texas protected and declared she was switching parties to the GOP. Virtually every other responsible Democrat ought to be doing the same. Meanwhile, Gavin newsom, whom I’m telling you is going to be the republic, the democrat nominee for 2024, not Joe biden, is furious after Ron desant pointed out an awful fact about xi J. Ping and boop asia pacific economic co op summit that took place last week in San Francisco with Chinese dictator Xian bina tanting.

Gavin Newsom is furious after Desens pointed out an awful fact. Led by Governor Newsom, Democrat left wing policies have turned the state of California into a raging dumpster fire. Crime is skyrocketing. Residents are fleeing the state by the hundreds of thousands. Unemployment is rising. The state deficit is 32 billion and increasing steadily, and homelessness is out of control. California residents are fleeing the state in droves because of dusam’s left wing politics.

California population dropped by over 500,000 half a million. But Newsom has seemingly been more concerned with attacking DeSantis than he has with fixing his own state. The tours set the square off on November 30, by the way. You don’t want to miss that. In a debate on fox news moderated by sean hannity. DeSantis, on a recent trip to California, visited san Francisco. We came out here and we saw people defecating on the street.

We saw people using heroin. We saw people smoking cracked cocaine. And when you look around, the city is not vibrant anymore. It’s really collapsed because of leftist policies. But after letting San Francisco go to waste, newsom suddenly decided to clean up the city for the Chinese dictators visit. Well, DeSantis, of course, has it completely right. He’s all over this, quite properly, and I dare say among the reasons they’re not moving DeSantis Newsom front and center now is that it will take longer for the people to get around to criticizing DeSantis, but I guarantee you to get around to criticizing Newsom.

But I guarantee you, Gavin, newsom is a target rich environment. Meanwhile, True the Social takes 20 media outlets to the cleaners in a huge defamation lawsuit. I like this. President Donald Trump truth social platform has made history by filing an unprecedented lawsuit against 20 legacy media outlets demanding full retraction of previously published stories concerning the free special platform the company announced to date. Truth social filed a defamation lawsuit that is likely unprecedented in history, incorporating 20 publications, and even more may be added.

All of them publish the same false information about True Social and refuse to fully retract their stories. Among the outlets included are the Daily Beast, daily Mail, CNBC, mediate, guardian, news and media rolling Stone, and the Hollywood Reporter. I wish him well. With that. He appears to have a legitimate case for defamation, unlike the charges that were brought against me to punish me for exposing the hoax known as Sandy Hook.

In fact, more and more truth continues to come out. Meanwhile, Mike Lindale has explained about a ruling regarding the voting machines in Georgia. This has opened a door that no man can shut. This is now coming from Zero hedge my Billow CEO Mike Lindell has vowed to expose everything following last week’s massive ruling by an Obama appointed judge in Georgia, Amy Totenberg, who agreed with Lindell’s legal team that electronic voting machines used by the state of Georgia have substantial flaws.

According to Tottenberg, there is sufficient cause to believe there may be cybersecurity deficiencies that unconstitutionally burden plaintiffs first and 14th amendment rights incapacity to case effective votes that are accurately counted exactly. What’s more, in a footnote within her 135 page ruling, Tottenberg said, the evidence in the case does not suggest that the plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety, meaning that word being used to refer to mere speculation, guesses, or rumors.

She’s asserting they have a factual basis, which is why I talk about conspiracy realists and conspiracy analysts and conspiracy research, all of which is bona fide. Indeed, some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity expert and computer scientist have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of plaintiff’s case in the long course of this litigation. How sensational to see a modicum of truth emerging here. Meanwhile, colleges have worked themselves out of a job.

A report charges. Get this there’s certainly no secret about the fact that American colleges and universities have gone far left. Their faculty only rarely include conservatives or Republicans. Their students learn that early. Then, instead of skills, logic, and reason, they focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, race, mating agendas, sex, ideologies, and more. They tell members of women’s sports teams they must allow men to share their locker rooms, and they often allow advocacy for violence, such as pro homas protests that have happened in recent weeks that I do not condemn.

Neither is the result a secret. A higher ed system has worked itself out of a job, according to CEO Andrew Cap Rochette’s of Red Balloon. By losing focus on the mission of preparing their students for their careers, they become a non factor or even a negative factor in helping job seekers find a job. A report in the Washington Time reveals only 10% of small business owners want job candidates with college degrees.

The report charged the trend had perhaps become most visible in the tech industry, despite a lingering belief that completing a four year degree entails graduate to a higher salary with more flexible hours. So I think they’ve got that right, too. We have more to come on the latest media story on Kyle Rittenhouse. I follow this case very, very closely. At the time Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted himself admirably, I could hardly believe a young man could be so skillful in the use of the rifle.

In all the cases of the parties he shot, they were attempting mayhem. They were trying to murder him. There are excellent legal analyses of every aspect of the Kyle Rittenhouse story, and I guarantee you 100% Kyle was in the right. His actions were admirable. I stand behind him 100%. Now. Democrats and liberals and progressive haven’t been happy about those facts. The latest media story proves the left is still bitter about his acquittal.

Get this kyle Rittenhouse is the one who got away. Despite all the king’s horses and all king’s men coming together to take him down, they weren’t successful in getting Rittenhouse thrown into prison for murder. Instead, he walked away a free man after being forced to shoot three men himself to fans, one of whom was a pedophile. Philep hasn’t forgiven Rittenhouse since Written House will pop up randomly on trending lists and media stories every now and then.

Each time he does it’s usually some attempt to destroy his image or laugh at some kind of misfortune. A recently released story, for example, surfaced on a Sunday claiming that Kyle is now broke. Here the independent talent. Rittenhouse lost all the money he got for his defense. But despite his infamy, Written House lawyer has revealed the 20 year old has lost all his money since his acquittal. He’s working.

He’s seeking to support himself. Everybody thinks Kyle got so much money from this. Whatever he did get is gone. He’s living. I don’t want to say paycheck to paycheck, but he’s living. Written House is facing more lawsuits, this time from Gage Grosskoots, a man who was shot and injured. We attempted to attack Rittenhouse and the father of Anthony Houber, a repeated criminal and domestic abuser, who attempted to attack Rittenhouse as he was trying to retreat from the scene.

I did so much reporting at the time. One was trying to shoot him, another was trying to bash him over the head with a skateboard and kill him. It was outrageous. It was clear cut that he was in the ride. Meanwhile, we have report of Derek Chauvin having been stabbed in federal prison. Now, those of you who watch my other show, I just did on the Raw deal on Revolution radio just this week Monday with Danny Cirrus, who has 35 years in law enforcement.

A review of this and two other cases in New Hampshire on the one hand and Walmart on the other, both of which, surprise, surprise, appear to be fake. We also talked extensively about the death of George Floyd, which for those who may have missed the memo, was the result of a drug overdose. He did not die from asphyxiation. And indeed, we talked about the fact that George Floyd was handcuffed behind his back.

He had hair on his head when he was put into the squad car. And yet, when you switch to the body on the ground where Derek Chauvin has his knee on his neck, he’s completely bald, and his hands in front of his chest, how is that possible? Well, it turns out they use a sigma seven african American airway training dummy on the ground. And when you picked it up and put it on a stretcher, it had no legs.

It had no arm. Indeed, Danny turned up a photograph of a body in a casket, supposed to be George Floyd, but he’s too light complexion. And guess what? He, too has no legs. In other words, this has all been a monster scam. We have Maine now launching an investigation into the mass shooting in Lewison that itself appears to be a complete fake, resulting in 18 fatalities and 13 injuries, or so we are told.

Governor Janet Mills and attorney general Aaron Frey announced a seven member commission to investigate the incident, which explored various aspects, including how the suspected shooter, Robert Card, a 40 year old US. Army reservist, was able to execute the horrific act despite his blank, clear signs of deteriorated mental health in a period leading up to the October 25 attack. Now, I provided a link to my law enforcement false flag stage event checklist, which I did with Brian Davidson, who’s a completely brilliant private investigator from Texas.

And you want to study that. It gives you links to lots of false flags. It gives you links to how to Spot a false Flag, Part One, how to spot a false flag, Part Two, and many other of these phony events. You can download it and share it with your friends. I’ve made it available right there. And this, in my opinion, is something you do not want to miss because it give you the early signs, how we confirm it, and more.

No. Surge of EMTs. No string of ambulances, no medevac chopper, no blood, no bodies. Dead shooter. Conflicting stories. Crisis actors. Instant publicity. Ultimately, no investigation calls for action. Massive cover up. Always taking away our guns. And that’s incredible because it turns out the more guns, the less crime, the fewer homicides. This is a dirty truth that Democrats don’t want you to know. That Americans defend themselves using guns millions of times every year, saving an estimated 200,000 per annum.

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Ladies and gentlemen, dr. Patrick Slattery. Mike, get off this anti cicada agenda. I’m a born again traditional Christian and my favorite possessions are right here on my nightstand. That would be the King James Bible and my 357 revolver. I’d rather be ruled by Chinamen than Jews call it with the anti Semitic remarks. Right. Just because you steal an election and terminate the Republic, doesn’t mean you terminate the people in the Republic.

Because we’re still here. I’m not taking the vaccine to you, Bill Gates. There was a way forward. Still on January 6, what needed to be done is to object to every single state. The COVID-19 virus was the setup. The vaccine could very well be the bioweapon. The Patrick and Jeremy show Tuesday at nine Central. And Wednesday at one Central. Hi. Tom Bolton for ease off. I know so many of you are finding our easy four carcass drop and lift an essential tool for your meat processing operation.

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And finally, our hook tumbler will keep your hooks clean and polished. Esop. com. We make pigs fly cows. Two easop. LLC 417-932-6419. You. His knee got to be a joker. He just do what it please. For today’s show, the first I like a lot armed America NBC Bowl reveals record high gun ownership at 52% in 2023. As I was mentioning, worldwide, the higher the gun ownership, the lower the homicide rate.

It’s true all over the world. There was a nice illustration in Brazil when they got a new president who released weakened the gun control. Many more citizens were ord and the murder rate dropped. This is true worldwide. The Democrats don’t want you to know. Meanwhile, the latest NBC Bowl indicates gun ownership in the US had reached an unprecedented level with 52% of household reporting firearm possession. This substantial increase underscores the enduring significance of firearms in American households, signaling a noteworthy shift in the country’s dynamics over the past decade.

Here’s. DC Drano. Tweeting a new NBC poll show americans own guns at the highest levels ever recorded. In 2013, it was 42%. In 2019, it was 46%. In 2023, it’s now 52%. More than half of US households are now armed. Very appropriate, especially with the threat of these migrants coming across a border. Other nations are experiencing massive increases in crimes as a consequence. Here’s a bizarre event. I will hunt you down.

Miss Universe judge blasted with death threats after on air debate with anti Israel activists. Anti Israel activists miss Universe judge, who happens to be Jewish, has apparently received death threats after she engaged with a Palestinian activist on the Aramid. The war played out in Gaza. Frankly, I would expect this to be happening the other way around. The New York Post reported emily Austin, a Jewish journalist who engages in activism related to the Jewish state appeared on Piers Morgan Unsanchered to discuss the conflict playing out in the Middle East.

The argument quickly turned sour after Austin confronted Nuberdin Kamaswami, an activist who expressed doubt that an Islamic jihad failed rocket was responsible for the Ali Baptist Hospital explosion in Gaza City. She’s absolutely right. A segment as it continued, she asked Kaswami if she condemned the 911 attack on the US. Instead of coming out and condemning them outright. She dismissed the question as ridiculous. Changing the subject. Just beware there’s so much propaganda going on here, mind you.

Finally, Poland’s on the hook for the EU shady deal with Pfizer over COVID. I’ll be right back and take your call. I want somebody to love oh, I get five help from my friend gonna try little help from my friend I get, I get by a little help from my friends with a little help from my friend are you sick of censorship? TLB talk is the cure. TLB stands for Truth, Liberty and Balance.

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com and join the social media revolution. This is RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network. All see the love that sleeping why my guitar can’t be love at the floor and I see sweeping feel I can we’re back. Jim this is Jim Petzer, your host on Authentic News this 28th day of November, 2023. See? No calls. I have found an earlier interview of Scott Bennett in the field in the dawn pass, I’ll begin sharing it with you.

And then if we get calls, I’ll switch to them. So stand by. Take advantage. If you’ve never called before, today would be a perfect day. Meanwhile, here we have the report from the Donbass. Again in Russian, but with English, you’ll be able to understand most of what is being said here’s. An increasing number of Americans are finally beginning to realize what’s been happening here in Donbass for Bona Stead.

More and more of them are coming here to DuneIN and other areas to see what all going on. Scott bennett, a former u. S. Officer, now a political amnest hennessy. He has spoken to find out his goal. Most of the population in the United States of America or Great Britain are completely theft of what’s been happening here in Dunbas for the last ten years. Absolutely. Tell me why that is.

And people jump on any type of bandwagon as long as it’s fashionable. Why hasn’t the suffering of the people and children here in Vanboth last ten years hasn’t been fashionable to anyone. The mainstream media in America is completely corrupt. No one sees a whisper of this except for when they watch RT or press TV or Sputnik, so they don’t know what’s going on. And as I said, when I came to Donetsk, I felt like that townspeople that went and saw the crimes of the Nazi regime, I felt the same way, going around and seeing the bullet riddled buildings and the crumbled glass, and I thought, all of this is being done with American military weaponry and money.

And it’s a complete tragedy. It’s because of the military industrial complex. Billions of dollars are made from war and it’s put into the pockets of traders like Lindsey Graham and Republicans and Democrats like Mitch McConnell and these fools who say things like, russians are dying. It’s the best money we ever spent, says Lindsey Graham. He’s a liar and a fool. No American wants that. When people like Adam Schiff say, we’re fighting Russians over there, so we don’t have to fight them here, it’s completely nonsense.

No, Americans want to fight Russia. In fact, Americans have a kinship and an affection for Russians because they’re so similar in temperament and culture, family values, natural law, religion. That’s the heart of America, not what we currently see in the civil war that’s brewing. So I think we’re on the verge of a great awakening and I think the smartest Americans know that Russia is an ally, not an enemy.

And I think everything is going to change over the next couple of years. And I’m just impressed with the Russian strength of character to show the world there’s a reason Russians fight like Russians. They don’t give up, they don’t retreat. So it’s an honor to be here with them. I’m Scott, I’m a former army officer, the United States, and I’m here to hear your story, to take back to the American people.

I was hoping you would share with me your experience. May I ask you first to show me some of your tattoos, if you don’t mind? You got to. So as an American officer, as a conservative, I want peace and stability to come. And I know it has to only come through Ukrainians and Americans like me meeting with Russians to say, let us all settle this. But there are some out there in the military, in Ukraine and the political ranks that need to hear from people like you.

So I want you to look into that camera and say what the Ukrainian people need to know, what they need to do to stop this conflict and turn the page into a positive way. Okay, I want to say a few words to American people and I would say a few words to American President. I always believe that people democracy is the only one way, the only two way for best negotiations between different countries.

And we spoke today about the associative and decisions of peace and peaceful relations and I believe that the war isn’t the right way for Ukraine it will not be the development for Ukrainian people and for Ukrainian state and for Ukrainian economy and democracy and only missiles couldn’t solve Ukrainian problems. Ukrainian and Ukraine now need more than missiles thanks refugees. We need peace on our land. We need stop of the war and I ask you, Mr.

President, to turn your activity to find peaceful conclusions of this war conflict and not continue the aggressive politics and to move to tell Ukraine to continue seeing the more damaged areas I hear so requiring body armor and protective gear and careful instincts. So Makiroka makiroka response of the shots when I was in the army, what’s happened in America is the weapons of war have translated into money for corporations of America and make money off instruments of death and war suffering.

I know them from my days as an officer. The terrible thing is the devastation of these weapons. They’re so heavy they splinter into a thousand pieces and even the smallest sliver moving at Mach One goes right through ten people at the speed of light before they even know they’re hit. And one little tiny piece that hits the artery or nicks the artery and the person is dead. Firing at targets is not the only exercise here for Scott Bennett right now he’s got an AK 47 that he needs to assemble fire and then disassemble.

Take a look. Let’s get your emotions now while you’re still fresh. The only thing that would have made it better is for Americans to be fighting on the side of Russia, not against them, with them as brothers for freedom and liberty. And I go see one day, hopefully it’ll happen. But it’s a great opportunity to see the strength of the Russian army good training, good discipline, good instructors and with these type of men, Russia will never lose.

And just one more question. You certainly had some kind of expectation prior to arriving here. This was your first time both in Moscow and here. Now, those expectations versus reality, is it everything you expected it to be or maybe even more? Well, that’s a good point. It’s actually more because I’ve known Russians, I’ve trained with Russians, I’ve lived with Russians and Ukrainians and I’ve always found them to be an extraordinarily warm, gregarious people.

And I’m astounded at their patience and their humility and kindness, especially after going through what America and Britain has put them through and Poland and Germany. The fact that Russia and its people aren’t furious at Americans the fact that I’m not getting rocks thrown at me or spit in my face is a testament to the humility and the beauty of the Russian people. So I think my expectations were even more overblown because of their patience and their trust.

And I think it’s a very good sign. And again, it’s important for Americans to see it firsthand, because I can go back into the halls of Congress and anywhere I want, especially Donald Trump, who I know in my background as a political person. We need to take the good news back to Americans and say we’re on the wrong side of history and we need to adapt, because this war and the military industrial complex, it simply can’t continue as it is now.

Obviously, Scott Bennett is not about to pick up arms and go start fighting, but he surely felt what Russian new conscripts feel when they go through army training. But the most significant event of the day is probably that one more person’s eyes were open to what’s been happening here in Donbass for the last ten years. Meanwhile, as I may have reported yesterday, the secret Biden and Schultz plan for Ukraine is leaked.

That Zelensky ought to negotiate with Russia, accept brutal compromises, except that the war is over and he lost. Here we have the report. With over 100 billion in unaccounted for US taxpayer dollars funneled off to Ukraine, president Biden and German Chancellor Schultz have a new plan, quite a Germany built newspaper. The secret plan calls on Ukrainian President Zelensky to come to the realization things cannot go on like this and Zelensky should explain to his nation that negotiation must be conducted.

The latest German US plan involves the US and west supplying Ukraine with enough weapons to hold the current front not likely. And to give up any expectation of recapturing the lost decent territory taken by Russia. That’s a certainty. This explosive report reveals that Chancellor Schulz and US President Biden want to bring the Russia Ukraine war to an end soon. Ukrainian President Zelensky should be forced in a very specific way to negotiate with Kremlin dictator Putin and accept brutal compromises.

Here it is disclosed. TV just in secret biden and Shalt plan. How secret can it be that we’re reading about it here and it’s even on Twitter? Zelensky should come to the realization things can not go on like this in the Bill dues paper. Here it is, the story the secret German American Ukraine plan. Zelensky should come to the realization that things cannot go unlike this. Without any external request, he should address the nation of his own free will and explain that negotiations need to be carried out.

A government insider told Bill the German American plan to supply Kiev with exactly the weapons and exactly the quantity that the Ukrainian army can hold at the current front, but is militarily incapable of retaking the occupied territories. Yes, indeed. And of course, as I’ve been explaining, hamas has been winning the battle, and we have heard a lot about it. Mind you, I’m encouraging you to call in. I believe that the calls are being blocked because, based on my past experience, this is unprecedented, and if there’s some way of letting us know what’s going on out there, that would be a good thing.

Meanwhile, of course, as I’ve been reporting, the US. Has been helping the Israelis to conceal their war crimes that we appear to be engaged in a Jewish plot to destroy Christian civilization. Get this published on Henry Macau by Patrick O’Connor before he become a Zionazi who is a furniture marketing executive, his first job as a public servant was as a diplomat posted to the USA, where he spent most of his time duping gullible Americans into thinking that neo Nazi Israel was a democracy that was worth supporting.

He learned a great deal about how to deceive people during his years as a furniture salesman. Fascinating stuff. Jay Parker, who grew up in Philadelphia and learned a lot about what were called the Illuminati at the time of Benjamin Nutanyahu. He explained, in the mid 1980s, I was visiting my mother at her apartment. That Yahoo is featured on a noonday TV presentation. And I said to my mother, what is he doing in America? She replied, they are training him, which meant the top Illuminati Satanist Council of 13.

And if you look at the history of Benjamin Netanyahu, you see a dark occultist, a Satanist. You do not see a Jew. And among the Talmud Jews, you will really see a lot of corruption. A few years later, in 1990, the ziofascist Doomsday SEC Shabbat crowned Netnia, who is mosiet Benyosa for the whole current era, will be right back, and we have a couple of calls standing by.

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Now these days are gone I’m not so self assured now I find a chamber. Mine I don’t. Help me if you can. I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being wow. Help me get my feet back on the ground well, I need help today and I got it from four familiar callers who are lined up right now. Let’s begin with Francis in North Carolina. Welcome back. Oh, boy.

Hey, young man. Go figure. And that one person is in the military talking about the military personnel in the various countries and so forth, and about what happens when someone gets hit or whatever. What they described to start with sounds a lot like a laser shot with light. Yeah, you’re talking directed energy where I put in Francis. Yeah, that’s a long word terminology of it, but I tend to go straight for the no hold barred comment.

So go figure. That’s just me. But yes, I mean, people are getting hit with that and so forth, even people here in the US and did not ask for it, but yet they’re being threatened by it regardless. The funny part is that that can be done at most anytime, depending on who they’re wanting to hit with it. But aside from that deal, oh, gosh, sometimes I forget about what initially else was going on.

I’m finding that especially with the current administration, yes, there’s a lot of horrendous things going on and so forth, and. Basically, Joyboy is just simply the mouthpiece. The people behind the scenes are the ones that are pulling the shenanigans and he’s basically just the pinna donkey deal as far as, oh, he’s doing this, he’s doing that. Actually, if he’s so incoherent to start with, as it’s being claimed, then no, he is not.

The people behind the scenes in the administration or whatever is the ones that pulling the shenanigans and pulling the stunts for that matter. So aside from that issue, it’s going to be interesting to see what you know, I just realized one thing. If they actually wanted Boy to actually function in a coherent fashion, maybe they should put him in one of those HeadBeds that they had in that one film, elysium so they do a full restoration of his physical body as well as his brain activity and then he might be viable.

Yeah, I like all that, Francis. I mean, it’s not the real Biden. He’s got the wrong shape and size ahead. He has the wrong manner, he has the wrong speaking know, this is some puppet who appears to be wearing a Matex Joe Biden mask. I mean, it’s that bad and it’s so insulting. It’s interesting you bring up directed energy weapons because I had a call earlier today and as I recollect, it may have been about a young person known as Jerusalem Girl who apparently was found, her body was so disfigured they couldn’t even identify her.

And he was saying how it sounded like the effects of a directed energy weapon. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me, it would not surprise me if the Israelis were using devastating devices of that kind on Palestinians. They want to slaughter them all, so they’re going to try and find the most effective method to do it. That’s why they were even talking about nuking Gaza. The disadvantage being then Gaza would be uninhabitable for maybe 200 more years and the Israelis couldn’t use it to exploit the gas and oil and build a Van Gurian canal.

So what’s taking place now is an urban renewal project. They want to get rid of all the buildings, all the property, all the people in Gaza, annex it to Israel and rebuild it to their heart’s content. That’s what’s going on. The shocking part is that, as Paul Craig Roberts observed, this is genocide going on before the whole world. And Israel can no longer claim that it does no wrong.

It can no longer play the victimhood card because its actions are savage and sadistic beyond measure. Just outrageous. Further thoughts? Yours? I think that’s understating it. And besides, well, after they have done that to the Palestinians, the people in Gaza, which they really shouldn’t be there to start with, and I don’t mean annihilating them to get them out of there to begin with, but who is going to be the next party that the government and the military of Israel goes after next? Yeah, that’s the big mean when you give that kind of mechanical technology to any government or a military for that matter, around the world, they’re going to use it for their own selfish purposes.

They don’t about who they do it to. Yes, that’s right. Give us your final thought before we hit the break. Oh, dear me. I think that’s pretty simple. I’ll have a Bloody Mary. Hang on. Go ahead, spin it out. No, get it out now. Bloody Mary. To the folks in Gaza. Have fun. Thanks, Francis. Great call. Thank you so much. We’ll be right back. Up the rice in the church where a wedding is being.

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I say. It’s all right, darling. It’s beat up. Continuing with our callers today, reese in New York. Reese, what are your thoughts today? Reese okay. All right. Well, Jim, you know, since it’s the 60th year anniversary of JFK, I want to put aside the politics as usual, talk about what’s going on that we’ve spoken about ad nauseam. And I want to go back to this assassination plot because of the conversation I had with you last time.

I want to bring out a few extra points, maybe for the benefit of your listeners. And then I have a question for you afterwards and your hypothesis. First, Michael Piper’s book, which was, like, 2004, it opened up the floodgates for other authors. There’s a few other ones that have produced books. It’s not just Michael Piper. You have Abner Cohen. Rob rockaway on. The gangsters for Zion, I believe.

And then there’s a French author, Laurent Goyine. You got to read his recent articles. This is not old JFK information. All this stuff that these other I call, limited hangout publishers are using, book publishers are from long ago provided evidence that has now been overshadowed by recent revelations. I’ll give you one of them from only a few years ago. Are you aware that the CIA handler has been identified as an Israeli that had written about five articles for one of the leading Zionist journals in Israel? Handler for whom? Reese for Oswald.

Oswald’s handler just ahead of the assassination. And who are you identifying that handler as being? Ruben Efron, a Lithuanian Jew living in Israel, where he contributed, I think it’s usually thought to be the Morse child, this so called White Russian, meaning he was not a Communist because of Russian jim, that’s the old news. This only emerged recently that this was declassified documents. Obviously, it was being kept hidden from the public because it would link another tentacle to Israel.

That the CIA handler was actually has been. You can find this fact corroborated, but, I mean, there’s many other ones. I mean, almost everyone we look at that day has a connection, including the one that was stumbled on Clay Shaw with Permandex. I mean, Clay Shaw, Permandex and Jack Ruby are the two biggest 800 pound gorillas in the room because what Garrison found out was Clay Shaw was on the board of Permandex, as well as Lewis Bloomfield, which was the Bronsman Mafia, and then the Bank Credit International in Switzerland, which was headed up by another uber Zionist.

So Permandex was a weapons trafficking operation. And guess what I didn’t realize until recently? That Jack Ruby wasn’t in Dallas just to operate a burlesque club. He was there dealing in weapons himself. So we have another Zionist that was dealing with weapons that was at the center of it. We have those bloom, sam Bloom is the one that invited Kennedy to Dallas to set him up for the turkey shoot.

And then we have Judith Payne is the one that gave him the job. Now, Judith Payne, there’s a number of authors that say that she was CIA. There’s not a shred of evidence that she was CIA. She worked for this cabal down in Texas that Johnson was connected to. Jim, are you aware that Lyndon Johnson was involved back in the late no, it was actually around 1930, 919 40, bringing in Jews from Poland with this cabal down in Dallas.

I never knew about this, not to contradict you, but I published Lord Guinyo’s latest Kennedy assassination CI did at Theorists are Covering for Israel on my blog back on the 22 November. It’s there now. I embedded four different presentations of my own so you could contrast my take on the assassination with his because I think he, like you, is exaggerating the Israeli element that it wasn’t present. But I think it’s very easy to stretch and make it out to be.

When this appears to have originated in Los Angeles in 1960 when LBJ lost the nomination of JFK, that’s when the plot appears to have been hatched. And that’s obviously the President, for that reason, he wanted to be president of all people. Linda, did you’re not getting that through your thick head, Reese? And by the way, about the way, Reese, before I have to cut you off, if you go to my website, assassinationscience.

com, there’s a huge number of studies there. And if you scroll down to one called Mrs. Payne’s garage, you’ll see all the evidence that Ruth Payne and her husband were both CIA assets. So you’re wrong on that score as well. But look, Reese, I respect your right to hold a contrary opinion and I just want you to know by many authors now let me speak like the martini lady speak.

Why don’t you give me a few minutes, Jim? I have given you a few minutes, Reese, and I’m not hearing anything new. After about two minutes, you cut me off. After two minutes, I got a lot more to say. Well, we got a lot more callers too, Reese. You make it very concise. Go ahead. All right, everyone involved, including the COVID up, it follows the same template as 911, just like you have on 911.

You have Rabbi Dub Zakheim absconded. 2. 3 trillion for that operation. We have Philip Zelikow with 911 running the COVID up. We have the same thing going on with the JFK assassination. Wow. All the same players that they were all Zionists that were connected with the COVID up back in JFK. All these people. Jack Ruby herman Decks, the Jews that invited him down to Dallas. I want you, Jim, here’s my challenge.

I want you to provide to your listeners bullet points showing how Lyndon Johnson was able to control the Secret Service, how he and the CIA were running the operation. And I’ll provide bullet points showing that it was the Masad and it was these Zionists here. This is why it’s fruitless. I have given many presentations laying this out, and you seem to have watched none of them. Reese I find you discredit yourself because you do not know anything but your song and dance.

So thank you for that, but I’m going to move. I’ve got Tom in Florida standing by. Reese and if you think Tom doesn’t have a lot to say, you have said your bit. Thank you. Reese thank you for that. Tom in Florida, join a conversation. Tom well, yeah, professor, all I want to know is I want to have what Francis is drinking, whatever she’s drinking, I want one.

I would like to have whatever agree. I really mean that. Now here’s what I want to talk and I don’t want to get into that. Israel, the Jewish Kamal, we already know they run everything. They wanted the atomic bomb. They had the atomic bomb in 1963 or earlier. So that’s why I think this led to why Kennedy? Because Kennedy didn’t want him to have the atomic bomb. That’s my opinion.

There’s other reasons, of course. You got to remember, what was the guy that was looking for all the Nazis? What was the guy that the Jews, as soon as Israel becomes a state, they go hunt all these Nazis down all over South America. I mean, the whole thing is crazy. Listen, and by the way, it was Christian male. 99% of the male fighting force in World War II were Christian.

White Americans in America were under patent that were fighting for these Jews to save their from annihilation or they would have been sent to Madagascar. That’s what I got to say about that to all you guys. Now, I don’t call about that. Here’s why I called. I’m going to call your show about this main reason, RBN. I want everybody to understand this. Did you see the news today, professor, about what’s going on in China? Did you hear about what the Chinese leader said today? The woman? Tell me.

He told that woman and he wants all Chinese women to get pregnant and have babies. Oh, yeah, they need more babies. Right? Right. Now, here’s the point. It’s all over the news. So you got this guy Ping Xing, whatever he’s telling the Chinese women now start having baby girls. There’s 68 million more men in China. There are women. So this guy Ping is telling all those Chinese fraud to get knocked up and have babies like in bang factories to have children.

Okay, so we got to look at this, Jim. We got to look with that. If Donald Trump were to tell every white, blonde haired woman in the United States to start having babies, I won’t pay you $100,000 for birthing, white baby. What do you think the media would do with that? What do you think they would do with that? If all white men were in every white country in Europe were telling every one of their white women to start having white children with their white men, what would happen? But you got the guy with the giant yellow star and his red flag with the five by little kitty star telling that we’re going to have world dominance no matter what it takes, and you start having babies.

All about the babies, man. It’s all about the spunk. Let’s not kid ourselves, Jim. There’s got to get to the serious point here. What do you think those Jews are doing on those Kabutzas over there in Israel? They’re telling all those Jews that got five, six babies, my lion, Jim. Hey, Vladimir Putin knows it Putin’s telling those Russian women, start breeding, we need more Israel. I think Israel does have a population problem, and if they actually vax as much a percentage of the population as they claim to have vaxed, since it induces sterility and brings about miscarriages, their population problem is going to become acute.

So I quite agree on that point. Tom, go ahead. Well, Jim? Well, yes, yes, but I think the biggest population problem of any country is in Japan. The Japanese women are not breeding up for their Japanese men in Japan. But however, you have the Chinese leader and Ping telling all those Chinese women, we want more female babies. But the Japanese, and they’re very smart people, they’re wonderful people, so they need to start having babies.

Basically. There’ll be no more Japanese left in the next, what, 100 years? I think they’ll be able to be, like, zero their whole population. That’s another thing that’s got to be dealt with over there in Japan, but it has to be dealt with here in the United States with white women, white women, afro American women want to be with their Afro American men. Black women want to be with black men.

White men should be with their white women having children. Okay, you got Putin out there saying, okay, I’m going to pay you rubles to have children. Now, I want to go back to yesterday’s call, Jim. I want to go back to what we were talking about yesterday. I want to pick up on that if I can, about this crime situation. Okay, okay, but I got four other callers behind you, Tom.

Don’t take forever. Go ahead. No, I’ll make it quick, sir. I’m just saying, the population, they commit these crimes like you said out of your mouth, that the Americans, if we didn’t have five cities in our country that were so criminal, we would have had one of the safest countries in the world. And I looked that up. And you’re 100% right, Jim. United States would be such a great, wonderful country with all these freedoms that we can have if we didn’t have the audacity of the Democrat Party pumping all this hatred about white men.

This is all about not following law and order. This is about how white man, bad man and we’re the majority, and we have to take this nonsense from a bunch of white trash liberals. And by the way, Jim, I was looking it up. You know what the most popular name in England is right now in all of England? Mohammed. Mohammed is the most popular name in a country.

John and Richard love it. Okay. London is the most heterogeneous. London has the most mixed international population of any city in the world. I have been there and it’s become much more pronounced oblaid. So it’s very interesting. Go ahead. Yeah, well, the Mayor of London is a Muslim, a believe. Is this what we’re tolerating is this we got to live with a white culture as white people gone nuts.

We gave the world rock. We got rock and roll. We got all these great scientists, we got all these great politicians in the history of our culture. Iceland is oldest democracy in the world. And they say, oh, the Vikings are savages. How are the Vikings? They had the greatest carpenters in the world today. Jim cannot build a Viking ship. The greatest Viking world cannot build a Viking ship.

Can you believe that? They can’t get the draft right. Tom, I only wish you’d called in earlier when I had extra time, because now I’m tight. Give me your final thought. My final thought, Jim, is I hope we keep this up about what we got to do as Christian white males. Or if you’re not a Christian, if you’re a white male who believes in a Founding Father, the ideology of the principles of our Founding Fathers, we’re going to lose this nation.

And if we do not defend our borders, we do not stop this crime. To surrender. Yes. Severe punishment. We have no nation. This is not a nation anymore, Tom. We’re in 100% agreement, Tom. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you very much for the call. I want to bring in James from Vancouver. I also want to make an observation about Reese. One of his comments I never heard of this guy he claims was a Jew, invited Jack to Dallas.

In my opinion, that’s nonsense. It was Lyndon who induced Jack to come with to patch differences in the two wings of the Democratic Party in Texas. The conservative which Linden represented and the liberal which Ralph Yarborough represented. Lyndon orchestrated the assassination. James in Vancouver, the floor is yours. Yeah, I was going to say George Demorenshield was Oswald’s handler, as far as I know, in the Dallas area. But you could draw a line back from Oswald to New Orleans where he was hanging out with Jack Ruby and the girl who was making the best induced cancer.

Yeah. In fact, if you look at Oswald’s history. He goes back to New York City. Now, what was he doing up there, he and his mother? I believe he was involved in intelligence from a very early age because he had an old Jack White. I mentioned Jack White to you last time. Yes. I saw an image of Kennedy in the limousine. Now, it’s not a real photograph, it’s a drawing, an artist image.

And it looks to me that Kennedy has been hit at least ten times by fire. So that I’m thinking, the reason they got Tibet, they used his body in the autopsy, because Kennedy was just hit so many times that there’s no way people could say, well, it was only three shots, you see? No, he was hit in the back, five and a half inches below the collar. Shallow shot only went in as far as the knuckle on your little finger.

He was hit in the throat by shot from the front, fired through the windshield. Then after the limousine was brought to a halt, he was hit the back of the head. He slumped forward. Jack eased him back up and hit the right handball. Now, those are four shots we know for sure. David Mannick believes there was yet a fifth shot, a third shot to the head, but that was it.

There were ten or twelve shots fired, but there were only five max hits. Yeah, well, I can tell you that for a certainty. Go ahead. Well, I’ll tell you what. Well, a headshot, if I were to use a 30 caliber with what do you call it, mercury tip, and I hit a guy in the head, it would blow his head apart. I believe there’s a chance that there was no head.

There was a head. There was a look. He had his brains blown out, back of his head. He appears to have died instantly. That’s from the mortician. Thomas Evan Robinson, who prepared the body for funeral. James, go to my blog, go to jameshfetzer. org. Find that article I mentioned. It’s the third most recent post. And watch a couple of my presentations, and then come back and let us discuss this further, okay? Because I’m glad to talk about it, but I want you to have a little more.

I’ve been 30 years with the best people ever study the case, okay? And look, Judith, Barry Baker has stayed in my home, okay? I have had dinner with James files, all right? I mean, I know where I speak, so let us pursue this further. But, James, for right now, just give me your final thought. Right now, James. Your final thought. Okay? All right. The thing that keyed me to this was they keep talking about Tibet.

Why was Tibet shot? And they talk about using Tibbett’s body in the autopsy. So that’s I’ve got Tibet’s autopsy reports, and I’ve got what we have available to autopsy photographs. It was not tippett. Although I’m a good friend of Robert morningstar who believes he was okay, so I get it. I know where you’re coming from. James, check out those reports I’m telling about. Get back. Thank you for the call.

Mer, are you here? Mer in Wisconsin. Okay. Mer dropped Laura. Laura in Michigan. You’re on, Laura. Hello, Mr. Fesser. On a lighter note, we got to learn how to demonstrate like the French did. They throw dung into the government offices and then roll a big, heavy, big bale of hay in front of the door so they can’t get out. I didn’t quite understand that. Say that again, Laura.

What did I they’re demonstrating what’s happening in dung in the government offices, and then they roll a big bale of hay they can’t get out. They’re locking government officials in their offices as part of their protests. Yeah, the mainstream isn’t covering these protests. They’re enormous worldwide. Enormous. And this just shows the power of the Zionist in controlling the media that we’re not getting these reports on the front page, Laura.

Nice point. More also also, while RBN was off, I had to listen to other networks. They were all for Israel. I heard so many lies. Here’s one of the lies. Hezbollah are the ones that imprisoned the Palestinians. Hezbollah said that? What did they say? They said that Hamas is the one that imprisons the Palestinians. Yeah, they built that. Know how ridiculous they just make up this nonsense. Give me a final thought, Laura, because I got a couple others here today.

Go ahead. Final thought. Well, I tell you my final thought is I almost went nuts without RBN. I felt uneasy about not being on with you myself. So let me say I missed you. Thank. Good call. Good call. Ken in Texas. Ken, join the conversation. Good afternoon, Dr. Fetzer. Are you familiar with the gemstone file? The gemstone report? It’s a little vague. It might remind me of the content.

Well, it was information was gathered by the guy who originally figured out how to make synthetic rubies and thus other gemstones, and in order to keep himself alive, because this is back in the day of development of lasers, so it was a big thing. And so the way he kept himself alive was to trade information with other countries. And one of the things he had in the gemstone files, what it was called was the names of all the shooters and where they were and all of that.

And I was just curious if it lined up with your research. I don’t know why you take a look, tell me what he’s got, and I’ll compare it. I would like that. I would like that. Can you pursue that? Can you pursue that canon and come back on it? Yeah, if I can find it. I’m not sure if I know what I did with it anymore, but the thought just popped in my head, and then I’d like that.

Go ahead. Yeah, I wanted to share a couple of things with you. I read that last night, I think it was, or yesterday at some point in time moody’s downgraded the USA and also put a negative outlook on five major banks bank of America, JP. Morgan Chase and I forget the other. Serious. This is very, very serious, Ken. You’re nailing it. Yeah, very important. Look, have you got a final thought? Yes.

I’ve been trying to share this with you since 1122. I’ll share my part in it. I had friends come in from out of town and they wanted to go over Dealy Plaza living in Dallas, Fort Worth, Metroplex. And so I took them over there. And then while they’re doing their thing, I did my thing. So I went to all the locations that I and triangulated all the shots and everything.

And I was standing on the grassy knoll by the picket fence. There’s two fences, north south one, east west one. And I was standing by the north south one. And I just sat out loud because nobody was around. I wonder if this fence has ever been tested for GSR. And then all of a sudden I heard somebody say something and there was this guy was kind of standing in the bushes next to the east west fence, which is like 6ft tall, whereas the one I stand next to is like three or 4ft tall picket fence.

So I repeated myself and then anyhow long story shorter, two weeks later this is Y two K year 2002. Weeks later, they replaced that fence. So that’s my listen to me. They got microphones all over Deedley Plaza to pick up any comments by any researchers so they know what to do to foil further research. You made a great point. And they decided to thwart. Very nice. Ken. Scott, you’re on top of it.

Dan, have a great one. Dr. J, thank you so much for the call. Anyone wasn’t able to get on, sorry about that. Call early tomorrow. We’ll be back. Spend as much time as you can with family, friends and people you love and care about. We do not know how much time we have left. Thank you. Jim, I love the way you end the show, but I also hate it.

Love it. Julie, thank you. Have a good evening. I like that. Bye. .

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