RBN Authentic News (26 September 2023)

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RBN Authentic News (26 September 2023)


➡️ In his recent United Nations speech, Russian Foreign Minister Servi Levrov denounced the United States and the West for fueling conflicts and preventing the formation of a multipolar world order. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Russia continue their conflicts, with fresh missile attacks and military support. In addition, allegations arise that the US is supporting Ukraine far beyond just arms—aiding farmers, first responders, and small businesses—drawing criticism from various fronts. Concurrently, discussions intensify about the drive of the world’s most powerful bodies, such as large banking cartels and others, towards one-world governance, also known as “The Great Reset” or “New World Order,” amidst increased socio-economic manipulation.
➡ The global asset industry, controlled by institutional investment firms such as Vanguard Holdings and BlackRock, has broad influence over major corporate sectors worldwide. Meanwhile, debates over gun control and immigration policy continue, alongside concerns about President Biden’s public speaking. A recent poll showed ex-President Trump ahead of Biden for voter support, while Trump’s legal team accuses Biden of trying to take out political rivals.
➡ Former President Trump’s support from minority voters has surged, making the Democrats concerned. His economic policies and dissatisfaction with the current government are cited to be the potential reasons. In the fake election for November 2024, Trump and Biden each secured 39%, placing Trump in a better position in seven key states. RFK Jr., after challenging Biden in the Democrat primary, is now contemplating transition to the Libertarian Party.
➡ Mr. Kennedy, while committed to running as a Democrat, considers himself libertarian, hinting at a potential alliance with the Libertarian Party. In a second political shift, Trump’s family, including Melania, will take a step back from his latest presidential campaign. On a legal front, a Wisconsin court has ruled against using absentee ballot drop boxes, advocating that good intentions should not override the law. In healthcare, a study revealed trace amounts of mRNA in the breast milk of vaccinated mothers, challenging the safety narrative for breastfeeding mothers. Lastly, Biden’s proposed assault weapon ban faced a setback as a California federal judge declared state restrictions on gun magazines as unconstitutional.
➡ The text discusses issues of wrongful foreclosures, a new social media platform TLB Talk, the benefits of hemp paste over CBD oil, the cost implications of Biden’s electric vehicle agenda on the automobile industry, and Dixie Republic – a store which sells Southern merchandise. Furthermore, it tells a story of a domestic break-in in Phoenix, Arizona where a teenager successfully defended his family through use of a firearm. The text concludes suggesting speculation about the potential border crossing of the intruder.
➡ The narrative discusses several issues including home invasions and the escalating trend of violence, the importance of self-defense, the damaging effects of technological over-reliance on cognitive abilities, criticism of the American educational system, and mentions controversial incidents like the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the Pentagon attack on 9/11, and unidentified threats in New York City.
➡ The speaker expresses concern over perceived destabilization in the country, suggesting it’s part of a Marxist takeover, aided by the likes of Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas. The speaker also commends Curtis Lewa, voicing concern over the military becoming more “woke,” and commenting on the issues of transgenders and lowered recruitment standards in the military. He references a related conversation that included talk of stock market crashes, hyperinflation, increased taxes, and concerns for savings in such situations. The speaker ends with the discussion of Jews’ role in the slave trade and criticizes what he perceives as their play at victimization.
➡ The text contains various dialogues discussing issues like perceived Cultural Marxism, promotion of taking down statues of historical figures, the control of Wikipedia pages, preparation of people for possible disasters, the virtues of different coffee brands, song lyrics and theories related to Sandy Hook and Holocaust denial. There’s also discussion about Alex Jones’ controversial reporting.
➡ The conversation included discussions about the absurdity of money values, the importance of abolishing the Federal Reserve Act and income tax, the impacts of gun law changes in Brazil and the advantages of having no gun restrictions, and insights into historical perspectives on slavery, emphasizing that the slaves brought to the U.S. were already in that condition before they arrived.
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➡ Dave spoke of belief in a New World Order setup resulting in predicted happenings and the urgency to prepare accordingly.
➡ Rudy from Montreal criticized the lack of guaranteed income, healthcare, and student support in the U.S, despite its economic advantages and power as the Federal Reserve currency holder.


Raking way out. Got a good reason for taking the easy way out. Now she was a dead trip up. One way to get it. Took me down to find out. I found out. Well, this is Jim Fetzer, your host on RBN Live with authentic news. This 26 day of September during his recent speech to the United Nations, russian Foreign Minister Servi Levrov, whom I regard as the exemplar, the absolute preeminent foreign Minister or Secretary of State among all nations, attacked the United States for itself standard foreign policy.

Completely appropriately, in my judgment. Russia’s top diplomat denounced the United States and the west as self interested defenders of a fading international power structure. The US. And its subordinate Western collective are continuing to fuel conflicts which artificially divide humanity into hostile blocs and hammer the achievement of overall aims. They’re doing everything they can to prevent the formation of a genuine multipolar world order. They’re trying to force the world to play according to their own self centered rules.

He’s got that 100% right. Ukraine’s seats in the assembly were empty for he’s a part of Labrov’s speech which accused the US. Among other things, of whipping up hysteria on the Korean peninsula, where North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, whom I like, made a rare foray out of his country by train to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in unsettling development. For South Korean allies, including the United States, during which he agreed to send 300 to 500,000 troops from North Korea to aid Russia and Ukraine.

Whereas I mentioned before, these are among the best troops in the world, mark my words. Later, in a news conference, Lamrov said the US. Was effectively engaged in hostilities with us, using Ukrainians as fodder. You can call this whatever you want, but they are directly at war with us. We call this a hybrid war, but that does not change the reality. Notice how crucial it is. Russia is declaring the United States is at war with Russia, and he’s got them right.

Meanwhile, Selvestapul has been targeted by another missile attack. This seems to go on virtually unabated, but here’s what we get. On September 23, Ukraine launched another attack on Crimea. The peninsula was reportedly targeted by six Neptune antiship missiles launched from the Odessa region. The Russian military has yet to confirm the attack. Air alert sounded in the city of Sebastibul twice that morning. In total, the alert was heard for about 40 minutes.

Local authorities confirmed the attack, claiming the air defense systems were working in the area. But passenger traffic in the Bay of Sebastopul was suspended, appropriately so. Meanwhile, in relation to their earlier attack, ukraine is claiming that it killed the Black Sea commander for the Russian fleet. Ukraine has claimed an attack launched on Friday killed 34 Russian officials, including the head of Russian Black Sea freight, Admiral Victor Sokov.

The Ukrainian claim has not been confirmed. The Russian side only reported a single serviceman missing after the attack, which targeted the Russian Black Sea fleet’s headquarters in Sevast Abu. Ukrainian sources claimed the strike was lot with British provided Storm Shadow missiles with a range of about 155 miles after the defeat of the headquarters of the Russian armed forces, 34 officers died, including the commander of the Russian armed forces.

Another 105 were wounded. The headquarters buildings cannot be restored. This is a bold claim. Which may turn out to be true, but at present cannot be confirmed. Meanwhile, the first batch of US. Made Abrams tags have arrived in Ukraine. Let’s see how long it takes a Russian to dispose of them. My promise? Not long at all. President Zelensky of Ukraine said Monday. The first batch of Abrams tanks have arrived in Ukraine which, armed with toxic bleeded uranium ammunition.

Abrams are already in Ukraine and are preparing to reinforce our brigades. I’m. Grateful to our allies for fulfilling their agreements. We look forward new contracts in expanding the geography of supply. US. Officials confirmed the arrivals and comments the New York Times saying they were the first of 31 tanks ukraine would receive and that more would be delivered in the coming months, they said. So far, Ukraine had received two tank platoons, putting the number of Abrams between eight and ten.

I guarantee you they’re not going to be around for long. Meanwhile, perhaps far more significant uproar ensues over a 60 minutes report that US is playing the salaries of Ukraine’s first responders and subsidizing small businesses in Ukraine. Think about it. The US. Has spent billions aiding Ukraine as the Eastern European nation battles. This is coming from the blaze. A brutal Russian invasion which was done for very high purpose to protect the Russian ethnic Russians russian friendly occupants at Dunbas that have been constantly under artillery bombardment since the coup of 2014, which deposed a Russian friendly president, install him with a Western puppet of whom Zolinsky is the successor.

But the aid has gone beyond simply assisting the embattled country with ormaments. 60 Minutes reported this was Sunday. US is purchasing seeds and fertilizer for Ukrainian farmers covering the salaries of Ukraine’s first responders, all 57,000 of them, and subsidizing small businesses. Democrat presidential candidate RFK Jr. Responded, indicating the US. Should help its own modest suggestion let’s support farmers, small business and diverse responders in our own country instead.

You don’t live in a country, you don’t live in a tax farm for a global empire, said Blaze TV host Oren McIntyre. Very appropriately as well. Everything you wish our government would step in and do for us here, they’re doing over in Ukraine with our tax dollars, said Michael Seavert. Billions for Ukrainian farmers first responding and Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Why the US. Should be doing the tough work of peacemaking we need aggressive diplomats if you want to avoid war meaning nuclear war with Russia where’s the draft peace plan? Richard Grinnell.

Tweeted u s lawmakers also sounded off. Representative Eli Crane of Arizona objected to American tax money had been spent. Things that Americans’hard earned tax dollars shouldn’t be funding, he tweeted. Nothing the federal government does is transparent to the American people, said GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. Meanwhile, nearly 200 people will die of fentanyl poisoning in the USA Today. Almost all of it flows over our open southern border.

Pure insanity, said Republican Representative Jim Banks of Indiana in response to the report. All appropriate criticisms. Truly outrageous what Biden is doing but take for granted. This is all totally purposeful, totally planned. Meanwhile, Gary Barnet had published on Lou Rockwell this long plotted world takeover scheme is more advanced than any normal human being can fathom. To begin, I’ll preface my remarks saying that this is adept to explain in simple terms very complicated financial and economic crimes being used against Americans and also against the entire world population in order to create and sustain total control over humanity.

This is meant to manifest itself in the concept of One World governance, the Great Reset or the New World Order. This may seem a bold statement. It is not. Once you understand that everything that’s happened over many decades is linked, especially since a plotted and premeditated false like event called 911, you should be able to recognize a massive number of obvious connections that are incredibly evil. It has recently become more prevalent, mostly by alternative news sites and bloggers, to put out the notion that many are waking up and that the people are winning the battle for freedom.

In my opinion, this is just not so. And in fact, as misleading as false hope is the driving force of this thinking. It’s evident that more are claiming to be against government tyranny, but absolutely nothing has been done to reduce or eliminate the power of the state at any level to date. In addition, the nefarious efforts of the state and its controllers continue to expand, and the drive toward more draconian policies is never ending.

In the current environment, it’s not known what reaction by the masses might be, considering the vast and imminent array of so called emergencies are certain to rise as this controlling cabal seeks to advance its agendas. But if the past is any indication, compliance should be expected. The takeover framework of these ruling psychopaths is always based on the prototype of problem reaction solution, of which all are fake. Premeditated events and false emergencies conspiracies, in fact, meant to instill fear, hatred or confusion so a state can’t pretend to come to the rescue of its hamless slave class.

The strategy has worked most every time it’s been tried to date, and the herd continues to simply go along, regardless of the erroneous rhetoric being spewed that the populace is winning. It is not INSO. Long as the state continues and succeeds in its push to retake and transform society, whether psychologically, financially or economically, the power of the ruling class and its governing systems will advance its wealth transfer, its monetary monopoly, and its depopulation efforts.

Think about it, he continues. Psychological manipulation control is necessary for the state thugs to accomplish their mission of world takeover, but financial and economic control is mandatory. Which brings us to the real question who owns and controls this world? It’s certainly the big banking cartels, including all central banks, the large corporate magnates, the government projected NGO Foundation, and of course the entire global asset industry, which by 2020 controlled well over $100 trillion.

But who owns and controls all of these entities? Who has a controlling interest in everything on Earth, that is BlackRock and the Vanguard Group? As I explained a year ago, there are a few thousand institutional Investment firms that own every large bank, every large corporation, every large investment firm, every news outlet, every large communication country, every large pharmaceutical company, every large transportation. In other words, most every large company on Earth is owned by these institutional investors.

In turn, the small Institutional Investment firms are owned by larger institutional investment firm, and the larger owned by even larger. The two Institutional Investment companies that are the major owners and controls of the others, are Vanguard Holdings and BlackRock. And Vanguard is the largest shareholder of BlackRock. What means is that Vanguard and BlackRock own and control this planet? I would submit as an additional thought, that it appears to me Vanguard and BlackRock are controlled by the Rothschild banking industry.

So we don’t want to miss the big picture. Very serious stuff. Meanwhile, we have a top Democrat accused of violating the Constitution with a new ward her. According to a report, Democrat California Representative Ted Liu declared an executive order on firearm safety issued by New Mexico Governor Michelle Luan grisham unlawful report show Friday governor Grisham, who’s been in office since 219, declared that gun violence and drug misuse constituted a public health emergency in the state Bernelo County, where Albuquerque is located.

The states concealed an open gun regulation were suspended for 30 days as part of the deception. Well, Representative Lou has it exactly right, and because of protests, she has backed down and dropped her, insistent restricting it just to a couple public places like libraries and zoos. Meanwhile, surprise, surprise white House livestream cuts Biden mid sentence as he goes off script an official White House Livestream of President Biden’s remarked with a broly cut mid sentence Monday just aped, after a report revealed that some White House staffers have stopped listening to him speak in public for fear he’ll veer off message.

Biden was meeting with officials in Boise, Idaho to discuss the wildfires raging across the western US, when he turned his attention to George Gessler of the National Association of State Foresters. Can I ask you a question? Biden said. Of course, Gessler answered. One of the things I’ve been working on with some others is Biden said before the audio and video stopped abruptly and without warning, they are worried he’s going to muck up.

He’s done it so many times. Meanwhile, and this is of course, all part of the master plan migrants hoping to reach the US. Continue north through Mexico by train amid historic migration levels. As a train roared in the distance, some 5000, mostly Venezuelan migrants hoping to make it to the US. Snapped into action. Families with young children sleeping on top of cardboard boxes. Young men and women tucked away in tents under a nearby bridge scrambled to pack their things.

After the train arrived on the outskirts of the central Mexican city, aurora puto. Some swung their bodies over its metal trailers with ease. Others tossed up bags, handed up their small children swaddled in winter coats. Come up. Come up. Migrants topped the train, urged those below. Others yelled, God bless Mexico. Thousands of other migrants were stranded in other parts of the country after Mexico’s biggest railroad said it had halted 60 free trains.

The company Faramex, said so many migrants were hitching rides on the train that it had become unsafe to move them. The company had said it had seen a half dozen regrettable cases of injuries or death in a span of just days. When the train arrived Saturday, fair Mechan painted on many of the gondolas. Local police were stationed around the improvised camp where the migrants had been waiting. But when the train stopped for about 30 minutes, there was no attempt to stop them from climbing aboard.

Indeed, we know Biden is providing them with all kinds of benefits, welcoming in. They’re getting 2200 a month, they’re getting food, they’re getting rent, they’re getting green passes, they’re going to work. And they’re undercutting migrants who already have low paying jobs, who are being undercut. This is starting to create a backlash. Meanwhile, a Washington Post ABC poll shows Trump with a ten point lead over Joe Biden. This is coming from the conservative treehouse Sundance.

At a lengthy dinner last night, this was part of the conversation. In my remarks, I shared that Donald Trump had gained approximately 20% more support among the average voting base for 2024 than he had in 2020. This puts a margin of voter fraud needed to defeat Trump in 2024 at a level that cannot be attained. This visible scale of support is also one of the baseline data points explaining why Barack Obama is slowly exiting from the Biden influence.

Operation Obama knows when to exit and avoid the collateral damage. I drive home. Check alert news. And there it is a new Washington Post ABC poll showing President Trump with a ten point lead over Joe Biden, 52 to 42. The Washington Post spends the majority of the article trying to reconcile their polling result as an outlier, meaning improbable and not truly representative as we were and are after our discovery of this amazing gift right here in beautiful, colorful Colorado, you may already know Shiloji by other names.

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Now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured. Now I find a chain of mine I don’t help me if you can. I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being around. Help me get my feet back on the ground. Jim, you’re back. In a stunning court filing, trump’s lawyers pulled no punches as they accused Biden of attempting to take out his political rivals. They’re seeking to recuse a biased judge, Tanya Chutkin, whom they claim is overturning the 2020 election, or should I say refusing to acknowledge that it was stolen.

And boy, do they have a point. Chutkin made some rather interesting comments in a recent case. She wondered aloud why Trump hadn’t been charged over the events of January 6. Now, any reasonable person would think maybe she shows some bias there, but not the Democrats. The prosecutor, Jack Smith had the audacity target that Chutzkin’s comments were being taken out of context. Out of context. Trump’s team rightfully called those comments gratuitous and plainly hostile.

It’s crystal clear she has it out for Trump. Here’s the real kicker trump lawyers are slamming the whole trial as a show trial orchestrated by Biden himself. They believe Biden is using the power of the presidency to take out his most significant political opponent. Surprise, surprise, and come on, who can argue with that logic? Trump has been a thorn in the Democrat side since day one, and they’ll do anything they can to eliminate him.

100% true. Have no doubt about it. It’s continuing unabated. Trump is also and this is to confirm the previous report about how far he’s leading. Trump shakes up the DNC minority backing skyrockets to a 50 year GOP high. In a shocking turn of events, former President Trump has gained support from minority voters at a level never seen before. This is making Democrats very worried. The Washington Post said Trump’s approval range among blacks and Hispanics have gone up a lot, even though his presidency has been divisive and the political environment is tense.

The Western Journal says that DNC is in panic mode because Trump’s support among minorities is greater than that of any Republicans in the past 50 years. Political experts are still trying to figure out a change in the minds of minority voters. Some say it’s because of Trump’s economic policies before the pandemic. Black and Hispanic Americans have the lowest unemployment rates in history. Others think people are unhappy with how the current government is handling important problems.

Recent polls show his support is also growing in key battleground states, which could hurt Biden’s chance for reelection in 2024. In a made up election for November 2024, both Biden and Trump got 39%, meaning 20% were still not sure who they would vote for. But Trump seems to be in a better position in seven key states of Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Michigan. For Trump, at 41%, Biden 35, leaving 24 uncertain.

Have no doubt about it, even before the 2020 election, 40% of black likely voters wanted to support Trump. They are planning to vote for him because he was doing them so much good. The economy was so strong, they, as the lowest earning wagers, were seeing their wages rise at the highest rate. I believe that’s very powerful in the black community. And then Hispanic, who are mostly Catholic. They have been profoundly disillusioned by all the transgender, all the lawlessness, all the decriminalizing shoplifting, the rising crime.

Both minorities, of course, resent the massive flow of migration, which is leaving earlier migrants here losing their jobs because the new arrival will take them at cut rate prices if they’ll do it for $40, whereas previously they had to pay 200. The companies are going with a cheaper labor. In fact, that may even be a major reason, or among those, why Biden is so enthusiastic about opening our borders.

Meanwhile, a Trapalgal portion of Trump’s leading in Iowa by 33 points nationally by 42. With a second Republican primary debate tomorrow, former President Trump maintains a huge lead in both, the first in the nation. Iowa in the latest national poll by the Trafalgar Group, trump leads in the Iowa caucus over DeSantis, who only has 16% in the field by 33 points, pulling 49% in the battleground state. The result roughly mirrors the nationwide GOP primary polling by the Trafalgar group, where Trump is even stronger, pulling a 56% majority and leading the Senate’s only 14% by nearly 42 points.

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911 was a jointly conducted covert operation that involved multiple states the Saudis, the Israelis, and what you could call the deep state with anti Semitic remarks. Yeah, you’re jiggling juice. We used to say the dancing Israelis. So even the Republicans now are compromising and they’re pushing issues that are destructive to the white race. They would always say, like, are we just going to talk about this stuff on the radio? What are we going to do about it? Either we force the democracy to work by actually getting the ballot access, getting the candidates, getting in office, getting our message out there to the people, or we expose just how undemocratic it is.

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He got juice you eyeball. He wants holy roller. He got hair down to his knee. Got to be a joker, he just do what it please. Seven candidates have qualified for the second Republican primary debate, which will be held tomorrow. A total of seven qualified Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and Tourbutner Vivek Ramaswami, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former VP Mike Pence, south Carolina Senator Tim Scott, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and North Dakota Governor Doug Bigram meet the criteria to qualify for the second primary scheduled to take place tomorrow.

All seven participated in August’s first debate in Milwaukee. The criteria to take part in this event were stricter this time compared to the first, and some former participants did not make the cut, let me add, deservedly so. Former Arkansas Governor Asia Hutchinson failed to meet for the next debate, which will take place on September Eastern at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Sime Valley. Hutchison vowed in a statement to continue campaigning even though he fell short of the RNC’s bowling requirement.

He wants to stand up to Donald Trump. I intend to continue doing what I’m doing and speaking out. He wants to highlight what he claims are Trump’s fault promises to blue collar and union workers in Michigan and across America. Good luck with that, Asia. Meanwhile, as far as Biden’s concerned, is ever having a hard time keeping him upright. Biden’s handlers are now doubling down on Everest to keep him upright.

Finds himself defeated by an acronym. Doesn’t matter what we call it, he says, when he can’t figure it out. The oldest president in American history appears to be finding it increasingly difficult to stay upright and read his lines. Days after regaling supporters with the exact same story twice, inside the span of just a few minutes, joe Biden addressed the leaders of the 18 Asia Pacific Island Forum, announcing the US.

Diplomatic recognition of two additional Pacific Island nations the Cook Island and New. When the subject of economic development came up, the 80 year old Democrat found himself unable to both process an acronym and get his numbers straight. Strong growth begins with strong infrastructure. So today I’m pleased to announce we’re working with Congress to invest 40 billion in our Pacific Island infrastructure initiative. We call it the PGPI. Anyway, said Biden, surrendering his attempt to identify the letters of the acronym, it doesn’t matter what we call it, but that’s what it is.

Following subdued laughter from the crowd by Natted, I was going to get back to acronyms, and I’m going to withstand not doing that. Just one of innumerable gaffes that totally discredit the man as utterly incapable of handling the job. I doubt he will be the candidate in 2024. Meanwhile, and I find this a fascinating development RFK Jr. Flirts with a Libertarian Party for months RFK Jr. Say plans to continue his long shot challenge against Biden in the Democrat primary rather than dropping out to launch a third party bid.

But lately, Mr. Kennedy’s message has seemed to shift, including publicly telling a voter who asked about his plans that he was keeping his options open. If Mr. Kennedy does decide to leave the party of his famous father and uncles to run in the general election, one potential landing spot might be the Libertarian Party, which at the moment lacks a widely known candidate but has excelled at securing ballot access.

That would be, in my opinion, a perfect combination. He emphasized he’s committed to running as a Democrat but said he considers himself very libertarian, Mrs. McCardle said in an interview, saying they agreed on several positions where she, by the way, represents the Libertarian Party, including the threat of the deep state and the need for populist messages. We’re aligned on a lot of issues. My perspective is that we’re going to stay in touch in case he does decide to run, Mr.

McCardle said. And he can contact me at any time. If that’s the case, I think that’s well worth consideration, because this Democrat Party of today is not the Democrat Party of his father aurafk or of his Uncle JFK or even of Teddy Kennedy. Meanwhile, Trump has made an endorsement that seems to be throwing the media for a bit of a loop. Former President Trump family have faced vicious attacks from the media since he descended the Golden Elevator in 2015.

Family has been an important part of Trump’s campaigns. His latest presidential run is taking a different shape. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are taking a step back. Former First Lady Melania appeared at her husband’s side during his November presidential announcement, but has been absent from the campaign trail since the media began baseless rumors of a major tension between the two over his third presidential campaign.

But he shut down the smear when he dropped a big. Announcement with Kristen Welker on NBC’s Meet the Press. He said Melania would be back on the campaign trail with him pretty soon. Right now, she’s with Baron in school. She loves that boy. She’s very supportive. Welker pressed the former press on specific date for the First Lady the former First Lady to return to the campaign trial pretty soon.

When it’s appropriate. Pretty soon. Frankly, I think Melania is a great asset. And I find it completely disgusting that the Democrats put so much pressure on the women’s magazine that for the entire four year that Donald Trump was in office, even though he was married to a beautiful woman who handled the responsibilities with the White House. And as First Lady impeccably, they did not allow her to appear on the COVID of any of those magazines, to the best of my knowledge, even once.

Outrageous, petty, shallow, just disgustingly bad. Meanwhile, I’m very pleased that the Supreme Court of my own state has banned absentee drop boxes. Good intentions never override the law. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has banned absentee ballot drop boxes in the state, so they will not be able to use them no matter what happens. With COVID Justice Rebecca Bradley and the court’s conservative majority, including swing Justice Brian Hegedorn ruled on the issue in 2022.

Nothing in the statutory language detailing the procedure by which absentee ballots may be cast mentioned dropboxes or anything like the staff, the WC that’s a Wisconsin Election Commission may have been trying to make voting as easy as possible during the pandemic, but whatever their motivations, WC must follow Wisconsin statutes. Good intentions never override the law. I like this. This is a good decision. I find it encouraging. And with a new majority, perhaps even I, a citizen of Wisconsin, has got a very clear case against the Circuit Court and the Court of Appeals for a taking of my book and blog, which were in violation of Wisconsin’s own statutes, which require the appointment of a receiver.

And where the Court of Appeals, when I made that argument, ignored it, basically, and suggested that I had been given suitable compensation by valuing a book at 25,000 times four versions, $100,000, which I pointed out the book has no value unless it’s marketed. The Court of Appeals said I had said the book had no value leaving out unless it’s marketed. Plus, it ignoring the fact that the 25,000 was per month, not total value per month, based on nearly 500 copies having been sold during the period from 20 to October 2015 to 19 November, when it sold nearly 500 copies.

So the Court of Appeals is further, in my opinion, disgracing itself by not treating the law of Wisconsin as it should be doing and correcting the faulty actions taken by a lower court. If that’s not the role of a Court of Appeals, what the hell is it? Meanwhile, expert media wronged bombshell COVID revelations. A new study of lactating women who took the COVID vaccine found trace amounts of mRNA up to 45 hours after vaccination in the breast milk of ten of the women.

Contradicting the government’s and vaccine enthusiast narrative that mRNA was safe for breastfeeding moms and their infants because it would not travel throughout the body. Our findings suggest the COVID-19 mRNA administered a lactating mother scan spread systematically to breast milk in the first two days after maternal vaccination. Biodistribution of mRNA Vaccine in Human breast milk is the name of their study published in the October 2023 edition of the British medical journal Lancet, which, by the way, is the oldest medical journal in the world.

And get this suspicious timing for a colossal rise in child deaths in the UK on the cusp of the new COVID booster shot rollout, former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd gives Dell Bigtree a shocking update highlighting the colossal rise in excess deaths in children in the UK since the COVID vaccine was rolled out. It’s bad news across the board. The evidence is overwhelming and impossible to deny unless, of course, you’re willing to simply make out falsehoods as truths.

Meanwhile, and this is also welcome news biden’s assault weapon ban faces a major sex back after a California ruling posted September 24 this past Friday, a significant legal development unfolded in California as a federal judge overruled the state restriction on gun magazines, which had limited them to ten rounds. The ruling was based on the assertion the law violated the Constitution. Concurrently, President Joe Biden expressed his support for reinstating the ban on assault weapons and advocated for the allowance of only low capacity magazines.

Gun control and Second Amendment are both a subject of ongoing national debate. The decision by us. District court judge Roger Benitz was heavily influenced by a supreme court verdict from 2022 new York state rifle and missile association versus Bruin. The Supreme Court had emphasized that state level gun control measures must align with the Second Amendment’s textual essence enriched by its historical backdrop, including, of course, all the case law that attends the focal point was a California statute criminalizing possession and use of standard firearm magazines which are ordinarily owned for lawful purposes.

In his ruling, Jung Benitez underscored that California law was unequivocally unconstitutional based on the Second Amendment text, history and tradition. He elaborated on the evolution of firearm technology, emphasizing how detachable magazines address the historical challenge of ammunition scarcity during confrontations. The judge pointed out that larger magazines are essential when more ammunition is needed, a sentiment shared by many gun owners prefer having more than ten rounds already in their firearms junk.

Benetz also highlighted the wise read prevalence of magazines with capacities exceeding ten rounds, noting popular handguns and rifles often come with 17 and 30 round magazines, respectively. He cited the Glock 17 handgun, a standard 17 round magazine, as an example of which I am a proud possessor. In his critique of California’s ten round limit, Bennett argued that the restriction lacked historical precedent and was arbitrary. He reviewed California’s justification for the limit, saying that such determination should be the prerogative of citizens, not the states.

This is a very welcome and appropriate finding. Very indeed. The Supreme Court historically has upheld the interpretation of the law as justifying the possession of military weapons. Many Democrats have made the specious argument that the Founding Fathers didn’t have military style weapons in mind when they passed the Second Amendment, but the only weapons that were available at the time of the founding of the nation were military weapons.

They had precisely not just military style weapons in mind, military weapons themselves, which of course were indispensable to defend the nation in a time of national need, such as an invasion or to overthrow a tyrannical government. Glad to seek a California judge is defending the Constitution in relation to the Second Amendment, the importance of which is becoming enormously greater with the invasion taking place at our southern border and where many of these migrants the vast majority, in fact, appear to be young, physically fit, military age men whom I believe are constituting an army that has only to be armed.

Where the government has acquired over a billion dollars worth of military equipment military equipment. By agencies who do not have a need. Therefore, meanwhile, MSNBC. Darling Jen Basaki was backed into a corner. Her latest bizarre rant proves she has lost her mind. Leftist Jen Pasaki has proven she can’t even defend the Democrats anti life agenda when confronted with the extreme pro abortion stands of President Biden and his cohort.

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And yet another blow to the American economy. The biden admin is steamrolling ahead with its radical environmental agenda, this time targeting the automotive industry by implementing burdensome regulations through agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Biden oops of horse car companies into producing electric vehicles. But at what cost? The toll on the bottom line is simply staggering. Take Ford, for example. This iconic American company is projected to lose an astonishing four and a half billion dollars this year alone due to the foray into the electric vehicle market.

Yes, you read that right. Four and a half billion. That’s equivalent to a jaw dropping $60,000 loss for every single EV they produce. Talk about a shock to the system. Now, the biden admin undoubtedly argue that hardworking American taxpayers should whip the bill for these disastrous losses. They’ll berate their subsidies, like the ones from the so called Inflation Reduction Act, and claim they have made electric vehicles more affordable.

But let’s not be fooled by their smoke and mirrors. These subsidies only serve to hide the true cost and burden being placed on the American people. The damage doesn’t end there. As if the massive financial losses weren’t enough, we now have the ongoing United Auto Workers strike against not just Ford, but also General Motors and Chrysler. And guess what sparked this strike? None other than President Biden’s force transition to electric vehicles.

So not only are American car companies bleeding money, but now their employees are taking a stand against these unrealistic and harmful mandates. Let me mention, Biden just went down to claim he joined in the picket line with UA United Auto Workers, who are protesting, who are on strike. But how absurd is that? What would Biden be doing with marching, with strikers who are protesting the policies he’s pursuing and forcing the automobile companies to implement, even if it’s costing them billions in losses? What happened to the free market? What happened to competition between products? If you want to have an electric vehicle, that can be your choice.

But it should not be the case that the administration is imposing their production on an industry that doesn’t want them and is losing money from pursuing it. We’ll be right back and take your calls. From my friend you need anybody I just need someone to love I want somebody to love oh, I get by help from my friends gonna drive from my friends oh, I get high from my friends yeah find your inner rebel at Dixie Republic, the world’s largest Confederate store.

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We have a first caller on the line, francis from North Carolina. Welcome back to the show. Oh, boy. How you doing, young? Good, good. How are you? Well, I was okay, aside from Joy Boy’s staff putting him in interesting pickles like that. Not that I approve of him. Anyway, there’s two things I find fascinating. One trump being in Somerville a few days ago or whatever, regarding the visiting a firearm shop, which was really neat to see, for that matter, and actually talking to people and so forth.

At nauseam. However, on the flip side now this is going to fit right in the category of the scenario with the southern border being opened up and allowing people to come in and who knows ad nauseam. But I come across a video where back on Friday, it seems that someone decided to go and try to break in someone’s their home. And the mother, her daughters and her son are at home.

And this person decides to try to break in their home because, as it later said, that they thought that it was a friend of theirs home, except for one problem. The person is high on meth and when she has a firearm and she’s trying to call 911 or whatever and being hesitant about what she’s doing and what I guess trying to be careful, her son, as brave as he was, even though he’s in his teens, actually took the firearm and shot the person that was breaking in.

One shot to the abbot and one to the arm. Now, Francis, just a comment, and I know the rest of the story is coming that’s totally lawful. I mean, that’s self defense. Someone breaks home, you’re allowed to shoot them dead. I know, but there’s two ironies to this thing. One, the person’s relatives are probably going to say, we need to sue these people because they meant no harm, they meant no wrong by breaking into their home because they thought it was a friend of theirs home.

For one thing, they better be careful that this family does not sue the relatives of this person who did the breaking in to start with, because this person is going to jail. And if they don’t and end up imprisoning the young boy that was in his teens in Eigth grade, then there’s something bloody wrong going on. To start with here’s. The reason why it goes into another aspect of the whole scenario is since this occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, how do we know that this person didn’t cross the border in Texas or whatever, along with a bunch of other people and end up trying to go to Phoenix, Arizona, and claim that.

Well, I have a friend of mine staying here, so I’m going to go visit them or whatever. And they’re high on mess. Well, Francis, let me just back up. If it’s a friend’s home, you don’t break into the home. Even if it’s the home of a friend, you knock on the door and they let you in because they’re your friend. So the story is preposterous from scratch. Oh, I know.

That’s the funny irony of the whole bloody thing. And if they present to the judicial system and try to sue the family that shot them to begin with, chances are they’re going to probably throw the case out to begin with because quite frankly, the family themselves could sue them. If they have a decent attorney, they could sue them for breaking and entering and so forth. Sure. Threats of bodily harm.

Right. I had to applaud the teenage kid, young boy, for actually defending his mom and his sisters, for that matter, from someone who had the intention of causing harm by breaking in, to start with. Sure. That boy should get a medal of Bravery, among other things, or accommodation or whatever, which probably were going to happen, for actually defending his home and his family for crying out just I’m just blown by the whole scenario.

Francis, I want to get clear. Are they bringing some charge against the boy for defending the family from the okay, okay. You’re just saying he did this. This reminds me of Kyle Rittenhouse here in Kenosha, where he was assailed by antifa bln. I mean, these were thugs who tried to kill him, and he was so successful at defending himself under legally impeccable circumstances, he killed two of them and injured the third, all in self.

And in my opinion, he’s an American hero. We all should have the skill and agility with a weapon to defend ourselves, as Kyle Rittenhouse displayed on that occasion. It was phenomenal. Absolutely. And this whole thing about, well, people shouldn’t have firearms excuse me, but when they start creating firearm free zones, you’re basically advertising, come on, come on over and start shooting up the place and taking some people’s lives or whatever, I mean, how ignorant can you get? But then again, the question is, how much are these politicians getting paid off to do that, to propagate that the Democrats who have gone, in my opinion, full blown communists at this point in time, they want an egalitarian society where there are no distinctions, where all are equal, though some will be more equal than others.

It’s anti capitalist, anti meritocracy, anti success or achievement. I mean, you reach the point where our educational system is another failure. Kids are being promoted even if they can’t read or write. They’re just being moved through the system and know, given a degree as they were competent when they are not. I mean, Isserby had it right when she talked about the dumbing down of America. Francis, go ahead, much, and quite frankly, speaking of reading and writing or whatever, the fact that they’re learning how to communicate or do their schooling on a computer keyboard or whatever, the question is, have they even had a couple of months of typing class in order to actually function on a keyboard for a computer screen? That’s another big question.

Or are they just simply doing typing with two fingers and that’s it? Well, that’s true. And mathematics, they’re so dependent on computers or their phones to do math, I don’t think they even have any idea whether an answer to a problem is remotely accurate, which is what you need to have before you resort to the use of electronic devices. Similarly, with regard to reading and writing, these abilities are being reduced to what you can do with texting on a phone.

Francis yeah, I think there are massive intellectual effects that are going to be felt by the focus, the role of cell phones, which are having an impact upon our society that is only dimly perceived but is destined to be profound. And frankly, a lot of it’s not going to be good. Francis if we lost. Francis let me say the lines are open. Please do call. I’m going to talk about a couple of stories I’ve just posted at Twitter, including a show I did with Scott Bannett, who has a global new awakening, great Awakening show.

Francis, go ahead, pick up. You’re back. I’m glad. Go ahead. My bad. Somehow another hit the wrong key on the stupid toy. We’ve all been there, done that. It’s crazy. And people wonder why I hate technology. Go figure. But anyway, it’s really getting really questionable about the education system. Hence the reason why people are resorting to drugs and going and breaking into people’s homes, all that. It’s a vicious cycle and it has to stop.

But the only thing is that it’s the everyday person that’s having to stop it. I mean, the things I see video wise, it’s like, oh my gosh, I’m stunned and shocked. So the only thing I can do is come to defense of the person who’s being attacked, for that matter. Go figure. Yeah, but with that I’ll have a green apple mom margarita. It’s not even a rainbow. Hey, go for it.

Go for it, francis have a great I like, I like frozen mango margaritas especially. One of my favorites. I mentioned I posted a couple stories on my Twitter account at Jim Fetzer. At jim Fetzer I want to share with you. One is with Scott Bennett, who’s a former Army Intel and Psyops officer in relation to 911, a number of new videos turned up, some of which were very telling, including one where you could actually see the missile that was fired into the Pentagon by an unmanned aerial vehicle, which turns out to have been a global Hawk.

Let me mention a couple of key points about the Pentagon. Flight 77, which is alleged to be a plane that attacked the Pentagon, was not even in the air that day. We have the page for 911 from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which keep meticulous records on every commercial flight in the United States. The time they’re supposed to depart, the time they actually depart the gate, the number of passengers aboard, the whole thing, the time the wheels down, the time they unload, the whole bit, all by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Edward Hendry happened to capture the page that day, and it did not show any entry for Flight 1177 or for that matter, for Flight Eleven North Tower. In other words, those two planes were not even in the air that day. Now, according to the official scenario, flight 77 was piloted by Hanihan Jor, one of the 19 alleged hijackers who had trouble even piloting a tiny Cessna. He was not a competent pilot.

He could not possibly have flown a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon. Moreover, the trajectory it’s alleged to have taken involved a tight corkscream type turn. Reducing that, he would have been utterly incapable of executing. In fact, most pilots said they would have had a hard time pulling that off. Not only that, but the plane is supposed to have barely skimmed the ground as attack the building on the ground floor at over 400 miles an hour, hitting a series of lampposts in the process.

Well, hitting the lampp posts at over 400 miles an hour when they are stationary would have the same effect as if the plane were stationary hit by lamppost traveling over 400 miles an hour. It would have broken open the wings where the fuel is stored. It would have mixed with oxygen, burst into flame. The plane would have cartwheeled across the ground. Not only do we have clear, clean Pentagon lawn for 45 minutes, but there’s no signs of any plane having crash there.

Just as in Shanksville, where the two reporters first on the scene said the eerie aspect of the crash site at Shanksville was there was no evidence any plane had crashed there, which is most simply and elegantly explained by the fact no plane crash there. Meanwhile, we have a couple more callers joining Reese in New York. Join the conversation. Reese. Hey. Good afternoon, Jim. I just want to hold on, Jim.

Yeah. Hold on for a minute. I’m hearing you in the background. Give me 1 second. Take care of that. Sure. And I wanted to follow up the previous caller because she mentioned about Francis, mentioned about this home invasion. I’m going to tell you here in New York City. I was at a scene about a week ago where in Harlem we had a crazed gunman walled up in his apartment building on a high floor threatening to shoot people.

The police were trying to arrest him, threatening to shoot people on the ground. We had a SWAT team, probably 30 to 40 police cars with ESS vehicles and SWAT. And that wasn’t even on the news. It wasn’t even reported on the news. That’s incredible. This is unbelievable. They shut down 125th street, both directions, the avenue, the street. There was an armada of police cars heading over there. I seen Lieutenants.

Nobody would say anything. And I found out later on, they finally got him. He was threatening to shoot like in Penn State. He was going to shoot people from the window if the police did not disperse. He was going to start shooting people on the street. But I’m going to tell you this. Don’t fool yourself, people. We are under a full scale invasion and a Marxist coup right now.

That’s what’s going on in this country. If you see where the Marxists have taken over any country, they always allow chaos on the streets, emptying out the prisons, aiding and abetting criminals, taking guns away from the citizenry. That’s been going on since the first Marxist revolution in Bolshevik Russia. And of course, this is being led by Mr. Garfinkel, Moshe Garfinkel. We know him as Merrick Garland and his co revolutionary mayorkas who’s another sephardic Hue, from Cuba.

So really what’s going on is we are in the midst of an overthrow here. And the problem I have, Jim, is that I’m seeing a population that is not pushing back. It’s a population that’s been beaten down, that apologizes for its own existence. It’s not going to fight back, let’s say like the Serbians did when they were invaded by the Clinton army in 1999. But I will say here’s one spark of hope.

I have Curtis Lewa. Now, I’m going to tell you something. I was going to head down to where Curtis Lewa was yesterday in Staten Island, but it was too late for me to get there. This guy is a lion, this guy. I got to say, he’s got balls of of he reminds me of James Traffickant. And I would have gone down there and dressed those cops down because I’ll tell you what, I’m not intimidated by them.

But Curtis had it well underhand calling them out for the hypocrites that they were. And what do you think about what I’ve said so far, Jim? Yeah, well, of course I’m very worried about I think they put estrogen in the water. Not only fluoride, which is neurotoxin, kills brain cells. I think they put a lot of estrogen in the water. I think they’re trying to reduce the level of aggression or of discontent required to take a serious stand in opposition.

Of course, they’ve tried to turn the military woke. We’re not yet turning tutus into uniforms. We might as well be for the young men, mostly from southern countries who in the past have patriotically joined our military, don’t want to have anything to do with transgenders or critical race theory or awoke military. They can’t even make their recruiting standards. They can’t meet their quotas. So they’re lowering the standards.

Now. They’re going to allow people with criminal records who haven’t even graduated from high school. I can’t begin to tell you the long term consequences of lowering standards for membership or participation in the US military. It’s going to be catastrophic, Jim. Just to build on that, I would go as far as to say that it is an act of treason what they’ve done to the military as far as the standards and bringing in these fruitcakes, these transgenders who really need a good psychiatrist is what they need, not gender changing hormonal treatment.

It goes back to Yuri Bezmanov in his famous 1982, I believe it was interview and Yuri Bezmanov, he was Xkgb. He left Russia. I see we got a break coming up. Yeah, hold that thought for you. We’ll be right back after. This break I never needed anybody’s help in any way now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured now I find a change of mind I don’t einstein once said, future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.

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Or call me, Jeffrey Bennett at 602-799-8214 or by email at Kettlemarainltd@cox. net for a private consultation. Once again, our phone number 602-799-8214. It’s almost Friday, Sam. You can sing. That can’t be done. Nothing you can say that you can learn how to play the game. Easy. Reese, go ahead. Give us a couple more thoughts, please. Just to finish up on that, he mentioned a drop off. Yuri bezmanov mentioned? He said that the head of the KGB and Dropov at the time said that he never dreamed that their program of demoralization would have been so successful.

And that was in the 1980s when Trump was running and had won the presidency. I went to coffee shops in New York City and seen white guy after white guy with a laptop with a sticker that said F. Trump on it. Now, these are the guys that have been disenfranchised by blacks and other minorities taking jobs from them, taking jobs from their fathers, getting free college tuition, ruining the schools, ruining their neighborhoods.

And yet the guy that comes in that tries to turn it around, they got a sticker that says F. Trump. Jim, that’s demoralization. Can I leave with this one thought? Sure. For anyone who didn’t hear it yesterday, I’m going to give them a little truth on the way out here that’s separate from these subjects. I mentioned Bill Colby with that know, when our program of disinformation is complete, everything the casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey.

I’m sorry I mentioned Casey. I think you mentioned Colby. Yeah, but anyway but Colby was good. Colby was a good guy, and Casey bad. Yes, but I’ll say this much about Casey. He was Catholic and he was a Catholic. He wasn’t a converso, phony Catholic. He was genuinely Catholic. But I found out that his grandparents were Jews from Africa, from Togo, which was the heart of the slave trading industry in Africa.

Now, anybody out there that knows about slave trading, do I need to tell you what kind of people were in charge of slave trading that took the primary role? Well, that’s who his grandparents were. The slave traders were overwhelmingly Jewish. You’re absolutely right. Reese yes. His grandparents, Albert Levine and Mary Baco. And by the way, Baco is not the Italian Baco. It’s African Baco. So just want to let the listening audience know that there’s a lot of false information out there.

Just wanted to clarify. Thanks. Thanks for the call. Reese yeah. I don’t understand why all the racial activists don’t ever focus fire on the merchants who made bringing slaves to America so profitable for themselves because they were overwhelmingly Jewish. I never hear criticism coming about their role in the slave trade. I think that’s a hell of a good question. Meanwhile, we have Dan in Washington standing by. Dan, join the conversation.

Thanks. Yeah, I called about your legal case, but on that last subject, the idea of Jewish victimization and the fact that they’ve been persecuted has got to be one of the biggest psyops on mankind. Yes. George Washington. I agree with you, Dan. And it’s something that needs to sink into the American people. Yeah, it’s almost impossible because they’re so good at it. You can go back and read George Washington talking about how great it is that they built a synagogue, and these people have been so persecuted, and then they just start shipping in a bunch of, you know, feel sorry for me while I’m shipping in my yes.

And they’re promoting taking down statutes of great Americans like James Madison or Thomas Jefferson. When are they going to work their way to George Washington, teddy Roosevelt? Great Americans. And they’re giving phony explanations. They’re saying anyone who ever held a slave can’t be honored. But all of us have flaws or shortcomings. That was a standard practice at the time. Not all of us are capable of participating in a constitution or founding a new nation dedicated to freedom and democracy.

This idea of faulting great Americans for sins of the past is outrageous. But part of Cultural Marxism. They’re trying to destroy our nation and its identity and its history. Yeah, they blame the average white guy for what they did, and they lie. It’s similar to the Bolshevik revolution. The average American is ignorant about the Bolshevik revolution basically being Jewish. The early Bolsheviks, because the Jews just flat out lie.

Well, see, this is one of the reasons why they control Wikipedia. If you go to Wikipedia, you don’t understand it’s a Zionist stop that a lot of it. The classic formula is 80% truth with 20% falsehood. We’ll be right back with man from Washington. You are tuned in to the Republic Broadcasting Network. Visit our website by going to RepublicBroadcasting. org. Here’s some interesting news. Due to all the recent claims about possible nuclear wars, viruses, solar flares and civil unrest, people are scrambling to prepare and stockpile food.

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com and use the coupon code rep u b 10. That’s repub 10. Look at all the lovely people. I look at all the lovely people. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been. Listen a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door. Who is it for? All of them where do they all come from? All of the people where do they all belong? Continuing with Dan from Washington.

Dan, a few more thoughts, my friend. Thank you. So first they had the fake victimization that they were slaves in Egypt. And then you have this fake holocaust. Daily stormer. Had a great article last night. I got in a debate with a family member about really how fake that is. The doors and outs was being made of wood. Just the story itself. You talk about the big lie, but that’s a good one to expose these people.

What I wanted to say about your legal case, I wish you the best luck and I think you’re going to win because you’re not backing down, you’re telling the truth. And I think I wanted to get your thoughts on Alex Jones because it seemed like he kind of chickened out and tried to argue, say, I never denied Sandy Hook happen. Do you think that’s where he went wrong? Because it seems like he doesn’t really expose the hollow hoax.

There’s certain things he doesn’t touch, which fine, but what do you think the deal is with Alex Jones? I used to listen to him a lot, but do you think he made a mistake? By kind of trying to chicken out about that Sandy Hook. Danny was on both sides of the issue. He originally, and I think on good reason, was reporting that it was fake. I think Dan Bongino was one of his reporters at the time, and he was in Newtown, and he was interviewing neighbors and reporting that the neighbors were saying they were surprised there were any kids there because the school had been closed years before.

It turns out, based upon my contact with a couple of participants, that while in my book, nobody Died at Sandy Hook, where I brought together 13 experts, including six PhDs, we concluded the school had been closed by 2008. It turns out it was actually closed in 2006. And it wasn’t even an elementary school. It was a special needs school. And if you look at aerial photographs, you’ll see it’s missing something that no elementary school would be without a playground.

There’s not even a playground now. Alex I offered to support him. I sought to become an amicus witness in his various cases and in the Remington case. And would you believe neither the plaintiffs nor the defendant wanted Jim Fetzer to have anything to do with it? Where I was pointing out that there’s never been a judicial determination that anybody died at Sandy Hook. And where I had this book just loaded with evidence that it had been a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control and even included the manual for the FEMA drill as appendix A in the book.

Alex, during an interview in Connecticut, said he’d never even read the book. Well, that’s ridiculous. Here you got a book by 13 experts on a subject extremely controversial. It’s objective and scientific. He never even read it. Robert Barnes said of his trial in Austin where he attended. He said it was unlike any trial he ever saw. He said there were three cameras in the courtroom, one of which was focused on the jury.

That looked to him like a made for TV movie. Now, just think about it. He was fined close to a billion dollars for having an opinion, a million dollars for having an opinion, which is obviously constitutionally protected. So I’m sorry to say I have lost faith in Alex. At one time, he invited me to be the keynote speaker at his 911 conference in June of 2006 in Los Angeles, which I was very glad to do at the time.

I had a lot of confidence in him, but this whole Sandy Hook fiasco has shaken me in relation to what he’s doing. I still think he’s good about talking about controversial issues and bringing in speculation. He’s not good at following through and assessing which side is right using the principles of logic and scientific reasoning. So that’s my take. Dan on Alex, I agree with you. That’s what I noticed you it’s not a crime to investigate things.

It’s not a crime to have your First Amendment speech and give facts. But by backing out and doing the double face thing, he tried to make it almost look like a crime and say he wasn’t guilty of that, thereby making it more of a crime instead of arguing the truth. If you stand with the truth, you’re good to go. It sounds so absurd, I was even contradicting myself.

Shifting from a billion to a million. It was 965,000,000, nearly a billion dollars. It’s so absurd. It is so absurd, it’s unbelievable. Unreal. Maybe it is unreal. Maybe you won’t even pay a nickel. Dan, thanks for calling. We got Mike in Brazil on the line. Mike, join the conversation. Thanks, Dr. Fetzer. I was going to make a couple of comments about our monetary system, the war in Ukraine and the Pentagon and gun control.

Okay, Mike, go for it. What I was going to say is that unless we get rid of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 16th Amendment, the income tax, which is actually the armed faction of the Federal Reserve, okay, don’t pay your taxes. They’ll send the goons after you, okay? They’re all armed to the teeth. Okay? You’ll go to jail for many years, you might as well kill somebody, and you’ll get out of jail faster than somebody who doesn’t pay his fair share.

I don’t know what that means, but I don’t know what the fair share okay? So we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve. The first thing we need to do, because everything is financed by them, by issuing fiat currency with no value. I think we all agree. Give us in brief compass your other key points. We agree. OK, now, talking about gun control, all right, now, I live in Brazil.

As I said here. Under Bolsonaro, he eliminated all the restrictions on guns, absolutely all of them. I bought a 40 caliber handgun, okay? And now that Lula is president, he canceled all Bolsonaro’s edicts. What you’re leaving out, Mike, is that crime dropped dramatically after he got rid of the gun control laws. Crime dropped dramatically in Brazil. I was getting to it. I was getting to it. Just give me a couple of minutes, okay? I was getting to it.

Under Bolsonaro, crime dropped dramatically because thugs knew people were armed. My house was broken in twice before Bolsonaro. After Bolsonaro, everything was quiet. I live in a quiet neighborhood. You have nice people here. Now, since Lula took over by fraud, you know, that that he stole the election just like Biden stole the you see, you can still buy a gun, okay? I’m not going to say you can’t, okay, but you’re going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a gun.

And the only gun you can buy is a 380 caliber, the largest caliber you can buy. I have a friend who owned she owns a gun store, and I asked her, I need to buy millimeter. And she said, that’s unavailable because of the new law. I said, what kind of a new law is that? Well, that’s the one that Lula passed. And Lula didn’t have any right to pass any laws because he is not a legislative person.

Only Congress can make laws, okay? But apparently he gave what they call an executive order and prohibited the sale or transportation of guns larger than 383 80. I said, what am I going to do with the 380? Hunt birds, because that’s what it is. Actually, it’s a short nine millimeter. That’s what it is. It’s 1 mm shorter than a nine millimeter. I measured it, okay? So I know what I’m talking about.

So the only gun you can buy here in Brazil, and you have to go through a psychological examination, then you have to go through a six month training to shoot the gun. I said, I don’t need to go through a six month training. I was born with gun. I used to have one out of my pillow. I don’t need to. You could learn to fire a 38 in half an hour, for crying out loud.

Six months. Ridiculous. I know that. And I told her, I said, Listen, I don’t need to go through any training. I already have the training. I was part of the military, okay? So I can teach people how to shoot guns, okay? I don’t need to be taught how to shoot guns. And she said, I’m sorry, but this is the law. And I said, what am I going to do with the 380 by the time I shoot the guy? Because I forgot to tell you, my wife, she owns a gas station.

And every month we deposit a large amount of money in the bank. We’re talking about $20,000 at the minimum. At the minimum. And you don’t know who’s outside the bank. They will never try to assault you inside the bank. They wait for you outside the bank and then they grab you, okay? So I said, what am I going to do with a 380? The guy probably has a bulletproof vest, which is going to leave me dead in the street.

And she said, I’m sorry, but this is the law. I said, It’s a stupid law. And you know what I said? I’m going to go to Paraguay. In Paraguay, Dr. Fetzer, you can buy a machine gun, okay? No questions asked, okay? You can just go to Paraguay and buy a machine gun to your liking, whatever caliber you want. 7. 62 millimeter, eight millimeter, like the Czechoslovakian machine guns.

And you can buy literally any kind of gun in Paraguay. All that crime is almost every two or three months because it’s very close to where I live. And it’s only about a six hour drive from here to Bolivia. So you know what I’m saying? This whole thing about gun control, it’s so stupid. I cannot believe that people are pushing for gun control. Bandits do not obey laws.

Homicide is against the law. Robbery is against the law. Breaking and entering is against the law. But they do it. So what is the point of these gun laws? Listen, in Rio de Janeiro, okay, they have people with machine guns, AK 47, fully automatic. I’m not talking about the civilian version, I’m talking about the military version. And I’ve seen them on New Year’s Eve riding in four X fours, shooting AK 47 in the air, fully automatic.

Fully automatic. And I was thinking, I said, what’s the point of all these gun laws? These guys have AKS, fully automatic, and I’m restricted to 380. Are you kidding me? No. So luckily, I bought a 40 caliber pistol back in the days of Bolsonaro when he lifted all the restrictions on calibers. And luckily, I do have a gun here and six magazines, okay. Oh, I forgot to tell you, you cannot even buy more than two boxes of ammunition every month.

I forgot to tell you this. According to Lula’s edict, you cannot buy more than two boxes. And here, a box of ammo is not 50, it’s 25. It’s half of what we have in the States. Okay? So that’s 50 rounds of ammunition. What are you going to do with it? You’re supposed to go in practice. You’re supposed to go to the shooting range and practice. What are you going to do with two boxes? That’s 50 rounds of ammunition.

You can never be proficient with a gun. Mike is like calculated dr. Yeah, I love your call, Mike. I love your call. We’re coming up against a break and I got two other callers standing by. I would love for you to call back again, maybe even tomorrow. Can you do that? To finish what you had to say, mike, call back tomorrow. Can you do that? He dropped. Okay.

Miles in Maine. Miles, join the conversation. Yeah, that was quite a lengthy tirade temper tantrum. You let Dave from Massachusetts go on yesterday. I was quite surprised by that. It’s always good to hear from Mike, and Dan always generally has some good contributions. What I wanted to say know, it’s ironic how the United States is always so castigated about slavery issues and things like that. I think what people forget is these slaves that come here, that were shipped here were slaves where they were, you know, the merchants directed them and set sail, and the United States got the blame for it, but they were already slaves and enslaved where they came from.

And I think that’s a forgotten concept that people like to conveniently leave out. Go right ahead, James. No, I was just going to say, Mile, that’s certainly something of which I personally have been unaware. So if you’re right about that. Significant. You know, it was largely dominated by Jewish merchants who are making money off the slave trade. Important to add. Well, yeah. So be it. As it may be.

But the thing is, though, the United States gets such a wrap around the world with this new integrated history these people throw in. But these people were slaves right where they were know, and the United States was actually under no obligation of freedom because they became property through salesmanship from these merchants. So it’s not like they got here in the United States said, okay, now you came here and you’re going to be slaves.

Just like these invaders that come here. The United States don’t come in here and say you’re going to be slaves, but some of these people do from other countries have people come there and make them indentured to them for a certain number of years to pay off whatever they use. Miles, we’re up against excellent call. I got two others I want to work in before we’re done. Thank you.

Thank you, Miles, very much. We’ll be right back. Here comes the sun. It’s all right. It’s darling. It’s beat up tahibo Tea Club’s original pure Pouty Arco super tea comes from the only tree in the world that fungus does not grow on. As a result, it naturally has antifungal, anti infection, antiviral antibacterial, anti inflammation, and antiparasite properties. So the tea is great for healthy people because it helps build the immune system, and it can truly be miraculous for someone fighting a potentially life threatening disease due to an infection, diabetes or cancer.

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I’ll open up the door. Help. Me if you can. I’m feeling down. And I do appreciate you being round. And, Dave, I do appreciate your being round. But today I know you got a lot to say, but you got to be concise. I got Rudy from Montreal standing by. Dave, very quickly you need to get a big picture of what’s going on. There’s lots of details. We talked about a lot of issues happening, but the level one level and there’s levels above this that we need to consider is they’re setting up the New World Order.

That’s what they’re doing. That’s what Dave Hodges said. This So we really need to look at things in this light and to me it’s very biblical. To others it may not be, but we have an urgency to get our train on the track and that’s why I’m trying to correct some things over time. Now George Bush Senior said we will have our New World Order on 911 ten to eleven years before 911 2001, they’ve got all predictive programming.

It all came true. The illuminati cards are coming true, Jim. We’re going to live in this and prophets are saying this. And that’s all I have to say. Well Dave, I appreciate your saying it and so concisely. Excellent. Rudy in Montreal. Rudy yep. We got here and I would like to talk about the there’s a misunderstanding about private corporations and public corporations. I understand that the Federal Reserve Chairman is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

So the Federal Reserve is a government organization. The other twelve banks appoint presidents. But the Federal Reserve has the authority to disallow any of these presidents of these banks. And the reason they have foreign heads of. The bank is because the United States is one of the most fortunate countries in the world. They have the Federal Reserve currency, which means, in effect, they can print bins bills and bonds and treasuries and produce the money.

And this money can buy anything in the world anywhere they want. Why? The question is, I hear about this communism, this communism. That why if the United States is so fortunate and they can buy anything they want why is there no health care? Why is there no guaranteed income for people to at least have a basis to not be poor? Why don’t they pay university students for going to universities as long as they can maintain a standard? Why is there so much poverty? Why are children going to school hungry? You talk about the Chinese.

Rudy, those are great questions, Rudy. I’m really glad you called, and I want you to call back soon. Meanwhile, everyone here have a wonderful rest of your day and I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you, Jim. Thank you. That 2 hours flies by. Thank you. Good job. Bye, now. Good. .

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