Q – 120 Year Timeline Of Events | A Discussion With Mike King

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Q – 120 Year Timeline Of Events | A Discussion With Mike King



➡ In the Untold History Channel, Ron Partain interviews researcher Mike King about his works examining the New World Order and global conspiracies which span over 30 years. Drawing from multiple areas such as world wars, current events, and economics, King uses his website realnewsandhistory.com and his books to share accessible, comprehensible, provocative knowledge about these subjects while also attempting to address common doubts and misconceptions.
➡ The text discusses historical examples of patriot military figures in U.S history acting against domestic communists and globalists, starting from the assassination of William McKinley to the “Q” plan. It argues that despite corruption, there are still honorable people in the military who are committed to protecting the U.S., a trend the author believes continues today.
➡ This discourse expresses the claims that numerous intervention efforts have been made to avoid catastrophic events and election malpractice in the United States. It instigates that these actions often necessitate public support and scrupulous evidence to be successful. Furthermore, it suggests that President Trump’s alleged covert operations can contribute to the Federal Reserve’s downfall and stimulate an economic crisis, eventually leading to deeper exposure of corruption in the government and election process.
➡ The shift in political landscape under Trump’s influence, the speculated strategy of pushing forward hard-left figures such as AOC to awaken conservatives, and the importance of presenting information in a way that allows individuals to feel like they’re making their own decisions are discussed. This touches on broader themes of political manipulation and individual autonomy in learning.
➡ The core assertion is that the Mueller investigation was part of an intricate strategic plan operated by Trump, who employs a style of misdirection and diversion, misleading adversaries by criticizing his own allies. It argues that these maneuvers allowed for covert operations, such as the closure of Epstein’s Island and negotiations with Kim Jong Un’s regime, while presenting a very different image to the public. The text also discusses theories about historical and future events in Trump’s presidency.
➡ The speaker discusses the importance of transparency in decision-making processes, hinting at controversial topics, like potential vote rigging, which could change public opinion significantly. They promote the value of their 27 books and booklets, available on realnewsandhistory.com, while also addressing the hurdles they face from large platforms like Amazon and YouTube. They appreciate the support from their audience which enables them to continue revealing impactful insights full-time.


And welcome back to the Untold History Channel. My name is Ron Partain, and tonight is going to be a great pleasure. I know it’s for me, it’s going to be a big treat because we have with us Mr. Mike King, somebody who I have been a fan of for quite a long time. And my father before me also was a big fan of this gentleman’s work. And Mike, tell us a little bit about you and kind of what you do.

And, and just before we jump into the history thing that we were going to talk about, tell us a little bit about you. Sure. Well, I’ve been studying this thing we call the New World Order in the globalist conspiracy now since the early 1990s. So it’s more than 30 years. And I decided maybe about twelve years ago to put everything I learned just from so much reading and studying and thinking and observing into works, articles and books that will be much more easily digestible to people.

So that’s kind of my niche and that’s what I do at the website realnewsandhistory. com. It was originally tomato bubble some years ago, and then it was the real History Channel. I’ve had so much problem getting kicked offline and deplatformed. So that’s the reason for the name changes. But I get knocked down. But I keep getting up again, as the song says. Amen to that. But that’s what I do.

And I think my work is very unique in the community for a number of reasons. One, I pretty much cover everything. I mean, some guys just have a niche in World War II, some might just have a niche in current events, some guys just economics. But I put it all together because it really is all related. But most importantly, I do it in such a way that anybody, even a normie, can come up to speed very quickly.

It’s an economy of words. And I like to say I keep all of my work, articles and books simple but not simplistic. Okay, so they’re deep and they make you think. But at the same time, it’s not these thousand page academic tomes. I use tons of illustrations. And people who come across my work, they all say the same thing, how grateful they are to see something presented in such a way that they can come up to speed very quickly.

So that’s what I do@realnewsandhistory. com. And if people want to check out the site, get on the free mailing list. You’ll see that right on the homepage. You can sign up at the bottom. You get a free report it’s called how to respond to an anti conspiracy theorist. Yes, because I’m always trying to anticipate the difficulties that we have in truth or community. And there’s the same objections that normies bring up all the time.

If I may, you can’t have a conspiracy like that would take too many people and so on. But it’s a really good report, and I give that away for free just for joining the mailing list@Realnewsandhistory. com. I’m so excited. I’m confident a bit here because what you said is absolutely truth. And the one thing that I use frequently, and people don’t know you. So I can’t give you credit, but I’m going to give you credit tonight.

I always use the if you have 100 piece puzzle and you put 30 pieces together and it’s like you were told that, hey, this is going to be a beach in Hawaii, but you start to see a polar bear and a penguin and an iceberg or something, you don’t know exactly what the picture is, but you sure as hell know it ain’t a beach in Hawaii. And that came from you.

When you talk about the thing that you give out, that’s how to respond to people who are anti conspiracy theorists. We don’t know exactly what’s going on, but we know what’s not going on. And that came from you. This gentleman’s work is fantastic, guys. Definitely go do that. And he puts out a daily report called the Anti New York Times. And it’s good and it’s short, simple, to the point.

And you know what? It’s extraordinarily enriching. Your life will be better for. Thank you. Thank you. Tonight, this gentleman has written a lot of books in PDF book form. Paperback also. Yeah, paperback as well. But I was kicked off of Amazon, but I still sell the paperbacks at the website. Either way, tonight we’re going to go through one of the books and not all of it, but we’re going to touch on a lot of it and we’re going to go through the Q book, the 120 Year History, this kind of basically what’s been happening in the making.

How did you get involved? Real quick, though, what was your red Pill moment? What was the moment that you realized something was up? What was your moment of the epiphany that, well, I had several red pill moments, or I guess you could say increasing doses. But I go back to, I remember when George Bush, the father, was president and I voted for him. I was young in college and I thought, hey, he’s got an aura next to his name.

He’s got to be a good guy. And I just detected, even back then, just some strange stuff, like when he sold out those cops in Los Angeles and the Rodney King riots. I said, wait a know. We haven’t seen the whole context here. And then he met with the Communist terrorist Nelson Mandela. And I said, this doesn’t make sense. And I stumbled. At that time, I stumbled across a pamphlet from the John Burch Society, and I began my studies there.

And that was an excellent. I like to call it a halfway house because they don’t give you the full picture, but they give you enough. The time I was done researching their work and understanding this globalist conspiracy. Then the next wave came in 1999, not long after I got my first computer. And I stumbled across some of Hitler’s speeches online. And I had been told all along, this is the devil.

But here he is. He’s attacking globalism. He referred to them as the International hyenas were plundering Germany, and everything he said is what an anti new World Order conspiracy theorist believes. And then I realized, no wonder he’s been demonized and vilified. So that was, like the final jump to the end of the rabbit hole was the discovery of World War II truth. And it’s so important, I always say World War II and also World War I, which preceded it, is the foundational mythology which defines the modern world.

And when you come to understand what a big lie it is, then things today begin to make more sense. And my flagship book that put me on the map was the Bad War, which was really a bestseller on Amazon for a while. And then the usual suspects pressured Amazon, and they removed it, but it’s still available@realnewsandhistory. com. So I go really deep into World War II. It’s such an important subject.

But that was the final Red pill for me. You haven’t been fully red pilled until you understand World War II. Yes. And who the good guys really were and who the bad guys really were. Everything’s upside down. It’s interesting that you say that. I just got done playing the two hour documentary that you had actually uploaded it in four parts. I played the whole thing earlier this week, and I paused it a couple of times to interject a few points.

But I always tell people the United States fought on the side of global communism in World War II. And Hugh Patton was one who said that we fought on the wrong side. The United States, not the people, but the people who are in control of it are not our friends. And I like to say Putin, the enemy of Putin is the enemy of the American people. That’s right.

That’s how I frame know Russia and the United States, those two giant land masses with so much resources and people. Those are the ultimate prizes. They need both of them. And historically, we are natural allies. Yeah. I mean, they helped preserve the Union during the Civil War. They kept the Rothschilds, British and French out. They were going to enter the Civil War and decide a Confederacy because they wanted to split the country in two, put a Rothschild bank in each of the new countries.

But it was tsarist Russia that they sent some Navy ships over to New York and San Francisco. They made their. So few people know that. But anyway, so tonight we’re going to talk a little bit about Q and just kind of inject some hope into some people. So I’m going to let you, Mike, because you’re the scholar here and you’re the author, so I’m going to let you kind of take us down the 120 years.

What’s the first thing that you talk about in your book, the 120 years? Well, I wanted to lay out a whole century, just a rough draft of history leading up to the present day, because it’s so important. There’s a context to everything. It’s just like when you watch a movie, a two hour movie, and you walk in with 20 Minutes left, you’re not going to know what’s going on.

You’re just going to piece some things together. But I went way back in that little booklet to show a couple of things. Well, one, if you want me to, I can screen share it. I have it open. Yeah. I don’t have it in front of me. That would help. We can do that here. But it was important for me to demonstrate that there is a precedent that goes way back.

Okay. A precedent of patriots in the United States military looking out for the country and doing their best that they could to protect us from the domestic communists and globalists. Okay. And that’s important because that’s what this whole Q plan is. The white hats in the military, and people scoff at that, pretend it doesn’t exist. However you could pull that off. It’s actually distracting me a little bit.

Okay. Yeah, no worries. Let me pull it down. I got it pretty much up here. Okay. But I start with the assassination of William McKinley in 1901. I touch on that. That’s very important. What happened? Well, one year earlier, his vice president actually died very mysteriously, and he was only like 55 years old. That was Garrett Hobart, and he was of the same mind. Patriotic, anti war, pro peace, pro gold standard, anti central Bank.

I guess you could call him a Ron Paul. Conservative. Both McKinley and Holbart. Holbart dies mysteriously, no autopsy, heart attack, young age. And they impose Theodore Roosevelt on McKinley. And then a year later, a Marxist, an anarchist, shoots McKinley. And Theodore Roosevelt was president. And that’s very important. That was revolutionary change in America, because he was a very aggressive president. He helped to subvert the Russian Tsar in 1905.

He appointed the commission in 1907, which eventually led to the establishment of Federal Reserve. So this goes back. These are the roots of things. So I cover that, and I go into World War One, the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the income tax. All of this is a pattern. Bigger and bigger government domestically, and a more aggressive foreign policy on the international front. And the whole point of the world wars was to destroy and destabilize the old empires and monarchies of Europe and then install democracies, which the globalists control.

And it really goes back even further than that, throughout the 19th century and the 18th century. But getting back to the topic of Q, I first introduced this concept of military patriots in 1932, okay? This was the Depression. Hoover was president. The Globalists were blaming it on him, even though they engineered the stock market crash, for blaming it on the Republican conservative Hoover, because they wanted to get their boy in there.

FDR, who’s the ultimate globalist, and his wife was a Communist. So to destabilize Hoover, there was something called the Bonus army marches. They were led by Communists, and these were World War I veterans out of work. They’re hungry and they’re showing up. They want their World War I bonus that they’re supposed to get, but they wanted it ten years earlier. Hoover said no, okay? He held firm, and the Communists kept inciting, inciting.

And this mob just grew, a Communist led mob in Washington, DC, tens of thousands of them. And they just parked themselves. I mean, they whined about January 6. That was nothing. They were building ten cities there. So Hoover called in Douglas MacArthur and MacArthur on his own, and one of his aides was General Patton. They just tore down the tent city, and they torched the shacks, and they just kicked everybody out.

Okay, why MacArthur? He knew that these were led by Communists, and he went even further than what? Hoover just didn’t give the order. It was MacArthur on his own and Patton. So what precedent does that establish? It means the military back then knew what was going on with this movement. And when they had to assert themselves domestically. They did. Because they take an oath to the Constitution to protect from enemies foreign and domestic.

And that was the first precedent of that happening. Okay, which proves that there are men of honor and patriotism who, when push comes to shove, if the country’s about to fall, they will act. Okay, and we fast forward a bit. Have you ever heard of the Vinona intercepts? I have, yes. Okay, well, but the benefit of your listeners. During World War II, the Roosevelt administration was infested with communists and Soviet spies.

They even engineered the war in such a manner that Stalin could take Eastern Europe. I mean, the treason was incredible. We know this for a fact. Now, 20 years ago, the Russian archives were opened up. So everything Joe McCarthy had said, some years later, it all turns out to be true. Well, there’s something called the Army Signal score. And they were intercepting communications all along, unbeknownst to Roosevelt, unbeknownst to any American president, since it wasn’t until 1999 or 2000 that Vinona was declassified.

That’s Venona. You could Google it and get those books written on the subject. So they not only did this without the knowledge of the president, but they were monitoring these traders, their communications, and they kept that secret for almost 50 years. Okay? And this was the forerunner of the NSA, the US Army Signal Corps. Now, just because they have this information doesn’t mean anything. It’s non actionable. They didn’t get it with a warrant.

They’re just keeping tabs on these people, but they weren’t able to really do anything about it. Okay. There was some data that was leaked to Joe McCarthy when he was doing his investigations. So again, there’s this precedent. There are honorable people in the military who know what’s going on, keeping an eye on things and doing the best they can in their own little way to kind of keep it in check, but they’re restricted by the laW.

We fast forward to the 1960s, the anti war movements, the civil rights movements infested and led by Communists. This is not to say that the Vietnam War was a good thing or that blacks weren’t getting a good deal. Of course not. But that’s how the communists operate. Sometimes penetrate a good cause and take leadership of it. Well, they heavily penetrated with thousands of undercover intelligence assets, military intelligence assets, and again, they were monitoring and keeping an eye on busting up some of these communists on their own without any input from Congress or the president.

So there’s your third precedent right there. The bonus army. The Vinona intercepts, the infiltration of the Communists and the hippies in the 1960s. So anyone who says there’s a lot of skeptical, cynical people say, oh, there’s no white hats, nobody’s coming to save us. That’s not true. There’s always been people in the military. There’s a lot of corrupt political generals, of course, but there’s always been an element, country boys, southern boys, always.

I’ve always believed this, even long before. Q. I used to think to myself many years ago what would happen if we came to the brink. The military would have to do something. There have to be people in the military who would not stand for it. And I always envision maybe there would be some kind of overt military coup, like there was in Franco Spain in the 1930s or in Chile in the 1970s or so many other countries that were about to go communist.

And then at the last moment, the military said up, that’s enough. Party is over. And I dreamed that that would happen in America, but I never anticipated it would happen in this manner, because it is happening. But you’re not going to see soldiers out in the street, bang, bang, shoot them up. Because if they did that, the deep state would have been powerful enough to respond with a civil war, they could split the military in two.

Their intelligence agencies are armed up to wazoo. They get armed like the El Salvadoran gangs and the inner city gangs. It would be a bloodbath if we went that route, and they knew that. So instead of going that route, they approached Donald Trump and said, we can do this legally through a very complex plan where all this evidence that we’re not supposed to have, we can inject into the legal system and quietly arrest these deep staters, take their money, take their leaders, and just subvert them.

And the whole country won’t even know what’s going on until the very end, when the deep state is so weak that they can’t respond. And that’s what the Cube plan is. But the main point is no one, given the precedents that I’ve explained, should doubt the fact that there are good people left in the military. It’s probably the only institution in this country that’s not completely corrupted. Partially corrupted, yes.

But still a lot of good men who weren’t going to let the Communists and globalists do what they were intending to do, because God help us, if Hillary Clinton was in her 7th year, now in the White House, it would be unimaginable. Hell on Earth. That’s a fact we probably wouldn’t even be alive. You’re familiar with what they wanted to do in Seattle back in November of 2018 when they wanted to detonate, they were going to detonate a nuke in Seattle and they stopped that.

Well, Hillary would have had it been president. But a lot of people, the white hats literally prevented the stealing and the rigging of the election in 2016. They prevented that. And a lot of people are like, well, if they prevented it then, then why couldn’t they prevent it now? It’s like, well, you got to understand that things have to happen and the people also have to be a part of this.

This can’t just be a military operation where the people just sit back and do nothing. There needs to be an element of support at the public level, and that is what we are seeing right now. Yeah, that’s right. You’re not helping a child when you do his math homework for him, okay? Because then he’s going to take the exam and he’s going to flunk anyway. Right? So for the military to just come in, apart from the fact it would have been a civil war, but even now when they have the upper hand, it still has to be done this way.

The people have to see it. More and more people, not everybody’s going to get it, but more and more people have to scratch their head and say, what’s going on with this Joe Biden stuff? What’s this stuff with Ukraine? And then the election fraud is going to come on. They have to see how bad it is before Trump returns. And this is all part of it. And yeah, they were able to block just enough electronic voter fraud in 2016 to enable Trump to win.

Why didn’t they do that in 2018 when the Democrats took the majority of Congress? Or how about 2020? Because it’s a sting operation, right? They let them do it. They let them do everything because the NSA has the capability. Every text message, every email, they know what’s going on in real time. So go ahead, do your stuffed ballots, do your fake voting machines. Now there’s a trial, a criminal trial, federal criminal trial coming up in March.

Donald Trump is charged with spreading false information, by the way. He’s the one orchestrating all these trials that really gets into deep stuff. But he has said it. He’s already said it. I can’t wait to present the evidence because the public hasn’t seen the evidence. We just know these weird anomalies. Like they stopped counting in all these states at a certain hour and all of a sudden there were these absentee ballots.

I mean, we know enough to know something rotten happened. But as far as the hard forensic evidence that nobody can deny, that hasn’t come forth yet. It’s going to be injected into a court proceeding in a few months, and that’s what’s really going to kick off the storm. I don’t like to make predictions, but I feel confident that this is going to be huge when they could show in real time how these computer servers, some of them based in foreign countries, were flipping votes and things like that.

So if you’re going to have a sting operation, you have to let the criminal do the crime. Okay. And so that’s why they were allowed to steal 2020. Well, they’ve stolen multiple elections and shoot virtually every election. 20, there was fraud going on in, 22, there’s state races. But this takes time. They have to dot all the I’s, cross all the T’s, because when this comes out, it has to be in such a manner that nobody can.

This is, this is a lie. This is Trump doing this. You understand he has to be out of the picture now, right? Because if he was president now and he was to say, yeah, I won, but let me show you all this fraud that happened in 2020, who would believe it? Nobody. Nobody. But he actually is still the president. That’s a whole nother story. Yeah. I like to say that the reason that Trump is the drops talk about Trump being insulated and that he is insulated right now, he’s, because he’s not in a position of power or he’s not in a position of power publicly.

And because he’s not in a position of power publicly, he is insulated from all the things that are happening. And a lot of people are like, oh, well, why don’t the Patriots do something? Why is it getting so bad? I’m like, well, look, first of all, both the good guys and the bad guys, if they’re going to do anything, they need the economy to collapse. The Federal Reserve system has to go down, and nobody’s going to do anything until that happens anyway.

So the good guys are sure they’re not going to show their hand until something happens with the economy on a grand scale. What would you say to that? Yeah, because ultimately, Trump is gunning for the Federal Reserve. Okay? And he’s made that. The people in the know, he’s given us a wink, wink. Like, for example, one of his very first acts as president was to go down to Tennessee, visit the, okay.

The estate of Andrew Jackson, and pay homage to the late Andrew Jackson. Why he put his portrait in the Oval Office, okay. He saved them from being removed off the $20 bill that was supposed to happen in 2000. And I did not know that. I did not know that was Obama’s deal. Andrew Jackson got the boot, and in 2020, Harriet Tubman was going to go on a $20 bill.

Oh, I do remember that. Yeah. It didn’t happen because that was one of Trump’s first orders of business. He saved Andrew Jackson. Otherwise your ATMs now would all be spitting out. And he’s done this repeatedly. He’ll post a picture of himself with a portrait or a statue of Andrew Jackson in the background. He’s constantly alluding to Andrew Jackson in these cryptic manner. Why? What did Andrew Jackson do? Well, the establishment hated him.

He rooted out the deep state of his era. Already at that time, 1830s, America was starting to get corrupt. But most important, he killed the Central bank of America, essentially the Federal Reserve. It was the second Central bank of America, had a 20 year charter, which came due again under his presidency. And he fought tooth and nail, and it almost cost him his life. Okay. He was shot at point blank range.

A gun misfire twice, but he killed the bank. And he says, that’s what I want to be remembered for. He said to his vice president, I killed the bank. So he killed the central bank scam, and we didn’t get stuck with it again until 1913. So he gave us 80 years free of the central bank. So, because I believe that’s ultimately what they’re gunning for, the economic crisis, which has to happen anyway, sooner or later.

Correct? Okay. It’s not a matter of all the white hats are going to hurt us deliberately. It’s coming anyway. You can’t continue these trillions and trillions of dollars of deficit. It’s funded with printed money, and your grocery price is going through the roof. Sooner or later, something scary is going to happen, and then you can make the bold moves. But these things take time. You got to expose the election for you expose the level of the corruption, then you begin to go after the Federal Reserve.

People are under the impression, well, Trump was president already. Why didn’t he do this back then? He had no power. He didn’t even control his party. His whole party, most of his party, was stabbing him in the back. Who’s going to work with, you know, he had no control. The fake news attacking him every day, he was made a mockery of. But his Republican enemies were more of a problem than his Democrat ones.

Now, we go back to Q in the very beginning, the end of 2017. Q starts posting now. Remember, these are the darkest days of the Trump administration. He’s getting killed by the media every day. The late night comedians are mocking him every day. MITCH McCONNElL, John McCain and Paul, all of them, they’re stabbing him in the back. He can’t get anything done. And it looks like he’s got that investigation on him.

Okay, it looks like he’s finished. And along comes Q early on saying, don’t worry, Trump’s got this. You’re going to see a lot of these Republicans are going to be announcing their retirement soon. So then late 2017 and what happened? You can look this up in the mainstream media. For the 2018 congressional election cycle, there was a record number of Republicans that resigned, most notably the speaker, Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, young guy, late 40s.

He just decides, I’m going to resign? No way. And then the record number of Republican resignations in 2018 was matched again in 2020 and then again in 2022. And now there’s still a bunch more resigning. Others were Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin. I heard Joe Manchin is, well, a lot of Democrats, too. A lot of Democrats, too. But talking about the Republicans, people need to understand it might be as many as 100 corrupt, rhino, globalist, anti Trump Republicans are gone and they’re replaced with people like Jim Jordan.

This is going to be Trump’s rubber stamp Congress when he comes back. But you couldn’t do something like this overnight. It took four election cycles. And Q said, this is an eight year program, so people have to learn to be patient and they think nothing’s happened. A lot has happened. I mean, he took the party of George Bush and Romney and McCain, and it’s Trump’s party now completely and still consolidating Power over.

Exactly. I want to bounce something off of you. So I am of the opinion that AOC and the squad or whatever, they believe everything that they right, like, they are hardcore socialists. But I tend to think that they were allowed, and not only allowed, but actually made to win those elections to push the narrative, the left narrative, so hard, so fast to wake people up, because it was Jeff Van Drew in New Jersey who said, I didn’t leave the party.

The party left me. And I mean, Reagan even said that. My feeling is that the AOCs of the world were put there to push the party hard left. And in so doing, it left the people who are conservative for the most part. It left them in the dust because it took the party so far. Even a lot of people now, they may not be Trump people, but they’re not down with the program of what the left is respect.

In that respect, AOC would be a white hat operation. I speculated early on and whether they identified these people as hard left and say, hey, let’s let them take the lead, or whether they’re actually white hat operatives, either way, it’s not much difference. But I’m of the opinion, I can’t say I know this for sure, that these are white hat operatives. I mean, this thing is so deep.

The amount of, you have to understand military intelligence. I looked it up, all the various branches of the various militaries. They’ve got 40,000 people, okay? So they could dispatch armies. They could pull off the same scams that deep state used to pull off, only now for the good. So it is not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, it’s probable that some of the crazy lefties that we are seeing that are turning people off and scaring people in the middle, that they’re working for us knowingly.

Okay? So there’s a lot of that going on. This is deep on so many levels. It’s so brilliant, because you’re dealing with a massive population. And sometimes people in our movement kind of take for granted that everybody knows what we know, right? They don’t know anything. They’re lost. They’re beWildered. Okay? So the only way to move them is very slowly and in such a way. Again, go back to that homework analogy.

If you’re doing a homework for a kid, you got to let them work through the problem. And they say, did you put that decimal point in the right place? Have another look. Oh, yeah. Okay. That’s how you learn, and that’s how you come to believe that you learned it on your own. Okay? People are prideful, too. That’s another thing. If you start telling people it’s like this, this and that, they’re like, no, but if you show them and you make small revelations and you lead them down the path in such a manner that they don’t think they’re being led, they think they’re figuring it out on their own.

And that is happening. The globalist Marxist Communist Democrat, they’ve lost the American middle. That’s right, the 35, 40% hardcore Democrats, they’re retarded, but you don’t need them all. You could do amazing things. You can make revolutionary change if you can get into the terms of percentile. And we’re definitely headed in that direction. And if I had to speculate, I would guess Trump probably was in the high 50s.

If the election was counted correctly now, he’d be in the high sixty s. Yeah, definitely high. Fifty s at the very minimum. Very minimum. Maybe even into the 60s if it was. But who knows? I think another potential operation is the Hunter Biden laptop. These are just drip, drip, drip things that are putting information out into the public ether. What you talked about is so important. People need to feel like they are making their own decisions.

So many in the community that they get frustrated because they try to force information down the throats of people who don’t want to hear it. They are not going to believe it. If you tell somebody something, they feel like they’re being sold. But if they look at the information and then they decide to buy, that is a significant difference. I mean, the end result is essentially the same.

But when you have somebody who’s deciding to make a purchase rather Than being forced to purchase it, it’s a totally different mindset. And you’re going to be on a lot more solid ground with somebody who is deciding to do it on their own. And when you ask questions and people figure it out and they’re in front of a computer screen and they’re looking something up and they don’t have anybody to argue with.

You talked about that pride thing. They don’t have anybody to argue with. The computer screen and them are not having a conversation. It’s like, oh, my God. And then that’s when they have to swallow their pride. And that’s why I think it’s so important that people keep a good attitude and not belittle the people who are our lefty friends. Because we are all in the same country. We are all countrymen.

And Q says every single person is important. No one person is more important than another. And we’re all in this together. And so therefore, it’s imperative that people have a good attitude and don’t alienate your friends who don’t want to believe you. Just be nice, be polite. You don’t necessarily need to be a pushover, but at the same time, don’t be an asshole. Because when they do come to the realization, oh, my God, maybe I’m wrong, then they know that they can come and count on you.

Then they can come and ask you questions, right? And Q did say to be ready when that happens, but that’s the only way to do it. It’s not only the only way to do it without bloodshed, but it’s the only way to do it in a lasting manner. Because if they just do everything for us, people will say, oh, wow, I didn’t know it was this bad. That’s great that we were saved, and then they’ll go around their own business, but they won’t learn the fundamental lesson because they didn’t earn it for themselves.

We’re back in the same boat in 20 years. Yes, exactly. But, yeah, people have to be patient. Let me tell you, there’s nothing more absurd than when the Q skeptics. And it’s fine if people are skeptical, because it’s a lot to believe. It’s just really wild stuff, okay? And people have a right to be skeptiCal. And I’m not guaranteeing final victory anyway. But when people say nothing’s happened and nothing is happening and it’s all a psyop, they’re just stringing us along.

That’s just ignorance. That’s just. People haven’t done their homework. I can tell you so much that has happened, it’s right in our face. I mean, look at Epstein’s Island. Would Epstein’s island have been shut down had Hillary Clinton been elected president? I don’t think so. Ghislaine Maxwell was at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. One of her nephews got a job in the Hillary Clinton State Department, and he was overseeing stuff pertaining to Libya when we were bombing the hell out of Libya.

Okay? So that island would still be operating right now. And it’s not just some eccentric billionaire and some perverts going there to have fun. That was a blackmail operation. Some of the biggest people in media, in government, in Hollywood will go there, and they’re being entrapped by the deep state, by the globalist. It was a Mossad operation. And now all of that is gone. And all of the dirt that the deep State Mossad CIA had on all those powerful people that went down there, okay? That dirt is in Trump’s hands now.

That’s a game changer. Now, the client list hasn’t been made public yet, but give it time. It will. But just something like that. And that’s just one example out of so many that this island, this blackmail island, which probably. And Epstein goes back to 911. I believe this has a lot to do with why so many people stood down and turned the other way in. The various agencies in the government regarding 911, they’re under blackmail.

This is what they do. They’ve done this for many years. It’s a honeypot scheme. And now they do it with children, you say? But Q was talking about Epstein’s island before anybody ever heard of it, right? And then, lo and behold, it was shut down on Jeff Sessions very last day. On his way out the door he shut down Epstein’s Island. So that’s something that’s very big. What is your thought on Jeff Sessions? Because a lot of People think that the whole thing about him recusing himself know it was cowardice and all that other stuff, it was all part of the plan, the Mueller investigation.

This is deep stuff. Robert Mueller is a white hat working for Trump. This was all a trap. He actually interviewed with Trump one week before he got pointed to that job. Ostensibly, Trump was interviewing him. For him to take his old job back at the FBI, that’s nonsense. He filled several terms. He was going to do another one. So Mueller was a white hat. The purpose of the Mueller investigation and many of the lawyers involved with are probably oblivious to this.

Remember I talked about NSA and things like that? And how do you introduce evidence legally? Okay, that was done in the Mueller investigation, which is why Jeff Sessions allowed it to happen. So that whole theater of Donald Trump saying, oh, Sessions, what a mistake, he’s useless, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was all fake. That was done to conceal the fact that Sessions was waging war against these people, okay? And that was his very last act on his final day.

Shut down Epstein’s Island. Sessions did that. So this is how Trump operates. This is how the plan operates. Whenever you see Trump attacking someone, it’s not necessarily an enemy. It could be done for protective cover. I’ll give you another example of this maneuver. Early on, Trump wanted to end the Korean Cold War, and he even said that, and he got attacked by his own party and by the.

Oh, he. He wants to sit down with dictators. Kim Al Jung is a murderer. What’s wrong with Trump? So he couldn’t go that route. So what did he do? He starts talking about Little Rocket man, and we’re going to bomb him if he starts trouble. Remember all that, all that outrageous talk that was done to conceal the fact that privately there was back channels going on the whole time.

This is a fact between Trump’s people and Kim Jong Un’s people. Okay? So this kept the warmongers at bay. They loved what they were hearing. And nobody could say, oh, you’re soft on Kim Jong Un. And then what happened? All of a sudden, boom, he pulled the rug out from Androm, and there’s a reversal. And he goes to Korea and he says, oh, we fell in love. That’s what he said.

You understand? He does this countless times and people who don’t understand it. And this happened to me initially because early on in his presidency, we all thought that he bombed Syria and I said, oh, boy, there he goes, another pro Israeli warmonger. And he lost a lot of people back then. Then we come to find out he just bombed an empty field after he’d already told Putin that he was doing it, because that, again, everybody was on his back, oh, why aren’t you doing something about Syria and ISIS and Assad? So he said, okay, Assad’s an animal.

I’m bombing. That pacified everything. But it was meaningless. It was all talk. So he makes these maneuvers because he had to. Once you understand that, it just changes so much, because sometimes we don’t know who the bad guys and all the good guys are, because Trump, to conceal, to protect them, will pick a fight with them. And then people, the deep state, will think, oh, he’s on our side.

You understand? Yes. Jeff Sessions was solid, in my opinion. He fired a bunch of deep staters, too, while he was there. So the whole time that Trump is criticizing him, Sessions is doing all this stuff on the down low, and nobody could say, oh, Sessions is Trump’s puppet, because Trump is trashing them every day. So that was for concealment. So that is the level of strategic operation that’s going on.

It’s hard to keep track of. I have the advantage of doing this for a living. And I can tell you once you see how the game is played, the reality and what’s going on behind the scenes are so different, which is why a lot of people can’t come to grasp, understand, Q until the storm happens. Right? Somebody asked a question here. I guess when LBJ’s was a speech from LBJ, he said, let us tomorrow turn to our new past.

Let us be on our way. And it’s like our new past. Does that ring a bell to yoU? No. Okay. LBJ was just a rotten person. Yeah. One of the worst. One of the worst. Well, when you go back and you look at, you talk about this thing going back 100 years, I am very much in your camp in the sense that I look at the things from an economic standpoint.

I look at the things from education, from policy, whether it be domestic or foreign, the behind the scenes people, the economy, the religious aspect of it. There’s so many moving parts to this. And what you said is 100% true. Everything is interconnected. Everything, 100%. It is all interconnected. And World War. And I believe that World War I and World War II not only were designed to destabilize the globe, but they were also designed to make sure that World War I was one of the main ultimate things of World War I was the Balfour Declaration.

And then World War II was to make sure that they had the formation of. I mean, it was besides this, but it was to make sure that that little sliver of land in the eastern Mediterranean would become a country. Right. And then ultimately, I tend to think that the Liberty event was really supposed to be the start of World War Three. But something happened, and they had to withdraw it at the last minute.

For some reason, they had to stop it. And I don’t know why. Probably white hats were operating back then. So much has done behind the scenes, because it’s interesting, you know, what happened. Less than one year after they attacked the liberty and killed 37 US sailors, there was an Israeli submarine that just disappeared one day. Yeah, we hear about that. I forget the name of it. Disappeared. All hands lost.

I did not hear about that. But that was when, I think it was it K 219 then that was about 400 miles north of Honolulu, was going to surface, and then it was crewed by a Russian crew, but it was supposedly a Chinese sub, and they were going to launch a nuclear missile against Honolulu. And the missile blew up in the tube, and the sub sank. All hands on deck.

And the bell of that submarine was literally given to the Russians not too long ago, because I guess there was an American expedition to go look at the wreckage. But it’s so many things that have happened in our past where the globalists have tried to get control of things and have worked to that end. But there’s always, like you said, there’s always people who are good, who we’re going to have our losses, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to completely lose.

If we lose a battle or two, does it mean we’re going to lose the war? Probably not. I’m always reminded by the Star wars quote from Princess Leia, the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems are going to slip through your fingers. And I feel like that’s kind of what we’re seeing right now, especially with support for the Zionists. Yeah, there’s no question they’ve lost their grip.

There’s not going to be a World War three in the Middle east or anywhere else. There probably would have been had Hillary been elected. I’m sure there would have been. But the days where Israel can just induce us into fighting their battles are over. Because if they could, there’d be a lot more 911, and there aren’t. And hopefully, when all this stuff comes down, the public will learn the truth about 911.

But that’s something that they’re not going to be ready for until many other shoes drop before that. Well, there’s so many things other than 911. I mean, you’ve got Oklahoma City, you’ve got JFK assassination. We could go on for days. I’ve written about this. I said, the ultimate test of Donald Trump is that we looking almost certain that he’s going to return and he’s going to return with a rubber stamp Congress in a country that’s behind him.

So it’s a whole different ballgame is what he does his second term. Okay, Federal Reserve, 911, Kennedy assassination. For me, it’s great. If we take a new direction, we get rid of all this corruption and we have a golden era. Economically, that’s all good, too, but we have to know there will not be justice unless these things come out. Agreed. Okay. So that’s what I want to see.

But as far as this plan being real and the fact that I believe we are winning, I’m totally confident, but I just really hope that they don’t take the approach. Well, maybe the public can’t handle this stuff. Let’s just kill these people on the down low and we’ll say they died of old age as the years pass or whatever. Now, there’s got to be justice. I mean, I want to see televised executions.

Ultimately, so do I. Anything less than that, I’ll be very disappointed. Q talked about that when he talked about the 80 20 thing, and then everybody on the boards started. They stirred up a frenzy and they’re like, hell, no, we can’t have 80 20. And then Q responded with, okay, we listened and we’ll make it 60 40. But there’s still 60% of the stuff that’s out there that will probably never really be released.

But the 40% that does get released will curl your freaking tongue. Well, even if they don’t release everything, if they release stuff that’s bad enough, it changes the psyche of the Normie. So now we could talk to them and say, oh, there’s much more, and they’ll listen to you, you understand? So maybe it’ll be up to us to finish the job. Okay, because we won’t have that barrier anymore.

Right. So even something like, I mean, can you imagine if it comes out that these computers were being rigged and votes were really being reversed? That is huge. That’s going to shock people. I mean, we know that as common knowledge. Okay? But again, we truthless don’t fully appreciate our brain dead. I want to say brain dead, easily fooled. Easily fooled. They’ve been hammered since childhood, you see. So they’re going to need a few shocks.

And after the initial shocks, it will be impossible for anyone to say, oh, no, that’s far fetched. It is nothing far fetched. If Trump actually won, let’s say it turns out he won 48 states in 2020. And that comes out. That’s a total, permanent alteration of the thought process of your average Normie. Right. That gives us a ton of opportunities to get the rest of the stuff out there.

Satanic cAnnibalism, stuff like that. That is very well said. How many books do you have now? Books and booklets. Some of them are 200, 300 papers, some of them are just under 50, but altogether, 27 books and booklets on so many different subjects. And they’re all available. You go to realnewsandhistory. com, and you’ll see there’s a little tab. Banned books and PDFs. You can get them in either format.

You can get all 27 for $29. It’s a steal for $38, I throw in the anti New York Times bulletins or some people like the old fashioned paperback. You can order them that way. But there’s a reason I was banned from Amazon, okay? It’s because this stuff is explosive, but more importantly, it’s all true. I take pride in the stuff I put out. If I’m like, 50 50, can I verify that? I don’t touch it.

You know what? I didn’t realize that the anti New York Times was a paid thing, because I paid for that a long time ago. I got the books. I got the books and I paid for that. And I didn’t realize that that was a paid for thing. My apologies. Well, I mail out a lot of freebies, so people sign up. Yeah, but I asked for $5 a month.

I’ve also got, like, an auto pay there. You’ll see on the website. And it’s important because they took away all my Amazon income, all my Kindle income. I don’t show up in the Google rankings. They took my YouTube channel. It’s just been a constant persecution and harassment. And if truth is, got to understand, if they like a podcast or if they like a writer, it’s up to us to keep us going, because I’m able to do this and really bring out amazing work only because it’s my full time endeavor.

If I got to go back to the work world and do this part time, I’m not going to be able to dig this stuff up. It really is time consuming, especially some of the historical stuff that I put out well, and I can tell the audience, listen, I don’t think I have all your books, because I was going through the link that I actually posted to your website earlier, and I think there’s a couple of things that I don’t have that are newer that have come out since I initially purchased a long time ago.

But whatever, guys, if you don’t have his stuff, it is a steal. And it’s absolutely a steal. And you absolutely need to. If you haven’t done it, go get yourself. Do yourself a favor and go check out Mike King’s work. I promise you, you will not regret it. It is fantastic. I just put out a new one last month that got me into trouble. It’s called the song that never ends.

Yes. Because that’s the one that I was looking for. And I’m like, shit. Because I was like, oh, this looks what I want to say. And if you don’t know what the song that never ends, I’m not going to tell you what it is. You need to go look it for yourself. So, Mike, hey, listen, I want to thank you for taking the time to come on today.

It’s been really a pleasure to have you here. And thanks for coming on and giving us your twist on. You’re. You’re in New Jersey, are you? That’s right. New York. Metro North, New Jersey. Okay. Yeah. Well, when I was in the Navy, I served on the New Jersey. Okay. Yeah, but that’s. That’s on the Camden side. But that’s way south. South, yeah, I’m up north. Okay. But anyway, thank you again, man.

It was really loved having you on, and someday we’ll do it again. Talk about one of your other books, because I know, absolutely. There’s no pleasure to talk about. So, thanks for your time, brother, and enjoy your evening. Thanks, everybody, for. Have a good night, everybody. Bye. .


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