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➡ Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom talks about how the U.S. is spending a lot of money to help Ukraine fight against Russia. But, the U.S. is not really helping Ukraine, they are using this situation to make Russia weaker. The U.S. is also lying to its people about how well things are going. The money they are spending is mostly used to buy new weapons for the U.S., while Ukraine gets old, not-so-good weapons.


Putin is lost. Putin is lost. Putin is lost. And then he says, if Putin takes Ukraine, this is worse than propaganda. This is madness. And the consequence is tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians and Russians as well. Yes. What, for the goal of weakening Russia? That’s what Lloyd Austin admitted. Other Biden administration officials confirmed that that was the goal, using this poor country to bleed political foe and lying in the process.

And they have to lie because they have to tell their public who are paying the bill for, who are footing the bill. Over $100 billion allocated so far. Now Biden wants under $60 billion. They have to tell the public that this is going well, that we’re winning. Putin’s lost to justify shipping out so much money and energy into this futile proxy war, when in reality, as Zelensky recently admitted, so did his top aides.

Unless we get another $60 billion, we will lose. So while Biden and his aides go before the public and lie just so they can prolong this war, they lead to Zelensky being in this horrible position where he has to beg for more money just to avoid an all out defeat. That’s how pathetic this is. And speaking of pathetic, your montage exposes the lies simply by listening to the words.

Because what do we hear up until the end? We’re going to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. Right? What did Biden say recently, just in December 2023? We’re going to support Ukraine for as long as we can. Yes. So this idea that we were behind Ukraine all along was always a lie. We were going to support Ukraine so long as it could pursue our sole goal, which was to weaken Russia, not to defend Ukraine.

What will happen? What will become of this 61 billion if, God forbid, the Congress decides to spend it? I mean, again, according to our military people, there aren’t enough human beings alive and well in the military to use any equipment, and the United States is actually running low, meaning a lot of that money will be cash, some of it will be stolen. But what can they do with it? Well, it’s a racket.

So the money actually goes mostly into replenishing the US stockpile, which means that the US gets to purchase fancy new weapons for itself. So it recycles money through the military industrial complex at home. And then Ukraine, as guests on your show have talked about, Scott Ritter talks about this a lot. They get our leftovers. They get our handmedowns, all this obsolete equipment that barely works. That’s what Ukraine gets.

And that’s why Ukraine’s been having such a hard time on the battlefield because they’re not even getting top US equipment. Money is spent to replenish the arsenal at home, and Ukraine gets recycled weaponry that gets dusted off the shelf and doesn’t even work. .

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  • Dear My Patriots Network,

    Unfortunately, there is nothing new here in this interview with Judge Napolitano. This narrative is stuck in the minds of Conservatives, and I believe it is to their peril.
    Please watch this latest discussion between Jeff Nyquist and Trevor Loudon. With years of research, compiling defector testimony, and studying history, it’s apparent that they are correct in their assessment of our enemies: Russia and China.

    J. Burnworth Weiner

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