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dan from I Allegedly discusses if anyone's money is actually safe

Join Dan from I Allegedly as he talks about changes in our economy, like the struggles of shopping malls and rising living costs. He warns us about scams, especially fake doctors, and the growing price of home insurance. He also discusses misleading ads from tax services. Plus, learn about a health-boosting collagen product he recommends! …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The And We Know channel recent 2-25-24 episode

Dr. Kirk Elliott talks about big world problems like politics affecting food, rising costs, and growing national debt on the And We Know channel. He warns these issues could cause social unrest and government changes. He also criticizes the Federal Reserve’s handling of the debt crisis. The blog also discusses how the rich are selling their shares, hinting at a possible economic decline. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Dr. Steve Turley discusses the future of america

Dr. Steve Turley talks about the future of America. It suggests that ordinary people might start a big change, leading to politicians who really care about us. It says there will always be rich people, but we need balance. It also talks about some states possibly becoming their own countries. Lastly, it introduces a natural pain reliever used by UFC fighters. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels discusses new york mayor slashing immigrant funding

The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how Mayor Eric Adams is cutting more money for migrant issues in New York City. Instead, he’s using better-than-expected tax money to keep city services like trash pickup and libraries running. Some people don’t agree with this. They think the city’s budget isn’t being managed well and that migrant issues shouldn’t affect it. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Economic Ninja talks about Warren Buffett

The Economic Ninja talks about Warren Buffett, a big-time investor, who is saving up money. He believes a major economic downturn is on the way. He’s selling things off, just like he did before the last big money crisis. He’s not aiming to earn much now, but to have cash ready for when times get tough. He’s advising everyone to prepare for this. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about polymer 80s lawsuit

Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about Polymer 80, a gun-making company, has settled a lawsuit with Baltimore city and the Brady Center. They were accused of adding to the city’s gun violence. The company will pay $1.2 million and stop selling or advertising in Maryland. But will this really lower crime rates? The video host thinks not, as criminals don’t obey laws.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels is puzzled by Oakland’s Mayor Shang Tsung’s plan for a $3.5 million safety grant. People are protesting, and he thinks the money could be better used. He’s also trying to communicate with a deaf person, learning sign language, and realizing the importance of …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Economic Ninja talks about fanie maes warning

The Economic Ninja talks about Fannie Mae, a big name in home loans, won’t take mortgages from Riverside and Madison anymore. They were caught in dishonest property deals. This might make it tough for banks to sell loans, leading to fewer loans and home buyers. This could cause big problems in the housing market, like in the Great Recession.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about how two big bosses at the NRA, Wayne La Pierre and Woody Phillips, were found guilty of corruption. They have to pay back $6.4 million to the NRA. A judge will decide if experts need to watch over the NRA’s money and if these two can’t be bosses in the NRA or other New York groups anymore. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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David Nino Rodriguez talks with pastor billings

David Nino Rodriguez explores fear and faith with Pastor Andrew Billings. Learn how fear can manipulate us, and how faith can empower us. Discover the importance of trust in God, the power of prayer, and the hope that comes from His mercy. Let’s rise above fear, make wise decisions, and become agents of positive change. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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JailBreak Overlander and his love for mountain biking

JailBreak Overlander loves mountain biking! He rides an e-bike daily, no matter the weather or place. His bike has seen the whole country, but sometimes gets flat tires. He used to use a CO2 pump, but now he has a handy mini compressor. It’s small, fits in his pocket, and works even better!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Dr. Steve Turley talks about a new nationalist economy

Dr. Steve Turley talks about how Economic nationalism is when a country’s money matters help its culture. This can mean different plans, like protectionism or free market solutions. It’s about what keeps the culture safe. The article also talks about the importance of countries being friends and respecting each other’s cultures. It also shows how religion is becoming more important in how countries relate to each other.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Dr. Steve Turley talks about trump taking on woke envirementalists

Dr. Steve Turley explores the shift from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources like biomass. It introduces Francisco Guerra, an inventor who created a generator that runs on organic materials. The post also discusses the importance of energy independence and the potential of devices like gasifiers in creating a self-sufficient, parallel economy. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Gregory Mannarino talks about rapidly expanding war food inflation

Gregory Mannarino talks about rising food costs and inflation. He doesn’t fully trust the Federal Reserve’s plans to lower inflation. He thinks inflation will keep growing, more than we expect. He also discusses the bond market’s risks. He wonders how the next election might affect the market, especially if Biden or Trump wins. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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“Learn about the current economy! Banks aren’t changing interest rates yet, even with new sales and job info. Some thought rates would drop, but they might go up due to money and supply issues. If things get tough, rates may lower. Also, consider diversifying your investments and starting a side business. Stay tuned for more on real estate and side hustles!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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