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➡ Dan from I Allegedly discusses several issues in this video. He talks about how retired American Express employees are having their pensions frozen for the 10th year in a row. He also mentions that the state of California wants employees to return to the office for two days a week, which is causing controversy. Additionally, he discusses the rising wages in fast food places and how this is leading to increased prices and the use of self-order kiosks. Lastly, he mentions a house cleaning business owner who is struggling with her employees demanding higher wages.
➡ High-end brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are struggling because fewer people can afford their products. Tesla’s sales are also down, and maintaining their cars is becoming too expensive. In other news, California is ending its policy of allowing electric vehicles in carpool lanes by 2025, and Hot Topic had a data breach where customer credit card information was stolen. Lastly, there are concerns about the safety of self-driving trucks, and San Francisco is building a new resort-style community where people can live and work.


Hey, it’s Dan. Welcome back. You’re watching. I allegedly. It’s an absolute beautiful day out here. Rain is gone. Just walking across the bridge at Newport Dunes and man, oh, man, we’re at the point of no return. We really are so much happening globally, you know, that’s the one thing I really want to thank everybody internationally that sends me stuff, you know, all the Easter cards, everything you guys send.

It’s just the thoughtfulness sending me. The stories that you send are amazing. So don’t forget to, like, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and join our email list. But first things first, Paul sent me a great story from the UK about pensioners that live, used to work for Amex, American Express and have moved around the world, you know, and now they’re retired, but for the 10th year in a row, they are getting their pensions frozen.

So great story, great story. Below, he sent me a picture of a newspaper clipping and I had to find the story. But great, great story. Because what’s happening, guys, is you’re seeing these banks that are absolutely having trouble, and American Express is no different. And what they’ve done is people that retired just cutting the money, you know, that they’re getting every month. And when you read these stories, it’s terrible because these people that have, you know, they, like one person worked from 1987 to in the late nineties for American Express, finally retired.

They have this pension. They think they’re going to make all this money for the rest of their lives retiring, and they just don’t have it. Just not there. So you’re seeing this more and more and more right now. The state of California just came out with an announcement that they want people to come back to the office. And you’re like, oh, wow, everybody’s coming back to the office.

Okay, well, that’s, that’s, that’s good. You know, we all have to go back to work. No, this is ridiculous. They want these people to come back to the office two days a week. That’s it. Two days a week. And they’re having such massive flack over this. But the thing that floored me about this was listen to this. Listen to these categories. Office of the secretary, secretary of state.

So some of those people can work by computer. Okay, then. Department of Fish and Wildlife. Okay, let’s do this job remotely. Do you know what I mean? Let’s go deal with fish and wildlife remotely. But they want them to come in two days a week. No forestry and fire protection. Again, let’s do that via your home computer. Okay, no, no, no. I don’t want to work like this.

You want me to come into the office? Oh, my gosh. How ridiculous. Okay, Department of Water Resources, how do you verify water and water protection and water verification and testing via computer. How about parks and recreation? Two days a week, guys. Department of Conservation, again, why aren’t these kind of like milled together? But they’re not, you know, and then California Energy Commission. Again, these people, they want them to work two days a week.

Two days a week in the office, and they’re balking. This is terrible. You’re ruining our lives. I’m telling you, nothing’s better than sitting at home. And the thing about this is that we have to get back to work. We’ve got to get back to work as individuals. We’ve got to get back to work as a nation. This is absolutely devastating. This $20 an hour situation with the fast food places is out of control.

I visited all these places today and why am I going to show this? Am I not going to show this? But it’s awful. But what spurred this was a woman I know that owns a business, and she owns a house cleaning business. She said, you know, dan, I’ve got a real problem because all these people that work for me, you know, now want to get paid more money.

So you’re going to see this more and more often, guys. Now here’s the thing about this woman’s business, that she has people that go into other people’s houses, strangers homes. So you can’t have any Tom, Dick or scary do this job. They have to pass a background check. They have to, you know, not be drug addicts, not be kleptos. They have to be somewhat decent citizens. And yeah, you got to clean houses.

It’s not like you can sit there and work for fish and wildlife from your home computer. You’ve got to get the work done. But now what they’re saying is, I’m not doing this for, I don’t want $20 an hour. I want 21 or 22 or $25 an hour. What’s going to happen, Dan? Is it going to. Am I going to have to charge you $300 to clean your house now? Do you know what I mean? It gets ridiculous, guys.

It gets to a point that you cannot afford this. None of us can afford that life. Okay? So now there’s a man that owns ten Auntie Ann stores, Alex Johnson, and he’s out of the Bay area. And Mister Johnson came up and said that he can’t afford the $20 an hour. It’s going to cost his business $470,000. Now, here’s what I get from people. I get people that say, who cares? All these people do is make money.

And this guy owns Auntie end stores. You know how labor intensive a auntie Ann store is, you know? Yeah, they make the pretzels and they do all that stuff. This is insanity, guys. This is absolute insanity right now that they’re paying all this money for this. And the governor, hey, you know, everybody, these people need to make more money. It’s only fair. It’s going to make things go through the roof.

Absolutely through the roof, guys. I went and visited a lot of fast food places today and talk to the people I could talk to. Nobody would go on camera, you know, and. But the first place. Let’s start with my favorite one, and this is Taco Bell. You’re no longer gonna, you know, take your order at the counter. You got to deal with the kiosk. Look at this. So welcome to Taco Bell.

Now, when you walk in, nobody speaks to you, nobody acknowledges you, nothing, because you have to order from the kiosk. Now, no employee interaction, no nothing. No nothing. Hey, are prices going to go up? Yes, they are. They’re absolutely going to go up. But, you know, it’s ridiculous, because if you want something custom, you want a combo burrito. There’s no such thing on the menu. You got to order a bean burrito and add meat to it, and it’s utterly ridiculous.

So, again, you know, remember when the COVID you know, stuff was going on and everything was too dirty to touch? Not anymore, guys. And again, we’re just gonna ignore you. Now, the next one, El Pollo loco. Okay. Expensive. It’s not going down in price. And less, people. Our price is going up. Oh, yeah, they’re going up. Don’t worry. They’re going up. Remember when this place was just value and great prices? Not anymore.

Combo meal, $10. Feed a family, $29. It’s absolutely outrageous, guys. It’s gotten completely out of control, and the prices are only going up. Now, the next one. Jack in the box. Okay, Jack in the box. Once again. You know, two tacos used to be $0. 99. Forever. Forever, forever. Now that’s going up. Two tacos and a drink, $5. Now, guys, which you can sit there and say, it’s only $5.

It’s no big deal, but it used to be economical. There’s nothing on the dollar menu at McDonald’s anymore. Remember that? Now, Jack in the box. This place was disgusting. There was a guy sleeping on the floor in front of the register when I walked in. That was great. And the dollar 99 tacos are now $2 and burgers are, you know, almost ten. It’s crazy. Now, subway. Look at this.

Remember the five dollar footlong? Not anymore. Not anymore, guys. Six inch sandwich, guys, $10. Isn’t that crazy? It’s nuts, guys. It’s nuts. It’s crazy. The six inch sandwiches, the majority of them are $9. And then you even have a sandwich that’s $17. Look at that. Now, the next one, you’ve got Colonel Sanders, you got KFC. And wow, prices have really gone up. Order from the kiosk, sir. Order from the kiosk.

Okay. They don’t want to have somebody take your order. They don’t. It’s awful. Are prices going up? Yes, they are, sir. They’re all going to go up again. This is what, this is the shape of everything, guys, that you’re going to see right now is the prices going up everywhere. But they can’t afford it. You can’t, you know, it’s going to destroy everything here in California. Mark my words on this one.

Good old KFC. Order from the kiosk, sir. Order from the kiosk. They don’t want to take your orders. The price has gone through the roof. And the manager told me here, yes, the price is going to go sky high from here. So you’re seeing more and more self order kiosks. Just ask the manager. Prices are definitely going up, and it’s a matter of time. Less people, higher prices, guys.

Now, remember, something that we talked about was that high end brands are having real difficulty because the middle class can’t afford them anymore. The latest one, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, they’re owned by a company that’s called PVH. Their stock is down over $30 a share today because of the fact that they issued their numbers and they are off. People are not buying the high end merchandise, are not financing the high end merchandise like they did before.

And the middle class cannot afford to pay for this. And the rich are not buying this stuff like they used to. That’s the other thing, is that high end brands, people used to go and you would buy things that would last forever, and they don’t. I’m covering this later on in the week where products just don’t last like they used to. And Tesla announces their, their numbers and they are off.

Think about this. 490,000. You know, cars, there’s a lot of cars deliver in a quarter. But when it’s off, you know, 90,000 cars, that’s a huge drop off. It’s an absolute huge drop off. And this is the thing that you’re, that you’re experiencing with Tesla is that it’s, will they ever get the demand back? Will they ever get caught up? A lot of people are excited ABoUT this and saying, see, it’s over.

Well, what’s over is the expense with these cars. It is absolutely outrageous what people are spending to maintain these cars. That’s where expense comes in. The insurance is through the roof. You’re seeing it go up, you know, double what it used to be, okay, to say the least. So let me know what you think about that, because it’s crazy when you see that. The other thing is that Dave sent me this story, which is fantastic.

There was an incentive in California. We have a lot of carpool lanes here, which are for two or more vehicles. Well, if you bought an electric car in 1999, you could go to the Carpool lane. And I didn’t have relatives. I have, you know, they even did it for the hybrids at one point. You could have a, you could apply and get your Prius approved, and you could drive in the carpool lane as a single individual with this sticker that you put in the side of your car.

It was very cool. Well, that’s done as a 2025. No EV cars in the Carpool lanes anymore. So for those of you people that got approved by this and bought these forms, it’s outrageous. Okay, so they’re not going to have that anymore. So Citibank doing great, they just announced, and again, you have to report these firings when people, when you fire, you know, more than 100 people, 430 people in the New York area alone, are getting laid off at Citibank right now.

So again, point of no return, guys. Point of no return. You have to look at this for what it is, okay? You have to. Not everybody that owns a business is just breaking in the dough they’re working. The woman that runs the house cleaning business cleans houses herself every day, and she’s sitting there going, what do you do, Dan? What do you need to charge people for this? How do you justify it so that you can make money and not have issues with your clients? And it’s going to be the big challenge for everybody in 2024.

It’s going to be survival, and it’s also going to be moving forward how you maintain profitability. So that’s what people won’t be able to do right now. So let me know. Let me know what you think about that. Guys, remember the high end store hot topic for kids and young people’s clothing? Well, they just announced that they had a cyber breach and all the credit card information was stolen and also their rewards programs.

I have had so many people that have worked for these companies write me and say, never join the rewards program. They’re just neglected. It’s just an email list for us to sell things to. And it’s nothing that gives any credibility to the company. And all you’re doing is jeopardizing your own personal information. Okay, maybe that’s the case, guys. But hot topic, another one. If you have any niece, nephew, your kids, have you ever bought anything from them? Again, all the data stolen, you know, hundreds of thousands of people.

So let me know what you think about this stuff so far. I’m going to finish this video with these last few stories. The first one doctor Marvin sent me, which is brilliant. And the story is that of get ready for self driving trucks on our highways. Man, oh, man, this is terrible, guys. You know, over the weekend, the area between California and Las Vegas had a major closure because a car hydroplane lost control and slid across the road to the other side and ran into cars and people died.

Horrific. Well, you don’t think that can happen with a self driving truck? Oh, yeah. Damn. But the likelihood is so minimal. Gonna do it at night. Oh, okay. Okay. San Francisco is opening up a new resort building that you will live in, you will work in, and it will be a resort with a lagoon, with places to shop, eat, swim, everything. It’ll be your own city inside where you work.

Nobody wants to go to work in San Francisco, so you’d have to have a resort inside of a community for people to stay there. That’s one thing. So again, I think it’s going to be a major loser myself. Don’t ever forget. Even Shohei Otani when he went to go interview with the San Francisco Giants and he just saw how dirty the city was and they said, well, let us show you where you could live in these high end houses.

And he said, pass. Okay, that’s San Francisco. Now, my favorite story that’s funny is name the healthiest city in the country according to study finds, which I always read. Study finds, and it’s always find great information. They say it’s San Francisco is the healthiest city. Okay? If you’re a drug addicted crackhead, you know, doper, it’s probably great for you, but do you believe San Francisco is the healthiest city in the country.

Are we doing okay? Anyways, share your thoughts on that one. Please don’t forget to the like button. Share this video. Let me know what you think about the fast food shenanigans. And what do you do? What do you do if you’re a business owner? What do you, how you gonna compete with this? Well, they make more than I do. I want to get paid more than they do.

That’s what you’re going to deal with, okay? Remember that. Okay? Reach out hellogedly. com I’ll see you guys very soon. .

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