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➡ Dr. Steve Turley talks about how Donald Trump won the GOP primary in South Carolina, beating Nikki Haley by a large margin. This victory suggests that Trump is likely to win a significant number of electoral votes in the upcoming election. Some people believe that Haley’s continued campaign, despite her loss, is interfering with the election. Meanwhile, Trump’s victory indicates that the Republican party is largely supportive of him.
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And the Fox News decision DAP can now project that former President Donald Trump will win the state’s GOP primary. Trump now has three times as many delegates as former governor Nikki Haley. And then with these tonight, he could add up to 50 more. Not a lot of suspense tonight. Not a lot. Haley could not. You could say that again. That call was made within 60 seconds after the polls closed in South Carolina.

Nikki Haley’s own state. The dominance of Trump, was record smashing. And we got two huge takeaways from the weekend’s primary. Also, we got a brand new electoral college projection, which shows that President Trump is headed for an electoral landslide not seen in decades. It’s going to absolutely blow your mind. Hey, gang, it’s me, Dr. Steve, your patriot professor, here to help you to think better so you can feel better in these crazy and turbulent times.

So if you haven’t done so, you know what to do. Make sure to smack that bell and subscribe button. It was, without question, an absolute thumping. Donald Trump crushed Nikki Haley in her own backyard of South Carolina over the weekend, winning their state’s primary in record setting fashion. As the dust cleared from the results that were again announced within just 1 minute of the poll’s closing, it was clear that there were overall two huge takeaways from the South Carolina primary.

The first takeaway involves Nikki Haley. Simply put, gang, Nikki Haley is election interference. That’s one of the major takeaways from the South Carolina primary, where Nikki Haley, Hillary Haley, was absolutely and utterly humiliated. The fact that Nikki Haley refuses to suspend her campaign after what is considered the death knell of any campaign, losing in one’s own home state, the fact that she continues to force President Trump to spend money on the primaries, rather than turn his entire attention to defeating Biden in November, means that Nikki Haley is now officially engaged in election interference.

Election interference does not come solely by way of the weaponized legalism of the Biden and injustice Department of Jack Smith and the money laundering antics of Fannie Willis and her boy toy prosecutor. Nor does election interference come solely by way of the legacy media and big tech, colluding to berry stories, damaging the sleepy Joe Biden. No election interference ladies and gentlemen, election interference is now officially coming from inside the republican party.

Make no mistake, as of today, Nikki Haley and her ilk inside the republican establishment are every bit as complicit in election interference as is Fanny Willis or Jack Smith. Another way of saying it is Nikki Haley, as of today, is officially a Democrat surrogate. And that’s exactly what Democrats are saying, exhibit a. Here’s Gavin Newsom, gruesome Newsom himself on CNN. Do you think that Haley or Trump would be easier to beat for him? First of all, I think she’s one of our better surrogates.

So I hope she stays in, hope she does well tomorrow. All the nasty stuff she says about Trump, she’s spot on, 99% of it. So I’m enjoying this primary and I hope it continues. So I wish her luck. Now, you heard him yourself, right? She’s one of our best surrogates. That’s coming from the unofficial backup Democrat presidential nominee. In case weekend at Bernie’s, Biden can’t make it across the finish line.

And we do have data that points to the fact that Haley’s support in the primaries is comprised almost entirely of Democrats or left leaning independents who have absolutely no intention whatsoever to vote for her in November were she to win the nomination. Take a look at this NBC exit poll. When voters were asked, do you believe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election? 88% of self professed Trump voters said no.

Of course not. Nine in ten Trump voters said no. Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election. But look at Haley’s voters. 80% said yes. Biden’s totally legit gang, those aren’t Republicans. And it’s not hard to demonstrate. The latest CNN poll, it was just taken some months back, found that 70% of Republicans do not believe Biden was legitimately elected. And that poll is reflective of a number of other polls that all show the same thing.

The super majority of republican voters believe that Biden cheated. Biden was not legitimately elected. And yet we’re supposed to believe that Nikki Haley’s voters, 80% of whom believe Biden is completely and totally legit, are Republicans. Nikki Haley is election interference. She is a Democrat surrogate whose campaign has effectively become a money laundering operation. Now, the good news is that it does appear that some of the bigger donors are starting to pull their funds from this illicit money laundering operation.

The Koch brothers. Well, only one still living here. But the Koch Brothers Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, has announced they are officially suspending their financial support of Haley’s election interference. Hillary, supporting Reed Hoffman, has announced he’s pulling funds from her money laundering operation as well. And even representative Ralph Norman, who was an early and avid endorser of Hillary Haley, even he, over the weekend announced that the primary is over.

The people have spoken and they overwhelmingly want Trump. And that, my friends, leads us to the second huge takeaway from over this weekend. A takeaway that’s going to absolutely blow your mind. But first, gang, as you know, our founding fathers created the American Constitution for the very purpose that our rights as citizens would be protected at the fundamental level. Over the past few years, however, we’ve directly witnessed the growing threats posed to those rights.

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But click on that link below and you can help bring that travesty to a just end. Join AMac today and help save our nation. Click on that link or visit forward slash Turley and choose the right plan for you. And most importantly, for our nation. We had as of this weekend, two records officially smashed. First and foremost, the one and only Donald J. Trump set a brand new record on Saturday.

Trump got the most votes in a South Carolina presidential primary ever, more than doubling his previous vote total. Again, this comes on the heels of Trump getting back to back record vote totals in Iowa and New Hampshire. The second record, according to our good friend Rich Barris over at the people’s Pundit, deliciously involves Nikki Haley, who now holds the record of the largest margin loss in a home state.

She was literally that humiliated. Over the weekend, the AP led with perhaps the single most accurate headline of them all. Donald Trump’s republican home field advantage is everywhere. And that is, as the AP put it, that is the major takeaway from what happened over the weekend. This is now officially Trump’s party. The GOP is now as far as the people are concerned, as far as actual republican voters are concerned, the GOP is now officially the Trump Patriot party.

Remember again, Rich Barris brings this up. No one gang, no one wins both Iowa and New Hampshire. No one Republican Democrat, it doesn’t matter. Iowa and New Hampshire constitute radically different voter demographics. And in an open primary season where an incumbent isn’t running, we have never had a candidate take both Iowa and New Hampshire back to back. But that is exactly what Trump has done. This is Trump’s party, period.

Whether in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina. Now, this is not a coronation, Nikki. It’s not a ring to kiss the people. Actual republican grassroots voters, voters who are coming out voting for the Republican in November, right, not your Astroturf voters, real republican voters are coming out in numbers we have literally never seen before from either party. And they are voting, not coordinating, voting for Donald Trump. Take a look at the latest projected electoral College map.

Gang, this is going to blow you away. Trump right now, as we speak, is projected to win 312 electoral votes in November. That’s the biggest number of GOP candidates won since George Herbert Walker Bush in 1988. That’s according to the latest analysis by decision desk. Trump is poised to win the biggest GOP landslide in 36 years. It’s no coincidence that even John Thune of South Dakota, the number two Republican in the Senate, has come out and officially endorsed Trump over the weekend.

They’re all lining up behind him, gang. They recognize that if he’s coming back to power, and if they want to share in that power, they better get behind him and get behind him quick. So what are your thoughts in all of this? Gang? What do you think of Nikki Haley? You think she’s official election disruptor? What are your thoughts on November? Let us know in the comment section below.

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